+quot;How Will I Laugh Tommorow.When I Can't Even Smile Today?+quot; by Suicidal Tendencie

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"How Will I Laugh Tommorow...When I Can't Even Smile Today?" by Suicidal Tendencies Here I sit and watch my world come tumbling down. I cry for help but no one's around. Silently screaming as I bang my head against the wall. It seems like no one cares at all. Always an emotion but how can I explain? Kind of like the scent of a rose with words I can't explain the same with my pain. Caught up in emotion. Goes over my head Some thimes I've got to think to my self, "Is this life or death? Am I living or am I dead?" The clock is ticking but nothing else seems to change Problems never solved just rearranged. And when I think about all the times that I've had Some were good. Most were bad. I search for personality. I look for things that I couldn't see. Peace and love would flash through my mind But pain and hate is all I'd find Find no hope in nothing new and I've never had a dream come true Lies and hate and agony. Through my eyes that's all I see. If I'm gonna cry, would you wipe away my tears? If I'm gonna die, Lord please take away my fears. Before I drown in sorrow, I just have to say How will I laugh tommorow when I can't even smile today? Today. Today. When I can't even smile today? You think that's funny? LAUGH AT THIS!


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