By: Fredric Rice Re: Mormon occultism: End times FR+gt; Some of them wait for a +quot;rapt

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By: Fredric Rice Re: Mormon occultism: End times FR> Some of them wait for a "rapture;" others don't. I don't think Mormon FR> cultists do. They're still waiting for the mass starvation that their FR> masters have been selling them so that they can justify the huge FR> survivalist food storage scam. qf> So, that's why every Mormon I know has a massive stockpile qf> of food in their basements, as well as why they seem so qf> obsessed with canning equipment. And wheat grinders, storage containers, water purification chemical kits and filters... anything that Deseret Industries can make a huge fortune out of (and do they pay their fair share of taxes on it? I doubt it) Mormons are told they must buy it. I don't think it's even an option not to any more in some of their churches. The one in Indian Springs, Nevada, didn't seem to care one way or another. The one in El Toro, however, mandated that EVERY family have a one-year supply of food and water for every family member -- no family was allowed to not buy. The "reason" given was so that "when the end comes" there won't be any fighting among cultists in their church over food as everyone in their tight little cult would be set. qf> Do you know any details about how they believe qf> this mass starvation is going to come about? Every generation since Joseph Smith and Brigham Young has been believed to be the last generation; one where the Christain god "Satan" begins to slaughter Christians by the millions. The imagry that Mormons use to whip-up the fear includes blood running down the gutters and people shooting their children if they don't "recant" their belief in the Mormon gods. Mormons are told that the reason why "everyone" hates the Mormon brand name is because they're the "right" one; the "restored church" where their priesthood is ordained by their gods while all the others are the "great whore" created by the "Satan" god. They sell fear like you wouldn't believe and getting cult members to buy survivalist rations is part of the motivation... David and I worked in one of their food warehouses and we also picked oranges -- slave labor for no pay but required of all male children our age. The amoutn of money they derive from their food programs must truely be obscene. The Mormon brand used to publish their statements of annual revenues et that all stopped because there was just no sane, comfortable way to explain where all the money goes. It became so obscene that they were embarrassed enough to overcome any concerns about accusations which might arise from hiding their income. While we're on it, the Mormon cult also does other things which are disgusting, motivated by greed. They tailior their beliefs toward ugly women; they appear to be specifically concerned with getting women who feel uncomfortable in other Christian cults in social occasions. Like any social event, people always talk about people and the Mormon cult seems to have gotten the idea that there are a lot of ugly women who would like a Christianic church which doesn't make them feel bad. Children in their teens are repeatedly shown a Mormon video tape production that's a morality play -- only the moral of the video is, "Marry a fat ugly woman and you'll be blessed more for doing so than if you had married a thin pretty woman." The Mormon cult has _dozens_ of these little videos which all carry the same message. One of them has a somewhat wealthy farmer or rancher who buys a wife from a poor farmer or rancher. (I shit you negative, the woman in the morality play is actually bought and sold likea carton of grapes.) The asking price for the woman was an ox and a goat. No one would buy her because she was ugly. Well, along comes the somewhat wealthy farmer or rancher and he agrees to buy the woman but not for the asking price. He tells everyone that he thinks she's worth a great deal more and says he'll pay six ox and six goats for her. As the whole town goes atwitter, the morality play runs through each of the ox and goats as they're delivered and the ugly woman being bought gets prettier and prettier and the man ends up with a slave that everyone else who passed her up wanted to buy. The Mormon brand is just as evil as any other.


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