-Written Jointly By Knave Of Tinmen + Carcinogenic 'Nam Curse- TOWARDS THEE INFINI

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-Written Jointly By: Knave Of Tinmen & Carcinogenic 'Nam Curse- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TOWARDS THEE INFINITE BEAT Like a flourescent light bulb flickering, Thee Infinite Beat gave slow, low-powered rumbles As waves of sound flooded every inch of Club Bass. The dance floor shuddered, Shuddered with lewd annticipation Of the night's coming merriment: bold bodies set against The thunderous backdrop, mere silhouttes of life outlined by The eternal wish to leave behind the anxiety of reality, Like a bride at the altar. Like a skilled prostitute, DJ Behemoth Beat adeptly Massaged and manipulated his 46 channel mixing board. Extreme voltages raced through trails of silicon, The analog signals sledgehammered and joined, Voltage streams, into voltage rivers, Reanimated into life: a sea of white noise. The dance floor galvanized by Thee Infinite Beat, Glazed eyes traced the trails left by green LEDs, Indicating relative volume levels. Manhandling the mic, Microphone Commando spouted rapidfire phrases: denouncements of authoritarianism. Anger pouring out of his body With each violent stomp across the stage. Roughly invading his altered consciousness, The thought: "Amphetimines equal good." Doors swung wide, Artificial light from outside flooded the small confines, Smoke reeling and rising through the light, Dark shapes formed and sunk through the grey. The dance floor, blinded by its euphoric state, Did not react to the towering hulk of machine. MC Milkman violently shoved the large subwoofer Towards the writhing mass of young flesh. Selecting a devasting patch on the drum machine, DJ Diseased Organ punched in a holocaustic beat. As toxic bass swept through the crowd, Splintering bones and melting muscle tissue separated, Like the Red Sea. MC Milkman raised Thee Infinite Beat, Using Zepphead One, his mechanical body extension. Like the ocean, DJ Diseased Organ waved. MC Milkman immediatly responded: He raised Thee Infinite Beat high And stomped out in measured steps, Gears grinding under the weight of Thee Infinite Beat. MC Milkman labored through the door, DJ Diseased Organ following. Shuddering in clouds of angst and tears, Microphone Commando fell to his knees. The extreme treble cut sharply into him, The clean bass response of Thee Infinite Beat gone. Pain dulled as DJ Behemoth Beat activated a lowpass filter, Weeding out all treble signals: Silence. DJ Behemoth Beat lowered his long face to the Hells below. His vows to retreive Thee Infinite Beat were not unheard. The two torn souls ventured outside purposely. Outside, a single motorcyclist, Ignorant of the evening's corpse production, Hailed to the two roadside figures. A swift blow brought forth spilt cerebralspinal fluid. The two figures sped towards DJ Diseased Organ's club: Club Midrange. DJ Diseased Organ's senses came alive, As the high-pitched scream of the motorcycle filled the club. The club's wooden doors splintered when the motorcycle crashed through. MC Milkman, taken by surprise, Did not have the time necessary to power up his toxic subwoofer. The ball was in DJ Behemoth Beat's court: He sped foward on the motorcycle; successfully crushed MC Milkman. The blow was not single sided, DJ Behemoth Beat and Microphone Commando were both Thrown clear of the motorcycle. The subwoofer had powered up to full toxicity. It emitted a terminal ration of bass: DJ Diseased Organ scraped the body of His opposing DJ from Club Midrange's dancefloor and forced it into a terminal collision with the subwoofer. Microphone Commando stood erect, prepared to violate Any law of armed audio warfare to avenge his DJ's demise. A fleeting look of desire cast at the mixing board Manifested Microphone Commando's intentions. As if he were switching tap water from hot to cold Microphone Commando switched the woofer's intense audio signal From palpitating bass to the wailing screams of treble. The last palpable toxic beat discharged in an explosion Ending DJ Diseased Organ's life. Once more Thee Infinite Beat indulged Club Bass with its gala of drum beats. This information smeared across the universe to inform all those with their minds terminally captured in a cyberstate. _______________________________________________________________ || Junk Culture Information || || xe0nsun)(Hallucination || ||Junk Culture|!|510-930-6786|!|300-2400|!|24hrs Per Midnight|| || || || |!|-Creators-|!| || || Bog: Knave of Tinmen || || Remote Bog: Carcinogenic 'Nam Curse || || || || {-} Well-Doers {-} || || The Black Avenger, Nuker, The Living Ego, William F. 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