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============================================================================== Edition: Jan 14, 93 (compiled by: R.Tang /rtang@sunee.uwaterloo.edu.ca) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This discography is avaliable by anonymous ftp from ferkel.ucsb.edu or by email request to rtang@sunee.uwaterloo.ca ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Number of Entries: 103 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A summary of the discography is also available which list only artist and CD titles. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please feel free to make additional comments on any of the CD's listed, or fill out an original entry yourself and send it on to me. A blank form is attached to the end of this file for those interested. Thanks for everyone's contributions. Ray Tang ============================================================================== Artist: Chage & Aska Title: Say Yes Production Co: Pony Canyon Cat#: PCDA-00217 Release: 1991/7/24 Price: 1000 yen Length: 15'19" (3 tracks) Track Data: (3" single) 1 Say Yes 4'46" 2 Kokuhaku 5'49" 3 Say Yes 4'43" Original Karaoke Goodies: Comments: A beautiful song for a beautiful show. "Say Yes" was used as the theme song for the Fuji TV drama "Hyaku ikkaime-no Propose" (101st Proposal) Also makes for a popular karaoke song, so the third track is a plus. "Kokuhaku" is also a very nice song, which is not in the album "Tree" (with "Say Yes"). This single is a must have for most jpop fans. (Galen Komatsu: gkomatsu@uhunix.uhcc.hawaii.edu, ar592@cleveland.freenet.edu) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Chage & Aska Title: TREE Production Co: PONY CANYON Cat#: PCCA-00304 Release: 10/10/1991 Price: Length: 66'01" (12 tracks) Track Data: 1 Boku wa kono me de uso o tuku 2 SAY YES 3 Kurumi o wareta hi 4 Cat Walk 5 Yoru no uchini 6 Mazart Virus Day 7 Darekasan -Close your eyes- 8 Akegata no kimi 9 Catch & Release 10 Bad News Good News 11 Big Tree 12 tomorrow Goodies: Comments: The 1991 award winning album, and also best selling album of 1991. It includes one of the 1991 best selling single "SAY YES". With this album, Chage & Aska also won people's choise award, and many others. (Masami Yokoyama : yokoyama@bode.ualberta.ca) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Checkers (Fujii Fumiya(V), Fujii Naoyuki(sax), Odoi Yu^ji(Ba), Takamoku Yoshihiko(V), Takeuchi Toru(G), Tokunaga Yoshiya(Dr), Tsuruku Masaharu(V)) Title: Sayonara-o Mo^ichido Production Co: Pony Canyon Cat#: PCDA-00131 Release: 1990/11/21 Price: 800yen Length: 12'34" (2 tracks) Track Data: (3" single) 1 Sayonara-o Mo^ichido 6'16" 2 Hello 6'18" Goodies: Comments: Probably one of my all time favorite single releases from the Checkers, both songs are among their best. Spanning over 12 minutes of time, it starts slow ("Sayonara..") and ends in a easy going upbeat soud ("Hello") Definite must-have for Checkers fans. (Galen Komatsu: gkomatsu@uhunix.uhcc.hawaii.edu, ar592@cleveland.freenet.edu) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Checkers (Fujii Fumiya(V), Fujii Naoyuki(sax), Odoi Yu^ji(Ba), Takamoku Yoshihiko(V), Takeuchi Toru(G), Tokunaga Yoshiya(Dr), Tsuruku Masaharu(V)) Title: Love '91 Production Co: Pony Canyon Cat#: PCDA-00171 Release: 1991/ 3/21 Price: 800yen Length: 9'29" (2 Tracks) Track Data: (3" single) 1 Love '91 4'41" 2 China Town 4'48" Goodies: Comments: A nice song by the Checkers. Nothing truly exceptional, just an average song done in the Checkers' style. (Galen Komatsu: gkomatsu@uhunix.uhcc.hawaii.edu, ar592@cleveland.freenet.edu) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Checkers (Fujii Fumiya(V), Fujii Naoyuki(sax), Odoi Yu^ji(Ba), Takamoku Yoshihiko(V), Takeuchi Toru(G), Tokunaga Yoshiya(Dr), Tsuruku Masaharu(V)) Title: GO Production Co: Canyon Cat#: D32A0284 Release: 1987/ 7/31 (?) Price: 3008 yen Length: 46'04" (11 tracks) Track Data: (5" album) 1 REVOLUTION 2007 3'36" 2 YOU'RE A REPLICANT 4'18" (CAMA CAMA MOO MOO) 3 MELLOW TONIGHT 4'22" 4 NANA 3'51" 5 BLUES OF IF 3'24" 6 TOKYO CONNECTION 3'40" 7 I LOVE YOU, SAYONARA 4'59" 8 MY GRADUATION 4'17" 9 GO TO THE WHOLE 3'25" 10 QUATRE SAISONS 5'49" 11 MR. BOY-o Sagashite 4'22" on CD only Goodies: Comments: One of their earlier releases, this is probably one of their better albums. The songs (as the cover photo seems to suggest) have an overall 50's Rock'n Roll sound which the Checkers do well. The last track ("Mr. Boy-o Sagashite") appears only in the CD release. (Galen Komatsu: gkomatsu@uhunix.uhcc.hawaii.edu, ar592@cleveland.freenet.edu) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Checkers (Fujii Fumiya(V), Fujii Naoyuki(sax), Odoi Yu^ji(Ba), Takamoku Yoshihiko(V), Takeuchi Toru(G), Tokunaga Yoshiya(Dr), Tsuruku Masaharu(V)) Title: Best (The BEST with original KARAOKE) Production Co: Pony Canyon Cat#: PCCA-00325 (1, 2) Release: 1991/12/15 Price: 3500 yen Length: 65'32 (14 tracks) Discs 1 & 2 Track Data: (5" album) Discs 1 & 2 1 NANA 3'53" 2 I Love you, SAYONARA 4'59" 3 WANDERER 4'00" 4 Blue Rain 3'46" 5 ONE NIGHT GIGOLO 4'26" 6 Jim & Jane no Densetsu 4'59" 7 Sunao-ni I'm Sorry 4'37" 8 Room 4'10" 9 Cherie 5'03" 10 Friends and Dream 4'31" 11 Sadame 4'46" 12 Yoake-no Buresu 5'23" 13 Sayonara-o Mo^ichido 6'21" 14 Love '91 4'39" Goodies: Double CD case (to hold, duh, 2 discs) Comments: The second "best of" album release by the Checkers is a 2 disc set containing all the single A-sides spanning the years from 1987 ("NANA") to 1991 ("Love '91"). Rather than just getting together all the songs and passing that off as a "new release", it also includes Original Karaoke on the second disc. The Checkers have come up with another great way to grab more yen from their fans! (another being NO singles after "Room" being on an album. =^) (Galen Komatsu: gkomatsu@uhunix.uhcc.hawaii.edu, ar592@cleveland.freenet.edu) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Checkers (Sax: Fujii Naoyuki, G: Takeuchi Toru, Dr: Tokunaga Yoshiya, B: Odoi Yuji, Vo: Fujii Fumiya, Tsuruku Masaharu, Takamoku Yoshihiko) Title: Blue Moon Stone (3" Single) Production Co: Pony Canyon Cat#: PCDA-00311 Release: 1992/ 5/21 Price: 1000yen Length: 15'45" (3 tracks) Track Data: 3" single 1 Blue Moon Stone 4'34" 2 Don't Cry Sexy 6'41" 3 Blue Moon Stone 4'30" original karaoke Goodies: Comments: Another good song from the Checkers. "Blue Moon Stone" is a mildly upbeat, easy going pop tune, likely to satisfy many musical tastes. "Don't Cry Sexy" is a slower "heavier" (no, not as in Metal) tune, may require a few listenings to take down, but will make that "third" of the CD worthwhile. (ps. For the first time since "Room", a single release appears on the corresponding album release.) (Galen Komatsu: gkomatsu@uhunix.uhcc.hawaii.edu, ar592@cleveland.freenet.edu) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Checkers (Sax: Fujii Naoyuki, G: Takeuchi Toru, Dr: Tokunaga Yoshiya, B: Odoi Yuji, Vo: Fujii Fumiya, Tsuruku Masaharu, Takamoku Yoshihiko) Title: Blue Moon Stone Production Co: Pony Canyon Cat#: Release: Price: 3000yen Length: (11 tracks) Track Data: 5" album 1 Count Down 00's 2 FINAL LAP 3 Blue Moon Stone single release 4 Moshimo Ashita-ga... 5 Sea of Love 6 Mari^ 7 Hitokiri 2nd. Ave. 8 Yellow Cab 9 Don't Cry Sexy c/w Blue Moon Stone (#3) 10 Smiling like children 11 Rainbow Station Goodies: Comments: If you enjoyed the second half of the "I Have A Dream" album, this one should be to your liking. The music presented here appears to continue and expand from where "IHAD" left off, and brings back some elements from the period of the "SCREW" and "GO" albums. Surprisingly, this album lasts only 54 minutes (the last two clocked in at just over an hour) and includes the single of the same name (and it's c/w track.) Of course this doesn't make "Blue Moon Stone" any "less" of an album. (Galen Komatsu: gkomatsu@uhunix.uhcc.hawaii.edu, ar592@cleveland.freenet.edu) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: COMPLEX (V:Kikawa Koji, G:Hotei Tomoyasu) Title: ROMANTIC 1990 Production Co: Cat#: TOCT-5660 Release: 1990/../.. Price: 3000yen (4000yen special*) Length: 55'29" (13 tracks) Track Data: 1 ROMANTICA 2'05" 2 PROPAGANDA 3'52" 3 LOVE CHARADE 5'47" 4 1990 5'24" (single release) 5 BLUE 5'30" 6 MODERN VISION 4'23" 7 THE WALL 3'40" 8 NO MORE LIES 4'00" 9 GOOD SAVAGE 3'18" 10 HALF MOON 2'15" 11 DRAGON CRIME 5'16" 12 MAJESTIC BABY 4'03" (c/w single "1990") 13 AFTER THE RAIN 5'48" Goodies: Early releases comes w/sticker in an aluminium case. (regular release in standard Jewelbox) Comments: The super rock duo presents 12 more tunes in a somewhat "mellower" (relative term) album than their first. The songs move towards a more traditional rock sound but still retains a "Complex" sound. If you really enjoyed the first album, be prepared for a change (personally I preferred the first, especially after coming out of a "BO0WY fix") (Galen Komatsu: gkomatsu@uhunix.uhcc.hawaii.edu, ar592@cleveland.freenet.edu) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Dreams Come True Title: The Swinging Star Production co.: Epic/Sony Records Cat#: ESCB 1350 Release: 92.11.14 Price: 2800yen(tax included) Length: 53'55" Track Data: 1.The Swinging Star 2.Ano Natsu No Hanabi 3.Da Diddly Deet Dee 4.Sayonara(Extended Version) 5.Ikitai No Wa Mountain Mountain 6.Megane-goshi No Sora 7.Kessen Wa Kin'youbi(Version of "The Dynamites") 8.Namida To Tatakatteru 9.Hide And Seek 10.Taiyo Ga Miteru 11.Sweet Sweet Sweet 12.Haretara Iine Goodies: Comments: Following their million seller album "Million Kisses", they release their fifth album. "Kessen Wa Kin'youbi" has already reached No.1 at the ORICON signles chart. The last title "Haretara Iine" is used in the NHK morning series of drama "Hirari". Members are: Masato Nakamura: arrangement, keyboards, drums and bass programming, heart field bass guitar, backing vocal arrangement. Miwa Yoshida: vocal, backing vocal, vocal and backing vocal arrangement. Takahiro Nishikawa: keyboards, sound design, backing vocal arrangement, backing vocal. (Kazuhiro Sanada: sana@McLaren.pontneuf.tis.co.jp) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: FairChild (V: You, B: Seiji Toda, G: Hirokazu Kawaguch) Title: Sekai no uta Production Co: Pony Canyon Cat#: PCCA 00154 Release: 90/11/21 Price: yen Length: 47'39" (11 tracks) Track Data: 1 sagashiteru no nii 2 ninja no uta 3 joudan janai yo 4 bokutachi no kurisumasu 5 go go chewing man 6 onakagasuita 7 orientaru ga-ru no uta 8 reiten fuyu 9 ko-ru bakku 10 school, beauty, days 11 saikon chikyuu Goodies: (regular release in standard jewel box) Comments: This band, has a female lead singer which has a kinda strange child like voice. I would catagorize this CD in the alternative music catagory. Track 8 has nice deep ominous feel to it. While 9 and 11 are good if you like slow moody music. Track 1 has a nice speedy rythm, which was featured along with the lead singer in a commercial in Japan where she is wearing a bunny suit and rolls/falls down a snow mound and drinks something hot. Very strange, I dont even remember what the drink was but I liked the song when it was played on the commercial, and then some one else at the dorm I was staying at told me a little about this band, so I went out and bought the CD. (Ray Tang: rtang@sunee.uwaterloo.edu.ca) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Hosono Haruomi Title: (MUSIC FROM) THE TALE OF GENJI Production Co: EPIC/SONY Cat#: 32-8H-148 Release: 1987/../.. Price: 3200yen Length: 12 tracks Track Data: 1 TSUKIYOMI 3'03" 2 RAJYOMON 4'10" 3 FUJITSUBO 3'03" 4 ASATSUYU 3'04" 5 WAKAMURASAKI 3'43" 6 MIYASUNDOKORO 2'59" 7 UKIHASHI 3'57" 8 KECHIGAN 3'02" 9 SAMIDARE 6'46" GOMA KITOU 10 HIKARI 3'06" 11 KODAMA 5'16" 12 MAI 5'45" Comments: This CD is not POP music, and therefore may not appear suitable for the JPOP discography. But, read on. The music is the soundtrack to the animated movie of The Tale of Genji, and is Brian Eno style ambient music, overlaid with traditional Korean instruments (kaya-gum, spelling?) etc. So far I have played this music to a LOT of people, and have not found ONE who doesn't like it. Hosono was a member of the Yellow Magic Orchestra with Ryuuichi Sakamoto and Yukihiro Takahashi, and has been very active as a JPOP songwriter, producer, session musician, and solo artist. Recently he seems to have been moving into more highbrow endeavours though. This music does not have any conventional melodies or rhythms, though traditional Korean folk melodies are worked in, and the synthesiser backings are conventional "pads". This album is also often mistaken for traditional Japanese music, especially since that is what you would expect from the soundtrack to the classic Japanese novel relayed as a movie. PS: It's a good album! Nice cover too. (Ross Clement: ross-c@scs.leeds.ac.uk) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Hosono Haruomi Title: OMNI SIGHT SEEING Production Co: EPIC/SONY Cat#: 28-8P-5258 Release: 1989/../.. Price: ????yen Length: 47'59" (9 tracks) Track Data: 1 Esashi 1'50" 2 Anadura 6'23" 3 Orgone Box 6'05" 4 Ohenro-san 2'44" 5 Caravan 4'16" 6 Retort 3'33" 7 Laugh-Gas 11'26" 8 Korendor 5'25" 9 Pleocene 6'12" Comments: More conventional and varied than The Tale of Genji, though perhaps not quite so interesting. Interestingly, although Japanese pop musicians tend to avoid Japanese traditional music, "Esashi" hits it straight on. However, this album seems to have a World Music theme, and Arabic voices almost outweigh Japanese voices. Songs are also sung/spoken in French and English. Some interesting experiments, including a reworking of tapes of the Duke Ellington song "Caravan". This album manages to bring together a number of different cultures, while maintaining Hosono's distinctive prescence. Apart from the last song (a very nice, though undefinably unusual song featuring sampled peacocks that lists "Japanese new music" as a reference) most are not typical pop songs, but are interesting and enjoyable, depending on your tastes of course. My favourite Hosono album (is a new one out yet?) (Ross Clement: ross-c@scs.leeds.ac.uk) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Hotei Tomoyasu Title: Guitarhythm II Production Co: Toshiba-EMI Cat#: TOCT-6280, TOCT-6281 Release: 91/9/27 Price: 5000yen Length: disc 1: 52'32" (12 Tracks) disc 2: 53'21" (12 Tracks) Track Data: (2 (5") disc album) disc1 1 Guitarhythm Reprise 1'15" 2 Beat Emotion 4'55" 3 Prisoner 4'38" 4 Slow Motion 5'37" 5 Sphinx 4'15" 6 Mermaid's Dream 3'22" 7 Paradise 6'10" 8 Devil's Sugar 4'37" 9 Drivin' to Your Heart Tonight 4'15" 10 Angel Waltz 3'29" 11 You 6'13" 12 Guitar Loves You 3'24" disc2 1 Rock 'n' Rose 5'13" 2 Man + Woman in Love 4'24" 3 Libodo 4'48" 4 Fly Into Your Dream 6'00" 5 Wonderland 3'58" 6 Metropolis 3'41" 7 Merry-Go-Round 3'55" 8 Telephone Call 3'42" 9 Radio! Radio! Radio! 