Subject GRUNGE BEST OF 1992 POLL Date Thu, 28 Jan 1993 235932 GMT These are the results of

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Newsgroups: From: (Misty Malarky Ying Yang) Subject: GRUNGE BEST OF 1992 POLL Message-ID: Organization: University of Georgia, Athens Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1993 23:59:32 GMT Lines: 885 These are the results of the Grunge-List best of 1992 poll, compiled from ballots sent in from various members of grunge-l. Hope y'all find this of interest... To subscribe to the grunge-list send mail to: In the body of the message, type: SUBSCRIBE GRUNGE-L ...and you'll be added! It's a kinda busy list, so if you can't handle lots of mail - well, we warned you... Joshua H ------------------------- Grunge Best Of 1992 List: ------------------------- Well - here it is, and just under the deadline! Read and have fun. There were 35 respondents to the poll, and they're listed after the results. Not all voters voted in every category, and some categories had a limit on the number of votes - so don't freak out when you see a first placer with 13 votes and another with two. I hope this is accurate - if you don't see something that you know you voted for, tell me and I'll make a corrected version sometime in the near future. Sorry, but for the first four catergories I couldn't include every vote. Every other category has every vote thrown for it. All comments in () are the voters'. None are mine. Jump in! Joshua Houk -------------- I) Best Albums -------------- <1> Pavement - Slanted And Enchanted [13] <2> Sonic Youth - Dirty [11] <3> Beastie Boys - Check Your Head [9] <4> Jesus Lizard - Liar [8] <5> Polvo - Cor Crane Secret [7] <6> Cows - Cunning Stunts [6] Helmet - Meantime [6] Mono Men - Wrecker [6] Thinking Fellers... - Mother Of All... [6] <10> Babes In Toyland - Fontanelle [5] Love Battery - Dayglo [5] <12> Beat Happening - You Turn Me On [4] Bikini Kill - s/t [4] (includes 2 ep votes) Mecca Normal - Dovetail [4] Melvins - Lysol [4] Rein Sanction - Mariposa [4] Royal Trux - s/t [4] <18> Steven Jesse Bernstein - Prison [3] Big Chief - Face [3] Come - Eleven:Eleven [3] Fastbacks - The Question Is NO. [3] Flop - ...And The Fall Of Mopsqueezer [3] Grenadine - Goya [3] Love Child - Witchcraft [3] Mudhoney - Piece Of Cake [3] Nation Of Ulysses - Plays Pretty For... [3] PJ Harvey - Dry [3] Sebadoh - Smash Your Head On The Punk.. [3] Sugar - Copper Blue [3] Vertigo - Ventriloquist [3] Tom Waits - Bone Machine [3] Afghan Whigs - Congregation [2] Basehead - Play With Toys [2] Buffalo Tom - Let Me Come Over [2] Cakekitchen - World Of Sand [2] Chills - Soft Bomb [2] Chumbawamba - Shhh! [2] Circus Lupus - Super Genius [2] Drive Like Jehu - s/t [2] Th' Faith Healers - Lido [2] Flaming Lips - Hit To Death In The... [2] Gits - Frenching The Bully [2] Heavenly - Le Jardin De Heavenly [2] Karl Hendricks Trio - Buick Electra [2] Lyle Lovett - Joshua Judges Ruth [2] Luna^2 - Lunapark [2] Mercury Rev - Yerself Is Steam [2] Ministry - Psalm 69 [2] Nirvana - Nevermind [2] NOFX - White Trash, Two Heebs,... [2] Pain Teens - Stimulation Festival [2] Screeching Weasel - Oogadaboogada [2] Seaweed - Weak [2] Seven Year Bitch - Sick 'Em [2] Slug - Swingers [2] Smashing Orange - The Glass Bead Game [2] Superchunk - Tossing Seeds [2] Supersuckers - Smoke Of Hell [2] Therapy? - Caucasian Psychosis [2] Toiling Midgets - Son [2] Unrest - Imperial FFRR [2] Yo La Tengo - May I Sing With Me [2] various - Fortune Cookie Prize [2] various - Throw [2] ---------------- II) Best Singles ---------------- <1> Nothing