(1378) Mon 23 Dec 96 18:31 By: Richard Smith Re: Dog Psychic Hello All! Here's another bit

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(1378) Mon 23 Dec 96 18:31 By: Richard Smith Re: Dog Psychic Hello All! Here's another bit of mirth for your holiday enjoyment that I pulled off the InterNet. I think you'll find it amusing. ============================================================= Lady Read Minds of Animals Gifted Gina Caretti is a super psychic who can read an animal's mind like a book -- and she says the lowly pig is the purest thinker on Earth! "The pig is a saint who thinks nothing but wholesome -- almost holy -- thoughts," grandma Gina, 61, told reporters in Florence, Italy. "No other animal in the world, including the human, comes close to such piety. And the pig is smart. "Believe it or not, pigs actually are known to ponder the meaning of life." But the house kitty has an amazing intellect that makes it much smarter than all the other animals, the clairvoyant granny told reporters. "Their gentle purrs and constant catnaps hide the fact that their brains are always at work. Cats listen carefully and always know exactly what we're talking about," she said. Good-natured Gina makes her living as a pet psychologist, treating the emotional ills of beasts brought to her by people from all walks of life. And those who've watched the talented telepathist in action say there's no doubt she can peer into an animal's mind and read its innermost thoughts. "I have taken nearly a dozen of my pets to her over the years -- everything from snakes to rats -- and she has never failed to help them." said Dr. Dino Biccio, a Florence pathologist. "She can sit down with an animal and tell you its life history before you've given her the slightest hint of anything from the animal's past. She is truly an amazing woman." The super seer provided these fascinating glimpses into the minds of some of our more commonplace creatures. * Dogs are loving animals who look on the bright side, no matter how miserable life has been. They are constantly expecting something good to happen just around the corner. * Horses are highfalutin, haughty animals who consider themselves far superior to all others -- including humans. They especially look down their noses at cows. * Cows are grumpy and morose. They consider themselves inferior to all other animals, especially horses. * Rats are witty and lighthearted creatures who play tricks on each other, and actually think through "jokes" in their mind. * Guinea pigs are music lovers who chatter among themselves and enjoy the sound of human voices. * Chickens are dim-witted birdbrains who often go through life without thinking anything about it. Source Of Information: WEEKLY WORLD NEWS, December 24, 1996, page 21. ============================================================= Quid, Me Anxius Sum? Richard Smith --- timEd 1.01 * Origin: Syr Undry BBS ):> Bendigaid };> (916) 922-9046 (1:203/9046)


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