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===================================================================== ||/ \|| || T H E || || || || G E N E S I S || || || || D I S C O G R A P H Y || ||\ /|| ===================================================================== (c) Copyright 1992, 1993 Scott McMahan Under this copyright, you may posess electronic and hard copies for your own personal use, and may give electronic and hard copies to others. You may not sell this discography for any reason, you may not charge people for the media on which a copy of this discography is given, or distribute this discography in mass quantities. Edited by Scott McMahan Revision History: Oct 4, 1994 added In The Begiing 3 & 4 and Goldmine Jul 7, 1993 cleaned up bad writing in text passages Jun 11, 1993 radically better singles listing format May 20, 1993 added a lot of WCD tour bootlegs Apr 1993 many minor revisions Mar 4, 1993 misc. additions Mar 3, 1993 added Barnard info and WT 'The Block' Feb 26, 1993 moved compilations to misc Feb 23, 1993 added asstd. stuff Dec 28, 1992 Dec 8, 1992 Dec 3, 1992 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I N T R O D U C T I O N and A C K N O W L E G E M E N T S ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Introduction and acknowlegements by the editor, Scott McMahan. This is the most complete discography to date on Genesis, including not only solo members' works, videos, bootleg recordings and radio programs but also publications and organizations about the band. This document is a labor of love by Genesis fans for Genesis fans. It sets out to catalogue all the information about Genesis that can be catalogued, for a number of reasons. The Genesis Discography offers an historical record of Genesis' career, containing information that is becoming less well known (and harder to find out) as time passes, so that it will not fade away into the obscurity of the past. It also allows the fan to explore other areas of Genesis that are not common knowlege: Brand X, unreleased tracks, and others. It allows the collector to have a very authoratative source for catalogue numbers and release information by having information checked against more than one source (nothing in this discography can be traced to only one source). A printed version of this discography is large enough for a doorstop or a small table, too. While I edit this discography, and arranged for it to be compiled originally, most of the sections were done by members of the Internet's Genesis mailing list. The collections of worldwide members have provided invaluable amounts of information. In particular, Bob Pietkivitch, Todd Satogata, Hugh Williams, Adrian Catchpole, and John Chitalia (who did the Mike Rutherford section, which the editor lost and found out John lost too, and John did it again!) have contributed a lot of effort. Crediting individuals as having done "a section" is not easy, since once the framework of a section is in place, it gets augmented from many other sources. Information has been culled from Geoff ("Genesis Information Service") Parkyn's discography, specifically the edition which goes up to 1983 and Three Sides Live. The Peter Gabriel section is based on the discography in "Peter Gabriel - an authorized biography" by Spencer Bright, but has been extensively augmented. Armando Gallo's Genesis book has been used quite a bit for background material, and most of the unreleased songs appendix. Also, many (too?) many newspaper, magazine, etc articles as well as interviews with the band in both print and audio/video have been used to fill various holes. Crediting these sources within the body is practically impossible, because of the mostly small bits included (which would make the text unwieldly to read and the bibliography larger than the text). Record Collector magazine's 1968-1977 Genesis article (in #146, 10/91, pp. 62-66) was a big help for catalogue numbers of rare early singles. It is not our intent to plagiarize any source, or to take credit for other people's work. Instead, the concept of this discography is to take every datum about Genesis releases from every possible source and assemble them together in one place, to have one reference volume for information about Genesis. If anything, this is the synthesis of all known data about Genesis presented in a way that makes it useful information. The inconsistent format and general disorder is a product of pasting bits together a little at a time. Neither I nor anyone else sat down and wrote this, it evolved over a long period of time by adding small bits one after the other. The original version of this document did not even have a complete listing of all the Genesis albums. The overwhelming size of this discography and all the new information coming in has made revisions in the format difficult, although they are being attempted. In one sense, the many sources are a benefit since they provide confirmation and corrections. Any conflicting sources are noted. The occasional leftover 'I' or 'we' should be taken in the editorial sense after this introduction. (When the editor wants to refer to himself in the first person, he tries to use "the editor" and not "I".) Every attempt has been made to present months not as numbers but as three letter abbreviations. Unfortunately, older leftover dates from the beginnings of this document are in both American MM-DD-YY format and European DD-MM-YY format. (This tends to be a problem with dates like 03-05-73 when there's no cue about the format. It would be nice to have the month as a 3 letter abbreviation in all cases to remove ambiguity.) Use your imagination about ambiguous dates! From the beginning, Genesis and the members' solo careers have produced an overwhelming amount of material released in all different formats all over the world. More is unearthed every day, and the band continues being as prolific as ever. It is almost impossible to catalogue everything that Genesis and their members have done. This discography is probably conceptually larger than it physically is if you consider all the things we haven't included. It never ceases to astound me that when I think I have Genesis releases under control and there isn't much left to add, either I meet a new collector who has things I never dreamed of, or some new outtake or bootleg is released that I never anticipated. This discography has attempted to go beyond the normal brief discography listing the band's major works and to explore every aspect of the band's recording history of interest (or not, depending on how much you like Genesis) including songs never released in any format. As a result, the discography is huge. An abridged version is provided for those who don't want this level of detail. If you are on the Internet, Please send any additions, corrections, or comments to: mcmahan@cs.unca.edu Otherwise send normal mail to Scott McMahan 105 Bear Creek Apts. #4 Asheville, NC 28806 USA Note: hard copies are *not* available from this address. If you send a DOS formtted diskette and a SASE with return postage I will make you a copy of the most recent version. The reader may print out a hard copy for personal use only. No other hard copies may be made. This discography is NOT FOR PROFIT, and is intended to benefit all Genesis fans. Anyone who gets a copy may share it with anyone, but no profits may be made from this discography's existance. Posessing an electronic or hard copy of this document implies that you agree to the philosophy behind this document. This discography is not officially sanctioned by Genesis -- they don't even know it exists (yet)! Scott McMahan The University of North Carolina at Asheville, 1993 BRIEF INFO ON GENESIS MEMBERS ----------------------------- Peter Brian Gabriel born May 13, 1950 at 16:30 in Woking, Surrey left the band in 1975, lead vocals [Note: Some sources say Peter was born in February, including Armando Gallo, who should be the definitive source. His exact birthdate is in question: May or Feb?] Anthony George Banks born March 27, 1950 at 07:30 in East Hoathly, Sussex keyboards, piano Michael John Cloete Crawford Rutherford born October 2, 1950 at 19:30 in Guildford, Surrey bass guitar, guitar (1978 onward) Anthony "Ant" Phillips born December 23, 1951 in Putney, South London left the band 1970, guitars (yes, Ant is really his nickname) Steve Richard(?) Hackett born February 12, 1950 at 17:05 in London joined the band in 1971, left in 1977, guitars Philip David Charles Collins born January 30, 1951 at 00:05 in Chiswick, a London suburb drums, lead vocal (1976 onward) Chester Cortez Thompson born December 11, 1948 in Baltimore, Maryland (USA) drums on tour only, starting in 1977 Daryl Mark Stuermer born November 27, 1952 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA) guitar/bass on tour only, starting in 1978. In addition, Genesis has had several drummers (none of whom really fit the band's style and/or who wanted to stay) before Phil joined: Chris Stewart: the original drummer who went to Charterhouse John Silver: played drums on From Genesis to Revelation, and later became a television producer in Grenada, the last known information about him. John Mayhew: drummer for the Trespass sessions, no one knows what happened to him. Bill Bruford (of Yes and King Crimson fame) played drums during the 1976 tour, live only (he was never a member of the band nor ever on a studio album, as some erroneous accounts indicate). He was friends with Phil and was in Brand X at a very, very early stage. Mick Barnard, a guitarist with Farm, briefly joined to play guitar after Ant left, but he didn't work out and soon left. (According to a Trouser Press interview in 1982, Tony says Mick did write the guitar parts for the Musical Box. This contradicts other accounts that say it was written when Anthony Phillips was still in the band. He never officially contributed any songwriting and was never given credit on an album.) Alphonso Johnson was approached to play bass (and guitar) after Hackett left, but he didn't work out. He introduced the band to Daryl. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TERMINOLOGY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The word 'discography' is a very new word that was coined to describe a listing or a book of musical releases, as in vinyl and CD discs. The need for this word did not exist before published musical recordings on mass media (and the fandom that comes with them) did. It is similar to a bibliography, a list of books. Usually the discography is about one band or related group of artists. This particular Genesis discography goes into a lot more detail in a lot more areas than most discographies do. It would be more properly called a compendium, but the name discography seems to sound better. A lot of background information on various things is included to help the reader understand unfamiliar concepts and terminology that inevitably is part of any discussion of Genesis especially in regards to collecting Genesis. Books, publications, sheet music, videos are all generally not in a discography but are included in this one. Abbreviations and other terms used (there seem to be a lot of non-English phrases creeping in): WT: working title (In the case of a song only appearing on b-sides, the WT and lyricist where known is listed only for the *first* appearance of that song in the discography.) Genesis makes up working titles to describe the feel of a song that is not finished, in order to have some name to refer to it. Later, once the lyrics are done and the song is completed, they give it a real title. Working titles are not often revealed to the general public, and the scant few we have come from odd sources, most of the time they are mentioned in passing by the band in interviews. The '3x3' EP (qv) is the only (Genesis) release that has the working titles mentioned on the release itself. Phil Collins has been more open with his solo working titles than Genesis. FRB: Felicity Roma Bowers, cover artist ISBN: International Standard Book Number, very long number used to uniquely identify books. Having an ISBN does not mean that a book is in print, and does not mean that a book can be ordered. KBFH: King Biscuit Flower Hour, popular American concert radio program that often records (-ed?) Genesis UK: United Kingdom, Britain b/w: "backed with" normally used in a 7" single context where there is an A side and a B side. (This usage has crept into other singles where it refers to all the other tracks on the single besides the namesake.) avec: French for "with" sans: French for "without" sic: means the original source had what comes before the word "sic" verbatim, the error (or questionable part) is in the original source and is intentionally being reproduced in this discography and is not a typo on our part. Sic is Latin for so, thus. (For example: "dutchess [sic]" -- the source had that error, it was not made by the typist) qv: which see (that is, whatever is in front of the qv is also in the discography, and you can look it up for more information -- example "Cell 151, qv" means you can look up Cell 151 somewhere and get more information on it) caveat emptor: let the buyer beware, or there's a sucker born every minute. In this context it means if you send large amounts of cash to bootleg dealers and/or fan clubs and never get anything, it's your fault and not ours. The information is provided here for historical record and for completeness, and what you choose to do with that information is completely up to you. caveat: without the 'emptor' it just means 'beware' or 'caution'. eponymous (noun), eponymously (adjective): in a musical. discographical context it means 'self titled'. Genesis has had one eponymous album (in 1983). Notes on media: 7" means a seven-inch diameter, 45 rpm record. 12" means a 12 inch diameter record. Oddly enough, in the UK, a 12" single is generally 33 1/3 rpm, while in the USA it is 45 rpm. An LP, long playing record, is usualy 33 1/3 rpm and 12" in diameter. An EP is an Extended Play record, originally it was a vinyl (7" or 12", they seem to come in both sizes) single with several songs on it. Now that CD singles are very common, this term is becoming an anachronism since every CD single seems to have 4-5 tracks on it and could be considered "extended". There is no exact definition of an EP, in the record industry or among collectors, but they usually have all new material on them, nothing from an album. The Cell 151 EP (qv) is an obvious exception to that "rule". A single has at least one album track. The term 'album' can mean the abstract collection of songs under one title, or a physical LP record. Context is usually sufficient to tell which usage is intended. CAS generally means cassette, except it is often in Charisma records' catalogue numbers. CAS in a catalogue number means Charisma, not cassette. (Kind of confusing, but the catalogue numbers came before cassettes) C60, C90, C100 etc. mean a cassette of a specific length (in minutes). Originally cassettes came in 60, 90, 100, and 120 minute lengths with only a few oddball times like Radio Shack's 30 minute Realistic tapes. Since the advent of the CD, cassettes of bizarre lengths like 46, 50, 76 minutes have appeared to accomodate the bizarre lengths of CDs. (Caveat: tape lengths over 100 minutes generally mean the magnetic tape itself is very thin and easy to break.) CD is a compact disk. CD3 is a 3" diameter compact disk, a format introduced for singles that was not well received and has practically disappeared. CD5 is a 5" CD, the normal variety that is common for albums as well as singles. 5" singles are the same physical medium as album length CDs, but only have 2-3 tracks. Ones with 3+ tracks are often called "maxi-singles" by the record company. CD packaging is a very diverse and confusing area (especially since the UK and the USA call the same CD packaging different things, and even use the same name for different things). Notes on how CDs are packaged have been included when possible. A brief primer on the terms used to describe them is included here. digipak...........fold-out cardboard with a plastic tray attached 2-CD digipak......digipak with two plastic trays attached for 2 CD's jewel (UK)........thin clear plastic case, with insert-thing thin jewel (US)...same as jewel (UK) normal (UK).......normal 'album' CD case, with booklet jewel (US)........same as normal (UK) long box..........the cardboard box the jewel box comes in, which is going to be discontinued spring 93 2-CD normal (UK)..2-CD album case, big thick ugly thing 2-CD jewel (US)... (Seconds Out & The Lamb come in this) thin 2-CD pack....don't know the proper name for this, same size as normal case, but trays are thinner so two can fit in new cases ........'Compac Plus' this is like a digipak but with a stronger tray attached and a really awkward 'snap-open' clip 'Ecopak' is a combination plastic cardboard thing that allows the shape of the long box in the store and then folds down to a jewel box. With variations on the above and experiments with different plastics! All that is subject to change, and new ways of packaging CDs are being created every day. Now, a word about singles, primarily to explain the vast quantity of post-Invisible Touch singles. This applies to the UK only, and the UK chart system (and indirectly to the rest of the world, because these singles are imported by other countries). For a single to count as a single it must have less than 5 tracks and be less than 20 minutes in length, otherwise it is considered an album. All CD singles count as a different format of the same single, just as a cassette and a 7" both count towards the chart position. There's a limit to how many formats you can release though (around 5 ), and each format must (should) have 50% of the tracks the same. Grouping note: For the sake of sanity, radio shows and other broadcasts are lumped in with "bootlegs" -- the term bootleg is taken to be anything not released by the band on one of its official record companies. (Italian bootlegs are a very grey area, since in Italy is is legal for a venue to record a performance and sell it -- the band actually sees revenue from this kind of record) Most radio shows of live performances are ripped off by bootleggers anyway, and it is practically impossible to find any of these shows for sale officially by the people who recorded them. Trying to separate the radio shows from the bootlegs of them would be practically impossible, and lead to a lot of redundancies. Bootlegs and illegal recordings are included for the sake of an ideal comprehensive catalogue of Genesis releases. Their presence here does not imply that we agree with bootleggers or the way they make money off of fans' desire to hear Genesis music (it isn't Genesis that the bootleggers are ripping off, it is the fans who want to hear their music). Record dealers who place high pricetags on early singles and make money off of the dedicated fan who wants to experience all the Genesis music, even the b-sides, are hardly better than bootleggers although they are more legal. (Genesis releasing an album of b-sides would put a lot of these people out of business.) But, bootleggers have preserved a lot of things that Genesis fans can not hear in any way other than illegal means, such as Peter Gabriel's famous in-between songs stories which never appeared on any albums. For a fan who wasn't around in the old days, bootlegs hold the only key to unlocking the mysteries of Genesis. Publications include both in and out of print books. Due to the constantly changing nature of the discography and the publishing world, it is impossible to keep tabs on which books are in print when. There's not much you can do to get out of print books, except be lucky and stumble across them in newspaper/magazine/etc ads or used book stores. Some dealers do handle books and other non-music collectibles related to bands) The in print ones can be ordered by any reasonably big music or book store. SINGLES: interpreting the singles listings. It is very difficult to find a format that will concisely list all the relevant information about a single. ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||| I N D E X ||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 0. INTRODUCTION [includes credits, acknowlegements, introduction, and index; kind of long winded, but there's some useful information and necessary disclaimers] I. GENESIS A. Albums B. Singles [incl. pre-1990, We Can't Dance, Atlantic Oldies] C. Miscellaneous [compilations of Genesis music and about Genesis, covers of Genesis, and interview disks officially released, and anything else that doesn't fit the other categories] II. TONY BANKS A. Albums B. Singles III. PHIL COLLINS A. Albums B. Singles C. Miscellaneous [includes seriously incomplete list of session work] IV. PETER GABRIEL A. Albums B. SINGLES i. 7" ii. 12" iii. cassette iv. CD C. Miscellaneous D. Various Artists' Albums E. Guest Appearances/Sessions/Production F. Cover Versions G. (chart) Singles not on albums V. STEVE HACKETT A. Albums (incl. EPs and GTR) B. Singles VI. ANTHONY PHILLIPS [complete list of albums, including all Private Parts & Pieces collections] A. Albums B. Singles C. Miscellaneous VIII. MIKE RUTHERFORD [Mike and the Mechanics are included with the Mike Rutherford section, see also the appendix about Paul Carrak.] A. Albums B. Singles IX. DARYL STUERMER AND CHESTER THOMPSON A. Daryl Stuermer B. Chester Thompson X. BRAND X [complete list of all albums and known singles, solo projects] A. Albums B. Solo Brand X projects XI. BOOTLEGS ["bootleg" is defined as a non-official release or something not released to include albums, radio shows, specials, etc.] Preface -- introduction and notes A. Genesis B. Peter Gabriel C. Phil Collins D. Mike Rutherford (and Mechanics) E. Appearances F. Brand X Bootlegs G. Steve Hackett XII. PUBLICATIONS and ORGANIZATIONS A. Internet Mailing Lists [Genesis lists past & present, and Peter Gabriel's list] B. Fan Organizations [fan clubs and newsletters] C. Books [in and out of print books about Genesis or members] D. Sheet Music XIII. VIDEOS [official or otherwise video releases] A. Genesis - promotional videos - television appearances (Genesis or solo on a show) - television specials (the whole show is about Genesis or solo) - commercial/bootleg videos B. Phil Collins C. Peter Gabriel D. Mike & The Mechanics Appendix I -- Paul Carrack Appendix II -- Genesis Songs Never Released [Stuff unavailable legally or illegally] Appendix III -- Name's the Same, basically a junk drawer appendix of stuff that doesn't really fit anywhere else. Bands and Cover Bands that have been inspired by Genesis and taken their names from Genesis song/album titles. Also covers of stuff written by Genesis members by other artists. ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||| G E N E S I S ||| ||| Section I ||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALBUMS Part A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From Genesis to Revelation -------------------------- Released March 1969 Album: Decca SKL 4990 Stereo (UK, Europe) Album: Decca LK 4990 Mono (UK, Europe) Album: Decca PS643 (US) CD (re-release): August 1990 DCC Compact Classics (Decca) dcc51 Cassette (re-release): 1990 DCC Compact Classics DZC-051 Players: Tony Banks: Keyboards, vocals Peter Gabriel: Lead vocal, flute Ant Phillips: Guitars, vocals Mike Rutherford: Bass guitar, vocals Jonathan Silver: Drums Dave Thomas: Backup vocals Liner: String arrangements by Arthur Greenslade Produced by Jonathan King Recorded at Regen Sound Studios, Denmark St., London Tracks: 1. Where the Sour Turns To Sweet (Banks,Gabriel) (3:14) 2. In the Beginning (Phillips,Gabriel) (3:43) 3. Fireside Song (Banks, Phillips, Rutherford) (4:20) 4. The Serpent (Banks, Gabriel) (4:39) 5. Am I Very Wrong? (Gabriel, Banks) (3:30) 6. In The Wilderness (Phillips, Gabriel, Banks, Rutherford) (3:31) 7. The Conqueror (Banks, Gabriel) (3:39) 8. In Hiding (Phillips, Gabriel) (2:41) 9. One Day (Banks, Gabriel) (3:19) 10. Window (Phillips, Rutherford) (3:34) 11. The Silent Sun (Banks, Gabriel) (2:13) 12. A Place To Call My Own (Phillips, Gabriel) (2:00) Notes: This album has been re-packaged a million ways by Jonathan King in nearly every country, often under the Decca label. Originally released in March, 1969. Re-releases of From Genesis To Revelation: [Being the only album Decca owns the rights to publish of Genesis, they have attempted to make as much money as possible off of Genesis' success -- which is good for fans who want to hear the first album, because it makes it available pretty cheaply. This is by no means a complete list!] "In The Beginning" UK, US & Italy 1974. Sleeve has view of earth surrounded by a serpent. Without singles. "Rock Roots - Genesis" UK Decca ROOTS 1 1976. Pink sleeve with photo of Decca record player, early band photo and early pic of PG. "Gigantes Del Pop, Vol 24" - 1981 Decca 71-95-074 - cover has small pic of band on stage. Spanish release. Also "Idolos 1 - From Genesis To Revelation" and "Historia De La Musica Rock - Genesis". W.German releases - "The Silent Sun" (picture of a sun basically) Also "From Genesis To Revelation" (picture of PG in flower outfit) "Genesis with Peter Gabriel" (details unknown). "Genesis" Japan. 1st 1000 pressed on yellow vinyl. Cover is photo of PG in Moonlit Knight costume. "Where the Sour Turns to Sweet" - black cover with illustration by Ian Miller - zombie people with hairy arms and a chicken?!! No band photo on cover Listed Members: PG, TB, MR, AP, Chris Stewart, John Silver MACD4 (Castle Records?) 17 tracks Genesis With Peter Gabriel Decca 6.24 603 1981 Includes singles. Castle Communication CMC3024 3740-3024 AAD German import London 820 496-2 March 1987 AAD UK? includes early history. "And the Word Was..." 17 tracks (includes singles) 1991 release Decca 820 496-2 (non-German release) Cover photo pictures AP, MR, TB, PG, and Chris Stewart (?) Castle Australasian PACD013 AAD "The Compact Collection - From Genesis to Revelation" 1990 Same pic as above, with separate pics of PC, PG, SH, TB on cover From Genesis to Revelation August 1990 DCC Classics DZS-051 1990 CD re-release under original title (also on cassette), features promo pic of band on front. (This actually has Phil and Steve on the cover. Go figure.) This re-release features liner notes swiped from Gallo or a similar book. Slanted to take some of the negative opinions away from FGTR that Genesis showed later. Trespass -------- Released October 1970 Album: Charisma CAS 1020 (UK) re-release Virgin CHC 12 (UK) ABC ABCX 816 (US) Charisma/Phillips 6369 905 (Germany) Charisma RJ7301 (Japan) Virgin CHC 12 Cassette: 1970 Charisma CAS 1020 (UK) re-release Virgin CHCMC 12 (UK) 1980 MCA 1653 (US) CD: Virgin CASCD 1020 1993 MCA Records MCAD-1653 (US first CD release, no lyrics, ADD) Players: Tony Banks: Organ, piano, mellotron, guitar, vocals Peter Gabriel: Lead vocal, flute, accordion, tambourine, bass drum, etc. Jonathan Mayhew: Drums, percussion, vocals Ant Phillips: Lead guitar, acoustic 12-string, dulcimer, vocals Mike Rutherford: Bass guitar, acoustic 12-string, cello, vocals Liner: Producer: John Anthony Recorded at Trident Studios, London, July 1970 Tape Operator: David Hentschel Tracks: 1. Looking For Someone 2. White Mountain 3. Visions of Angels / 4. Stagnation 5. Dusk 6. The Knife Nursery Cryme ------------- Album: 1972 Charisma CAS-1052 (Gatefold album with lyrics and pictures printed on the inside cover) re-release Virgin CHC 22 (UK) Charisma CAS 1052 (US, distributed by Buddah Records) Charisma 6369 916 (Germany) Charisma RJ7302 (Japan) Virgin CAS 1052 1971 Atlantic 80030-1 (Non-gatefold album, no lyrics) Cassette: Atlantic 7 80030-4-B (credits inside, does not credit Hackett) re-release Virgin CHCMC 22 (UK) CD: 1985 Virgin CASCD-1052 AAD (Lyrics included in booklet) Nov. 1987 Atlantic atl80030 Atlantic 80030-2 Players: Steve Hackett: Electric Guitar, 12-String Guitar. Peter Gabriel: Lead Voice, Flute, Bass Drum, Tambourine. Tony Banks: Organ, Mellotron, Piano, 12-String Guitar, Voices. Phil Collins: Drums, Voices, Percussion, Lead Vocal on (2) Mike Rutherford: Bass, Bass Pedals, 12-String Guitar, Voices. Tracks: 1. The Musical Box 2. For Absent Friends 3. The Return Of The Giant Hogweed / 4. Seven Stones 5. Harold The Barrel 6. Harlequin 7. The Fountain Of Salmacis Foxtrot ------- Released October 1972 Album: 1972 Charisma CAS-6369-922 (Gatefold album with lyrics and pictures of the band on the inside cover) Charisma CAS 1058 (UK) re-release Virgin CHC 38 (Gatefold UK) Charisma CAS 1058 (US, distributed by Buddah Records) Charisma 6369 922 (Germany) Charisma RJ7303 (Japan) Cassette: 1972 Charisma (No lyrics or pictures - cover is closeup of fox) re-release 1985 Virgin CHCMC 38 Atlantic 7 81848-4 (credits & playing times inside) CD: 1986 Virgin, 1985 Charisma CASCD-1058 AAD (Lyrics included in booklet) Jun. 1988 Atlantic atl81848 Players: Steve Hackett: Electric Guitar, 12-String Guitar, 6-String Guitar Peter Gabriel: Lead Voice, Flute, Bass Drum, Tambourine, Oboe Tony Banks: Organ, Mellotron, Piano, Electric Piano, 12-String Guitar, Voices Phil Collins: Drums, Voices, Assorted Percussion Mike Rutherford: Bass, Bass Pedals, 12-String Guitar, Voices, Cello Richard MacPhail: Equipment and Stage Sound (sound friend) Tracks: 1. Watcher Of The Skies (7:19) 2. Time Table (4:40) 3. Get 'Em Out By Friday (8:35) 4. Can-Utility And The Coastliners (5:43) / 5. Horizons (1:38) 6. Supper's Ready (22:58) i. Lover's Leap ii. The Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man iii. Ikhnaton and Itsacon and Their Band of Merry Men iv. How Dare I Be So Beautiful? v. Willow Farm vi. Apocalypse in 9/8 (featuring the delicious talents of Gabble Ratchet) vii. As Sure as Eggs is Eggs (Aching Men's Feet) Live ---- Released August 1973 Album: 1973 Charisma CLASS-1 or 9279-530 (Back of album has a short story written by Peter Gabriel) Charisma CAS 1666 (US) Charisma 6499 539 (Germany) Charisma RJ7225 (Japan) Cassette: Charisma 'Success series' 7259 530 (splits Hogweed into two parts) CD: 1987 Virgin CLACD 1 (Lyrics included in booklet, but are wrong!) Jun. 1988 Atlantic atl81855 Players: Steve Hackett: Electric Guitar, 12-String Guitar. Peter Gabriel: Lead Voice, Flute, Bass Drum, Tambourine. Tony Banks: Organ, Mellotron, Piano, 12-String Guitar, Voices. Phil Collins: Drums, Voices, Percussion. Mike Rutherford: Bass, Bass Pedals, 12-String Guitar, Voices. Tracks: 1. Watcher Of The Skies (8:35) 2. Get 'Em Out By Friday (9:13) 3. The Return Of The Giant Hogweed (8:17) / 4. The Musical Box (10:55) 5. The Knife (9:50) Notes: Recorded live at the De Montfort Hall & at the Free Trade Hall, Manchester, England, February, 1973. This album was originally planned to be a double album, with the second record containing a full side-long version of "Supper's Ready". According to Record Collector No. 146, Oct. 1991, one double album test pressing of both sets was made, a Dutch release on the Philips record label. The number of copies in this run is not stated, although it was probably very few. No one knows who owns any of them, if any are even extant at this time. There is a rare Italian limited edition of "Genesis Live", which does NOT have the extra tracks, but came with a totally different limited edition sleeve of Gabriel in his flower mask, surrounded by a white border. Charisma 636 9942L is the limited edition Italian release. Selling England By The Pound ---------------------------- Released September 1973 Album: 1973 Charisma FC-6060 (Album contains an insert with lyrics and a picture of the band) Charisma CAS 1074 (UK contains insert with lyrics) Charisma 6369 944 (Europe, Germany) Charisma RJ7304 (Japan) 1973 Atlantic SD-19277 (No lyric sheet) Charisma CAS 1074 (has lyric sheet, no picture of the band) Cassette: Atlantic CS 19277 (blank inside) CD: 1985 Virgin CASCD-1074 AAD (Lyrics included in booklet of UK CD) July 1987 Atlantic atl19277 Players: Steve Hackett: Electric Guitar, Nylon Guitar. Peter Gabriel: Vocals, Flute, Percussion, Oboe. Tony Banks: Keyboards, 12-String Guitar. Phil Collins: Drums, Percussion, Vocal, Lead Vocals on (4) Mike Rutherford: Bass, 12-String Guitar, Electric Sitar. Tracks: 1. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight 2. I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) 3. Firth Of Fifth 4. More Fool Me / 5. The Battle Of Epping Forest (WT: parts from 'The Block') 6. After The Ordeal 7. The Cinema Show 8. Aisle Of Plenty The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (Double album) --------------------------------------------- Released November 1974 Album: Charisma CGS 101 (UK Gatefold) Charisma 6641 226 (Europe) Charisma SFX 10022-3 (Japan) 1974 Atco SD-2-401 (2-LP set, gatefold album with short story written by Peter Gabriel on inside cover, album sleeves contain lyrics.) CD: 1986 Virgin CGSCD-1 AAD (2-CD set, booklet contains lyrics and story) July 1987 Atlantic atl401 ATCO 401-2 Cassette: ATCO CS 2-401 (part one & part two, two tapes) Players: Steve Hackett: Guitars. Peter Gabriel: Voices and Flute, with variations on the above and experiments with foreign sounds. Tony Banks: Keyboards. Phil Collins: Percussion, Vibing & Voicing. Mike Rutherford: Bass and 12-String Guitar. Brian Eno: Enossification. [Eno did the sound effects for the voice on things like Grand Parade] Tracks: 1. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway 2. Fly On A Windshield 3. Broadway Melody Of 1974 4. Cuckoo Cocoon 5. In The Cage 6. The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging / 7. Back In N.Y.C. 8. Hairless Heart 9. Counting Out Time 10. Carpet Crawl 11. The Chamber Of 32 Doors / 12. Lilywhite Lilith 13. The Waiting Room 14. Anyway 15. Here Comes The Supernatural Anaesthetist 16. The Lamia 17. Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats / 18. The Colony Of Slippermen The Arrival A Visit to the Doktor The Raven 19. Ravine 20. The Light Dies Down On Broadway 21. Riding The Scree 22. In The Rapids 23. It A Trick Of The Tail ------------------- Released February 1976 Album: 1976 Atlantic SD-36-129 (Gatefold album with lyrics printed on inside cover, pictures of album characters printed on inner album sleeve) 1976 Charisma CDS 4001 (UK, as Atlantic release) Charisma 6369 974 (6106) (Cassette 7164 047) German import "au dem Hause Phonogram" gatefold with (English) lyrics and sleeve containing characters Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab MFSL-1-062 (Master recording, marketed by AtCo, pressed in Japan) CD: 1976 (released July 1987) Atlantic 38101-2 AAD (Booklet contains lyrics and album characters) 1983 Virgin CDSCD 4001 (UK, as Atlantic release) Cassette: ATCO CS 38-101 (no insert) Players: Steve Hackett: Electric Guitar, 12-String Guitars. Tony Banks: Pianos, Synthesizers, Organ, Mellotron, 12-String Guitar, Backing Vocals. Phil Collins: Drums, Percussion, Lead & Backing Vocals. Mike Rutherford: Basses, Bass Pedals, 12-String Guitar. Tracks: 1. Dance On A Volcano (Rutherford, Banks, Hackett, Collins) (5:53) 2. Entangled (Hackett, Banks) (6:26) 3. Squonk (Rutherford, Banks) (6:27) (WT: Indians) 4. Mad Man Moon (Banks) (7:33) / 5. Robbery, Assault, & Battery (Banks, Collins) (6:14) 6. Ripples (Rutherford, Banks) (8:04) 7. A Trick Of The Tail (Banks) (4:34) 8. Los Endos (Collins, Hackett, Rutherford, Banks) (5:45) Wind And Wuthering ------------------ Released January 1977 Album: 1977 Atlantic ATCO SD-36-144 (Lyrics printed on inner sleeve of album) CD: 1977 Virgin CDSCD-4005 AAD (Lyrics included in booklet of import CD) [Atco CDs and tapes do not contain lyrics] July 1987 Atlantic atl38100 Players: Steve Hackett: Electric Guitars, Nylon Classical, 12-String Guitars, Kalimba, Auto-harp. Tony Banks: Steinway Grand Piano, ARP 2600 and Pro-Soloist Synths, Hammond Organ, Mellotron, Roland String Synth, Rhodes. Phil Collins: Voices, Drums, Cymbals, Percussion. Mike Rutherford: 4, 6, & 8 String Basses, Electric and 12-String Acoustic Guitars, Bass Pedals. Tracks: 1. Eleventh Earl Of Mar (Banks, Hackett, Rutherford) (7:39) 2. One For The Vint(e (Banks) (9:56) 3. Your Own Special Way (Rutherford) (6:15) 4. Wot Gorilla? (Collins, Banks) (3:12) / 5. All In A Mouse's Night (Banks) (6:35) 6. Blood On The Rooftops (Hackett, Collins) (5:20) 7. 