Painted Blue - Swivelchair [5] <2> Supersuckers - Hell City/Dead Homies [4] Swirlies - Error [4] Tar - Teetering [4] <5> Arcwelder - Raleigh [3] Blunderbuss - Glace Glare [3] Grifters - Soda Pop [3] Pavement - Trigger Cut [3] Royal Trux - Red Tiger [3] Sonic Youth - 100% [3] Sonic Youth - Youth Against Fascism [3] Superchunk - Mower [3] Alice Donut - Magdalene [2] Bettie Serveert - Tom Boy [2] Buffalo Tom - Taillights Fade [2] Don Caballero - The Lucky Father Brown [2] Don Caballero - Unresolved Karma [2] Drive Live Jehu - Bullet Train To Vegas [2] Hurl - Turnip [2] Peter Jefferies/Robbie Muir - Swerve [2] (including 1 EP vote) Liqourbike - Thirstday [2] Melody Dog - 7" [2] Muffs - I Need You [2] Pitchblende - Weed Slam [2] Shawdowy Men On A... - Dog & Squeegie [2] Shiny Beast - Distro [2] Sick And Wrong - Wesson Oil [2] Spitboy - 7" [2] Unsane/Slug - split 7" [2] Woggles - I've Got Your Number [2] ------------- III) Best EPs ------------- <1> Urge Overkill - Stull [5] <2> Swirlies - What To Do About Them [4] <3> Nine Inch Nails - Broken [3] Pavement - Watery, Domestic [3] Bailter Space - The Aim [2] Didjits - Little Miss Carriage! [2] Nirvana - Hormoaning [2] Northern Bushmen [2] Star Pimp [2] Yo La Tengo - Upside Down [2] ----------------- IV) Best Live Act ----------------- <1> Mudhoney [7] Sonic Youth [7] <3> Jesus Lizard [6] <4> Love Battery [4] Negativland [4] Pavement [4] <7> Beastie Boys [3] Big Chief [3] Cows [3] Cosmic Psychos [3] Helmet [3] My Bloody Valentine [3] Nation Of Ulysses [3] Sebadoh [3] Tar [3] Boredoms [2] Don Caballero [2] Chumbawamba [2] Clawhammer [2] L7 [2] Mighty Mighty Bosstones [2] Nothing Painted Blue [2] Royal Trux [2] Sadhappy [2] Seaweed [2] Some Velvet Sidewalk [2] Splatter Trio [2] Supersuckers [2] Unsane [2] Vivians [2] ------------ V) Best Band ------------ <1> Pavement [3] <2> Sonic Youth [2] [1] Afghan Whigs Bad Religion Dan Caballero Clawhammer Come The Fall Fall-Outs Fastbacks Finger Hassan Chop! Jesus Lizard Luna^2 Mercury Rev Nirvana (of course) Random Noise Architecture Royal Trux Sugar Unrest Yo La Tengo ---------------- VI) Worst Albums ---------------- <1> Pavement - Slanted And Enchanted [2] Garth Brooks [2] [1] anything on a major label, or by Nirvana, Mudhoney Soundgarden, ad nauseum GG Allin - You Give Love A Bad Name Arrested Development Babes In Toyland - Fontanelle Buffalo Tom - Let Me Come Over Michael Bolton Natalie Cole - Unforgivable Dim Stars - s/t Fat Tuesday Genesis Elton John Kitchens Of Distinction - The Death Of Cool L7 - Bricks Are Heavy Pearl Jam - Ten REM - Automatic For The People Screaming Trees - Sweet Oblivion Sonic Youth - Dirty Soul Asylum - Grave Diggers Union Thinking Fellers Union... - Mother Of All Saints record 2 --------------- VII) Worst Band --------------- <1> Pearl Jam [2] Sonic Youth [2] Velocity Girl [2] Bon Jovi Buffalo Tom Billy Ray Cyrus Def Leppard Genesis Metallica Pavement Pearl Chili Psalm 69 Pepper Jammin Jocks In Chains Posies REM Spin Doctors Thickhead Grin U2 yours ---------------- VIII) Best Video ---------------- <1> Nirvana - In Bloom (version 2) [6] <2> Sonic Youth - 100% [2] [1] Afghan Whigs - Turn On The Water Beastie Boys - Pass The Mic Buffalo Tom - Taillights Fade Dinosaur Jr - Get Me Flop - Anne Peter Gabriel - Digging In The Dirt High Steppin' Seafood - Cop Killer Mary's Danish - Leave It Alone Sarah McLachlan - Into The Fire Ministry - Jesus Built My Hotrod Mudhoney - Suck You Dry Nirvana - In Bloom (version 1) Pearl Jam - Jeremy Lou Reed - What's Good Sonic Youth - Youth Against Fascism Superchunk - Fishing -------------------------- IX) Biggest Disappointment -------------------------- Mudhoney - Piece Of Cake not being released on vinyl the grunge-list (since September) Helmet live Velocity Girl Jesus Lizard - Liar Chic reunion Television reunion MTV fires Dave Kendall. I can do such a good impression of him, and now he's gone. Northern Exposure being cutesy and tired bobc's rehabilitation into the grunge-l mainstream having to be excited over electing a dope like Clinton running my car off the road on my way to a Soundgarden show which I was going to get in to for free AND meet the band, bummer the lack of free records in my post-collegiate state Ghost Of A Rollercoaster comp. 1992 discovering that grunge is not mew, just the amalgamation of heavy metal and punk, otherwise known as Grebo not travelling to see bobc in person Superchunk - No Pocky For Kitty no more live shows at Upstage or Beehive in Pittsburg B-52s people discovered Mudhoney Unrest live and on record answering "best of" polls any "grunge" band that takes themselves too seriously no Killdozer release Pavement live new Laughing Hyenas -------------------------- X) Grunge Babe Of The Year -------------------------- <1> Polly Jean Harvey [3] Juliana Hatfield [3] <3> Laura Ballance (Superchunk) [2] Val Butler [2] Kim Deal (Breeders/Pixies) [2] Jennifer Herrema (Royal Trux) [2] Thurston Moore [2] Chris Sievanen [2] Jon Spencer (JSBlues Explosion) [2] Jenny Toomey (Tsunami/Grenadine)[2] Bridget Cross (Unrest) Cristina (Boss Hog) Dee Plakas Francis Bean Cobain Jenny Drummey John Speakman Johnette Napolitano (Concerte Blonde) Kylie Minogue Linda Evangelista Melanie Vammen (Muffs) singer for Velocity Girl Spiral Stairs (Pavement) Suzanna (Mercury Rev) the guy from Truly the cute little dark-haired girl on the Ben Stiller Show (FOX) Kim Coletta (Jawbox) Ben Weasel (Screeching Weasel/MRR) Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) Doug Fedinick Miss Piggy the Powdered Toast Man's buttocks Bobc Volker Stewart Kat Bjelland (Babes In Toyland) Alice Nutter Lori Barbaro (Babes In Toyland) Chris Spencer (Unsane) Bambi Nonymous (Mudwimmin) Thor (Cows) Andrea Moed ------------------ XI) Best Guitarist ------------------ <1> Bob Mould (Sugar/Husker Du) [4] Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) [4] <3> Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) [3] <4> Kurt Bloch (Fastbacks/Y. Fresh Fellows) [2] Ira Kaplan (Yo La Tengo) [2] Kurdt Kobain (Nirvana) [2] [1] Dean Wareham (Luna^2/Galaxie 500) J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr) Jon Wahl (Clawhammer) Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine) Kim Thayil (Soundgarden) Mike Kasenter Polly Jean Harvey (PJ Harvey) Richard Lloyd (Television/Matthew Sweet) Robert Scott Steve Turner (Mudhoney/Monkeywrench) Neil Young Evan Dando (Lemonheads) guy in Polvo guy in Pavement Page Hamilton (Helmet) guy in Crackerbash Daniel Johnston Duane Dennison (Jesus Lizard) Greg Sage (Wipers) Stephanie Sargent (7 Year Bitch) guy in Love Battery Geezer Butler (Monster Magnet) Bill and Ted (Wild Stallions) Heijo Kaino Alan Licht (Love Child/Rudolph Grey) ----------------- XII) Best Bassist ----------------- <1> Mike Watt (fIREHOSE/Minutemen) [5] <2> Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth) [4] David William Sims (Jesus Lizard) [4] <4> Flea (RHCP) [2] Chris Novoselic (Nirvana) [2] [1] Bridget Cross (Unrest) Cindy Chan Dave Park (Eggs) Justin Harwood (Luna^2/Chills) Lou Barlow (Sebadoh/ex-Dinosuar Jr.) Peter Hook (New Order) the guy in the Molecules joe@rit Todd (Big Hair) Doug