(782) Sun 29 Dec 96 1:05 By: Richard Smith Re: Unsettling religious training . . . Hello A

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(782) Sun 29 Dec 96 1:05 By: Richard Smith Re: Unsettling religious training . . . Hello All! Just when you think you've finally seen just about the oddest person there is, you run into something new. The following two posts (by the same person) seem to indicate to me that not only is someone tremendously unbalanced, but that religion seems to play a major part in it. This is quirky stuff, prepare to be unsettled . . . The following two bits were related by someone else on an InterNet newsgroup devoted to ghost stories. To my mind, this person needs professional help, but I wanted others to look at this material and see for themselves and tell me if I'm probably safe suggesting that she receive it. ------------------------------------------------------------ This is a true story, but I haven't told it too many times, it makes me cry every time I tell it. This happened to me when I was like four years old. I lived on an apartment and my mother came to tuck me in. I had a feeling that something was not right. Behind her I could see that something very evil was standing by the open door and staring at me. To reinforce what I believed, the corner of the door bent. I pointed that to her, she was facing me and couldn't see it, but when she turned, there was nothing there. I pleaded to sleep with them tht night, with no avail. I was left alone. I couldn't sleep. I was looking at the door, more curious than anything. The same thing happened to me, only this time, my name was called from the livingroom. I related it to the Bible stories I had been read about Samuel being called. My name was called many times and finally I stepped out of my bed and went to the living room. I saw a big black figure there, darker than the night. I was scared. I shouted: "Why are you after me?". He answered: "You have been selected by our god". I started crying and he chased me around the room and finally to the bedroom. Somehow I was left with a knife and I was with my stuffed animals. He asked me to kill them with that knife at first I refused, but he grew more assertive and angry and I had to stab them with the knife. I felt awful looking at their kind faces, but I had to stab them, he forced me to. My parents found me sobbing from the closet in the morning. They never believed my story, but they admitted something happened that night that changed my life. Well, this was just practice. Later this happened with real people. The voice told me to kill them. I refused, I laid on the ground and struggled against their will and they finally left me there shaking. After my experiences I was tested in psychological tests and while they showed that I had had a very strong trauma, I was tested totally sane in all respects. ------------------------------------------------------------ I lived in a haunted house. It was, however, newly built (1979-1980) and there had not been any buildings before, therefore I blamed my imagination. I am not septic (pun intented), but my parents were. Anyhow I took to finding out what was behind the nightly voices and I found natural explanations, hedgehogs were having fun on the yard. Birds made screechy noises. Other noises could have been carried over the lake. Then I started noticing that things weren't that simple. The local history tells about military activity in that area during Napoleonic wars and I started becoming familiar with the natural noises around the house. Therefore I could tell it when people were walking the stairs up. Well, at night, someone was! I heard someone walking upstairs and then stopping were the stairs ended. (I, by the way, saw a ghost when writing this, but that is a different story) I have a multitude of ghost stories from that house, but little did I know that the septics were on a ghost-hunt, too! This happened when I went AWOL at night and came back and was too noisy and slipped into my bed and the septics went up and wondered if "the ghost" was there. Anyhow, I saw the dark folks about every night. Just dark shapes of humans, "radiating" gloom strongly. They weren't friendly either, they pulled my pillow off and paralyzed me. Every night. Therefore I got to the habit of working through the nights instead of sleeping. Anyhow, once I made some tea and left some of it for the morning. My sister said what was in the tea-kettle was not tea, she attempted to drink it and it made her ill. Now, does anyone have an idea what I should do with the pale faced-woman that was hovering over my bed tonight? ------------------------------------------------------------- See what I mean? This person is obviouisly needy of some serious medical attention . . . and these `memories' sure sound like False Memory Syndrome material. Note how there seems to have been a pushing of religion at an early age. Anyone got any insights? Quid, Me Anxius Sum? Richard Smith --- timEd 1.01 * Origin: Syr Undry BBS ):> Bendigaid };> (916) 922-9046 (1:203/9046)


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