-+gt; Quoting Larry Falcone +lt;- LF+gt; My goal in posting here is not to convince anybod

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-=> Quoting Larry Falcone <=- LF> My goal in posting here is not to convince anybody LF> evolution or creation is false [or] true, Which is a lie. You posted over one dozen religious devotionals against evolution and Evolutionary Theory; each of which demonstrated your vast, all- encompasing ignorance on the subject. LF> but to convince either side that perhaps sarcasm, LF> name calling and hateful feelings may not be LF> warranted. I will always, and for ever, demand the right (nay, concede the DUTY) to "name call" sick, demented creatures such as Nazis, racists, bigots, and "Creation 'Scientists.'" If the latter were not actively seeking to drag humanity down into the level of their own beshitted cesspool of darkness and ignorance, no one would "name call" them: they would be utterly ignored as the blighted, pestilence-ridden, pitiful fools they are. "Creation 'Scientists'" such as the ICR and CRS cult members are out to eradicate every gain of knowledge humanity has achived over the past five thousand years, and replace it with the occult prattle of ancient Babylonian and Sumarian ignorant savages--- because they believe their demonic god demands such an unspeakably evil act of them. Those gains of knowldge include physics, chemistry, geology, paleontology, cosmology, and a host of other hard sciences--- all of which refute the "Creation 'Scientists's'" occult beliefs and therefore must be subverted. That subversion is the catastasis of utter ruin for humanity. If the "Creation 'Scientists'" left science to the scientists and kept their occultism to themselves, no one would "name call" them. It is their demonic =ACTIONS= that thinking, democracy-loving, liberty-reverent people abhor, not their demented, aberrant beliefs. It is their desire to institute an evil theocracy with their legions of darkness, their armies of the night, that is cause for well-deserved objection and denunciation. That disapprobation is seen by the multitudes of mendacity, the despoilers of light, truth, and knowledge, as "sarcasm." They may only dimly perceive that such acerbity is well deserved. -=- Rev David Michael Rice Mariner's Ministries, Dana Point, California


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