(397) Fri 13 Dec 96 17:55 By: John Jeanneault To: ALL CHRISTIANS Re: HOLYSMOKE Hi Fellow C

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(397) Fri 13 Dec 96 17:55 By: John Jeanneault To: ALL CHRISTIANS Re: HOLYSMOKE Hi Fellow Christians. This is what I propose. Let us put an end to the HolySmokers fun by no longer posting here. There is nothing of fairness, objectivity, or tolerance within this message area. The goal of the message base is only to ridicule and malign Christ and His followers. The only reason the enemies of Christ post here, is to participate in the roasting and ridicule, not because they are interested in any sort of dialogue or debate with Christians. They are rude, closeminded and arrogant for the most part. To continue posting and "debating" with them is tantamount to exposing the gospel to ridicule and destruction. To continue to post is to exemplify the text which exhorts us not to "cast your pearls before swine". Jesse Jones, I know you mean well and think that somehow by your presence here, that you will somehow touch their hearts, but no, this will not happen as long as you give them the opportunity to ridicule your faith as a hobby. Absent yourself from them, be "set apart" from them, and devote the time you used to spend composing messages to them, to praying for them. You have been one of the most tolerant and "persistent" Christians in here, but you are not given the least bit of credence by HolySmokers. ALL CHRISTIANS UNITE....no longer post here...let the word be spread through all the echoes...to all brothers and sisters...that henceforth Christians will no longer post to HOLYSMOKE....and by doing so we will bring about the demise of the beast that is devoted to bringing about the downfall of the followers of Jesus...if such a thing were possible:-). After weeks or months of complaining to each other, without any individuals to ridicule, they will eventually go the way of the DoDo. What say all, can we do it....I think we can if we spread the word through whatever means is available. What a challenge! Can we topple the "Great Holysmoke" by this time next year. Really think about it. WE CAN DO IT! Let the only messages we post here promote this message, and no longer debate or argue about Jesus or his teachings....their hearts have been hardened, and their eyes have been blinded. To continue to post "Jesus" is to "cast your pearls before the swine"...."shake the dust off your sandals and move on!" There are many other message areas where one can spread the word, where one is at least tolerated without such ridicule and contempt as is displayed here. The only reason nonbelievers post here is to take part in the "stoning" of believers. Let us all...of all denominations and none...from the Catholics...to the pentecostals...the Baptists...the Anglicans..the Steve Winters...the Latter Day Saints...the Mormans...all who I have failed to mention...let us all cease and desist from posting here, except to spread the same message....Christians...of all stripes...people of all denominations and religions....get out! Do not post here any longer...do not become a whipping boy/girl for these anti-god people! After years of reading and posting here....I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing resembling openmindeness, fairness or tolerance here, from those who regularly attack religion. They are unbending, unyielding and unobjective, with no real interest in the concept of God, and are only concerned with baiting believers and doing their best to make fools of them all. LET US UNITE....LET US REFUSE TO POST HERE ANY LONGER...EXCEPT TO SPREAD THIS MESSAGE. LET US NO LONGER SPREAD OUR PEARLS BEFORE SWINE...LET US SPEND OUR TIME POSTING TO OTHER MESSAGE AREAS WHERE THERE IS TOLERANCE, AND EVEN AN AUDIENCE WHICH MAY BE OPEN ENOUGH TO HEAR THE MESSAGE OF CHRIST! LET US SPEND OUR TIME CONSTRUCTIVELY, LET US PROCLAIM HIS MESSAGE WHERE THERE ARE EARS TO HEAR, AND HEARTS TO FEEL! Leonard Bernier has the right idea!....He no longer argues with them..he only posts the word of God....and ignores the baited hook! Let us all do the same....let us either get out of here altogether...or let us all barrage them with scripture....with no response to the slap on the cheek, except that of quoting more scripture....What say all brothers and sisters? HAAAAA!!!!!VICTORY IN JESUS!!!!!!!.......john! --- April V0.994PBeta * Origin: EYE OF THE STORM (1:225/364.4) @PATH: 225/364 99 12/12 396/1 124/1 9005


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