'Unquiet Slumbers For The Sleepers... (Hackett, Rutherford) 8. ...In That Quiet Earth' (Hackett, Rutherford, Banks, Collins) (7:20 for 7/8) 9. Afterglow (Banks) (4:10) Seconds Out ----------- Released October 1977, recorded in Paris 1976/77. Album: 1977 Atlantic SD-2-9002 (2-LP set, gatefold) 1977 Charisma GE 2001 (UK, as Atlantic release) Cassette: 1977 Atlantic CS-2-9002 (2-tapes) 747 2136 (slightly different ordering of tracks, 2 volumes, and I've only seen volume 2) CD: 1977 (released July 1987) Atlantic 9002-2 AAD (2-CD set) 1985 Virgin GECD 2001 (2-CD set, lyrics in booklet, incorrect) Players: Steve Hackett: Gibson Les Paul, Hodaka, 12-String Guitar. Tony Banks: RMI Electric Piano, Hammond T. Organ, ARP Pro soloist, Mellotron 400, Epiphone 12-String, Backing Vocals Phil Collins: Voice, Premier and Gretsch Drums. Mike Rutherford: Shergold Electric 12 String and Bass, 8-String Bass, Alvarez 12-String, Moog Taurus Bass Pedals, B.Vocals. Chester Thompson: Pearl Drums and Percussion. Bill Bruford: Ludwig and Hayman Drums and Percussion (on track 10 only) Tracks: 1. Squonk 2. The Carpet Crawl 3. Robbery, Assault, & Battery 4. Afterglow / 5. Firth Of Fifth 6. I Know What I Like 7. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway 8. The Musical Box (closing) / 9. Supper's Ready / 10. Cinema Show 11. Dance On A Volcano 12. Los Endos ...And Then There Were Three... ------------------------------- Released April 1978 Album: Atlantic SD 19173 (Gatefold sleeve, lyrics) Charisma CDS 4010 (UK, as Atlantic release) CD: July 1987 Atlantic atl19173 1983 Virgin CDSCD 4010 (UK, lyrics included in booklet) Players: Tony Banks: Keyboards Philip Collins: Drums, Voices Mike Rutherford: Guitars, Basses Produced by David Hentschel and Genesis Engineered by David Hentschel Assisted by Pierre Geoffrey Chateau Recorded at Relight Studios, Hilvarenbeek Holland Mixed at Trident Studios, London Tracks: 1. Down And Out (Collins, Banks, Rutherford) (5:25) 2. Undertow (Banks) (4:47) 3. Ballad Of Big (Collins, Banks, Rutherford) (4:47) 4. Snowbound (Rutherford) (4:30) 5. Burning Rope (Banks) (7:07) 6. Deep In The Motherlode (Rutherford) (5:14) 7. Many Too Many (Banks) (3:30) 8. Scenes From A Night's Dream (Collins, Banks) (3:30) 9. Say It's Alright Joe (Rutherford) (4:18) 10. The Lady Lies (Banks) (6:05) 11. Follow You Follow Me (Rutherford, Banks, Collins) (3:59) Duke ---- Released March 1980 Album: Charisma CBR101 (Gatefold sleeve with lyrics and cartoons) CD: July 1987 Atlantic atl16014 1985 Virgin CBRCD 101 (UK, with lyrics and b&w cartoons) Players: Tony Banks: Keyboards, Backing Vocals, 12 String Guitar, Duck Mike Rutherford: Basses, Guitars, Backing Vocals Phil Collins: Drums, Vocals, Drum Machine, Duck Dave Hentschel: Backing Vocals Produced by David Hentschel and Genesis Assisted by Dave Bascombe Engineered by David Hentschel of Dukeslodge Enterprises Ltd. Recorded at Polar Studios Sweden Mixed at Maison Rouge London Three working titles, The Duke, Bring Out Your Dead, and Jazz are known, but not which songs they became... Tracks: 1. Behind The Lines (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) 2. Duchess (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) 3. Guide Vocal (Banks) 4. Man Of Our Times (Rutherford) 5. Misunderstanding (Collins) 6. Heathaze (Banks) 7. Turn It On Again (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) 8. Alone Tonight (Rutherford) 9. Cul-De-Sac (Banks) 10. Please Don't Ask (Collins) 11. Duke's Travels (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) 12. Duke's End (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) Abacab ------ Released September 1981 Album: Atlantic SD 19313 (inner sleeve has picture of band, no lyrics) Charisma CBR 102 (UK, as Atlantic release, note there were three different varitions of the sleeve in UK) CD: July 1987 Atlantic atl19313 1985 Virgin CBRCD 102 (UK, b&w band pic and lyrics in booklet) Cassette: Atlantic CS 19313 (outside flap with play list erroneously does not credit Anthony Banks Ltd. even though the inside does) Players: Tony Banks: Keyboards Phil Collins: Drums, Vocals Mike Rutherford: Basses, Guitars EWF Horns on No Reply At All courtesy of Earth Wind And Fire Produced by Genesis Engineered by Hugh Padgham Recorded and mixed at The Farm, Surrey Arranged by Tom Tom 84 There are actually *four* known color patterns of the sleeve. This is a point of confusion since an ad for a painting of the art only had three, but it is definite four exist. Tracks: 1. Abacab (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) (7:02) 2. No Reply At All (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) (4:41) 3. Me And Sarah Jane (Banks) (6:00) 4. Keep It Dark (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) (4:34) 5. Dodo (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) |(7:20) Lurker (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) | 6. Who Dunnit? (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) (3:22) 7. Man On The Corner (Collins) (4:27) 8. Like It Or Not (Rutherford) (4:58) 9. Another Record (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) (4:30) Three Sides Live ---------------- Released May 1982 Album: Atlantic ??? (Gatefold sleeve, bad pic of lights at concert) Album: 1982 Charisma GEN 2002 (UK, Gatefold with live pic) CD: July 1987 Atlantic atl2000 Cassette: Vertigo 7565 008 (made in Holland, credits inside) 1982 Charisma/Virgin GENC 2002 (UK) Players: Phil Collins: Drums, Vocals Tony Banks: Keyboards, Backing Vocals Mike Rutherford: Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals Daryl Stuermer: Guitar, Bass Chester Thompson: Drums Tracks: 1. Turn It On Again (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) (5:01) 2. Dodo (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) (7:19) 3. Abacab (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) (8:41) 4. Behind The Lines (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) (5:25) 5. Duchess (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) (6:33) 6. Me And Sarah Jane (Banks) (5:53) 7. Follow You Follow Me (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) (4:36) 8. Misunderstanding (Collins) (3:55) 9. In The Cage (Gabriel, Hackett, Banks, Collins, Rutherford) (7:45) Medley: Cinema Show (Gabriel, Hackett, Banks, Collins, Rutherford), Slippermen (Gabriel, Hackett, Banks, Collins, Rutherford) 10. Afterglow (Banks) (8:34) 11. Paperlate (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) (3:20) * 12. You Might Recall (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) (5:31) * (WT: Jangly) 13. Me And Virgil (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) (6:20) * (WT: Chunky) 14. Evidence Of Autumn (Banks) (4:57) + 15. Open Door (Rutherford) (4:06) + Notes: Produced by Genesis * Produced by Genesis, Engineered by Hugh Padgham + Co-produced by Genesis and Dave Hentschel Recorded live during the Genesis 1981 tour except * The Farm, Surrey '81 + Polar Studios Stockholm 1979 Three Sides Live ---------------- CD: Virgin GECD 2002 Note: Both German on Vertigo and British on Virgin so Virgin GECD 2002 exists with both the studio tracks AND the 4th live side. The one with the studio tracks has a pink back insert and blue labels on the discs, and the other has a white back insert and clear labels on the discs. Album: Virgin GE 2002 Players: Phil Collins: Drums, Vocals Tony Banks: Keyboards, Backing Vocals Mike Rutherford: Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals Daryl Stuermer: Guitar, Bass Chester Thompson: Drums Bill Bruford: Drums on Track 13 Steve Hackett: Guitar on Track 13 Tracks: 1. Turn It On Again (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) (5:01) 2. Dodo (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) (7:19) 3. Abacab (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) (8:41) 4. Behind The Lines (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) (5:25) 5. Duchess (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) (6:33) 6. Me And Sarah Jane (Banks) (5:53) 7. Follow You Follow Me (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) (4:36) 8. Misunderstanding (Collins) (3:55) 9. In The Cage (Gabriel, Hackett, Banks, Collins, Rutherford) (7:45) Medley: Cinema Show (Gabriel, Hackett, Banks, Collins, Rutherford), Slippermen (Gabriel, Hackett, Banks, Collins, Rutherford) 10. Afterglow (Banks) (8:34) 11. One For The Vine (Banks) (10:36) 12. Fountain Of Salmacis (Gabriel, Hackett, Banks, Collins, Rutherford) (8:15) 13. It/Watcher Of The Skies (Gabriel, Hackett, Banks, Collins, Rutherford) (6:45) Notes: Produced by Genesis Engineered by Geoff Callingham Tracks 11, 12 and 13 produced by Dave Hentschel Recorded Live in Europe and America during 1981 Tracks 11 and 12 recorded in 1980 Track 13 recorded in 1976 Genesis ------- Released October 1983 Album: Atlantic 80116-1 (inner sleeve has lyrics and photos) Virgin GEN LP 1 (UK, as Atlantic release, LP itself has a picture label of sorts, white with yellow shapes) CD: July 1987 Atlantic atl80116 UK Virgin GENCD 1. Reel-to-reel: US Atlantic 1R1 7626 Cassette: Atlantic 7 80116-4 Virgin GEN MC 1 (UK, lyrics and photos) Players: Tony Banks: Keyboards, Backing Vocals Mike Rutherford: Guitars, Bass, Backing Vocals Phil Collins: Drums, Percussion, Lead Vocals Produced By Genesis with Hugh Padgham Engineered by Hugh Padgham Recorded and mixed at The Farm, Surrey All songs written by Banks, Collins, Rutherford Note: since it is self titled, this album is also called 'Mama' and 'Shapes' to avoid confusion Tracks: 1. Mama (6:46) 2. That's All (4:22) 3. Home By The Sea (4:46) 4. Second Home By The Sea (6:22) (WT: Heavy Simmons) 5. Illegal Alien (5:12) 6. Taking It All Too Hard (3:54) 7. Just A Job To Do (4:44) 8. Silver Rainbow (4:27) 9. It's Gonna Get Better (5:00) Invisible Touch --------------- Released October 1986 CD: July 1987 Atlantic atl81641 Virgin GEN CD 2 (UK, lyrics and pictures in booklet) Virgin GEN PCD 2 (UK, picture CD is front cover, 1988) Cassette: Atlantic 7 81641-4-E (credits inside) Cassette: Virgin GEN MC2 (inside has pic of band and credits) Atlantic: Atlantic A1-81641 Players: Tony Banks: Keyboards, Synth Bass Phil Collins: Drums, Vocals, Percussion Mike Rutherford: Guitars, Bass Produced by Genesis and Hugh Padgham Engineered by Hugh Padgham Written, recorded and mixed at The Farm, Surrey All Songs written by Banks, Collins, Rutherford Lyricist indicated in parentheses, all music written by Genesis Tracks: 1. Invisible Touch (Phil) (3:26) 2. Tonight Tonight Tonight (Phil) (8:49) (WT: Monkey, Zulu) 3. Land Of Confusion (Mike) (4:45) 4. In Too Deep (Phil) (4:59) 5. Anything She Does (Tony) (4:06) 6. Domino-Part One: In The Glow Of The Night (Tony) (4:27) Part Two: The Last Domino (Tony) (6:15) 7. Throwing It All Away (Mike) (4:41) (WT: Zephyr) [Later in A Biography(qv), it said the WT was 'Zeppo' as in Led Zepplin, which the riff sounded like. Spoken, telling the two apart is impossible!] 8. The Brazilian (Tony -- primary composer) (4:49) (WT: Savage -- not confirmed, but it was mentioned in a context that makes it *very* likely.) We Can't Dance -------------- Released 11th November 1991 CD: Atlantic 7 82344-2 Virgin GEN CD 3 (lyrics and pics in booklet) UK Virgin DJGCD3 (Disc is slightly different color from commercial release. Cardboard sleeve is light yellow with Genesis written in purple and the man & boy in black. It says "Instore play copy" in upper left and "Release date Monday 11th November, World Airplay Date Thursday 7th November" under the title.) Album: Virgin GEN LP3 (2-LP, inner sleeves have lyrics and pics) Produced by Genesis and Nick Davis Engineered by Nick Davis, Assisted by Mark Robinson Recorded at The Farm, Surrey - March to September, 1991 Technical Assistance: Geoff Callingham and Mike Bowen All Tracks written by Banks, Collins, Rutherford Lyricist indicated in parentheses, where known Tracks: 1. No Son Of Mine (Phil) (WT: Elephantus) 2. Jesus He Knows Me (Phil) 3. Driving The Last Spike (Phil) (WT: Irish) 4. I Can't Dance (Phil) (WT: Blue Jeans) 5. Never A Time (Mike) (WT: BB Hit) 6. Dreaming While You Sleep (Mike) (WT: Rolling Toms) 7. Tell Me Why (Phil) (WT: Rickenbacker) 8. Living Forever (Tony) (WT: Hip Hop Brushes) 9. Hold On My Heart (WT: Burt [Bacharach]) 10. Way Of The World (Mike) 11. Since I Lost You (Phil) 12. Fading Lights (Tony) (WT: Nile) Live: The Way We Walk Volume One - The Shorts --------------------------------------------- Released 16th November 1992 LP: UK Virgin GENLP 4- has same insert as CD only (announcement of THE LONGS) only bigger. Cassette: Atlantic 7 82452 4 Cassette: Virgin GEN MC 4 CD: Atlantic 7 82452 2 CD: Virgin GEN CD 4 Produced by Nick Davis, Robert Colby & Genesis Engineered by Nick Davis & Geoff Callingham Assisted by Simon Metcalfe All songs written by Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford Mostly recorded on The We Can't Dance Tour 1992 Note: The liner doesn't have where each track is recorded. Expert testimony places 'Mama' as the Knebworth 90 performance. Tracks: 1. Land Of Confusion 2. No Son Of Mine 3. Jesus He Knows Me 4. Throwing It All Away 5. I Can't Dance 6. Mama 7. Hold On My Heart 8. That's All 9. In Too Deep 10. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight 11. Invisible Touch Inside, there's a black paper disc with the following text: Genesis live - the way we walk - Volume two: the longs Cat. N. GENCD 5 SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Volume two of this Compact Disc will be available January 1993 at a specially reduced price for a limited period only. It will contain: Dance on a Volcano / Lamb lies down on Broadway / The Musical Box / Firth of Fifth / I know what I like / Driving the last spike / Domino - Part 1 - In the glow of the night / Part 2 - The last domino / Fading lights / Home by the sea / Drum duet Live: The Way We Walk Volume Two - The Longs -------------------------------------------- Released 18th January 1993 LP: UK Virgin GENLP 5- Has same tracks as CD except no "Drum Duet". Cassette: Virgin GEN MC 5 CD: Virgin GEN MC 5 Tracks: 1. Dance On A Volcano 2. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway 3. The Musical Box 4. Firth of Fifth 5. I Know What I Like 6. Driving The Last Spike 7. Domino - Part 1: In The Glow Of The Night Part 2: The Last Domino 8. Fading Lights 9. Home By The Sea 10. Drum Duet Notes: "Available January 1993 at a specially reduced price for a limited period only" Special Notes on the Way We Walk series: According to Atlantic, Walk II is to be available until April 30th and then sometime late in the summer of 1993, the two discs are to be re-released together as a two-disc set. These plans have apparently fallen through, since the records have continued to be available long past the time they were supposed to not be. A test pressing or a promo version of the 2 CD set apparently was made, in a black & white Digipak. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SINGLES Part B ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Silent Sun b/w That's Me: Decca F12735 Feb 22, 1968, mono US Parrot 45-PAR 3018, USA promo only, not released A Winter's Tale b/w One Eyed Hound: Decca F12775, May 10th 1969 Where the Sour Turns to Sweet b/w In Hiding: Decca F12949 Jun 27th 1969 In The Beginning b/w The Serpent: Italy Decca F22909 1969 Looking for Someone b/w Visions of Angels: Charisma GSl, 1970 (Promotional single for DJs, not released) The Knife Part I b/w The Knife Part II: Charisma CB152, 1971 (This is just The Knife split into two parts) For Absent Friends b/w The Fountain Of Salmacis / The Musical Box Charisma CGEP, 1972 US promo-only EP with Nursery Cryme sleeve Happy the Man b/w Seven Stones: Charisma CB181 UK, October 1972 Philips 6073 316 Italy Watcher of the Skies b/w Willow Farm: US Charisma CAR 103 Europe Charisma 6073 311, no UK release 1973 A side is a different mix Twilight Alehouse No catalogue number, October 1973 One-sided flexidisc issued free with Zig Zag magazine. Free to first 1,000+ UK Genesis Information members, October 1976 I Know What I Like b/w Twilight Alehouse.......................UK Charisma CB 224, Feb 1974 US Charisma FC-26002 FRANCE Charisma 6073 347 (PS) ITALY Charisma 6073 347 (PS) b/w After The Ordeal........................France Charisma 687 3174 Promo-only b/w More Fool Me............................Portugal Charisma 607 3344, 1974 b/w More Fool Me/Dancing With The Moonlit Knight (Brazil promo-only EP)...Charisma 622 8202, 1975 Counting Out Time b/w Riding the Scree: Charisma CB238 November 1974 EUR Charisma 6073 357 (PS) ITALY Charisma 6073 357 (PS) The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway b/w Counting Out Time: US Atco 7-013, 1974 b/w Counting Out Time/The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging/Back In NYC: Brazil promo-only EP 622 8203, 1975 In The Beginning b/w The Serpent: Italy, Decca F 22909, 1974 The Carpet Crawlers b/w Evil Jam: Charisma CB251 April 1975 (Jam live version of The Waiting Room recorded at Los Angeles Forum) b/w The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway: Italy Charisma 6073 363 (PS), 1975 A Trick of the Tail b/w Ripples.................................UK Charisma CB 277, March 1976 b/w The Carpet Crawlers.....................Germany Charisma 607 3379 b/w Squonk..................................Portugal Charisma 607 3383 b/w A Tower Struck Down (S.Hackett).........Portugal promo-only Entangled b/w A Trick of The Tail: France Charisma 607 3381 (PS), March 1976 Ripples b/w It's Yourself (WT: Beloved Summer)......Italy Charisma 6073 378 (PS), 1976 b/w Entangled...............................US Atco 45-7050, 1976 Your Own Special Way b/w ...In That Quiet Earth..................US Atco 45-7076,1977 mono/stereo promo 45-7076 b/w It's Yourself...........................UK CB 300, Feb 1977 Europe 6073393 Spot The Pigeon EP 1977 Match Of The Day (3:23) (Banks/Collins/Rutherford) Pigeons (3:10) (Banks/Collins/Rutherford) Inside And Out (6:42) (Banks/Collins/Rutherford/Hackett) Sleeve: football game - lyrics on back of album These songs were written and recorded at the time of Wind and Wuthering. 7": Charisma GEN 001 UK May 1977 (PS) EUR Charisma 6228 204 (white border PS) 12": Charisma 6200-032 Canada EP 1800 Atlantic EP 1800 Canada (B&W picture sleeve 12", limited edition blue vinyl) Atlantic EP 1800 Canada (B&W picture sleeve 12", black vinyl) CD: Charisma CDT-40 AAD (some CD booklets contains lyrics) Virgin CDF 40 3" UK Virgin CDT 40, 1988 AAD (CD booklet contains lyrics) Germany 1989 (with lyrics) Pigeons b/w Inside And Out: France Charisma 617 3515, May 1977 Follow You Follow Me b/w Ballad of Big: UK Charisma CB 309, March 1978 EUR Charisma 6079 461 (PS) JAP Charisma SFL-2257 (PS plus A-side lyrics) b/w Inside and Out: US Atlantic Records 3474 (no PS) A-side is a different mix Many Too Many b/w The Day the Lights Went Out (Banks) Vancouver (Collins/Rutherford) UK Charsima CB315, June 1978 GER Charisma 6228 205 (PS includes tour dates) ITALY Charisma 6079 467 (PS looks like a blurry far-away stage shot) JAP Charisma SFL-2322 (PS plus A-side lyrics) JAP ??? has lyrics to all three songs Go West Young Man (Deep in the Motherlode) double A side promo 7": US Atlantic 3511 and (5:15) 12": US Atlantic PR 311 both white label promos b/w SCENES FROM A NIGHT'S DREAM 7": US Atlantic 45-3511, Released 1978 JAP Charsima SFL-2342 (picture sleeve with A-side lyrics, album discography) 12": US Atl ??? Turn It On Again b/w Behind the Lines (part 2): UK Charisma CB 356, March 1980 Europe Charisma 607 9493 Japan Charisma SFL-2478 (PS plus A-side lyrics) SPAIN Charisma 6079 493 (PS, title in Spanish) b/w Turn It On Again (live): US Atlantic PR 369 (promo sleeve) US only - 12" promo, B-side is live recording from London Lyceum 1980 b/w Evidence of Autumn: US Atlantic 45-3751 Sleeve: Pic of Band wandering near door, portraits on back Part 2 is an edited or demo version of Behind the Lines without the long intro or the segue into Duchess Duchess (edit) b/w Open Door UK Charisma CB 363, May 1980 Misunderstanding b/w Evidence Of Autumn..UK Charisma CB 369, August 1980 b/w Behind the Lines....US Atlantic 45-3662 (PS), 1980 b/w Duchess.............GER Charisma 6000 462 (PS) Abacab b/w Who Dunnit?........US Atlantic 45-3981, Dec 1981, Sleeve: Abacab design b/w Another Record.....UK Charisma CB 388, August 1981 GER Vertigo 6000 711 (PS) SPAIN Vertigo 7PP-46 (6000 711) (PS plus lyrics) JAP Vertigo 7PP-46 (6000 711) (PS plus lyrics) Keep it Dark b/w Naminanu (7")..............................UK Charisma CB 391, Oct 1981 b/w Keep It Dark / Naminanu / Abacab (long version) (12").....Charisma CB391-12 1981 Picture sleeve - 3 brass monkeys (on both sides) ("long version" is a misnomer -- it is the album version, the short version being the 7" single edit) No Reply at All b/w Naminanu: (Banks/Collins/Rutherford) Holland Vertigo 6000 748 (picture sleeve 7") Holland Vertigo 6400 534 (picture sleeve 12") US, and Canada 1982 b/w Dodo: US Atlantic 45-3858, Released 1981 double A-side promo Atlantic PR 404 short version (4.00)/standard version (4.37) Man on the Corner (edit) b/w Submarine (Banks/Collins/Rutherford) US Atlantic 4025 1982 PS UK Charisma CB 393 PS, March 1982 EUR Vertigo 6000 786 (PS) 3 x 3 EP 1. Paperlate (Banks/Collins/Rutherford) 2. You Might Recall (Banks/Collins/Rutherford) 3. Me And Virgil (Banks/Collins/Rutherford) (outtakes from Abacab sessions) UK Charisma GEN 1 PS, May 1982 UK Charisma GEN 1 (picture disc) I Know What I Like b/w Counting Out Time: UK Old Gold Records OG-9263 Parkyn says released January 1983, others say 1982 Follow You Follow Me b/w A Trick Of The Tail UK Old Gold Records OG-9264 Released January 1983 Firth Of Fifth (live) UK Genesis Information GI-01, Released May 1983 Live flexidisc recorded in Nassau, Long Island, NY, 1981 Produced by Genesis. Limited edition numbered sleeve. Issued with Genesis Magazine from Genesis Information Paperlate b/w You Might Recall Released June 1982 US Atlantic 45-4053 (picture sleeve) EUR Vertigo 6000 831 (picture sleeve) JAP WEA P-1686 (picture sleeve) The Lady Lies (live) (Banks) One-sided flexidisc on green vinyl free with Flexipop magazine UK Flexipop 021/LYN 11806 Released August 1982 'Genesis Solo' Flexidisc Free with 'Pop' magazine, W. Germany, Released 1979 GER LYN 7132 [Editor's note: I've *never* heard of this one!] Side One: Tony Banks' 'For A While', Brand X 'Don't Make Waves' Side Two: Interviews with Tony Banks and Phil Collins Mama (6:07) b/w It's Gonna Get Better (5:00) 7" Atlantic 7-89770 *Cool* logo! |\ /| /\ |\ /| /\ | \/ | / \ | \/ | / \ |____| /____\ |____| /____\ Except the letters are *solid* black, and have squiggles behind them. (the letters look kinda like... blocks :) Grey background, peach squiggles. This would be good for a T-shirt -- very simple. Cursive Genesis logo on top. Very strange: above the track list it says "MAMA 1" -- does this mean there's a 2? Mama (5:18) double A-side promo: 7" Atlantic 7-89770 12" Atlantic PR 535. 12" (has grey label with "Genesis" written in same script as on LP cover, in white, on a peach area) Mama (6:07) b/w It's Gonna Get Better (5:07)......7" Atlantic 7-89770 PS b/w It's Gonna Get Better.............UK Virgin MAMA 1, August 1983 b/w It's Gonna Get Better.............EUR Vertigo 814 219-7 Mama (long version) b/w It's Gonna Get Better (long version) 12" UK Virgin MAMA 1-12, August 1983 (Cut-out sleeve, black inner sleeve) 12" US Atlantic 0-86982 PS CD? Vertigo 966 599-2 CD3 CDT5 Virgin, 198-?, UK CD5 Vertigo/Phonogram, CD-MAXI 866 599-2, 1992, Slimline Jewel German pressing. Grey cover reading GENESIS - MAMA in block letters. No lyrics. Inside has promo bits for Abacab, 3SL, Turn It On Again ('81-'83), and Genesis. Has album version of Mama too. That's All b/w Second Home By The Sea...............Atl 7-89724, 1983 b/w Taking It All Too Hard...............UK Virgin TATA 1, November 1983 b/w Taking It All Too Hard/ Firth of Fifth (live): 12" Virgin TATA 1-12 (Firth Of Fifth recorded at The Savoy New York 1981. Sleeve is like brown wrapping paper, flowers on record label) b/w Firth of Fifth live: 12" Germany Vertigo 818-096-1Q (it has a grey sleeve with the title in white and pictures of each of the band members on it) b/w Taking it all Too Hard: 7" UK Virgin TATA Y-1, shaped picture disc (looks like the 12" in its sleeve, with a corner missing). Germany Vertigo 814-898-7 (same grey sleeve with pictures of band members as Vertigo 818-096-1Q 12") double A-side white label promo- US Atlantic 7-89724, no picture sleeve b/w Home by the Sea (NOT with 2nd home): 7" France Vertigo 880 242 7 (sleeve looks like the GENESIS album cover, with shapes) b/w Taking it all Too Hard, Keep it Dark, Turn it on Again: 12" Japan Vertigo 814-898-1 - sleeve looks like UK issue. The sleeve has lyrics to all four songs on the back. A-side is That's All, Keep it Dark and Taking it all Too hard, and the B-side is the extended live Turn it on Again. Illegal Alien (edit 4:33) b/w Turn It On Again (live 5:24).....Atl 7-89698 1983 b/w Illegal Alien (LP version).......Atl 7-89698 1983 blue promo Illegal Alien b/w 7" Turn It On Again (live edit):......UK Virgin AL 1, January 1984 ...................UK Virgin ALS 1 (special shape picture disc) b/w 12" Turn it on again (with medley).....Atlantic AL1-12 Picture sleeve, Genesis dressed as illegal aliens, like video (Back: lyrics to illegal alien) recorded November 27, 1983 in Philladelphia, PA (Atlantic, Charisma, or Virgin?) b/w Home by the Sea, Second Home by the Sea: 12" US Atlantic PR 581. This has the same grey, peach & white label as the "Mama" promo Home by the Sea b/w Second Home by the Sea: 7" Holland Vertigo 880 222-7 Dutch-only release. PS showing a home by the sea and lyrics on the back. b/w Second Home by the Sea, Illegal Alien: 12" Australasia [sic] Vertigo 880 222-1 This sleeve looks exactly like the GENESIS LP cover except it's blue, not yellow. Taking it all too Hard b/w Silver Rainbow: 7" US Atlantic 7-89656. PS shows the band is attempting to thumb a ride. The sign behind them says "Pa 94" with an arrow. Invisible Touch --------------- b/w The Last Domino Atlantic 7-89407: 1986 Atlantic 7-89407: 1986 blue label promo UK Virgin GENS 1: May 1986 UK Virgin GENSY 1: 7" (special limited edition fold out sleeve including clear vinyl record) double A-side US Atlantic PR 897: promo12" (sleeve is white with black title sticker) (normal version) US Atlantic PR 924: 12"(sleeve is white with green & white title sticker) (extended version) (extended remix) b/w Invisible Touch/ The Last Domino: UK Virgin GENS 1-12: 12, May 1986 Re-mix by John 'Tokes' Potoker Sleeve has streamlined "Genesis Invisible Touch"-like bandanna In Too Deep ----------- (4:59) b/w I'd Rather Be You (3:54): Atlantic 7-89316, 1986 (Edit) b/w Do The Neurotic (Edit): UK Virgin GENS 2, August 1986 Sleeve: Blue print on yellow background; "Edit" is a fade halfway through the song. b/w Do The Neurotic: 12" UK Virgin GENS 2-12 Sleeve: Yellow print on blue background, 'Do The Neurotic' on front (Limited edition picture disc. Disc is blue with black & white picture of band outlined in yellow. B-side is blue with titles of songs & credits in yellow.) Land of Confusion ----------------- (4:45) b/w Feeding the Fire (5:54) Atlantic 7-89336: 1986 UK Virgin GENS 3: November 1986 (ext. version) b/w Feeding The Fire UK Virgin GENS 3-12: 12" (4:43) b/w Land of Confusion (extended version) (6:55)/ Feeding the Fire (5:54)/ Do the Neurotic (7:00) UK Virgin SNEG 3-12: CD5 Comments: Cover has black & white pic of three Spitting Image band puppets, inside lyrics to "Land of Confusion" (12" and CD5) and "Feeding the Fire" (CD5 only). Remix by John "Tokes" Potoker. Feeding the Fire lyrics by Banks. (3:55) b/w (4:45): US Atlantic PR 984: 7", blue label promo (picture sleeve has sticker on it that says, "Includes SPECIAL EDITED REMIX" (6:55) b/w (4:45) US Atlantic PR 968: promo 12"(no special label or sleeve, just generic red & green Atlantic) (3:55) b/w (6:55) US Atlantic PR 984: promo 12" (no special label or sleeve) Tonight Tonight Tonight ----------------------- [Due to the length of the album version of Tonight Tonight Tonight, just about all singles and promos contained edited versions. The instrumental section near the end was mainly what was chopped out.] (edit 4:32) b/w In The Glow Of The Night (part 1) US Atlantic 7-89290: 7" 1986 Sleeve: Band on stage, bright pink varilights (4:32) b/w (4:32) US Atlantic 7-89290: 7" blue label promo (same sleeve as commercial release) (edit) b/w In The Glow Of The Night UK Virgin GENS 4: 1987 (edit) b/w In The Glow Of The Night/ Paperlate / Tonight Tonight Tonight (12" remix by John 'Tokes' Potoker) Atlantic 0-86722: 12" UK Virgin GENS 4-12: 1987 Virgin DRAW 4-12: CD5 1987 (edit) b/w In The Glow Of The Night/ Tonight Tonight Tonight (12" remix) UK Virgin GENSG 4-12: 12" (Gatefold limited edition with live pic & tour map) Note: Label says 'Paperlate' as for GENS 4-12 but it's not included (edit) b/w In The Glow Of The Night/ Invisible Touch (extended remix)/ Tonight Tonight Tonight (12" remix) Virgin CDEP 1: CD5, 1987 (Gatefold, with band pic) (8:49) b/w (4:32) US Atlantic PR 1007: promo 12" (no special label or sleeve) Throwing It All Away -------------------- b/w Do The Neurotic (5:21 edit) Atlantic 7-89372: 7", 1986 (sleeve: Pic of band standing up and Invisible Touch ad) b/w I'd Rather Be You UK Virgin GENS 5: 7", 1987 UK Virgin GENS 5-12: 12", 1987 b/w Do the Neurotic Japan Charisma O7VA 1051: 7" (same sleeve as US release except the lyrics to Throwing it all Away are on the back & blue Charisma label) double A-side promo (3:41 both sides) Atlantic 7-89372: blue label promo 7" US US Atlantic PR 937: promo 12" Throwing It All Away (live) b/w I'd Rather Be You / Invisible Touch (live) UK Virgin GENSC 5-12: CAS Cassette single, 1987 (12" ???) Live tracks recorded at LA Forum 1987 Sleeve: adapted "Tidyman" logo (English litter disposal scheme), "England Recycle Drive" logo, no pics. I'd Rather Be You lyrics: Collins [This single is packaged in such a way that it's also been called the I'd Rather Be You 12"] Domino (live): Pt 1 In The Glow Of The Night/Pt 2 The Last Domino VVDCD 358: CD3 included with initial quantities of 'Invisible Touch Tour' video 1989 WE CAN'T DANCE SINGLES ---------------------- [Because the We Can't Dance album has spawned more singles than any other Genesis album, probably more than all of them combined, they are given their own section to make grouping and finding easier. Because of changes in the record industry between Invisible Touch and the widespread acceptance of CDs, the whole concept of a 'single' has changed.] The Invisible Series is a limited edition series of five Genesis CD singles with previously unreleased live tracks. There are, for some unknown reason, two Hold on my Heart singles. No Son of Mine -------------- b/w Living Forever Atlantic ???............cassette single Atlantic 7-87571........7" Virgin GENS6 PS.........7" Virgin VJDP 10179.......CD3, Japan, released 7th Nov 91 b/w Living Forever/Invisible Touch (live) (5:01) Virgin GENS6 12.........12", gatefold sleeve, includes limited edition water colour print German..................12" [No more details on this one, but it DOES exist] Atlantic 787571-2.......CD5, Slimline Jewel, 1991, Standard PS Virgin GENDG6...........CD5, Digipak, PM515 664719 1992 Invisible Series Vol. 1. Interior pic of band, no insert - Cover painting by FRB. Disc has picture of little boy on Earth from WCD cover. promos US Atlantic PRCD 4296-2.CD5, jewel (b/w (edit)) US Atlantic PRCD 4277-2.CD5, jewel (only album version) Insert looks like the commercial releases. I Can't Dance ------------- b/w On The Shoreline (lyrics: Banks) Atlantic ???: cassette single Atlantic 7-87532: 7" Lavender Atlantic label Virgin GENS7 PS: 7" I Can't Dance 7" mix, I can't dance Sex mix, On the shoreline Virgin 615091: 12" GER [Note: Yes, it's a 7" mix on a 12" record] I Can't Dance/On The Shoreline (4:46)/I Can't Dance (Sex Mix) (7:01) Virgin GENSD7: CD5, Slimline Jewel, 1992 No inserts, pics. Sex Mix produced/mixed by Howard & Trevor Gray. Cover is ICD painting with "Sex Mix" on pocket. I Can't Dance sex mix b/w I can't dance Virgin MP-GENS12: Spain promo-only release, same front sleeve but in B&W I Can't Dance the other mix Virgin G-DJ-112: UK format??? 1 sided PROMO, Probably hasn't got a PS b/w sex mix Virgin VJDP 10184: CD3 Japan released 21st Feb 92 b/w On The Shoreline (4:46) In Too Deep (live) (5:28) That's All (live) (4:54) I Can't Dance (Sex Mix) (7:01) Atlantic 85906-2: 1992 CD5, Slimline Jewel, Digipak, "Maxi Single" No inserts, pics. Cover is ICD painting with "Sex Mix" on pocket. b/w On The Shoreline (4:46) In Too Deep (live) (5:28) That's All (live) (4:54) Virgin GENDG7 PM515 665091: CD5 (Digipak), 1991 Invisible Series Vol 2. "Special Collector's Edition", 7 page booklet and discography Hold On My Heart ---------------- Hold On My Heart (4:38) Atlantic PRCD 4533-2: CD5, Jewel, released 1992, picture sleeve is illustration by FRB. Promo-only release (just one song) b/w Way of the World Atlantic ???: cassette single Atlantic 7-87481: 7" Virgin GENS8: PS 7" Virgin VJDP 10193: CD3, Japan, released 21st May 92 b/w Way Of The World (5:36) Home By The Sea (live) (12:18) Your Own Special Way (7:00) Virgin VJCP-14042: CD5, Jewel, "Maxi Single", Japan 1992 6-page booklet with lyrics in English/Japanese (no Home By The Sea lyrics in Japanese) - no pictures, cover painting by FRB Virgin VJCP12 CD5: Japanese 4 track, 4 page booklet that has lyrics in Japanese and English (no Japanese anywhere else) -- this is probably the same as the preceeding one. b/w Way of the World (5:36) Home By The Sea (live) (12:18) Virgin GENSD8 PM515 665334: CD5, Digipak, 1992 Nice interior pic of band members, no insert. Cover by FRB. Invisible Series Number 3. b/w Way of the World (5:36) Your Own Special Way (live) (7:00) Virgin GENDG8: CD5, gatefold digipack, 1992, Invisible Series Number 4. 