Here's a cute one for the Creationists from our local newspaper in Australia, Ian Plimmer

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Here's a cute one for the Creationists from our local newspaper in = Australia, Ian Plimmer once took a camera crew to a site claimed to be = the ramains of the Ark and debunked it with wit and flair. Dru. November 21, 1996 Creationists accused of creating the facts Professor Plimer with a portrait of the father of the theory of = evolution, Charles Darwin, at the State Library. Photo by GREG WHITE By LEIGH DAYTON, Science Writer In 1925, the world's gaze focused on the small US town of Dayton, = Tennessee, as a young high-school biology teacher, Mr John Thomas = Scopes, faced trial for violating State legislation by teaching Charles = Darwin's theory of evolution.=20 Mr Scopes was found guilty, but ultimately the State, embarrassed by the = high-profile "Monkey Trial", rescinded its anti-evolutionary stance. Now, in a remarkable reversal, the spotlight will shift to Sydney, where = the Federal Court will hear what has been dubbed the Monkey Trial Mark = II. In a case set to begin on April 7, a leading geologist and = anti-creationist, Professor Ian Plimer, head of the School of Earth = Sciences at the University of Melbourne, will take aim at a creation = science group which is seeking to have Genesis, the biblical version of = creation, taught in science classes, along with evolutionary theory. In his action, he accuses Ark Search Inc and its leader Dr Allen Roberts = of "misleading and deceptive conduct" under section 52 of the Federal = Trade Practices Act. Professor Plimer, an expert in 2 billion-year-old rock formations, = claims Dr Roberts has violated the act by arguing in books, videos, = brochures and in lectures that the Earth is only 6,000 years old, not = 4.5 billion as geologists claim; that a "great flood" 4,000 years ago = caused a mass extinction; and all current species emerged from Noah's = Ark. Mr David Fasold has joined the action against Dr Roberts and Ark Search = Inc, claiming they have breached copyright law by using material from = his book The Ark of Noah without permission. The Herald was unable to contact Dr Roberts at his Sydney home and there = is no current listing for the organisation. Dr Carl Wieland, the chief executive officer of the Brisbane-based = Creation Science Foundation, claimed the case "has nothing to do with = the creation-evolution controversy". "We defend Genesis creation, but we are not interested in making comment = on this case," he said yesterday. The NSW Department of School Education did not permit the teaching of = "creationism" in science classes, said Mr Trevor Wotten, director of = secondary education. He said that separating religious belief and = scientific theory "is the correct policy at this time". Professor Plimer agreed. "I'm extremely careful to note that I'm not = anti-Christian or anti-Church," he said, noting that theologians as well = as scientists would testify on his behalf. He said he had spent more than $300,000 defending himself against a = defamation action brought by creationists, angered by his public defence = of science. He has funded his battle through the sale of his home and = personal assets. The Australian Skeptics will help fund the upcoming = trial. Professor Plimer said that over the years he had received anonymous = threats and hundreds of "vexatious" letters. "These things don't = frighten me, they just motivate me more."


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