Fedinick Matt (Rancid) Les Claypool (Primus) Tod Ashley (Cop Shoot Cop) Karl Alvarez (All) Michael (Therapy?) Phil Lynott Tim Lane Seaton (Magic Bone) Rose Marshack Kevin Strickland (ex-Laughing Hyenas/Mule) Dale Flattum (Steel Pole Bathtub) ------------------ XIII) Best Drummer ------------------ <1> Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) [4] <2> Gary (Pavement) [3] <3> Chunk (Superchunk/Small/Pipe) [2] Dale Crover (Melvins) [2] Mac McNeilly (Jesus Lizard) [2] Mark Trombino (Drive Like Jehu) [2] Ballard Lesemann (Roosevelt) Billy Cobham Buddy Rich Dave Grohl (Nirvana) Dee Plakas Gene Kruppa Mark Bunster Phil Krauth (Unrest/Eggs) Stanley Demeski (Luna^2/Feelies) Steve Gadd the drum machine on a coupla Grifters tunes John Stanier (Helmet) guy in Soundgarden guy in Smashing Pumpkins guy in Pearl Jam Skin Hnat Tim Alexander Dave Weckel guy in Fifteen Bill Stevenson (All) Fyfe (Therapy?) Val Butler Jim Kimble Charlie Ondras (Unsane) ---------------- XIV) Best Singer ---------------- <1> Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) [3] <2> Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) [2] Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) [2] Jennifer Herrema (Royal Trux) [2] Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) [2] Michael Stipe (REM) [2] David Yow (Jesus Lizard) [2] Barbara Manning Bob Mould (Sugar) Bridget Cross (Unrest) Debbey Richardson (Magic Bone) Dexter Holland (Offspring) Franklin Bruno (Nothing Painted Blue) Gibby Hayes (Butthole Surfers) Jenny Drummey John S Hall (King Missile) Lou Barlow (Sebadoh) Madonna Mark E Smith (Fall) Mark Robinson (Unrest) Martin Phillips (Chills) Morrissey Natalie Merchant (10000 Maniacs) Thalia Zedek (Come/ex-Live Skull) King Buzzo (Melvins) Matt Marcus (Sky Cries Mary) Soo Young Park (Seam/Bitch Magnet) Evan Dando (Lemonheads) guy in Pavement Polly Jean Harvey (PJ Harvey) Greg Gaffin (Bad Religion) Scott Reynolds bobc El Jefe (NOFX) Greg Dulli Ice T guy from Alice Donut guy from Young Gods Tom Meen Dave Crider Barry Henessler (Big Chief) Kat Bjelland (Babes In Toyland) Dale Flattum (Steel Pole Bathtub) the woman/grrl/whateverthehell from Heavens To Betsy all three Sun City Girls Lyle Lovett Yasmin Kuhn -------------- XV) Best Movie -------------- <1> Malcolm X [4] <2> Bob Roberts [3] The Crying Game [3] Resevoir Dogs [3] Unforgiven [3] <6> Aladdin [2] Delicatessen [2] JFK [2] One False Move [2] The Player [2] Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me [2] anything on Mystery Science Theater 3000 Dracula Highway 61 Last Of The Mohicans Naked Lunch Nudie Cutie series Singles Twisted Sex series Zentropa A Few Good Men Slacker Kafka The Unbelievable Truth Buffy The Vampire Slayer My Own Private Idaho Suzy Suques Seattle (HC dyke porn) Flirting Man in the Moon Hardware Der Kleene Plunker Fried Green Tomatoes (because an old man masturbated two seats over from me for the entire time. He had some stamina and I was impressed) Sneakers ----------------- XVI) Best TV Show ----------------- <1> Ren & Stimpy [8] <2> Northern Exposure [7] The Simpsons [7] <4> Mystery Science Theater 3000 [6] <5> Liquid TV [3] Seinfield [3] <7> Ben Stiller Show [2] Cops [2] Married With Children [2] Bombshelter Video Civil Wars Frontline Homebrew Jeopardy! Kids In The Hall Murphy Brown Request Video Sesame Street Women Aloud Law And Order Wings Cheers Late Night with David Letterman Saturday Night Live (sometimes) In The Company of Whales American Gladiators Studs whoever the LA-based televangelist is who broadcasts weekend evenings on channel 39 in San