4 colour postcards (Hold on My Heart, I Can't Dance, No Son of Mine, Way of the World) Front sleeve with a cut out square showing a picture of the 3 Genesis members. Jesus He Knows Me ----------------- Jesus He Knows Me (single mix) (4:18) Virgin JESUS 1: CD5, Jewel, released 1992, no PS, 1 track promo-only release to DJs b/w ??? Virgin GENS9: 7", PS (Jesus He Knows Me and what other song(s)?) b/w Hearts On Fire (5:15) (WT: Bass Spotty, lyrics by Collins) I Can't Dance (The Other Mix, by Ben Liebrand) (6:01) Virgin GENDG9 665486 PM515: CD5, Digipak, 1992, cover art by FRB. Cat #: Virgin GENDX 9 PM515 665487 Format: CD5, digipak w/box Date: released 1992 Notes: Fifth and last volume in Invisible Series, in box which is claimed to be able to hold all invisible series discs. Numbers 2 and 4 are hard to get in. Green disc - front has pic of holy TV evangelist by FRB. Tracks: Jesus He Knows Me (single mix) (4:17) Hearts on Fire (5:15) Land of Confusion (rehearsal version) (5:00) Driving The Last Spike ---------------------- Cat #: Atlantic PRCD 4666 Format: CD5, Jewel Date: 1992 Notes: No PS, 1 track promo-only release to DJs Track: Driving The Last Spike (live edit) Never A Time ------------ Cat #: Atlantic 87411-2 Format: CD5, cardboard sleeve Country: US Date: 1992 Tracks: Never A Time Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (Live) Invisible Touch (Live) Note both live tracks are from The Way We Walk live album! Cat #: Atlantic 4-87411 Format: Cassette single Country: US Notes: Cover has WCD Genesis font logo and a picture of the five of them standing with outstretched arms, leaning to the right. Tracks: Never A Time Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (Live) Invisible Touch (Live) Note both live tracks are from The Way We Walk live album! Cat #: Virgin GENE 11 F:PM 515, D:665 665 Format: CD5 Country: UK Tracks: Never A Time Dreaming While You Sleep (live) Turn It On Again (live) Tonight Tonight Tonight (live, long version from 1986) Genesis Live ------------ Cat #: Virgin GENDX10 Format: CD5 Country: UK Date: released 9th November 1992 Notes: Genesis Live is name of the disc, numbered white box with 8-pg booklet of live pictures from WCD tour world wide, numbered limited edition: 50,000 copies Tracks: Invisible Touch (live, from The Way We Walk, bleeped, 5:18) Abacab (live from Invisible Touch Tour 8:36) The Brazilian (live from Invisible Touch Tour 5:27) Tell Me Why ----------- b/w Invisible Touch (live) Virgin ???...............format?, Europe (not UK), released November 1992 b/w Mama (live)/The Brazilian (live)/ Invisible Touch (live - single version) Virgin 665 573...........CD5, jewel, Europe (not UK), November 1992 b/w Dreaming While You Sleep Virgin GENS 11...........CD5, UK, 8 February 1993 Virgin GENSC 11..........cassette single b/w Dreaming While You Sleep (live)/Turn It On Again (1992 live) Virgin GENDG 11..........CD5, digipack, UK, released 8 February 1993 b/w Dreaming While You Sleep (live) / Tonight Tonight Tonight (full version live from 86) Virgin GENDX 11..........CD5, 'Compac Plus', UK, 15 February 1993 ? Dutch two track CD5 GENESIS - Domino/Lamb Lies Down on Broadway + Interview Promo CD. (No info available, this seen in Goldmine ad) ^ | are these two the same? | v Two Songs from the Longs CD5 (11:00 + change) Domino (actually, just The Last Domino) The Lamb (both from the Longs) with short interviews and snippets of Firth of Fifth, Driving the Last Spike, and the drum duet. This disc was given out as a promo by Atlantic Records, involving Brad Lentz mailing out a pink card describing the offer to people on his mailing list of addresses. Re-issues of older singles, Atlantic's Oldies series Released in 1984 (all are 7" singles): I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) b/w The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway............US Atlantic OS 13239 Your Own Special Way b/w Go West Young Man (In the Motherlode).....US Atlantic OS 13251 Misunderstanding b/w Turn It On Again..........US Atlantic OS 13252 No Reply At All b/w Abacab.....................US Atlantic OS 13253 Man on the Corner b/w Paperlate................US Atlantic OS 13254 Released in 1987 (all are 7" singles): [Complete information not available, some of the 1984 batch were also released, possibly with different catalogue numbers] Mama b/w In Too Deep...........................US Atlantic 7-84956 Follow You Follow Me b/w Illegal Alien.........US Atlantic 7-84957 Land of Confusion b/w Tonight Tonight Tonight..US Atlantic 7-84958 Invisible Touch b/w Throwing It All Away.......US Atlantic 7-84958 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MISCELLANEOUS Part C ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Several compilations of little note have included Genesis and Peter Gabriel tracks through the years. A sample are Wowie Zowie - The World of Progressive Music, released in 1969, which includes In The Beginning; Charisma Disturbance, released in 1973, which includes The Return of The Giant Hogweed; The Old Grey Whistle Test - Take Two, released in 1976, which includes Genesis Ripples; An Hour of Pop Hits - Reels on Wheels, released in 1979, with Gabriel's Solsbury Hill; and Hot Wax, a K-Tel album released in 1980, which includes No Self Control. [note these are just studio tracks included on compilations] Reflection - Rock Theatre ------------------------- Released 1975 Album: 1972/73 Charisma (Fontana) 9299-515 (This album is one of a set of "Rock Theatre" compilation albums) CD: 1986 Virgin 610-468-225 AAD (CD booklet contains the same information as on album) Note: This is Tracks: 1. I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) 2. Harold The Barrel 3. Harlequin 4. Watcher Of The Skies (short version) 5. The Fountain Of Salmacis / 6. Supper's Ready Notes: This album is just a compilation of the studio versions found on the original albums. The Best Of Genesis ------------------- Album: 1971/72, 1976 Charisma BDS-5659-2 (2-LP set. This album is a re-issue of Nursery Cryme and Foxtrot - see refs on those two albums for details) 1980 The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (compilation album) Album: 1980? Polygram (Italian) SU-1004 (Superstar label) Tracks: 1. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway 2. The Musical Box 3. White Mountain / 4. Carpet Crawl 5. The Knife 6. Watcher Of The Skies Notes: Recorded between 1970 and 1974. 1987 We Know What We Like - The Music Of Genesis Album: 6242-1-RC CD: RCA 6242-2-RC DDD Players: London Symphony Orchestra, Arranged & Conducted by David Palmer Guests: Steve Hackett: Guitar Mo Foster: Bass Trevor Bastow: Keyboards Tony Hymas: Keyboards David Palmer: Keyboards Brett Morgan: Drums Ian Anderson: Flute (on I Know What I Like) Charterhouse School Choir: (on Guide Vocal, Undertow/Supper's Ready) Tracks: 1. Guide Vocal/Turn It On Again (5:49) 2. Mad Mad Moon (9:08) 3. Entangled (5:16) 4. Medley: Los Jigos - Duke's Travels/Fountain Of Salmacis/ The Knife/Unquiet Slumbers.../Los Jigos (3:48) 5. Follow You, Follow Me (4:12) 6. I Know What I Like (3:50) 7. Medley: Snowbound - Snowbound/Scenes From A Night's Dream/ Say It's Alright Joe (11:03) 8. Horizons (with Blood On The Rooftops middle section) (2:41) 9. Can-Utility And The Coastliners (5:48) 10. Undertow/Supper's Ready (6:13) Notes: Genesis had nothing to do with this album, other than Hackett's appearance 1990 Hits of Phil Collins Performed by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra CD: Nouveau 10132 DDD Players: Harp: Skaila Kanga Guitar: Mitch Dalton Piano: Simon Chamberlain Vocals: Lance Ellington, Mark Williamson (on "Take Me Home") Saxophone: Christian Wilckens Tracks: 1. In The Air Tonight (5:04) 2. Groovy Kind of Love (3:27) 3. Easy Lover (4:38) 4. Do You Remember? (3:40) 5. I Wish It Would Rain Down (5:13) 6. Against All Odds (3:32) 7. Another Day In Paradise (5:26) 8. Two Hearts (3:36) 9. One More Night (4:05) 10. Take Me Home (5:37) Notes: Produced, Conducted, and Arranged by Louis Clark Recorded with no affiliation with Phil Collins or any member of his band Trespass Boxed Set _Genesis on Compact Disc_ C.I.D. Productions, CID 11. It comes in a 12" by 12" blue box that says "Genesis on Compact Disc" at the top, with a circa 1976 picture of the band on the front with Bill Bruford. Inside is an approximately 2 1/2' by 2' poster of PHIL COLLINS AND HIS SERIOUS BAND dressed in circus costumes, similar to the pictures in the program from that tour as well as the standard UK Virgin/Charisma 1885 release of Trespass CASCD 1020 (qv). [The origin of this is not known, whether it is an legal, planned release or a bootleg/non-official release. Either way, it is definitely strange. Probably some sort of a half-baked marketing scheme.] BOXED SETS of several CDs released by Virgin records DISC SET (Virgin Records CATALOG No.) Trespass / Nursery Cryme / Foxtrot (TPAK 1 PM 539 353 971) Selling England By The Pound / (TPAK 17 PM 539 354 347) The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Peter Gabriel's first 3 studio albums (TPAK 9 PM 439 354 027) Nursery Cryme/Foxtrot CA-2-2701 on Polydor/Charisma (Charisma distributed through Polydor) 2LP US re-issue of those 2 albums in a set Released 1979; Photos of each of the 5 piece and one live photo of the 5 piece. Text on the back of the album cover: First, a word of explanation. This special double-record set contains two Genesis albums originally released in 1971 ("NURSERY CRYME") and 1972 ("FOXTROT"). Due to various problems, in the past few years they have not been available in the U.S.A. Now, at last, we are again able to properly present these landmark recordings to the public. Newcomers to the Genesis camp should be delighted by these early masterworks (to this day, the band plays selections from them in their live shows); and the stalwart supporters of the last eight years or so will no doubt be ecstatic to have fresh copies. Secondly, a word (or two) of description: These two albums represent the first fully-formed statements by a band on the verge of international stardom, a band positively unique in the history of rock. For the recording of "NURSERY CRYME," original members Tony Banks, Peter Gabriel & Michael Rutherford were joined by new recruits Phil Collins & Steve Hackett. The combination produced a sound that meant magic to those early, fiercely-devoted followers. The music was complex, yet highly accessible, very melodic, emotional and dramatic; the approach was orchestral yet subtle; the lyrical themes drew on myth, legend, fantasy and satire. These two albums include such acknowledged rock masterpieces as "WATCHER OF THE SKIES," "MUSICAL BOX," "FOUNTAIN OF SALMACIS," and the incredible, side-long epic "SUPPER'S READY." At the same time, their theatrical live performances advanced the state of rock a few light years, complete with a sophisticated use of costuming and mime (in the person of vocalist Peter Gabriel), plus superior sound and lighting. But above all, there was indescribable magic in the music. Today, of course, Genesis ranks as one of the very top bands around the world, with sell-out tours and million-selling records. Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett departed the group to pursue solo careers, with Tony Banks, Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford carrying on the Genesis torch to an ever-growing audience. To their credit, Genesis has always been one of the most imitated bands around ... but no one else has ever been able to duplicate their unique sonic recipe. Turn It On Again - Best of '81 - '83 Vertigo/PolyGram Int'l CATALOG No.: 848 854-2 1) Mama [6:03] 2) Home By The Sea [4:45] 3) That's All [4:21] 4) Illegal Alien [4:33] 5) Paperlate [3:14] 6) No Reply At All [4:34] 7) Takin' It All Too Hard [3:56] 8) Man On The Corner [4:15] 9) Misunderstanding *** [3:57] 10) Follow You, Follow Me *** [4:39] 11) Abacab *** [8:35] 12) Turn It On Again *** [9:03] 13) Firth Of Fifth *** [9:22] NOTES: *** indicates a live track, all are the same versions from _3SL_ except for #12 & #13. #12 contains the "damn medley" recorded at The Spectrum in Philadelphia on Daryl's b-day during the '83 - '84 American tour. (This was a b-side to Illegal Alien, qv) #13 is from the UK 'That's All' 12" and was recorded at The Savoy, New York 1981. The cover has three individual insert photos of PC, MR, and TB. It appears to be taken from the ATTW3 or Duke period. A brief historical review by John Tracy [London, 1991] is included. The back has a small insert photo of the band free-falling from the sky. This disk has an identical Australian counterpart called Genesis - The Vertigo Years that has been discontinued. The Story Of Genesis Date 1978 Charisma SFX-10061 2 Previously released material Japanese release to co-incide with tour. Cover is live pic of mirrors and packaged with Gallo book of photos. The Knife Supper's Ready The Musical Box I Know What I Like Watcher Of The Skies Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Eleventh Ear Of Mar Dance On A Volcano Your Own Special Way Squonk Burning Rope Ripples Follow You, Follow Me Virgin VVCD3 Plastic CD3 (3 of 10 Virgin Value Samplers) includes Peter Gabriel - Floating Dogs Virgin VVCS4 Plastic CD3 (4 of 10 Virgin Value Samplers) includes Mike Rutherford - Moonshine, Genesis - Ripples Virgin VVCS7 Plastic CD3 Phil Collins (7 of 10 Virgin Collectibles) Tracks: I Cannot Believe It's True / (other artists are China Crisis, Donny Osmond, and The Cross) Virgin VVCS8 Plastic CD3 Peter Gabriel (8 of 10 Virgin Collectibles) Tracks: Solsbury Hill / (other artists are Iggy Pop, Mike Oldfield, and Julian Lennon) Virgin VVCS10 Plastic CD3 Genesis (10 of 10 Virgin Collectibles) Tracks: I Know What I Like (in Your Wardrobe) / (other artists are Japan, Can, and Orchestral Manouvres in the Dark) The Conversation Disc Series ABCD014 62:43 - Interviews of band members, some clips from TV appearances Limited edition of 2500, Manufactured in England, Picture Disc [Note: this seems to be pretty official, not a bootleg interview.] Tonight Tonight Tonight - exclusive candid interview WARNING: this is a very pooryl edited version of the preview party (qv in the bootleg section) Side A-Questions & Answers (unbanded) 24:30 Side B-Answers only (banded) 19:25 Atlantic 1986 - PR965 Interview by Dan Neer Edited by David Bailes Executive Producers: Perry Cooper & Judy Libow Mike ON Mike II - exclusive candid interview (Mike + The Mechanics) Side A-Questions & Answers (unbanded) 25:45 Side B-Answers only (banded) 20:10 Atlantic 1988 - PR2543 Interview by Dan Neer and Dewitt Nelson Edited and Produced by David Bailes and James Fahey for Neer Prefect Productions Executive Producers: Judy Libow and Perry Cooper Collins ON Collins- exclusive candid interview Side A-Questions & Answers (unbanded) 30:03 Side B-Answers only (banded) 24:00 Atlantic 1985 - PR759 Interview by dan Neer Edited by David Bailes Executive Prodcers Perry Cooper & Judy Libow The Genesis Story - The Unistar Radio Network (on 1 CD) Airdate: July 5th, 1992 - Total Time: 1 Hour 1. Interview - Mike Rutherford Misunderstanding That's All Interview - Tony Banks Network Ads 2. Interview - Phil Collins Invisible Touch Throwing It All Away Network Ads 3. Interview - Mike Rutherford Land Of Confusion Tonight, Tonight, Tonight Network Ads 4. Interview - Mike Rutherford In Too Deep No Son Of Mine Interview - Phil Collins Network Ads 5. Interview - Mike Rutherford I Can't Dance Hold On My Heart Interview - Tony Banks Baktabak Interview Disc Date? baktabak CBAK 4028 Genesis interview Picture Disc w/ Phil Genesis - Words About Music 1992 WAM WAM 06 Interview Picture Disc w/ Group Limited 500 - 2 Photos: TB & PC ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||| T O N Y B A N K S ||| ||| Section II ||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALBUMS Part A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Curious Feeling Released October 1979 Album: UK Charisma CAS 1148 re-release Virgin CHC 42 US Charisma CA-1-2207 (this record has lyrics on the sleeve) Cassette: UK Virgin CHCMC 42 CD: 1987 UK Virgin CASCD 1148 Produced by David Hentschel and Tony Banks Engineered by Hentschel and Dave Bascombe Recorded at Polar Music Studios, Stockholm Mixed at Maison Rouge, London Cover painting by Ainslie Roberts All tracks written by Tony Banks Players: Tony Banks: Keyboards, guitars, basses, percussion Kim Beacon: Vocals Chester Thompson: Drums and percussion Tracks: 1. From the Undertow (2:45) 2. Lucky Me (4:23) 3. The Lie (4:58) 4. After The Lie (4:47) 5. A Curious Feeling (3:58) 6. Forever Morning (5:59) 7. You (6:58) 8. Somebody Else's Dream (7:45) 9. The Waters of Lethe (6:27) 10. For a While (3:32) 11. In the Dark (2:52) The Wicked Lady Soundtrack Released Apr 1983 Album: 1983 Atlantic 7 80073-1 (USA? Or UK?) Atlantic U78-0073 Germany Atlantic WE 361 France Cassette: 1983 Atlantic 7 80073-4 Side One was played by Tony Banks, recorded at home on 8 track, Mixed at the Farm, Surrey, with help from Steven Short and Geoff Callingham. A digital recording. Side Two consists of orchestrated versions played by the National Philharmonic Orchestra of London, recorded at St. Peter's Church, Morden, London. Musical arrangements and orchestration by Christopher Palmer Tracks: 1. The Wicked Lady (3:40) 2. Spring (2:35) 3. The Chase (3:26) 4. Caroline (3:08) 5. Jerry Jackson (2:28) 6. Repentance (2:07) 7. Kit (3:02) 8. Barbara (4:46) / 9. Prelude to the Wicked Lady (4:03) 10. Portrait of Jerry Jackson (4:57) 11. Caroline's Theme (3:01) 12. Scherzo (2:41) 13. Pastorale (3:59) 14. The Wicked Lady (3:41) 15. Kit's Theme (3:12) 16. Finale (2:04) The Fugitive Released June 1983 Album: Atlantic 80071-1 (US) Charisma TBLP 1 (UK) Virgin CHC 43 (UK) Cassette: Atlantic 7 80071-4 (US) Charisma TBMC 1 (UK) Virgin CHCMC 43 (UK) CD: Virgin TBCD1 (UK) Players: Banks: Vocals, keyboards, synth bass, linn drum Daryl Stuermer: guitars Mo Foster: bass guitar Steve Gadd, Tony Beard, Andy Duncan: Drums All tracks written and produced by Banks Recorded at home on 8 track, added to and mixed at The Farm, Surrey Technical Assistance: Geoff Callingham Engineering: Steven Short (10) and (11) only on CD re-release Tracks: 1. This is Love (5:06) 2. Man of Spells (3:43) 3. And The Wheels Keep Turning (4:45) 4. Say You'll Never Leave Me (4:31) 5. Thirty-Threes (4:39) 6. By You (4:27) 7. At The Edge of Night (6:01) 8. Charm (5:26) 9. Moving Under (6:03) 10. K2 (3:56) 11. Sometime Never (3:42) Soundtracks (A compilation of Banks' film scores) Released March 1986 Album: Virgin/Charisma CAS 1173 (UK) re-release Virgin CHC 83 (UK) Cassette: Atlantic 7 81680-4 (US) Virgin CHCMC 83 (UK) CD: Virgin CD1173 (UK) AAD (Splits album into 12 tracks) Tracks: 1. Shortcut to Somewhere (Banks, Fish) (3:36) 2. Smilin' Jack Casey (3:10) 3. Quicksilver Suite (9:13) Rebirth (2:56) Gypsy (3:38) Final Chase (2:45) 4. You Call This Victory? (Banks, Diamond) (5:12) / 5. Lion of Symmetry (Banks, Wilcox) (7:18) 6. Redwing Suite (16:10) Redwing (5:37) Lorca (3:48) Kid and Detective Droid (2:07) Lift Off (3:05) Death of Abbey (1:41) Notes: All songs written and produced by Banks except where noted. Tracks (1-3) are from Quicksilver, tracks (4-6) are from Lorca and the Outlaws Fish: Vocals on (1) Andy Jackson: Engineer on (1) Richard James Burgess: Producer on (1) Jim Diamond: Vocals on (4) Chas Warkins: Engineer on (4-5) Tony Banks and John Eden: Producers on (4-5) Toyah Wilcox: Vocals on (5) Some of the music from (6) was adapted to Queen of Darkness on Bankstatement Bankstatement Released August 1989 Album: Virgin V 2600 (UK) Cassette: Atlantic 7 82007-4 (US) Virgin TCV 2600 (UK) CD: Atlantic 7 82007-2 (US) Virgin CDV 2600 (UK) Players: Banks: Keyboards, synth bass, vocals on (7) Alastair Gordon: vocals on (1,2,4,5,6,9,10) Jayney Klimek: vocals on (3,4,8,10) Geoff Dugmore: drums Pino Palladino, Dick Nolan: bass guitar Steve Hilliage: guitar The Phantom Horns appear on (1) Tracks: 1. Throwback (4:37) 2. I'll Be Waiting (5:56) 3. Queen of Darkness (4:25) 4. That Night (4:39) 5. Raincloud (4:39) 6. The Border (5:50) 7. Big Man (4:15) 8. A House Needs a Roof (4:06) 9. The More I Hide It (4:29) 10. Diamonds Aren't So Hard (included ONLY on CD) (5:12) 11. Thursday the Twelfth (4:51) Notes: Produced by Steve Hilliage and Tony Banks All songs written by Banks Recorded at The Farm, Surrey; Technical Assistants: Geoff Callingham, Mike Bowen; Engineered by Steve Chase Still Released April 1991 in UK, March 1992 in USA Album: Virgin V 2658 (UK) Cassette: Virgin TCV 2658 (UK) CD: Virgin CDV 2658 (US release on a no-name label) Players: Banks: Keyboards, bass synth, drum programming, vocals Fish, Klimek, Andy Taylor, Nik Kershaw: vocals Daryl Stuermer: guitars Vinnie Colaiuta, Graham Broad: Drums Pino Palladino, James Eller: bass Luis Jardim: percussion Martin Robertson: saxophone Tracks: 1. Red Day on Blue Street (Banks, Kershaw) (5:58) 2. Angel Face (5:16) 3. The Gift (3:49) 4. Still it Takes Me By Suprise (6:25) 5. Hero for an Hour (4:52) 6. I Wanna Change The Score (Banks, Kershaw) (4:27) 7. Water Out of Wine (4:37) 8. Another Murder of A Day (Banks, Fish) (9:02) 9. Back To Back (4:30) 10. The Final Curtain (5:07) Notes: Produced by Tony Banks and Nick Davis Engineered by Nick Davis Assisted by Mark Robinson' Recorded at the Farm, Surrey; Techinical assistance: Geoff Callingham, Mark Bowen; All songs written by Tony Banks except where indicated. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SINGLES Part B ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For a While b/w Undertow....................UK Charisma CB344 (7") 1979 For a While (edit) b/w For a While..........Canada promo Charisma CA-3503 For a While b/w For a While.................UK Charisma CA-3503 (US promo 7") The Wicked Lady b/w Prelude To The Wicked Lady...US Atlantic (A8418?) 1982 This Is Love b/w Charm (7") Charisma BANKS 1 1983 This is Love (extended) b/w Charm (extended) Charisma Banks 12 812382-1 1983 Picture sleeve: Tony looking through trees on front, blurry pic of Tony on back And The Wheels Keep Turning b/w Moving Under: Charisma BANKS 2 1983 Tony Banks EP You Call This Victory/ Lion Of Symmetry/ Redwing: Charisma CB 415 1985 Shortcut To Somewhere b/w Smilin' Jack Casey...........Virgin/Charisma CB 426 b/w Smilin' Jack Casey, K2.......Charisma CB426-12 1986 12" Picture Sleeve: Fish smiling in "Abacab" tour t-shirt, with Tony in "Marillion" cards t-shirt looking up at him. Great pic! (K2 is a leftover track from The Fugitive) Throwback (remix) b/w Thursday The Twelfth: Virgin VS 1200 b/w Thursday The Twelfth/ This Is Love 12" UK Virgin VST 1200 CD3 Virgin VSCD 1200 1989 I'll Be Waiting (edit) b/w Diamonds Aren't So Hard: Virgin VS 1208 b/w Diamonds Aren't So Hard/ And The Wheels Keep Turning: 12" UK Virgin VST 1200 CD3 Virgin VSCD 1208 1989 I Wanna Change The Score b/w Hero For An Hour: Virgin VS 1347 b/w Hero For An Hour/ Big Man: 12" Virgin VST 1347 b/w Hero For An Hour/ Big Man/ The Waters Of Lethe: CD5 VSCDT 1347 1991 The Gift b/w Back To Back: UK Virgin VS 1362 b/w Back To Back/ A House Needs A Roof: Virgin VST 1362 b/w I Wanna Change The Score/ A House Needs A Roof/ Redwing CD5 VSCDT 1362 1991 Still It Takes Me By Surprise (edit) b/w The Final Curtain: Virgin VS 1406 b/w The Final Curtain/ Still It Takes Me By Surprise: CD5 VSCDT 1406 1992 Front photo of TB and Andy Taylor (silhouette single color) Virgin VSCD1200 Plastic CD3 Tony Banks Tracks: Throwback / Thursday the Twelfth / This Is Love ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||| P H I L C O L L I N S ||| ||| Section III ||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALBUMS Part A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1969 Ark 2 -- Flaming Youth Recorded at De Lan Lea Music, London Engineer: Barry Ainsworth Sleeve Concept: Barry Saich Photography: Gered Mankowitz Stained Glass Montage: John Constable (In the parentheses, members of the band are listed. I assume it's who sings the song, not who wrote it, since song #3 says instrumental. Also, only the first names are listed on the liner.) 1. GUIDE ME, ORION (Flash) 2. EARTHGLOW (Flash-Brian) 3. WEIGHTLESS (Instrumental) 4. THE PLANETS a) Mars - Bringer of War (Brian-Phil-Flash-Ronnie) b) Venus - Bringer of Peace (Brian) c) Mercury - The Winged Messenger (Brian-Phil-Flash-Ronnie) d) Jupiter - Bringer of Jollity (Phil) e) Saturn - Bringer of Old Age (Phil) f) Uranus - The Magician (Brian) g) Neptune - The Mystic (Ronnie) 5. CHANGES (Flash-Phil) 6. PULSAR (Flash-Brian) 7. SPACE CHILD (Phil) 8. IN THE LIGHT OF LOVE (Flash-Brian-Phil-Ronnie) 9. FROM NOW ON (Immortal Invisible) (Brian) (Flash) Gordon Smith / Guitar, 12-string, Bass Guitar, Vocal. Ronnie Caryl / Bass Guitar, 12-string Guitar, Vocal. Brian Chatton / Organ, Piano, Vocal. Phil Collins / Drums, Percussion, Vocal. Face Value Released February 1981 Album: Atlantic SD-16029 (US) Virgin V 2185 (UK) Cassette: Atlantic CS 16029 (US) Virgin TCV 2185 (UK) CD: Atlantic ATL16029 (lyrics) Virgin CDV 2185 (UK) 1. In The Air Tonight (5:32) 2. This Must Be Love (3:55) 3. Behind The Lines (3:53) 4. The Roof Is Leaking (3:16) 5. Droned (2:55) 6. Hand in Hand (5:12) 7. I Missed Again (3:41) 8. You Know What I Mean (2:33) 9. Thunder and Lightning (4:12) 10. I'm Not Moving (2:33) 11. If Leaving Me Is Easy (4:54) 12. Tomorrow Never Knows (4:46) Phil Collins: drums, keyboards, vocals Daryl Stuermer: guitar, banjo on 4 except Eric Clapton guitar on 11 John Giblin: bass on 1,9,10,12 Alphonso Johnson: bass on 2,3,6,7,11 Shankav: violin The Phenix horns arranged by Tom Tom 84 Strings arranged by Arif Mardin Produced by Phil Collins, assisted by Hugh Padgham Engineer: Hugh Padgham (8 track engineer, Phil Collins) Recorded at Old Croft, Townhouse, Villiage recorder LA Mastered at Sterling Sound, NY The Phenix Horns [yes, it is spelled 'Phenix' on all the albums -- there isn't any official reason given for the spelling] are: Don Myrick - saxophones Louis "Lui Lui" Satterfield - trombone Harry Kim - trumpet Rhamlee Michael Davis - trumpet Hello, I Must Be Going Released November 1982 Album: Virgin V 2252 re-release OVED 212 (UK) Cassette: Atlantic 7-80035-4 (US) Virgin re-release OVEDC 212 (UK) CD: Atlantic ATL80035 (US) Virgin CDV 2252 (UK) 1. I Don't Care Anymore 2. I Cannot Believe It's True 3. Like China 4. Do You Know, Do You Care (WT: Oddball) 5. You Can't Hurry Love 6. It Don't Matter to Me 7. Thru These Walls 8. Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart Away 9. The West Side 10. Why Can't It Wait 'Til Morning All songs written by Phil Collins except 5 by Holland/Dozier/Holland Phil Collins: drums, vocals, keyboards, bass pedals on 1,9. Daryl Stuermer: guitars John Giblin: bass on 2,3,5,8 Mo Foster: bass on 6,7 Peter Robinson: keyboards on 5 The Phenix horns arranged by Tom Tom 84 Strings arranged by Martyn Ford, the Mountain Fjord Orchestra Produced by Phil Collins, assisted by Hugh Padgham Engineer: Hugh Padgham Recorded at Old Croft on 1" 8 track Overdubbed at the Farm and Townhouse May-June 1982 Against All Odds (OST) Album: Virgin V 2313 (UK) Cassette: Virgin TCV 2313 (UK) CD: Virgin CDV 2313 (UK) Featuring Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) - Phil Collins Walk Through The Fire - Peter Gabriel Making A Big Mistake - Mike Rutherford Against All Odds WT: How Can You Just Sit There, leftover demo from Face Value modified to fit the movie. No Jacket Required Released March 1985 Album: Atlantic 81240-1-E (US) Virgin V 2345 (UK) Cassette: Atlantic 781240-4 (US) Virgin TCV 2345 (UK) CD: Atlantic 81240-2 (US) Virgin CDV 2345 (UK) 1. Sussudio (4:23) 2. Only You Know and I Know (4:20) 3. Long Long Way To Go (4:20) 4. I Don't Wanna Know (4:12) 5. One More Night (4:47) 6. Don't Lose My Number (4:46) 7. Who Said I Would (4:01) 8. Doesn't Anybody Stay Together Anymore (4:18) 9. Inside Out (5:14) 10. Take Me Home (5:51) [Note: the song We Said Hello Goodbye was included only on the CD release] All tracks written by Phil Collins except 2,4,and 8 by Collins/Stuermer Phil Collins: vocals, drums, drum machines, keyboards, etc. Daryl Stuermer: Guitars Lee Sklar: bass David Frank: keyboards The Phenix Horns arranged by Tom Tom 84 Gary Barnacle: Sax solo on 7 Strings arranged by Arif Mardin Sting: backing vocal on 3,10 Peter Gabriel, Helen Terry: backing vocal on 10 Produced by Phil Collins and Hugh Padgham Engineered by Hugh Padgham Assisted by Steve Chase Recorded at the Townhouse, Surrey and Old Croft, Surrey Mixed at the Townhouse digitally 1987 12"ers CD: Atlantic 81847-2 (US) Virgin CDEP 4 (UK) Germany WEA (This was only released on CD, re-mixes that appeared on singles) 1. Take Me Home (8:05) 2. Sussudio (6:35) 3. Who Said I Would? (5:51) 4. Only You Know and I Know (6:56) 5. Don't Lose My Number (6:36) 6. One More Night (6:24) Remixes by John Ptoker, except One More Night by Collins/Padgham Buster (OST) Released 1989 LP: Virgin V 2544 (UK) Cassette: Virgin TCV 2544 (UK) CD: Virgin CDV 2544 (UK) Featuring A Groovy Kind Of Love - Phil Collins Two Hearts - Phil Collins Big Noise - Phil Collins Loco In Acapulco - Four Tops (Produced/co-wrote by Phil Collins) and a selection of sixties hits featured in the film ...But Seriously Released November 1989 LP: Virgin V 2620 (UK) Different track order, tracks 8 & 10 omitted Cassette: Virgin TCV 2620 (UK) CD: Atlantic 82050-2 (US) Virgin CDV 2620 (UK) 1. Hang in Long Enough (4:44) 2. That's Just the Way It Is (5:20) 3. Do You Remember? (4:36) (WT: Lionel) 4. Something Happened on the Way to Heaven (4:52) (WT: Broadway Chorus) 5. Colours (8:51) (WT: Hymn (first part) & Oh. Mr. Bota What Can We Do? (2nd)) 6. I Wish It Would Rain Down (5:28) 7. Another Day in Paradise (5:22) (WT: Homeless) 8. Heat on the Street (3:51) 9. All of My Life (5:36) 10. Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1:26) 11. Father to Son (3:28) 12. Find a Way To My Heart (6:08) Phil Collins: drums, percussion, keyboards, vocals Daryl Stuermer: guitar on 1,2,3,4,8,11,12 Dominic Miller: guitar on 4,5,7,9 Nathan East: bass on 1,4 Pino Palladino: bass on 3, 6 Leland Sklar: bass on 2,5,7,8,9,10,11,12 Alex Brown, Marva King, Lynn Fiddmont: backing vocals on 1,4,8,9 The Phenix Horns arranged by Tom Tom 99 1990 Serious Hits Live Released November 1990 LP: Virgin PCLP 1 (2-LP UK) Cassette: Virgin PCMC 1 (UK) PCMCX 1 - limited edition see note CD: Atlantic ATL82157 (US) Virgin PCCD 1 (UK) PCCDX 1 see note Note: Limited editions have a 24 page colour booklet with live pictures. This was also released in 'Smart Pack' boxed set format, with a German show on videotape, in CD (Cat No. atl50174) and cassette (Cat No. atl???) format. 1. Something Happened on the Way to Heaven 2. Against All Odds 3. Who Said I Would 4. One More Night 5. Don't Lose My Number 6. Do You Remember? 7. Another Day in Paradise 8. Separate Lives 9. In The Air Tonight 10. You Can't Hurry Love 11. Two Hearts 12. Sussudio 13. A Groovy Kind of Love 14. Easy Lover 15. Take Me Home Recorded during the Serious Tour 1990 Produced by Phil Collins and Robert Colby Engineered by Paul Gomersall Mixed by Paul Gomersall & Robert Colby Remixed at the Townhouse London, Linford Manor Milton Keynes, Power Station NYC, Studio 4 Philadelphia, A&M Los Angeles, and the Farm, Surrey. "Between Feb. and Oct. 90 we played 127 shows across the world." Phil Collins The Serious Band: Phil: drums, keyboards, vocals Chester Thompson: drums & percussion Brad Cole: Keyboards Daryl Stuermer: guitars Leland Sklar: bass Arnold McCuller, Bridgette Bryant, Fred White: vocals Phenix Horns ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SINGLES Part B ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In The Air Tonight/ The Roof Is Leaking: UK Virgin VSK 102, January 1981 I Missed Again (3:42) / I'm Not Moving (2:30) 7" Atlantic 3790 UK Virgin VS 402, March 1981 Picture sleeve, Phil split in the middle, top not aligned with rest of body. Back is red with a white cutout outline in the shape of Phil on the front. If Leaving Me Is Easy/ Drawing Board: UK Virgin VS 423, May 1981 Also with poster sleeve (and different tracks?): UK Virgin VSP 423 Thunder And Lightning/ ?: France, 1981 This Must Be Love/ ?: Italy, Holland, 1981 Thru' These Walls/ Do You Know, Do You Care?: UK Virgin VS 524, October 1982 You Can't Hurry Love (2:50) b/w Do You Know Do You Care (4:57) 7".............Atlantic 7-89933 Blue, with face from Hello IMBG on front. b/w I Cannot Believe It's True....................UK Virgin VS 531, Nov 1982 Picture disc: UK Virgin VSY 531, Nov 1982 b/w You Can't Hurry Love..........................Holland 1982 b/w I Cannot Believe It's True/ Oddball (Do You Know, Do You Care? home demo) (4:32)..............12" UK Virgin VST 531 ..............CD3 UK Virgin CDT 1, 1988 Sleeve is video still - three Phils on stage, back has text by Phil I Don't Care Anymore/ ?: Holland, Canada and US, 1983 It Don't Matter To Me/ ?: Holland, 1983 Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart Away b/w Thunder And Lightning........................UK Virgin VS 572, March 1983 b/w Thunder And Lightning / And So To F (Live)...12" UK Virgin VS 572-12 Sleeve needs 3D glasses and is pic of man and woman in restaurant! Why Can't It Wait 'Til Morning/ Like China: UK Virgin VS 603, May 1983 Against All Odds (3:24) / I Cannot Believe It's True (5:14) 7" Atlantic 7-84994 1982 (Atlantic Oldies Series) Sleeve is labeled with red "Atlantic Oldies Series", as is label Against All Odds/ Making A Big Mistake (M.R.): UK Virgin VS 674, March 1984 Separate Lives (4:06) / I Don't Wanna Know (4:12) 7" Atlantic 7-89498 1985 (Sleeve details unknown) A Groovy Kind of Love (3:28) / Big Noise (instrumental) (3:43) 7" Atlantic 7-89017 1988 Picture sleeve with close up profiles of Julie Walters & Phil. Back has promo ad for "Buster" Sussudio (4:23) b/w I Like The Way (Collins, Stuermer; 4:25) 7" Atlantic 7-89560 Picture sleeve with red face, like No Jacket's sleeve b/w The Man With The Horn UK Virgin VS 736, Ger WEA WE 171, Jan 1985 (Extended remix 6:53) b/w Sussudio / The Man With the Horn: 12" Atlantic 78-68950 12" UK Virgin VS 736-12 Picture sleeve, blue face (Back w/tailored jacket) One More Night (4:25) b/w The Man With The Horn (3:56) 7" Atlantic 7-89588 Picture sleeve, blue face (Back has tailored jacket) b/w I Like The Way: UK Virgin VS 755, April 1985 (extended remix) b/w One More Night/ I Like The Way: 12" UK Virgin VS 755-12 Sleeve: brown video still on cream background Don't Lose My Number (extended mix; 6:32) / Don't Lose My Number (album version; 4:46), We Said Hello Goodbye (4:15) 12" Atlantic 0-86863 1985 12" Atlantic 78 68630 (1985) (so which is right?) Picture sleeve, Phil standing on left of cover in suit with hands in pockets. Photo of "Don't Lose My Number" note clipped to record. Back has ad for "No Jacket Required". Take Me Home (edit; 4:37) b/w Only You Know and I Know (4:20) 7" Atlantic 7-894472 b/w We Said Hello Goodbye: UK Virgin VS 777, July 1985 (extended remix) b/w Take Me Home / We Said Hello Goodbye: 12" UK Virgin VS 777-12 (Sleeve is white instead of yellow) Picture sleeve, Big Generator yellow cover, with a purple icon of a guy with a suitcase, and a sack over his shoulder. Back has a good picture of Phil on it, holding out a microphone and encouraging the audience to sing (I guess "take me hooooome" :)). This is a very nice sleeve. Medley Megamix (including Sussudio ext./Don't Lose My Number/You Can't Hurry Love)/ Take Me Home (ext. remix): Germany WEA 258 670-0D 1986 Atlantic Oldies (sic) Series 7-84965 7" Tracks: Only You Know and I Know/ Separate Lives (Love Theme from White Nights) (Phil Collins with Marilyn Martin) In The Air Tonight ('88 Remix)/ I Missed Again: UK Virgin VS 102, 1988 In The Air Tonight (Extended version)/In The Air Tonight ('88 Remix) / I Missed Again: 12" UK Virgin VST 102 Label is Phil's face! : CD5 UK Virgin VSCD 102 : CD3 Germany WEA 257 672-2 A Groovy Kind Of Love (3:28) b/w Big Noise (inst.) (3:43)............Atlantic 7-89017 1988 b/w Big Noise (inst.)