3'58" 10 Not For Sale 4'27" 11 City Lights 3'35" 12 Starman 5'20" Goodies: Velvet box with "3D" spherical representation of Hotei's trademark guitar pattern. 56 page "Visual Booklet" listing songs w/artwork for each title. Comments: Wow! Hotei Tomoyasu definitely "redeemed" himself with his second solo effort. In my own opinion, the original "Guitarhythm" was a disappointment, the songs being mediocre at best. "GII" gives the listener over 100 minutes of music bringing together a mix of sounds from Hotei's BO0WY, COMPLEX, and solo efforts. The songs range from, dreamy sounds in "Mermaid's Dream", pop tunes with "You", hard rock in "Devil's Sugar", peaceful guitar medleys in "Paradise", but driving in "Sphinx". And that's only in the first disc! The second offers Rock & Roll, pop-rock, orchestration(!), upbeat rock-guitar tunes, and ends with a cover of David Bowie's "Starman". Hotei does his own singing in all the songs. He fares decently in several tunes, sometimes does horrendously as in "Fly Into Your Dream", you just want to cringe. But he 'can be forgiven' as it was never his voice that made him famous. This is what the original "Guitarhythm" should've been! "Starfilled eyes with a heart of golden sun can make this metal bird fly. I could ride on a red hot shooting star just to have you here. GUITARHYTHM never gonna stop!" --Guitarhythm Reprise (Galen Komatsu: gkomatsu@uhunix.uhcc.hawaii.edu, ar592@cleveland.freenet.edu) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Ishino Mako Title: Best Collection 1978-1987 Production Co: Victor Cat#: VICL-5107 Release: 1991.11.07 Price: 2500 yen Length: 64:06 (17 tracks) Track Data: 1. Ookami Nanka Kowakunai 2. Watashino Don 3. Shitsuren Kinenbi 4. Nichiyoubi ha Stranger 5. Pretty Pretty 6. Wonder Boogie 7. Julie ga Rival 8. Haru La! La! La! 9. Heart de Shoubu 10. Memai 11. Karega Koibito 12. Koi no Happy Date 13. Irodori no Toki 14. Koi no Summer Dance 15. Burning Love 16. Meguriai 17. Glass no Kanransha Goodies: Comments: This has all of Ishino Mako's hit singles. (I think) For those who can read JIS. 1. 狼なんか怖くない 2. わたしの首領 3. 失恋記念日 4. 日曜日はストレンジャー 5. プリティー・プリティー 6. ワンダー・ブギ 7. ジュリーがライバル 8. 春ラ!ラ!ラ! 9. ハートで勝負 10. めまい 11. 彼が恋人 12. 恋のハッピー・デート 13. 彩りの季節 14. 恋のサマー・ダンス 15. バーニング・ラブ 16. めぐり逢い 17. ガラスの観覧車 (Hitoshi Doi: doi@jrd.dec.com, doi@dec-j.co.jp) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Kudo Shizuka Title: Gradation Production Co: Pony Canyon/Golden Pony Cat#: GPJ 3064-4 also (D32A0409 on Pony Cayon label) Release: 1991/11/30 (?) Price: 3200yen Length: 46'37" (11 tracks) Track Data: 1 Mugo-n...Iroppoi 2 Gunshu 3 Fu-Ji-Tsu 4 Natsu-ga Kureta Miracle 5 Daite kuretara ii-noni 6 Yoake-ni Miokurarete 7 Again 8 If 9 Kindan-no Telepathy 10 Ai-ga Itai Yoru 11 Xmas-ga Ippai Goodies: Picture of Shizuka on disc, Jewelbox comes in a box-sleeve. Comments: Great Music, Voice. Catchy, great for Karaoke. Best tracks, 1 and 11 but all are great. (Roman Kolek: s925962@yallara.cs.rmit.OZ.AU) ...I might also add this is her first "best" album, containing the A & B sides of her first 5 singles, plus a Christmas song which was to be released as a single (but obviously wasn't.) (Galen Komatsu: gkomatsu@uhunix.uhcc.hawaii.edu, ar592@cleveland.freenet.edu) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Kudo Shizuka Title: Rosette Production Co: Pony Canyon/Golden Pony Cat#: GPJ 3004-4 also ("PCCA-000555" on Pony Canyon label.) Release: 1990/4/4 (?) Price: 2800yen Length: 38'50" (8 tracks) Track Data: 1 Dandai (?) 2 Mirage-no Ryo 3 Unbeliever 4 Shunkan-no Umi 5 Getsuyobi-no Shitsu__ (can't read one kanji) 6 Kuchibiru kara Biyaku 7 Ai-no 8 Sunao-ni Itte Goodies: Early releases come in a Cardboard box (with jewelbox inside.) Comments: Great Music, voice. Great for Karaoke. Best tracks 1,5. (Roman Kolek: s925962@yallara.cs.rmit.OZ.AU) IMHO, the 8 is the best of best, the most moving song of Kudoh Shizuka. The next may be 6, which is a side-A song of her single. Great music and consistent style. My best favorite album. (I like sentimental mellow music) (Patrick Yip: pckyip@Athena.MIT.EDU) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Kudo Shizuka Title: unlimited Production Co: Pony Canyon Cat #: PCCA-00170 Release: 1990/11/14 Price: 3,200 yen Length: 50'47" (12 tracks) Track Data: 1 kindan no Telepathy 2 Again 3 daite kuretara ii noni 4 FU-JI-TSU 5 MUGO'n iroppoi 6 7 arashi no sugao 8 kousa ni fukarete 9 kuchibiru kara biyaku 10 senryuu no shizuku 11 watashi ni tsuite 12 koi mo you Goodies : Comments : The above album is provided by friend and the following comments are written by my friend : This is the first of Shizuka's collection of her songs and it is also great in quantity. This collection collects most hit songs of Shizuka and also most songs in this collection were on her best 10 songs in Japan. This is a great collection compare to others. If you are interested in great music and easy listening, this is the one I recommend you to try. This collection contains her hit songs from 1987-90 including her first hit FU-JI-TSU. Again, "daite kuretara" and her first No. 1 single of Japanese charts. This collection got best selling in Japan and Hong Kong. My favourites are 2,3,4,6,7,9, 10,12 but actually all are great. Recently, Shizuka came to Hong Kong and set up her first fan club there at the end of July, 1992. (Sing Chung Chau : umchau22@ccu.umanitoba.ca) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Kudo Shizuka Title: Empathy - Best of Ballade Production Co: Pony Canyon Cat #: PCCA-00406 Release: 1992/11/20 Price: 3000yen Length: 53'29" (11 tracks) Track Data: 1 Let Me Hear Your Voice 2 From Her... 3 Future Treasures 4 Glass Sanctuary 5 Ties That Bind 6 Lackluster Lullaby 7 Crowds 8 The Lake 9 Forever 10 Crying Me Eyes Out 11 X'mas Night Goodies: Comes in a completely transparent jewel case. IMO, a picture of Shizuka's "cute" side is shown after removing the CD. Also, the songbook contains some nice, glossy pictures of her. Comments: As the title states, this is a collection of her best ballads. As I have only listened to "Unlimited", "Shizuka" and parts of "Mysterious", I cannot give references to which albums the songs are taken from. In general, it is a fairly mellow album and is perfect for easy listening. IMHO, tracks 2-4, 6-11 are the best, but all are good! Additionally, "Crying My Eyes Out" was sung by her in the 2nd half of this years Red & White Contest. A must for all Kudo fans. (Pak-Cheung Chu: chup@skule.ecf.utoronto.ca) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist: Kunizane Yuri Title: Y-923NE Production Co: Columbia Cat#: CA-3761 Release: 1989/7/21(?) Price: 2441yen Length: 25'50" (6 tracks) Track Data: 1 Aoi Seifuku 4'20" 2 Boyfriend 4'43" 3 AkiIro-no Machi 4'27" 4 Tomodachi Ijo 3'57" 5 Anata-shika Iranai 4'06" 6 Kitto... 3'54" Goodies: Includes a 50 unit phone card. Comments: "Y-923NE" (Yuri-Ku-ni-san-NE), Yuri's first "Best Of" album, includes the 6 single a-sides from her debut ("Aoi Seifuku") to the time of the album's release ("Kitto...") The album's best song is the final track ("Kitto...") which best fits Yuri's cutesy "typical idol" voice of the time. (Galen Komatsu: gkomatsu@uhunix.uhcc.hawaii.edu, ar592@cleveland.freenet.edu) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: The Magokoro Brothers Title: Nejire no Ichi Production Co: EPIC/SONY RECORDS Cat#: ECSB 1028 Release: 1990/../.. Price: 2800yen Length: 16 tracks Track Data: 1 DOKAAN 2 KIMI TO KANE SAE AREBA 3 FUWA FUWA HITO 4 BIINMAN NO UTA 5 TOMODACHI 6 BUNRUI 7 NORIBEN ONNA (? JO?) 8 SENSOU DE MAKETA HEISHI WA HISSHI NI NATTE HASHIRU 9 SAISHUU DENSHA 10 UWASA 11 SURAMPU 12 SARUMAWASHI 13 UMAKU WA IENAI KEDO 14 HATARAKEDO (?) 15 KIITE IRU YATSURA WA BAKA DA KARA 16 PANKU ROKKAA NO KURUSHIMI Comments: Debut album by ex-buskers The Magokoro Brothers (lit. The Trueheart Brothers), a name obviously chosen to reflect their musical style. The music is usually acoustic in the folk tradition, and often quite energetic. Some of the best songs are the electric rockers (DOKAAN, KIITE IRU YATSURA GA BAKA DA KARA) however. Their voices are not too polished, but interesting. Songs have interesting topics, including humour (KIITE IRU ....) and social comment (SAISHUU DENSHA, PANKU ROKKAA NO KURUSHIMI). Self-drawn art is quite hippyish. (Ross Clement: ross-c@scs.leeds.ac.uk) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Matsuda Seiko Title: Sound Of My Heart Production Co: Pil Ramone Cat#: CJD 1030 Release: 86/3/31 Price: yen Length: (10 tracks) Track Data: 1 Dancing Shoes 2 Lover Is Never Over 3 Imagination 4 A Friend Like You 5 Touch Me 6 Supernatural 7 Crazy Me, Crazy For You 8 Sound Of My Heart 9 Miracles Take A Little Longer 10 Try Gettin' Over You Goodies: Nice picture of Seiko on CD cover. Comments: Great Album, possible the best. Dancing Shoes is the best track and Sound Of My Heart. Great Catchy, songs and music. All songs sung in English. (Roman Kolek: s925962@yallara.cs.rmit.OZ.AU) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Matsuda Seiko Title: Snow Garden Production Co: Cat#: CDJ 1138 Release: 1987 Price: yen Length: (tracks) Track Data: 1 Please Don't Go 2 Yoseitachi-no Tea Party 3 Pearl-White Eve 4 Koishitara (?) 5 Issenichibyo Monogatari (?) 6 Hotomi-wa Diamond 7 Heart-no Earring 8 Ai Saretai no (?) 9 Let's Boyhunt 10 Yuki-no Fantasy Goodies: Awful Seiko Matsuda cover. Comments: Awful music, songs. A bit like Christmas charols. Let's Boyhunt is the best (only good) song and it IS great! Sung in Japanese. (Roman Kolek: s925962@yallara.cs.rmit.OZ.AU) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Matsuda Seiko Title: Eternal Production Co: Matsuda Seiko Cat#: SMJ 9047.2 Release: 1991 Price: yen Length: (10 tracks) Track Data: 1 Hold On 2 How Can I Fall 3 All This Time 4 Eternal Flame 5 Here We Are 6 Everything 7 How Am I Supposed To Live Without You 8 Shower Me With Your Love 9 Totally In Love With You (Original New Song) 10 Crazy For You Goodies: Nice Seiko Picture on CD cover. Some songs in English and Japanese. Comments: Great remakes of songs. Hold On is almost exactly the same as Wilson/Phillips original. Crazy For You is much better than Madonnas original. Great Album for Seiko Fans. (Roman Kolek: s925962@yallara.cs.rmit.OZ.AU) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Matsuda Seiko Title: Precious Moment Production Co: Cat#: Release: 1989 Price: yen Length: (10 tracks) Track Data: 1 Chase My Dreams - Asu e no Step 2 Tenoshira no Snowflake 3 Precious Heart 4 Fuyu no Marina - Shiokaze ni nosete 5 Forever Love 6 Anata ni Arigato 7 Tsuki no Dancing Beat 8 Inamo, Playboy 9 Futari dake no Christmas 10 Bara iro no Tobira Goodies: Funny cute CD cover with Seiko. Comments: Great music, especially tracks 1 and 7. Catchy tunes. (Roman Kolek: s925962@yallara.cs.rmit.OZ.AU) Missing titles, and corrections. (Kazuo Uezumi) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Matsuda Seiko Title: We Are Love Production Co: Matsuda Seiko Cat#: CJD 1591 Release: 1990 Price: yen Length: (11 tracks) Track Data: 1 Listen!! 2 Kiss Me Please 3 Tasogare ni Say Goodbye 4 Lemon Tea to Chocolate Pafe 5 Mulholland Drive Cafe 6 We Are Love (English Version) 7 Honki ni SORRY 8 Africa 9 Drive Me To The Sky 10 Uwakina My Boy 11 Morning Beach - Spring Lake Night Goodies: Reasonable Seiko pictures on CD cover. Comments: Best tracks are 2 and 6 which are great! This rest is sort of ordinary. Nothing really special. Still good for Seiko fans. (Roman Kolek: s925962@yallara.cs.rmit.OZ.AU) Missing Titles and Corrections. (Kazuo Uezumi) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Matsuda Seiko Title: Seiko Production Co: Matsumura Jack Cat#: 466557 2 Release: 1990 Price: yen Length: (10 tracks) Track Data: 1 All The Way To Heaven 2 He's So Good To Me 3 Leave It Up To Fate 4 The Right Combination 5 Goodbye My Baby 6 Who's That Boy 7 With Your Love 8 Everybody 9 Halfway To Heaven 10 Try Gettin' Over You Goodies: None Comments: Great Album. All songs very good. All sung in English. (Roman Kolek: s925962@yallara.cs.rmit.OZ.AU) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Matsuda Seiko Title: Citron Production Co: David Foster Cat#: CJD 1177 Release: 1988 Price: yen Length: (10 tracks) Track Data: 1 Blue 2 Marrakech 3 Every Little Hurt 4 You Can't Find Me 5 Daite... (? 