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From:! (Alexander M. Dekhtyar) Date: Thu, 1 Apr 93 13:31:12 CST Subject: Hair Survey Results The results of the hair and appearance survey held on March 21st thru' March 31st on Echoes (Pink Floyd Mailing List) The survey was held by (Alexander M. Dekhtyar) also known as .......Alex, "an email animal"...... The survey consisted of the following questions : 1. Is your hair long in your opinion ? 2. Do You have a beard ? 3. Do you have a moustache ? 4. Do you wear sun-glasses ? 5. Do you wear sun-glasses ? 6. Do you wear head - band ? 7. Do you wear ear-ring(s) ? 8. Anything you wanna add ? 9 Which people (rock musicians/celebrities) do you think you look like ? General Info. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ 49 responses (including my own) were received. One response was counted for two people (a respondent and her husband), so total number of people, that took part in survey is *50*. Which is rather close to 25 % of all current echoes population (bear, am I wrong ?) Almost all active list members took part in the survey ("active" - corresponds to people whose postings appear on echoes all the time ). Two of the 49 respondents claimed themselves as females (surprise - I did not expect to find any ...), all the others were supposed to be males. For obvious reasons answers of female respondents were not counted for questions #2. and #3. The first response was received from Dave ( on Sun. Mar 21 1993 15:43:13 -0600 (CST) The 2 last responses came from Martin (Pitwood, on Sun Mar 28 1993 14:48:01 +0100 (BST) and Mark Joseph Hale ( on Thu Apr 1 1993 12:58:37 -0500 (EST) Out of 49 messages 39 came with subject "Re: Hair survey" or "Hair survey" 3 came without subject 1 had subject "survey" 1 "----------" "RE: Echosian hair survey" 1 "----------" "[ Hair survey" 1 "----------" "Hair" 1 "----------" "Lots of hair" 1 "----------" "golden hair" and finally (my favorite) 1 had the subject "Gee your hair smells terrific" -----------------> Question #1. Is your hair long in your opinion ? Yes - 26 No - 24 Very close game... both females answered "Yes" that leaves male population of echoes with an even 24:24 score. however, if this survey was held some time earlier this year the numbers would be : Yes - 30 No - 20 Some people (including me) pointed that they made haircuts during last 2 weeks - 5 months. People who may pretend on the longest hair : Martin Pitwood : "usually in a pony-tale... ..with clocks in at about 15 inches " John (Most modern computers would break if you stood on them) : "..used to be down to the middle of my back.... ... now it's only 3 inches past my collar" Maybe someone else may pretend as well... Question #2 Do you have a beard ? As it was said before - only male responses counted. Yes - 11 No - 37 In the earlier survey the figures would appear as follows : Yes - 14 No - 34 The tendence is pretty clear anyway : 1 bearded man : 3 beardless.... Question #3 Do you have a moustache ? Again - only male responses. Yes - 13 No - 35 Pretty close to beard distribution. Some time earlier the statistics would be : Yes - 15 No - 33 Question #4 Do you wear glasses ? Answers : Yes - 16 Occasionally - 4 Contacts - 4 No - 26 Question #5 Do you wear sun-glasses ? Yes - 21 Occasionally - 12 No - 17 Question #6 Do you wear headband ? Echoes is almost consensual at this point : Yes - 4 Occasionally - 2 No - 44 Earlier 2 more people were used to wear head bands that would give us Yes - 6 No - 42 One person said that he wears headwraps (handkerchiefs), that was counted as a head-band. Question #7 Do you wear ear-ring(s) ? The situation is close to head-band question... Yes - 8 No - 42 Both women answered "yes" (one of the two answers was "many") that leaves us 6 men with ear-rings. -----------------------------> We will return to Question #8 later. Question #9 Which people (rock musicians/celebrities) do you think you look like ? The situation with similarities is extremly bad. 19 people responded that they don't look like any celebrity However - other 31 showed a big variety of persons named. The absolute champion is Jim Morrison - 4 times the second-fifth places are shared by ( in alphabetical order) Richard Gere Mark Knopfler John Lennon Jimi Page each was named 2 times. ******** Note : My personal list contained Jim Morrison John Lennon Mark Knopfler (head band) plus Eric Clapton Ringo Starr I was the only one to hit in more then one "leader". Both people who included Mark Knopfler pointed that that is because of the head band.... Both people who