(493) Wed 25 Dec 96 12:54 By: ROBERT CURRY Re: to combat the evil JJ+gt; The gathering of

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(493) Wed 25 Dec 96 12:54 By: ROBERT CURRY Re: to combat the evil JJ> The gathering of heathens here to bash believers evidences JJ> deep-rooted insecurity, a profound fear that there may indeed JJ> be a god who needs therefore to be battled. Of course there are gods. They live in the heads of their believers. While many these days are rather innocuous, fuzzy feel-good deities (or foggy philosophical phantoms), there still exist gods from the early childhood of humanity. These gods dispense both self-righteous arrogance and petty hatefulness under the guise of piety or "doing good works." Who here has not met one, or one of their carriers? If these childhood gods are battled by some of us living in what may be considered a coming of age for our common human culture, are those battles a sign of insecurity, of fear? Let me support the answer that Brother Jesse believes, and say YES. YES, there are many atheists who fear the gods of those who would, by hook or by crook, eliminate their rights. Just as Jesse Jones himself opposes the right-wing political polemic of fundamentalism, so do others. If from this opposition -- this "battle" -- he derives "deep-seated insecurity" or "a profound fear," then I think he is speaking from his personal experience and feelings, and rightly so. Some have made a case for fearing those who would, in the name of God (whatever god), diminish the liberties we enjoy as free citizens in a secular nation. Some feel this fear more than others, and I understand and respect their feelings and their informed opinions on the matter. The evil to combat is not a god in the sky, but gods in imagination. --- PPoint 2.00 / QWK --- InterMail+GE/2+PCB/2 * Origin: The 128th Parallel Seminole,Fl 28.8k 813/397-1339 (1:3603/210)


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