A GUIDE TO CLASSICAL INDIANJAZZ FUSION Release 4.2, April 1994 by allen `alley cat' lutins

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A GUIDE TO CLASSICAL INDIAN/JAZZ FUSION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Release 4.2, April 1994 by allen `alley cat' lutins Posted to Usenet groups rec.music.bluenote, rec.music.indian.classical, and rec.music.indian.misc, and Bitnet groups India-L and Allmusic. Archived at quartz.rutgers.edu as /pub/music/indian-jazz-guide.gz and at cs.uwp.edu as /pub/music/discog/indian.fusion. Also found in the rec.music.indian.classical and rec.music.indian.misc archives at nic.funet.fi in /pub/culture/music/indian. Hypertext version available through World Wide Web browser at http://www.acns.nwu.edu/jazz/discog/indian-jazz.html, thanks to Joe Germuska (j-germuska@nwu.edu). Although avant-garde musicians discovered the joy of classical Indian music long before, it wasn't until the mid/late 1960's that classical Indian music found its way into the mainstream of Western music, when the Beatles' George Harrison popularized the sitar. Since then, the influence of classical Indian music has been felt in rock and roll, jazz, and beyond. This is a guide to jazz music which contains elements of classical Indian music. This guide is a spin-off from a discussion on the Usenet group rec.music.bluenote. The people who contribute to that group's discussion are responsible for much of the information contained herein, and i am forever in their debt for their help & continued assistance in keeping this list up-to-date. As jazz has no definitive boundaries, there is certainly some overlap with rock and roll; i've also included `New Age' listings as some would classify it as jazz. I have *not* included Western Classical, rock, or other non-jazz collaborations between Indian and Western artists (such as Ravi Shankar's collaborations with Yehudi Menuhin, Zubin Mehta, Andre Previn, George Harrison, Philip Glass, etc.). The list is pretty straight-forward, in alphabetical order according to last name; references which can be consulted separately are CAPITALIZED. I didn't include every album by each artist mentioned, but rather those albums which contain elements of both classical Indian music *and* jazz. I wish i could individually thank each and every person who contributed to the Classical Indian/Jazz fusion thread (and thus this work), but there's too many to name... Of course, any errors are my own, and will be corrected in the next edition of this list...*please* feel free to contribute additions, corrections, comments, whatever! -allen lutins al2032@thor.albany.edu ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ JOHN ABERCROMBIE -- see COLLIN WALCOTT ---------------- ANCIENT FUTURE -------------- More `New Age' than jazz, Ancient Future combines instruments from the world over, including many Indian instruments. Guest performers on "Asian Journal" include NANA VASCONCELOS (percussion) and BADAL ROY (tabla). Standard line-up: Matthew Montfort (guitar, gamelan, zither, sitar, etc.), Mindy Klein (flutes), Benjy Wertheimer (tabla, esraj, percussion), Kazuyo Moramoto (koto), Teja Bell (guitar), Nyomen Kawiana (kajar), Wayan Ludra (kukul), Phil Fong (guitar, sarod), Christina Harmonia (vocal), Jim Loveless (marimba), Jeroen Van Tyn (violin), Mark Fuller (cymbal) Album: Visions of a Peaceful Planet (Beauty AF-79) Album: Natural Rhythms (1981, Philo 9006) Album: Asian Journal (Music of the World J-101) ANTIGRAVITY -- see WARREN SENDERS ----------- BETWEEN ------- Sort of a German Paul Winter Consort or Oregon, with many musicians on a variety of world instruments, including some from (surprise!) India. The Indian influence derives primarily from leader PETER MICHAEL HAMEL's work. Standard line-up: Roberto Detree (guitar), Robert Eliscu (wind), Peter Michael Hamel (keys), and (on "Einstag", "And the Waters Opened" and "Dharana") Cotch Black (percussion) Album: Einstieg (1971, Wergo SM-1001) [Includes Irish flutist James Galway] Personnel: Standard, plus "Jimmy J." Galway (flute), Ulrich Stranz Album: Dharana (Wergo SM-1011) Personnel: Standard, plus Gary Todd (bass), Charles Campbell (conga), Anatol Arkus (synth), Aparna Chakravarti (tamboura) Album: Hesse Between Music (Electrola 062 29546) Personnel: Standard, plus Holger Brandt (drums), Franz Lehrndorfer (keys), Peter Muller, Tom van der Geld (vibes), Bobby Jones (wind), Gert Westphal (vocal), Jerzy Ziembrowski (bass) Album: Contemplation (Wergo SM-1012) Album: And the Waters Opened (Wergo SM-1014) Personnel: Standard, plus Duru Omson (drums) Album: Stille uber der Zeit/Silence Beyond Time (Wergo SM-1023) VISHWA MOHAN BHATT -- see RY COODER ------------------ CARLA BLEY ---------- Bley's 3-record album "Escalator Over the Hill" features many familiar artists, including DON CHERRY, CHARLIE HADEN, JOHN MCLAUGHLIN and PERRY ROBINSON (not to mention rock giant Jack Bruce, and even Linda Ronstatd!). Only a few of the pieces