included John Lennon pointed that that is because of John-Lennon-like sun-glasses. ******* Question #8. Anything you wanna add ? Well, lots of people provided me with some additional info. Upon reading it I started to realize that being put together this will give a very bright image of an "Echosian". So, this is the compilation from different responses..... All texts are original, sometimes a bit cut, to provide some anonymacy (sp?). My comments inside the following text start with ****> So, here is our "Echosian" : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- : clothing - very conservative (button downs and loafers) :out of laziness, i occasionally don't shave for a few weeks, and beacuse :of it, i get that moustache thing happening.... sometimes I have a 1/2 beard before I get sick of it and shave... > I do wear glasses when I drive at night or to watch a movie. > When I occasionally do wear a headband, it's a bandana. > I am planning on getting my ear pierced this May. > > : sun-glasses - John Lennon's style or just regular ones > : head band - white - a-la Mark Knopfler > : Had long hair and a beard ****> Guess what - the last one - is mine.... : I had a beard and moustache during 2 months but I got tired of it and cut it a few weeeks ago. : Had to cut the hair for the job :-( A 3 year growth, too ! : i sometimes wear my hair long in back but not very long. : Dark Brown Hair (plus ten gray ones) : Dark Blue Eyes : 25, 5'11" 160lbs > : No tats, just have long thick hair. > : White skin. ] : my hair is extremely curly ] : I have lycanthrope teeth ] : I have a cute girlfriend... ****> Hope the latter applies to all singles here..... I'd rather die than be stereotyped. I change my appearance about every six months. This time last year, I had very long hair and a moustache and one day, without warning, I shaved my head and moustache. So I guess the real answer to the hair question is "occasionally". ****> Enough HAIR ! What else can "Echo.." say ? ****> Habits, Hobbies ? : Everyone should own an Amiga! : Lots of Isaac Asimov, ferrets, paint, and C-code in my life! : Heinekein and Labatts are the drink of the Gods. :) :I love the word No :I'd like a photograph of the person who said yes to all of the above ****> Hold on - we will return to this later.... : 2 and 2 ****> ?????? > : I haven't used drugs either. I think > : you should have added that as a question (with acid as > : a sub-question). > > :tend to be into things out of the mainstream/on the outer limits > of normalcy (fascinated by the occult, the dark side of anything > (especially human emotions...) and lots of other weirdness. Have found > many Floydians to have similar proclivities) > > :Love (or at least I used to, and know the potential for such love > remains. I've just been a bit down on them during the current period) > Led Zeppelin (I've wondered for years as to just why fandom of both > groups often correlates (more so for Floyd fans also into Zeppelin than > the other way around, but...) > : I have difficulty deciding whether Led Zep or the Floyd are the : greatest, most amazingly brilliant band in history, and usually end : up with the conclusion that they both are. ****> What about clothing ? : :For some reason I also usualy will wear black, and since in live in : :good ol' buffalo I'll add that I wear a long black "stadium" coat. : : ****> The one below is my favorite answer ... see for yourself... > :I often wear a denim jacket that has 40-50 vulgar buttons on it. The >buttons say stuff like "My face is leaving at 9:00. Be on it.", and "You're >standing on my penis". > :I've also been caught in a full length US Navy Bridgecoat with a star >trek communicator pin on it. ( bridgecoat is a black wool trenchcoat with >cool gold buttons on it. It looks real cool.) > : ****> Yeah, it ends here.... > : O.K. I will add that I tend to dress hippyish, (especially if : performing gigs), and wear bare feet at every possible opportunity. > :I like to wear a rainbow rasta cap > :or a green Mike Nesmith cap =) > :I try to wear Levis most of the time except when I am giving a lectureor have some kind of meeting or faculty function to attend. But I have promised myself I will find a new line of work if it ever gets to the point when I cant wear blue jeans and tennis shoes. Oh I guess I should add that I teach Anatomy (i.e. cut up dead bodies) ****> 501 ? Question #9. Which people (rock musicians/celebrities) do you think you look like ? The following is the complete list of people mentioned in the survey responses. The list is posted together with comments, given by respondents... My comments start with ****> --------------------------cut here----------------------------------- 1. Jim Morrison - 4 times. ****> 3 people added comments : (caught on some pictures with his look) [1 year ago] (hair, mostly) 2.Richard Gere - 2 times ***> comments: esp. when my hair was short. They say .... (I'm flattered !) 