(366) Thu 19 Dec 96 12:58 By: DAVID RICE To: DAVID WORRELL -+gt; Quoting David Worrell to

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(366) Thu 19 Dec 96 12:58 By: DAVID RICE To: DAVID WORRELL -=> Quoting David Worrell to All <=- [cuts--- drice] H> "It would seem to me to be tragic if, just as H> the Parliament gets around to putting anti- H> racist legislation in place, the whole principle H> is undermined because it hasn't covered the new H> technology," he said. [cuts--- drice] Anthony Grigor-Scott, even though he is a slimeball Christian racist neo-Nazi Ku Klux Klan wannabe scum, should be acknowlged to have the the right to publish what he damn well pleases. "Anti-racist legislation" is a vastly greater evil than the racist literature, in that it assasinates liberty and forces such "literature" underground where it can fester free from open criticism and denunciation. Banning this "literature" ensures its distribution and longivity. In that sense, the "new technology" not being covered by the "anti-racist legislation" is a GOOD thing, as it still permits said "literature" to be exposed to refutation and contempt. The single greatest act that one can do to ensure the increased amount and wider dissemination of "anti-racist 'literature'" is to try to ban it with coersion and force. If I were neo-Nazi scum like Anthony Grigor-Scott, I'd give everything I own to have the legislature make laws to ban my "literature." That legislation would grant near infinite power to that "literature," making it a puissance far greater than it actually is. ... I'm Thomas Vail's best friend. And I know where the negatives are! * Shy.David@EdenBBS.com --- Silver Xpress Mail System 5.4H1 * Origin: "I wish life could be Swedish magazines." (1:124/9005)


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