contain characteristics of classical Indian music, notably "All India Radio" and "Rawalpindhi Blues". Album: Escalator Over the Hill (1972, JCOA EOTH 3 & JCOA JT 4001; 1974, JCOA 1003 4 5 & Barclay 840050 1 2) Personnel: Carla Bley (vocals, keys), Gato Barbieri (sax), Jack Bruce (vocals, bass), Don Cherry (trumpet), Charlie Haden (bass), Paul Jones (vocal), Karen Mantler (vocals, glockenspiel), Mike Mantler (trumpet, piano), John McLaughlin (guitar), Paul Motian (drums, percussion), Don Preston (synth), Perry Robinson (clarinet), Linda Ronstatd (vocals), Rosewell Rudd (trombone, vocals), and Bob Stewart (vocals, tuba) DAVE BRUBECK ------------ This famous jazz saxophonist featured some Indian-inspired pieces on a couple of his albums. Album: Summit Sessions Personnel: Dave Brubeck (sax), Palghat Raghu (percussion) HERB BUSHLER -- see PAUL WINTER CONSORT ------------ HARIPRASAD CHAURASIA -- see ZAKIR HUSSAIN -------------------- Chaurasia, a flute player, was a student of Annapurna Devi, ex-wife of RAVI SHANKAR. DON CHERRY ---------- Another prolific indian-jazz fusion artist. Trumpeter Cherry was one of the three CODONA members, and has also played with TRILOK GURTU, L. SHANKAR, and JAI UTTAL. Album: Sangam [with Latif Khan] (Europa JP-2009) Personnel: Don Cherry (trumpet), Latif Khan (tabla) Album: The Eternal Now (1973; Sonnet SNTF 653) Personnel: Don Cherry (trumpet), Bengt Berger (mridangam) Album: Actions [with Krzystof Penderecki] (1971, Wergo SM 1010; Philips 6305153) Personnel: Don Cherry (trumpet, flute, vocals), Loes Macgillycutty (vocals), Mocqui Cherry (tamboura), Manfred Schoof, Tomasz Stanko, Kenny Wheeler (horns), Paul Rutherford, Albert Mangelsdorff (trombone), Gerd Dudek (sax), Peter Broetzman (sax), Willem Breuker (sax), Gunter Hampel (flute, bass clarinet), Fred Van Hove (piano), Terje Rypdal (guitar), Buschi Niebergall (bass), Peter Warren (bass), Han Bennink (percussion) CODONA ------ A few pieces by Codona (the name is derived from the leading letters of the first names of its three members) have an Indian feel due to the presence of Sitar/Tabla player COLLIN WALCOTT. Trumpeter DON CHERRY has also worked with Indian/Jazz fusion artist extraordinaire L. SHANKAR. Percussionist NANA VASCONCELOS has collaborated with other indian-jazz fusion figures, notably JAN GARBAREK; he is also known for his work with the Pat Metheny Group. Standard line-up: Collin Walcott (sitar, tabla, hammered dulcimer, sanza, vocal), Don Cherry (trumpet, flute, doussn'gouni, vocal), Nana Vasconcelos (percussion, voice) Album: Codona (1979, ECM 1132 [CD]) Album: Codona 2 (1981, ECM 1177 [CD]) Album: Codona 3 (1983, ECM 1243 [CD]) ALICE COLTRANE -------------- Some of Alice Coltrane's inspiration to incorporate classical Indian music into her piano and harp playing derived from her time spent with guru Sri Chinmoy, under whom CARLOS SANTANA and JOHN MCLAUGHLIN also studied. Some of her collaborations with CARLOS SANTANA and PHARAOH SANDERS utilize Indian instruments (the drone of the tamboura is often present). Check out the title track from "Journey in Satchidananda", and "Angel of Sunlight" from "Illuminations". Coltrane is the wife of the late John Coltrane. Album: Illuminations [with Carlos Santana] (1974, CBS/Columbia PC32900 [LP]) Personnel: Turiya Alice Coltrane (harp, keys), Devadip Carlos Santana (guitar), Tom Coster (keys), Jules Broussard (sax, flute), Prabuddha Phil Browne (tamboura), David Holland (bass), Jack DeJohnette (percussion), Armando Peraza (congas), Phil Ford (tabla) Album: Radha-Krsna Nama Sankirtanat Album: Journey in Satchidananda (with Pharaoh Sanders) Album: Transcendence RY COODER --------- Another U.S. guitarist whose varied collaborations include at least one with an Indian artist; in this case, V.M. Bhatt, who plays the `mohan' veena. Ry Cooder's son plays dumbek, a Middle Eastern drum, on the album listed below. Album: Meeting by the River Personnel: Ry Cooder (guitar), Vishwa Mohan Bhatt (veena) LARRY CORYELL ------------- Coryell's Indian-jazz fusion collaborations (with OREGON members RALPH TOWNER, COLLIN WALCOTT, and GLEN MOORE, and with STU GOLDBERG and Indian- jazz fusion artist L. SUBRAMANIAM) lend an Indian flavor to some of his works. One informant reports that Coryell once sat in for an ailing JOHN MCLAUGHLIN during a live SHAKTI performance. Album: The Restful Mind (1975, Vanguard VSD 79353 [LP]) Personnel: Larry Coryell (guitar), Ralph Towner (guitar), Collin Walcott (tabla, congas), Glen Moore (bass) Album: Standing Ovation (1978, Mood 22888 {US}, Arista Novus AN-3024 {UK}) Personnel: Larry Coryell (guitar, keys), L. Subramaniam (violin, tamboura) COSMOLOGY --------- Album: ditto (1977, Vanguard VSD 79394) Personnel: Dawn Thompson (vocal, percussion), John D'earth (trumpet, flugelhorn), Dave Glenn (trombone), Armen Donelian (keyboards), Rick Kilburn (bass), Bob Jospe (drums), Collin Walcott (sitar,percussion) DARK ---- I know little about this group except that it features