6 We Never Get To It 7 Zoku Akai Sweet Pea (?) 8 No.1 (Album Version) 9 Shigatsu wa Kaze no tabibito 10 Ringosha no Hibi Goodies: Good cover picture of Seiko. Comments: Great CD, Best tracks 4,8,10. Great Catchy music. (Roman Kolek: s925962@yallara.cs.rmit.OZ.AU) Missing titles and corrections. (Kazuo Uezumi) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Milano Alyssa Title: Look In My Heart Production Co: Pony Canyon Cat#: D25Y0273 Release: 1989 Price: yen Length: (8 tracks) Track Data: 1 Look In My Heart 2 What A Feeling 3 Da Doo Ron Ron/Magic In Your Eyes Medley 4 You Lied To Me 5 Kimi Wa Sunshine Boy 6 Born To Love 7 Waiting For My Star 8 Straight To The Top Goodies: Comments: OK Album, Nothing Special. Alyssa's second Album. Possibly aimed at very young kids. (maybe?) Sounds like a young boy. Not really Japanese Pop, but ONLY AVAILABLE IN JAPAN. (Roman Kolek: s925962@yallara.cs.rmit.OZ.AU) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Milano Alyssa Title: Alyssa Production Co: Pony Canyon Cat#: PCCY-00026 Release: 1989 Price: yen Length: (10 tracks) Track Data: 1 I Just Wanna Be Loved 2 I Had A Dream 3 Step By Step 4 Can You Feel It 5 Destiny 6 Happiness 7 Give A Little Kindness 8 Be My Baby/Tell Me That You Love Me - Medley 9 Let My Love Show You 10 We Need The Children Goodies: Comments: OK Alyssa CD. Just as good/bad as LOOK IN MY HEART. This is her debut. (Roman Kolek: s925962@yallara.cs.rmit.OZ.AU) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Milano Alyssa Title: The Best In The World Production Co: Pony Canyon Cat#: PCCY-00059 Release: 1990 Price: 2500 Length: (7 tracks) Track Data: 1 The Best In The World 2 Straight To The Top 3 I Had A Dream 4 Look In My Heart 5 I Just Wanna Be Loved 6 Happiness 7 What A Feeling Goodies: Comments: Strangely, a great NON-STOP remix album of the first two. Great music, and some nice voice effects. (Roman Kolek: s925962@yallara.cs.rmit.OZ.AU) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Milano Alyssa Title: Locked Inside A Dream Production Co: Pony Canyon Cat#: PCCY-00204 Release: 1991 Price: 2800 Length: (10 tracks) Track Data: 1 No Secret 2 I Want Your Number 3 Every Single Kiss 4 Closer To You 5 Your Lips Don't Lie 6 Through It All 7 Say A Prayer Tonight 8 Locked Inside A Dream 9 Count On Me 10 New Sensation Goodies: Free picture booklet of bad Alyssa Milano pictures. Comments: Strange techno-rap style music. Not too bad. (Roman Kolek: s925962@yallara.cs.rmit.OZ.AU) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Moriguchi Hiroko Title: Hikkoshi Wo Suruyo! Production co.: King Cat#: KICS226 Release: 92.9.16 Price: 3000yen(tax included) Length: 49'15" Track Data: 1. Um...Komatta 2. Moshimo Sekai Ga Owarunara 3. Te Wo Tsunaide Italy He Ikoune 4. Hikkoshi Wo Suruyo 5. Nichiyou No Pajama 6. Anata Wo Oikoshita 7. Maa Ikka, Demone... 8. I'll Never Kiss You Again 9. Bad Bad Girl Ni Naretara 10. Nantoka Suruwa 11. Yume Ga Mori Mori Goodies: Comments: Hiroko Moriguchi is famous for her big mouth in the TV variety show programs. But this is just one of her great talents, and her greatest talent is singing! This album is full of her good talents of singing, you can hear. (Kazuhiro Sanada: sana@McLaren.pontneuf.tis.co.jp) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Moritaka Chisato Title: Pepperland Production co.: Warner Music Japan Cat#: WPCL-707 Release: 92.11.18 Price: 2900yen(tax included) Length: 43'25" Track Data: 1. Pepperland 2. Dotchi Mo Dotchi 3. Atama Ga Itai 4. Sunrise 5. Rock'n'roll Kenchoh-Shozaichi 6. Ame No Asa 7. Tokonatsu No Paradise 8. U Turn(Wagaya) 9. Gokigen Na Asa 10. Rock Alarm Clock 11. Aoi Umi Goodies: Comments: In this album Chisato Moritaka plays some parts of instruments. Especially "Rock'n'roll Kenchoh-Shozaichi" she plays all the instruments and chorus. Generally this album has an amateuristic feeling which leads to the early Beatles taste. I found her musical origin exists in the Beatles. (Kazuhiro Sanada: sana@McLaren.pontneuf.tis.co.jp) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Moritaka Chisato Title: Za (Moritaka) Production Co: Warner Pioneer Cat#: WPCL-403 Release: 91// Price: 2900yen Length: (14 tracks) Track Data: <#> <translation> 1 migikai natsu Short Summer 2 okui mono niwa futa o shiro!! (motto okui mono version) 3 daite (Las Vegas version) 4 benkyou no uta Study Song 5 hachi getsu no koi August Love 6 Get Smile (Concert version) 7 nozokanaide Don't Peek 8 ame Rain 9 kanojo She 10 seishun Bloom of Youth 11 mi-ha- 12 sutoresu Stress 13 okuimono niwa futa o shiro!! (ojisan version) 14 kono machi This Street Goodies: (See through Jewel Box) Lots of nice pictures of Chisato on every page! Comments: I believe this is some kind of 5th anniversary compilation album. It contains some live tracks, different mixes of the same song, and I believe one song from some kind of TV show or movie. Good mix of ballads, and pop tunes. (Ray Tang: rtang@sunee.uwaterloo.edu.ca) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Moritaka Chisato Title: Rock Alive Production Co: Warner Music Japan Cat#: WPCL-639 Release: 92// Price: 2900yen Length: (16 tracks) Track Data: <#> <title> <translation> 1 konsa-to no yoru Concert Night 2 yatchimaina 3 watashi ga obasan ni natte mo 4 okasan Mother 5 gita- Guitar 6 The Blue Blues 7 faito!! Fight!! 8 furusato no sora The Skys of my Village 9 Rock Alive 10 yowasete yo konya dake Just One Night Intoxication 11 mitsuketa saifu Found Walnet 12 Rhythm to Bass 13 wakarimashita Understood 14 Bossa Marina 15 natsu no umi Summer Sea 16 ame no chibare Goodies: (see through jewel box) Nice pictures of Chisato on every page, just like all her other CD's! Some versions I believe come in a cardboard jacket. Comments: With this CD, Chisato Moritaka adds some Rock influences to her music. This means a lot more liberal use of the guitar. However this album has a lot of diversity. Most notable is "Bossa Marina" which was done with Gavyn Strings, the result being a very melodic dreamy song. My favourite on this album is "natsu no umi", a light bouncy kind of tune. Another good song on this album is "Fight!!", without understand much of the words, I really got a good feeling from this song. A very nice ballad "furusato no sora" is there also to give you that sentimental feeling. There are also other good songs on this album, and with 16 tracks and a good mix of styles, something is certain to appeal to someone. (Ray Tang: rtang@sunee.uwaterloo,edu.ca) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Nakajima Michiyo Title: Nakajima Production Co: Pony Canyon Cat#: PCCA-00274 Release: 1991/ 6/ 5 Price: 2800 yen Length: 38'56" (10 tracks) Track Data: (5" album) 1 Tenbundai-to Kaidan 3'26" 2 Root-no Tsuita Kataomoi 4'20" 3 Hinageshi 4'03" 2nd single release 4 Akai Hanataba 4'20" 1st single release 5 Haru-no Mori-no Merry Go Round 3'08" 6 Koi-no Uta 3'50" 7 Ko-n-na Onna-no ko 4'11" 8 Do^butsu Denwa 3'20" 9 Kono Mama-de iino... 3'56" 10 Aoi Yume-o Miteta 4'21" Goodies: Comes in box with mini 32 page photo book. Comments: Young, Cute Face, Cute Voice, Talent?.......... Well, "typical young idol" characteristics aside, this is a very nice album. I was not disappointed with buying this shinjin album "blindly". Michiyo's voice works nicely with the songs and makes for a refreshing change in musical listening. "Akai Hanataba", her debut single, sat high in the Oricon charts for several weeks. (Galen Komatsu: gkomatsu@uhunix.uhcc.hawaii.edu, ar592@cleveland.freenet.edu) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Nakajima Michiyo Title: Kinenbi Production Co: Pony Canyon Cat#: PCCA-00316 Release: 1991/11/22 Price: 2100 yen Length: 18'01" (4 tracks) Track Data: (5" mini-album) 1 Merry X'mas to me 4'42" 2 Nani-da Tarinai no? (OSho^gatsuhen) 4'02" 3 Yahizza(??)-no Shita-de 4'10" 4 Ijiwaru-na Valentine 5'16" Goodies: Lyric book a little larger than usual, with pictures. Comments: Michiyo continues on with her cute voice in her first mini-album, released a few months after her debut album. The songs are ok, but overall the album is a slight let-down compared to "Nakajima". (Of course, being only 4 tracks long, more "weight" is applied to the songs.) If it had more songs, things may have been better. (Galen Komatsu: gkomatsu@uhunix.uhcc.hawaii.edu, ar592@cleveland.freenet.edu) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Nakamori Akina Title: Cross My Palm Production Co: Warner-Pioneer Cat#: 32XL-192 Release: 1987, (8/25?) Price: 3200Y Length: <46'54"> (12) Track Data: <##> <title> <time_length> (<add'l_comments/notes>) 1 Cross My Palm 3:42 good 2 Political Moves 4:28 good 3 Slave For Love 3:54 kinda dumb 4 Easy Rider 4:14 ok 5 Modern Woman 4:12 very good 6 The Look That Kills 3:39 very good 7 Soft Touch 3:34 ok 8 My Position 3:37 good 9 The Touch Of A Heartache 4:13 good 10 House Of Love 4:51 best song on album 11 No More 3:16 vapid 12 He's Just in Love With The Beat 3:12 vapid Goodies: none Comments: This album is 100% English, which is kind of a shame, 'cuz Akina's English is almost as bad as my Japanese. Aside from bad pronunciation though, her vocals are as strong as ever. I got my copy of this in Japan, but I've also seen copies of an American release as well. One of those copies was in a cut-out bin, so this cd may have been discontinued. If there's a Tower Records near you, check there first, otherwise, keep an eye on the cut-out bins. (Matthew B. Downer: hachiman@u.washington.edu) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Nakamori Akina Title: CD '87 Production Co: Warner-Pioneer Cat#: WPCL-442 Release: 1987 Price: 2400 yen Length: <35'47"> (8 tracks) Track Data: <##> <title> <time_length> (<add'l_comments/notes>) 1 La Boheme 4:41 2 Saigo no Karumen 4:31 3 Tango Noir 4:09 4 Desire 4:25 Very famous. 5 Abunai Mon Amour 4:47 6 Milonguita 4:32 7 Jipushii Kuiin (Gypsy Queen) 4:18 *Really* good. 8 Fin 4:11 Best song on the album. Goodies: None. Comments: This is a collection of four singles and their b-sides. excellent pop music with a bit of a hard edge at times. One of Akina's best albums. (Matthew B. Downer: hachiman@u.washington.edu) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Nakayama Miho Title: Miho Nakayama Collection Production Co: King Records Cat#: K32X200 Release: 87/11/05 Price: 3008yen Length: 42'27" (11 tracks) Track Data: <number> <title> <time> <translation> 1 [ C ] 3'25" 2 namaiki 3'15" Audacity 3 Be-Bop-HighSchool 3'49 4 iro howaito burendo 4'10" White Blend 5 kuro-zu appu 3'57" Close Up 6 Jingi aishitemoraimasu 3'46" 7 tsuiterune notterune 3'41" Riding On Luck 8 wakuwaku sasete 3'55" Make Me feel the Beat 9 hade !!! 3'59" Gaudy !!! 10 50/50 3'40" 11 Catch Me 4'08" Goodies: (regular release in standard jewelbox) Song Sheet included with nice pictures on the back Comments: This is Miho's first compilation CD. It is a lot more dance oriented then some of her other CD's. Most of the songs on this CD has a good "club" beat. Track 3 is somewhat more "bouncy" as the name implies. This CD is a collection of all her A-side singles prior to 1987. (Ray Tang: rtang@sunee.uwaterloo.edu.ca) Corrections. (Kazuo Uezumi) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Nakayama Miho Title: Ballads Production Co: King Records Cat#: 330A50091 Release: 89/12/25 Price: 3300yen Length: 61'21" (12 tracks) Track Data: <number> <title> <time> <translation> 1 Naname na ai o yurushite 5'04" 2 Silent Night 4'12" 3 Sentimental Tsushin 3'56" 4 You're My Only Shining Star 4'40" 5 Sherry 4'37" 6 Kabin 6'10" Vase 7 Long Distance To Heaven 5'16" 8 Snow-white no machi 4'12" Snow white streets 9 In the Morning 5'19" 10 I Know 5'27" 11 Chikai o yabutte 5'24" Breaking a Promise 12 Try or Cry 6'26" Goodies: regular release in see through jewel box with no back cover photo. CD is gold coloured rather then the usual silver. Comes with a sticker. Nice picture in front, but not only 2 in the song book. Comments: As the name implies, this CD has plenty of ballads. You get over an hour of Miho's sweet yet sophisticated voice cruning out one love song after another. My favourites in this CD are tracks (1,2,3,6,7,8,12). I Know so what else is left? So I like ALL the songs! :) (Ray Tang: rtang@sunee.uwaterloo.edu.ca) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Miho Nakayama Title: Mellow Production Co: King Record Co, Ltd Cat #: KICS 210 Release: 1992/6/10 Price: 3,000 yen Length: 56'57" (11 tracks) Track Data: 1 Mellow 2 aruki nasai 3 yukkuri My Love 4 platinum cat 5 silent 6 wasurenakutemo ii ja nai 7 jou netsu no kokoro 8 hanashi wo kiite 9 kiss kiss kiss 10 Treasure 11 Mellow (CM version) Goodies : The above album is provided by my friend and the following goodies are also provided by my friend : Right now, Miho finishes her national "Mellow Tour" concert in Japan (July- September 1992) and business in her T.V. ancient drama. She is starting a life of one general in Ancient Japanese. The drama name is "Nobunaga". Comments : The above album is provided by my friend and the following comments are also written by my friend : This is Miho's most recent album. The first come up single in this album is the title song but the song is not so mellow than the name because the song got a rock version. It adds a heavy guitar in this song but the effect is best. Matched with Miho's sweet voice created a special effect than you ever heard. In this album, Miho is also a producer and lylist. Most