We of the Board of Directors of the James Randi Educational Foundation, through our Legal

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We of the Board of Directors of the James Randi Educational Foundation, through our Legal Fund, are delighted to fund the visit to Australia of Dr. Eugenie Scott, for purposes of aiding Dr. Plimer's legal battle against the creationists. Dr. Plimer is one of our heroes, and we believe that he represents us all as he opposes pseudoscience and flummery. Our check for US$4,098 will be in the mail today to Dr. Scott. It goes with our gratitude and best wishes for a successful outcome. Reason and justice can both be served by a court victory for Ian Plimer, and we encourage others to contribute to his legal costs. Funds can be sent to: Dr. Ian Plimer School of Earth Sciences University of Melbourne Parkville, Victoria 3052 AUSTRALIA. For those of you who might wish to also contribute to the James Randi Legal Fund, we ask that you send donations to: James Randi Educational Foundation 201 SE Davie Boulevard Fort Lauderdale FL 33316-1815 U.S.A. Those who dare to criticize or even question the paranormalists, the quacks, and the pseudoscientists, are often threatened by them, and the costs of legal action are intimidating. We cannot fail to support our colleagues who are out front on the battle lines. This support is offered in special tribute to the memory of Carl Sagan, another hero of the sketical movement, who left us this morning. We are poorer for his departure, and we mourn our loss. James Randi President, JREF ********************************************************************** Requests to be added to or deleted from the randi-hotline mailing list, must be sent to the service address: Internet: randi-hotline-request@ssr.com PLEASE BE PATIENT. All requests are processed before each new mailing to the list and these can be widely spaced. You *will* be added if your request was sent to the correct address. If you wish to contact Randi, mail to randi-hotline@ssr.com will return an information message explaining how. BACK ISSUES OF THE HOTLINE: On the Web: http://www.mindspring.com/~anson/randi-hotline/ Via FTP: USA: ftp.netcom.com directory: /pub/an/anson/Mailing_Lists/geller-hotline ftp.ssr.com: directory: /Randi Please try netcom.com first, since ftp.ssr.com is very busy. EUROPE: mercurio.iet.unipi.it directory: /pub/Randi Our gratitude goes to Anson Kennedy and Massimo Macucci for providing the ftp sites at netcom and unipi.it, respectively. Randi also has a web page, now hosted at the new FOUNDATION! Check it out at: http://www.randi.org/


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