(1252) Mon 23 Dec 96 13:07 By: DAVID RICE To: JESSE JONES Re: 'Atheists do no good' -+gt;

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(1252) Mon 23 Dec 96 13:07 By: DAVID RICE To: JESSE JONES Re: 'Atheists do no good' -=> Quoting Jesse Jones to Steve Quarrella <=- JJ> I am astounded that you and your fellow heathens JJ> would brag about such incidents as giving away JJ> your last can of Vernors -- the uniqueness of JJ> which, as a Detroit native, I readily embrace -- JJ> as supposed proof of your altruism. It made the recipiants' day. I'd call that A Good Thing, no matter if it wasn't as lofty and goddamned sacraficial enough to suit you. Do you believe that an act of kindness and "good" is predicated on some kind of scale? How very inhuman of you, if so. JJ> Myself, I had a slow week, what with Christmas shopping JJ> and an unusual number of work-related emergencies. What are you doing celebrating a =PAGAN= holiday?! Sunday noon while driving home from a ship chandlery, I watched as the jeep in front of me ejected from its trunk a large, brightly wrapped present. I hit the brakes, jumped out of my pickup, grabbed the package from among heavy traffic, jumped back into my pickup, and rushed down the highway after the jeep. When I caught up to it I honked my horn and raised the package so the driver could see it. He pulled over and I gave him the gift, which he said was a present for his wife. Someone who has not painted his nose bright yellow, of course, would have kept the present when it fell off the jeep (for the most part, you know, people who do not paint their noses bright yellow do No Good Things). No gods made me retrieve this package back to the owner; no belief in gods and their unholy retribution coerced me to this simple act of deciency. Merely the conviction that if it had been my package, fallen out of my vehicle, I would want someone to have returned it to me in turn. The gods don't apply. One can only wonder at your need to believe in gods before you could be as decient. ... Blasphemy is what an old mistake says of a newly discovered truth. * Shy.David@EdenBBS.com --- Silver Xpress Mail System 5.4H1 * Origin: "I wish life could be Swedish magazines." (1:124/9005)


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