songs in this album were written by Miho. Like most Miho's album this one got a lot of soft music only two tracks in dance bit music. Most of the soft music makes you feel very enjoyable and relax especially for good listening at night. If you like good dance bit music, track 2 is the one you are looking for. It got a very funky music then makes you feel like to dance and also the lylist is very interesting. In this album, there is a photograph book. You can see many photographs of Miho taken in L.A.. By the way, you can find a soft version in Mellow by Mellow (CM version). This one got no more heavy guitar, only a soft music. My favourites in this album are 1,2,3,6,8,11. (Sing Chung Chau : umchau22@ccu.umanitoba.ca) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Nishino Taeko Title: Rhythm Jam Production Co: Warner-Pioneer Cat#: WPCL-232 Release: 1991/ 2/25(?) Price: 2900yen Length: 47'45" (11 Tracks) Track Data: 5" Album 1 Rhythm Jam 3'58" (talk Talk TALK!) 2 Asobo^yo 4'19" 3 VIVA-LOVE 4'57" 4 Ame-ni Kieru Namida-wa Ko^seki 4'15" 5 Pushphone-no Pianist 4'18" 6 Juni-gatsu, Sanju-nichi 4'37" 7 Highheel JOKE 4'24" 8 PRETTY TRIANGLE 4'50" 9 Kanashi^ Ringo (1989) 3'28" single release 10 Usotsuki Piasu 4'22" 11 Pink-ni Nattara 4'21" Goodies: Cardboard foldout CD "case" Comments: Taeko's debut album, she tries a Eurobeat sound (or so I've heard, I wouldn't know Eurobeat from aerosol cheese...) Track 6 is an obvious self-birthday song, =^) as her Birthday is on December 30, 1975. [Personally, I didn't particularly care too much for this album's sound (which I purchased because I enjoyed Taeko's "Give Me Paradise" and "Kanashi^ Ringo" singles) Your own personal mileage may vary. I won't reccomend it, nor will I not-reccomend it. GTK] (Galen Komatsu: gkomatsu@uhunix.uhcc.hawaii.edu, ar592@cleveland.freenet.edu) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Oda Kazumasa Title: Oh! Yeah! Production Co: FUN HOUSE INC. Cat#: FHCL-1002 Release: 5/18/1991 Price: 3000 yen (including G.S.T) Length: 57'38" (12 tracks) Track Data: 1 Sira ga takasugiru 2 1985 3 Yoru no yukue 4 I miss you 5 Tamerawanai, Mayowanai 6 good times & bad times 7 Little Tokyo 8 Harukaze ni midarete 9 Koi wa osawagi 10 Far East Club Band Song 11 Love Story wa totuzen ni 12 Oh! Yeah! Goodies: none Comments: The 1991 award winning album. It includes one of the 1991 best selling single "Love Story wa totuzen ni". This is almost like the single collection of Oda Kazumasa since Off Course split up. (Masami Yokoyama : yokoyama@bode.ualberta.ca) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Oda Kazumasa Title: Sometime, Somewhere Production Co: FUN HOUSE INC. Cat#: FHCL-1003 Release: 01/25/92 Price: 3000 yen (including GST) Length: 42'53" Track Data: 1 Anata o mitumete (Inst) 2 Koisuru Futari 3 Futatu ni kiseki 4 Omoide ni kawarumade 5 Anata o mitumete /Fuyuko no Theme 6 Kimi ni todokumade 7 Futari no natu 8 Kaze to kimi o matudake 9 Ituka, Dokokade 10 Toki ni dakarete /Masami no Theme Goodies: none Comments: Sound track of Oda Kazumasa's prodused movie "Sometime, Somewhere". (Masami Yokoyama : yokoyama@bode.ualberta.ca) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Off Course (Kazumasa Oda: vocals, keyboards, a. guitar Yasuhiro Suzuki: vocals, a. guitar, flute) Title: Off Course I: Boku no Okurimono -- My Souvenier Production Co: Off Course, with some help Cat#: TOCT-6701 Release: Album - 1973 CD - 6/7/91 Price: 2500 yen Length: 33'22", 11 tracks Track Data: 1 Boku no okurimono 3'18" 2 Yomigaeru hitotoki 2'44" 3 Kare no hohoemi 3'24" 4 Suiyoubi no gogo 2'49" 5 Chikyuu wa semaku narimashita 2'41" 6 Demo mou hana wa iranai 4'00" 7 Arukou 2'54" 8 Hon no sukoshi no aida dake 2'06" 9 Hariwasureta shashin 2'54" 10 Shizuka na hirusagari 2'18" 11 Sawayaka na asa o mukaeru tame ni 3'48" Goodies: Standard jewel box and lyrics booklet. Comments: Off Course's first album. Like most of their early music, very mellow, almost folk. Lots of acoustic-only tracks, lots of wonderful layered vocals that were Off Course's trademark. Not as impressive as some of their following albums, but a darn good first effort. (David Luke: luke@wombat.ee.byu.edu) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Off Course (Kazumasa Oda, Yasuhiro Suzuki, all vocals. No instrument credits given) Title: Kono michi o yukeba/Off Course Round 2 -- Goin' My Way Production Co: Off Course (with some help) Cat#: TOCT-6702 Release: Album - 1974 CD - 6/7/91 Price: 2500 yen Length: 33'12", 12 tracks Track Data: 1 Puroroogu (Prologue) 1'37" 2 Sukimakaze 2'28" 3 Hatachi no koro 2'37" 4 Nichiyoubi no taikutsu 2'39" 5 Wakare no joukei (1) 3'24" 6 Wakare no joukei (2) - mou uta wa tsukurenai 3'29" 7 Atarashii kadode 4'11" 8 Ano kado o magareba 2'21" 9 Wakasugite 2'16" 10 Nogasu na chansu (chance) o 2'35" 11 Kubiwa no nai inu 3'45" 12 Waga tomo yo 1'07" Goodies: Standard jewel box and lyrics booklet. Comments: A little more produced and together than their first album, this release continues the soft, folkish, long-on-vocals sound that was Off Course's signature in their early period. This album seems to be very reflective and introspective, with lots of songs about examining your life, changing the path you're on, etc., esp. tracks 3, 7, 8, and 11. (David Luke: luke@wombat.ee.byu.edu) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Off Course (Kazumasa Oda: vocals, keyboards, msic. Yasuhiro Suzuki: vocals, guitars, drums, percussion, harmonica) Title: Wine no nioi Production Co: Toshifumi Mutou Cat#: TOCT-6203 Release: Album: 1975 CD: 7/6/91 Price: 2500 yen Length: 38'31" -- 12 tracks Track Data: 1 Ame no furu hi ni 2:57 2 Kino e no tegami 3:08 3 Nemurenu yoru 3:16 4 Shiawase nante 2:44 5 Wine no nioi 3:13 6 Are kara kimi wa 3:16 7 Ukiyo ni 2:54 8 Shounen no you ni 1:40 9 Ame yo hageshiku 3:14 10 Ai no uta 4:14 11 Gensou 3:14 12 Roujin no tsubuyaki 4:28 Goodies: Standard jewel box and lyrics booklet. Comments: Good stuff! This is certainly the best of Off Course's first three albums (this being the third). The album is very tight, very well produced. It's long on the folk-ish, mellow, kind-of sad sound that was Off Course's trademark in their early years. There are some more energetic songs too, like Tracks 3 and 9 (which is one of my very all-time favorite Japanese songs). This is probably the most representative of Off Course's early albums (at least that I've heard). Highly recommended. (David Luke: luke@wombat.ee.byu.edu) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Off Course (Kazumasa Oda & Yasuhiro Suzuki: vocals, various instrments) Title: Rare Production Co: Off Course Cat#: CT23-5407 Release: 1/24/1990 Price: around 2500 yen Length: 56'00" -- 16 tracks Track Data: 1 Gunshuu no naka de 2 Hi wa mata noboru 3 Yoake o twuge ni 4 Utsukushii sekai 5 Osaraba 6 Kanashiki akogare 7 Wasureyuki 8 Mizu irazu no gogo 9 Yasashisa ni sayounara 10 Rondo 11 Christmas Day 12 Yoru wa futari de 13 Ai no owaru toki 14 Aitsu no nokoshita mono wa 15 Umi o mitsumete 16 Torisugita yoru Goodies: Standard jewelbox, one-sheet fold-out lyrics card. Comments: More good stuff. Where did these songs come from? I don't know. My guess is that most of them were recorded before Off Course's first album, judging from the style and the fact that 8 of the 16 were written by non-Off Course personnel (the only 8 non-Off Course songs I've ever seen). I know of four of these songs which show up on other collection albums (Tracks 7, 9, 13, and 16) -- the rest were new to me. So anyway, the feel of this album is much like their early albums. (David Luke: luke@wombat.ee.byu.edu) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Princess Princess (V:Okui Kaori, K:Konno Tomoko, G:Nakayama Kanako, B:Watanabe Atsuko, D:Tomita Kyohko) Title: Teleportation Production Co: CBS/Sony Cat#: 32DH670 Release: 87/05/21 Price: Length: 44'38" (10 tracks) Track Data: 1 ga-luzu naito 4'41" Girl's Night 2 koi wa baransu 4'07" Balancin' Love 3 iwanaide 4'25" Don't Say Love Me 4 so-rongu dori-ma- 4'16" So Long, Dreamer 5 omoide no sukima 5'11" Sad Memories 6 yu- a- mai suta-shippu 4'27" You are my Starship 7 umi ni hitoshizuku 4'17" In your arms 8 hipunotaizuto 4'31" Hypnotized 9 mo-shon emo-shon 4'14" Motion Emotion 10 vaibure-shon 4'11" Your Vibration Goodies: (regular release in standard jewel box) Comments: This was Princess Princess' first CD. Compared to their other CD's, it has a more produced sound. As yet in this CD they have not found their harder rock edge, evident in their later works. (Ray Tang: rtang@sunee.uwaterloo.edu.ca) Corrections. (Kazuo Uezumi) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Princess Princess (V:Okui Kaori, K:Konno Tomoko, G:Nakayama Kanako, B:Watanabe Atsuko, D:Tomita Kyohko) Title: Here We Are Production Co: CBS/Sony Cat#: 32DH5004 Release: 1988/02/26 Price: 3200yen Length: 42'37" (10 tracks) Track Data: 1 19 Growing Up 4'17" (ode to my buddy) 2 Wonder Castle 3'33" 3 My Will 4'17" 4 Flame 4'48" 5 Keep on Lovin' You 4'05" 6 Go Away Boy 4'12" 7 She 4'44" 8 Romancin' Blue 5'01" 9 joudan janai 3'36" 10 koi no pending 3'46" Goodies: (regular release in standard jewelbox) Comments: This Princess Princess' second CD. This CD brought Princess Princess to the public's attention and propelled them to become Japan's most sucessful female rock band. It has a good mix of ballads and rock tunes. My personal favourites are tracks (1,4,5,7). I've been told "19 Growing Up" was a big hit in Japan when this CD was release. (at least I know you can find this song on karaoke lists) (Ray Tang: rtang@sunee.uwaterloo.edu.ca) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Princess Princess (V:Okui Kaori, K:Konno Tomoko, G: Nakayama Kanako, B:Watanabe Atsuko, D: Tomita Kyohko) Title: Let's Get Crazy Production Co: CBS/Sony Cat#: 32DH5149 Release: 1988/11/21 Price: 3200yen Length: 47'27" (11 tracks) Track Data: 1 Get Crazy 4'32" 2 sorenari ni ii hito 4'42" Good in His Own Way 3 Stay There 4'27" 4 Love and Blood 4'09" 5 hetchara 3'27" 6 yuuhi ga yonde iru 4'12" The Sunset is Calling Me 7 hitomi dake wa mitsumenai 4'27" Can't Only Stare at Eyes 8 hitorijime 4'12" All to Oneself 9 sutori-to u-man 4'07" Street Woman 10 M 4'32" 11 Heart Stompin' Music 4'10" Goodies: (regular release in standard jewelbox) Comments: This is Princess Princess' third album. This CD is quite a departure from their previous CD's and in retrospect from any of their other CD's as well. It has a much stronger rock feel. As well there appears to be some funk and even punk influences. As evident in tracks 4 and 5 respectively. "M" was a singles release and is the only ballad in this CD. Also outstanding in my opinion is "Stay There" which has a very driving rock rhythm. "M" has been romaized and translated by me, and is available on request or by ftp at ferkel if demand warrants. (Ray Tang: rtang@sunee.uwaterloo.edu.ca) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Princess Princess (V:Okui Kaori, K:Konno Tomoko, G: Nakayama Kanako, B:Watanabe Atsuko, D: Tomita Kyohko) Title: Lovers Production Co: CBS/Sony Cat#: CSCL1044 Release: 1990/11/17 Price: 2800yen Length: 44'22" (10 tracks) Track Data: 1 mu-nraito suto-ri- 4'44" Moonlight Story 2 tomodachi no mama 5'01" As friends 3 Ding Dong 3'53" Ding Dong 4 rein 5'06" Rain 5 koi ni ochitara 3'56" When in Love 6 supai in rav 4'14" Spies in Love 7 sheiku itto ofu 3'59" Shake It Off 8 papa 5'13" papa 9 kaisoku to watashi 4'32" Pirate and Me 10 pare-do shiyou yo 3'28" Let's Have a Parade Goodies: (regular release in standard jewelbox) Song book has some nice black and white photos of band members. Some of these have been digitized and ftp'd to ferkel by yours truly. Comments: considered a ballad. "Papa" was release with the "Oh Yeah!" CD single and in my opinion "Papa" is the best song on this CD. Incidently one of my favourite songs and a ballad at that. Other songs I recommend are (1,2,3,4, and 7) "Koi ni Ochitara", "Papa" has been romanized and translated by me and is available on request or by ftp from ferkel if demand warrants. (Ray Tang: rtang@sunee.uwaterloo.edu.ca) Corrections. (Kazuo Uezumi) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Princess Princess (V:Okui Kaori, K:Konno Tomoko, G: Nakayama Kanako, B:Watanabe Atsuko, D: Tomita Kyohko) Title: Princess Princess Production Co: CBS/Sony Cat#: CSCL1598 Release: 91/12/21 Price: 2800yen Length: 50'53" (11 tracks) Track Data: 1 Rock Me 4'05" 2 teinka-belu 5'13" Tinker Bell 3 taifuu no uta 4'42" Typhoon Song 4 nigero 5'06" Escape! 