Fransisco the news American Detective Rush Limbaugh Show Geraldo (the GG Allin episode) ESPN Sportscenter Larry Sanders Show Dinosuars Primetime Spatausgabe 10 ver 11 Lindenstrasse Fifteen Inside Edition Dangerous Curves Silk Stalkings ------------------------------- XVII) Grunge Lister Of The Year ------------------------------- <1> Volker Stewart [12] <2> Chris Sievanen (aka Doomgirl) [9] <3> bobc [8] <4> Rob Vaughn [5] <5> Bill Peregoy [4] Ron Rader [4] Joshua Houk [4] <8> Hopey [3] Jodi Shapiro [3] <10> Pam.Weil [2] [1] Mark Cornick Mark Bunster Seb Welton Thurston Moore Joshua Buergel Eric Borer David Parker Ben Drucker Anna Zannella Aaron Robert Steinberger thy Bernd Soren Peterson Alan Ramaley the late, lamented Brazilian office ------------------ XVIII) Grunge City ------------------ <1> Cleveland OH [2] Leeds ENG [2] Seattle WA [2] Pittsburgh PA [2] Buffalo NY (on looks alone) the place in Nebraska where they sell $0.99 margaritas at a Mexican fast food restaurant Oakland CA (just visit there -- you'l get it) Dunedin NZ Green Bay WI La Puente CA Rochester NY Chicago IL Providence RI Pioche NV Baltimore MD Deer Lick NC Weed CA Frankfurt GER Peoria IL Des Moines IA --------------- XIX) Best Zines --------------- <1> 10 Things Jesus Wants You To Know [4] <2> Fiz [3] Flipside [3] Second Guess [3] <5> Maximum Rock And Roll [2] Mole [2] Motorbooty [2] Puncture [2] Rollerderby [2] Speed Kills [2] Var Tufa Jelly Slide Bananafish Alternative Press Clam Page Cometbus Cactus Prick Forced Exposure Total Dissemination Holy Titclamps Chainsaw Hungry Girl Nice Slacks Paperback Jukebox Hype ------------- XX) Best Bars ------------- <1> Middle East (Boston) [2] The Off-Ramp (Seattle) [2] Paradise (Boston) [2] Chapterhouse (Ithaca NY) [2] The Rendevous (Baltimore MD) McSorley's (NYC NY) Stu's Place (Endicott NY) The Monopole (Plattsburgh NY) (oldest original bar in New England area) Munchies (Pomona CA) Ted's Hi-Brow (Pomona CA) Frontier Room (Seattle WA) Texas Lucy's (Fontana CA) Village Tap (Chicago IL) Augenblick (Chicago IL) Rainbo (Chicago IL) Downtown Beirut (NYC NY) my living room Comet (Seattle WA) a nameless bar in NYC between 11th & 12th on Ave. B that has Big Black and Ciccone Youth on the jukebox Liberty Belle (Pittsburgh PA) (home of Frank Capri, excellent Elvis impersonator) Downstairs (Athens GA) Club Fred (Athens GA) "The Cage" / Squirrel Cafe (Square Hill PA) (import nite 2-3 times a wk) Mad Anthony's (Ambridge PA) (karoke every Saturday!) Brewski's (South Side, Pittsburgh PA) ($1.25 for 22 oz drafts) Avalon (Boston MA) Foufounnes Electronique (Montreal QUE) The Bank (NY NY) Max's (Ithaca NY) ScrapYard (Buffalo NY) Chiefs (Pittsburgh PA) Upstage (on Thursdays) (Pittsburgh PA) Dee's (Pittsburgh PA) Club Deluxe (San Francisco CA) Chameleon Club (San Francisco CA) 1911 Tavern (Seattle WA) Lounge Ax (Chicago IL) Club de Wash (Madison WI) 1st Ave./7th St. Entry (Minneapolis MN) Club Babyhead (Providence RI) -------------- List Of Voters -------------- David Bennison David Parker Michael Medlin Mark Bunster Eric Borere Douglas Asherman Michael S. Cluff Jayscum Jamie Dunford Chris Sievanen Rob Traynor Qman Jeff Sullivan Todd Padezanin Joshua Houk Alan Ramaley sHAWN fROMWYOMING joe@rit Russ Poldrack Pat Padua Tiffany Andrea Neill Bob Conrad Joshua Buergel Eriq Jaffe Rob Vaughn Aaron Walker Arnold Babar Ron Rader Daniel Brougher Seb Welton Daniel Rench Paul Harsha Keren Kurti Jay Smith -- * indie-list co-moderator "We should execute him. For example - set him on fire."


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