...................UK Virgin VS 1117, 1988 ...................12" UK Virgin VST 1117 Gatefold ...................CD5 UK Virgin VSCD 1117 8-pg booklet Picture sleeve has close up profiles of Julie Walters & Phil. Back has promo ad for "Buster" A Groovy Kind of Love (3:28) / same: 12" Atlantic PR2445 Promo-only - no PS Two Hearts b/w The Robbery (edit; by Anne Dudley)........Atlantic 7-88980, 1988 ........UK Virgin VS 1141, 1988 b/w The Robbery (by Anne Dudley)..............12" UK Virgin VST 1141 ..............CD3 UK Virgin VSCD 1141 Comments: the 3" CD comes inside a "heart shaped" fold out pack! Cover photos (seven of them!) from the Two Hearts video Two Hearts (3:23) / same: 12" Atlantic PR2544 Promo-only - no PS Another Day In Paradise (4:48) b/w Heat On The Street (3:59): Atlantic 7-88774 1989 (edit) b/w Heat On The Street: UK Virgin VS 1234, Cassette single VSC 1234, October 1989 b/w Heat On The Street / Saturday Night And Sunday Morning: 12" UK Virgin VST 1234 CD3 UK Virgin VSCD 1234 Cover is b&w pic of Phil by Trevor Key I Wish It Would Rain Down b/w Homeless (Another Day In Paradise home demo) January 1990 UK Virgin VS 1240 Cassette single VSC 1240 b/w Homeless/ You've Been In Love (That Little Bit Too Long) 12" UK Virgin VST 1240 CD3 UK Virgin VSCD 1240 Cover is blue/greenish pic of Phil by Trevor Key Something Happened On The Way To Heaven b/w I Wish It Would Rain Down (demo) 1990 UK Virgin VS 1251 Cassette single VSC 1251 (One World Remix) b/w Something Happened On The Way To Heaven/ I Wish It Would Rain Down (demo) 12" UK Virgin VST 1251 CD5 UK Virgin VSCDT 1251 Cover is b&w pic of the late Tony Hancock (British comedian) That's Just The Way It Is b/w Broadway Chorus (Something..Heaven home demo) UK Virgin VS 1277 Cassette single VSC 1277, 1990 b/w Broadway Chorus/ In The Air Tonight (Extended Remix): 12" UK Virgin VST 1277 CD5 UK Virgin VSCDT 1277 Also limited edition CD5 in shaped cut-out box VSCDX 1277 Cover is pic of boy on bike riding away from fires (Northern Ireland) Hang In Long Enough b/w Around The World In 80 Presets: UK Virgin VS 1300, 1990 b/w Hang In Long Enough (Pettibone Dub Mix)/ Hang In Long Enough (Pettibone 12" Mix): 12" UK Virgin VST 1300 b/w Around The World In 80 Presets/ Hang In Long Enough (Pettibone 12" Mix): CD5 UK Virgin VSCDT 1300 b/w That's How I Feel/ Hang In Long Enough (Dub Mix) No. Limited Edition CD5 in custom box VSCDX 1300 b/w Hang in Long Enough Club Mix (7:57)/ Pop Club Mix (7:07)/ Dub Mix (5:03) 12" Atlantic 0-8611 Remixes by Shep Pettibone Picture sleeves all feature spray paint on brick wall Do You Remember? (live) b/w Against All Odds (live): UK Virgin VS 1305, 1990 b/w Against All Odds (live)/ Doesn't Anybody Stay Together Anymore? (live)/ Inside Out (live): 12" UK Virgin VST 1305 CD5 VSCDT 1305 Comments: Nice cover pic of Phil at piano, recorded on "Serious Tour" b/w Doesn't Anybody Stay Together Anymore? (live)/ The Roof Is Leaking (live): Limited edition picture CD in Galloping Horses box VSCDX 1305 Doesn't Anybody Stay Together Anymore? (live in Berlin): PCV CD 1, May 1992 1 track CD5 free with some copies of 'But Seriously...The Videos' in UK With others: Phillip Bailey: Easy Lover (duet with Phil Collins)/Woman Columbia 38-04679 UK CBS A 4915 1984, Released February 1985 Adam Ant 7" Epic 34-04337 (1983) Tracks: Strip (Phil Collins on drums)/Yours, Yours, Yours Side A produced by Phil C. and Hugh Padgham Single from album of same name (don't know the extent of Phil's involvement with the rest of the album). CD SINGLES ---------- 3" You Can't Hurry Love CD3 Format: ??? Cat No: CDT1 Label: Virgin Tracks: 1. You Can't Hurry Love 2. I Cannot Believe It's True 3. Oddball (home demo of Do You Know, Do You Care?) (4:32) In The Air Tonight CD3 Format: ??? Cat No: 257 672-2 Label: WEA (Germany) Tracks: 1. In The Air Tonight (Extended version) 2. In The Air Tonight ('88 Remix) 3. I Missed Again Another Day In Paradise CD3 Format: ??? Cat No: VSCD1234 Label: Virgin 1989 Tracks: 1. Another Day In Paradise 2. Saturday Night and Sunday Morning 3. Heat on the Street Two Hearts CD3 Format: ??? Cat No: VSCD1141 Label: Virgin 1988 Tracks: 1. Two Hearts 2. The Robbery (not performed by Phil Collins) Comments: the 3" CD comes inside a "heart shaped" fold out pack! (There might exist "I Wish It Would Rain Down" on 3" CD as well) All the discs below are JAPANESE 3" CD singles. They come in a special 3" x 6" package and usually have lyrics in English and Japanese of the first track. Sometimes they have a small picture on the inside "sleeve". Front "sleeve" has title in English and Japanese. A Groovy Kind of Love Big Noise Cat. No: 10P3-6042 Label: Warner Bros. Release date: 25th Oct. 88 Two Hearts The Robbery (by Ann Dudley) Cat. No: 10P3-6086 Label: Warner Bros. Release Date: 21th Dec. 88 I wish it would rain down Homeless (Another Day ... demo) Cat. No: WMD5-4011 Label: WEA Release Date: 10th Feb 90 Do You Remember? I Wish It Would Rain Down - Demo Cat. No: WMD5-4017 Label: WEA Release Date: 10th May 90 Comments: front with shot of Phil (not just his face); back with live pic. of concert in Japan '90 Something Happened on the Way to Heaven Lionel (Do You Remember - Demo) Cat. No: WMD5-4029 Label: WEA Release Date: 10th Aug. 90 Comments: greenish still of the film 'A Matter of Life and Death' Hang in Long Enough Separate Lives (live, from "Serious Hits Live") Cat. No: WMD5-4056 Label: WEA Release Date: 25th Jan. 91 Who Said I Would (live) Doesn't Anybody Stay Together Anymore (live) Cat. No: WMD5-4063 Label: WEA Release Date: 25th Apr. 91 Comments: live shot of Phil with "Gallopin Horses" on the background 5" Do You Remember? (live) CD5 Format: Slimline Jewel Cat No: VSCDT1305 Label: Virgin 1990 Tracks: 1. Do You Remember? (5:25) 2. Against All Odds (3:32) 3. Doesn't Anybody Stay Together Anymore? (5:32) 4. Inside Out (5:30) Comments: Nice cover pic of Phil at piano - recorded on "Serious Tour". All tracks are live. Hang In Long Enough CD5 Format: Slimline Jewel Cat No: VSCDT1300 Label: Virgin 1990 Tracks: 1. Hang In Long Enough 2. Around the World in 80 Presets 3. Hang In Long Enough (Pettibone 12" mix) Comments: Nice spray paint-like cover of "Hang In Long Enough" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MISCELLANEOUS Part C ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CREDITS (SESSIONS): This is a list of some of the albums Phil has appeared on. Due to Phil's prolific nature, this list is not complete. Phil Collins is credited on the following records (drums or percussion unless otherwise noted): BAND ALBUM YEAR ----------------------------------------------------- Adam & The Ants Strip 83 Produced and drummed Argent Counterpoint(s) 75 " Circus (perc. on some tracks) 75 Rod Argent Moving Home 78 Peter Banks Two Sides of Peter Banks 73 Steven Bishop Red Cab To Manhattan 80 Tommy Bolin Teaser 75 Gary Brooker Lead Me To The Water 82 Cafe Jacques Round The Back 77 " " Cafe Jacques International 78 John Cale (Guts and) Helen Of Troy 75 Brian Eno Taking Tiger Mountain 74 " " Another Green World 74 " " Before And After Science 77 " " Music For Films 77 Flaming Youth Ark 2 69 (pre-Genesis) David Greenslade Pentateuch Of The Cosmogony 79 Rupert Hine Immunity 81 Eddie Howell Gramaphone Record 75 Jack Lancaster Marscape 76 (like Brand X) William Lyell Solo Casting 76 John Martyn Grace And Danger 80 (also produced) " " Glorious Fool 81 " " Elliott Murphy Just A Story From America 77 Nova Vimana (Percy Jones plays bass and Narada Michael Walden plays drums. Phil does some percussion) Mike Oldfield QE2 80 Orleans Orleans (vocals) Robert Plant Pictures At Eleven 82 " Principle of Moments Colin Scot Colin Scot With Friends 71 Thin Lizzy Johnny The Fox 76 Eugene Wallace Book of Fools and Dangerous ?? Wilding-Bonus Pleasure Signals 78 Tears for Fears "Woman in Chains" 89 Howard Jones "No One Is to Blame" (remix) Phillip Bailey Chinese Wall 84 drummer(and duet) Even more sessions: Eric Clapton: _Behind the Sun_, _August_, and "Bad Love" from _Journeyman_ (and sang harmony). Camel: _I Can See Your House from Here_ (practically nil contribution). 1978? Robert Fripp George Harrison: All Things Must Pass (none of the tracks Phil played on actually made it to the final album.) David Hentschel: solo album _Startling Music_ Peter and the Wolf (various artists) Film soundtracks: Phil played on The Squeeze, Operation Daybreak, and Seven Nights in Japan. (Among others...) A live performance appeared on The Secret Policeman's Other Ball (1983, Island records) Phil played & sang on Do They Know It's Christmas, the 1984 Ethiopia benefit record, and has appeared on several Prince's Trust concerts -- Prince of Wales, not Prince the rock star. He made a very brief appearance n the televised Tommy rock opera by the Who, singing one song. Scenario - Al DiMeola Columbia CK38944 (Digitally recorded) Al DiMeola - guitar Jan Hammer - keyboards Phil plays on Tropical Dreamer, lots of drum machine Also Bill Bruford & Tony Levin appear on this album Band: BOYS DON'T CRY Title: We got the Magic (Including Phil Collins Mix!) 5" CD Single with 3 tracks Release date: 1991 Label: PENG records Cat. no: PE 91.103-8 Tracks: 1. We got the magic 12" 2. That kinda guy 3. We got the magic 7" Boys don't cry are: Nick Richards Vocals Brian Chatton Keyboards (ex Flaming Youth) Nico Ramsden Guitar Mark Smith Bass Jeff Seopardie Percussion Guests are: Phil Collins Drums on 1, 3 Cozy Powell Drums on 2 [Powell was briefly the P in ELP -- Emerson, Lake, and Powell, among other drumming credits] Various Artists "Porky's Revenge" Original Sountrack Columbia JS 39983 Soundtrack to lousy movie is a great collection of tracks assembled by Dave Edmunds. Includes "The Crawling Snakes" (Robert Plant, Paul Martinez, Phil Collins & Dave Edmunds), and others. This in addition to the obvious (see individual sections for more details): Steve Hackett; Peter Gabriel; Anthony Phillips; Brand X ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||| P E T E R G A B R I E L ||| ||| Section IV ||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALBUMS Part A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Peter Gabriel (February 1977) ["Car"] Album: US Atco SD 36-147 UK Charisma CDS 4006 re-release Virgin CHC 39 Cassette: re-release UK Virgin CHCMC 39 CD: US Direct Disc Labs/Atco SD 16615 1987 UK Virgin PGCD 1 Produced by Bob Ezrin. Recorded and mixed at The Soundstage, Toronto. Additional recording at Morgan Studios, Olympic Studios, London. All songs written by Gabriel except Excuse Me (Gabriel/Martin Hall) 1. Moribund the Burgermeister 2. Solsbury Hill 3. Modern Love 4. Excuse Me 5. Humdrum 6. Slowburn 7. Waiting for the Big One 8. Down the Dolce Vita 9. Here Comes The Flood. Gabriel: vioces, keyboard, flute, recorder. Allan Schwartzberg: drums. Tony Levin: bass, tuba. Jim Maelem: percussion. Steve Hunter: guitars. Fripp: electric & classical guitar, banjo. Jozef Chirowski: keyboards. Larry Fast: synthesizers. Dick Wagner: backing vocals, solo guitar. The London Symphony Orchestra arranged and conducted by Michael Gibbs. Peter Gabriel (June 1978) ["Slash"] Album: US Atco SD 19181 Europe Charisma 9103 123 UK Charisma CDS 4013 re-release Virgin CHC 24 Cassette: re-release UK Virgin CHCMC 24 CD: 1987 UK Virgin PGCD 2 Produced by Robert Fripp. Recorded at Relight Studios, Hilvarenbeek, Holland and the Hit Factory, New York City. Mixed at the Hit Factory and Trident Studios, London. Engineered by Steve Short, Ed Sprigg, Michael Getlin, and Steve Tayler. All songs written by Gabriel unless noted otherwise. 1. On The Air 2. Do It Yourself 3. Mother of Violence (Peter & Jill Gabriel) 4. A Wonderful Day in a One Way World 5. White Shadow 6. Indigo 7. Animal Magic 8. Exposure (Words Gabriel, Music Fripp & Gabriel) 9. Flotsam & Jetsam 10. Perspective 11. Home Sweet Home Peter Gabriel: vocals, piano, synthesizer, Bayete keyboards. Roy Bittan: keyboards. Jerry Marotta: drums. Tony Levin: bass. Sid McGinnis: guitars. Robert Fripp: guitars, Frippertronics. Larry Fast: synthesizers. Timmy Capello: saxophone. George Marge: recorders. Peter Gabriel (May 1980) ["Melt"] Album: US Mercury SRM-1-3848 UK Charisma CDS 4019 Cassette: UK Virgin CDSMC 4019 (different sleeve picture - in colour) CD: 1987 UK Virgin PGCD 3 Produced by Steve Lillywhite. Engineered by Hugh Padgham. Electronic production by Larry Fast. Recorded in Bath with the Manor Mobile and at The Townhouse, London. All tracks written by Peter Gabriel. 1. Intruder 2. No Self Control 3. The Start 4. I Don't Remember 5. Family Snapshot 6. And Through the Wire 7. Games Without Frontiers 8. Not One of Us 9. Lead a Normal Life 10. Biko Gabriel: vocals, piano, synthesizers. Phil Collins: Drums. Jerry Marotta: drums, percussion. Morris Pert: percussion. John Giblin: bass. Larry Fast: bass synthesizer. Tony Levin: stick bass. Dick Morrisey: saxophone. David Rhodes, Paul Weller, Robert Fripp, Dave Gregory: guitars. David Rhodes, Kate Bush: backing vocals. Peter Gabriel (September 1982) ["?", subtitled Security for American release] Album: UK Charisma PG 4 US Geffen Records. Cassette: UK Virgin/Charisma PGMC 4 CD: 1987 UK Virgin PGCD 4 Produced by David Lord and Peter Gabriel. Electronic production and processing by Larry Fast. Engineered by David Lord, assisted by Neil Perry. Recorded at home (first two weeks by Mobile One), mixed at Crescent Studios, Bath. Remix of Shock the Monkey at Sarm Studios, London (engineered by Julian Mendelsohn and Danny Heaps). Digital Editing at Advision Studios, London, by Mike King. 1. The Rhythm of the Heat 2. San Jacinto 3. I Have the Touch 4. The Family and the Fishing Net 5. Shock the Monkey 6. Lay Your Hands on Me 7. Wallflower 8. Kiss of Life Gabriel: vocals, CMI, Linn programming, drums, Prophet, backing vocals, vocal noises. Jerry Marotta: drums. Tony Levin: bass, stick, fretless bass. Larry Fast: Moog, Moog bass, and electronic percussion, Prophet. David Rhodes: guitar, backing vocals. John Ellis: guitars, backing vocals. Roberto Laneri: treated sax. Morris Pert: percussion. Contributions from: Stephen Paine, David Lord, Peter Hammil, Jill Gabriel, Ekome Dance Company. Peter Gabriel Plays Live (June 1983) Album: UK Charisma PGDL 1 (2-LP) Cassette: UK Virgin/Charisma PGDMC 1 CD: UK Virgin 1985 - Highlights (tracks 1, 3, 7, 15 omitted) PGDLCD 1 UK Virgin 1988 CDPGD 100 (2-CD set) 1. The Rhythm of the Heat 2. I Have the Touch 3. Not One of Us 4. Family Snapshot 5. DIY 6. The Family and the Fishing Net 7. Intruder 8. I Go Swimming 9. San Jacinto 10. Solsbury Hill 11. No Self Control 12. I Don't Remember 13. Shock the Monkey 14. Humdrum 15. On the Air 16. Biko Birdy - music from the film, by Peter Gabriel (March 1985) Album: UK Virgin CAS 1167 Cassette: UK Virgin CASMC 1167 CD : UK Virgin CASCD 1167 At Night; Floating Dogs; Quiet and Alone; Close Up (from Family Snapshot); Slow Water; Dressing the Wound; Birdys Flight (from Not One of Us); Slow Marimbas; The Heat (from The Rhythm of the Heat); Sketchpad with Trumpet and Voice; Under Lock and Key (from Wallflower); Powerhouse at the Foot of the Mountain (from San Jacinto). So (May 1986) Album: UK Virgin PG 5 Cassette: UK Virgin PGMC 5 CD: UK Virgin PGCD 5 Pic CD: UK Virgin PGPCD 5, 1988 (picture CD is front cover) Produced by Peter Gabriel and Daniel Lanois. Engineered by Lanois and Kevin Killen. Original track recording by David Bascombe. Additional engineering by David Bottill and David Stallbaumer, assisted by Jam Crisp. Originally mastered at the Town House, London by Ian Cooper. All songs by Gabriel except That Voice Again by Gabriel/Rhodes. All tracks recorded and mixed at Real World Studios, England except Mercy Street. Percussion recorded in Polygram Studios, Rio de Janiero. New York overdubs recorded at the Power Station. Additional arrangements ideas by David Rhodes, horn arrangements by Wayne Jackson, Gabriel, and Lanois. 1. Red Rain 2. Sledgehammer 3. Don't Give Up 4. That Voice Again 5. In Your Eyes 6. Mercy Street (for Anne Sexton) 7. Big Time (suc cess) 8. We Do What We're Told (Milgrams 37) [So cassette and CD include extra track This is the Picture (Excellent Birds)] Passion (1989) (Music From the Last Temptation of Christ, A film by Martin Scorsese) (AAD on CD) Album: UK Real World/Virgin RWLP 1 (2-LP) Cassette: UK Real World/Virgin RWMC 1 CD: UK Real World/Virgin RWCD 1 1. The Feeling Begins (4:00) 2. Gethsemane (1:23) 3. Of These, Hope (4:05) 4. Lazarus Raised (0:36) 5. Of These, Hope - Reprise (1:06) 6. In Doubt (2:07) 7. A Different Drum (6:05) 8. Zaar (4:44) 9. Troubled (2:46) 10. Open* (3:18) 11. Before Night Falls (2:16) 12. With This Love (3:36) 13. Sandstorm (2:55) 14. Stigmata** (2:24) 15. Passion (7:36) 16. With This Love - Choir (3:19) 17. Wall of Breath (2:25) 18. The Promise of Shadows (2:12) 19. Disturbed (3:07) 20. It is Accomplished (3:30) 21. Bread and Wine (2:23) Produced by Peter Gabriel Engineered by David Bottrill All Compositions by Peter Gabriel, with the exception of * Peter Gabriel and L Shankar ** Peter Gabriel and Mahmoud Tabrizi Zadeh (MTZ) 1. The feeling Begins Octabans, Surdu, Skins Manny Elias (ME) Finger Cymbals, Tablas, Dufs Hossam Razmy (HR) Synthesizers, Shakers, Skins, Surdu Peter Gabriel (PG) Drone Mix David Bottrill (DB) Guitar David Rhodes (DR) Double Violin L Shankar (LS) Armernian Doudouk Vatche Housepian Antranik Askarian (the Doudouk is playing an Armenian melody; ' The Wind Subsides ' ) 2. Gethsemane Flute Samples, Flute, Voices PG 3. Of These, Hope Talking Drum Massambla Dlop (MD) Bass, Percussion, Flute, Whistle, Prophet5 PG Double Violin LS Guitar DR Arghul Drone Mustafa Abdel Aziz (MAA) 4. Lazarus Raised Kurdish Duduk and Tenbur Players Unknown Guitars DR Piano Akai S900 PG (this piece incorporates a traditional melody from Kurdistan telling of the unhappy love a young girl for Bave Seyro, a legendary warrior) 5. Of These, Hope - Reprise same as 3, with Vocals Baaba Maal Additional Percussion Fatala 6. In Doubt Audioframe, Fairlight Samples, Vocals PG Kementche' MTZ 7. A Different Drum Percussion Loop - Four Bars Doudou N'Daiye Rose Percussion Loop - Three bars Fatala Surdu, Percussion, Audioframe, Prophet5, Vox PG Double Violin LS Backing Vocals David Sancious (DS) 8. Zaar Tambourines, Dufs, Tabla, Finger Cymbals, Triangle HR Surdu, Additional Percussion, Audioframe, Piano, Voice PG Bass Nathan East (NE) Guitar DR Kementche' MTZ Double Violin LS (this was written around a traditional Egyptian rhythm performed to fend off evil spirits) 9. Troubled Drums and Percussion Bill Cobham (BC) Finger Cymbals HR Percussion, Fairlight, Emulator, Backing Vocals PG Backing Vocals DS 10. Open Double Violin, Vocals LS Prophet5, Piano Akai S900, Vocals PG (Based on an improvisation by LS and PG) 11. Before Night Falls Finger Cymbals, Dufs, Tabla HR Ney Flute Kudsi Erguner (the Ney Flute is playing a traditional Armenian melody) 12. With This Love Oboe, Coranglis Robin Canter Double Violin LS Akai S900 DS Audioframe, Fairlight, Piano, Prophet5 PG Synthesizer Arrangement DS, PG 13. Sandstorm Moroccan Percussions & Vocals Location Recording Surdu, Tabla, Tambourine Dufs, Mazhar HR Additional Percussion Manu Katche' Kementche' MTZ Double Violin LS Fairlight PG 14. Stigmata Kementche' MTZ Prophet5, Voice PG (based on an improvisation by MTZ and PG) 15. Passion Brazilian Percussion Djalma Correa Trumpet John Hassell Prophet5, Akai S900, Fairlight, Voice PG Qawwali Voice Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Double Violin LS Voice Yassou N'Dour Choirboy Julian Wilkins 16. With This Love - Choir Coranglis Robin Canter Choir Recording Richard Evans 17. Wall of Breath Turkish Ney Flute Kudsi Erguner Double Violin LS Arghul Musicians Du Nil Ebow Guitar DR Synthesizers PG 18. The Promise of Shadows Drum Kit BC Lead Tambourine DB Emulator, Prophet5, Additional Perc., Audiofr. PG Guitar DR 19. Disturbed Surdu, Tabla HR Percussion Loop MAA Said Mohammed Aly African Percussion Fatala Double Violin LS Fairlight, Prophet5 PG 20. It Is Accomplished Drums, Tambourine BC Tambourine 2, Distorted Slide DB Bass NE Arghul Drone MAA Steinberger Guitar DR Hammond Organ DS Doholla, Additional Perc., Roland D-50, Piano, Prophet5, Voice PG 21. Bread and Wine Contrabass, Prophet5, Voice PG Ebow Guitar DR Tin Whistle Richard Evans Double Violin LS Musicians from Pakistan, India, Turkey, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Bahrain, New Guinea, Morocco, Senegal, Ghana. Shaking The Tree - Sixteen Golden Greats (1989) Album: UK Virgin PGTVL 6 (only twelve tracks) Cassette: UK Virgin PGTVC 6 CD: UK Virgin PGTVD 6 1. Solsbury Hill 2. I Don't Remember (edit) 3. Sledgehammer (slight remix) 4. Family Snapshot 5. Mercy Street (edit) 6. Shaking The Tree (1990 version) 7. Don't Give Up (edit) 8. San Jacinto 9. Here Comes The Flood (1990 new recording) 10. Red Rain 11. Games Without Frontiers (edit) 12. Shock The Monkey (edit) 13. I Have The Touch ('83 remix) 14. Big Time 15. Zaar 16. Biko (edit) Before Us: A Brief History "PROMO CD w/rare live 9.32 In Your Eyes + 9 more" (Other ads call it a "10 track sampler" and "USA promo only hits CD") just a greatest hits with one live track, in your eyes. Us (1992) Released 21st September 1992 Album: UK Real World/Virgin PGLP 7 (2-LP) Cassette: UK Real World/Virgin PGMC 7 CD: UK Real World/Virgin PGCD 7 1. Come Talk To Me (7:04) 2. Love To Be Loved (5:16) 3. Blood Of Eden (6:35) 4. Steam (6:02) 5. Only Us (6:30) 6. Washing Of The Water (3:50) 7. Digging In The Dirt (5:16) 8. Fourteen Black Paintings (4:36) 9. Kiss That Frog (5:27) 10. Secret World (7:01) Produced by Daniel Lanois and Peter Gabriel Recording and mix engineer: David Bottrill Additional engineering: Richard Blair Extra brainstroming: Brian Eno ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SINGLES Part B ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i. SEVEN INCH Solsbury Hill/Moribund the Burgermeister (Charisma CB301. February 1977) A live recording of Solsbury Hill from The Bottom Line, New York City on 4 October 1978, was released as a flexidisc and given away at the Hammersmith Odeon concerts in London between 20 and 24 December 1978. Modern Love/Slowburn (Charisma CB302. June 1977) D.I.Y./Perspective (Charisma CB311. May 1978) D.I.Y./Mother of Violence; Me and My Teddy Bear (Charisma CB319. September 1978) Gabriel re-arranged the Coots/Winters childrens song. Games Without Frontiers/Start; I Dont Remember (Charisma CB354. February 1980) No Self Control/Lead A Normal Life (Charisma CB360. May 1980) Biko/Shosholoza; Jetzt Kommt Die Flut (Charisma CB370. August 1980) 33rpm 7" with full length version of Biko. Biko/Shosholoza. (Charisma CBD1370. August 1980) Edited version of Biko. Shock the Monkey/Soft Dog (Charisma Shock 12. September 1982) Small number of copies issued with B-side instrumental version of Shock the Monkey. I Have the Touch/Across the River (Charisma CB405. December 1982) I Dont Remember/Solsbury Hill (live) (Charisma GAB 1. July 1983) Solsbury Hill/Games Without Frontiers (Old Gold Series 9265. July 1983) Walk Through The Fire/B-side The Race by Larry Carlton. (Virgin VS689. May 1984) Sledgehammer/Dont Break This Rhythm (Virgin PGS 1. April 1986) Don't Give Up [Duet with Kate Bush]/In Your Eyes (Virgin PGS 2. October 1986) Don't Give Up/In Your Eyes (Virgin PGSP-2. October 1986) Issued with limited edition video-still poster. Geffen 28463-7 7" US Tracks: Don't Give Up (edit version 5:52)/ Curtains Big Time/Curtains (Virgin PGS 3. March 1987) Geffen 28503-7 7" US Big Time/ We Do What We're Told (milgram's 37) Red Rain/Ga Ga (UK Virgin PGS 4 - US Geffen 7-28247. June 1987) Ga Ga is an instrumental version of I Go Swimming. Shakin' The Tree (Youssou N'Dour/Peter Gabriel)/Old Tucson (by Yousson N'Dour UK Virgin VS 1167, 1989) ii. TWELVE INCH Biko/Shosholoza, Jetzt Kommt Die Flut (Charisma CB37012. August 1980) Shock the Monkey/Soft Dog (Charisma Shock 12. September 1982) Shock the Monkey/Shock the Monkey [vocal/instrumental] (Charisma Shock 343. September 1982) I Go Swimming/Solsbury Hill/Shock the Monkey (Charisma REP1 420. May 1983) Limited Edition Sampler Album for shops to promote the Plays Live album. I Don't Remember/Solsbury Hill/Humdrum, On The Air (Charisma RAD 10. May 1983) Special DJ Selection From Peter Gabriel Plays Live for club and radio DJs. I Don't Remember/Solsbury Hill; Kiss of Life (Charisma GAB 12. July 1983) Walk Thorugh The Fire/The Race, I Have the Touch (Virgin VS68912. May 1984) Out Out/Gizmo (Geffen A12-4953. December 1984) Sledgehammer/Don't Break This Rhythm; I Have the Touch (Virgin PGS 112. April 1986) Sledgehammer (dance mix); Dont Break the Rhythm/Biko; I Have the Touch (Virgin PGS 213. April 1986) Geffen 20456-0 12" ($4.98 printed on side) Tracks: Sledgehammer (extended dance mix)/Sledgehammer (ext. mix)/ Don't Break This Rhythm/ I Have The Touch 85 remix Don't Give Up/In Your Eyes (special mix); This is the Picture (Virgin PGS 212. October 1986) Duet with Kate Bush. Big Time (dance mix)/Big Time; Curtains (Virgin PGS 312. March 1987) Red Rain/Ga Ga; Walk Through the Fire (Virgin PGS 4. June 1987) Geffen 20749-0 12" Red Rain -- same tracks as on Virgin release Geffen 20600-0 12" US ($4.98 printed on side) Big Time (dance mix)/ In Your Eyes (special mix)/ We Do WWT(LP vers) Biko/No More Apartheid (Virgin PGS612. November 1987) Only 12 inch and cassette singles issued. Live version of Biko recorded at Blossom Music Center, Cleveland, Ohio, on 27 July 1987. Single used to promote Cry Freedom, Sir Richard Attenboroughs film on Biko. Shakin' The Tree (12" Remix) (Youssou N'Dour/Peter Gabriel)/Old Tucson; Sweeping The Leaves (by Youssou N'Dour) (Virgin VST 1167, 1989) iii. Cassette singles Sledgehammer dance mix; Dont Break This Rhythm; Sledgehammer album version Biko. (Virgin PGSC112. April 1986) Also released in limited edition of 2,000 flip top cigarette style silver boxes. Big Time extended version; Curtains; No Self Control live version; Across the River. (Virgin PGSC312. March 1987) Also released in limited edition gold box. Red Rain; Ga Ga; Walk Through the Fire. (Virgin PGSC412. June 1987) Biko; No More Apartheid. (Virgin PGSC612. November 1987) Digging In The Dirt; Quiet Steam. (Virgin PGSC 7, 7th September 1992) iv. CD Biko (live) No More Apartheid I have the touch Cat. No: VJD 12010 (JAPANESE 3" CD single) Label: Charisma Release Date: 21th Jun. 88 Sledgehammer 3" Don't Break This Rhythm I Have the Touch 85 Remix (CDT4, Virgin 1986?, UK) Solsbury Hill 3" Moribund the Burgermeister Solsbury Hill (live version) (from Plays Live) (CDT33, Virgin 198-?, UK) Comments: fold out cover, Same sleeve as original German 7" from 1977. There exists a promo-only version of "Don't give up", released for promotion in UK. I think it contains various versions of this track. I saw it some years ago in the Record Fair in Barcelona, but I was asked for about $90, so... I don't have it. Big Time extended version; Curtains; No Self Control; Across the River; Big Time seven inch version. (Virgin GAIL312. March 1987) Biko 5" (Biko (live)/No More Apartheid/I Have the Touch '85 Remix (Virgin PGSCD 6-12, November 1987) Shakin' The Tree (Youssou N'Dour/Peter Gabriel)/Old Tucson/Sweeping The Leaves (CD3 Virgin VSCD 1167, 1989) Solsbury Hill/Shaking The Tree (1990 edit)/Games Without Frontiers (live - remixed from POV video) (CD5 Virgin VSCDT 1308, Jan 1990) Sledgehammer 3" (Sledgehammer/Don't Break this Rhythm/ I Have the Touch '85 Remix) Digging in the Dirt single CD5, 9-9-92 PGSDG7 (no lyrics), import to Japan 1. Digging in the Dirt 2. Digging in the Dirt (instrumental) 3. Quiet Steam (non-album track) PGSDX 7 (in light blue box, limited edition with lyrics) 1. Digging In The Dirt 2. Digging In The Dirt (instrumental) 3. Quiet Steam 4. Bashi-Bazouk ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MISCELLANEOUS Part C ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Solo Albums: Ein Deutsches Album (July 1980) Eindringling; Keine Selbstkontrolle; Frag Mich Nicht Immer; Schnappschuss (Ein Familienfoto); Und Durch Den Draht; Spiel Ohne Grenzen; Du Bist Nicht Wie Wir; Ein Normales Leben; Biko. (Charisma 6302 035) German language version of third album. Deutsches Album (September 1982) Der Rhythmus Der Hitze; Das Fischernetz; Kon-takt; San Jacinto; Schock Den Affen; Handauflegen; Nicht Die Erde Hat Dich Verschluckt; Mundzumundbeatmung. (Charisma 6302 221) German language version of fourth album. Peter Gabriel Plays Live (June 1985) Single CD selection of 13 of the 16 Plays Live double album tracks - I Have the Touch; Family Snapshot; D.I.Y.; The Family and the Fishing Net; I Go Swimming; San Jacinto; Solsbury Hill; No Self Control; I Dont Remember; Shock the Monkey; Humdrum; Biko. In October 1987 full double CD released. (Virgin PGDLCDl and CDPGD100 [double]) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VARIOUS ARTISTS ALBUMS Part D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All This and World War II, released 1977. A film soundtrack of World War II film footage, linked to Beatles songs, performed by various artists. Includes Strawberry Fields Forever by Peter Gabriel. (Riva RVLP2) The Bristol Recorder. Volume 2, released January 1981. Peter Gabriel contributed three tracks to the Talking Magazine. Humdrum (live at Diplomat Hotel, New York, 12 July 1980); Not One of Us (live at De Montford Hall, Leicester, 24 February 1980); Aint That Peculiar (live at Uptown Theatre, Chicago, 11 March 1977). (Bristol Recorder BR002) Music and Rhythm, released July 1982. The WOMAD benefit album, with Gabriels contribution Across the River. (WEA K68045) Against All Odds, released April 1984. Gabriels contribution to the movie soundtrack was Walk Through the Fire (Virgin V2313). Let the Children Play, released April 1984. A charity double album in aid of the British Peace Camps, the most prominent being the women of Greenham Common. Gabriel contributed Exposure. (Panic Peace l) Raindrops Pattering on Banana Leaves, released June 1984. A benefit album for WOMAD that includes Lead A Normal Life - a live version recorded in Normal, Illinois on 3 December 1982. (WOMAD 001) Gremlins - Original Soundtrack, released October 1984. Gabriel contributed Out Out. (Geffen GHSP 24044Y) Sometimes a Great Notion, released November 1984. A charity album for the British Deaf Association. Gabriel contributed I Have the Touch. (EMI Topcat 1) Greenpeace, released April 1985. Gabriel contributed Shock the Monkey. (Towerbell EMI Fund 1) Sun City - Artists United Against Apartheid, released November 1985. As well as his brief vocal appearance in the Sun City theme song, Gabriels voice was used more extensively on No More Apartheid. (EMI Manhattan MTL 1001) Conspiracy of Hope, released November 1986. Commemorating the worldwide Conspiracy of Hope campaign. Gabriel contributes the studio version of Biko. (Mercury MERH 99) The Secret Policemans Third Ball - The Music, released September 1987. Live recording of Amnesty benefit with Gabriel performing Biko at London Palladium, 29 May 1987. Line-up includes Lou Reed and Youssou N'Dour. (Virgin V2458) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GUEST APPEARANCES/SESSION AND PRODUCTION WORK Part E ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cat Stevens. Mona Bone Jackon (LP), released 1970. Peter Gabriel plays flute. Colin Scot. Colin Scot (LP), released 1971. Credits with thinly disguised names for contractual reasons include P. Angel Gabriel, P. C. Genesis (Phil Collins) and Van der Hammill (Peter Hammill). Album produced by John Anthony; three songs were written by Martin Hall, later to collaborate with Gabriel; other session musicians included Jon Anderson and Robert Fripp. Charlie Drake. You Never Know (7"), released November 1975. Written by Martin Hall and Peter Gabriel, produced by Gabriel, credited on the label as Gabriel Ear Wax. Robert Fripp. Exposure (LP), released April 1979. Gabriel sings and plays on Exposure, with added scream vocals from Terre Roche. The album includes what Gabriel calls the "quiet version" of Here Comes The Flood. This track was digitally remixed for Network, a Fripp compilation album released in 1985. Johnny Warman. Walking Into Mirrors (LP), released June 1979. Warman was a friend of Jerry Marotta. Gabriel contributes accompanying vocals, chants, screaming and effects on Screaming Jets. Jimmy Pursey. Animals Have More Fun/SUS (7"), June 1981. Both tracks credited Gabriel/Ellis/Pursey. Produced by Peter Gabriel. Laurie Anderson. Mister Heartbreak (LP), released February 1984. Excellent Birds written by Gabriel and Anderson. He plays Synclavier, Linn drum, vocals and co-produces with Anderson. Also backing vocals on Langue DAmour and Gravitys Angel. Phil Collins. No Jacket Required (LP), released February 1985. Backing vocals on Take Me Home, also released as 7" and 12". The Call. Reconciled (LP), released May 1986. Backing vocals on Everywhere I Go, also released as a remixed single. Nona Hendryx. Female Trouble (LP), released June 1987. Backing vocals on Winds of Change (Mandela to Mandela). Robbie Robertson. Robbie Robertson (LP), released October 1987. The former guitarist with The Band, co-produced by Daniel Lanois. Gabriels backing vocals on Fallen Angel, also released as a single in November 1987. Song includes the line, "Come down Gabriel, blow your horn ." Also vocals on Broken Arrow. Joni Mitchell. Chalk Marks in a Rainstorm (LP), due for release in February 1988. Vocals on My Secret Place recorded at Ashcombe House, autumn 1986. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cover Versions Part F ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alan Ross. Are You Free On Saturday (LP), released in October 1977. Martin Hall and Peter Gabriel wrote Get The Guns, released as single in June 1977. Tom Robinson Band. TRB Two (LP), released Januar 1979. Bully For You was co-written by Gabriel and Robinson, and was also released as a single. Tom Robinson. North By Northwest (LP), released August 1982. Gabriel and Robinson co-wrote Merrily Up On High, and Atmospherics (Listen to the Radio). Peter Gabriel also wrote the music for a Dans Le Creux De Ta Nuit on the album Soleil Dans LOmbre by Catherine Ribeiro. His songs have also been covered by two artists who could hardly be more diverse, James Last who did a version of Games Without Frontiers on his album Magic Hits From 1980 and put the same track on his album Hamsamania; and Robert Wyatt who covered Biko on his 12" EP Work In Progress. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SINGLES (NOT ON ALBUMS) compiled by Markus Boie: Part G ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- title (comments, questions) (source) [time] ---------------------------------------------------------------------- "Aint That Peculiar" "Dont Give Up" edit mix (EP) [5:26] "Ga Ga" (Red Rain 12" EP) [4:31] "Heard it Through the Grapevine" (bootleg) "I Go Swimming" studio version (if a complete one actually exists...) Theres a version on the _Games Without Words_ bootleg Maybe if it was cleaned up a little...? "In Your Eyes" single mix [6:--] "In Your Eyes" special mix [7:14] "Jetzt kommt die Flut" (Biko B-side) Does this version differ from that on the german album? "Just Another Day in 1977" - with Kate Bush Duet with Kate Bush from a KaTe Xmas special Are these the same songs? "Me and My Teddy Bear" (DIY B-side) "Milgrams 37" instrumental "Out Out" (Gremlins soundtrack) "Seascape" (_Walk Through The Fire_ instrumental) "Shosholoza" (UK 12" single) [5:19] "Sledgehammer" extended dance remix [7:20] "Sledgehammer" limited edition mix Are these versions different? "Soft Dog" (Shock The Monkey B-side) [4:10] "Strawberry Fields Forever" (All This and World War II) [4:--] "The Race" (Walk Through the Fire B-side) "Walk Through the Fire" (one of the _So_ 12" singles!) [3:30] "Whiter Shade of Pale" (bootleg) "Why Don't We" (bootleg) "Across the River" [7:10] "Big Time" dance mix (Big Time EP) [6:10] "Curtains" [3:35] "Don't Break This Rhythm" [3:50] "Here Comes the Flood" (Fripp album) "I have the Touch" `85 remix "No more Apartheid" "Sledgehammer" extended remix [5:40] "Walk Thru the Fire" (Against All Odds) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||| S T E V E H A C K E T T ||| ||| Section V ||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALBUMS Part A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Voyage Of The Acolyte Released October 1975 Album: 1976 Chrysalis PV_41112 (Gatefold album, with cover paintings by Kim Poor, lyrics and album notes printed on back) 1976 Chrysalis CHR_1112 (Same as above) 1975 Charisma CAS 1111 (As above) CD: 1989 Virgin CASCD_1111 ADD (CD booklet contains paintings, album notes, and lyrics) Cassette: 1982 Charisma CASMC 105 (Double tape with this and "Please Don't Touch" - fold-out liner with track list and credits.) Recorded between June/July 1975 1. Ace Of Wands 2. Hands Of The Priestess Part 1 3. A Tower Struck Down 4. Hands Of The Priestess Part 2 5. The Hermit / 6. Star Of Sirius 7. The Lovers 8. Shadow Of The Hierophant Steve Hackett: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Mellotron, Harmonium, Bells, Autoharp, Vocal, Effects. John Hackett: Flute, Arp Synthesizer, Bells. Mike Rutherford: Bass Guitar, Bass Pedals, Fuzz 12-String. Phil Collins: Drums, Vibes, Percussion, Vocals. John Acock: Elka Rhapsody, Mellotron, Harmonium, Piano. Sally Oldfield: Vocal. Robin Miller: Oboe, Cor Anglais. Nigel Warren-Green: Solo Cello. Percy Jones: Extra Bass on "Tower". Johnny Gustafson: Bass on "Star". Steve Tobin: Parrot and Cough. Please Don't Touch Released May 1978 Album: 1978 Chrysalis PV_41176 (Cover painting by Kim Poor, album notes, photographs, and lyrics on inner sleeve) 1978 Charisma CDS 4012 CD: 1988 Virgin CASCD_4012 AAD (CD booklet contains paintings, album notes, and lyrics) Cassette: 1982 Charisma CASMC 105 (Double tape with this and "Voyage of the Acolyte" - fold-out liner with track list and credits.) Recorded between November '77 and February '78. NOTES: The album and cassette "join" Land Of A Thousand Autumns and Please Don't Touch while the CD places an annoying space between these two tracks. 