3. Mark Knopfler - 2 times ****> comments: (actually I'm not, but I'm trying) I have been told i look like Mark Knopfler (the head-band you see...) 4. John Lennon - 2 times ****> comment : (w/beard and his-type glasses) 5. Jimmy Page - 2 times ****> comments : (some guy once shocked me by pointing to a freaky Zep poster and pointing out a minimal resemblance) A young Jimmy Page. I was paging through a Zeppelin book one day and saw myself staring out of the page. It was really freaky. ****> From now on : every mentioning of LZ on echoes must ****> include the word "freaky" . ****> Just a thought of non-nat. speaker : ****> "Page staring out of the page"..... /-: -------------------------------------------------------------- Other rock musicians / celebrities .... 6. Bon Jovi (but I think they're just joking:). 7. Brian May (I think. The Guitarist from Queen, anyway) 8. Dan Aykroyd (at least in my clean shaven days) 9. John Larroquette (see above) ****> the last two belong to the same person 10. J. Frakes Whatsisface who plays Commander Riker (again, someone once told me that whenever they watch STTNG, they say he looks like me. Personally I don't spot the resemblance. 11. Wayne Gretzky 12.Eric Clapton (long hair had the same shape) 13.Ringo Starr (my "classic" nose) 14. Steve Winwood (in his Traffic years, but with darker hair) 15. Anthony Keidis (i think that's how you spell it) from the Red Hot Chili Peppers 16. John Flansburgh 17. Robyn Hitchcock Who do I most resemble? John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants, but I wish I was Robyn Hitchcock. 18. Dennis Hopper (esp. in _The American Way_) Well, I have to blush when I say this, but... 19. Bill Fruge 20. Delbert Grady ****> I don't know these two people .... 21. Meatloaf. MEATLOAF!!!! ( I kid you not, lots of folx tell me that) 22. Dave Gilmour A Little like Gilmour on a VERY good day now that he has chuncked out a bit :) ****> The only one PF resemblence 23. Graeme Edge (Moody Blues drummer) 24. Jerry Garcia 25. Edgar Froese (Tangerine Dream) ****> Last three - mentioned by the same person.. (hard to ****> guess is it not ?) 26. Patrick Swayze (I'm flattered! ;) 27. Tony Danza ****> Who ? 28. Paul McCartney with a beard, but neatly trimmed ****> Beatles Forever ! We got 2 Johns 1 Ringo and Paul.. ****> (even tho' I' put John & Ringo at the same time) ****> Where's George ? 29. Arlo Guthrie (apparently... I don't know what he looks like, but someone said we look exactly alike..) 30. Neil Young 31. Sinead O'Connor (Using the principle of least hair(s)) (Mathematicians among you remember the principle of least squares!!) 32. Steve Perry 33. Yanni ****> ? 34. Kelly le Brock 35. Slash ****> Wow ! 36. Mel Gibson so I'm told. I don't believe it either. 37. Judd Nelson 38. Melissa Etheridge 39.Jerry Seinfeld Many have said that I look like .... 40.Gerard Depardeu 41.Nick Nolte Some Have Said (but I'm not as big as either of these guys) ****> 40-41 came together ------------Also - following people/objects were mentioned------- 42. Kiefer Sutherland 43. River Phoenix ****> here is the quote: I've been told that when I don't shave for a few days that I highly resemble Kiefer Sutherland, and I've also been told I look like River Phoenix in five years. 44. David Koeresh (sp?) the cult leader in Waco TX 45. Harvey Werblowsky (Well, not really, (Thank God)but I couldn't resist putting his name in here somewhere> ****> ((((((;;;; 46. Jim Hocking (Jimi the Human) [1 year ago] ( probably the best yet least known guitarist in Oz) 47. Freddy Kruger 48. Fred Flintstone 49. Mr. T *****> the 3 above were also mentioned by the same person 50. ONe of the Living dead 51. The guy from any werewolf movie (after change) 52. The little critter that was Jabba the Hutt's pet.. 53. Definately not Michael Jackson & Madonna 54. Dave Faulkner = lead singer of Aussie rock band Hoodoo Gurus. 55. When in sunnies and head band probably look like any number of thrashy rocker types. 56.I'm actually the spitting image of one of John Gotti's goons (from neck upwards)!! (seriously!) 57. Jane from the Dick and Jane books 58. My mom 59. I am unique-there is no 5th.


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