5 jurian 5'07" Julian 6 Rollin' On The Corner 5'21" 7 sabitsuki bulu-su 3'20" Rusty blues 8 tsukiyo no dekigoto 3'30" Moonlight Episode 9 The Last Moment 4'47" 10 Highway Star 4'51" 11 One 4'21" Goodies: early release comes with a stick pin (regular release in standard jewelbox) Song book has nice colour pictures are band members. These have been digitized and ftp'ed to ferkel by yours truly. Comments: This is Princess Princess' fifth CD. This in my opinion is representative of this band. It has a mix of songs representing rock, ballads, pop, and blues. This is a great start for anyone not familiar with their music. In particular "Rock Me" has a very good rock edge, and great use of the base guitar. This song was release with "Julian" as a CD single which was very popular in Japan at its release, and ranks right out their in people's all time favourites. Other songs which I highly recommend are tracks (9, 10 and 11). "Highway Star" has a good rhythm which seems oddly appropriate for cruising in your wheels. :) "Nigero" is also a good rock tune with good guitar and drum work. Track 7 is also interesting as it uses a sort of 50's rock/blues feel and is song by the Guitarist. Track 8 also stands out, in that it was song by the keyboardist, incidently it is a ballad. In my opinion this CD is their best album. (Ray Tang: rtang@sunee.uwaterloo.edu.ca) Corrections. (Kazuo Uezumi) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Princess Princess (V:Okui Kaori, K:Konno Tomoko, G: Nakayama Kanako, B:Watanabe Atsuko, D: Tomita Kyohko) Title: Dolls In Action Production Co: Sony Cat#: SRCL2256 Release: 91/12/07 Price: 2800yen Length: 44'58" (11 tracks) Track Data: 1 Dear 2'25" 2 namae no nai machi 4'37" Town with No Name 3 jangulu purinsesu 5'04" Jungle Princess 4 sora yori umi yori 3'19" More than Sky or Sea (puri pri sanba '91) 5 sabaku no taiyou 3'13" Desert Sun 6 jo-ka- to 100 hito no mouja 3'38" Joker and 100 Gamblers 7 Seven Years After 4'43" 8 Summer Madness 5'42" 9 Come Back 4'12" 10 romansu 4'49" Romance 11 I Love You 3'06" Goodies: (regular release in standard jewel box) Nice black and white photos of band members. Some pictures have been digitized and ftp'd to ferkel by yours truly. Comments: This is Princess Princess's seventh CD. This CD contains a very eclectic mix of styles. Princess Princess tackles in addition to their usual rock and pop styels, attacks samba, reggae, calypso and funk. "Jungle Princess" has been released as a single. As well as "Seven years After" in conjunction with "I Love You". My favourites from this CD are tracks (2, 7, and 10). "Joker and 100 Gamblers" is also note worthy in my opinion as it has a very good driving blues/rock feel to it. "Jungle Princess" is also good as a fun kinda song. Tracks 2 and 7 has a good rhythm and feels very vivacious. In "Summer Madness" the vocals gives it a real moody feel which I think is very appropriate to the song. "Romance" being one of my favourites is a very catchy ballad that really sticks to your mind, you'll be humming it for days. :) Another good album to start of with for those not familiar with their music. "Romance", "I Love You" has been romanized and translated by me, and is available on request or if demands warrant available for ftp at ferkel. (Ray Tang: rtang@sunee.uwaterloo.edu.ca) Corrections. (Kazuo Uezumi) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Princess Princess (V: Okui Kaori, K: Konno Tomokoi, G: Nakayama Kanako, D: Tomita Kyohko, B: Watanabe Atsuko) Title: Singles 1987-1992 Production Co: Sony Music Cat#: SRCL-2435 Release: 92/07/15 Price: 3000yen Length: 70'44" (16 tracks) Track Data: <#> <Title> <length> <other comments> 1 The Private Fanfare 3'51" Intrumental 2 19 Growing Up 4'15" 88/02/26 from "Here We Are" - Ode to My Buddy 3 Sekai de Ichiban 3'47" 87/07/16 Atsui Natsu 4 Oh Yeah! 4'08" 90/04/21 5 Kiss 4'31" 91/05/10 6 Jurian 5'07" 90/11/21 from "Princess Princess" 7 Koi wa baransu 3'43" 87/04/22 from "Teleportation" 8 Go Away Boy 4'11" 88/05/21 from "Here We Are" 9 Get Crazy! 4'35" 88/10/21 from "Let's Get Crazy!" 10 M 4'33" 89/04/21 from "Let's Get Crazy!" 11 My Will 4'17" 87/11/21 from "Here We Are" 12 Jangulu Purinsesu 5'04" 92/02/05 from "Dolls In Action" 13 Seven Years After 4'43" 91/10/25 from "Dolls In Action" 14 Pairotto ni Naritakure 4'20" 92/05/21 15 Diamonds 4'58" 89/04/21 16 Hareta hi ni 4'28" Goodies: Comes in opaque gray CD case with raised molded gold lettering in the back. Song book has interesting pictures of how the "look" of the group has changed over the years. Comments: Collection of singles released over the last 5 years by Princess Princess. This is the first compilation CD they've released, with 16 tracks and over 70 minutes of music. Tracks 3,7 and 11 are remixed. They've added more guitar into "Koi wa baransu", and more reverb into "My Will". (Ray Tang: rtang@sunee.uwaterloo.edu.ca) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: The Sadistic Mika Band (Kazuhiko Katou (vo, g, syn), Mika (vo), Masayoshi Takanaka (g, syn, mellotron, voice), Ray Ohara (b, marimba, vo), Yukihiro Takahashi (d, perc, voice)) Historical Overview. The Sadistic Mika Band was formed by Kazuhiko Katou (ex Folk Crusaders & Solo) in 1972 and recorded on his newly formed Donuts label. Original members were Kazuhiko Katou, his wife Mika, Masayoshi Takanaka, Ray Ohara, and Tsunoda Hiro (who was quickly replaced by Yukihiro Takahashi). They gained a following in England, receiving good reviews in the music press, playing concert tours, and recorded several albums with Chris Thomas. (CT had previously worked with bands such as the Beatles and Roxy Music). Unfortuantely, England was also to prove part of their downfall, as rumour would have it Mika had at least one affair with someone in a recording studio. Since disbanding in 1975 (Mika remained in England) most of the members have been very active in JPOP, either as solo musicians (Katou, Takanaka, Hiroshi Imai (who joined on keys), Takahashi), producers, session musicians. The band did continue as "The Sadistics" for a while without Katou or Mika. Ray Ohara has been the member of one well known USA band (I think it was the Fatback, or Bump band, or something like that), but now seems to have returned to Japan. SMB has reconvened at least twice. Once, in 1985, with Yumi Matsutoya replacing Mika, they played as the Sadistic Yuming Band, and in 1989 they were VERY active, releasing a new album, touring Japan, and releasing live and best-of albums with previously unknown (?) Karen Kirishima providing the female vocals. Their music will be described on an album by album basis as it changed considerably. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Kazuhiko Katou and the Sadistic Mika Band (Kazuhiko Katou (vo, g, syn), Mika (vo), Masayoshi Takanaka (g, syn, mellotron, voice), Ray Ohara (b, marimba, vo), Yukihiro Takahashi (d, perc, voice)) Title: Sadistic Mika Band Production Co: Toushiba EMI Cat#: CA30-1495 Release: LP 1973, CD 1987 Price: 3000yen Length: 11 tracks Track Data: 1 DANSU WA SUNDA 3'15" 2 KAIKETSU SHIRUVAA CHAIRUDO 3'19" 3 UCHUU TOKEI (UCHUUDOKEI?) 4'02" 4 SHITORON GAARU ...... 3'38" 5 KAGE'EGOYA 5'00" 6 SORA NO HATE NI KOSHI KAKETE3'14" 7 GINGA RESSHA 4'05" 8 ARIENU KYOUWAKOKU 4'12" 9 KOI NO MIRUKII UEI 3'27" 10 PIKUNIKKU BUGI 3'49" 11 SAIKURINGU BUGI 2'20" Comments: This album contains good, solid, but early 70's music. Note that the last two songs are "boogies", and are very tongue in cheek. The music is difficult to classify but is fairly funky in the way that Carlos Santana used to be considered funky. A lot of guitar work in the Cream/Santana style. Some of the songs are rockers (ARIENU KYOUWAKOKU), while some are ballads (SHITIRON GAARU). Kazuhiko Katou's vocals predominate, with some vocals by Mika, and possibly one by Ohara. Quality of songs is quite good, but albums does sound a little bit dated. (Ross Clement: ross-c@scs.leeds.ac.uk) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Sadistic Mika Band (Kazuhiko Katou (vo, g), Mika (vo), Masayoshi Takanaka (g), Ray Ohara (b, vo, perc), Yukihiro Takahashi (d, perc), Hiroshi Imai (k, sax)) Title: Kurofune Production Co: Toushiba EMI Cat#: CA30-1410 Release: LP 1975, CD 1983 (acc. label) 1985 (acc. discography) Price: 3000yen Length: 12 tracks Track Data: 1 SUMIE NO KUNI E 4'56" 2 NANI KA GA UMI WO YATTE KURU4'14" 3 TAIMU MASHIN NI ONEGAI 4'13" 4 KUROFUNE - KAEI (??) 6NEN 6GATSU 2NICHI 0'50" 5 KUROFUNE - KAEI (??) 6NEN 6GATSU 3NICHI 2'56" 6 KUROFUNE - KAEI (??) 6NEN 6GATSU 4NICHI 2'41" 7 YOROSHIKU DOUZO 0'53" 8 DONTAKU 3'52" 9 SHIKI SHOU(?)KA 5'43" 10 KUTSU MADE HITOTTOBI 3'36" 11 TAIHUU UTA (TAIFUU KA?) 3'56" 12 SAYONARA 4'38" Comments: This is a mid-70's concept album of very good quality. Better all round than the first album. The music can be compared in many ways to a non-synthesiser Pink Floyd (e.g. the Obscured by Clouds album), though many parts are funky perhaps similar to speeded by 70's Stevie Wonder music with guitars. The concept (The Black Ship) is not (as far as I can see) maintained through all songs. The opener (SUMIE NO KUNI E) is a gorgeous song, with Katou's (I assume) vocal following spoken renditions of his line, with excellent electric piano work from Imai. Some songs hark back to the first album (TAIMU MACHINE, TAIHUU UTA), but in general this is of much higher quality. IMHO it rates as a classic 70's album. Produced by Chris Thomas, and recorded in the UK. (Ross Clement: ross-c@scs.leeds.ac.uk) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Sadistic Mika Band (Kazuhiko Katou (vo, g), Mika (vo), Masayoshi Takanaka (g), Tsugutoshi Goto (b), Yukihiro Takahashi (d), Hiroshi Imai (k)) Title: HOT! MENU Production Co: Toushiba EMI Cat#: CA30-1496 Release: LP 1975, CD ???? Price: 3000yen Length: 9 tracks Track Data: 1 WA-KAH! CHICO 3'58" 2 MIRAAJU 4'50" 3 BURUU 4'02" 4 MADA MADA SAMBA 3'46" 5 HEI GOKEN HA IKAGA 6'21" 6 OKINAWA BOOGALOO 3'02" 7 SORE IKE! TOUMASU 3'05" 8 FANKII MAHJANG 4'41" 9 TEKIIRA SANRAIZU 4'37" Comments: The followup album (5 months later) to Kurofune. Basically it just seems to be a collection of songs. Nothing wrong with the quality of the songs, more humour creeping in, but it doesn't match up to Kurofune. Katou is now much less in evidence in the songwriting credits than originally with Takahashi, & Imai possibly equaling his contribution, and Goto and Takanaka also writing more. The band would soon split up, but the core of musicians (minus Katou and Mika) would continue on as The Sadistics for three albums or so. (Ross Clement: ross-c@scs.leeds.ac.uk) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Sadistic Mika Band (Kazuhiko Katou (vo, g), Mika (vo), Masayoshi Takanaka (g), Tsugutoshi Goto (b), Yukihiro Takahashi (d), Hiroshi Imai (k), Ray Ohara (b), Tsunoda Hiro (d)) Title: 20 Songs to 21st Century Production Co: Toushiba EMI Cat#: CA30-1496 Release: 1988 Price: ??????? Length: 20 tracks (Best of selection) Track Data: 1 SAIKURINGU BUGI 2'21" 2 OORORA GAARU 3'14" 3 DANSU WA SUNDA 3'14" 4 KAIKETSU SHIRUVAA CHAIRUDO 3'19" 5 SHITORON GAARU ...... 3'38" 6 ARIENU KYOUWAKOKU 4'11" 7 PIKUNIKKU BUGI 3'49" 8 HAI BEIBII 3'54" 9 SUMIE NO KUNI E 4'55" 10 TAIMU MASHIN NI ONEGAI 4'13" 11 YOROSHIKU DOUZO 0'53" 12 DONTAKU 3'51" 13 KUTSU MADE HITOTTOBI 3'36" 14 TAIHUU UTA (TAIFUU KA?) 3'56" 15 OHANAMI BUGI 2'21" 16 WA-KAH! CHICO 3'58" 17 MADA MADA SAMBA 3'46" 18 HEI GOKEN HA IKAGA 6'21" 19 SORE IKE! TOUMASU 3'06" 20 FANKII MAHJANG 4'41" Comments: Best of album. This covers most of the good songs in their career, and gives a good view of what the band was like. Although their music changed (and was soon to change much more), as individual albums had a lot of variety, this sounds just like another album. A few songs not on the standard albums make it a must for completists (I bought the best of first, the others were mainly ex-rental ones I bought just before leaving Japan). (Ross Clement: ross-c@scs.leeds.ac.uk) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Sadistic Mica Band (Kazuhiko Katou (vo, g, k), Karen Kirishima (vo), Masayoshi Takanaka (g), Ray Ohara (vo, b, k), Yukihiro Takahashi (vo, d, k). Additional musicians include Ryuuichi Sakamoto (k) Title: Appare! Production Co: Toushiba EMI Cat#: CT32-5432 Release: 1989 Price: 3008 (CHIKUSHOU NA SHOUHIZEI!) Length: 10 Tracks Track Data: 1 Boys & Girls 4'34" 2 NOU NI FAIYAA! Brain's on Fire 4'42" 3 BARA WA PURAZUMA 4'30" 4 NIGIYAKA NA KODOKU 4'57" 5 KORERU OMOI 4'34" 6 42"C NO PIKUNIKKU 4'51" 7 DASHIIRU HAMETTO & POPPUKOUN 4'16" 8 UN COCO LOCO 5'45" 9 AI TO KAIRAKUSHUGISHA 4'59" 10 7 days, at last! 5'51" Goodies: I got some goodies for buying this album on the release date. Can't remember what was included, but there was a book of some sort, and maybe a sticker. Comments: 1989 Reunion album. Sounds very little like the original band, though it might do so if you stripped off all the high technology they are using. Vocalwise it seems like Takahashi's voice is most in evidence, and he did not do many vocals in the original band. The sound of this album is definately JPOP! Especially the single Boys & Girls. What follows is a collection of generall good songs. Brain's on Fire is a fairly rocky Ohara song with lots of Hammond organ, BARA WA PURAZUMA is a typical (but better than average) Takahashi single which is a Kirishima duet. 42"C NO PIKKUNIKU, DASHIIRU HAMETTO, UN COCO LOCO, etc do sound a bit like the original SMB, but are FAR more polished, and the technology used is state of the art (digital recording and all that). DASHIIRU HAMETTO is a fast pop song, but seems to be dripping with Jazz influence, if that's possible (Katou has been recording Jazz influenced music for some time). The last song is more progressive song, though I can't think what to describe it as. In all a very professional album with a good number of well-crafted, enjoyable songs. (Ross Clement: ross-c@scs.leeds.ac.uk) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Sakai Noriko Title: Lovely Times/Noriko Part III Production Co: Victor Cat#: VDR-1544 Release: 1988/??/?? Price: 3200 yen Length: <43'16"> (11 tracks) Track Data: 1. Beat Parade 2. Try Again..! 3. Wink ni Somete 4. Pop ni Ikouyo 5. Listen to Me 6. Madogiwano Koihikou 7. Fight! 8. Active Heart 9. Stardust Wave 10. Ichi Page no August 11. Ichiokuno Smile Goodies: <bonus items, special packaging, etc.