1. Narnia (based on the children's book - Thi Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe, by C.S. Lewis) (vocal: Walsh & Hackett) 2. Carry On Up The Vicarage (a musical tribute to Agatha Christie) (vocal: Hackett) 3. Racing In A (vocals: Walsh & Hackett) 4. Kim 5. How Can I? (vocal: Havens) / 6. Hoping Love Will Last (vocal: Randy) 7. Land Of A Thousand Autumns 8. Please Don't Touch 9. The Voice Of Necam (vocal: Hackett & Feydor) 10. Icarus Ascending (vocal: Havens) Steve Hackett: Roland Guitar Synth, Les Paul Stratocaster, 12-String Xematis, 12-String Hodako, Yamaha, Giffen, Yairi Nylon (Guitars), Pedal Board, Comprising: Octave Dividers, Phasers, Fuzz Boxes, Wah-Wah, Volume Pedal, etc. Necam the Computer: Automata, Mechanicals. Music Box Mellotron, Psaltery Bells, Wind Chimes, Vocal Tape Loops, Roland Space Echo and Jazz Chorus, 150w Amps & Speakers, Harmonizer, Lexicon, Marshal Time Modulator, Sleigh Bells, Maraccas, Vocals, Keyboards, Pipe Organ, Percussion, and anything else I could get my hands on at the time! John Hackett: Flutes, Piccolos, Bass Pedals, Keyboards. Chester Thompson: Drums and Percussion. Phil Ehart: Drums and Percussion. Richie Havens: Vocals, Percussion. John Acock: Keybaords. Dave Lebolt: Keyboards. Steve Walsh: Vocals. Randy Crawford: Vocals. Tom Fowler: Bass. James Bradley: Percussion. Graham Smith: Violin. Hugh Malloy: Cello. Spectral Mornings Released May 1979 Album: 1979 Chrysalis CHR_1223 (Cover painting by Kim Poor, lyrics on back of album) 1979 Chrysalis PV_41223 (Same as above) 1979 Charisma CDS 4017 (Same as above) CD: 1989 Charisma, 1989 Virgin CASCD_4017 AAD (CD booklet lacks musician listing, lyrics on back cover) Recorded during 1979. 1. Every Day 2. The Virgin And The Gypsy 3. The Red Flower Of Tachai Blooms Everywhere 4. Clocks - The Angel Of Mons 5. The Ballad Of The Decomposing Man (featuring "The Office Party") / 6. Lost Time In Cordoba 7. Tigermoth 8. Spectral Mornings Steve Hackett: Guitars, Roland Guitar Synth, Koto (Cantonese), Harmonica, Vocals, Extras. John Hackett: Flutes, Concert & Chinese Bamboo Models, Bass Pedals. Nick Magnus: Keyboards, Vox String Thing, Novotron, Harpsichord, Clavinet, RMI Piano, Fender Rhodes, Mini Moog, Roland String Synth & SH 2000. Dik Cadbury: Bass, Bass Pedals, Violin, Vocals. John Shearer: Drums and Percussion. Pete Hicks: Lead Vocals, Harmonies. Defector Released June 1980 Album: 1980 Charisma CL-1-3103 (Cover paintings by Kim Poor, includes an insert with album notes, photographs of the band, and lyrics) Album: 1980 Charisma CDS 4018 (Insert as above, some copies with poster) 1984 re-release Virgin CHC 15 (Album notes on back cover only) CD: 1980 Charisma, 1989 Virgin CDSCD-4018 AAD (CD booklet lacks lyrics and musician listing) Recorded during 1980. 1. The Steppes 2. Time To Get Out 3. Slogans 4. Leaving 5. Two Vamps As Guests / 6. Jacuzzi 7. Hammer In The Sand 8. The Toast 9. The Show 10. Sentimental Institution Steve Hackett: Guitar, Vocal, Optigan, Roland GR500. John Hackett: Concert and Alto Flute. Nick Magnus: Keyboards. Dik Cadbury: Bass, Vocals. John Shearer: Drums and Percussion. Pete Hicks: Vocal. Cured Released August 1981 Album: 1981 Charisma ARE-37632 (Inner album sleeve contains lyrics and photo of Steve and Kim by Armando Gallo) 1981 Charisma CDS 4021 (As above) CD: 1989 Virgin CDSCD-4021 AAD (CD booklet lacks lyrics, musician list, and photo, also track 5 is slightly edited) Recorded during 1981. 1. Hope I Don't Wake 2. Picture Postcard 3. Can't Let Go 4. The Air-Conditioned Nightmare / 5. Funny Feeling 6. A Cradle Of Swans 7. Overnight Sleeper 8. Turn Back Time Steve Hackett: Les Paul Stratocaster, Ovaion Nylon, Yairi Nylon, Ovation UK II, Cimar, Roland GR500 Guitar Synth, Fender Precision Special Bass, E-Bow, Pete Cornish Pedal Board. Nick Magnus: Prophet 5, Mini Moog, Clavinet, RMI Piano, Roland Vocoder Plus, Korg CX3, Novatron, Fender Rhodes, Vox String Thing, Acoustic Piano, Linn Drum Computer, SDS5 Drum Synth, Cymbals, Claptrap. Highly Strung Released April 1983 Album: 1983 Charisma BFE-38515 (Cover paintings by Kim Poor, lyrics and musician list on inner album sleeve) Album: 1982 Hack1 811-209-1 (Contains an insert sheet with lyrics and musician list, tracks are in different order and Cell 151 is the short version) Cassette: 1983 HAKMC 1 (Contains musician list, tracks as above) CD: 1985 Charisma, 1989 Virgin HACK-CD1 AAD (CD booklet lacks lyrics and musician listing. Track order is the same as 2nd album but Cell 151 is the long version) Recorded between February and November 1982. NOTES: Track listing is taken from CD. 1. Camino Royal 2. Cell 151 (long version) 3. Always Somewhere Else 4. Walking Through Walls / 5. Give It Away 6. Weightless 7. Group Therapy 8. India Rubber Man 9. Hackett To Pieces Steve Hackett: Ovation UK II, Les Paul Stratocaster, Giffen, Marshall 100w & 50w Amps, Pete Cornish Pedal Board, Echoplex, Energy Bow, Slide, Hohner Harmonica. Nick Magnus: Jupiter 8, Memory Moog, Steam Piano, Moog Source, Mini Moog, Korg CX3, Vocoder Plus, Emulator, Linn LM1, Rhodes, Harpsichord, Prophet 5. Nigel Warren-Green: Cello. Ian Mosley: Drums. Chris Lawrence: Contrabass Cell 151 EP + Bonus EP Cell 151 EP: 1983 Charisma Cell 12 811-341-1 (Contains long version of Cell 151 plus two more tracks. Front cover painting by Kim Poor, back photo from Steve Hackett's UK Tour 1893 with a list of concert locations) Bonus EP: 1983 (Album sleeve is white and the album label itself is white, with a large "1" on side one, and a large "2" on side two) (Cell 151) 1. Cell 151 (long version) 2. Air Conditioned Nightmare (recorded live) 3. Time Lapse In Milton Keynes (acoustic guitar) (Bonus EP) 1. Clocks (alternate version, missing drum solo) 2. Acoustic Set (containing Horizons and Kim) 3. Please Don't Touch (live) Bay Of Kings Released November 1983 Album: 1983 Lamborghini LMG LP-3000 (Cover painting by Kim Poor, photo of Steve Hackett on back) Cassette: 1983 Lamborghini ZCLMG 3000 re-release 1987 Start SMC 10 CD: 1987 Start Records SCD10 AAD (CD booklet is the same as the album, issued on Steve Hackett's new label) 1990 Castle Legends CLC 5003 (Germany) AAD 1992 Baillemont Productions (France) Recorded during 1983. 1. Bay Of Kings 2. The Journey 3. Kim (re-arranged version) 4. Marigold 5. St. Elmo's Fire / 6. Petropolis 7. Second Chance (from the TV show) 8. Cast Adrift 9. Horizons (new version) 10. Black Light 11. The Barren Land 12. Calmaria Steve Hackett: Acoustic Guitar, Keyboard Strings. John Hackett: Flutes. Nick Magnus: Keyboard Strings and Effects. Till We Have Faces Released September 1984 Album: 1984 Lamborghini Records 6.25987 (Cover painting by Kim Poor, back of album contains lyrics) 1987 re-release Start STL 11 Cassette: 1984 Lamborghini Records ZCLMG 4000 re-release 1987 Start SMC 11 CD: 1987 Start Records SCD11 AAD (UK, CD booklet contains lyrics) 1992 Baillemont Productions (France) Recorded during 1984 in Rio de Janeiro and London. 1. Duel (Based on the film by Steven Speilburg) 2. Matilda Smith-Willions Home For The Aged 3. Let Me Count The Ways 4. A Doll That's Made In Japan (short version) / 5. Myopia 6. What's My Name? 7. The Rio Connection 8. Taking The Easy Way Out 9. When You Wish Upon A Star (Reprise) Steve Hackett: Guitars, Guitar Synth, Koto, Rainstick, Etruscan Guitar, Marimba, Percussion, Harmonica, Vocals. Nick Magnus: Keyboards, Percussion, Yamaha DX7, Jupiter 6, Juno 60, Moog Source. Kim Poor: Japanese voice on "Doll". Ian Mosley: Drums, Percussion. Rui Motta: Drums, Simmons Drums. Serginho (Roupa Nova): Drums. Waldemar Falcao: Flute, Percussion. Fernand Moura: Rhodes. Ronaldo Diamante: Bass. Clive Stevens: Wind Synthesizer. The Brazilian Percussionists: Sidinho Moreira, Junior, Jaburu, Peninha, Aiainho, Baca. 1984 A Doll That's Made In Japan EP EP: 1984 Lamborghini Records 12LMG-16 (Cover painting by Kim Poor, Lyrics printed on back cover) Recorded in 1984. 1. A Doll That's Made In Japan (long version) 2. Just The Bones Momentum Released 1988 Album: 1988 Start Records STL 15 (UK) Cassette: 1988 Start Records SMC 15 (UK) CD: 1988 Start Records SCD15 DDD (CD cover art by Kim Poor, booklet contains musician list and some words of thanks from Steve Hackett) 1992 Baillemont Productions CD 946 BPE 134 (France) DDD Recorded during 1988. 1. Cavalcanti 2. The Sleeping Sea 3. Portrait Of A Brazilian Lady 4. When The Bell Breaks 5. A Bed, A Chair, & A Guitar 6. Concert For Munich 7. Last Rites Of Innocence 8. Troubled Spirit 9. Variation On Theme By Chopin 10. Pierrot 11. Momentum Steve Hackett: Classical Guitar and Stepp DGI. John Hackett:Flute. 1992 Time Lapse (Actually the cover reads more as _Steve Hackett Live -- Time Lapse_, and the edge of the CD reads _Steve Hackett -- Time Lapse (Live)_, so pick your title.) Distributed by Caroline Records. Produced by Steve Hackett & William Budis +70 minutes Tracks 1-5, 13, 14 recorded Nottingham Central TV Studios, October 1990 Tracks 6-12 recorded Savoy Theater, New York, November 1981 1. Camino Royale (8:42) 2. Please Don't Touch (4:38) 3. Everyday (7:00) 4. In That Quiet Earth (3:50) 5. Depth Charge (3:22) 6. Jacuzzi (4:28) 7. The Steppes (5:57) 8. Ace Of Wands (7:34) 9. Hope I Don't Wake (4:14) 10. The Red Flower Of Ta Chai Blooms Everywhere (2:43) 11. Tigermoth (3:22) 12. A Tower Struck Down (2:58) 13. Spectral Mornings (5:19) 14. Clocks -- The Angel Of Mons (4:55) Personnel: all tracks Steve Hackett: Guitar, Vocals John Hackett: Flute, Guitar, Bass Pedals Nottingham Ian Ellis: Bass, Vocals Julian Colbeck: Keyboards, Vocals Fudge Smith: Drums New York Chas Cronk: Bass, Vocals Nick Magnus: Keyboards Ian Mosley: Drums The Unauthorized Biography Released October 1992 CD Virgin Universal CDVM9014 UK 1 Narnia 2 Hackett to pieces 3 Don't Fall Away from Me* 4 Spectral Morning 5 The Steppes 6 The Virgin & The Gipsy 7 The Air-Conditional Nightmare 8 Cell 151 9 Slogans 10 Icarus Ascending 11 Prayers And Dreams* 12 Star of Sirius 13 Hammer in the Sand 14 Ace of Wands 15 Hoping Love Will Last *:previously unreleased Guitar Noir CD: 17 May 1993 in UK (released on CD only!) Cat. No.: PERM CD13 Label: Kudos by Permanent Records, distributed and marketed by The Total Record Company via BMG (UK) Limited 1. Take These Pearls (4:12) A song about bearing gifts 2. Dark As The Grave (4:37) A pessimistic view of the human condition 3. Paint Your Picture (2:57) The visualisation of a loved one through brush and canvas or... "Here's looking at you kid!" 4. There Are Many Sides To The Night (6:55) The story of a streetwalker and her deepest motivation 5. Like An Arrow (2:49) From an idea as old as Eros 6. Walking Away From Rainbows (3:10) Sometimes the afterglow isn't enough and we move on 7. Sierra Quemada (5:02) Loosely translated means `the scorched earth' 8. Lost In Your Eyes (4:11) The harmonica has finally come out the closet - born again through the Blues! 9. Latin America (4:40) American TV is a guest that has taken up permanent residence in all our homes 10. In The Heart Of The City (4:32) A total experience in aural claustrophobia, man! 11. Vampyre With A Healthy Appetite (5:11) Inspired by a newspaper headline about the theft of several pints of blood from a hospital in the French Quarter of New Orleans 12. Tristesse (3:57) For Roger Weil - Who knows what lies behind... "that patch of blue we prisoners call the sky" (Oscar Wilde) Produced by Steve Hackett All tracks written by Steve Hackett except 1,2; Hackett/Friedman 8,9; Hackett/Colbeck/Degenhardt/Ball 12; Friedman Steve Hackett: vocals (all except 6,7,12), guitars, harmonica (8,9,11), Stepp (3,4,6), Rainstick (3), noises (4), backing vocals (3,9) Aron Friedman: keyboards and programming (1,2,12), keyboards and string arrangement (5) Julian Colbeck: keyboards (7,8,9,10,11), backing vocals (9) Dave `Taif' Ball: bass (7,9,10,11) Hugo Degenhardt: drums (7,8,9,10,11), backing vocals (9) Billy Budis: backing vocals (3) Produced by Steve Hackett except 1,2,5,12; co-produced by Aron Friedman 3; co-produced by Billy Budis Executive Producer: Billy Budis Artisic Director: Kim Poor Front cover: Enamel painting on steel by Kim Poor All tracks recorded and mixed in The Basement Mastered by Ian Anderson at Battery Management: Kudos Music, PO Box 71, Twickenham TW1 2PW Billy has asked me not to give him special thanks but I will anyway for being more than a manager. Personal Note: If ever an album was also a love letter it's this one, addressed to Kim for all her inspiration, understanding and sweetness... Keep painting the light! GTR 1985 GTR Album: Arista AL8-8400 (Pictures of musicians on back, sleeve contains lyrics & credits on one side, GTR logo on the other) CD: 1986 Arista ARCD-8400 AAD (CD booklet contains lyrics and musician listing) Recorded between 1985 and 1986. Produced by Geoffery Downes. [Note: Howe is/was/sometimes is a member of Yes] 1. When The Heart Rules The Mind (Hackett/ Howe) (5:25) 2. The Hunter (Downes) (4:55) 3. Here I Wait (Hackett/ Howe) (4:54) 4. Sketches In The Sun (Howe) (2:31) 5. Jekyll And Hyde (Hackett/ Howe/ Bacon) (4:42) 6. You Can Still Get Through (Hackett/ Howe) (4:52) 7. Reach Out (Never Say No) (Hackett/ Howe/ Spalding) (4:07) 8. Toe The Line (Hackett/ Howe) (4:29) 9. Hackett To Bits (Hackett) (2:09) 10. Imagining (Hackett/ Howe/ Mover) (5:52) Steve Hackett: Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Synthesizers, Backing Vocals. Steve Howe: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Synthesizers, Backing Vocals. Max Bacon: Lead Vocals. Phil Spaulding: Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals. Jonathan Mover: Drums and Percussion. GTR singles: When the Heart Rules the Mind/Reach Out(Never Say No) 7" USA: ARISTA AS1-9470 (Picture sleeve) UK: ARISTA GTR1 (Picture sleeve) Jap: CBS/SONY 07SP 954 (Picture sleeve) When the Heart Rules the Mind (short edit)/ same (long edit) 7" USA: Arista AS1-9470 '86 promo When the Heart Rules the Mind/ 12" Reach Out(Never Say No), Sketches in the Sun, Hackett to Bits UK: ARISTA GTR121 (Picture sleeve) The Hunter/Sketches in the Sun 7" USA: ARISTA AS1-9512 (Picture sleeve) JAP: CBS/SONY 07SP 974 (Picture sleeve) ROCK AGAINST REPATRIATION: Charity project supergroup formed by Steve to try and raise awareness/raise money to help stop the repatriation of the 'Boat People' in Hong Kong. There was apparently supposed to be an album but this fell through so only the following single was released from the project: 1989 Sailing/ Sailing (instrumental): IRS Records IRS 40/ CD5 IRSCD 40 Both tracks written by Gavin Sutherland. Cover of Rod Stewart song. Produced by Steve Hackett and William Budis. From Anil Prasad's 1992 interview with Steve on his US tour: " 'Sailing' was the brainchild of Steve Hackett, and featured artists such as Brian May from Queen, Marillion (with Steve Hogarth), Fish (not with Marillion of course), The Moody Blues, Mike Rutherford, Godley & Creme, Paul Carrack, Phil Manzanera, Jim Diamond (one time Tony Banks' vocalist), Tears For Fears (Curt Smith), Howard Jones, Simon Phillips, Nick Magnus and The London Chamber Orchestra. (All in all a progressive rock fan's wet dream of a line up.)" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SINGLES Part B ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Singles are 7" and/or UK where not stated) 1975 Star Of Sirius b/w same: US Chrysalis acetate 1978 How Can I b/w Kim: Charisma CB 3?? Narnia (remix)/ Please Don't Touch: Charisma, 1978 1979 Every Day b/w Lost Time In Cordoba: Charisma CB 3?? Every Day (re-recorded)/ Lost Time In Cordoba: Charisma, 1979 1979 Clocks (new version)/ Acoustic Set (live)/ Tigermoth: Lay Down Your Arms And Surrender To Mine part 1: 12" Charisma CB 341-12 NB: Acoustic set features Lost Time In Cordoba, Traditional Guitar Exercise, Blood On The Rooftops, Horizons and Kim. Recorded live in Paris 1979. Sleeve is pic of Steve and lots of clocks! The Show/ Hercules Unchained: Charisma CB 357, 1980 Sleeve is blurred pic of Steve playing the guitar Sentimental Institution/ The Toast: 1980 Charisma CB 3?? 1981 Hope I Don't Wake/ Funny Feeling (?): Charisma CB 3?? Hope I Don't Wake/ Tales from The Riverbank: Charisma, 1981 Picture Postcard/ Theme From 'Second Chance': Charisma, 1981 1983 Cell 151/ Time Lapse In Milton Keynes: Charisma CELL 1 Cell 151 (long version)/ Time Lapse In Milton Keynes (acoustic) / The Air Conditioned Nightmare (live): 12" Charisma CELL 12 811-341-1. Front sleeve is close-up of part of Kim Poor 'Highly Strung' painting, back is live photo with list of UK Tour 1983 tour dates. Initial copies with free bonus 12" containing: Clocks (alternate version, missing drum solo)/ Acoustic Set (containing Horizons and Kim)/ Please Don't Touch (live) Record sleeve is white and the record label itself is white, with a large "1" on side one, and a large "2" on side two 1984 A Doll That's Made In Japan/ A Doll That's Made In Japan (inst.): Lamborghini Records LMG 16 A Doll That's Made In Japan (long version) Just The Bones: 12" Lamborghini Records 12 LMG 16 Cover painting by Kim Poor, Lyrics printed on back cover. Recorded in 1984. NB: Long version is just album version joined to inst. version ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||| A N T H O N Y P H I L L I P S ||| ||| Section VI ||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALBUMS Part A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE GEESE AND THE GHOST 1977 - Passport (PP98020); 1990 - Virgin (CDOVD315) 1. Wind - Tales (Phillips) (1:02) 2. Which Way The Wind Blows (Phillips) (5:51) 3. Henry - Portraits From Tudor Times (Phillips-Rutherford) (12:11) i) Fanfare 0:56 ii) Lutes' Chorus 2:00 iii) Misty Battlements 1:15 iv) Henry Goes To War 3:36 v) Death Of A Knight 2:33 vi) Triumphant Return 1:46 4. God If I Saw Her Now (Phillips) (4:09) 5. Chinese Mushroom Cloud (Phillips-Rutherford) (0:46) 6. The Geese And The Ghost (Phillips-Rutherford) (15:40) Part i (8:01) Part ii (7:39) 7. Collections (Phillips) (3:07) 8. Sleepfall: The Geese Fly West (Phillips) (4:33) Anthony Phillips: Acoustic 12 string, 6 string, classical guitar, electric 6 and 12 string guitars, basses, dulcimer guitar, bazouki, Synthesizers, mellotron, harmonium, piano, organ, celeste, pin piano, Drums, glockenspiel, timbales, bells and chimes, gong, Vocal on "Collections" Michael Rutherford: Acoustic 12 string, 6 string, classical guitars, electric 6 and 12 string guitars basses, organ, Drums, timbales, glockenspiel, cymbals, bells Phil Collins: Vocals on "Which Way The Wind Blows" and "God If I Saw Her Now" Rob Phillips : Oboes (6,8) Lazo Momulovich: Oboes, Cor Anglais (3,6) John Hackett: Flutes (4,7,8) Wil Sleath: Flute, Baroque Flute, Recorders, Piccolo (3) Jack Lancaster: Flutes, Lyricon (8) Charlie Martin: Cello (5,6) Kirk Trevor: Cello (5,6) Nick Hayley + friend: Violins (6) Martin Westlake: Timpani (3,5,6) Tom Newman: Hecklephone and bulk eraser (9) Viv McCauliffe: Vocals on "God If I Saw Her Now" Send Barns Orchestra and Barge Rabble conducted by Jeremy Gilbert Ralph Bernascone: Soloist WISE AFTER THE EVENT 1978 - Passport (PB9828) All Titles composed by Phillips except "Greenhouse" by Gilbert-Phillips 1. We're All As We Lie (4:34) 2. Birdsong (7:30) 3. Moonshooter (5:52) 4. Wise After The Event (8:45) 5. Pulling Faces (4:32) 6. Regrets (5:15) 7. Greenhouse (3:00) 8. Now What (are they doing to my little friends?) (8:30) Anthony Phillips: Vocals and Harmonica Michael Giles: Drums John G. Perry: Bass The Vicar: Guitars, keyboards and sundries Jeremy Gilbert: Keyboards on "Greenhouse"; Harp on "Now What" Mel Collins: Soprano Sax on "We're All As We Lie"; Flutes on "Birdsong" and "Tremulous" Robin Phillips: Oboe on "Sitars and Nebulous" Rupert Hine: Percussion, backing vocals, locks, probs, modes, and vibes Perkin Alanbeck: Synthesizer on "Birdsong" Humbert Ruse: Drums and bass on "Greenhouse" Vic Stench Rodent Rabble: Clicks, claps, and crampons Orchestra on "Regrets" conducted by Gilbert Biberian SIDES 1979 - Passport (PB9834) All songs composed by Anthony Phillips except lyrics on "Holy Deadlock" by Martin Hall 1. Um & Aargh (4:50) 2. I Want Your Love (3:54) 3. Holy Deadlock (4:05) 4. Lucy Will (3:23) 5. Side Door (3:48) 6. Sisters Of Remindum (4:29) 7. Bleak House (6:13) 8. Magdalen (7:45) 9. Nightmare (7:25) Anthony Phillips: Guitars, keyboards, obelisk The Vicar: Vocals (lead on "Um & Aargh", "Lucy Will" and "Holy Deadlock") Mike Giles: Drums (Highhat, brush, sprang, onion bhajee) John G. Perry: Bass (with the pull-off pedal pump) Dale Newman: Vocals (lead on "Bleak House") Dan Owen: Vocals (lead on "Side Door", "I Want Your Love") Ray Cooper: Percussion (Tambourine, mark-tree, skulls) Frank Ricotti: Timpani Morris Pert: (Monotroch, congas on "Lucy Will") Ralph Bernascone: (lead vocals on "Nightmare") Humbert Ruse: (percussion on "Lucy Will", cor anglais on "Sisters of Remindum") Vic Stench: (Cellos on "Lucy Will", Bass on "Bleak House") Hubert Rinse: (Dungeon vocals, Moravian yam) Slim Long: (C# clampons, tuned bicycle clips) Mel Collins: (Sax on "Side Door") 1984 1981 - Passport (PB6006) (1984 is the album title, as in Orwell) 1. Prelude '84 (4:19) 2. 1984 Part 1 (19:06) 3. 1984 Part 2 (15:28) 4. Anthem 1984 (2:29) Anthony Phillips: Keyboards, drumbox (Roland CR78), occasional guitar, basic percussion Richard Scott: Basic percussion, effects, vocal ideas Morris Pert: Percussion (timps, tambourine, gong, congas, bell- tree, vibra-slap, marimba, vibes, etc) PRIVATE PARTS AND PIECES - 1978 - Passport (PVC7905) Anthony Phillips - All guitars and pianos All compositions by Anthony Phillips 1. Beauty And The Beast (4:07) 2. Field Of Eternity (5:13) 3. Tibetan Yak-Music (6:17) 4. Lullaby - Old Father Time (1:10) 5. Harmonium In The Dust (2:32) 6. Tregenna Afternoons (8:00) 7. Reaper (7:38) 8. Autumnal (6:02) 9. Flamingo (11:08) 10. Seven Long Years (3:00) PRIVATE PARTS AND PIECES II "BACK TO THE PAVILLION" 1980 - Passport (PVC7913) All compositions by Anthony Phillips 1. Scottish Suite (a collection of Scottish salmon farmer's songs and 12th century Paraguayan tin-miner's threnodies) i. Salmon Leap (2:46) ii. Parting Thistle (2:26) iii. Electric Reaper (3:03) iv. Amorphous, Cadaverous, And Nebulous (4:53) v. Salmon's Last Sleepwalk (2:07) 2. Lindsay (3:50) 3. K2 (8:53) 4. Postlude: End Of The Season (0:32) 5. Heavens (4:22) 6. Spring Meeting (3:52) 7. Romany's Aria (0:50) 8. Chinaman (0:41) 9. Nocturne (4:05) 10. Magic Garden (1:56) 11. Von Runkel's Yorker Music (0:41) 12. Will 'O The Wisp (3:30) 13. Tremulous (1:06) 14. I Saw You Today (4:34) 15. Back To The Pavillion (2:51) Anthony Phillips: All instuments except: Andy McCulloch: Drums and percussion Mike Rutherford: Bass (1(i),1(v)) Rob Phillips: Oboe (11) Mel Collins: Flute (13) PRIVATE PARTS AND PIECES III "ANTIQUES" 1982 - Passport (PVC8908) All compositions by Phillips - Berro Garcia except "Ivied Castles" and "Old Wives Tales" (Phillips) 1. Motherforest (1:55) 2. Hurlingham Suite (11:24) i. Ivied Castles ii. Frosted Windows iii. Bandido iv. Church Bells At Sunset 3. Suite In D Minor (8:27) i. Whirlpools ii. Cobblestones iii. Catacombs 4. Danse Nude (1:31) 5. Esperansa (2:02) 6. Elegy (3:28) 7. Otto's Face (4:23) 8. Sand Dunes (8:24) 9. Old Wives Tales (4:46) Anthony Phillips: Classical, 12, 6 string guitars, Bass guitar Enrique Berro Garcia: Classical, 12 string guitars, electric guitar PRIVATE PARTS AND PIECES IV "A CATCH AT THE TABLES" 1984 - Passport (PVC8919) All compositions by Anthony Phillips except "Sistine" features other musicians. 1. Arboretum Suite i. Set Piece (2:07) ii. Over The Gate (2:05) iii. Flapjack (2:26) iv. Lights On The Hill (5:27) 2. Earth Man (4:22) 3. Dawn Over The Table (10:55) 4. Bouncer (3;05) 5. Eduardo (9:53) 6. Heart Of Darkness (3:20) 7. The Sea And The Armadillo (4:52) 8. Sistine (3:57) Anthony Phillips: All instruments except "Sistine": Mark Emmey: Bugle (8) Judd Lander: Bagpipes, harmonica (8) PRIVATE PARTS AND PIECES V "TWELVE" 1984 - Passport (PVC8926) Anthony Phillips: 12 string Guitar (All tracks on this album are 12 string guitar solos). All compositions by Anthony Phillips 1. January (5:57) 2. February (4:38) 3. March (5:12) 4. April (4:48) 5. May (4:40) 6. June (5:30) 7. July (6:20) 8. August (5:21) 9. September (4:05) 10. October (6:18) 11. November (5:09) 12. December (6:21) PRIVATE PARTS AND PIECES VI "IVORY MOON" - 1986 - Passport (PVC8946) Anthony Phillips - Piano (all songs on this album are solo piano pieces). All compositions by Anthony Phillips except "Moonfall" by Phillips/Hine. 1. Suite: Sea-Dogs Motoring i. Sunrise Over Sienna (3:18) ii. Basking Shark (5:05) iii. Sea Dogs' Air (2:31) iv. Safe Havens (1:08) 2. Tara's Theme (from Masquerade) (3:26) 3. Winter's Thaw (9:26) 4. The Old House (5:17) 5. Moonfall (from Masquerade) (3:59) 6. Rapids (8:23) PRIVATE PARTS AND PIECES VII "SLOW WAVES, SOFT STARS" 1987 Passport/Audion (SYNCD308) Anthony Phillips: Classical, 8 string, 12 string guitars, synthesizers, drum machine, Tibetan bells, chimes, zither Enrique Berro Garcia: Classical guitar on "Beachrunner" and "End Of The Affair" All compositions by Anthony Phillips except "Beachrunner" and "End Of The Affair" by Phillips/Berro Garcia 1. Ice Flight i. Flight Of The Snow Petrel: Glacier Bay (5:18) ii. Flight Of The Whale-Birds: Blizzard Mountain (3:39) iii. Flight Of The Albatross: Ice Island (1:27) iv. White Heaven (2:30) v. Cathedral Of Ice (2:19) 2. Beachrunner (2:52) 3. End Of The Affair (2:47) 4. The Golden Pathway (1:44) 5. Behind The Waterfall (3:32) 6. Carnival (1:34) 7. i. Through The Black Hole (3:16) ii. Pluto Garden (2:10) 8. Sospirando (3:00) 9. Elevenses (3:11) 10. Goodbye Serenade (2:29) 11. Bubble And Squeak (1:00) 12. i. Vanishing Streets (4:10) ii. Slow Waves, Soft Stars (7:24) SLOW DANCE 1990 - Virgin (CDV 2638) All compositions by Anthony Phillips 1. Slow Dance (Part 1) (23:57) 2. Slow Dance (Part 2) (26:33) Anthony Phillips: Classical, 6 string, 12 string, electric guitars, fretless bass, synthesizers, drum machine Martin Robertson: Clarinet Ian Hardwick: Oboe Michael Cox: Flute, piccolo Tjborn Holtmark: Trumpet Julie Allis: Harp Ian Thomas: Drums Frank Racotti: Percussion and off spin 1992 PRIVATE PARTS & PIECES VOL VIII - NEW ENGLAND Released 28th September in UK CD: (Import to Japan) 2-9-92 CDVE 913 (Ventre Label in Virgin, Cover by Peter Cross) 1. Aubade 2. Infra Dig 3. Sanctuary 4. La Dolorasa 5. New England Suite(i) 6. New England Suite(ii) 7. New England Suite(iii) 8. Last Goodbyes 9. Sunrise and Sea Monsters 10. Iona 11. Cathedral Woods 12. If I could tell you 13. Jaunty Roads 14. Spirals 15. Pieces of Eight (i) Pressgang 16. Pieces of Eight (ii) Sargasso 17. Pieces of Eight (iii) Sea-shanty 18. In the Maze 19. Unheard Cry 20. Now They've All Gone INVISIBLE MEN 1983 - Passport (PB6023) 1. Sally (4:09) 2. Golden Bodies (3:01) 3. Going For Broke (3:53) 4. Exocet (3:10) 5. Love In A Hot Air Balloon (3:34) 6. Traces (4:35) 7. I Want Your Heart (3:53) 8. Falling For Love (3:31) 9. Guru (4:30) 10. The Women Were Watching (4:31) 11. My Time Has Come (4:33) Anthony Phillips: Classical, 6 string, 12 string, electric guitars, bass, keyboards, synthesizers, vocals Richard Scott: Vocals, synthesizers, guitar Paul Robinson: Drums (1,3,10) Bimbo Acock: Saxes (1,9) Morris Pert: Percussion (1,7,9) Joji Hirota: Percussion (2,3,5,8,11) Martin Robertson: Saxes (2) Jeff Dunne: Drums (4,5,8,11) Martin Drover: Trumpet, flugelhorn (5,8,9) Malcom Griffiths: Trombone (9) Vic Stench: Bass (7) The Vicar: Church organ (10) Jonathan Snowdon: Piccolo (10) Ralph Bernascone: Sarrusaphone (9) The Professor: Title and harmony class (11) CD RELEASES 1985 The Geese And The Ghost: US Passport PVCD 8905 picture CD 1987 Private Parts & Pieces VII: US Audion SYNCD 308 1988 Tarka: UK PRT PYC 18 1990 Slow Dance: UK Virgin CDV 2638 - see discography 1990 The Geese And The Ghost: UK Virgin CDOVD 315 Extra track: Master Of Time (demo 1972) 1991 Sides: UK Virgin CDOVD 316 Extra tracks: Magdalen (instrumental), Souvenir 1991 Private Parts & Pieces: UK Virgin CDOVD 317 Extra tracks: Stranger, Silver Song (demo) 1991 Private Parts & Pieces II: Back To The Pavilion; UK Virgin CDOVD 318 Extra tracks: Lucy - An Illusion, ? 1991 Private Parts & Pieces III: Antiques; UK Virgin CDOVD 319 1991 Private Parts & Pieces IV: A Catch At The Tables; UK Virgin CDOVD 320 1991 1984; UK Virgin CDOVD 321 1991 Wise After The Event; UK Virgin CDOVD 322 Extra tracks: Squirrel, Sitars and Nebulous ? 1991 Invisible Men; UK Virgin CDOVD 323 1991 Private Parts & Pieces V: Twelve; UK Virgin CDOVD 324 1991 Private Parts & Pieces VI: Ivory Moon; UK Virgin CDOVD 325 1991 Private Parts & Pieces VII: Slow Waves, Soft Stars; UK Virgin CDOVD 326 1992 Missing Links Volume One; Canada/US ? 1992 Private Parts & Pieces VIII: New England; UK Virgin CDVE 912 - see above ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SINGLES Part B ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Singles are UK, 7" where not stated) 1977 Collections/ God If I Saw Her Now: Phillips/Vertigo 6837 406 Sleeve is tracks and credits in styled text 1978 (June) We're All As We Lie/ Squirrel/ Sitars And Nebulous: Arista ARIST 192 1979 (March) Um & Aargh/ Souvenir: Arista ARIST 252 Sleeve is 3D question/exclamation marks over landscape 1981 (July) Prelude '84/ Anthem 1984: RCA RCA 102 Picture sleeve: details unknown 1984 (February) Sally/ Exocet/ The Women Were Watching: 12" Street Tunes JJ 102-12 Picture sleeve: details unknown 1988 (November) The Anthem From Tarka/ The Rising Spring: PRT PYS 18 The Anthem From Tarka (single mix)/ The Rising Spring/ Excerpt From Tarka (movement 1)/ Excerpt From Tarka (movement 3) / The Anthem From Tarka (extended version): CD PRT PYD 18 Picture sleeve: details unknown ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MISCELLANEOUS Part C ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTERGALACTIC TOURING BAND 1977 - Passport (PB9823) Anthony Phillips plays acoustic guitars on "Reaching Out" DOUBLE EXPOSURE a double LP which was relased in 1987 and contains a number of progrock bands. The track called Promenade is not found on any other lp I believe. ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||| M I K E R U T H E R F O R D ||| ||| Section VIII ||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALBUMS Part A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1980 Smallcreep's Day Album: 1980 Passport Records PB9843 (US) 1980 Charisma Records CAS 1149 re-release Virgin CHC 53 (UK) Cassette: Passport Records PBC-9843 re-release UK Virgin CHCMC 53 (UK) CD: 1989 Charisma CASCD-1149 (UK, Smallcreep's Day is split into tracks on CD) CD: ???? BMG Ariola 256958 (Germany) Players: Ant Phillips - Keyboards Noel McCalla - Vocals Simon Phillips - Drums Morris Pert - Percussion Mike Rutherford - Guitars & Basses Tracks: 1. Moonshine (6:23) 2. Time and Time Again (4:52) 3. Romani (5:25) 4. Every Road (4:13) 5. Overnight Job (5:43) 6. Smallcreep's Day I. Between the Tick and the Tock (3:59) II. Working in Line (3:06) III. After Hours (1:46) IV. Cats and Rats (In this Neighbourhood) (4:49) V. Smallcreep Alone (1:33) VI. Out Into The Daylight (3:49) VII. At the End of the Day (5:36) Notes: All songs written by Mike Rutherford Produced & Engineered by David Hentchel 1982 Acting Very Strange Album: 1982 Atlantic 80015-1 (US) WEA K99249 (Europe) Cassette: 1982 WEA K99249-4 (Europe) CD: ???? Atlantic 7-80015-2 (US) Players: Vocals - MR Guitars - MR, Daryl Stuermer, John Alexander Drums - Stewart Copeland, Pete Phipps - "The Linn" Keyboards - Pete Robinson, Paul Fishman, MR Bass - MR Backing Vocals - Steve Gould, Noel McCalla, Dale Newman, MR Saxophone - Gary Barnacle Trumpet - Luke Tunney Strings - Arranged & Conducted by Martyn Ford Tracks: 1. Acting Very Strange (Rutherford) (4:58) 2. A Day to Remember (Rutherford) (5:00) 3. Maxine (Rutherford/Bellotte) (5:23) 4. Halfway There (Rutherford/Palmer) (4:11) 5. Who's Fooling Who (Rutherford/Bellotte) (4:47) 6. Couldn't Get Arrested (Rutherford/Bellotte) (3:50) 7. I Don't Wanna Know (Rutherford) (4:36) 8. Hideaway (Rutherford) (5:58) Notes: Produced by MR Engineer & Asst. Producer - Nick Launay Stewart Copeland, formerly of the Police, was on Mike's polo team, which is undoubtedly how this collaboration came about. M1ke + The MeChan1c5 1985 Mike + The Mechanics Album: 1985 Atlantic 81287-1 (US) CD: 1985 Atlantic 81287-2 (US) CD: 1985 WEA 252496-2 (UK) Cassette: 1985 Atlantic 81287-4 Players: MR - Guitar, Bass Peter Van Hooke - Drums Paul Carrack - Vocals Adrian Lee - Keyboards Paul Young - Vocals Allan Murphy: Guitar John Kirby: Vocals Gene Stashuck: Vocals Backing vocals: Christopher Neil, Alan Carvel, Linda Taylor, etc. Keyboards: Dereck Austin & Ian Wherry Sax: John Earle & Ray Beavis Percussion: Louis Jardin Tracks: 1. Silent Running (6:10) * 2. All I Need is a Miracle (4:10) ** 3. Par Avion (3:36) ** 4. Hanging By a Thread (4:40) *** 5. I Get the Feeling (4:27) ** 6. Take the Reins (4:18) *** 7. You are the One (3:41) ** 8. A Call to Arms (4:38) **** 9. Taken In (4:17) ** Notes: Written by: * - MR, B.A. Robertson ** - MR, Christopher Neil *** - MR, B.A. Robertson, Christopher Neil **** - Banks, Collins, Rutherford, Neil, Robertson Produced by Christopher Neil Engineered by Simon Hurrell 1988 Living Years CD: 1988 Atlantic 81923-2 (US) CD: 1988 WEA 256004-2 (UK) Cassette: 1988 Atlantic 7 81923-4 Players: MR - Guitar, Bass Peter Van Hooke - Drums Paul Carrack - Vocals Adrian Lee - Keyboards Paul Young - Vocals Tracks: 1. Nobody's Perfect (4:48) * 2. The Living Years (5:32) * 3. Seeing is Believing (3:13) * 4. Nobody Knows (4:24) ** 5. Poor Boy Down (4:33) ** 6. Blame (5:24) ** 7. Don't (5:45) ** 8. Black & Blue (3:27) *** 9. Beautiful Day (3:39) **** 10. Why Me? (6:26) * Notes: Written by : * - MR, B.A. Robertson ** - MR, Chris Neil *** - MR, B.A. Robertson, Paul Young **** - MR, Chris Neil, Paul Young Produced by Christopher Neil & MR Engineered by Nick Davis Plus some extra studio help. Including: Black & Blue Riff played by Phil Collins & MR Recorded by Tony Banks at The Farm Surrey 4/18 - 8/18 1988 NOBODY'S CHILD - ROMANIAN ANGEL APPEAL album (1990): Mike & the Mechanics (Mike, and the two vocalists) donated a performance of "Ain't That Peculiar" with Paul Shaffer and The World's Most Dangerous [ie Boring] Band (from Late Night with David Letterman show) to the album. 1991 Word of Mouth Cassette: 1991 Atlantic 82233-4 (US) Virgin TCV 2662 (UK) CD: 1991 Atlantic 82233-2 (US) Virgin CDV 2662 (UK) Players: MR - Guitar, Bass Peter Van Hooke - Drums Paul Carrack - Vocals Adrian Lee - Keyboards Paul Young - Vocals Tracks: 1. Get Up * 2. Word of Mouth ** 3. A Time and Place *** 4. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow *** 5. The Way You Look At Me * / 6. Everybody Gets a Second Chance *** 7. Stop Baby ** 8. My Crime of Passion **** 9. Let's Pretend It Didn't Happen *** 10. Before (The Next Heartache Falls) * Notes: A Side time is (22:49), B Side time is (24:55). Written by: * - MR, Paul Carrack ** - MR, Chris Neil *** - MR, B.A. Robertson **** - MR, Paul Carrack, Adrian Lee Produced by: + - Christopher Neil & MR ++ - Christopher Neil & MR and Russ Titelman Plus some extra studio help. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SINGLES Part B ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Waiting In Line (edit) b/w Compression: UK Charisma CB 352 1980 Time And Time Again/ At The End Of The Day: Charisma CB 365, 1980 (some copies mispressed with Overnight Job as B-side) Moonshine (edit) b/w Waiting In Line (edit): US promo ? 