(380) Fri 27 Dec 96 1:45 By: Richard Smith Re: God misses victims . . . The following was

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(380) Fri 27 Dec 96 1:45 By: Richard Smith Re: God misses victims . . . The following was posted by someone named Barbara Mikkelson, obstensibly from A World Of Luck, A Library Of Curious And Unusual Facts, by Time Life Books, ISBN 0-8094-7711-4, p. 59. I think it clearly opens up a can of worms about Xtians and their Deity . . . : * Copied (from: alt.folklore.urban) by Richard Smith using timEd 1.01. > Choir practice at the West Side Baptist Church in > Beatrice, Nebraska, always began at 7:20 on Wednesday > evening. At 7:25 p.m. on Wednesday, March 1, 1950, an > explosion demolished the church. The blast forced a nearby > radio station off the air and shattered windows in > surrounding homes. > But every one of the choir's fifteen members escaped > injury, saved by a fortuitous coincidence: All were late for > practice that night. Considering the sanctified site of the > explosion, it was not surprising that some attributed the > near miss to divine intervention. > They supposed rightly that the odds of unanimous tardiness > were slim indeed, especially when the reasons were examined. > Car trouble delayed two women. The minister and his wife and > daughter were delayed by a dress that needed ironing at the > last minute. Others were late because they paused to complete > homework, finish a letter, or hear the end of a favorite > radio show. One awoke late from a nap. Some could think of no > special reason; they were just late. > It is impossible to calculate precise odds for all these > events occurring at once. But past performance indicated that > each person would be late for practice one time in four -- > producing a one-in-a-million chance that the entire choir > would be late that night. ------------------------------------------------------------ Skeptic's take on the above: Gads, the Xtian Deity doesn't have any better aim than Asmodeus does . . . --- timEd 1.01 * Origin: Syr Undry BBS ):> Bendigaid };> (916) 922-9046 (1:203/9046)


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