MARK NAUSEEF. Their album "Tamna Voda" may fit the Indian-jazz fusion category, as it features L. SHANKAR. Album: Tamna Voda DAVID DARLING -- see PAUL WINTER CONSORT ------------- Darling played cello with the PAUL WINTER CONSORT in addition to his solo album "Cycles", which features, among others, COLLIN WALCOTT and JAN GARBAREK. Darling went on to form a group named Radiance (another Paul Winter Consort offshoot) with oboist Nancy Rumbell and guitarist Jim Scott. Album: Cycles (1982, ECM 1219 [CD]) Personnel: David Darling (cello), Collin Walcott (sitar, percussion), Steve Kuhn (piano), Jan Garbarek (sax), Arild Andersen (bass), Oscar Castro-Neves (guitar) MILES DAVIS ----------- Miles Davis features a minimal part for sitar on his album "Big Fun", which features JOHN MCLAUGHLIN (who collaborated with Davis on a number of albums). His album "On the Corner" features both McLaughlin and COLLIN WALCOTT. Who is that on sitar in "Guinnevere" on "Circle in the Round", that eclectic album of previously unreleased tracks? Album: Big Fun (1969, Columbia PG 32866, CBS S 88024, CBS-Sony SOPW 5/6,CBS-Sony 36AP1779/80, CBS-Sony 28AP2159/60) Album: On the Corner (1973, CBS 31906 {US}, CBS 65245 {UK}) Album: Circle in the Round (1979, CBS 36278 {US}) JACK DEJOHNETTE -- see ALICE COLTRANE, COLLIN WALCOTT --------------- DIGA RHYTHM BAND -- see MICKEY HART ---------------- MARK EGAN --------- Jazz bassist heavily influenced by Indian music. Album: A Touch of Light (GRP 9572) Personnel: Mark Egan (bass), Danny Gottlieb (cymbals, tabla), Clifford Carter (keys), Bill Evans (sax), Cafe (percussion) EMBRYO ------ Embryo is a jazz/rock/ethno-fusion group from Germany featuring African and Indian musicians. PETER MICHAEL HAMEL was among the regular members. Standard line-up: Christian Burchard, Peter Michael Hamel, Roman Bunka Other Album: Apo Calypso (1977, April) Personnel: ? (includes Trilok Gurtu and Shoba Gurtu) Album: Turn/Peace (1989, Schneeball) Album: Zack Gluck (1984, Materiali Sonori) Album: La Blama Sparozzi (1982) FLAIRCK ------- A Dutch group; the listed album contains an ethnic blend, including sitar. Album: Variations on a Lady (1980, Polydor PD-1-6243 & Polydor NL 2480 508) PETER GABRIEL -- see JON HASSELL, L. SHANKAR ------------- JAN GARBAREK ------------ Garbarek collaborates with instrumentalists from throughout the world, often with Brazilian artists EGBERTO GISMONTI (guitar) and NANA VASCONCELOS (percussion). He has also collaborated with RALPH TOWNER and ZAKIR HUSSAIN. Album: Ragas and Sagas [with Ustad Fateh Ali Khan] (1992, ECM 1442 [CD]) EGBERTO GISMONTI ---------------- Another worldly musician whose world includes OREGON members RALPH TOWNER and COLLIN WALCOTT, and sometimes Indian-jazz fusion artists NANA VASCONCELOS and JAN GARBAREK. Album: Sol Do Meio Dia (1977, ECM 1116 [CD]) Personnel: Egberto Gismonti (guitars, piano, percussion, flute), Nana Vasconcelos (percussion), Ralph Towner (guitar), Collin Walcott (tabla), Jan Garbarek (sax) STU GOLDBERG ------------ Another jazz artist who collaborated with Indian-jazz fusion great L. SUBRAMANIAM (and jazz guitarist LARRY CORYELL) on his own album, and with JOHN MCLAUGHLIN with the latter's One Truth Band. Album: Solos, Duos, Trio (1978, Pausa 736 {US}, MPS 61400 {Germany}) Personnel: Stu Goldberg (keys), Larry Coryell (guitar), L. Subramaniam (violin) TRILOK GURTU ------------ Gurtu really gets around in the Indian-jazz fusion world; in addition to the performers (DON CHERRY, JAN GARBAREK, L. SHANKAR, RALPH TOWNER, and NANA VASCONCELOS) on the albums listed below, he has accompanied JOHN MCLAUGHLIN, performed with MICKEY HART's group, and became a permanent member (following the death of COLLIN WALCOTT in 1984) of OREGON, having also played on a solo album ("Heresay", not an Indian-jazz fusion album) of Oregon's PAUL MCCANDLESS. Other notable jazz musicians with whom he has played (on his most recent album) include Pat Metheny and Joe Zawinul. Also check out EMBRYO, BILL LASWELL, MARK NAUSEEF, BARRE PHILLIPS, and WORLD MUSIC MEETING. Album: Usfret (1988, CMP CD33 [CD]) Personnel: Trilok Gurtu (percussion, voice), Shobha Gurtu (voice), Ralph Towner (guitars, keys), Don Cherry (trumpet), L. Shankar (violin), Daniel Goyone (keys), Jonas Hellborg (bass), Walter Quintus (tamboura) Album: Living Magic (1991, CMP CD50 [CD]) Personnel: Trilok Gurtu (percussion), Jan Garbarek (sax), Nana Vasconcelos (percussion), Daniel Goyone (keys), Nicolas Fiszman (bass, guitar), Tunde Jegede (kora, piano), Shanthi Rao (veena) Album: Crazy Saints (1993) Personnel: Trilok Gurtu (percussion), Shobha Gurtu (vocals), Daniel Goyone (keys), Pat Matheny (guitar), Joe Zawinul (keys), Ernst Reijseger (cello), Marc Bertaux (bass) CHARLIE HADEN -- see CARLA BLEY, JOHN MCLAUGHLIN ------------- PETER MICHAEL HAMEL ------------------- Best known for his work with Indian-jazz fusion group BETWEEN, composer/ keyboardist/author Hamel boasts a number of solo projects and collaborations