Review of the Kebworth Volume 3 videotape Subject The Knebworth Video Date Fri, 28 Feb 92

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Review of the Kebworth Volume 3 videotape Subject: The Knebworth Video Date: Fri, 28 Feb 92 19:22:59 MET From: Herwig Henseler Organization: University of Oldenburg, Germany Echoes, Just yesterday I finally bought the Video-tape 'KNEBWORTH-The Event Volume 3'. I waited a long time to buy this stuff, because there is only a little PF on it. Nevertheless, it was woth the 30DM ($20)! I have never seen any reference to this video on eclipse/echoes, so I will give a short review: KNEBWORTH The Event Volume 3 CMP 6008 (VHS) Featuring: Robert Plant Total 18:51 Genesis Total 26:24 Pink Floyd Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts1-5) 10:40 Run Like Hell 6:05 ============= Total 16:45 The concert took place on June 30th, 1990 at Knebworth, Hertfordshire. Notice that, in contrast to the double CD 'KNEBWORTH', the first song is SOYCD and not 'Comfortably Numb'! What can I say, I am very happy to own this one. What a pity that they put only 16 minutes PF on the video ... there is much space free at the end. Sound: Average sound quality (for an official realease). The songs on CD are mastered with much more care. Video: Great! On SOYCD the camera concentrates on the musicians, so you are able to see our heroes in fantastic details. (What a pity, David seems to become rounder and rounder.. 8^( ) On RLH, the camera concentrates on the light and lasereffects. You can see _much_ better what's going on than on the 'Delicate Sound of Thunder'-video! Some nice views of the whole area complete the image of how great the show is. Overall, no effect-hashing cuts, no 'guessing' what you see. Show: David looks very bored while playing SOYCD... RLH has all nearly all effects from the 'regular' tour. Lasers, spots and even the circular screen! My favourite version of RLH. Herwig -- Dipl.-Inform. Herwig Henseler - Herwig.Henseler@arbi.Informatik.Uni-Oldenburg.DE # OFFIS - Oldenburger Forschungs- und | Universitaet Oldenburg FB Informatik # # Entwicklungsinstitut fuer Informatik- | Postfach 2503 D-2900 Oldenburg # # Werkzeuge und -Systeme | Buero:AVZ 2-248 Tel.:(0441)798-3119 # Das Leben ist eine durch eine Heuristik gesteuerte Tiefensuche ohne Backtracking


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