> Comments: <your personal comments> (Hitoshi Doi: doi@jrd.dec.com, doi@dec-j.co.jp) Goodies: Some "cute" pictures of her back then, of which the cover & back have been scanned and ftp'd to ferkel by me. Comments: This album is typical of Noriko's earlier style. Most of the songs are fairly quick in terms of tempo, but at the same time are soft and bubbly, making it enjoyable to listen to. IMHO, tracks 4,7,8 and 10 are the best. Not as impressive as her more recent albums, but still one that will be enjoyed by Sakai fans. (Pak-Cheung Chu: chup@skule.ecf.utoronto.ca) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist: Sakai Noriko Title: Blue Wind/Noriko Part IV Production Co: Victor Cat#: VDR-1615 Release: 1989/??/?? Price: 3008 yen Length: <mm'ss"> (11 tracks) Track Data: 1. Kazeno Andante 2. Love Letter 3. Koino Sanaka 4. Nagisano Nemurihime 5. Omoideni Kaeritai 6. Himitsuno Garden 7. Mousuguno Yokan 8. Sanctuary 9. Natural 10. Dream Call 11. Tenshiga Kureta Rainbow Goodies: <bonus items, special packaging, etc.> Comments: <your personal comments> (Hitoshi Doi: doi@jrd.dec.com, doi@dec-j.co.jp) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Sakai Noriko Title: My Dear/Noriko Part V Production Co: Victor Cat#: VDR-1658 Release: 1989/??/?? Price: 3008 yen Length: <mm'ss"> (11 tracks) Track Data: 1. Telepathy 2. Anatani Home Sick 3. Christmas Cinderella 4. Silence For Love 5. Air Mail 6. All Right 7. 100% no Koibito 8. Koino Recipe 9. Koito Aino Nuance 10. Blink 11. Arigatou Heart Beat Goodies: <bonus items, special packaging, etc.> Comments: <your personal comments> (Hitoshi Doi: doi@jrd.dec.com, doi@dec-j.co.jp) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Sakai Noriko Title: White Girl/Noriko Part VI Production Co: Victor Cat#: VICL-42 Release: 1990/07/04 Price: 3000 yen Length: <mm'ss"> (11 tracks) Track Data: 1. Lonely Heart ni Yoroshiku 3:52 2. Katachikara Hairou 4:22 3. Soukamo! Iikamo! 3:52 4. White Girl 4:14 5. Minna Iijanai 4:40 6. Yuujou Kiss 4:46 7. 100% no Amega Furu 4:02 8. Diamond Blue (July Mix) 3:56 9. Anokoroni Aitai 5:33 10. Sweet Home 4:21 11. Shiawasenante Hoshikunaiwa 4:25 Goodies: picture CD Comments: <your personal comments> (Hitoshi Doi: doi@jrd.dec.com, doi@dec-j.co.jp) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Sakai Noriko Title: Sweet'n Bitter/Noriko Part VII Production Co: Victor Cat#: VICL-111 Release: 1991/01/21 Price: 3000 yen Length: <mm'ss"> (11 tracks) Track Data: 1. Shower Room ni Denwa 4:10 2. Shiawaseni Ichiban Chikai Seki 4:10 3. Dear Boy 4:12 4. Ameno Kimochi 3:47 5. Hohoemiwo Mitsuketa 4:30 6. Sugosugiru 3:36 7. Hatachino Valentine 5:00 8. Kimino Sonzai 5:15 9. Sukoshi Honki 4:12 10. Eve no Tamago 4:32 11. Ashitahe Tsuduku Last Scene 3:54 (Hitoshi Doi: doi@jrd.dec.com, doi@dec-j.co.jp) Goodies: Comments: Generally agreed to be Noriko's best album to date. Track 10 & 5 are from her singles. Mostly soft and mellow ballads with occasional dose of Noriko characteristic cuteness/youth. Also, IMHO, Noriko in 20 (with her short hair) looks the best (as seen in the pictures inside the jewel box booklet). Track 10 is my favorite, 3 is the worst (has the quickest tempo), and 1 is a cute song with heavier beat. (Patrick Yip: pckyip@Athena.MIT.EDU) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Sakai Noriko Title: Sentimental Best Production Co: Cat#: VICL-218 Release: Price: 3000yen Length: 76 minutes (16 tracks) Track Data: 1 White Girl White Girl -part VI- 2 Ano Koro-ni Aitai White Girl -part VI- 3 Sayonara-no Kawari-ni Fantasia -part I- 4 Amatsubu-wa Yasashikute Guanbare -part II- 5 STARDUST WAVE Lovely Times -Part III- 6* Love Letter Blue Wind -part IV- 7 Sanctuary Blue Wind -part IV- 8* Sayonara-o Sugite Singles Noriko Best 9 Air mail Mr Dear -part V- 10* Hohoemi-o Mitsuketa Sweet'n Bitter -part VII- 11 Ame-no Kimochi Sweet'n Bitter -part VII- 12 Rain Rain 13 Yaane II Magical Montage Company 14 ????? Magical Montage Company 15* Anata-ni Tenshi-ga Mieru toki Magical Montage Company 16 Kimi-no Sonzai Sweet'n Bitter -part VII- * also a single release Comments: Today I just picked up "Sentimental Best" from Sakai Noriko. And wow, is this an album to get! 16 tracks, nearly 76 minutes of that sweet voice some of us have fallen in love with. All this, at the standard 3000yen. While it appears all the tracks have been taken from her past albums (I've been able to locate all but 2 tracks on the other albums I have,) just by looking at the titles, I think this is going to be one excellent album (I haven't listened to it yet.) One that will especially appeal to those who liked "Sweet'n Bitter" (perhaps because there's 3 S'nB songs on it..) Anyways, I went through the titles of the earlier albums I have, and have been able to locate the origin of most of them, Does someone have "My Dear -Noriko part V-" or "YumeBoken Special"? (or any obscure titles I haven't heard of?) Perhaps some of the "unidentified" titles are on those albums. Also does "Sayonara-o Sugite" appear on "My Dear" or is it only on the Singles album. (Galen Komatsu: gkomatsu@uhunix.uhcc.hawaii.edu, ar592@cleveland.freenet.edu) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Sakai Noriko Title: CDV Special Production Co: Victor Cat#: VDX-6 Release: 1988/4/30(?) Price: 2400yen Length: audio 16'58", video 4'36" (5 audio, 1 video track) Track Data: 5" Mini Album + Video Track 1 Otoko-no-ko-ni Naritai 3'08" 2 Nagisa-no Fantasy 3'40" 3 No-re-na-i Teen age 3'51" 4 Yumeboken 3'05" 5 Ganbaranakutchya! 3'54" 6 GUANBARE 4'36" Video Track Goodies: Gold disc Comments: This CDV includes Nori-P's first 4 singles, an album cut from "GUANBARE -Noriko part II-" and her hit (and 5th) single "Guanbare". The first 5 tracks are audio tracks, and the sixth is a video track accessable via a laser disc player. "GUANBARE" features video clips of Noriko romping about Hawaii (Waikiki, Kahala, and parts unknown...) (Galen Komatsu: gkomatsu@uhunix.uhcc.hawaii.edu, ar592@cleveland.freenet.edu) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Sakamoto Ryuichi Title: ONGAKU ZUKAN Production Co: MIDI Inc. Cat#: MID-1001 Release: 1984 Price: 3800yen Length: 11 tracks Track Data: 1 Tibetan Dance 5'01" 2 Etude 5'16" 3 Paradise Lost 5'24" 4 Self Portrait 4'43" 5 TABI NO GYOKKITA 5'12" 6 M.A.Y. In the Backyard 5'36" 7 TSUBASA NO MORI DE 5'39" 8 MORI NO HITO 4'59" 9 A Tribute to N. J. P. 2'47" 10 Replica 5'27" 11 MA MEERU ROWA 4'28" Comments: Sakamoto Post-YMO solo album. In an interview he said that this album contained many of the melodies that had been hanging around in his head for the last few years. My fav. RS album, many of the songs are quite melodic, including many quite catchy instrumentals (e.g. Tibetan Dance). Arrangements are interesting but never strange. Some songs (e.g. MORI NO HITO) are simple pop songs, but they have an interesting bent to them. Some Asian (but no really Japanese references apart from possibly the last song - I'm not sure if it's Japanese or Chinese influence). This album (with intersecting though different list of songs) was released in the west as "Illustrated Musical Dictionary". I think the Japanese version is better, though it is expensive! Cover is cute (Sakamoto playing piano with shadow of giant ant playing piano behind him). (Ross Clement: ross-c@scs.leeds.ac.uk) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Sakamoto Ryuichi Title: NEO GEO Production Co: CBS/Sony Cat#: 32DH 700 Release: 1987 Price: 3200yen (rerelease much cheaper, but ??) Length: 34'29" (8 tracks) Track Data: 1 Before Long 1'20" 2 Neo Geo 5'05" 3 Risky 5'25" 4 Free Trading 5'25" 5 Shogunade 4'33" 6 Parata 4'18" 7 Okinawa Song - CHIN NUKU JUUSHII 5'15" 8 After All 3'08" Comments: Some excellent songs, but this collaboration with Bill Laswell (remember Herbie Hancock's "Rockit"?) seems a bit short of ideas. Both "Neo Geo" and "Okinawa Song ..." incorporate traditional Okinawan styles, and are covers or remakes of traditional songs. "Risky" is sung by Iggy Pop, and is a slow song (though not really ballad) that appeals to some but not others. "Free Trading", "Shogunade", and "Parata" are highly Laswell-influenced instrumentals. Worth buying though, "Okinawa Song" sounds gorgeous, with the Okinawa-chan's vocals. (Ross Clement: ross-c@scs.leeds.ac.uk) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Sekiri (Aya, Yu (b), Miyu, Kumiko) Title: Take Me to Sekiri (KONYA SEIKOU RANMAN) Production Co: PUBLIC BATH RECORDS PO BOX 2134 MADISON WI 53701 Cat#: PBCD-1 (!) Release: 1988/CD 1991 Price: 12pounds99p (UK) Length: 15 tracks Track Data: 1 Death March 2 4649 (Yoroshiku) 3 Yodel-ay-hee 4 Doro Doro Doro 5 Katsu Katsu Rock 6 Dara Dara 7 Youth (Seishun) 8 Bad Day Rhapsody 9 Chameleon 10 Let's Fuck 11 Chittaka 12 Endless 13 Crazy Starlight Tonight (KONYA SEIKOU RANMAN) 14 Let's Fuck (Alternate Version) 15 Background Music (Unreleased Version) Goodies: Amateur-style photo of the group "ON KODAK PAPER" Comments: All-girl punk band. Started in Junior high school and were about 20 when they recorded this CD. I haven't heard this many times yet. Includes English lyrics and liner notes. (Ross Clement: ross-c@scs.leeds.ac.uk) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Sion Title: YORU SHIKA OYOGANAI Production Co: TEICHIKU RECORDS Cat#: TECN-28007 Release: Unknown, Rental ban until April 1990 Price: 2800yen Length: 11 tracks Track Data: 1 CHOOSHI WA DOU DAI? 2 SUKI NI YARI NA YO 3 YORU SHIKA OYOGENAI 4 MIREN TARA TARA 5 SEKASARERU YORU NI AORARETE 6 FUKAISHISUU 85 (?) 7 ASOBOU YO 8 12 GOUSHITSU 9 TANOMU KARA SA 10 GOKIGEN SA 11 KIREI DA Goodies: Album comes with a card saying you'll get a free Sion single if you write away and are one of the first N people. I wrote away but never received anything. Comments: This album gained Sion a large number of new fans (including me). His music could be described as well produced/arranged (this album anyway) acoustic music in a similar vein to some Bob Dylan (note the cover of "Knocking on Heaven's Door" on "Strange but True") and Neil Young. However, his voice can best be described as similar to Tom Waites. Some people I know like Sion's songs (especially those that like acoustic simplicity), but are put off by his voice. Personally I think his voice adds something unique to his music, I probably wouldn't like it if he sounded like John Denver. The musical arrangements on this album are very interesting, including some very nice piano on "FUKAISHISUU 85" and an interesting brass and jazz brush drums arrangement on "MIREN TARA TARA", and are an important part of Sion's style. Some of the songs are excellent, for example the haunting, sort of love song, "12 GOU SHITSU". (Ross Clement: ross-c@scs.leeds.ac.uk) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Takagi Kan Title: FRUIT OF THE RHYTHM Production Co: EPIC/SONY Cat#: ESCB 1135 Release: 1991/../.. Price: 2800yen Length: 16 tracks Track Data: 1 Introduction 2'00" 2 MIITO ZA RIZUMU 5'00" 3 Freakedout 5'26" 4 Funk Inc. 3'49" 5 This is hip hop 1'04" 6 HIPPU HOPPU FOOKU 5'26" 7 Lovebreak 1'26" 8 KOI NO FOOMYURA 4'11" 9 SKUURU 6'53" 10 SHIRIASU BANGAICHI - oldjackswing - 1'35" 11 PUBURIKKU ENAJII 4'47" 12 Dodapunkrock 4'37" 13 Drop science 4'14" 14 TAAN our TEIBURU 0'50" 15 From the east for the quest 6'23" 16 Outroduction 2'37" Comments: Fairly typical and good quality Hip-Hop music. Not hard to guess which western artists we should compare him to, look at the guest appearances - Africa Baby Bambaataa, Q-Tip, etc. Music is similar to De La Soul, MC Hammer etc, though there is not much sampling of beats, most beats sound like original programmes (mostly synths, though guitar and saxaphone makes itself heard). LOTS of scratching. I personally like the rhythmic, uptempo stuff at the beginning, but others have said they like the later soulful tracks. Music is quite catchy. Takagi Kan can flow quite impressively, though his lyrics tackle different subjects from urban Black rappers. There is also a LOT of English mixed in, many of his rhymes depend on it. Album is quite musical, interludes between tracks are often musical, rather than humour as on many rap CDs. (Ross Clement: ross-c@scs.leeds.ac.uk) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Takahashi Yukihiro Title: SARAVAH! Production Co: KING RECORD CO. LTD Cat#: K25X 372 Release: CD 1989, Album perhaps 1977 Price: 2500yen Length: 9 tracks Track Data: 1 Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu) 2'26" 2 Saravah! 