spanning a variety of styles. The albums listed below incorporate Indian scales. Album: Hamel (1973; Vertigo 664 1055) Personnel: Peter Michael Hamel (keys, vocals) Album: Aura (Wergo SM-1009) Album: Nada (CH CEL-001) HERBIE HANCOCK -- see L. SUBRAMANIAM -------------- JOHN HANDY ---------- Handy's band "Rainbow" cut an album with omnipresent Indian-jazz fusion artist L. SUBRAMANIAM; both of the albums listed here include sarod master Ali Akbar Khan. Album: Karuna Supreme [with Ali Akbar Khan] (1976, BASF g22791) Artist: Rainbow Album: Rainbow (1981, Verve/MPS 821-666-4) Personnel: John Handy (sax), Ali Akbar Khan (sarod), L. Subramaniam (violin), Shyam Kane (tabla), Mary Johnson (tamboura). JOE HARRIOT ----------- Innovative avant-garde jazz alto saxophonist who features Indian musicians. Album: Indo-Jazz Suite (1965, Columbia SX 6025; Atlantic 1465) Album: Indo-Jazz Fusions [with John Mayer Double Quintet] (1966, Columbia SX 6122; 1968, EMI duo123) Album: Indo-Jazz Fusions II (1967, Columbia SX 6215) MICKEY HART ----------- Mickey Hart, better known as drummer for rock group The Grateful Dead, is also a musicologist who has assembled unparalleled ensembles of musicians from throughout the world, particularly percussion ensembles. TRILOK GURTU and ZAKIR HUSSAIN, two of Indian-jazz fusion's more prolific artists, appear on his albums. Album: Rolling Thunder (1972, WB 2635 {US}, K 46182 {UK}) Personnel: Mickey Hart (drums, vocal), Stephen Stills (guitar, vocal), John Cipollina (guitar), Steve Shuster (flute), Tower of Power (horns), Phil Lesh (vocal), Paul Kantner (vocal), Jerry Garcia (guitar), Barry Melton (guitar), David Freiberg (keys, guitar, vocal, bass), Mike Hinton (marimba), Greg Enrico (drums), Carmelo Garcia (percussion), Bill Champlin (keys), Robbie Stokes (guitar), Zakir Hussain (tabla), Terry Hagerty (bass), Bon Weir (guitar, vocal), Alla Rakha (tabla), Grace Slick (vocal), Sam Andrew (guitar), Nancy Hinton (marimba) Artist: Diga Rhythm Band Album: Diga Rhythm Band (1976, UA Round UAS 29975 {UK}, RXLA 600G {US}) Personnel: Mickey Hart, Jim Loveless, Ray Spiegel, Joy Schulman, Arshad Syed, Tor Dietrichson, Zakir Hussain, Jordan Amarantha, Ashim Chaudhuri, Peter Carmichael, Vince Deleacho (all percussion) Artist: Mickey Hart Album: At The Edge (Rykodisk ?) Artist: Mickey Hart Album: Planet Drum (Rykodisk?) JON HASSELL ----------- Hassell, like a number of people listed in this guide, spent some time studying Indian vocal technique (with Pandit Pran Nath), which he incorporated into his trumpet playing. His collaborations with famous musicians are numerous, including PETER GABRIEL, Brian Eno, NANA VASCONCELOS, The Talking Heads, and BADAL ROY. Album: Vernal Equinox (1977, Lovely Music, LML-1021 [LP]; LCD-1021 [CD]) Personnel: Jon Hassell (trumpet, keys), Nana Vasconcelos (percussion), David Rosenboom (mbira, tabla, percussion), Miguel Frasconi (claves, bells), Nicolas Kilbourn (mbira, talking drum), William Winant (rattles, kanjira) Album: Earthquake Island (1978, Tomato, TOM-7019 [LP]; 269612 [CD]) Personnel: Jon Hassell (trumpet, synths), Nana Vasconcelos (percussion), Miroslav Vitous (bass), Claudio Faereira (guitar, bass), Ricardo Silveira (guitar), Badal Roy (tabla), Dom Um Romao (percussion), Clarice Taylor (vocals) DAVID HOLLAND -- see ALICE COLTRANE, COLLIN WALCOTT ------------- PAUL HORN --------- The aptly-named Horn plays (what else?) horns, and combines Indian music on some of his Albums, having previously played with RAVI SHANKAR. Album: In India (1976, Bluenote {US}, BNLAD 519 {UK}) Album: Inside the Taj Mahal (Kuckock 062) ZAKIR HUSSAIN ------------- This tabla player, the son of tabla master ALLA RAKHA, has performed with many of the artists in this guide, as well as a number of rock artists (e.g., Van Morrison, George Harrison, and Nova, an early Phil Collins band). He was a member of SHAKTI, and collaborated with Shakti members JOHN MCLAUGHLIN and L. SHANKAR on many of their other albums. See also BILL LASWELL, JAN GARBAREK, MICKEY HART and L. SUBRAMANIAM. Artist: Shanti Album: Shanti (1971, Atlantic SD 8302) Personnel: Zakir Hussain (tabla), Ashish Khan (sarod), Neil Seidel (guitar), Pranesh Khan (tabla) Album: Making Music (1986, ECM 1349) Personnel: Zakir Hussain (tabla), Jan Garbarek (sax), John McLaughlin (guitar), Hariprasad Chaurasia (flute) INDO-BRITISH ENSEMBLE --------------------- Album: Curried Jazz (1969, MFP 1307) Personnel: Kenny Wheeler (flugelhorn, trumpet), Jeff Clyne (bass) ELVIN JONES -- see OREGON ----------- PERCY JONES ----------- L. SHANKAR joins Jones on his album "Propeller Music". Jones also contributes to the music of JON HASSELL. Album: Propeller Music KARNATAKA COLLEGE OF PERCUSSION -- see CHARLIE MARIANO ------------------------------- KHAN FAMILY ----------- Album: European Jazz Ensemble Meets the Khan Family (1992, M.A Music 807) Personnel: Ustad Zamir Ahmed Khan (sitar, tabla), Irshad Hussain Khan (tabla), Ustad Munir Khan (sarangi), Thomas