1980 1982 Halfway There b/w A Day To Remember: UK WEA WS9922 Acting Very Strange b/w Couldn't Get Arrested...........UK WEA RUTH 1 1982 (remix) b/w Couldn't Get Arrested (remix)...12" UK WEA RUTH 1-T 1982 Hideaway b/w Calypso: UK WEA WS9923 1984 Against All Odds (P.C.) b/w Making A Big Mistake: UK Virgin VS 674 Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground) (4:10) b/w Par Avion (3:40) 7".............................Atlantic 7-89488 b/w I Get The Feeling...............................UK WEA U8908 b/w I Get The Feeling (long version)/ Too Far Gone..12" UK WEA U8908-T All I Need Is A Miracle (4:10) b/w You Are The One (3:42)..................7" Atlantic 7-89450 Picture sleeve, mug shot of the band b/w You Are The One.........................UK WEA U8765 b/w You Are The One/ A Call To Arms.........12" UK WEA U8765-T Picture sleeve, mug shot of the band Taken In (3:55) b/w A Call To Arms (4:38) 7" Atlantic 7-89404 Picture sleeve, man and woman dancing Nobody's Perfect (edit, 3:01) b/w Nobody's Perfect (LP, 4:29)7"..........Atlantic 7-88990 blue label promo, picture sleeve, man with umbrella near the seashore b/w Nobody Knows...........................UK WEA U7789 (extended remix) b/w Nobody Knows/ All I Need Is A Miracle..UK WEA U7789-T b/w Nobody's Perfect (extended remix)/ Nobody Knows: CD5 UK WEA U7789-CD, Picture sleeve, man with umbrella near the seashore 1988 The Living Years b/w Too Many Friends: UK WEA U7717 b/w Too Many Friends/ I Get The Feeling (live): 12" UK WEA U7717-T CD3 UK WEA U7717-CD Picture sleeve: black, hourglass with M1ke + The MeChan1c5 logo 1988 Nobody Knows (edit) b/w Why Me?.........................UK WEA U7602 b/w Why Me? / Nobody Knows..........12" UK WEA U????-T ..........CD3 UK WEA U????-CD Picture sleeve: grey, dappled effect, `Nobody Knows` at a slant 1988 Seeing Is Believing/ Don't: Atlantic 7-????? Picture sleeve: lots of spanners! 1989 Revolution (3:59) from the "Rude Awakening" original soundtrack Promo-only Elektra 9 60873-2 (7", 12" and CD5 ?) 1991 Word Of Mouth (single mix) b/w Let's Pretend It Didn't Happen: UK Virgin VS 13?? Gatefold 12" VST 13?? CD5 VSCDT 13?? b/w Taken In (live)/ Let's Pretend It Didn't Happen: numbered limited edition CD5 UK Virgin VSCDX 13?? Picture sleeve: shapes and 'Word Of Mouth' at a slant 1991 A Time And Place b/w Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: UK Virgin VS 13?? b/w Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow/Word of Mouth (East West mix): UK Virgin VST 13?? CD5 VSCDT 13?? Also limited edition photo wallet, with pics of the band CD5 VSCDX 13?? Picture sleeve: b&w stretched mug shot of band 1991 Get Up/ I Think I've Got The Message/ Stop Baby/ Word of Mouth (East West mix): Japan Virgin 1991 Stop Baby/ Get Up: UK Virgin VS ???? / Get Up/ Before (The Next Heartache Falls): CD5 UK Virgin VSCDG 13?? (part one of two-part collectors set) / I Think I've Got The Message/ My Crime Of Passion (acoustic): CD5 UK Virgin VSCDT 13?? (part two of two-part collectors set) Picture sleeve: 'eyes' with lots of M1ke & The MeChan1c5 logos 1992 Everybody Gets a Second Chance/ The Way You Look at Me: UK Virgin VS 14?? / The Way You Look at Me/ At the End of the Day: UK Virgin VSCDT 14?? Picture sleeve: sepia stretched mug-shot of band mike & mech cd singles: Nobody Knows b/w Why Me/Nobody Knows (remix) 1988 WEA UK Living Years b/w Too Many Friends/I Get The feeling (live) 1988 WEA UK Nobody's Perfect b/w Nobody's Perfect (remix)/Nobody Knows 1988 WEA UK Everybody Gets a Second Chance b/w The Way You Look at Me/At the End of the Day 1992 Virgin UK Stop Baby b/w Get Up/Before the Next Heartache Falls 1991 Virgin UK Stop Baby b/w I think I've Got The Message/My Crime Of Passion (acoustic) 1991 Virgin UK Word Of Mouth b/w Let's Pretend It Didn't Happen 1991 Virgin UK Word Of Mouth b/w Taken In (live)/Let's Pretend It Didn't Happen 1991 Virgin UK Get Up b/w I think I've got the message/Stop Baby/Word of Mouth (east west mix) 1991 Virgin Japan A Time And Place b/w Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow/Word of Mouth (east west mix) 1991 Virgin UK ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||| D A R Y L S T U E R M E R ||| ||| C H E S T E R T H O M P S O N ||| ||| Section IX ||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DARYL STUERMER Part A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1988 Steppin' Out CD: 1988 GRP Records GRD-9573 (DDD) Liner: Produced by Daryl Stuermer and Don Murray All songs written and arranged by Daryl Stuermer Intro by Phil Collins Players: Daryl Stuermer: all guitars, bass on (8), drum machine and keyboard sequencing Brad Cole: Keyboard synthesizers Leland Sklar: Bass Mark Torroll: Drums and percussion Gary Barnacle: Alto and tenor sax on (2) Tracks: 1. Kyoto Rose (4:39) 2. I Don't Wanna Know (instrumental) (4:38) 3. Anthem (5:44) 4. Venturing Out (5:22) 5. Electric City (5:11) 6. Night Flyer (6:06) 7. 20th Century Lady (4:43) 8. The Highlands (4:54) Notes: 3 pics of Daryl. Very jazzy sound - all instrumental. Liner text by Phil Collins, in introduction of Daryl, says: (Braces, '{}' indicate crossed out text.) I've know {Derwent}, {Darren}, Daryl since 1978. His surname was a little problem to me then, and on occasion, still is now. {Stue} Steurmer! There at least I've done it. He first came into my life when Rutherford Minor of Genesis flew to New York, to find a guitar player who could tell him all the chords of the Genesis songs, so we could go on tour. Apparently, he breezed through the audition (I personally believe money changed hands). Soon we were roadworthy with Ruthers, Banks, Me, Chester and {Derek} Daryl. In 1980 Daryl worked on my first Solo Album, in no time at all his playing had degenerated to sounding like an electric razor on 'In the Air.' Then came the Collins Solo Tour where he has an integral Jaccuzi and latex Hot Tub. As well as being a superb musician (at this point more money should change hands) he has been writing. He co-wrote a few songs on 'No Jacket Required', a fact over-looked by many people. So here is one, {Don} Daryl's solo album, enjoy it, I know I have! Cheers, Phil Collins (P.S. Daryl: that'll be $11-75c + tax) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHESTER THOMPSON Part B ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Joyful Noise -------------- CD AAD Bluemoon Records Jazz oriented album, Chester sings on two tracks. 1. Tropical Sunday 2. So-soka 3. Homeland length 5:00 4. Drums are Loud 1:40 5. A Joyful Noise 3:48 6. Chunky 4:48 7. Jussa Thang 5:01 8. Cool Groove 3:25 9. Raw 5:20 10. Addatude 5:20 11. Amazing Grace 4:35 Total Time 49:40 Musicians: Chester Thompson - All Tracks Michiko Hill - Keyboards/Piano on all but 4 Otmaro Ruiz - Keyboards on 1,2,6,11 Peewee Hill - Bass/Midi Bass on all but 4 Jay Leech - Acoustic and electric guitar on 1,2,5,8 Steve Fowler - Flute on 1, alto sax on 8 Debra Dobkin - Percussion on 1,2,4,6 Harry Kim - Trumper on 1,2,7,8 Walter Fowler - Fluegel Horn on 1, Trumpet on 2,7,8 Brandon Fields - Tenor Sax on 1,2,7,8 Bruce Fowler - Trobone on 1,2,7,8 Gerald Albright - Tenor Sax Solo on 2 Kevin Toney - Electric Keyboard on 2,7,8 Mike Rosen - Snythesiser Prog on 3 Akil Thompson - Electric Drums on 4, Vocals 5 Freddie Fox - Guitar on 7,9,10,11 George Duke - Synthesizer solo on 9 Charles Owens - Tenor Sax on 11 Many Vocalists too numerous to mention on 5. ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||| B R A N D X ||| ||| Section X ||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| While Phil Collins was only sporadically involved with Brand X throughout the 70s, the Genesis discography maintains a complete list of known Brand X albums and even solo albums, since there is not enough material to warrant a seperate Brand X discography. Thus Masques, on which Collins didn't play, and post-Brand X (after 1982, Brand X drifted apart, later to re-form in 1991) solo works. Brand X was a title assigned by the recording engineer of a bunch of session players who got togethers to make some music (jazz/fusion) while Genesis was between tours initially. The group was initially a project idea started by Phil Collins and Bill Bruford though Bruford never played with the group. As a side note, members of Brand X would also be involved with Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, and other Genesis members' solo projects. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALBUMS Part A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unorthodox Behaviour -------------------- Released July 1976 Album: Uk Charisma CAS 1117 US Passport ??? Cassette: Passport PBC-9819 (US) Recorded at Trident Studios, London, Sept/Oct 1976 Produced by Brand X and Dennis MacKay Engineered by Dennis MacKay Mixed by MacKay and Robin Lumley All titles composed by Collins/Goodsall/Lumley/Jones Collins.........Drums, percussion John Goodsall...Guitars Percy Jones.....Basses Robin Lumley....Keyboards 1. Nuclear Burn (6:20) 2. Euthanasia Waltz (5:39) 3. Born Ugly (8:13) 4. Smacks of Euphoric Hysteria (4:26) 5. Unorthadox Behaviour (8:25) 6. Running on Three (4:37) 7. Touch Wood (3:03) Morrocan Roll ------------- Released April 1977 Album: UK Charisma CAS 1126 US Passport UB 9822 Produced by Dennis MacKay and Brand X Engineered by Steve Tayler Recorded at Trident Studios, London Dec 1976/Jan 1977 Mixed at Morgan Studios, London Feb. 1977 Malaga Virgen is the name of Jones' favorite kind of booze Goodsall........guitars, backing vocals Jones...........basses, autoharp Lumley..........keyboards, backing vocals Collins.........drums, lead vocals, acoustic piano Morris Pert.....Percussion. 1. Sun In The Night (Goodsall) 2. Why Should I Lend You Mine (When You've Broken Yours Off Already) ... into Maybe I'll Lend You Mine After All (Collins) 3. Hate Zone (Goodsall) 4. Collapsar (Lumley) 5. Disco Suicide (Lumley) 6. Orbits (Jones) 7. Malaga Virgen (Jones) 8. Macrocosm (Goodsall) Livestock (live album) ---------------------- Released November 1977 Album: UK Charisma CLASS 5 US Passport PB9824 Recorded on Manor Mobile at Ronnie Scott's Club, London, Sept. 1976 and Hammersmith Odeon, London and The Marquee Clubm London, August 1977. Mixed at Trident Studios, London, August 1977 Produced by Brand X Collins............drums John Goodsall......guitars Percy Jones........bass Robin Lumley.......keyboards Moris Pert.........percussion Kenwood Dennard....drums on tracks 1,4. 1. Nightmare Patrol (Goodsall, Dennard) (7:50) 2. -ISH (Goodsall, Lumley, Jones, Pert, Collins) (8:20) 3. Euthanasia Waltz (Goodsall, Jones, Lumely, Collins) (5:30) 4. Isis Morning (10:15) (i) (Goodsall, Jones, Lumley, Pert, Collins) (ii) (Collins) 5. Malaga Virgen (Jones) (9:35) Masques ------- Released September 1978 Album: UK Charisma CAS 1138 US Passport PB 9829. Produced by Robin Lumley Engineered by Stephen Tayler Recorded and mixed at Trident Studios, London, May/June 1978 Jones............bass Goodsall.........guitars Pert.............percussion, Fender piano (on Black Moon) Peter Robinson...keyboards Chuck Burgi......drums 1. The Poke (Goodsall) (5:06) 2. Masques (Jones, Robinson) (3:17) 3. Black Moon (Pert) (4:48) 4. Deadly Nightshade (Pert) (10:54) 5. Earth Dance (Pert) (6:10) 6. Access to Data (Goodsall) (8:04) 7. The Ghost of Mayfield Lodge (Jones) (10:08) Product ------- Released May 1980 Album: UK Charisma CAS 1147 US Passport PB 9840. Produced by Brand X with Colin Green and Neil Kernon Recorded at Startling Studios, Ascot, England, April 1979 Remixed at Farmyard Studios, Surrey, Trident Studios, London, and Startling Studios June/July 1979 'Soho' and 'Wal to Wal' recorded at Old Croft, Surrey (Engineered by Phil Collins). Goodsall........guitars on all but 7; backing vocals Collins.........drums, percussion on 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9; vocals on 1, 3. John Giblin.....Basses on 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9. Lumley..........Keyboards on 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9. Jones...........basses on 2, 7, 8. Robinson........keyboards on 2, 8. Mike Clarke.....Drums on 2, 8. Pert............percussion on 2, 8. 1. Don't Make Waves (Goodsall) (5:08) 2. Dance of the Illegal Aliens (Jones) (6:52) 3. Soho (Goodsall, Collins) (3:47) 4. ...and so to F... (Collins) (6:34) 5. Algon (Where An Ordinary Cup of Drinking Chocolate Costs #8,000,000,000) (Lumley) (6:07) 6. Rhesus Perplexus (Giblin) (4:06) 7. Wal to Wal (Jones, Giblin) (3:09) 8. Not Good Enough -- See Me! (Jones, Robinson) (7:27) 9. April (Giblin) (2:40) Singles: Soho/ Noddy Goes to Sweden/ Pool Room Blues 12" UK Charisma CB340-12 released Sept. 1979 (This contains the only known non-album Brand X track. The other track was used on Do They Hurt? All members of Brand X present for the Product sessions played on Pool Room Blues.) Soho/ Dance of the Illegal Aliens 7" released Sept. 1979. Side B should have been Noddy Goes To Sweden, but no coppies were released with that as a B side. Do They Hurt? ------------- Album: UK Charisma CAS 1151 US Passport 9845 Produced by Brand X and Neil Kernon Recorded at Startling Studios and Farmyard Studios, England, at the same time as the 'Product' album. Liner notes by Michael Palin. (This album is really what was left over after Product. Noddy Goes To Sweden was used as a B-side.) 1. Noddy Goes To Sweden (Jones) (4:30) Jones: bass, vocals Robinson: keyboards Clarke: drums 2. Voidarama (Goodsall) (4:25) Goodsall: guitar Robinson: keyboards Giblin: bass Collins: drums Lumley: keyboards 3. Act of Will (Goodsall) (4:44) Jones: bass Robinson: keyboards Clarke: drums Goodsall: guitar, vocals 4. Fragile! (Jones, Robinson) (5:26) Jones: bass Robinson: keyboards Clarke: drums 5. Cambodia (Goodsall) (4:30) Jones: bass Robinson: keyboards and tam-tam Clarke: drums Goodsall: guitar 6. Triumphant Limp (Goodsall, Giblin, Lumley, Collins) (7:28) Goodsall: guitar Giblin: bass Robinson: synthesizers and tam-tam Lumley: keyboards Collins: drums 7. D. M. Z. (Jones) (8:37) Goodsall: guitar Jones: bass Robinson: keyboards Clarke: drums Is There Anything About? ------------------------ Released 1982 Album: UK CBS CBS 85967 US Passport PBC-6016. Produced by Robin Lumley and Stephen Short Engineered by Short, Neil Kernon, Colin Green, Craig Milliner Recorded incidentally Mixed at Trident Studios, London (This album is mainly loose ends left over from Brand X. Modern, Noisy, & Effective, for example, is played over the backing track for Soho -- which was engineered by Collins, whose engineering was described as being modern, noisy, and effective in the Product liner notes. TMIU-ATGA is an acronym for "They're Making It Up As They Go Along" Collins............drums, percussion Jones..............bass Giblin.............bass, Whitbread Lumley.............keyboards Robinson...........keyboards Goodsall...........guitar Raf Ravenscroft....saxophone Short..............syndrums (Musicians on each track are noted below the track) 1. Ipanaemia (Goodsall) (4:30) Goodsall, Collins, Giblin, Lumley 2. A Longer April (Giblin) (7:00) Goodsall, Lumley, Giblin, Collins, Ravenscroft 3. Modern, Noisy, and Effective (Goodsall, Lumley, Short) (3:56) Goodsall, Lumley, Collins, Giblin 4. Swan Song (Collins, Lumley, Giblin, Short) (5:30) Collins, Goodsall, Lumley, Giblin, Short 5. Is There Anything About? (Jones, Goodsall, Lumley, Collins) (7:52) Jones, Goodsall, Lumley, Collins 6. TMIU-ATGA (Giblin, Robinson, Lumley) (5:07) Lumley, Robinson, Giblin Xtrax : 1986 This is a "greatest hits" album, and contains *no* previously released material. The CD has more tracks than the LP/Cassette Cassette: Passport PBC-6054 cassette Don't Make Waves (5:28) Black Moon (4:48) Maybe I'll Lend You Mine Anyway (2:09) Hate Zone (4:41) Malaga Virgen (Live) (9:36) Soho (3:47) Nuclear Burn (6:25) Cambodia (4:31) Ipaneamia (4:30) Nightmare Patrol (Live) (7:50) CD: Passport Records PBCD 6054 Marketed by Jem Records Don't Make Waves 5:28 And So To F 6:34 Black Moon 4:48 Maybe I'll Lend You Mine Anyway 2:09 Hate Zone 4:41 Collapsar 1:34 Malaga Virgen (live) 9:36 Soho 3:47 Nuclear Burn 6:25 Ipaneamia 4:30 Sun In The Night 4:33 Swansong 5:30 Nightmare Patrol (live) 7:50 Xcommunication -------------- Released 1992 Ozone Records OZ-001 1992 (released only on CD) Produced by: John Goodsall, Percy Jones Recorded at: Grandpa Studios, NY Executive producers: Gilad Amarillo, Doron Scharf Engineered and mixed by: Mick Cantarella Mastered at Eurodisk by: Jum Shelton "Healing Dream" engineered by Franz Tusch (Engineer), Keith Lewis (Second Engineer) Seltzer Bottle by Frank Katz (cover photo) Percy Jones......bass, keyboards on Strangeness John Goodsall....guitar, MIDI guitar (all keyboards and samples triggered by MIDI guitar except keyboards on Strangeness) Frank Katz.......drums Danny Wilding....flute on Kluzinski Reprise 1) Xanax Taxi (Goodsall) (5:57) 2) Liquid Time (Goodsall) (4:39) 3) Kluzinski Period (Jones) (7:00) 4) Healing Dream (Goodsall) (3:51) 5) Mental Floss (Goodsall) (3:17) 6) Strangeness (Jones) (3:23) 7) A Duck Exploding (Goodsall/Jones) (6:47) 8) Message To You (Goodsall) (0:25) 9) Church of Hype (Jones) (5:54) 10) Kluzinski Reprise (Goodsall/Jones) (4:25) Brand X The Plot Things - A History of Brand X ---------------------------------------------- CD Virgin CDVM9005 UK Note: like Xtrax, this is all previously released material, released at the time of Xcommunication 1 Nuclear Burn 2 Born Ugly 3 Why Should I Lend You Mine? 4 Disco Suicide 5 Malaga Virgen 6 Isis Mourning Part 1 7 The Poke 8 The Ghost of Mayfield Lodge 9 Dance of the Illegal Aliens 10 Algon 11 Cambodia 12 Triumphant Limp ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Solo Brand X Projects Part B ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (See also Phil Collins, and most Brand X members are session players who have appeared on hundreds of records. John Giblin is a good example. Little known fact: John Goodsall is listed as the guitarist on Tony Basil's "Mickey" single from 1982, but did you really want to know that?) John Goodsall Fire Merchants 1989 Instrumentals. Very hard rock, harder than anything with Brand X. CD purportedly has an extra track not on LP. Goodsall: guitar Doug Lunn: bass Chester Thompson: drums [Track List Not Available] Percy Jones Cape Catastrophe (first solo album, details unavailable, label: Hot Wire West German) Released in early 80s. Programmed drums and keys, him playing bass, described as being in a techno-fusion vein. [Track List Not Available] Hex -- Joes had a band called Hex, which has never released an album, although a release is (was) rumored. The band is made up of Jones, Mark Wagnon on electronics, and Frank Katz on drums. They did do gigs, and played mostly tunes from Cape Catastrophe as well as a number of new ones. Nothing from the Brand X days though. The Percy Jones Ensemble : Propeller Music (second solo album) Catalogue Number : HOT 9004C Label: Hot Wire Records West Germany. Released 1984 Four vocal tracks on this album: the '+' tracks are also the four vocal tracks Percy Jones........bass, kybds (on '+' songs). Jeff Llewlyn.......guitars Shankhar...........violin Anton Sanko........keyboards Sterling Campbell..drums Mike Clarke........drums (on 2 tracks marked '*') 1. $10,000 Book Shelf * 2. Heidelberg Switch 3. Barrio 4. Panic-Disorder 5. Count the Ways + 6. Turn Around + 7. Slick 8. Slack 9. All For A Better Way + 10. Looking For A Sign of New Life + 11. Razorville * ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||| B O O T L E G S ||| ||| Section XI ||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| [NOTE: This is not a complete list by any stretch of the imagination. It would be almost impossible to compile a *complete* list. The term "bootleg" has been used in this context to include anything that has not been officially released by Genesis. This includes bootlegged albums, radio shows, outtakes. Bootlegs are listed in chronological order by the dates of the concerts they are taken from. Compilation bootlegs are at the end, they're ones that take material from more than one show and can't be easily placed in order. Every attempt has been made to get bootlegs from the same performance (Montreal 1974, for example) together, but there may be slip-ups. Really significant bootlegs are listed first. These have on them rare non-album tracks and other important songs. Sound note: the sound quality listings are by their very nature highly subjective. One person's excellent is another's unlistenable. Even more difficult is the fact that different versions of the same bootleg can sound incredibly different (the editor has heard two tapes made from LPs of The Bedside Yellow Foam, for example, and one sounds very good and the other is terrible). The sound guides are here to give you some idea what the recordings sound like, so if you want to get them you won't wind up making a $60 mistake (buying CDs). Remember: caveat emptor, let the buyer beware. Especially for the older shows, your best bet is always King Biscuit. They have the highest degree of profesionalism in recording shows, and generally their sound is great. (The bootleggers transferring a KBFH show onto vinyl may not share the high standards, so a KBFH show is best obtained directly from a KBFH source. These originals are unfortunately extremely rare and also very, very expensive.) Special Note on Radio Programs: Radio shows like the King Biscuit Flower Hour and Rockline are distributed to radio stations via CD, or --in earlier days, and some even today-- LP record. These are meant not to be sold to collectors and fans. Some pressings, however, naturally leak out to the public. These sell for fantastic sums of money at places like record shows and Goldmine (qv in the publications section). They are incredibly rare, especially the vinyl pressings, because so few are available. The prices are outrageous. Tapes of radio shows from the air are much more abundant (and much less expensive). Very little information on the actual pressings released to radio stations is available, because of the rarity of seeing these. No other Genesis discography (the editor has seen) has even attempted to compile information on radio shows. Songwriter credits are the same as the albums. Musicians are the same as for the albums, with these additions: * Bill Bruford played drums on the 1976 tour. * Chester Thompson has played drums on tour since 1977. * Daryl Stuermer has been the guitarist on tour since Hackett left the band. * The Earth Wind & Fire horns played occasionally during the Abacab tour on the songs they played on the album. This is the only time they have played with Genesis.] Format notes: A "none" in the Name: field means the bootleg hasn't been released with a name, ie it is a radio show or something. A ? or "unknown" means there is a name, only it isn't known. Sometimes a description has slipped into the Name: field. A 'venue' is the city when the exact place they played is not known. Sometimes it is even the country when the city isn't known... Format for bootleg entries -- not all may apply to each bootleg, and in some cases they're unknown. If it isn't listed, it was not known at the time the entry was made. Better partial info than none at all. [Blank template entry to cut & paste to add a new one] Name: Date: Venue: Length: Label: Cat No: Format: Source: Sound: Notes: Tracks: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GENESIS BOOTLEGS Part A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Genesis - In The Beginning Vol 1 & 2 Date: Length: Both CDs are over 70 min Label: (see below) Cat No: EXR 005 and EXR 006 (for Vol 1 and 2, respectively) Format: 2 CD Source: studio outtakes Sound: superb and in stereo Notes: Vol 1 and 2, with possibly more to come Tracks: On the top is says in very tiny letters John & Tony Smith in conjunction with CHARISMA presents then follows a picture in the style of the Trick of the Tail drawings which was taken from page 116 of the book 'Genesis - Turn It On Again The Illustrated Genesis Story'. The booklets are multi-folded with one big photograph inside and several pages from the book mentioned above plus a few more tiny color photographs taken at concerts in the Gabriel era. ...on the back side there's that drawing of the man with the hat (taken from Alice In Wonderland) as a reference to Charisma Records. On the CDs itself EXR is explained as 'Extremly Rare' which is written on a big blue X. [Charisma is defunct, this can't be a Charisma release. They must have pirated the logo --ed] All songs written by Genesis except where noted Produced by: APPAZ KNARF (read these two credits backwards) Sleve design: EVERT The contents (as listed on the backside): Vol 1: 1. In The Rapids, 3 different mixes, no intro 2. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight, Part 2, 2 different mixes 3. More Fool Me, studio demo, almost identical with album version 4. Happy The Man - Released as single b/w Seven Stones '72 1 rough mix, 2 a somewhat "cleaner" mix, 3 studio demo - quality 5. studio take of unreleased Genesis song 6. Silver Song, studio take + studio demo, vox Phil 7. Only Your Love, unreleased, vox Phil 8. Back In N.Y.C., studio demo 9. The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging, studio demo 10. Couning Out Time, different bassline & effects 11. Back In N.Y.C., parts of it; 2 different cuts 12. After The Ordeal, 5 different mixes 13. In The Cage, studio demo 5 in fact is 'Field Of Eternity' by Ant as released on PP&P I but at a different mix. 6 (studio take) is very nice. You hear Phil, Mike & Steve chating around (if I got the voices right, only heard it once by now). Phil sings 'da da da da...' throughout the whole song. 7 is a must-hear- it-again song, simply lovely. Vol2: 1. Cuckoo Cocoon, 3 different versions 2. Master Of Time, Anthony Phillips version of unreleased Genesis song 3. Child Song, Anthony Phillips version of unreleased Genesis song 4. Reaper, Anthony Phillips, featured on "Back To The Pavillion" 5. The Lamia, studio demo 6. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, 2 different takes 7. Anyway, studio demo 8. Cuckoo Cocoon, 4th version 9. Back In N.Y.C., studio take 10. The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging, 2 versions, 2nd incomplete 11. Happy The Man, demo version 12. Silver Song, studio demo, vox Phil Collins Name: Genesis - In The Beginning Vol 3 & 4 Date: (p) 1993, Made In Germany Length: Vol 3, 62:05; Vol 4, 76:46 Label: Cat No: Vol 3, # EXR 13; Vol 4, # EXR 14 Format: 2 CD Source: studio outtakes Sound: superb and in stereo Tracks: (this is a corrected track listing, the listing on the cover collects several tracks under one number) Genesis - In The Beginning Vol. 3 1. 6:06 Carpet Crawlers - Demo Take #1 2. 5:30 Carpet Crawlers - Demo Take #2 3. 5:08 Carpet Crawlers - Demo Take #3 4. 2:46 I Know What I Like - Intro 5. 3:57 The Waiting Room - Demo 6. 1:50 The Cinema Show - Studio Take #1 7. 2:25 The Cinema Show - Studio Take #2 8. 5:05 The Waiting Room - Sound Effects 9. 2:44 Lilywhite Lilith - Demo 10. 5:14 The Waiting Room - Demo 11. 3:08 Anyway - Demo 12. 2:52 The Supernatural Anaesthetist - Demo w. Phil on vocals 13. 6:54 The Lamia - Demo 14. 4:13 Riding The Scree - Demo 15. 4:11 Silver Song, Demo w. Phil on vocals The demos of 'The Cinema Show' and the Lamb stuff except for 'The Waiting Room' are hard to distinguish from the official versions. 'Anyway' and 'The Lamia' probably are the same as on ITB Vol. 2. I cannot tell, if 'The Supern. A.' really has different vocals tracks. 'Silver Song' is the same as on ITB Vol. 1. The only great tracks are 'I Know What I Like' which is the intro, but much longer, and 'The Waiting Room', the demo is different and the 'Sound Effects' version is really fun listening to. Genesis - In The Beginning Vol. 4 1. 2:47 Happy The Man - Demo 2. 4:13 Silver Song (Demo w. Phil on vocals) 3. 2:58 Only Your Love (Demo w. Phil on vocals) 4. 5:59 Studio Improvisation (instrumental) 5. 0:20 Studio Improvisation 6. 2:39 The Battle Of Epping Forest (instrumental studio take, intro + part 1) 7. 2:53 The Battle Of Epping Forest (instrumental studio take, part 2) 8. 5:35 The Battle Of Epping Forest (instrumental studio take, part 3) 9. 6:22 The Battle Of Epping Forest (instrumental studio take, part 4) 10. 3:06 The Battle Of Epping Forest (instrumental studio take) 11. 0:31 The Cinema Show (fast instrumental take) 12. 0:52 The Cinema Show (instrumental studio session) 13. 1:16 The Cinema Show (instrumental studio take) 14. 1:19 The Cinema Show (instrumental studio take) 15. 1:52 The Cinema Show (instrumental studio take) 16. 0:55 Dancing With Moonlit Knight (studio take) 17. 0:19 Dancing With The Moonlit Knight (studio take) 18. 0:35 Dancing With The Moonlit Knight (studio take) 19. 4:12 The Battle Of Epping Forest (studio take part 1 & 2) 20. 1:01 The Last Time (Jagger/Richards) 21. 0:51 You Really Got Me (Davies) 22. 0:52 The Battle Of Epping Forest (instrumental studio take part 2 & 3) 23. 1:53 The Battle Of Epping Forest (slow instrumental version, intro + part 1) 24. 1:05 The Battle Of Epping Forest (tryout) 25. 1:33 The Battle Of Epping Forest (tryout) 26. 1:51 The Battle Of Epping Forest (part 3 outro) 27. 0:33 The Battle Of Epping Forest (instrumental take) 28. 1:05 The Battle Of Epping Forest (instrumental take) 29. 0:55 The Battle Of Epping Forest (instrumental take) 30. 2:01 The Battle Of Epping Forest (instrumental take) 31. 1:39 The Battle Of Epping Forest (instrumental take) 32. 0:47 The Battle Of Epping Forest (instrumental take) 33. 1:11 The Battle Of Epping Forest (instrumental take) 34. 3:47 I Know What I Like (studio take, no lyrics) 35. 3:47 I Know What I Like (take 2) 36. 3:10 The Cinema Show (studio take, no lyrics) Although 'Happy The Man' and 'Silver Song' are already on Vol. 1 and 2, the remaining tracks provide a fantastic view in the session work of unfinished songs. On the various 'TBOEF' tracks they are rehearsing various segments of the songs. Instead of a vocal track Peter Gabriel often sings na-na-na to the music. On track 36 only a rhythm guitar is played, even on the 'Take a little trip back...' section. Track 4 and 5 are improvisational pieces which I have never heard in a song before. 'Only Your Love' is a better version than the one on ITB Vol.1. Phil's vocals are much clearer. And not to forget 'The Last Time' and 'You Really Got Me'. The tracks covering 'I Know What I Like' are different from the tracks on ITB Vol. 3. The covers and booklets of both CD are the same as for Vol. 1 and 2. Name: From One Fan To All Others Date: Various Venue: Various Length: 3 CD Label: Cat No: Format: Source: Sound: Absolutely *no* hiss and great dynamics on non-Lamb Lives CD. When listening with earphones one can hear kind of a phasing noise, but that is sufficiently low. Whoever edited that CD must have taken an enormous effort to process the source tapes. Notes: The first CD is an assorted compilation including the demo Going Out To Tracks on the second and third CDs are exactly the same as on The Lamb Lives (qv below), except the second begins with Supper's Ready and More Fool Me from the Rainbow concert. Stagnation definitely is not the same as on 'The Shepherd'. Packaging: comes with a very nice box which contains a 24 page booklet with beautiful color pictures of the band members and Peter's masks and tells a bit of the story behind each mask. Tracks: Name: Happy The Man Desc: studio sessions + recordings 1967 - 1974 Format: CD Name: The Shepherd Date: Released 1990 Venue: Tracks 1-5 are from London, 1970 tracks 6-8 are from London, 1972 track 9 is from London, 1971. Label: Flashback 09.90.0126 (69 min) Sound: 1970 tracks mono, rest stereo, very good sound, obviously from soundboard. Noticable hiss, slightly forward EQ, but overall very clean, uncompressed dynamics, better sounding than the official release, _Genesis Live_. Cover: No info Tracks: The Shepherd / Pacidy / Let Us Make Love / Stagnation / Looking for Someone / Twilight Alehouse / Watcher of the Skies / Get 'Em Out By Friday / The Musical Box Name: (none) Date: 8/20/72 Venue: Piper Club Rome Source: unknown (sounds like an audience bootleg) Sound: incredible hiss, Good minus at best Tracks: Watcher of the Skies/ Can-Utility and the Costliners/ Get 'Em Out By Friday/ The Musical Box Name: The Musical Fox Date: January 1972 Label: Wild Bird Records Cat No: WBR CD 9016 Format: CD Sound: Very good Notes: Mediocre recording with occasional dropouts on the source tape, and even some 50 Hz hum (recorded in Europe, y'know :-). It has interesting, lengthy intros into all of the songs in a weird French/English mixture by Peter. 6/10 overall. Tracks: Happy the Man (3:28) Stagnation (9:00) The Fountain of Salmacis (8:47) Twilight Alehouse (8:12) The Musical Box (10:46) The Return of the Giant Hogweed (7:55) Name: Watcher of the Skies Date: 1982 Name: unknown Venue: Marquee club in London Date: December 1972 Format: 1 LP Label: TAKRL Cat No: 932 Sound: audience, with no high-end, but the performances are energetic Notes: not much is known about this one Partial track list: Watcher of the Skies / Can-Utility & the Coastliners / Return of the Giant Hogweed / Musical Box / The Knife Name: Live In Basel, Switzerland Date: Jan 72 Format: CD Name: In Concert 1973 Date: 1973 Venue: New York -- it says, although it is wrong, it's Rainbow Theatre Label: Music Of Distinction Cat No: MOD 1006 Length: 90 min. Format: 2 LP Sound: VG+ Notes: this album is allegedly the same as the Live Supper cd 1. Watcher of the Skies 2. Dancing with the Moonlit Knight 3. I Know What I Like 4. Firth of Fifth 5. Battle of Epping Forest 6. Cinema Show 7. Your Own Special Way (recorded Madison WI, Feb/9/1977) 8. Supper's Ready 1973 Rainbow Theatre ( ? tape ) aka Live Supper (CD) Date: October 20, 1973 Venue: Rainbow Theatre Notes: This is definitely one of the best early Genesis shows ever. It was recorded by the King Biscuit Flower Hour and has appeared in many different formats. In addition to these, it has appeared on many compilation bootlegs. A tape of the actual ~50 minute King Biscuit show exists, and can be found at record shows, etc. Watcher of the Skies/ Dancing with the Moonlit Knight/ I Know What I Like/ Firth of Fifth/ More Fool Me (Phil sings)/ Supper's Ready (with story)/ The Cinema Show Name: Live Supper the CD Date: Oct. 20, 1973 Venue: Rainbow Theatre, London Label: Chapter One Cat No: CD 25111 Dancing with the Moonlit Knight (6:20) I Know What I Like (4:45) Firth of Fifth (8:30) More Fool Me (3:15) The Battle of Epping Forest (12:00) The Cinema Show (11:30) Supper's Ready (22:40) I compared Dancing ... and Firth of Fifth with the ones in the "Rainbow Theatre" bootleg, and they were exactly the same. I don't have all of Rainbow Theatre, but as far as I know it doesn't have More Fool Me or the Worm Story which opens Supper's Ready. This one does, and the tape of the broadcast has the story and More Fool Me but not the Cinema Show or the Battle. The recording is OK -- perhaps a 7/10 if Revelatory Genesis is 10/10. Name: The Great Lost Live Album Format: 2 LP Date: Oct. 20th, 1973 Venue: Rainbow Theatre Note: Who knows why this is "The Great Lost Live Album" -- it's just another bootleg and quite common...maybe at the time it was lost. Watcher of the Skies/Dancing with the Moonlit Knight/I Know what I Like/ Firth of Fifth/More Fool Me/Battle of Epping Forest/Supper's Ready Name: Watchers Of The Skies Label: Great Dane Records Cat No: CD 9018 Sound: Ex, stereo. Date: Says "Recorded Live at the Rainbow Theatre, London, U.K. 1972." Wrong -- this is 1973. 1. Watcher of the Skies 2. Dancing with the Moonlit Knight 3. I Know What I Like 4. Firth of Fifth 5. More Fool Me 6. Supper's Ready Name: Tango (CD) Date: Brussels 1/72 (1-4) Germany 4/73 (5-6) good-very good mono Label: Chapter One Cat No: CO25112 Sound: G-VG mono Source: board; Length: 48 min. Cover Art: Great! Gabriel floating in the air on the front, and painted completely silver on the back with the rest of the band. Plus a bunch of shots of the band on the inside. From '72: Fountain of Salmacis/Twilight Alehouse/The Musical Box/Return of the Giant Hogweed/ From '73: Watcher of the Skies/The Musical Box Name: Live in London Date: Winter 1972 Venue: Imperial College Format: 1LP Sound: Ex Notes: Picture Disc showing the 5 piece outside the Bitter End Cafe. Says Promo Copy Not For Sale on the other side with a picture of the band playing in what appears to be a gynasium. 