Knebworth 90 +quot;YOU ARE THERE+quot; Date Mon, 16 Jul 90 162718 BST Subject Knebworth an

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Knebworth 90: "YOU ARE THERE" Date: Mon, 16 Jul 90 16:27:18 BST From: J R Fletcher Subject: Knebworth and The WALL To: ECLIPSE@BEACH.CIS.UFL.EDU Hi, Sorry this is a little late, but I thought I'd put a word in or two about Knebworth (cos i 'appened to be there...) Just as a brief opener, a quick review of the also-rans who appeared through out the day. It opened with Tears for Fears (who weren't bad for an eighties 100% pop group), during which, it rained quite a bit, and the floyd project- -ion screen which was suspended horizontally above the stage filled up with water and (due to the wind) periodically tipped water onto Roland Orzabell (sp?). The sun eventually shone, and we went on to Status Quo (who proved that they really are still rocking after all these years), Cliff Richard & the Shadows (don't ask me how it went, i went for a drink at this point!!!),Robert Plant & (eventually) Jimmy Page (Robert plant solo stuff was good, but paled into insignificance when Jimmy Page came on to absolutely roar his way through some Zep numbers! Incredible), Phil "his Baldness" Collins & Genesis (I pass no comment other than one. NAAAAAAFFFFF!), The Supergroup (Clapton, Knopfler, and John) (quite good actually - excellent rendition of Sunshine Of Your Love!), and Paul (How can you sleep?) McCartney & wife (who were now running well into Floyd Time (The supergroup had overstayed their alloted welcome too). He was OK, and did do an all too brief rendition of Strawberry Fields Forever) And then the Floyd (version 6.0).... Whilst we were waiting for the floyd to sort the stage arrangements out, we were given a real treat! On the Video screens either side of the stage, they played a (quite) brief history of the Floyd! Not, only did they show loads of photo footage of Syd, The floyd in the sixties, floyd in the seventies (including the promotional film of the Pig floating over Batersea power station for animals), and the eighties floyd (including the complete promo for Learning to fly) but it was also all put together in the same style as the eighties floyd's live promo films. I guess it had again been filmed by Storm Thorgesson (sp?) - it included the same guy that's on the cover of MLOR, and in the Videos for Signs of life, and On The Run. In all it was an excellent little biography, quite funny at times, and certaintly showed how the floyd had evolved through the years (no mention of Rog though) The big shock during this film was that, as the rain returned once more, they took down the screen from the projection disk, leaving only a ring of lights! I've yet to find out the official reason for this, but I hazard that it was due the fact that the stage area had now become one hugh wind tunnel, and it would have been blown out anyway... The initial shock over (what no vids?), and after Dave Dee (remember him?), the organiser had come on to tell people climbing on speaker stacks around the back of the audience, to get down ("or no show!") The stage went black, and attempt was made to fill the stage with smoke (useless, it was just blown straight away..) and the familiar synth sound of Shine On came wind buffeted throught the stage speakers (i was near the front). Dave's Guitar made it's timely entrance, and i settled back to the '87-'89 version of Shine on. Candy Dulfer did the Sax bit (last seen with Dave A. Stewart), and played around Scott parry's vers., rather than copy it straight. From shine on to Great Gig. Clare Torry tried her best to scream against the wind, but went out of tune quite a bit. When it had finished Dave approached the mike, clutching an acoustic, and spoke to the masses. It was obvious that the stage area was extremely windy and damp, and Dave, had a little trouble battling the wind to give an all too familiar message ("thanks for coming!"). On to Wish, and the first real Floyd success of the day. It went down a treat. Next came a bit of a surprise, as the lasers cranked up, and Dave grouched his way through the opening strains of Sorrow (didn't think they'd touch the MLOR). It went quite well, baring a small bit of popping and crackling as rain hit the electrics. Then the familiar ringing of the cash register, brought on the usual 'spontaneous' Money Jam. It definately woke the crowd up a bit, who had mostly been quiet upto now (there was a surprising large amount of floyd fans out there!). The lasers cranked up once more for Dave's party piece - Numb. Now that woke the crowd up! And it kept them hot for the closing piece (surprise, surprise) Run Like Hell! Fists in the air, flares on the stage, and fireworks in the nights sky! Incredible. In all the floyd performance was much the same as the recent live shows, with the added interest/delight of Candy Dulfer and Clare Torry. The music was good, but was mared by the wind and the rain. The light show was excellent, despite the lack of screen. In all, I enjoyed every bit of it! But then I had been standing around for 11 hours..... Quickly onto the Wall...I have my tickets, and I have a German phrase book (..the ultimate tourist....). The press have been very quiet about it over here and the only details lately have been about the list of stars appearing (sinead, etc) and the support acts (the Cheiftans and The Hoppers). No news of broadcast in the UK, and no news of Dave & Co. being there (they said they wouldn't.....) Sorry to go on, definately time to go..... J R Fletcher


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