Heberer (horns), Manfred Schoof (horns), Rainer Winterschladen (horns), E.L. Petrowsky (sax), Gerd Dudeck (sax), Stan Sulzmann (saxe, flute), Philip Catherine (guitar), Ali Haurand (bass), Tony Levin (drums), Joachim Kuhn (piano), Rob Van Den Broeck (piano), Uschi Bruning (vocals) ALI AKBAR KHAN -------------- This master sarod player appears with RAVI SHANKAR in classical performances; he also appears on an Indian-jazz fusion album with JOHN HANDY. Ali Akbar Khan tutored many students, including JAI UTTAL. USTED FATEH ALI KHAN -- see JAN GARBAREK -------------------- VOLKER KRIEGEL -------------- This guitarist was reputedly highly revered in Germany for some time. This is the only album where he plays sitar as well. Album: Spectrum (1971; MPS 68034) Personnel: John Taylor (piano), Volker Kriegel (guitar, sitar), Peter Trunk (bass), Peter Baumeister, Cees See (percussion) STEVE LACY ---------- Album: Explorations Personnel: Subroto Roy Chowdhury (sitar), Steve Lacy (sax), Shibsankar Ray (tabla), Patricia Martin (tamboura) BILL LASWELL ------------ Another who features the perennial Indian-jazz fusion artists L. SHANKAR, TRILOK GURTU, and ZAKIR HUSSAIN. Album: Hear No Evil Personnel: Nicky Skopelitas (guitar), Bill Laswell (bass), L. Shankar (violin), Aiyb Dieng (percussion), Trilok Gurtu (percussion), Zakir Hussain (percussion) LES MISERABLES BRASS BAND ------------------------- Album: Manic Traditions (Northeastern) Personnel: Frank London (trumpet), Jeanne Snodgrass (trumpet), Dave Harris (trombone), Vinny Nobile (trombone), Marshall Sealy (french horn), Matt Darriau (woodwinds), Marcus Rojas (tuba), Taki Masuko (percussion) DAVE LIEBMAN ------------ Another Jazz musician who features BADAL ROY in his enemble. Album: Sweet Hands (1975, A&M) Personnel: David Liebman (sax), Charlie Haden (acoustic bass), John Abercrombie (acoustic guitar), Badal Roy (tabla), Gita Roy (tamboura), Arooj Lazewal (sitar) THE ALAN LORBER ORCHESTRA ------------------------- Album: The Lotus Place (196?, Verve V-8711) Personnel: Collin Walcott (sitar,tabla), Donald Robertson (tamboura), Jerome Richardson (sax, flute), Vincent Bell (guitar, el-sitar), Hugh McCracken (guitar), Howard Hirsch (percussion) LOTHLORIEN ---------- Similar (IMHO) to Ancient Future, Lothlorien coaxes a blend of instruments from throughout the world into a sound perhaps better termed `New Age' than jazz. The presence of sarod and tabla lend a strong Indian accent to some of their pieces. Standard line-up: Jim Palmer (sarod, harp, guitar), Rebecca Dunnell (flute, recorder), Chris Weigers (bass), Larry LeMasters (tabla, santur) Album: Lothlorien (1980, private release) Personnel: Standard, plus Anton Denner (bassoon) and Diane Brown (tamboura) Album: Spaces (private release) JIM LOVELESS -- see ANCIENT FUTURE, MICKEY HART ------------ CHARLIE MARIANO --------------- Mariano, a sax and flute player, has collaborated on a few Indian-jazz fusion projects, including the WORLD MUSIC MEETING album. Artist: Charlie Mariano and the Karnataka College of Percussion Album: Jyothi (1983, ECM 1256 [CD]) ALAIN MARKUSFELD ---------------- French guitarist and pianist who incorporates Indian influences in his music. Album: Contemporus (1979, Visa) Album: La Desert Noir (1977, Egg) Album: Platock (1978, Egg) PAUL MCCANDLESS -- see OREGON, PAUL WINTER CONSORT, TRILOK GURTU --------------- JOHN MCLAUGHLIN --------------- Involved in numerous Indian-jazz fusion projects, most notably SHAKTI and solo/collaborative efforts of its members L. SHANKAR and ZAKIR HUSSAIN. Also played on a number of MILES DAVIS albums, including "BIG FUN", on which a sitar helps to evoke an Indian aura. Some of McLaughlin's solo efforts contain Indian-jazz fusion pieces, notably "Peace One" and "Peace Two" from "My Goal's Beyond". His "John McLaughlin Trio" included percussionist TRILOK GURTU. He is perhaps better known for his group Mahavishnu Orchestra, a seminal jazz/rock fusion band. Album: My Goal's Beyond (1971, Douglas 9, Columbia Z 30766, Electra Musician El-60031, Rykodisc RLP 10051 {US}, CBS DGL 69014, Electra Musician MUS 53261, CBS-Sony EPIA 53024, CBS-Sony ECPL 101) Personnel: John McLaughlin (guitar), Jerry Goodman (violin), Billy Cobham (drums), Dave Liebman (sax), Airto Moreira (percussion), Charlie Haden (bass), Maha Lakshmi (sitar), Jean Paul Celea (bass), Badal Roy (percussion) Artist: One Truth Band Album: One Truth Band 1978 Live Personnel: John McLaughlin (guitar), Fernando Saunders (bass), Anthony Allen Smith (drums), L. Shankar (violin), Stu Goldberg (keys) Album: Live At The Royal Festival Hall (1990, JMT 834 436-2 [CD]) Personnel: John McLaughlin (guitar), Kai Eckhardt (bass), Trilok Gurtu (percussion) Album: Que Alegria (1992, Verve 837 280-2 [CD]) Personnel: John McLaughlin (guitar), Trilok Gurtu (percussion), Dominique Di Piazza (bass), Kai Eckhardt (bass) JOHN MEYER ---------- Indian violinist. GLEN MOORE -- see OREGON, RALPH TOWNER, PAUL WINTER ---------- MYNTA ----- German? band. Album: Indian Times (1990?, VBR 2037 2) NATRAJ -- see PHIL SCARFF ------ MARK NAUSEEF -- see also DARK ------------ Album: Wun-wun (1984, CMP 25) Personnel: Mark Nauseef (percussion), Trilok Gurtu (tabla), Jack Bruce (bass) ONE TRUTH BAND -- see JOHN MCLAUGHLIN -------------- OREGON ------ Along with SHAKTI, this was perhaps one of the finest groups for Indian-jazz fusion (as well as other worldly) music, thanks to sitar/tabla player COLLIN WALCOTT, who unfortunately was killed at an early age in 1984 in an automobile accident in Germany. At that point, TRILOK GURTU took his place, and joined PAUL MCCANDLESS, RALPH TOWNER, and GLEN MOORE. all of whom (with Walcott) got their start performing with THE PAUL WINTER CONSORT. Standard line-up: Collin Walcott (sitar/tabla) or Trilok Gurtu (percussion), Paul McCandless (oboe, other winds), Ralph Towner (guitar, keys, horns), Glen Moore (bass, piano, violin, flute) Album: Music of Another Present Era (1972, Vanguard VSD 79326 [LP]; Terra/Vanguard T-1) Album: Aurora (1973) Album: Distant Hills (1974, Vanguard 79341 [LP]) Album: Winter Light (1975, Vanguard 79350 [LP], Vanguard VMD 79350 [CD]) Album: In Concert (1975, Vanguard VSD 79358 [LP]) Album: Friends (1975, Vanguard VSD 79370 [LP]) Album: Moon and Mind (?, Vanguard VSD 79419 [LP]) Album: Oregon/Elvin Jones Together (1977, Vanguard VSD 79377 [LP]) Album: Out Of The Woods (1978, Elektra 52 101 [LP], Elektra 6E-154 [CD], Discovery 71004 [CD]) Album: Violin [with Zbigniew Seifert (violin)] (1978, Vanguard VAN 79397 [LP]) Album: Roots In The Sky (1979, Elektra 52 129 [LP], Elektra 6E-224 [CD], Discovery 71005 [CD]) Album: In Performance (1980, Elektra 62 028 [LP]; Elektra 9E-304) Album: Our First Record (1980) Vanguard 79432) Album: Oregon (1983, ECM 1258 [CD]; ECM 23796-1) Album: Crossing (1985, ECM 1291 [CD]; ECM 25025-1) Album: Essential Oregon (1987, Vanguard VAN 109 [LP], Vanguard, VCD-109/10 [CD]) Album: Ecotopia (1987, ECM 1354 [CD]) Album: 45th Parallel [with Nancy King (vocal)] (1989, veraBr vBr 2048-2 [CD], Portrait RK 44465 {US} [CD]) Album: Always Never And Forever (1991, veraBr vBr 2073-2 [CD], Intuition label {US} [CD]) BARRE PHILLIPS -------------- Phillips, a bass player, generates mostly spacey stuff, some of which sounds Indian due to the presence of TRILOK GURTU on Indian percussion. Album: Three Day Moon (1979, ECM 1123) Personnel: Barre Phillips (bass), Terje Rypdal (guitar, synth, organ), Trilok Gurtu (percussion), Dieter Feichtner (synth). ALLA RAKHA ---------- Alla Rakha was COLLIN WALCOTT's tabla mentor and father of tabla player ZAKIR HUSSAIN. He appears on numerous classical Indian and Indian-jazz fusion albums, including those of MICKEY HART, VASANT RAI, and RAVI SHANKAR. Album: Rich a la Rakha Personnel: Alla Rakha (tabla), Buddy Rich (drums), Ravi Shankar (sitar). VASANT RAI ---------- Rai, a sarod player (he also plays guitar, flute and piano!), in addition to Classical Indian performances with ALLA RAKHA, also produced the following Indian-jazz fusion albums: Album: Spring Flowers (Vanguard VSD-79379) Album: Autumn Song (Vanguard VSD-79414) RAINBOW -- see JOHN HANDY ------- PERRY ROBINSON -------------- In addition to playing with familiar Indian-jazz fusion artists BADAL ROY and NANA VASCONCELOS, Robinson also appears on CARLA BLEY's "Escalator Over the Hill". Album: Kundalini (1978, Improvising Artists IAI 373856) Personnel: Perry Robinson (clarinet), Badal Roy (tabla), Nana Vasconcelos (percussion) BADAL ROY --------- In addition to being a prolific Classical Indian tabla player, Roy produced a number of Indian-Jazz fusion albums on his own, and with ANCIENT FUTURE, JON HASSELL, and JOHN MCLAUGHLIN. In addition, he appears on PERRY ROBINSON's "Kundalini" and DAVID LIEBMAN's "Sweet Hands." Album: Passing Dreams (1976, Adamo ADS9501) PHARAOH SANDERS --------------- Sanders' sax playing is very meditative, with lots of ethnic percussion, and borders on Indian-jazz fusion. The epitome of this sound is perhaps the song "Harvest Time" on "Pharaoh", which is very raga-like. In addition to his solo works, he appears with other artists, notably ALICE COLTRANE. Album: Pharaoh (India Navigation IN-1027) Album: Best of (Impulse 9229) CARLOS SANTANA -- see ALICE COLTRANE, JOHN MCLAUGHLIN -------------- PHIL SCARFF ----------- Scarff, a jazz saxophonist and composer, studied North Indian classical music. His approach to the soprano saxophone emulates shehnai and sundri as well as bansuri. He performs not only with his own group, Natraj, but also with WARREN SENDERS' Antigravity. Artist: Natraj Album: The Goat Also Gallops (1990, Accurate Records AC-3422) Personnel: Matt Maneri (violin), Michael Rivard (string bass), Jerry Leake (tabla and percussion), Simon Haggiag (percussion) Artist: Natraj Album: Meet Me Anywhere (1994, Dorian Discovery DIS-80119) Personnel: Mick Goodrick (guitar), WARREN SENDERS (vocals), Michael Rivard (bass), Jerry Leake (tabla/percussion), Steve Gorn (bamboo