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Newsgroups: alt.rock-n-roll, From: (Malcolm Humes) Subject: Re: STEVE HILLAGE Message-ID: Keywords: acid gong hilage Organization: Wind River Systems, Inc. Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1993 20:41:07 GMT (Alexander M. Dekhtyar) writes: > Hey, if I'm right Steve Hillage was playing on some > mid 70-ies records of _Gong_. > Could somebody post his entire career ? His entire career? Well, here's a considerable overview, but there's probably a few gaps, and someone else will have to post the list of every concert he ever played, this only covers recordings... :^) BTW, there's a few Hillage and Gong fans lurking over in Here's a discography Clive posted a while back, with some reposts of other Hillage posts tagged on at the end: >From: clive@mcdd1 {.uucp?} (Clive Backham) Subject: Steve Hillage Discography Date: 28 Oct 91 11:17:39 GMT Someone asked for a Steve Hillage discography. Sorry, don't remember who it was. This almost certainly isn't complete, but can be described as "extensive". All the info is about UK vinyl releases except where explicitly stated otherwise. The comments about content are, of course, IMHO. Nearly all Steve Hillage's and Gong's stuff can be basically categorised as "psychadelic/space rock/hippy-drippy", but is usually less rambling with tighter song structures than that classification implies. 1. SOLO ALBUMS. FISH RISING. 1975. Virgin V2031 Effectively the first Gong album after Daevid Allen left and Steve took over leadership. Long songs divided into many parts. Main features are a number of memorable riffs. L. 1976. Virgin V2066 Produced by Todd Rundgren, with Utopia as the backing band. Has a vaguely "eastern" feel to it in parts. Includes a cover of George Harrison's "It's All Too Much", which ends with a blistering guitar solo; the kind that makes your jaw drop and you think "how the *&!% does he play that!". My favourite Hillage solo of all time. MOTIVATION RADIO. 1977. Virgin V2777 Produced by Malcolm Cecil, of Tonto's Expanding Head Band fame. First album with a "dedicated" Hillage backing band. A very "happy" album; all the songs are optimistic and other-worldly (and make you want to throw up if you listen too hard to the lyrics). Loads of top class guitar work. The rhythm section is really tight and rocks well. Steve at his best. GREEN. 1978. Virgin V2098 Produced by Nick Mason (Pink Floyd's drummer). Same band as "Motivation Radio". More varied material. Less consistent, but of equal overall quality. LIVE HERALD. 1979. Virgin VGD3502 Double album; 3 sides live, one side studio. The CD has just the live bits on a single disc. Good live versions of songs from the first three albums. The studio side is very good, definitely not just fillers. OPEN. 1979. Virgin V2135 CD includes the studio side of "Live Herald". Some songs are almost straight rock, the others more in keeping with Steve's traditional style. Confusingly has guest appearances by Dave Stewart and Dave Stewart (National Health, Eurythmics). The rhythm section is new, but just as good as the earlier one. (Same band is on the studio side of "Live Herald"). RAINBOW DOME MUSIC. 1979. Virgin VR1 Oddball "new age" stuff. Done as backing sounds for a laser lightshow. Rambling, gets nowhere. I hate it. A friend of mine who is a T.Dream/Klaus Schultz fan loves it. FOR TO NEXT + AND NOT OR. 1982. Virgin V2244 / OVED8 "And Not Or" was given away free with early copies of "For To Next". (Methinks Steve had just learned the BASIC programming language). The two albums appear together on a single CD. "For To Next" has songs, while "And Not Or" is instrumental solos. Unfortunately, Steve employs the dreaded drum machine on these. The songs are fairly bitter, things about "missiles cruising round the town", and so on. It seems like Steve's dream of a better world had been shattered. 2. WITH GONG AS A FULL BAND MEMBER. FLYING TEAPOT. 