1.Watcher of the Skies 2.Musical Box 3.Get'em Out by Friday 4.Return of the Giant Hogweed Name: A Piece of the Action--'72-'75 Venue: Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles 3/75 (tracks 1-6) Live 1972 (track 7) Rainbow Theatre, London 10/20/73 (tracks 8-12) Source: FM/audience Format: C90 Sound: VG-E stereo, lots of hiss Length: 90 min. Notes: compilation from other bootlegs taped from 2LP Watcher of the Skies / Lilywhite Lilith / The Waiting Room / Anyway / It / The Musical Box / Get 'Em Out By Friday / Dancing With the Moonlit Knight / I Know What I Like / Firth of Fifth / The Battle of Epping Forest / Cinema Show Name: A Death In Anytown Format: LP Sound: VG+ Length: 115min Notes: very good stereo, noisy crowd and hardly any bottom end. Date: 22 November, 1973 Venue: Felt Forum. Watcher of the Skies/ Firth of Fifth/ The Musical Box/ Dancing With the Moonlit Knight/ Cinema Show/ I know What I Like/ Supper's Ready/ Horizons/ More Fool Me/ Battle of Epping Forest/ The Knife Name: (unknown) Date: 1973 Sound: O.K. Note: well, there's a track list. Not much to go on! Watcher of the Skies / Dancing With the Moonlit Knight / I Know What I Like / Firth of Fifth / Battle of Epping Forest / Cinema Show (cut) / Supper's Ready Name: Skywatchers Date: June 19th, 1973 Format: 2-LP Cover: Grey slate color with small Pig logo, "Skywatchers" text Label: Kornyfone Venue: The Roxy, NY Notes: Couple of stories here for SR and CS. SR is cut off just at "666 is not alone". Firth of Fifth / The Musical Box / Horizons / Supper's Ready (partially cut) / Watcher of the Skies / Dancing With The Moonlit Knight / The Cinema Show / I Know What I Like Name: Carnegie Hall Date: 1973 Length: 60 min. Sound: very good mono Cover: Watercolor pic of naked Marilyn Monroe by "Maggie" Label: Kornyfone TAKRL 933 Watcher of the Skies/ The Musical Box/ Get 'Em Out by Friday/ Supper's Ready Name: Live In Quebec City Date: 1973 Venue: Quebec City Label: WOMBAT 73 Format: 1 LP Source: (audience?) Sound: okay Tracks: Get 'em Out by Friday/Musical Box/Hogweed/Supper's Ready Name: Live in Newcastle Venue: Newcastle Date: 1973 Label: TAKRL 24905 Format: 2 LPs Sound: fair Source: (audience?) Tracks: Watcher/ Dancing out with the Moonlit Knight/Cinema Show/I Know What I Like /Firth of Fifth/Musical Box/More Fool Me/Battle of Epping Forest/Supper's Ready Name: unknown Date: 1974 Venue: Canada Sound: Outstanding (slight hiss) (huh!?) Watcher of the Skies / Dancing With the Moonlit Knight / Cinema Show / Battle of Epping Forest / More Fool Me / I Know What I Like / Firth of Fifth (w/piano into) / Supper's Ready Name: The Bedside Yellow Foam Date: 1974 Format: LP Sound: good mono Label: Kornyfone TAKRL 1955 Cover: Marilyn Monroe line drawing Notes: "Rescued recordings from the first time around", side 1 recorded in England (Jan 1974), side 2 recorded in Canada (Nov 1974). Aisle of plenty isn't really on this, the Cinema Show just fades out. Dancing Out With the Moonlit Knight (sic) (8:25) / The Cinema Show, Aisle of Plenty (10:40) // Supper's Ready (26:20) Name: Live At Wembley Sound: Outstanding Date: June 23, 1974 Format: CD Notes: The tracks printed on the cd and the booklet don't jibe with what's *really* on it. Here's the real track listing: 1) In The Cage 2) Back In NYC 3) Hairless Heart/ Counting Out Time 4) Carpet Crawl 5) Evil Jam 6) Silent Sorrow/ Colony Of Slippermen (Arrival)/Ravine/The Light Dies Down/Riding The Scree. In The Cage 6:34 Back In Nyc 5:53 Hairless Heart 2:10 Counting Out Time 3:45 Carpet Crawlers 5:21 The Waiting Room 5:49 Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats 1:23 Intro:Colony Of Slippermen 1:50 Ravine 1:15 The Light Dies Down On Broadway 3:20 Riding The Scree 3:57 Name: Who Needs Peter Anyway? Venue: Berlin Date: 1974 Sound: VG- to VG+ Label: Pissing In The Sink Productions, 1983. 1149 Jackson Blvd, Hollywood CA, USA 7/10 1. Dancing with the Moonlit Knight 2. Cinema Show 1. I Know What I Like 2. Battle of Epping Forest 3. Harold the Barrel 1. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway 2. Broadway Melody of 1974 3. Cuckoo Cocoon 4. In the Cage 5. The Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging 1. Back in NYC 2. Hairless Heart 3. Counting Out Time 4. Carpet Crawlers ("Fleas in the Shagpile" on the record) Note: the show given on April 21, 1974 seems to be one of the most bootlegged ones ever, in terms of how many different bootlegs were released containing the show. I'm not sure if there's one tape that each of these used, or if a lot of people recorded the show seperately. Name: L'Ange Gabriel Format: LP Date: 21 April, 1974 Length: 55 min. Sound: excellent stereo * good mono, maybe very good at most, listener says Venue: Montreal University Sports Centre Label: Smilin' Ears Source: FM Notes: My copy is on colored vinyl. Comes from a radio broadcast. Sound OK, strong roaring hiss, compression, FM artifacts, sharp warp (bumping noise) in my LP. Magical performances however. Stories in French. (L'Ange is French for The Angel) Dancing With The Moonlit Knight/ Cinema Show/ I Know What I Like/ Firth of Fifth/ The Musical Box Name: Invisible Live Venue: Montreal Sports Arena Date: 4/21/74 Format: CD Label: Living Legend Cat No: LLRCD 093/094 Disk 1 50:06 1) Watcher of the Sky 2) Dancing with the Moonlit Knight 3) Cinema Show 4) I Know What I Like (11+ minutes long!) 5) Firth of Fifth Disk 2 47:14 1) Musical Box 2) Horizon's 3) Battle of Epping Forest 4) Supper's Ready Name: Magma Format: CD Venue: the University Sports Centre, Montreal, Canada Date: 4/21/74 Label: Lobster Cat No: CD 024/2 Notes: The cover of the cd has a photo of PG in his rubber lamia costume and the booklet has 5 or 6 color photos of the band from that time period, plus one with Stuermer (which is funny cos he's not even on it!). Disk 1: Watcher Of The Skies Dancing With The Moonlit Knight The Cinema Show I Know What I Like Firth Of Fifth (contains the full piano intro!) The Musical Box Disk 2: Horizons (this is really hard to hear against the background noise) The Battle Of Epping Forest Supper's Ready Stagnation (*) Get 'Em Out By Friday (*) Twilight Alehouse (*) (*) Recorded live in London during 1972 tour. Name: Horizons Date: 21 April 1974 Label: Golden Stars (Italy), released 1991, ADD. Format: 2 CD Venue: Montreal University Sports Center CD 1: Watcher of the Skies (8:27) Dancing with the Moonlight Knight (10:27) The Cinema Show (13:10) I know what i like (6:35) First of Fifth (11:28) CD 2: The Musical Box (11:07) Horizons (4:25) The Battle of Epping Forest (8:04) Supper's Ready (23:40) Name: Invisible Life Date: April 21 1974 Venue: Montreal, same as Magma Label: Living Legend Records Cat No: LLRCD 093/094 Sound: Excellent Stereo, quality recording, slight dropout during Dancing..Knight and a blip in Cinema Show. Note: Discs say it has Horizons but it is really the instrumental intro to Epping Forest Disc 1 1. Watcher of the Skies 2. Dancing with the Moonlit Knight 3. Cinema Show 4. I Know What I Like 5. Firth of Fifth Disc 2 1. Musical Box 2. Battle of Epping Forest 3. Supper's Ready Name: Live In Montreal Date: April 21, 1974 Format: 3 colored vinyl LPs Label: Swingin' Pig Records Cat No: TSP 040-3 Note: yet another Montreal 1974 bootleg! Name: As Though Emerald City (LP) Twilight Alehouse (CD) Date: 3/75 Length: 50 min. Sound: excellent stereo Label: TAKRL 1945; Source: FM Venue: Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles non-album single (track 7) non-album B-side (track 8) Notes: Twilight Alehouse is the same as As Though Emerald City album. The same guy yells 'Alright!!' at the beginning of Musical box. One extra track on LP: Happy The Man. The sound quality of this cd is superb. (Except the tape from which the CD was mastered was played a slight fraction slower than normal, causing the CD a barely perceptible slowness to it. If you listen long enough, you'll start noticing it.) Watcher of the Skies/ Lilywhite Lilith/ The Waiting Room/ Anyway/ It/ The Musical Box/ Happy The Man (studio)/ Twilight Alehouse (studio) Name: Revelation Without A Cause Length: 45 min. Sound: good stereo Venue: Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles Date: 3/75 Label: Wizardo Cat No: WRMB 313 Source: audiencd Format: LP Silent Sorrow/ Colony of Slippermen/ Ravine/ The Light Dies Down On Broadway/ Riding The Skree/ The Waiting Room/ Anyway/ The Supernatural Anaesthetist/ The Lamia Name: Lamb Stew Venue: London & L.A. 1975 Name: Awed Man Out Date: 15 April, 1975 Length: 55 min., excellent stereo Venue: Empire Pool, Wembley, London Label: Kornyfone TAKRL 1975 Source: FM Format: LP Sound: excellent stereo Notes: from BBC broadcast, track 10 is edited Cover: Line drawing of big baby with universe around him Cuckoo Cocoon (2:21) / Back in NYC (6:10) / Hairless Heart (2:20) / The Carpet Crawlers (5:35) / Lilywhite Lilith (2:40) // The Waiting Room, Anyway (13:03) / Ravine (4:40) / The Light Dies Down on Broadway (3:35) / Riding the Scree (4:02) That's what it says on the cover, the contents are a little different: Cuckoo Cocoon/ Back in NYC/ Hairless Heart/ Counting out Time/ The Carpet Crawlers/ Lilywhite Lilith/ The Waiting Room/ Anyway/ Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats/ The Colony of Slippermen (opening section)/ Ravine/ The Light Dies Down on Broadway/ Riding the Scree Name: British Tour Format: LP Date: 1975 Cover: Peter Gabriel in Gladiator costume, pound note with Gabriel in flower mask, text "Selling England by the Pound" Label: Bird Brain Records RSB-002 Notes: Track list, times are exactly the same as "Awed Man Out" Noisy recording (scratchy). Name: The Carpet Crawlers Format: CD Length: 69:32 Date: April 15, 1975 Venue: Wembley, the Lamb tour Label: Chapter One Digital Recordings Cat No: CO25134 Notes: The sound is outstanding--it has to have come directly from a sound board tape. Watcher Of The Skies/Cuckoo Cucoon (or as it says, Cuckoo Cuckoo)/ Back in N.Y.C. (Back in the New York City)/Hairless Heart/ Counting Out Time/The Carpet Crawlers/Lilywhite Lilith/ The Waiting Room/Anyway/Ravine/The Light Dies Down On Broadway/Riding The Scree/In The Cage/It Name: Live At Wembley Date: alleges June 23, 1974, but that can't be right It's got to be the same show as The Carpet Crawlers. Format: CD Venue: Wembley Label: Seagull Records Cat No: SEAGULL CD 001 In The Cage / Back In NYC / Hairless Heart / Counting Out Time The Carpet Crawler / The Waiting Room Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats / The Light Lies Down On Broadway Riding The Scree Name: Swelled and Spent Format: 2-LP Sound: Good Length: 105min Source: audience Date: 2 May, 1975, 105 min., good stereo Venue: Birmingham Hippodrome, Birmingham, England Label: TAKRL 2980 Notes: The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Live (complete). Good stereo: strong hiss, compression, bootleg vinyl quality, very piercing sound with related distortion (side two has additional vinyl distortion on my copy due to this also). In spite of these irritations, however, proper EQ produces a realistic sense of being in the audience. Couple long stories. This is the complete Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway/ Fly on a Windshield/ Broadway Melody of 1974/ Cuckoo Cocoon/ In the Cage/ The Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging/ Back in N.Y.C./ Hairless Heart/ Counting Out Time/ The Carpet Crawlers/ The Chamber of 32 Doors/ Lilywhite Lilith/ The Waiting Room/ Anyway/ The Supernatural Anaesthetist/ The Lamia/ Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats/ The Colony of Slippermen (a) The Arrival (b) A Visit to the Doktor (c) The Raven/ Ravine/ The Light Dies Down on Broadway/ Riding the Scree/ In the Rapids/ it Name: The Real Last Time Venue: Torino, Palasport, Italy Date: 24/03/75 Label: Stonehenge Cat No: STCD 2004/2005 Note: This and Swelled and Spent are the only two known complete Lamb recordings from one venue. It is the better of the two. [Well, that is until 1993 when soundbaord Lambs and rumors of soundboard Lambs started appearing.] This set contains the complete Lamb as well as the encore. The liner text is included in several languages. The English: "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" undoubtedtly is the album in which the two great musical achievements of the Genesis - Banks and Hackett's romantic spirit on the one hand and Gabriel's rock soul on the other - are best combined. Rutherford and Collins, following harmoniously in rhythm, made the masterpiece complete, offering uniquely original moments. 1975 was a turning point : the last stroke of genius in a story which had started five years earlier, at a time when rock meant, among other things, odd times, complex compositions and ususual technical skills. Likely enough, Peter Gabriel had become aware of the decay in the situation and tried to offer a remedy, to provide a bridgehead to join the past and the future, but it was too late and the band chose to stick to its solid homogeneity rather than playing with disquieting alternatives. Nobody knows what Genesis could have produced after the fatal year 1975. "Trick of the Tail", the 1976 album and the first one to be produced without Gabriel, cannot but be considered as the logical sequel to "Selling England by the Pound" rather than to the previous record. This is a tangible sign of the extent to which Gabriel contributed to the album before he left the band, maybe out of fear that his personality might predominate over that of the others, or simply because he was afraid of getting old with then. Italy being the first country to offer a shelter to the 4/4 finds its reward, especially if it is not considered as a deviation but as something to be proud of. Apart from the first successes obtained in provincial towns, the history of Genesis in Italy is very much linked with one city, Turin. Although the band members admit that their favorite town was always Reggio Emilia, they often played in Turin, and the 1976 Italian Tour consisted of one concert only, held at the Palasport in Parco Ruffini. The date was March 24, 1975, and it was the fifth time the band was back in Turin, in the middle of their European Tour. Nobody was aware of Gabriel's decision to leave after 102 concerts around the world and nobody could imagine that was to be his very last concert with Genesis. In late March even a stern city like Turin takes on a lively atmosphere and Genesis had always been very successful in setting aside environmental factors : a dreamlike performace like "The Lamb" would cancel reality and focus the attention on the Paysage Inte'rieur of Rael. All of this was very far removed from the first concerts in 1972 : feelings and emotions are realised in a place which is 10 times larger and in front of 10 times as many people, standing up and sitting down again, as if following a script. It is the beginning of the Middle Ages in the history of rock in Italy : news of accidents came from outside the concert hall, stories of stolen and burned cars, but nothing could outweigh the expectation of the audience waiting for the magic show to begin. The concert started on time as usual, and as often happened, Banks opened the dance with the psycho-musical plot the "The Lamb" : people stared at each other in amazement, unable to believe that they would play all the new album. When it had been published five months earlier, it had struck us all with its tremendous complexity, hardly renewable on stage. But after a few nervous, hesitant notes, millions of others followed and the entire work was enacted again. Of course, technical facilities had changed : many more watts were available, the stage was as wide as a barrack room, but humility, which is very close to genius, never changes. Gabriel's liquid look was only physically far and made itself very clearly felt through his voice, as if he were trying to gather us together and tell us about a dream, a timeless story. Two cherries on the cake are "The Musical Box" and "Watcher of the Skies" in a version which is very similar to that of the previous tours, the only difference being Gabriel's hair, which made the bat mask and the old man/child face visually very distinct. These are the last images they offered us. After that concert, five years had to elapse before Gabriel came back, and another 7 before the survivors of the band returned to Italy. Not much of a loss, at the golden age was about to end, and we are left with the privilege of having experienced it and of listening to it again on this CD. Name: The Lamb Lives Date: early 1975 Format: 2CD Sound: soundboard, stereo, some occasional fade outs, but nothing critical Note: Whereas this claims to be a soundboard, and is, the mixing is TERRIBLE on it, and if you listen to this expecting a soundboard bootleg on the order of the Rainbow Theatre, you'll be disappointed. Tony's electric piano, the one he used before the Yamaha, is mixed all the way up front, and the other instruments literally buried in the background. Hackett's guitar is often inaudiable. This bootleg is only good for listening to Tony's parts in the Lamb under scrutiny. Contains the complete Lamb along with Gabriel's narration. Disc 1: The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway [7:03] Fly On A Windshield [2:11] Broadway Melody Of 1974 [3:47] Cuckoo Cocoon [2:18] In The Cage [8:32] The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging [3:12] Back In NYC [7:32] Hairless Heart [2:35] Counting Out Time [3:56] Carpet Crawl [5:46] The Chamber Of 32 Doors [5:57] ------ Total Time Disc 1 [50:29] Disc 2: Lilywhite Lilith [3:07] The Waiting Room [5:53] Anyway [3:31] Here Comes The Supernatural Anaesthetist [3:41] The Lamia [7:21] Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats [3:22] The Colony Of Slippermen [8:45] Ravine [1:54] The Light Dies Down On Broadway [3:39] Riding The Scree [4:36] In The Rapids [2:26] It [4:54] The Musical Box [10:42] ------ Total Time Disc 2 [70:04] Genesis - Words About Music [UK/Interview PicCD] $9.95 Name: Trick Of The Tail Outtakes Date: Trident Studios, 1975 Label: 5020 Source: studio Format: LP Sound: VG stereo Length: 50 min. Notes: Very, very, very hissssy. Mostly instrumental versions of the Trick Of The Tail album, plus one unreleased track called Beloved Summer. which later became the non-album song It's Yourself. Squonk is called "Indians" on this album and is without vocals. Beloved Summer/ Dance On A Volcano/ Indians/ Robbery, Assault, & Battery/ Los Endos/ A Trick of the Tail/ Ripples Part 1/ Ripples Part 2/ Mad Man Moon There is also a CD version, Cat No: Alt91-80-80 with a few more tracks. Time: 60:13 Beloved Summer/ Ripples/ Robbery Assault & Battery/ Los Endos/ Squonk Instrumental with Different Intro/ Mad Man Moon/ Instrumental/ ATotT/ Entangled (instrumental version1)/ Entangled (instrumental version2)/ Dance on a Volcano/ Squonk Name: Just A Pool Of Tears Format: 3-LP Sound: VG+ G mono/E stereo Length: 135min Date: Detroit 1976 (tracks 1-14) non-album single (track 15) non-album B-side (track 16) Label: Rockwell & Good TMI 1001 Source: audience Cover: It's got an excellent cover. It's one continuous painting; one side shows a piano with a water fountain in it, with what looks like the Charterhouse school behind it with people playing croquet in front. The girl from the cover of Nursery Cryme can be seen. The other side has a picture of an elderly man who is unzipping his face with a large built-in zipper. Inside his head, it's glowing bright, white light. Mountains and volcanos can be seen behind him. Dance on a Volcano/ The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway/ Fly on a Windshield/ The Carpet Crawl/ Cinema Show/ Robbery, Assault & Battery/ White Mountain/ Firth of Fifth/ Entangled/ Supper's Ready/ Squonk/ I Know What I Like/ Los Endos/ it/Watcher of the Skies/ Happy the Man (studio)/ Twilight Alehouse (studio) Name: Two Down, Three Left Date: 14 April, 1976 Length: 50 min. Sound: very good stereo Venue: Cleveland, USA The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway/ Fly on a Windshield/ Carpet Crawl/ Cinema Show/ Robbery, Assault & Battery/ I Know What I Like/ Los Endos/ It/ Watcher of the Skies Name: White Mountain Venue: UK Tour England 1976 Sound: excellent stereo Label: Dansker Fanklubbe Grammofone Kolletiv G9201 Source: FM Format: LP Length: 50 min. Notes: from King Biscuit broadcast, Bruford on drums Cinema Show/ Firth of Fifth/ Robbery, Assault & Battery/ The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway/Fly on a Windshield/ Carpet Crawl/ White Mountain/ Los Endos Name: (none) Venue: Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh Date: 1976 Length: 135 mins Source: FM Notes: This is an unusual one, no clue as to what it is from Tracks: Dance on a Volcano/The Lamb-Fly on a Windshield-Carpet Crawl/Cinema Show/Robbery, Assault & Battery/White Mt./Firth of Fifth/Entangled/ Squonk/Supper's Ready/I Know What I Like/Los Endos/ IT-Watcher of the Skies Name: Detroit 1976 w/Bruford Date: 1976 Venue: (unknown) Sound: O.K. to Good Dance On A Volcano / Medley: The Lamb-Broadway Melody of 1974- Carpet Crawlers / Cinema Show / Robbery, Assault & Battery / White Mountain / Firth of Fifth / Entangled / Supper's Ready / Squonk / I Know What I Like / Los Endos / It-Watcher of the Skies / Happy the Man (from '72 w/Gabriel) Name: Genesis - I Know What I Like Date: 76-77 Notes: released in Australia, cover has a picture of Genesis performing No Son of Mine. Recording of a Paris concert in around 1976-7. Apparently, these are from Seconds Out. It's 60 minutes long and has 10 tracks. This is billed as an "official bootleg" and it isn't really clear what it is or who is responsible for it. Name: (none) Date: ? ?, 1976 Format: Cassette Venue: Starlight Bowl Burbank, CA. Note: I got this as a tape at a record show, and so did one other person, filled out with Piper Club, Rome 1972 (q.v.). There have been no reports of it released as a bootleg record or CD. This is the famous Starlight Bowl show mentioned in Gallo's book (q.v. too), and is one of the best sounding audience bootlegs ever recorded. Dance on a Volcano/ Lamb Stew (The Lamb, Broadway Melody instrumental, The Carpet Crawlers)/ (Cinema Show Lewd Story) The Cinema Show/ Robbery, Assault, and Battery/ White Mountain/ (introduce Bill Bruford)/ Firth of Fifth (edited some)/ (Hackett intro) Entangled/ Squonk/ Supper's Ready/ I Know What I Like/ Los Endos/ (Encore) It/ Watcher of the Skies (instrumental) Name: Live At The Rainbow Date: 2 January, 1977 Length: 45 min. Sound: very good stereo In That Quiet Earth/ Afterglow/ Firth of Fifth/ All In A Mouse's Night/ One for the Vine/ The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway/ The Musical Box Name: A Living Story Venue: Live 1977 Label: Big Thumb PG 1300 Source: FM Format: LP Sound: E stereo Length: 40 min. Cover: Old man telling scary story to huddled kids Squonk/ Afterglow(on label, actually All In A Mouse's Night)/ Eleventh Earl of Mar/ One for the Vine/ I Know What I Like Name: All We Need's A Hit Length: 65 min. Sound: fair mono Venue: Earls Court, London 23 & 24 June 1977 and Manchester 11 January, 1977 Squonk/ One for the Vine/ Your Own Special Way/ Inside and Out/ Carpet Crawl/ Afterglow/ Eleventh Earl of Mar/ I Know What I Like/ Dance on a Volcano/ The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway/ The Musical Box Name: Earl's Court (Living Revelations) Date: 6-24-77 Length: 50 min. Sound: excellent stereo Label: KMH 2077 Source: board Format: LP One for the Vine/ Inside and Out/ Firth of Fifth/ Dance on a Volcano/ Los Endos/ The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway/ The Musical Box/ The Knife Name: Live In Concert 1978 Venue: Knebworth Label: SGRS Cat No: 034 Burning Rope / Ripples / Deep In The Motherlode The Fountain Of Salmacis / The Lady Lies / Afterglow Follow You, Follow Me / Dance On A Volcano / Los Endos I Know What I Like Name: Knebworth Date: 6/24/78 Format: LP Venue: Knebworth Festival Follow You Follow Me/ Dance on a Volcano/ Los Endos/ I Know What I Like/ Ripples/ Fountain of Salmacis/ Deep in the Motherlode Name: ...Live -- From the Mouth of the Monster... Format: 2-LP Venue: Uptown Theater, Chicago Date: 10/13/78 Source: from FM radio broadcast Label: Atlantis Cat No: GTT 78 Sound: E stereo Length: 95 min. Burning Rope/ Dancing with the Moonlit Knight/The Musical Box (closing section)/ Say It's Alright Joe/ Deep in the Motherlode/ Ripples/ The Lady Lies/ Cinema Show/ Afterglow/ Follow You Follow Me/ Dance on a Volcano/ Los Endos/ In the Cage Genesis - Follow You Follow Me - Same as From the Mouth of the Monster above, except that it's on CD Quality - Incredible - no hiss - recording level is jumpy at times, but for a boot, this is unbelievably good. Includes 4 extra songs than Mouth as well: Eleventh Earl of Mar, One For the Vine, Squonk, I Know What I Like Name: (none) Venue: Oakland, 1978 Source: recorded by an audience member Sound: ranges from fair to good to poor Length: 90 min Tracks: Fountain of Salmacis/Down and Out/11th Earl of Mar/In the Cage/Burning Rope/Ripples/Deep in the Motherlode/Follow You, Follow Me/Dance on a Volcano/Los Endos/I Know What I Like Name: Live In Germany Date: May 1978 Length: 40 min. Note: "Incorrect Track Listing on Cover" Is this the right one? One for the Vine Part II/ In The Cage/ Deep in the Motherlode/ Follow You Follow Me/ Burning Rope/ Ballad of Big Name: Revelatory Genesis Format: 2-LP Venue: Lyceum Ballroom, London 5/7/80 (tracks 1-3, 5-12, 15) Knebworth Festival, Knebworth 6/24/78 (tracks 4, 13-14) Label: Steam SR 80001 Source: FM Format: 2LP Sound: E stereo Length: 90 min. Note: Says on the cover it's a promotional album for DJs. (Which isn't true) Deep in the Motherlode/ One for the Vine/ The Lady Lies/ Follow You Follow Me/ Behind the Lines/ Duchess/ Guide Vocal/ Turn It On Again/ Duke's Travels/ Duke's End/ Dance on a Volcano/ Los Endos/ Burning Rope/ Fountain of Salmacis/ The Knife Name: MUSICA Venue: Lyceum Date: 7 May 1980 Notes: same show as Revelatory Genesis, astounding sound quality DISC 1 Deep In the Motherlode/Dancing With the Moonlit Knight/The Carpet Crawlers/Squonk/One For the Vine/Behind the Lines/Duchess/Guide Vocal Turn It On Again/Duke's Travels/Duke's End DISC 2 Ripples/The Lady Lies/In the Cage/Afterglow/Follow You, Follow Me/Dance on a Volcano/Los Endos/I Know What I Like/The Knife Name: You'll Love Us Live Date: 7 May 1980 Sound: excellent stereo - a poorly edited version from the Revelatory Genesis show *Turn It On Again / I Know What I Like / The Knife / *In the Cage (medley: Slippermen) / *Afterglow / Carpet Crawers / Squonk / Behind The Lines / Duchess / Guide Vocal * denotes tracks that have been rudely cut in half by the manufacturers. Bad editing. It is an excellent recording, but the half-tracks are irritating! Name: Live At The Theatre Royal Date: 5/4/80 Format: 2-LP Sound: a King Biscuit show, excellent stereo sound Venue: Theatre Royale, Drury Lane, London 5/4/80 (tracks 1-10, 12-14) Paris 1976 from _Seconds Out_ (track 11) Length: 90 min. Dancing Out With The Moonlit Knight/ Carpet Crawlers/ Behind The Lines/ Duchess/ Guide Vocal/ Squonk/ Turn It On Again/ Ripples/ Medley: In The Cage/ Colony Of Slippermen/ Afterglow/ Follow You, Follow Me/ I Know What I Like (Stagnation)/ The Knife Name: ? Date: 4/17/80 Venue: Sheffield, UK Sound: EX+ Stereo Note: FM radio broadcast I think the concert began with track 6 and jumps from 10 to 1. Sound: 9.5/10 1. Duchess/Guide Vocal 2. Turn It On Again 3. Duke's Travels/Duke's End 4. Say It's Alright Joe 5. The Lady Lies 6. Deep In The Motherlode 7. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight/Carpet Crawlers 8. Squonk 9. One For The Vine 10. Behind The Lines Name: (unknown) Date: 1980 Venue: London Quality Sound: Excellent Dancing With the Moonlit Knight intro / Carpet Crawlers / Squonk / Behind the Lines / Duchess / Guide Vocal / Turn It On Again / Ripples / In the Cage-Slippermen-Afterglow / Follow You Follow Me / I Know What I Like / The Knife Name: File Under (As in "File Under Genesis") Format: 45 rpm Date: ~1980 Tracks: The Lamb Lies Down/Firth Of Fifth Notes: A bootleg 45, The cover says Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins, but Gabriel is not on it at all. It's a circa 1980 performance, with only those two songs. (This is the only known 7" bootleg release of Genesis, but there were others in the File Under series such as Yes.) Name: File Under (As in "File Under Genesis") Format: 12" Date: ~1980 Tracks: The Lamb Lies Down/Follow You Follow Me Notes: Similar to the File Under 7" above. It comes in a manilla folder marked "File Under: Genesis" with a green insert that says "MASTER LP" and "GENISIS SOMEWHERE IN THE WORLD" (spelling error is on the disc). The insert lists two songs, "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (featuring Peter Garbiel" (again spelling error on the disc) and "Follow You - Follow Me (featuring Phil Collins). Phil, however, sings on both tracks. The disc itself is a 12", 33 rpm picture disc. The Lamb side has a picture of the band with all five members, and the flip side has a picture of Peter Gabriel in a really weird costume. The disc is made out of what looks like thick white plastic with green marbling. Name: Picture About Date: 9/27/81 Venue: Frejus, France Date: 27 Sept. 1981 Label: Original MRC 71GE 81-10 Source: audience Format: 3LP Sound: VG-E mono Length: Notes: Mike Rutherford: drums on track 17 (1) Behind the Lines (2) Duchess (3) The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (5) Dodo (6) Abacab (7) Misunderstanding (8) Firth of Fifth (9) No Reply at All (10) Me and Sarah Jane [Me and Ser Yack] (11) In the Cage (Medley -- Cinema Show, Slippermen) (12) Afterglow (13) Turn It On Again (14) Dance on a Volcano (15) Los Endos (16) Man on the Corner (17) Who Dunnit? (18) I Know What I Like I believe this is the entire show minus "Carpet Crawl", but some of the song order is jumbled around. The sound is excellent for an audience recording. The package comes in a box with a picture of a doorway on the front and the song listing on back. What's listed is: Side 1: Behind the Lines/Duchess/The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Side 2: Dodo/Abacab Side 3: Misunderstanding/Firth of Fifth Side 4: Me and Ser Yack/In the Cage Side 5: Turn It On Again/Dance on a Volcano Side 6: Los Endos/I Know What I Like Name: Perilous Schizophrenia (aka ...And then There Was Nuernberg) Venue: Nuernberg Germany Date: 9 Oct. 1981 Label: Laughing Spoon LSR 001 Source: aud.; Format: LP Sound: F mono: Awful audience recording, but you can hear Phil speak lousy German. Length: ? Notes: Mike Rutherford: drums on track 7 Behind the Lines/ Duchess/ The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway/ Dodo/ Abacab/ Man on the Corner/ Who Dunnit?/ The Carpet Crawl Name: _Superstars in Concert_ Venue: Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY Date: 11/81 Source: FM Format: 2C90 Sound: E stereo Length: 90 min. Notes: from Superstars in Concert broadcast, some tracks from this show were used on _Three Sides Live_ Dodo/ Abacab/ Misunderstanding/ In the Cage (Medley -- Cinema Show, Slippermen)/ Afterglow/ Man on the Corner/ Behind the Lines/ No Reply at All/ Follow You Follow Me/ Turn It On Again Dance on a Volcano/ Los Endos Name: ? Venue: Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY Date: 11/81 Source: FM Format: C90 Sound: E stereo Length: 55 min. Notes: from King Biscuit broadcast some tracks from this show are on _Three Sides Live_; track 7 is censored; track 9 is edited Behind the Lines/ Duchess/ Abacab/ Dodo/ Me and Sarah Jane Misunderstanding/ No Reply at All/ Man on the Corner/ Los Endos (closing section) Name: Three Sides Live Venue: Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY Date: 11/81 Source: FM Format: C90 Sound: E stereo Length: 60 min. Notes: from MTV radio simulcast of edited version of _Three Sides Live_ video; Mike Rutherford: drums on track 6 Behind the Lines/ Misunderstanding/ Dodo/ Abacab/ No Reply at All Who Dunnit?/ In the Cage (Medley -- Cinema Show, Slippermen)/ Afterglow Turn It On Again Name: FIABA Date: 1981 Venue: Nassau Coliseum, N.Y. Note: this is the show from which Three Sides Live was taken Behind the lines/Duchess/Dodo/Abacab/Me and Sarah Jane Misunderstanding/No reply at all Firth of Fifth/Man on the corner/In the cage/Cinema show Slipperman/Afterglow/Dance on a volcano/Drum solo/Los endos Brief dialogue (this is hillarious -- Phil, Mike, Tony meeting record execs or someone after a show. If only it were longer!) Name: (none) Desc.: interviews and music 1981 Source: FM Format: C90 Sound: E stereo Length: 55 min. Notes: from BBC Rock Hour broadcast promoting _Abacab_ Abacab/ Another Record/ Me and Sarah Jane/ Dodo/ Keep It Dark No Reply at All/ Like It or Not Name: Gabacabriel Format: 3-LP Venue: Six of the Best, Milton Keynes Bowl, Milton Keynes Date: 10/2/82 reunion concert bootleg. Sound: Fair-good mono -- one of the worst bootlegs ever made, highlighted by audience members near the mic singing along. Label: Jessicarisma 4567 Source: aud. Notes: from Six of the Best reunion concert, benefit for WOMAD Peter Gabriel: drums (track 7), vocals; Steve Hackett: guitar (track 14) Back in NYC/ Dancing with the Moonlit Knight (opening section)/ The Carpet Crawl/ Firth of Fifth/ The Musical Box/ Solsbury Hill/ Turn It On Again/ The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway/ Fly on a Windshield/ Broadway Melody of 1974/ In the Cage/ Supper's Ready/ I Know What I Like Name: The Lamb Woke Up Again Label: Stonehenge, number STCD 2008/2009. Notes: It's got 12 tracks from the WOMAD concert and 4 from the January 28, 1983 Steve Hackett concert at Guildford (with Peter and Mike joining him). It appears to be an Italian import, with Italian and English in the booklet, but the front and back cover are completely in English. Disc 1: Back in New York City (8:23) Carpet Crawlers (5:50) Firth of Fifth (10:50) The Musical Box (12:02) Solsbury Hill (5:14) Turn It on Again (6:50) The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (8:00) Fly on a Windshield (4:45) In the Cage (8:01) Disc 2: Supper's Ready (28:37) I Know What I Like [In Your Wardrobe] (11:00) The Knife (4:06) Here Comes the Flood (4:31) Solsbury Hill (5:24) Reach Out [I'll be there] (4:09) I Know What I Like [In Your Wardrobe] (5:51) Name: Genesis, Live in Concert called "Genesis Live" on cover. Format: 2-LP Venue: Recorded Live during Italian tour. Date: Sept 6-8 1982. Notes: (from cover) Mixed and remixed at Five Stars studios, NYC. Engineering and mastered at the Electric Lady Rec. studios inc. NYC. by Robert and mr. Brush -- Tour manager: David Zard Artwork, composition and cover photos: the forelock man gnuvo' Edited and produced by Alternative Recording Company Itd. Only for promotional use. NOT for sale. Limited edition to 700 copies. Side A: Dance on a Volcano/ Behind the Lines/ Dodo/ Side B: Man on the Corner/ Whodunnit/ Turn it on again/ Los Endos Side C: Suppers Ready Side D: The lamb lies down on broadway/ Watcher of the skies/ I know what I like I swear this next one was an entry in the discog for real -- I didn't make it up!, one of the original ones: 1982 Abacab Tour (90 minute tape) It's not a bad recording. (The silly part is the editor actually has a copy of it and knows what this entry means!!! It's an Abacab radio show, who knows from where.) Speaking of silly: Name: Perpetual Soundwave Date: 1982 recording, 1991 copyright Venue: USA Tour 1982 Length: 74:03 Label: Oh Boy Cat #: OH BOY 1-9098 Format: CD Source: (radio programme?) Sound: excellent Tracks: [Listed EXACTLY as printed, hillarious!] 1. Do Do (7:23) 2. Abacab (8:39) 3. Misunderstanding (3:55) 4. I Got Sunshine (0:51) 5. In The Cage (11:13) 6. Afterglow (4:07) 7. Man On The Corner (3:55) 8. Behind The Lines (5:35) 9. No Reply At All (4:41) 10. Follow You, Follow Me (4:34) 11. Turn It On Again (4:59) 12. Vulcano/Los Endos (12:56) Name: (none) Venue: LA Forum Date: 1982 Length: 90 minutes minus commercials. Notes: Taken from a radio show, excellent FM stereo quality. Keyboard driven versions of Dance on a Volcano are really spectacular. You can hear how they edited Duchess out. Dodo/ Abacab/ Misunderstanding/ In The Cage/ Cinema Show/ Raven/ Afterglow/ Man on the Corner/ Behind the Lines/ No Reply At All/ Follow You Follow Me/ Turn It On Again/ Dance on a Volcano/ Drums/ Los Endos Name: ? Date: 1982 Venue: London Sound: Good Dance On A Volcano / Behind the Lines / Follow You Follow Me / Dodo/Lurker / Supper's Ready / In the Cage-Cinema Show-Slipper- men-Afterglow / Turn It On Again / Drum Duet / Los Endos / The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway-Watcher of the Skies / I Know What I Like Name: After Glow Venue: Recorded on Mama Tour Format: 2LP Label: Toasted Records LTD., Manufactured by Finestkind Records and Tapes LTD, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Cat No: TRW 1929 Sound: Good sound but drop outs occur in the master. Kind of annoying. 