(540) Sat 14 Dec 96 22:21 By: David Worrell Re: giggle snot From the Sydney Morning Herald

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(540) Sat 14 Dec 96 22:21 By: David Worrell Re: giggle snot From the Sydney Morning Herald: Jews want action on computer racism, By JON CASIMIR A Sydney man who runs a computer bulletin board which disseminates anti-Jewish and anti-Catholic material says that it is not racist. Mr Anthony Grigor-Scott, the system operator of the Bible Believers Bulletin Board, which can be accessed through a West Ryde phone number, said "the only people who could possibly find [the available material] objectionable would be racist and anti-Semitic". "Any who would be offended by such material are no more than scoundrels and manipulators of truth and men." The Bible Believers Bulletin Board, advertised on the Internet in a discussion group on religion in Australia, contains more than 200 files which can be downloaded by anyone with a computer and a modem. It includes sermons, books, articles and copies of a number of versions of the Bible. While many of the articles are concerned with interpretation of the Bible, others downloaded by the Herald over the past fortnight were clearly anti- Semitic and anti-Catholic and included accusations of conspiracies by both religions to create an anti-Christian New World Order. The articles claimed, among other things, that the Jewish Talmud says killing Christians is not a sin. One calls "their masquerade as "Israel' the greatest hoax of the last century!" Published in full is The Nameless War, a 1952 book which suggests that every Western conflict from the English Civil War to World War II was engineered by shadowy Jewish groups attempting to gain power. "The only correct term for the mis-called "anti-Semitic' is "Jew-wise'," it says. Copies of articles contributed to the right-wing newspaper The Strategy are also available. One uses Biblical imagery to claim that the power behind the Roman Catholic Church is Satan. A bulletin board, like the Internet, allows people to access information via a computer and a modem. Unlike the Internet, which is enormous, sprawling and open, a bulletin board is a private entity. It is like a club where users meet to discuss ideas and share resources. By calling a phone number, using a program like Terminal, which is available with Windows, a computer is connected to the bulletin board's computer. Users then usually register and are granted access to the library and chat spaces within. The executive vice-president of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, Mr Jeremy Jones, said the distribution of racial hate material by computers through bulletin boards and the Internet presented a challenge for MPs. "It would seem to me to be tragic if, just as the Parliament gets around to putting anti-racist legislation in place, the whole principle is undermined because it hasn't covered the new technology," he said. The spokesman for the Sydney diocese of the Catholic Church, Father Brian Lucas, said the existence of the bulletin board and the promulgation of such views was not serious enough for the Church to react. "These views are so far- fetched that they pander only to a small minority and these are usually the type of people that can't be talked to in any sense because they're so locked into their prejudice," he said. "The claims of conspiracy, that the Church is trying to take over the world, fly in the face of the publication by Catholic churches of many documents relating to human rights, religious freedoms and tolerance." --- * Origin: John Brawley's Quantum Torpedo Room (1:123/67.7) SEEN-BY: 12/12 24/888 102/2 106/2000 109/7 112/101 114/262 271 124/1 2342 SEEN-BY: 124/8001 9000 9005 130/1 133/5050 140/3 143/1 147/2021 167/166 SEEN-BY: 170/400 213/213 218/890 907 252/140 270/101 275/429 280/1 169 282/1 SEEN-BY: 283/120 284/29 290/14 310/666 322/739 323/107 324/278 343/600 SEEN-BY: 346/250 352/3 356/18 369/32 377/86 380/64 381/900 382/92 395/100 SEEN-BY: 396/1 2 690/660 730/2 732/10 733/1 2401/0 2424/10 2608/27 2803/1 SEEN-BY: 3603/420 3606/10 3612/41 3615/50 3619/25 3632/21 3651/9 3652/1 SEEN-BY: 3666/401 3667/1 3804/130 @PATH: 123/67 302 43 270/101 396/1 124/1 9005


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