1973. Virgin V2002 First part of the Radio Gnome Trilogy. Steve had only just joined, was still finding his feet, and is not particularly evident. A very silly album in the best Daevid Allen traditions. ANGEL'S EGG. 1973. Virgin V2007 Radio Gnome part 2. The CD has an extra track that is left off the CD of "Gong Live". A much more satisfying album than "Flying Teapot". Still pretty silly, but musically has rather more to say. For Hillage fans, the high spot is "I Never Glid Before" which ends with a pretty good solo. GREASY TRUCKERS' PARTY #1, LIVE AT DINGWALL'S. 1973? ???? This was a live double album recorded at a London club called "Dingwall's". Gong is on one side only. It's nearly 15 years since I heard it. As I recall, the numbers are mainly from "Angel's Egg", and are fairly unremarkable. Memorable only for a manic drum solo by Pierre Moerlin (similar to the end of "Percolations" on the Gong album "Gaseuze!", on which Steve does not appear). YOU. 1974. Virgin V2019 Radio Gnome part 3. The best album by the classic Gong line-up. By this time, Steve was clearly driving about half the band's material. Although all tracks are credited to the whole band, "Master Builder" is obviously largely a Hillage composition, and includes a riff that reappears on a couple of his solo albums. On "The Isle of Everywhere", Steve stretches the band out with a magnificent solo. GONG LIVE. 1977. Virgin VGD3501 Double album of various Gong line-ups. The CD has one track missing to fit it on a single disc. Steve is on all tracks. Generally good, but no real classic Hillage performances. The BBC recordings on side 3 are especially clean. GONG EST MORT - VIVA GONG. 1977. Tapioca (France) TP10002/3 Double live album of the Gong reunion gig at Paris Hippodrome in May 1977. Steve is not credited on the sleeve (presumably due to legal problems with Virgin; the inside photo even has his face masked out!), but can clearly be heard. Fairly rough recording but manages to capture the atmosphere. Again, no real classic Hillage parts. LIVE AT PARIS BATACLAN, 1973. 1990. Mantra (France) 025 [CD] Unmemorable. LIVE IN SHEFFIELD, 1974. 1990. Mantra (France) 042 [CD] Largely unmemorable. 3. OTHER BANDS / GUEST APPEARANCES. KHAN: SPACE SHANTY. 1972. DERAM SDLR11 Steve is clearly leader of this band. Surprisingly good for an early effort. Recognisably Hillage song structures, with some obvious influence from Dave Stewart (of Egg at the time), who also appears. KEVIN AYERS: BANANAMOUR. 1973. Harvest ???? Steve plays lead guitar on "Shouting in a Bucket Blues". Includes a pretty good solo. PARAGONG: PENTAGRAMASPIN. 1973. Virgin ???? Daevid Allen & Gilli Smyth temporarily left Gong after "Flying Teapot", and the rest of the band toured for a while as "Paragong". The track "Pentagramaspin" appears on a Virgin records compilation album called "V". EGG: THE CIVIL SURFACE. 1974. Virgin/Caroline C1510 Steve guests on the track "Wring Out the Ground", but is not very obvious. GONG: SHAMAL. 1975. Virgin V2046 Steve left Gong shortly after the success of "Fish Rising". This was their first album after that. Steve plays on two tracks. A transitional album for Gong, after which Pierre Moerlin took control and the style changed to heavily percussive jazz/rock. THE ORB: ADVENTURES BEYOND THE ULTRAWORLD. 1991. ???? New age meets dance. Steve is on a couple of tracks, maybe more; it's difficult to tell. Dreadful. (My friend who likes "Rainbow Dome Music" really likes it). SYSTEM 7: ???? ???? ???? Nearly as bad as the Orb stuff. My friend with strange tastes :-) really loves this album. I've only heard it on a tape he made for me. There are a couple of places where the classic Hillage guitar style comes through, but overall it's all very sad. 4. SINGLES. I only buy albums, so don't know anything about these. I do know a 12" single of "Kamikazi Eyes" (shorter version appears on "For To Next") was released. I once possessed a 7" of "Leylines to Glassdom" which was given out to attendees of a Hillage gig at the London Rainbow in 1977. Presumably it was given away at all gigs on that tour, so it shouldn't be too rare. Anyway, this version has never been released. It's completely different (better, IMHO) to the version on "Green". Unfortunately, I gave it away when I bought a Linn LP12 deck (no 45 rpm). Definitely worth seeking out if you're heavily into Hillage. Clive Backham, McDonnell Douglas Information Systems, UK Phone: +44-442-273400 E-mail: mcsun!uknet!mcdd1.uucp!clive %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% In recent years Hillage has been working in the Techno-dance music arena, with his project, SYSTEM 7, and frequently collaborating with The Orb. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% > I've heard he's worked with Tony Banks and Orb lately and would like > to know more about what he's done in recent years. >From: "Paul S. Casey" I can't give you any details, but here's what appears on the latest from System 7: ------------------------------------- Title: none Catalog number: DIXCD102 Ten Records Ltd. Country: ? 1. Sunburst (Alex Paterson/Steve Hillage/Miquette Giraudy) - 7:25 Produced by Youth and Steve Hillage. Mixed by Youth and Thrash. Published by Orb Music/Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd. 2. Freedom Fighters (Steve Hillage/Aniff Cousins/Zoe) - 5:21 Verse vocal by Aniff Cousins. Chorus vocal by Zoe. Backing vocals by Aniff Cousins and Miquette Giraudy. Produced by Steve Hillage. Mixed by Steve Hillage/Thrash/Greg Hunter. Published by Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd./Big Life Music/ Copyright Control. 3. Habibi (Steve Waddington/Steve Hillage/Olu Rowe/Miquette Giraudy) - 6:10 Vocals by Olu Rowe. Backing vocals by Olu Rowe/Roxanne Stehens. Wah wah guitar by Steve Waddington. Produced by Steve Hillage and Steve Waddington. Mixed by Thrash. Published by Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd./ BMG Music (Publishers) Ltd. 4. Altitude (Derrick May/Steve Hillage) - 5:59 Produced by Derrick May and Steve Hillage. Mixed by Derrick May. Published by Zomba Music (Publishers) Ltd./ Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd. 5. Bon Humeur (Steve Hillage/Olu Rowe/Miquette Giraudy) - 7:27 Vocals by Olu Rowe. Produced by Steve Hillage. Mixed by Thrash. Published by Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd./ BMG Music (Publishers) Ltd. 6. Fractal Liaison (Derrick May/Steve Hillage) - 2:09 Produced by Derrick May and Steve Hillage. Mixed live to DAT. Published by Zomba Music (Publishers) Ltd./ Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd. 7. Dog (Alex Paterson/Steve Hillage/Aniff Cousins/Miquette Giraudy) - 5:53 Produced by Steve Hillage. Mixed by Thrash. Published by Orb Music/Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd./ Copyright Control. 8. Thunderdog (Alex Paterson/Steve Hillage/Miquette Giraudy) - 2:26 Produced by Steve Hillage and Alex Paterson. Mixed by The Orb. Published by Orb Music/Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd. 9. Listen (Derrick May/Steve Hillage) - 6:24 Produced by Derrick May and Steve Hillage. Mixed by Thrash. Published by Zomba Music (Publishers) Ltd./ Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd. 10. Strange Quotations (Steve Hillage/Mick Mcneil/Olu Rowe) - 6:36 Accordion by Mick Mcneil. Vocals by Olu Rowe. Produced by Steve Hillage. Published by Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd./ BMG Music (Publishers) Ltd. 11. Miracle (Alex Paterson/Paul Oakenfold/Steve Hillage/Miquette Giraudy/Andy Falconer) - 7:09 Additional programming by Andy Falconer. Produced by Steve Hillage. Mixed by Thrash. Published by Orb Music/Circa Music/Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd./ Copyright Control. 