4'03" 3 C'est si bon 3'12" 4 La Rosa 5'04" 5 Mood Indigo 2'51" 6 Elastic Dummy 5'03" 7 Sunset 4'04" 8 Back Street Midnight Queen 4'15" 9 Present 4'46" Comments: Yukihiro Takahashi's first solo album after the Sadistic Mika Band split up (not sure if it overlaps with the active period of the Sadistics). Album is quite "European music" orientated with many soft, jazzy songs (You could probably guess by the titles). The second side is a bit more upbeat, including the Ryuichi Sakamoto (who co-produced) written uptempo instrumental "Elastic Dummy". Cover show's a picture of Takahashi in a Tuxedo looking like he's at some sort of party, and the back cover shows him reading a newspaper in front of the Eifel Tower. Nothing really stands out on this album, but it is a collection of listenable songs. Historically interesting as all members of the soon-to-be-formed Yellow Magic Orchestra were present. (Ross Clement: ross-c@scs.leeds.ac.uk) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Takahashi Yukihiro Title: ONGAKU SATSUJIN/MURDERED BY THE MUSIC Production Co: KING RECORD CO. LTD Cat#: K32X 13 Release: CD 1985, Recorded Feb-Apr 1980 Price: 3200yen Length: 11 tracks Track Data: 1 School of Thought 2 Murdered by the Music 3 Kid-nap the Dreamer 4 I-Kasu! 5 Radioactivist 6 Numbers from a Calculated Conversation 7 Bijin-Kyoushi at the Swimming School 8 Blue Colour Worker 9 Stop in the Name of Love 10 Mirrormaniac 11 The Core of Eden Comments: Yukihiro Takahashi's second solo album recorded while a member of YMO. The liner notes say that "this album shows a peppier, poppier side of Yuki" (arrgh!), but it is true. Some good unusual pop songs here (School of Thought, Sakamoto composed to Chris Mosdell lyrics), Murdered by the Music. Some songs are not so good though (Kid-nap the dreamer, Stop in the Name of Love is not really suitable to Takahashi's voice, though people who liked the YMO version of Day Tripper may like it). Some more interesting songs too (The Core of Eden). The production values are a bit rough, and the synthesiser sounds have dated. An interesting listen, though probably not the best Takahashi CD to start listening to. All members of YMO, plus Sandii, plus Sheena, are present. (Ross Clement: ross-c@scs.leeds.ac.uk) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist: Takahashi Yukihiro Title: ONCE A FOOL,... Production Co: CANYON RECORDS INC (JAPAN) Cat#: D32A0127 Release: 1985 Price: 3200yen Length: 10 tracks Track Data: 1 ??KA NARU OMOI 2 FUYU NO SHIRUETTO 3 Providence (SUBARASHII GENSOU) 4 SHIGOTO WO OETA BOKUTACHI WA 5 One More Chance 6 Sailor 7 I Saw the Light 8 KONCHUUKI (?) 9 NAKITAI KIMOCHI 10 KYOU NO SORA Comments: This is not Yukihiro Takahashi's first solo album after the breakup of YMO, but from the lyrics and packaging (including three shadowy figures, only discernable in outline, with one waving farwell) you would think so. This album shows Takahashi taking a new track, with light poppy songs, sung in Japanese. Some of the songs are quite good (FUYU NO SHIRUETTO, Providence) but some drag a little (One More Chance). Musicianship and production values are high, typical post YMO Takahashi music. (Ross Clement: ross-c@scs.leeds.ac.uk) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist: Takahashi Yukihiro Title: EGO Production Co: TOUSHIBA EMI Cat#: CT32-5327 Release: 1988 Price: 3200yen Length: 9 tracks Track Data: 1 Tomorrow Never Knows 3'41" 2 Look of Love 4'48" 3 Erotic 4'05" 4 ASAIRO NO TAMEIKI 4'53" 5 Sea Change 4'42" 6 Dance of Life 4'37" 7 Yes 5'12" 8 Left Bank 4'41" 9 Only the Heart Has Heard 6'49" Comments: This album is a bit more interesting than the ones that preceeded (Only when I laugh) and followed it (Broadcast from Heaven) (I'm ignoring some side projects here). The songs are typical Takahashi synth-pop, and his voice seems to show more confidence than before. Tomorrow Never Knows is the ever-present cover version, and is probably one of the best he has done. One or two songs drag a bit ("Yes", "Left Bank"), but otherwise good solid JPOP. "Dance of Life" is interesting as it is co-written and sung by Iva Davies (of Icehouse) and sounds like a typical Icehouse song. (Ross Clement: ross-c@scs.leeds.ac.uk) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Takahashi Yumiko Title: Scarlet Production Co: Victor Cat#: VICL-2045 Release: 1990/12/16 Price: 2000yen (disc only release) Length: 24'47" (6 tracks) Track Data: 5" mini-album 1 Welcome! -Popcorn Love- 4'20" 2 Whisper 4'22" 3 SHAMPOO 3'33" 4 Fight! 3'31" 2nd Single Release 5 Rainy Day x3 4'00" 6 Haru -Sunshine Bay kara- 5'03" Goodies: Early release in box with photo book(?) Comments: Yumiko's debut (mini) album. "Welcome!" makes for an excellent opening song, exploding into your ears. "Whisper" and "SHAMPOO" peaks this album in "bouncy"-ness. "Fight!" is an energetic song sure to grab you. "Rainy Day x3" & "Haru" rounds up with a more "standard" idol fare. Overall, while showing a somewhat cutesy sound, Yumiko performs with a strong voice (something which many idols lack.) Keep your ears on this singer (and I'll keep my eyes on her. =^) (Galen Komatsu: gkomatsu@uhunix.uhcc.hawaii.edu, ar592@cleveland.freenet.edu) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Takahashi Yumiko Title: Peace! Production Co: Victor Cat#: VICL-174 Release: 1991/7/21 Price: 3000yen Length: 42'10" (10 Tracks) Track Data: 5" album 1 PEACE BOMBER 4'43" 2 Ame-ni Hohoemi-o 4'27" 3 To-Ki-Me-Ki 3'41" 4th Single release 4 Yasashisa-no Hoho^ -Water Mirror- 4'10" 5 Otomejidai 4'47" 6 Natsu-no Yakusoku 4'35" 7 Celluloid-no Natsuyasumi 3'45" 8 Egao-no Maho^ 3'54" 3rd Single release 9 Anata-e... 5'39" 10 Ashita-mo Yume-ga Mirareru sama-ni 2'30" Goodies: Picture Disc. Large sticker of Yumiko's lovely =^) face. Comments: Yumiko's first full album is a pleasure to listen to. Not as "bouncy" as Scarlet, but a much easier sound to take. Her vocal ability improves with this album and displays her best in "Anata-e..." (Galen Komatsu: gkomatsu@uhunix.uhcc.hawaii.edu, ar592@cleveland.freenet.edu) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Tama Title: SANDARU Production Co: AXEC Cat#: AXCR-1 Release: Price: 3000 yen Length: 51'49" (11 tracks) Track Data: 1 Houkou onchi 3'00" 2 Orugan 5'04" 3 Ozon no Dance 2'39" 4 Nippon de yokatta 5'03" 5 Gakkou ni maniawanai 7'58" 6 Donburako 6'16" 7 Roshia no pan 3'43" 8 Sayonara Jinrui (Original Version) 5'34" 9 Warutu oboete 4'03" 10 Rantiu 4'33" 11 Reiko obasan no kuuchuuyuuei 3'29" Goodies: none Comments: Includes 1990 hit song "Sayonara Jinrui (Good Bye Human Beings)" (Masami Yokoyama : yokoyama@bode.ualberta.ca) TAMA's music has it's own special flavour. If I were forced to describe it in one sentence; TAMA seem to have invented a new form of children's song. The music is acoustic, with guitar, piano, mandolin, harmonium, and various percussion predominating. Vocals are distinctive and often reach into falsetto ranges, though I can't think of a song that is sung completely this way. Lyrics are often meaningless, and one song (Donburako) isn't even grammatical as far as I can see. There is no western artist I can compare them to, the closest would be if Syd Barret had honed up his instrumental skills, and decided to devote the rest of his life to children. "Bike" from the first Pink Floyd album is about the closest western song I can think of to Tama. Songwriting and instrumental ability is of a high standard, but due to the distinctiveness of their music, people either seem to love them or hate them. (Ross Clement: ross-c@scs.leeds.ac.uk) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Tama Title: HIRUNE Production Co: NIPPON CROWN LTD Cat#: AXCR-2 Release: 1991/../.. Price: 3000yen Length: 56'02" (13 tracks) Track Data: 1 USHIGOYA 2'19" 2 YUGURE TOKI NO SABISHISA NI 3'39" 3 UMI NI UTSURU TSUKI 3'39" 4 KAZOKU 4'02" 5 OKEI (?) 3'48" 6 KINGYOUBACHI 4'35" 7 ORIONBIIRU NO UTA (?) 4'50" 8 KANASHII ZUBON 6'05" 9 GETSUYA (?) NO BYOUIN 3'39" 10 URARA 5'34" 11 MUSHI 5'01" 12 MARIMBA 3'49" 13 WARABE (?) NO UTA 4'32" Goodies: Tama sticker set. Comments: Followup album to Tama's first wide release album SANDARU. HIRUNE is fairly similar, but I feel that the distinctiveness of the music and lyrics has been toned down a bit. Make no mistake, this is not a typical album, even though some of the songs (UMI NI UTSURU TSUKI) are almost normal. Production is smoother than on SANDARU. Lyrics have been normalised slightly, but standard Tama trademarks such as animal references (USHIGOYA) and meaningless (KANASHII ZUBON = "Unhappy trousers") bits abound. KAZOKU is blatantly (in my opinion) aimed at children, but is an enjoyable song for adults too. Quite a melodic album, but with distinctive Tama melodies. My favourite Tama album so far, but I haven't heard the third album much yet. (Ross Clement: ross-c@scs.leeds.ac.uk) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Tama Title: KYABETSU Production Co: Azec Co. Ltd. Cat#: AXCR-3 Release: ?/?/91 Price: 3000yen Length: 11 Track Data: 1 KIMI SHIKA INAI 2 BOKU WA HELIKOPUTAA 3 SAKANA 4 OKA NO UE 5 UEKI BACHI 6 MANGETSU KOUTA (?) 7 HOSHI WO TABERU 8 ONAKA PANPAN 9 OYASUMII NO SHISHI 10 TOKOYA WA DOKOYA 11 KOWARETA Goodies: "KYABETSU" sticker. Comments: TAMA's 1992 (effectively) album follows the pattern set by the first two, except it's probably a bit better. MANGETSU KOUTA (?) is probably their best song yet. (Ross Clement: ross-c@scs.leeds.ac.uk) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: TM Network Title: Carol -A Day in the Girl's Life 1991- Production Co: EPIC/SONY RECORDS Cat#: ESCB 1210 Release: 09/05/91 Price: 2800 yen (including GST) Length: 62'01" Track Data: 1 A Day In The Girl's Life 2 Carol (Carol's Theme I) 3 Chase In Labyrinth 4 Gia Corm Fillippo Dia 5 Come On Everybody 6 Beyond The Time (Expanded Version) 7 Seven Days War (Four Pices Band Mix) 8 You're The Best 9 Winter Comes Around 10 In The Forest 11 Carol (Carol's Theme II) 12 Just One Victory 13 Still Love Her Goodies: none Comments: Includes the Theme song for GUNDUM Movie "Counterattack of Shar", "BEYOND THE TIME". (Masami Yokoyama : yokoyama@bode.ualberta.ca) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Tokunaga Hideaki Title: Realize Production Co: APOLLON MUSIC INDUSTRIAL CORP. Cat#: C292-2 Release: Price: 3008 yen (including GST) Length: 51'02" Track Data: 1 Kimi no Ao 5'34" 2 Nemurenai Yoru 4'17" 3 Lovers 4'25" 4 You're in the sky -Eolia- 5'30" 5 Soshite Hoshi ni nattayo 4'41" 6 Koibito 4'50" 7 Cobalt ni kieta blue 4'48" 8 Myself -Kaze ni naritai- 5'46" 9 Saigo no iiwake 6'22" 10 Boku no tokei 4'12" Goodies: none Comments: (Masami Yokoyama : yokoyama@bode.ualberta.ca) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Tokunaga Hideaki Title: Justice Production Co: APOLLON INC. Cat#: APCA-16 Release: 10/09/90 Price: 3000 yen (including GST) Length: 55'18" Track Data: 1 News 5'38" 2 Kowarekake no Radio 5'09" 3 MYKONOS 5'19" 4 Kaerenai Futari 5'57" 5 Omoide ni kawarumade 5'19" 6 Mitishirube 6'26" 7 Ame ga furu 4'47" 8 Be Nude 5'50" 9 Crescent Girl 4'29" 10 Justice 5'56" Goodies: none Comments: (Masami Yokoyama : yokoyama@bode.ualberta.ca) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Tokunaga Hideaki Title: Revolution Production Co: APOLLON INC. Cat#: APCA-30 Release: 10/05/91 Price: 3000 yen (including GST) Length: 54'16" Track Data: 1 Revolution (Boutique JOY TV CF Song) 2 Kizuna 3 Wednesday Moon (Remix Version) 4 Love is All (Gekkeikan TV CF Song) 5 La vie en rose -Kokora no tabi- 6 Sakura 7 Makeruna 8 Boxer 9 Maboroshi o tomete 10 Doushomonaikurai Goodies: none Comments: (Masami Yokoyama : yokoyama@bode.ualberta.ca) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Tokyo Performance Doll Title: Cha-Dance Party 4 (Tokyo Romance) Production Co: EPIC/Sony Records Cat#: ESCB 1296 Release: 1992.07.08 Price: 2800 yen Length: 49:17 (12 tracks) [non-stop mix] Track Data: 1. Yumewo (Spanish Mix) (Tokyo Performace Doll) 2. Tokyo Romance (part 2) (Tokyo Performace Doll) 3. Ikoku - Tokyo in the Night (Shinohara Ryoko) 4. In the Arm of Night (Kihara Satomi) 5. Don't Stop City Light (Yonemitsu Miho) 6. Shadow Dancer (Kawamura Chisa) 7. Blue Angel (Kihara Satomi, Yonemitsu Satomi) 8. Houkagoha Itsumo Party (After School Mix) (Tokyo Performance Doll) 9. Kokoro no Rule (Anai Yuko) 10. Romantic ni Senobishite (Super Mix) (Yagida Mai) 11. Ochamena Juliet (Ichii Yuri) 12. Can't Stop the Music (Tokyo Performance Doll) Goodies: Comments: Mostly dance music. Songs 8, 10, and 11 were used in some TV commercials. Songs 1 and 8 were released as singles. For those who can read JIS. 1. 夢を (東京パフォーマンスドール) 2. Tokyo Romance (東京パフォーマンスドール) 3. 異国 〜 Tokyo in the Night (篠原涼子) 4. In the Arm of Night (木原さとみ) 5. Don't Stop City Light (米光美保) 6. Shadow Dancer (川村知砂) 7. Blue Angel (木原さとみ, 米光美保) 8. 放課後はいつもパーティー (東京パフォーマンスドール) 9. 心のルール (穴井夕子) 10. Romantic に背のびして (八木田麻衣) 11. おちゃめなジュリエット (市井由理) 12. Can't Stop the Music (東京パフォーマンスドール) (Hitoshi Doi: doi@jrd.dec.com, doi@dec-j.co.jp) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: TUBE (Vo: Maeda Nobuteru, G: Haruhata Michiya B: Kakuno Hideyuki, Dr: Matsumoto Ryoji) Title: Summer City Production Co: CBS-Sony Cat#: ? Release: ? Price: 2800yen(?) Length: ?'?" (10 tracks) Track Data: 5" album <##> <title> <time_length> (<add'l_comments/notes>) 1. Surfer Girl 2. Hey! Baby 3. Summer City Single Release 4. Uwasa-no Crazy Boys 5. Kokoro-made Sunshine 6. Secret Love 7. Paradise 8. Shumatsu Only You 9. Let's Jump 10. Melody (Kimi-no Tame-ni...) Goodies: <none> Comments: As usual TUBE has an upbeat album with that "touch" of the beach, and images of summer included. Mellow songs to relax, moderate songs to let the summer breeze blow though your hair, and rock songs to get you jumping. (Galen Komatsu: gkomatsu@uhunix.uhcc.hawaii.edu, ar592@cleveland.freenet.edu) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: TUBE (Vo: Maeda Nobuteru, G: Haruhata Michiya B: Kakuno Hideyuki, Dr: Matsumoto Ryoji) Title: TUBEst Production Co: CBS-Sony Cat#: CSCL-1085 Release: 1989/12/21 Price: 2800yen Length: 53'41" (13 tracks) Track Data: 5" album 1. Best Seller Summer 3'17" 2. Sentimental-ni Kubittake 3'15" 3. Season in the Sun 4'04" 4. Because I Love You 4'46" 5. SUMMER DREAM 4'12" 6. Dance With You 4'09" 7. Beach Time 3'54" 8. Remember Me 5'19" 9. SUMMER CITY 3'58" 10. Stories 5'08" 11. Nagisa-no Merry Boys 3'02" (Nagisa-no All Stars) 12. Be My Venus 4'43" (Nagisa-no All Stars) 13. DAY IN VACATION 3'53" (Nagisa-no All Stars) Goodies: <none> Comments: The first "Best of" album from TUBE, appropriately titled. (TUBEst --> TUBE[st] [tu]BEST) All single a-side releases from "Best Seller Summer" to "Stories" is included, plus three tracks by the Nagisa-no All Stars. (Group consisting of TUBE, Oda Tetsuro, and a few others who slip my mind.) A nice "sampler" album to get a taste of TUBE's music. (Galen Komatsu: gkomatsu@uhunix.uhcc.hawaii.edu, ar592@cleveland.freenet.edu) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: TUBE (Vo: Maeda Nobuteru, G: Haruhata Michiya B: Kakuno Hideyuki, Dr: Matsumoto Ryoji) Title: N-A-T-S-U Production Co: CBS Sony Cat#: CSCL-1157 Release: 1990/6/21 Price: 2800yen Length: 43'54" (10 tracks) Track Data: 5" album 1. The Surfin' in the Wind 4'18" Sometime WORLD CUP '90 2. 