(227) Fri 27 Dec 96 9:46 By: Mimi Milstein Re: Life on Earth I noticed with amusement a he

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(227) Fri 27 Dec 96 9:46 By: Mimi Milstein Re: Life on Earth I noticed with amusement a headline today in our local morning paper Business Day - "New Theory on Life Raises Stink". Dr Andrei Arkhipov, of the Institute of Radio Astronomy in Kharkiv, Ukraine, has theorized that the ultimate origin of life on Earth began with microbes which had come through the atmosphere as lumps of alien waste. Using our own space programs as an example of deep space pollution Dr Arkhipov said: "Freeze-dried spores in drops of rocket fuel and human faecal matter from our space crafts are quite well adapted to interstellar travel". His theory has already created a stir among religious commentators, with the Catholic Church sounding least shocked. Nicholas Coote representing the view of the Catholic Bishops' Conference in Britain said the alien dung theory was ultimately not very different from that of the biblical account of an origin from dust. Rev Clive Calver, director-general of the Evangelical Alliance was, however, upset. "First we read that we are the creation of God - then the scientists say we are descended from apes. Now we are some sort of alien poo! How much further can we sink?" I must say Doc Arkhipov is a bit late out with his 'news'. Robert Silverberg incorporated exactly the same thing in his book "The Masks of Time" in 1968 - even to the reactions of the religious faction :-) ... Greetings from Mimi --- timEd 1.01 * Origin: The Purdah - don't even TRY to knock... Randbg, SA (5:7107/21)


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