flute), Godwin Agbeli (West African percussion), Russ Gold (percussion) IRENE SCHWEIZER --------------- Album: Jazz meets India (1967, MPS 15142) Personnel: Irene Schweizer (piano), Manfred Schoof (trumpet), Barney Wilen (sax), Uli Trepte (bass), Many Neumeier (drums), Dewan Motihar (sitar), Keshav Sathe (tabla), Kusum Thakur (tamboura) TOM SCOTT --------- A session player who appears on many albums, including those RAVI SHANKAR's "Charly". Album: The Honeysuckle Breeze (1967, Impulse AS 9163) Personnel: Tom Scott (sax, flute), Bill Plummer (sitar) WARREN SENDERS -------------- Senders is an American bassist who studied North Indian singing. He applied his Indian training to a jazz ensemble, Antigravity, that he formed in India. There is also a branch of Antigravity based in Boston which features his wife Vijaya Sundaram on guitar, PHIL SCARFF on sax, Bob Pilkington on trombone, and Jerry Leake on tabla. Album: Antigravity (1992, Cadence; Accurate Records AC-4307 [CD]) SHAKTI ------ The unequaled *epitome* (IMHO) of Classical Indian/jazz fusion. Guitarist JOHN MCLAUGHLIN, violinist L. SHANKAR, and percussionists ZAKIR HUSSAIN, and T.H. Vinayakram came together for an altogether too brief three albums to produce music in a class of its own. Standard line-up: L. Shankar (violin), John McLaughlin (guitar), Zakir Hussain (percussion), T.H. Vinayakram (percussion) Album: Shakti with John McLaughlin (1975, Columbia PC 34162 {US}, CBS 81388 {UK}; CBS-Sony 25AP117) Personnel: Standard line-up, with R. Raghavan, mridangam Album: Handful of Beauty (1976, Columbia PC 34372 {US}, CBS 81664 {UK}, CBS-Sony 25AP512) Album: Natural Elements (1977, Columbia JC 34980 {US}, CBS 82329 {UK}, CBS-Sony 25AP851) BUD SHANK -- see RAVI SHANKAR, L. SUBRAMANIAM --------- L. SHANKAR ---------- Shankar, a South Indian violinist, is *not* directly related to North Indian sitar player Ravi Shankar, although he is the brother of violinist L. SUBRAMANIAM. [The L. in their names is short for Lakshminarayana; to make matters confusing, there is another L. (Lakshmi) Shankar (a female vocalist) who appears on at least one jazz-Indian fusion album!] In addition to being a member of SHAKTI, Shankar performed separately with its members ZAKIR HUSSAIN and JOHN MCLAUGHLIN, as well as with various other jazz artists, including DARK, JAN GARBAREK, TRILOK GURTU, JON HASSELL, and PERCY JONES. Shankar is an amazingly versatile performer, having played rock and roll with his own group "The Epidemics" (which includes his wife Caroline), and with, among others, Frank Zappa, PETER GABRIEL, George Harrison, The Talking Heads). Shankar also plays pure Classical Indian music, as well as Western symphonic music. Album: Song for Everyone (1985, ECM 1286) Personnel: L. Shankar (violin), Jan Garbarek (sax), Trilok Gurtu (percussion), Zakir Hussain (percussion) Album: Vision (1984, ECM 1261) Personnel: L. Shankar (violin), Palle Mikkelborg (trumpet), Jan Garbarek (sax) RAVI SHANKAR ------------ This well-known North Indian sitar player (arguably one of the finest musicians in the world) has dabbled in innumerous genres, including Indian-jazz fusion, especially with PAUL HORN. He's probably played with every known Indian musician, including ALLA RAKHA. Included among those on his Indian-jazz fusion albums are BUD SHANK and TOM SCOTT. Album: ? (1961, World Pacific ST 21416) Personnel: Ravi Shankar (sitar), Kanai Dutta (tabla), Nadu Mullick, Harihar Rao (tamboura), Bud Shank (flute), Dennis Budimir (guitar), Gary Peacock (bass), Louis Hayes(drums). [Johann Haidenbauer notes: "Unfortunately I don't know the title of this record. This is the earliest Jazz/Indian-music fusion album I know of."] Album: Charly (Soundtrack) (1967/8?, EMI OASD 7552) Personnel: Ravi Shankar (sitar), Alla Rakha (tabla), Bud Shank, Tom Scott (flute), Artie Kane (piano), Laurindo Almeida, Bob Bain (guitar), Ray Brown, Bill Plummer (bass), Emil Richards, Milt Holland (percussion), Collin Walcott Album: Improvisations (1965, RSMC-6; Fontana TL5285) Personnel: Ravi Shankar (sitar), Paul Horn (flute), Bud Shank (flute), Alla Rakha (tabla), Kanai Dutta (tabla). SHANTI -- see ZAKIR HUSSAIN ------ STRUNTZ & FARAH --------------- Album : Mosaico (1980; Ganesh DRLS 4004) Personnel: Jorge Struntz, Ardeshir Farah (guitar), L. Subramaniam (violin), Gregg Lee (bass), Ron Wagner (drums), Luis Conte (percussion) L. SUBRAMANIAM -------------- Violinist Subramaniam is from a South Indian violin-playing family which includes his brother L. SHANKAR. He has collaborated with a number of jazz artists, including LARRY CORYELL, STU GOLDBERG, HERBIE HANCOCK, and STRUNTZ & FARAH. Album: Blossom [with Herbie Hancock] (1981, Crusader's Records/MCA) Album: Garland [with Svend Asmussen] (1978, Stv SLP 4075; 1982, Storyville Records) Personnel: Kenneth Knudsen (keys), Ole Flick (guitar), Huge Rasmussen, Kim Menzer (percussion), Bo Stiff (bass) Album: Fantasy without limits (1979, Trend TR 524) Personnel: Frank Morgan (sax), Zakir