[Sorry if I'm a bit late with this. Ten days is hardly enough notice, and this came out 4

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[Sorry if I'm a bit late with this. Ten days is hardly enough notice, and this came out 4 weeks ago. So much to do, so little time . . .] The End of the World As We Know It -- it's due. Again. Famed author Sheldon Nidle (www.shelldon-nidle.com) has announced that we all move up the evolutionary ladder all the way "by December 17th." He says that "millions of space ships and visitors from outer space" will be here. Just think of the concession opportunities! These visitors will be joined by angels (always getting in on something good!) and the "Galactic Federation" is helping this all along. Well, I should hope so! We're moving, says Sheldon, "from third dimensional awareness physical-material reality . . . to a fourth dimensional consciousness." About time, too! All of you, he says, "will be telepathic and have much more light in your body." Can't wait. And, as if this weren't enough, Sheldon promises that "By the end of this year our planet will be receiving the Photon Belt." As we all know, this Belt "only comes around our planet every 25,000 years." Gee, has it really been that long? You'll all "become fully conscious," declares Sheldon, when "the light beam hits your pineal gland." And this will "activate all 12 strands of your DNA" and make you smarter. All 12 strands? Ain't science just wonderful? As a topper to all this (which makes the concession stand idea rather moot) Mr. Nidle tells you that "You will be able to create with your thoughts, whatever you need, light up a room, warm yourself, whatever you need." Oh boy! I'm supposed to be in Canada that Tuesday. I wonder if I should go. Oh, I'll take a chance, I guess. Maybe, just maybe, Sheldon is wrong. I'll just wait and see. He says that the government knows all about this, but wants us "to be afraid so they can still control you, keep you working and paying taxes and keep life as it has been." Damned government! I can wait ten days, otherwise I'd write my congressman! But on December 18th, if I'm not a lot younger-looking (he promises that after these guys land, I "could be 85 now and manifest a 20 year old body"), I'm going to e-mail his site and ask, "Sheldon, baby, what happened?" Here's an idea: why don't we ALL do that? I'll bet you'll be just as disappointed as I . . . . James Randi.


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