12. Over and Out (Steve Hillage/Miquette Giraudy) - 3:28 Produced and mixed by Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy. Published by Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% (Todd Madson) wrote: >and he also produced some new wave bands >in the mid to late eighties, but hip hop and house? Methinks something weird >is afoot. Larry Spence wrote: I don't see what's so weird about it. Hillage has been into funk, sequenc- ers, and a certain three-letter drug (no! not PCP!) for a long time. Folks like Dr. Alex (Orb) are coming at the same thing from a slightly different angle (a one-letter drug, maybe? %). Listening to the full-length (2 CD) _Ultraworld_, I think that Stevo fits in perfectly. Too bad they deleted lots of it for the cheapo US release... %( When I heard _For To Next_ (long after it was released), I got the impression that he was getting tired and didn't have quite the enthusiasm he once had (_And Not Or_ is great stuff, but wisely is all-instrumental). My guess is that he finally gave up on trying to spread his hippie philosophy around in an unsupportive environment. Finally, in the late 80s, the retro-60s/rave type stuff started up, and Steve decided to join in. Just my theory, I haven't read any interviews with him in many years. I agree that _Motivation Radio_ is great; I wore out my tape of it a long time ago. Time to get the CD, I guess. There are some killer guitar parts on that album! Of course, the lyrics give a lot of people nausea... Obscure Hillage question: when, on the _Motivation Radio_ track "Light in the Sky," M. Giraudy says, "It's a blimp, Frank!" (in a voice that makes the "Little Fluffy Clouds" babe sound straight as an arrow), what old Frank Zappa track is this a reference to? -- Larry Spence ....{uunet,texsun,,decwrl}!csccat!larry %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% >From: (D. Owen Rowley) >Subject: Re: System 7 (mohsen.gamshad) writes: >Does anyone have, or heard, the new album by Steve Hillage (sp?) under the name > of System 7. Yes.. I was in London a few weeks ago and picked it up at Virgin. At that time no other major music emporiums were selling it. Perhaps that has changed in the meantime. >I read in the NME that the album is a massive collaboration with > The Orb, among others. Yes , Hillage is working with the Orb, and gigging with them too. It was a serious dissapointment that i could not attend a show which featured both Orb and system seven.. I was there for it but had other commitments. I'm told that Hillage Jams with Orb regularly at their performances, and am hoping that he will be present when they perform here in san Francisco next week. >In the same issue of the NME I read a review of the album > and it was anything but good, although the writer of the article on System 7, > in earlier pages, seemed to like the work. Does anyone know what it sounds > like and is it available in the states. I like it a lot, but I'm a fan of hillages work, so predisposed to liking everything he's done. Oddly enough I had been attracted to the Orb, before I was told of hillages work with them . If you check the Orb's double album you'll find that there are a few cuts with Hillage/Giraudy on them. He also shows up on a recennt Bass-o-matic CD single ( fascinating rhythym) This material probably isn't really a proper fit here in RMI, its soft, its spacey, its mellow.. Personally I have a wide spectrum of musical taste, and enjoy the whole panoplay of types, My collection ranges from Ivor Cutler to Nurse with wound, from Mike batt to Current 93, I can easily mix disparate types of music and enjoy myself immensely. The only people I've ever met who have wider range of taste in music are M jones and J Dauber, I'm sure there are lots more like that here in RMI, I've just not met them :-) Anyway ..back to Hillage.. Are you also into Gong? Mother Gong is touring you know? the whole Gong thing is starting to thrive again, I saw Mother Gong in a double bill with Magick Brother ( a new daevid allen project) in London back in early october.. There is an organisation called G.A.S. ( Gong appreciation society) which sells tapes and records and cd's.. many are live performances, many are rare and tremendous, some are common and droll.. I don't have the information with me right now, but will post something about it soon, or you can write to me. LUX .. owen -- D. Owen Rowley {uunet,fernwood,sun}!autodesk!owen "It's just around the corner" ...Nigel Whitfield %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%


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