Hussain (tabla) Album: Album: Indian Express (1984, Milestone M9120) Personnel: Kim Menzer (trombone), Hubert Laws (flute) Album: Conversation (1984, Milestone M9130) Personnel: Frank Morgan (sax), Stephanie Grapelli (violin), Joe Sample (keys) Album: Mani & Co (1985, Milestone M9138) Personnel: Maynard Ferguson (trumpet), Bud Shank (flute, sax), Larry Coryell (guitar), Tony Williams (drums) JUKKA TOLONEN ------------- Some Indian influence on this guitar/piano players' song "East Meets West" from "Mountain Stream". Album: Mountain Stream (Sonnet SLP-2636 {out of print}; Sonnet SNTF818) RALPH TOWNER ------------ Another musician who gets around a fair bit when it comes to Indian-jazz fusion. Towner went from the PAUL WINTER CONSORT to OREGON, and since that time performed with a number of artists mentioned in this guide, including LARRY CORYELL, JAN GARBAREK, EGBERTO GISMONTI, and Oregon members TRILOK GURTU, GLEN MOORE, PAUL MCCANDLESS and COLLIN WALCOTT. Album: Trios Solos [with Glen Moore] (1972, ECM 1025 [CD]) Personnel: Ralph Towner (guitar, piano), Glen Moore (bass), Paul McCandless (oboe), Collin Walcott (tabla) JAI UTTAL --------- Uttal is a sarod player who studied under renowned sarodist ALI AKBAR KHAN. He also plays keyboards and utilizes electronic sampling. Album: Footprints (1991?, Triloka) Personnel: Jai Uttal (sarod, vocal), Don Cherry (trumpet), Lakshmi Shankar (vocal), Daniel Paul Karp (tabla), Jerry Watts (bass) NANA VASCONCELOS ---------------- This Brazilian percussionist, perhaps best known as a member of the Pat Metheny group, appears on a variety of albums. He was a seminal member of CODONA, and performed with, among others, ANCIENT FUTURE and PERRY ROBINSON. [Albums listed under CODONA] COLLIN WALCOTT -------------- Originally a member of the PAUL WINTER CONSORT, Walcott went on to form OREGON with PAUL MCCANDLESS, RALPH TOWNER and GLEN MOORE. While in Oregon he concurrently teamed up with DON CHERRY and NANA VASCONCELOS to form the group CODONA, and also released solo albums and collaborations with JOHN ABERCROMBIE, DAVE HOLLAND, JACK DEJOHNETTE, and others. He played tabla on many albums, including MILES DAVIS' "On the Corner", COSMOLOGY's "Ditto", and THE ALAN LORBER ORCHESTRA's "The Lotus Place". Walcott studied tabla with ALLA RAKHA and briefly studied sitar with RAVI SHANKAR, with whom he has collaborated. Album: Cloud Dance [with John Abercrombie] (1975, ECM 1062 [CD]) Personnel: Collin Walcott (sitar, tabla), John Abercrombie (guitar), Dave Holland (bass), Jack DeJohnette (drums) Album: Grazing Dreams (1977, ECM 1096 [CD]) Personnel: Collin Walcott (sitar, tabla), John Abercrombie (guitars, mandolin), Don Cherry (trumpet, flute, doussn'gouni), Palle Danielsson (bass), Dom Um Romao (percussion) Album: Works (1988, ECM 837 276-2 [CD]) Album: Dawn Dance [with Steve Eliovson] (ECM 1198) Personnel: Collin Walcott (tabla), Steve Eliovson (guitar) Album: Eternal Wind [with Steve Eliovson] (Flying Fish FF-348) PETER WALKER ------------ Album: Second Poem to Karmela (1968, Vanguard VSD 79282) Personnel: Peter Walker (sarod, guitar), Jim Pepper (flute), John Blair (violin), Jim Hotep (tabla), Midnite (tamboura), Michael Chechik (organ), PAUL WINTER CONSORT ------------------- One of the earlier efforts at combining Western music with music from throughout the world, including lots of Indian influence thanks especially to the presence of COLLIN WALCOTT. Consort members Walcott, GLEN MOORE, PAUL MCCANDLESS and RALPH TOWNER went on to form OREGON. The Paul Winter Consort has been (and continues to be) highly prolific though it has seen many personnel changes over the years. (I'm not sure if all the albums listed below contain Indian-jazz fusion stuff.) Standard (early) line-up: Paul Winter (sax), Collin Walcott (tabla, sitar), Glen Moore (bass) or Herb Bushler (bass), Paul McCandless (oboe), Ralph Towner (guitar), David Darling (cello) Album: The Winter Consort (A&M SP-4170) Album: Something in the Wind (A&M SP-4207) Album: Road (A&M SP-4279) Album: Earthdance (A&M SP-4653) Album: Icarus (Living LMR-4) Album: Common Ground (A&M SP-4698) Album: Callings (Living LMR-1) WORLD MUSIC MEETING ------------------- This is one album i'd like to know more about...i got a tape from a friend with this album on it, but minimal information. In addition, i can barely read my friend's scrawl, so i'm sure i've got a lot of the names wrong. Quite a variety of world instruments, including, of course, Indian. This ensemble included TRILOK GURTU and CHARLIE MARIANO, among many other lesser known names. Album: World Music Meeting Personnel: Hozan Yamamoto (shakuhachi), Kazesimi Debski (violin), Charlie Mariano (sax), Alfred Harth (sax, clarinet, trumpet), Juan Jose Gosalini (bandonoon), Karl Berger (vibes, piano, marimba), Peter Kawatel (bass), Ken Johnson (percussion), Ponda O'Brian (percussion), Trilok Gurtu (percussion), Barry Altcshul (drums)


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