Review KraftWerk _The Mix_ Ok, first let me start off by saying that this is not +quot;ang

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Review: KraftWerk _The Mix_ Ok, first let me start off by saying that this is not "angry" music at all, infact it sounds a bit like it was created by Tom Servo or something, the music just has a tendency to throw a smile on your face, and know that somewhere, these computer geeks got together and made music. Kraftwerk as some of you may know, has been out for a _very_ long time, and some call them the creators of computer music. There are no live instruments on the album, its all synth, and people talking through effect boxes. While some of the tracks are off other "mini albums" this is more or less a "best of". A few minor changes have been added to the tracks to either clean them up, or make them sound a bit more current. While songs like _AutoBahn_ came out well before I could drive, it sounds like it was created yesterday. The disk over all, has a wonderful clean sound to it, with snappy highs, and boomy lows. This is the type of disk I'd recommend bringing along with you to a Silo when you want to buy some new CD equipment, it really hits all sound spectrums. Most of the songs have a computer theme, technology, or modernism theme to them. The music for the most part is *driving music*, meaning that its a bit slow to dance to, but entertaining enough at 70Mph on 95 to keep you alert, and fellin good. The songs _AutoBahn_, and _Trans Europe Express_ are by far two of the best techno-driving (Jezus? Did I just make up a new form of music?) tunes that I have ever heard. I guarantee the music will make you drive a bit faster, not because its hard music, but rather because you just feel.. so.. so.. European, and hey lets face it, they drive fast over there. If there was ever a disk that I wanted to take along with me on a long trip VIA car, this would be it. SideNote:I'd almost swear that VW's "fargvergnugen" theme came partly _AutoBahn_ (really!), they bear a very strong resemblance. There really is not one bad track on this disk, and best of all its EASY to listen to. Hell, your folks might even think its kinda neat (mine did), and ask for a tape. While yes, at times it might start to sound a bit repetitive, its not so harsh that it begins to grate on your nerves. Personally, I think that German car companies should give you a free tape of this music when you get a German car. Driving a solid car, and listening to Kraftwerk has got to make you feel so German its almost scary. (ratings of songs on disk 4*'s max) The Robots - (also CD5 single) *** 8:56 ComputerLove - **** 6:35 Pocket Calculator - *** 4:32 Dentaku - (extension of pocket calk.) ** - 3:27 AutoBahn - **** - 9:27 Radioactivity - **** - 6:53 Trans Europe Express - **** - 3:20 Abzug - *** (extension of TEE) - 2:18 Metal on Metal - ** (still Abzug) - 4:18 HomeComputer - *** - 8:02 Music Non Stop - **** - 6:38 (no hidden tracks exist) On a scale of one to ten, I give _The Mix_, an 8. If you like Indy/Techno music, I can almost assure you that you will like this disk. //Dan Reed


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