90's Door 4'17" \Image Song 3. Forever Young 3'24" 4. Made in Summer 3'50" 5. A, NatsuYasumi 4'44" Sometime Lights Image Song, 6. Beautiful World 4'09" \Single Release 7. August Moon 4'47" 8. N-A-T-S-U 3'45" 9. Change 5'00" 10. Keep on Sailin' 5'39" Goodies: <none> Comments: Tube delivers an enjoyable album to pass the summer months with. Energy filled songs to get you through the day, and easy paced songs to let the sun settle into the sea. (Galen Komatsu: gkomatsu@uhunix.uhcc.hawaii.edu, ar592@cleveland.freenet.edu) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: TUBE (Vo: Maeda Nobuteru, G: Haruhata Michiya B: Kakuno Hideyuki, Dr: Matsumoto Ryoji) Title: Smile (Summer Music Invitation Live Everybody) Production Co: Sony Cat#: SRCL 2368 Release: 1992/ 4/15 Price: 1800yen Length: 22'01" (5 tracks) Track Data: 5" mini-album 1 Smile 4'30" 2 Latin Girl 3'26" 3 Ikki Honki Genki 5'23" 4 Remember Summer 4'35" 5 Sayonara-no Uta 4'06" Goodies: Concert Tour History listed in lryic book. Comments: A quick energetic album released shortly before the coming of TUBE's season. Starting with "Smile" the album will keep one up in spirits to "Sayonara-no Uta" which calmly closes off the 5 track mini-album. Not one of TUBE's best, but not an album to pass over either. (Galen Komatsu: gkomatsu@uhunix.uhcc.hawaii.edu, ar592@cleveland.freenet.edu) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Unicorn (Tamio (g), Eli (b), Nishikawa (d), TerryY? (g), ????? (k)) (Vocals various but unknown) Title: KEDAMONO NO ARASHI Production Co: CBS/SONY Cat#: CSCL 1518 Release: 1990/../.. Price: 2800yen Length: 14 tracks Track Data: 1 INOCHI HATERU MADE 3'46" 2 FUUGA 3'01" 3 ROKKU SHIAWASE 1'57" 4 KEDAMONO NO ARASHI 3'41" 5 EREJII 3'11" 6 JITENSHA DOROBOU 3'31" 7 FUJI 3'30" 8 RINJUU MAACHI 4'04" 9 SURAIMU PURIIZU 4'56" 10 CSA 0'52" 11 IKAN TO MOSHIGATAI OTOKO 4'23" 12 YOAKE MAE 2'42" 13 HATARAKU OTOKO 3'47" 14 SUTAA NA OTOKO 3'42" Goodies: Punch-out yellow turtle on a card advertising their next album. Comments: Pop/rock band come up with a good album with a lot of variety. The closest I can match this to in the west is The Beatles White Album, a whole bunch of different styles and the occasional throwaway musical segment. Apart from the upgraded recording technology and the Japanese lyrics, many of these songs could slot right into that album and not be out of place. 3 songs from this album (INOCHI HATERU MADE, HATARAKU OTOKU, and SUTAA NA OTOKO) were hit novelty songs, about Love Hotels, Young Sararimen, and a Pop Star who has to hide the fact that he has a boring girlfriend. Each is set to good conventional music and should be able to be enjoyed by the Nihongo-less. Two more modern songs are the excellent "SURAIMU PURIIZU" which as far as I can work out is about MAZAAKON. "You made me, you loved me, this world is Amazon" to a really slimy and catchy bass riff and a sneezing solo. And, CSA is a punk song whose lyrics are just the address and telephone number of [their record company?]. A good varied album with a lot of catchy, interesting but musically conventional pop/rock songs. But a few too many perhaps, tends to drag a bit in the middle. (Ross Clement: ross-c@scs.leeds.ac.uk) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Various (Garlic Boys, Rapes, S.O.B., Sekiri, Danse Macabre, The Continental Kids) Title: TASTE OF WILD WEST 1 Production Co: TOKUMA JAPAN Cat#: TKCA-30076 Release: 1990/../.. Price: 3000yen Length: 6 bands/19 tracks Track Data: Garlic Boys: Yokozuna I Want Your Panty NIOI NO OOSAMA Rapes: At The Bottom Of Insanity ~ Dear Loser ~ Devil's Fire The End of Welfare S.O.B.: Ego Fix Suck Up Brain Or F**K Ya Brain? Humanity Of Stupidity Device Sekiri: SUIMA DABA (?) DORO DORO Danse Macabre: When I Can't Sleep Death Maker II Beast In My Mind The Continental Kids: Revenge For Living Hell Death Dive Hell Cat Comments: Apparantly in-house compilation CD of six Japanese punk bands. Styles and sound do not vary very much. Neither does clothing, as most bands (except for all-girl band Sekiri) wear long hair and black leather. Music is pretty straight ahead thrash with screamed vocals. Sekiri is a bit more reserved/melodic, but still punk. The Continental kids (with Transvestite lead singer, I am SURE this band made a cameo appearance in the movie Tokyo Pop - singing very different music) bring a bit more sophistication chordwise. Generally a good all-round listen, for those into punk. (Ross Clement: ross-c@scs.leeds.ac.uk) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Wink (Suzuki Sachiko , Aida Shoko) Title: Wink Hot Singles Production Co: PolyStar Cat#: PSCR-1014 Release: // Price: yen Length: (9 tracks) Track Data: <##> <title> 1 Sugar Baby Love 2 AMaRiRiSu 3 ai ga tomaranai - Turn It Into Love 4 namida o misenaide - Boy's Don't Cry 5 "Heart on Wave" 6 mayonaka no enjelu - One Night in Heaven 7 Sexy Music 8 yoru ni hagurete - Where Were You Last Night 9 Non-Stop Mix [A mix of the above songs] Goodies: (standard jewel box) Comments: Cute voices, upbeat kind of music. Some songs have a techno pop feel to it, especially track 9. My personal favourites are 1,3,4 and 7. (Ray Tang: rtang@sunee.uwaterloo.edu.ca) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Wink (Suzuki Sachiko, Aida Shoko) Title: Diamond Box (Wink Best Selection Disc) Production Co: PolyStar Cat#: PSCR-1041 Release: 91/12/21 Price: yen Length: 48'27" (10 tracks) Track Data: <#> <title> <translation> 1 Non Stop I (meddly) ano yoru e kaeritai Wish to return to that night Sexy Music warui yumei Bad dreams ginsei kurabu Silverstar club 2 New Moon ni Aimashou Let's Love at the New Moon (remix) 3 kitto atsui kuchibiru Hot Hot Lips! (remix) 4 haitoku no scenario Immoral scenario (remix) 5 omoide made sobani ite Thoughts of being with You 6 ame ni negai o Appeal to rain 7 Non Stop II (meddly) Special to Me Only Lonely Mighty Mighty Love Yoru toki hikoo Night Flight 8 manatsu no tremolo Mid-summer's tremolo (remix) 9 aishiteru - Never Stop Loving You 10 awa ni naru - Endless Summer Goodies: (standard jewel box) Comments: The 2 Non-Stop's are your standard techno pop euro beat dance tracks. The 4th track is a bit strange, sounds like a techno pop version of the Soviet National anthem. Best tracks in my opinion are 9 and 10. Which are slow ballady type stuff. Track 10 makes especially good use of the duel's singing, by layering the two vocals in a nice way. In general, good dance music. (Ray Tang: rtang@sunee.uwaterloo.edu.ca) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Yano Akiko Title: Akiko Yano Production Co: Electra/Nonesuch Cat#: 9 79205-2 Release: 1990 Price: $14.98 (American release) Length: 49'46" (12) Track Data: <##> <title> <time_length> (<add'l_comments/notes>) 1) Highland 4:33 cute 2) Ramen Tabetai 5:58 excellent 3) Mufujotai 2:29 piano + vocal 4) Pastorale 1:47 music by Stravinsky 5) Gokigen Wanisan 3:00 cute 6) Owari no Kisetsu 3:49 pretty 7) Omocha no Cha Cha Cha 4:30 cute (kawaisugiru ka na?) 8) David 4:19 excellent/pretty 9) Greenfields 5:01 best track 10) Komado kara 3:37 piano + vocal 11) Furimukeba Kaeru 4:02 cute/funny 12) Home Sweet Home 6:10 pretty Goodies: As a special bonus for the Nihongo impaired, the liner notes include English translations for the Japanese lyrics. Unfortunately, being an American release, the original Japanese lyrics aren't included. Comments: Eclectic, eccentric, excellent pop music, by a very quirky and talented artist. The only thing I could compare Yano's music to would be Kate Bush's cd _Never Forever_. This cd is a compilation of Yano's music that appears to be available only in America (maybe some one in Japan could confirm that?). The bad news is that I found my copy in the cutout bin, so it may have been discontinued. If this is the case, get your copy quick, before it's too late. Definitely highly recommended. (Matthew B. Downer hachiman@u.washington.edu) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Yellow Magic Orchestra ( Yukihiro Takahashi (vo, d), Ryuichi Sakamoto (k, voice), Haruomi Hosono( b, k, voice)) Title: BGM Production Co: ALFA Cat#: 32XA-141 Release: 1981 Price: 3200yen Length: 10 tracks Track Data: 1 Ballet 4'33" 2 Music Plans 4'32" 3 Rap Phenomena 4'32" 4 Happy End 4'31" 5 1000 Knives 5'22" 6 Cue 4'32" 7 U.T. 4'31" 8 Camoflage 4'34" 9 Mass 4'30" 10 Loom 5'21" Comments: Early '80s experimental synth-pop album by Japan's 80's supergroup YMO. Some good pop songs, with more interesting than average arrangements (Ballet, Cue), some interesting experimental songs that are a bit unmelodic for my tastes (Music Plans, Rap Phenomena). Note that Hosono and Sakamoto are credited for "voice" for spoken parts and rap. "Camoflage" even today sounds progressive and is IMHO a great song. Finally some electronic experimentation (Happy End, Loom) + Sakamoto's quirky instrumental 1000 Knives. Don't know who to compare this to other than (very) early Human League before the Heaven-17 Split. Interesting album with some great tracks, but a bit patchy. Interesting to note that most of the styles on this album were done better by the members in later, solo, albums. (Apart from Cue which is an excellent simple pop song). (Ross Clement: ross-c@scs.leeds.ac.uk) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Yellow Magic Orchestra (Yukihiro Takahashi (vo,d), Harumoi Hosono (b,k,vo), Ryuichi Sakamoto (k)) Title: YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA Production Co: ALFA Cat#: 32XA-138 Release: 1979 Price: 3200yen Length: 36'15 (9 tracks) Track Data: 1 Computer Game 1'47" 2 Firecracker 4'51" 3 Simoon 6'29" 4 Cosmic Surfin' 4'28" 5 Computer Game 1'01" 6 Yellow Magic (Tong Poo) 6'18" 7 La Femme Chinoise 5'58" 8 Bridge Over Troubled Music 1'18" 9 Mad Pierrot 4'05" Comments: Debut album by the Yellow Magic Orchestra and pioneering synth-pop album (predating similar work by Depeche Mode and others). Songs are reasonably catchy and interesting pop songs (vocal and instrumental), with a few gems (Tong Poo, La Femme Chinoise). Album spawned one minor international hit. (either Computer Game or Firecracker - I can't remember which). Instrumentation is very progressive for its' time, but sounds a bit dated now. Rumour has it that this started out as a Haruomi Hosono solo album, certainly his songs predominate. Some "Sexy Female voices" in the background were overdubbed onto a previous version of the album that had one extra song. Apart from a few acoustic instruments, 95% of the album was computerised. (Ross Clement: ross-c@scs.leeds.ac.uk) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: Yellow Magic Orchestra (Yukihiro Takahashi (vo,d), Harumoi Hosono (b,k,vo), Ryuichi Sakamoto (k)) Title: Reconstructions Production Co: Internal (dist. in UK by RTM/Pinnacle) Cat#: LIECD 2 (UK) Release: ??/Nov?/92 Price: L3.99 Length: 4 tracks Track Data: 1 Multiples Altern 8 Remix (edit) 2 Light in Darkness 808 State Remix 3 Tong Poo The Orb Remix 4 Firecracker The Shamen Remix Goodies: none Comments: EP of remixes of instrumental YMO songs by well-known UK techno artists. (Ross Clement: ross-c@scs.leeds.ac.uk) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist: Zard (V:Sakai Izumi, G:Machida Fumito, B:Hoshi Hiroyasu, D:Michikura Kohsuke, K:Ikezawa Kimitaka) Title: Hold Me Production co.: Polydor Cat#: POCH-1145 Release: 92/9/2 Price: 3000yen(tax included) Length: 48'21" Track Data: 1. Nemurenai Yoru Wo Daite 2. Dareka Ga Matteru 3. Sayonara Ienakute 4. Ano Hohoemi Wo Wasurenaide 5. Sukina Youni Odoritaino 6. Dangerous Tonight 7. Konna Ni Aishitemo 8. Why Don't You Leave Me Alone 9. Ai Wa Nemutteru 10. Tooi Hi No Nostalgia 11. So Together Goodies: none Comments: This is Zard's third album but their FIRST FULL album. At first sight they are not so remarkable a band, but because there are very few Adult-Oriented Rock band in Japan, they are very calm and popular. (Kazuhiro Sanada: sana@McLaren.pontneuf.tis.co.jp) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist: 1984 (Shozo Kashiwagi (vo,g), Tamotsu Tominaga (vo[9], g, drum prog), Tomone Kaburagi (k), Kiyomi Sumi (b), D.O.B ("performed"?[3,5,8]), Shinya Ohe (vo[4,6]), Yamazen (vo[5]), Yoko (vo[10]), Yuich Kasamatsu (g[10])) Title: PINUPS Production Co: PORTRAIT RECORDS Cat#: PVCD-04 Release: 1991 (CD) MIXED 1988 (VINYL UNKNOWN) Price: Unknown Length: 10 tracks Track Data: 1 Trouble Comin' Every Day (Frank Zappa) 2 My Eyes Have Seen You (The Doors) 3 The Waiting For My Man (Lou Reed) 4 Wild In The Wind (D. Tiomkin/N. Washington) 5 All Along The Watchtower (Bob Dylan) 6 1970 (The Stooges) 7 Wild Thing (C. Taylar) 8 All Tomorrow's Parties (Lou Reed) 9 Prove It (Tom Verlain) 10 Teen Riot Structure (Marc Bolan) Comments: Obscure Japanese Indie band covers 60's (and early 70's?) songs. (I left the original composer in above). 1984 specialise in growling bass vocals, and composed the music for the music for the movie GYAKUFUNSHA KAZOKU (which I would love to get on CD). Instrumental backings are dark. Not a vital CD for anyone's collection, but interesting enough for the occasional spin. 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