7.5/10 because of the poor editing. Illegal Alien Home by the Sea/Second Home by the Sea Abacab Mama Keep It Dark/It's Gonna Get Better In The Cage/Afterglow Turn It On (avec the medley) Name: (none) Venue: The Spectrum, Philadelphia Date: 11/83 Source: FM Format: 2C90 Sound: E stereo Length: 100 min. Notes: from two-part King Biscuit broadcast; track 12 is edited Dodo/ Abacab/ That's All/ Mama/ Illegal Alien/ Home by the Sea Second Home by the Sea/ In the Cage (Medley -- Cinema Show, ...in that quiet earth', Slippermen)/ Afterglow/ Keep It Dark It's Gonna Get Better/ Los Endos/ Misunderstanding/ Turn It On Again Name: No Reply At All Date: 1984? Format: CD Venue: Philadelphia Length: 50 minutes Sound: excellent Dodo,Lurker/Misunderstanding/Turn It On Again Medley/Abacab Keep It Dark /No Reply At All/Drum Duet/Los Endos Name: (none) Source: Mama Tour Radio Broadcast (FM) Venue: The Forum, Los Angeles Date: 1/28/84 Sound: E stereo Length: 75 min. Notes: from Superstars in Concert broadcast Abacab/ That's All/ Mama/ Home by the Sea/ Second Home by the Sea Keep It Dark/ It's Gonna Get Better/ In the Cage (Medley -- Cinema Show, ...in that quiet earth', Slippermen)/ Afterglow/ Los Endos Name: ? Venue: Oakland Coliseum Arena, Oakland Date: 2/19/84 Source: aud. Format: C90 Sound: VG stereo Length: 90 min. Dodo/ Abacab/ That's All/ Mama/ Eleventh Earl of Mar (opening section) The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway/ Firth of Fifth (middle section) The Musical Box (closing section)/ Illegal Alien/ Home by the Sea Second Home by the Sea/ Keep It Dark/ It's Gonna Get Better/ Follow You Follow Me Name: Mama Tour Venue: Birmingham, England 1984 Source: VHS Format: C90; Sound: E mono Length: 55 min. Notes: from Cinemax broadcast of edited version of _Mama Tour_ video Mama/ That's All/ Home by the Sea/ Second Home by the Sea In the Cage (Medley -- Cinema Show, ...in that quiet earth', Slippermen)/ Afterglow/ Turn It On Again Name: The Legend of Genesis Desc.: interviews and music 1985 Source: FM Format: 2C90 Sound: E mono Length: 100 min. Notes: from The Legends of Rock broadcast detailing band history Abacab/ I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)/ The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway/ A Trick of the Tail/ Sqonk/ Afterglow/ No Reply at All/ Follow You Follow Me/ Paperlate/ Misunderstanding/ Behind the Lines Turn It On Again/ Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now) [Phil Collins]/ One More Night [Phil Collins]/ Illegal Alien/ Mama/ That's All Name: Invisible Touch Album Party Radio show, aired Oct. 1985 to premire the Invisible Touch album. (versions of songs are from the album, and topics of conversation are listed) Montage intro Recent solo works Comments on Anything She Does 1. Anything She Does Comments on Domino 2. Domino I & II Comments on Land of Confusion 3. Land of Confusion Solo and Group Work Working with Phil 4. Turn it on Again (from Three Sides Live) Comments on Tonight Tonight Tonight 5. Tonight Tonight Tonight Priorities, Breakup Work & Home Life Sounding Like solo Phil Comments on Zephyr [Zeppo!?!] 6. Throwing it All Away Ex-members' success 7. Invisible Touch Comments on Invisible Touch Video Comemnts on In Too Deep, Mona Lisa 8. In Too Deep Tour: dates, places, and members Living in England 9. The Brazilian (close) Name: The Genesis Special-Radio (aka The Genesis Event) Venue: The Forum, Los Angeles 10/86 (tracks 1, 9-10, 18-32) Empire Pool, Wembley, London 4/15/75 (tracks 2-3) England 1976 (tracks 4-5) Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY 11/81 (tracks 6-7) The Spectrum, Philadelphia 11/83 (track 8) The Bottom Line, New York 1978 [Peter Gabriel] (tracks 11-12) Tower Theater, Philadelphia 1982 [Phil Collins] (tracks 13-14) Wiltern Theater, Los Angeles 5/86 [GTR] (track 15) Tower Theater, Philadelphia 6/19/86 [Mike + the Mechanics] (tracks 16-17) Source: FM Format: 3C90 Sound: E stereo Length: 3 hours 30 min. Notes: from four-part King Biscuit broadcast first half: interviews and music from other King Biscuit broadcasts second half: LA 10/86 tracks 2, 3, 5, 9, 10, 17, 32 are edited Robert Fripp: guitar on track 12 1. Land of Confusion 2. Watcher of the Skies 3. The Carpet Crawlers 4. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway 5. Squonk 6. Misunderstanding 7. No Reply at All 8. Illegal Alien 9. Invisible Touch 10. Throwing It All Away 11. D.I.Y. [Peter Gabriel] 12. Solsbury Hill [Peter Gabriel] 13. I Don't Care Anymore [Phil Collins] 14. In the Air Tonight [Phil Collins] 15. I Know What I Like [GTR] 16. Silent Running [Mike + the Mechanics] 17. All I Need Is a Miracle [Mike + the Mechanics] 18. In Too Deep 19. Mama 20. Abacab 21. Land of Confusion 22. Domino 23. In Too Deep 24. Follow You Follow Me 25. That's All 26. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight 27. Throwing It All Away 28. In the Cage 29. ...in that quiet earth' 30. Supper's Ready (parts 6 and 7) 31. Invisible Touch 32. Turn It On Again Name: Genesis - Los Angeles '86 Venue: LA Forum Date: 1986 (see Genesis Event) Format: CD [ADD] ISBN: (huh? isbn on a record?) 4013971120086 Label: Arriba (label?) Cat No: ARR 92.008 Tracks: Mama 7:16 Abacab 8:58 Land of Confusion 4:52 Domino 11:02 In Too Deep 5:18 Follow You Follow Me 4:37 Invisible Touch 4:43 Name: And Then Here Are Three Venue: Invisible Tour in Japan Label: Big Time Records Cat No: gev21 Sound: editing problems, VG+ to EX- sound Mama Abacab Domino In The Cage/ In That Quiet Earth/ Afterglow Land of Confusion Throwing It All Away Home by the Sea/Second Home by the Sea Invisible Touch Drum Duet/Los Endos Turn It On Again (avec the medley) Name: Invisible Tour (Side says "GENESIS DOMINO 87 88 01") Venue: Germany on the Invisibe Touch Tour Label: Great Sound Sound: EX sound 9.5/10 Format: 2LP Note: Outside of the KBFH shows, this is the best I've heard from the ITour. Mama Abacab Domino That's All The Brazilian Land of Confusion Tonight Tonight Tonight Throwing It All Away Home by the Sea/Second Home by the Sea Invisible Touch Drum Duet/Los Endos Turn It On Again (avec the medley) Name: Afterglowing Date: 1986 Venue: LA Forum Notes: Same as the KBFH shows. 2 CD but weak stereo. EX+ sound but fades in and out to keep the announcer off the CDs. Someone really ripped Westwood One with this one. Sound: 9/10 for the poor stereo expansion and editing but otherwise it is a near perfect disc Label: Main Event Records Cat No: ME - CD - 010 Disc 1 Mama Abacab Land of Confusion Domino In Too Deep Follow You Follow Me Disc 2 That's All Tonight Tonight Tonight Throwing It All Away In the Cage/In That Quiet Earth/Supper's Ready Invisible Touch Name: The Invisible Cage Date: 1987 & 1988, also reported as "Various Locations '86" Label: Kiss The Stone Cat No: KTS 042/43 Mama/Abacab/Domino/That's all/The Brazilian/Instrumental Intro In the cage/Afterglow Land of confusion/Throwing it all away/Home by the Sea 1 & 2/Drum Duet Los endos/Turn it on Name: Invisible Life Venue: Mannheim 1987 Label: SACEM GEN-A 1462/2 Source: FM Format: 2LP Sound: E stereo Length: 120 min. Mama/ Abacab/ Domino/ That's All/ The Brazilian/ In the Cage ...in that quiet Earth'/ Afterglow/ Land of Confusion/ Throwing It All Away/ Home by the Sea/ Second Home by the Sea/ Invisible Touch Los Endos/ Turn It On Again Name: Radio Special Date: 1988 Sound: Near-CD The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Gabriel) / Behind the Lines / Dance On A Volcano / Drum Duet / Los Endos / Abacab / Tonight, Tonight, Tonight Name: Genesis: Up Close Desc.: interviews and music 1988 Source: FM Format: 2C90 Sound: E stereo Length: 105 min. Notes: from Up Close broadcast detailing band history Invisible Touch/ Land of Confusion/ The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Squonk/ Your Own Special Way/ Follow You Follow Me/ Misunderstanding Behind the Lines/ Turn It On Again/ No Reply at All/ Abacab/ That's All Illegal Alien/ In Too Deep/ In the Air Tonight [Phil Collins] You Can't Hurry Love [Phil Collins]/ All I Need Is a Miracle [Mike + the Mechanics]/ Throwing It All Away/ Paperlate Name: Knebworth 1990 Date: Knebworth 6/30/90, 14 July 1990 broadcast on MTV Venue: Knebworth 1990, Source: FM; Format: 5C90; Sound: E stereo; Length: 425 min. Notes: from Westwood One broadcast and MTV live "Sussudio" was not broadcast, and is only available on the Knebworth 90 double album. (This album also has an edited Turn It On Again and Mama. The original broadcast TIOA was not edited) Collins: Sussudio Genesis: Mama/ That's All/ Turn It On Again - Medley/ Throwing it all Away Name: World Premiere of _We Can't Dance_ Desc.: interviews and music 11/7/91 Source: FM Format: C90 Sound: E stereo Length: 75 min. Notes: from radio broadcast promoting _We Can't Dance_ (Conversation topics are indicated in parentheses) (Intro, History Lesson) (Solo Efforts) 1. No Son of Mine (Comments on No Son of Mine) (Comments on Driving and Navvies) 2. Driving the Last Spike (Comments on Dreaming While You Sleep) (Gene Wilder's socks) 3. Dreaming While You Sleep (Solo Careers, shelf life) 4. Tell Me Why (Rickenbacker sound) (Homeless people) (Since I Lost You, Clapton's Son) 5. Since I Lost You (We Can't Dance title) 6. Way of the World (Way of the World Lyrics, Songwriting) (Phil's vocal range, Song keys) 7. I Can't Dance (Sparseness) (Long vs. Short Songs) (Future projects) (TV Evangelists) 8. Jesus He Knows Me (close) Name: Rockline 1991 Desc.: call-in interviews and music Date: 11/25/91 Source: FM Format: C100 Sound: E stereo Length: 100 min. Notes: from Rockline broadcast track 3 is non-album B-side from the No Son of Mine single (qv) No Son of Mine/ I Can't Dance/ Invisible Touch (Live)/ Driving the Last Spike/ Jesus He Knows Me/ Dance on a Volcano/ Fading Lights Living Forever Name: Astrodome Date: 1992 Venue: Huston Note: This recording SUCKS! Avoid it at all costs. CD #1 : 70 minutes Land of Confusion No son of Mine Driving the last spike Medley Dance on a volcano The lamb lies down on B. The musical box Firth of Fifth I know what I like That's all Follow you follow me Dreaming while you sleep Fading lights Jesus he knows me CD #2 : 60 minutes Home by the sea, 1 & 2 Hold on my heart Mama Domino I can't dance Tonight tonight tonight Invisible touch Throwing it all away Turn it on again Name: "Sincerely Yours" Format: 2 CD Name: Three Rivers Stadium Date: 5/26/92 Venue: Three Rivers Staduim Pittsburgh, PA complete 140 minute show, taped 20 yds. in front of main speakers, crystal clear soundboard quality (he says) This is a very good audience bootleg, one of the best. Name: (none) Venue: Giants Staduim, NH (2 tapes) EX+ Knebworth 1992 broadcast on British version of Pay-per-view Royal Albert Hall 1992 Capitol Radio broadcast Name: Live In The Big Apple Venue: New Jersey Date: 6/92 Format: 2 CD Label: Red Phantom Name: Summer Nights Venue: Knebworth 1992 Format: 2 CD Label: KTS Name: Sincerely Yours Venue: We Can't Dance 1992 World Tour Format: 2 CD Name: We Compilation: U.S. 1992, 1974, 1984 Format: CD Name: 18 Million Dollars To Dance Venue: U.S. 1992 Format: CD Name: I Can't Dance Live Venue: U.S. Date: 1992 Format: CD COMPILATIONS These bootlegs are compilations of several shows Name: There is Still Time to Wash Away the Past Length: 45 mins Sound: C Tracks: Stagnation/Fountain of Salmacis/Harold the Barrel/I Know What I Like/ Get 'Em Out by Friday/The Lamia Genesis in Concert (2-LP) This one is a combination of sorts. It has 2 BBC Archive studio tracks (Musical Box & Twilight Alehouse), a live Steve Hackett Group track (I Know What I Like), a couple of live Gabriel tracks (one of which is Milgram's 37), and a couple of live Genesis tracks (Man On A Corner and You're Own Special Way) from the Abacab tour. It also has some Led Zeppelin rudely thrown in between a few of the tracks (called The Mask). I think the bootleggers were just trying to fuck us over on that one. It's still worthwhile though. Name: Some Old, Some New Note: Triple boxed set, very good stereo ONE: John Peel Session 1972 - Get 'Em Out By Friday/ Twilight Alehouse/ Watcher of the Skies TWO: Toronto 1977 - Supper's Ready THREE: Toronto 1977 - Squonk/ One For The Vine/ Robbery, Assault & Battery FOUR: Toronto 1977 - Your Own Special Way/ Firth of Fifth/ Carpet Crawl FIVE: Toronto 1977 - In That Quiet Earth/ Afterglow/ I Know What I Like SIX: Peter Gabriel, 4 Oct. 1978, Radio - On The Air/ White Shadow/ Solsbury Hill/ Here Comes the Flood/ The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Name: Three Nights in Philly Format: 2 CD Sound: stereo Venue: CD says "Recorded live at the Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 1981" This can't be true. It is most likely a compilation of several shows. Label: BUC 051/2, S.I.A.E, MADE IN ITALY, by Phonocomp (P) 4/92 (I assume this is a print date) Buccanneer Records CD 1 CD 2 1. Dodo / Lurker (7:12) 1. In The Cage (7:43) 2. Abacab (8:55) 2. Cinema Show (3:14) 3. That's All (4:46) 3. Slipperman (3:33) 4. Mama (8:47) 4. Afterglow (4:52) 5. Illegal Alien (6:08) 5. Keep It Dark (4:53) 6. Home By The Sea (5:43) 6. It's Gonna Get Better (7:52) 7. Second Home By The Sea (6:57) 7. Los Endos (2:52) 8. Behind The Lines (5:36) 8. Dance On A Volcano (3:35) 9. Misunderstandings (3:58) 10. Turn It On Again (9:09) 11. No Reply At All (4:57) {CREDITS GIVEN} Comments: The CDs themselves are black with white lettering. A small booket is included with 2 pictures of a concert. The quality is good. It is not an "audience" recording. The tracks seem to be pieced together from different shows(the name does imply that it came from 3 different shows). Unfortunatly, the editing was poorly done, changes from one show to the next are obvious. The transition from Behind The Lines to In The Cage is ackward because they are seperated across discs. Applause is added at the end of Behind The Lines that doesn't sound like it belongs at all. The end of Turn It On Again includes a short medley of EVERYBODY NEEDS SOMEBODY TO LOVE and a few other non-genesis songs. Name: Superstars in Concert Venue: Empire Pool, Wembley, London 4/15/75 (tracks 1-11) Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY 11/81 (tracks 12-16) Source: FM Format: C90 Sound: E stereo Length: 80 min. Notes: from Superstars in Concert broadcast track 8 is edited; some of tracks 12-16 were used on _Three Sides Live_ In the Cage/ Back in N.Y.C./ Hairless Heart/ Counting Out Time The Carpet Crawlers/ Evil Jam/ Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats The Colony of Slippermen (opening section)/ Ravine/ The Light Dies Down on Broadway/ Riding the Scree/ Dodo/ Abacab/ Misunderstanding No Reply at All/ Turn It On Again Name: Illegal Alien Label: Beech-Marten Cat No: BM005 London 1977 1) The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Nassau Colliseum 1981 2) Behind The Lines 3) Dance On A Volcano 4) Los Endos 5) Abacab LA Forum 86 (looks like this is another from KBFH) 6) Tonight Tonight Tonight 7) Turn It On Again 8) That's all 9) Mama Name: The Rarest--Live--Vol. 1 Name: The Rarest--Live--Vol. 2 (details forthcoming, they do exist) Name: The Rarest--Live--Vol. 3 Desc.: Rainbow Theatre, London 10/20/73 (track 1) unreleased demo [Phil Collins] (track 2) non-album single (track 3) Watford Town Hall, Watford 6/28/72 (tracks 4-6) non-album B-sides (tracks 7-8) Earl's Court, London 6/24/77 (track 9) BBC 1971 (track 10) Label: Stemra SABAM 50013 Source: various Format: LP Sound: VG-E stereo 1. More Fool Me [More For Me] 2. Tomorrow Never Knows [Tomorrow Never Knows--T.N.K., Phil Collins] 3. Happy the Man 4. Happy the Man 5. Drum Solo 6. Harlequin 7. The Day the Light Went Out 8. Vancouver 9. Inside and Out 10. Return of the Giant Hogweed Name: King Biscuit Compilation Venue: England 1976 (track 1) Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY 11/81 (tracks 2-4) The Spectrum, Philadelphia 11/83 (track 5) The Forum, Los Angeles 10/86 (tracks 6-7) Source: FM Format: C90 Sound: E stereo Length: 55 min. Notes: compilation from previous King Biscuit broadcasts track 7 is edited The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway/ Behind the Lines/ Dance on a Volcano Los Endos/ Abacab/ Tonight, Tonight, Tonight/ Turn It On Again Name: The Unreleased Live Collection Label: Never End Cat No: NE*8.22.1/2 Note: This album is a rehash of bootlegs -- everything on it has already been released, on other bootlegs, and by all reports the original bootlegs sound better. Disc 1 (Running time: 76:20) Picture of Gabriel playing Flute 01 - Let Us Now Make Love (5:56) 02 - The Shepherd (3:49) 03 - Pacidity My Love (5:31) 04 - Stagnation (8:00) 05 - Looking For Someone (7:06) 06 - Twilight Alehouse (7:50) 07 - The Musical Box (10:45) 08 - Get 'Em Out By Friday (8:43) 09 - Firth of Fifth (8:01) 10 - The Knife (9:13) Disc 2 (Running time: 73:18) Picture of Gabriel in Flower Headdress 01 - Watcher Of The Sky (7:25) 02 - Broadway's Genesi (6:05) 03 - Cuckoo Cocoon (2:19) 04 - In The Cage (6:33) 05 - Back In New York City (6:02) 06 - Hairless Heart (6:00) 07 - Carpet Crawl (5:24) 08 - Lilywhite Lilith (2:35) 09 - The Waiting Room (8:50) 10 - Anyway (3:27) 11 - The Ravine (4:28) 12 - The Light Dies Down On Broadway (7:58) 13 - Riding The Scree (3:57) Insert text: The double CompactDisc we offer you here is a truly complete live anthology of the first Genesis units, those of Peter Gabriel himself. The first three tunes, all previously unreleased, are from the Group's first period, immediately following the Decca release of "From Genesis To Revelation." Besides their importance as collector's items, these tracks can also be appreciated for their beautiful freshness. "Let Us Now Make Love" would have, in our opinion, been an excellent addition to "Trespass," the Band's first album release on Charisma, the newly created independent label. We include here live versions of the three most beautiful tracks from this album: "Stagnation," "Looking For Someone," "The Knife." The Group's real success and popularity arrive, "Nursery Cryme," represented here by the "The Musical Box" and, even though only released as a single by Charisma, "Twilight Alehouse." With the tunes "Get 'Em Out By Friday" and "Watcher Of The Sky" we have arrived at the next period, that of the album "Foxtrot," while "Firth Of Fifth" is from "Selling England By The Pound." Except for the stupendous track "Watcher Of The Sky," the second CompactDisc is entirely dedicated to the work "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway," which we consider as Gabriel's swan song with Genesis. "Broadway's Genesi" is a very interesting long introductory jam session that was performed only in live concert, and has never before been released. [Editor's note: that's what they want us to think, anyway. All this stuff *has* been released on other bootlegs, and by most accounts the quality on those others is better than this one.] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PETER GABRIEL BOOTLEGS Part B ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Live USA Date: 4/9/77 Label: imtrat 900.014 Time: 64:59 Venue: the Roxy LA, Notes: featuring Robert Fripp Here Comes the Flood/ On the Air/ Moribund the Burgermeister/ A Song Without Words (early version of Indigo)/ Excuse Me/ Solsbury Hill/ Ain't That Peculiar/ Humdrum/ Slowburn/ All Day and All Night/ Here Comes the Flood (again,different)/ Modern Love/ Down the Dolce Vita/ Back in NYC Sound Quality: 8/10 Cover Art: Totally cheezy K-Tel like stuff (no interesting pictures) Quality: Good (with hiss) Here Comes the Flood (piano) / On the Air / Moribund the Burger- meister / Waiting For the Big One / Indigo / Excuse Me / Solsbury Hill / Ain't That Peculiar / Humdrum / Slowburn / All Day and All of the Night / Here Comes the Flood (electric) / Modern Love / Down the Dolce Vita / Back in New York City Name: Waiting for the Big One aka _Ain't That Peculiar?_ Venue: Cleveland 1977 Label: -9011 Source: audience Format: LP Sound: G stereo Ain't That Peculiar/ A Song Without Words/ Waiting for the Big One Excuse Me/ Slowburn/All Day and All of the Night/ Why Don't We? Name: On The Air Date: Sept 15, 1978 Length: 57:15 Venue: Essen Label: MUSICHIEN, sarl, Luxemborg Note: Disc Itself reads "THE LIVE" 1 On the air 4:48 2 Moribund the Burgermeister 5:43 3 Perspective 4:27 4 Here Comes the Flood 4:00 5 White Shadow 5:12 6 Waiting for the Big One 8:08 7 Humdrum 4:13 8 I Don't Remember 5:22 9 Solsbury Hill 5:21 10 Modern Love 4:32 11 The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway 5:32 Name: Seascape Desc.: unfinished tracks and demos from 1980 sessions Label: TAKRL 1407 Source: studio Format: LP Sound: VG stereo Length: ? I Don't Remember/ Games Without Frontiers [Games...Without Words] Walk Through the Fire [Instrumental]/ And Through the Wire/ I Go Swimming/ Bully for You [Seascape]/ Intruder Name: Games...Without Words Desc.: demos for the 3rd album, a little different. I think it's also from Label: TARKL (?) They're all instrumental except "Intruder" and a weird intro to "And Thru the Wire". I Don't Remember Inst. / Games...Without Words (Games w/o Frontiers) / Inst. No. 1 (Milgram's 37) / Intro (Start) / And Thru the Wire Inst. / Intruder/ I Go Swimming / Seascape (Walk Through the Fire) / Inst. No. 2 1980 Peter Gabriel - Chromedome - Cardiff 1980 Quality - Good Intruder / I Don't Remember / Solsbury Hill / Family Snapshot / Games Without Frontiers / And Through the Wire / I Go Swimming / Biko Name: State of Mind Date: November 11, 1986 Venue: Capital Center, Largo, Maryland Sound: Yuk! (muffled city--crowd noise, etc.) Red Rain / Shock the Monkey / No Self Control / Mercy Street / This Is the Picture / The Family & the Fishing Net / Don't Give Up / Big Time / Lay Your Hands On Me / Sledgehammer / Here Comes the Flood / In Your Eyes / Biko Name: Peter Gabriel Retrospective Sound: ex stereo Note: this is a King Biscuit special about Peter's career. London 1975 with Genesis: Watcher of the Skies The Carpet Crawlers In the Cage Bottom Line, 1977, with Robert Fripp: On the Air D.I.Y. Solsbury Hill The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Prince's Trust concert, 1988: Sledgehammer Name: Compilation Venue: Empire Pool, Wembley, London 4/15/75 [Genesis] (tracks 1-3) The Bottom Line, New York 1978 (tracks 4-7) Prince's Trust Concert 1988, Royal Albert Hall, London 1988 (track 8) Source: FM Format: C90 Sound: E stereo Length: 55 min. Notes: from King Biscuit broadcast compilation from previous King Biscuit broadcasts Robert Fripp: guitar on track 6 Watcher of the Skies [Genesis]/ The Carpet Crawlers [Genesis]/ In the Cage [Genesis]/ On the Air/ D.I.Y./ Solsbury Hill/ The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway/ Sledgehammer C Book Of Memories (unreleased 1977-1988) 2 CD C From Genesis To... (various live 1975-1989) Name: Union Venue: 1993 Secret World ("Us") Tour, European leg *Saturday Night Live Cat No: Red Phantom CD #RPCD2129/30 Source: Audience Sound: Excellent stereo Length: 60:56 (CD1)/70:18 (CD2) Format: CD Notes: Pretty decent sound for an audience recording. Audience clapping and chatter can be occasionally annoying. Tracks: [CD1] Come Talk To Me/Steam/Games Without Frontiers/Across The River/Shaking The Tree [not listed]/San Jacinto/Blood Of Eden/ Lovetown [not listed] [CD2] Kiss That Frog/Washing Of The Water/Solsbury Hill/Digging In The Dirt/Sledgehammer/Secret World/In Your Eyes/Biko/ *Steam [SNL]/*In Your Eyes [SNL] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PHIL COLLINS BOOTLEGS Part C ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: (none) Venue: Tower Theater, Philadelphia 1982 Source: FM Format: C90 Sound: E stereo Length: 50 min. Notes: from King Biscuit broadcast I Missed Again/ Behind the Lines/ I Cannot Believe It's True/ This Must Be Love/ I Don't Care Anymore/ Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart Away/ In the Air Tonight/ Like China/ You Can't Hurry Love It Don't Matter to Me Name: Captured Live Venue: Warner Theatre, Washington, DC Date: 1983 Source: Radio broadcast Sound: FM stereo, excelent Note: this is a radio show, circulating as a bootleg tape Collins, Daryl Stuermer, Chester Thompson, Peter Robinson, Mo Foster, Phenix Horns. I Don't Care Anymore/ I Cannot Believe It's True/ Like China/ You Can't Hurry Love/ It Don't Matter To Me/ In The Air Tonight/ Hand in Hand/ ...and so to F... Name: Behind The Lines Format: CD Notes: Recorded on the Hello I Must Be Going tour. Good selection of songs. Name: No Ticket Required Venue: Reunion Arena, Dallas 1985 Source: FM Format: C90 Sound: E stereo Length: 60 min. Notes: from HBO radio simulcast of edited version of _No Ticket Required_ video, KFOG Only You Know and I Know/ Against All Odds/ Sussudio/ Behind the Lines One More Night/ In the Air Tonight/ You Can't Hurry Love/ It Don't Matter to Me/ Hand in Hand/ Take Me Home/ It's All Right Name: (none) Venue: Madison Square Garden, New York 10/2/90 Source: FM Format: 2C90 Sound: E stereo Length: 2 hours 40 min. Notes: from Westwood One broadcast/HBO radio simulcast, KRQR This is the last show in the But Seriously Tour. (And later appeared as the Serious Hits live video, qv) Hand in Hand/ Hang In Long Enough/ Against All Odds/ Don't Lose My Number/ Inside Out/ Do You Remember?/ Who Said I Would/ Another Day in Paradise/ Separate Lives/ Saturday Night and Sunday Morning/ The West Side/ That's Just the Way It Is/ Something Happened on the Way to Heaven/ One More Night/ Colours/ In the Air Tonight/ You Can't Hurry Love/ Two Hearts/ Sussudio/ [Encore:] Groovy Kind of Love/ Easy Lover/ Always/ Take Me Home ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MIKE RUTHERFORD BOOTLEGS Part D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: King Biscuit Venue: Tower Theater, Philadelphia Date: 6/19/86 Source: FM Format: C90 Sound: E stereo Length: 55 min. Notes: from King Biscuit broadcast Hanging by a Thread/ Silent Running/ Maxine/ Taken In/ A Call to Arms Tempted/ I Get the Feeling/ All I Need Is a Miracle Name: King Biscuit Venue: Tower Theater, Philadelphia 1989 Source: FM Format: C90 Sound: E stereo Length: 55 min. Notes: from King Biscuit Broadcast Seeing Is Believing/ Silent Running/ Don't/ Poor Boy Down/ The Living Years/ I Get the Feeling/ Take the Reigns/ All I Need Is a Miracle Name: Rockline Desc.: call-in interviews and music Date: 4/29/91 Source: FM Format: C90 Sound: E stereo Length: 75 min. Notes: from Rockline broadcast Get Up/ Word of Mouth/ Silent Running/ Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow/ Hey You [Roger Waters]/ The Living Years/ My Crime of Passion ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- APPEARANCES Part E ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist: Eric Clapton Title: Eric Clapton and Friends Venue: Birmingham, England 1986 Source: FM Format: C90 Sound: E stereo Length: 60 min. Notes: from MTV broadcast of edited version of _Eric Clapton and Friends_ video Phil: drums Crossroads/ White Room/ Run/ Miss You/ Tearing Us Apart/ Holy Mother In the Air Tonight/ Layla/ Sunshine of Your Love Name: Prince's Trust Concert Venue: Royal Albert Hall, London 1987 Source: FM Format: C90 Sound: E stereo Length: 55 min. Notes: from King Biscuit broadcast (the Prince here is the Prince of Wales) Phil Collins I Missed Again/ You Can't Hurry Love ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BRAND X BOOTLEGS Part F ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [While there are a lot of Brand X live recordings, these are extremely hard to come by. Few of the bootlegs are 'in print' so to speak, easily obtainable.] Name: none Date: 8/2/76 Venue: Top Gear (or is this the programme it was on?) Length: 10 min Name: Rated X Date: October 31, 1978 Venue: The Bottom Line, New York, NY Length: 73 min Label: Microphone Records Cat No: MPH 015 Format: 1 CD Source: Soundboard Sound: Excellent Cover: an X rated picture Band: Percy Jones (bass) Morris Pert (perc, piano) Peter Robinson (kybd) Mike Miller (gtr) Michael Clarke (drums) Tracks: The Ghost of Mayfield Lodge / Earth Dance / Black Moon / Nuclear Burn / Deadly Nightshade Name: Brand X Squared Label: Mirror Image Pressings Half Speed Mastered Teldec master Vinyl Space-EX Cat No: MIP 1004. There are no credits whatsoever on the sleeve. address for the bootleggers: Mirror Image Pressings: 23757 Canozonet St., Woodland Hills, CA. 91367 (C) + (P) 1982. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Steve Hackett Bootlegs Part G ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Spectral Horizon Date: October 17, 1980 Venue: The Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA Length: 70 min Label: Nightmare Digital Audio Laboratory Cat No: NDAL 1003 Format: 1 CD Source: Soundboard Sound: Excellent Notes: mastered from vinyl (the clicks and pops are barely noticeable), some tape speed problems in "Slogans" (too slowed down) and "Jacuzzi" (too sped up) Intros by Hackett are almost inaudible Acoustic set is from the Clocks 12" (qv) "It's Now or Never" is a cover Tracks: Slogans / Every Day / The Red Flower of Tachai Blooms Everywhere / Tigermoth / Time to Get Out / The Steppes / Acoustic Set / Narnia / Jacuzzi / Sentimental Institution / Spectral Mornings / The Show / It's Now or Never / Please Don't Touch Name: none Venue: The Strand, Los Angeles, CA Date: Sep 8, 1992 Sound: An audience recording, but in a small venue, so the overall sound is very listenable. Notes: At the time, most of these were unreleased tracks that were being performed for the first time ever on tour. Medley: (Myopia/ Los Endos/ Imagining (from GTR)/ Ace of Wands / Hackett to Bits) / Camino Royale / Vampire with a Healthy Appetite / Flight of the Condor Take These Pearls / Always Somewhere Else / In the Heart of the City Walking Away from Rainbows/Many Sides to the Night / '...In That Quiet Earth' / Dark is the Grave Wherein My Friend is Laid / Etruscan Serenade / Depth charge / Every Day / Acoustic Medley: Black Light / Horizons ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||| P U B L I C A T I O N S ||| ||| and ||| ||| O R G A N I Z A T I O N S ||| ||| Section XII ||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTERNET MAILING LISTS Part A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The original mailing list for Genesis on the internet was the_lamb@caen.engin.umich.edu, run by John Macilwaine who had the following unforgettable signature: ____________________________________________________________________________ | ___ _ | | /_ /_ |\ | /_ /_ | /_ \\ | |_| /_ | /_\ |\/| |_\ // | | \/ \ | \| \ / | / | | | \ |__ / \ | | |_/ | | Genesis/Gabriel Mailing List -> jmacilwa@caen.engin.umich.edu | | " I know that I am solid, and I am my own bad luck ... " | |___________________________________________________________________________| Originally mailed out in a digest format, the first issue of the_lamb@caen.engin.umich.edu was mailed in June 1990, beginning a new era in the history of Genesis' fans. The first issue contained, among other things, information about a new Peter Gabriel album (showing how the world can be instantly informed of such developments) and an interview with Genesis about Supper's Ready. The list at the_lamb@caen.engin.umich.edu ended, however, in 1991, on the first of July, after providing a forum of interesting discussion about Genesis. During the last month, the list was plagued with annoying problems like duplicated mail and error messages. John has returned to the new list, and has worked at Real World Studios, Gabriel's studio. For a brief period, it looked doubtful that the list would continue, but the computer science department at the University of North Carolina at Asheville allowed Scott McMahan to start a mailing on the computer science department's computers. (Which at the time consisted of a Sun and two MicroVAXen, which has now expanded to a lab of DECstations as well as a powerful file server, ivy.cs.unca.edu, where this list is based.) Now the Genesis mailing list resides at genesis@cs.unca.edu for the near future. A direct corollary of the new list genesis@cs.unca.edu is an archive collection of all the lyrics to the Genesis albums, and a lot of solo lyrics. The FTP archives have been augmented by a mail server, to allow greater access to them. Extensive additions have also been made, including GIF format puictures, interviews, and this discography you're reading. The only solo member of Genesis to have an internet mailing list is Peter Gabriel. (All other discussion of solo projects takes place on the Genesis list, including a little overlap about Gabriel.) It has the following internet mailing address: GABRIEL@casbah.acns.nwu.edu. It began circulation in November of 1990. The Gabriel list is run by Joe Germuska, who has this signature: |----Joe Germuska | germuska@casbah.acns.nwu.edu | ---- (708) 864-5939 ---| |-Join the Peter Gabriel Mailing List:gabriel-request@casbah.acns.nwu.edu-| |"Old men sing about their dreams, women laugh and |"How can we be in when| |children scream, and the band keeps playin' on..."|there is no outside?"-| Lyrics to Gabriel albums, the Genesis albums on which Gabriel appeared, and miscellaneous other texts are available from casbah.acns.nwu.edu by anonymous FTP. (Note that this material has also been put in the Genesis archives and is available by mail server for those without FTP access.) Both lists have co-existed autonomously since there are a great many Peter Gabriel fans who don't necessarily have any interest in Genesis. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PUBLICATIONS (Fanzines and newsletters around the world) ORGANIZATIONS (Fan organizations) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [This material is not necessarily valid currently, but these have existed in the past. The addresses and information listed are the last known accounts of these organizations. This discography does not endorse or even vouch for any of these -- caveat emptor! These organizations are listed for completeness, even defunct ones.] NOTE: As of 1993, Genesis' position is that they recognize NO FAN ORGANIZATION AS BEING OFFICIAL. Fan organizations are only unofficial. Any organization claiming to be official is being intentionally misleading. Genesis has mandated this unofficial-only status because of past bad experiences with those given official status. Genesis has asked the various record companies to remove the names of Brad Lentz and Geoff Parkyn from further pressings of the albums. DO NOT SEND ANYTHING TO GEOFF PARKYN OR BRAD LENTZ as they are not acting in any official capacity representing either the band or the fans any longer. The addresses provided below are for historical record only and are not intended to be used. Genesis albums since Invisible Touch, including Collins' But Seriously, have address to write to for more information. The addresses are listed in We Can't Dance as: Genesis Information former addresses. USA: Brad Lentz, PO Box 12250, Overland Park, Kansas 66282 England: Geoff Parkin, PO Box 107, London, N6 5RU The Genesis Information Society, which does not exist any longer, was a fan club and had a newsletter. It was run by Geoff Parkyn, who also compiled a very complete discography in 1983. This discography has been used extensively in creating this one. Parkyn (or Parkin, it has been spelled both ways) was also at one point selling merchandising at greatly inflated prices. The Waiting Room covers all things Genesis related, with news, comment and articles from all eras of the band's history. 1 pound a single copy or 4 pounds for a year from Peter Morton, 83 Oldfield Rd, Sheffield S6 6DU England. This is apparently run by Alan Hewitt (see The Pavillion Magazine below) as of 1993. 'Ripples' is the Australian Genesis mag and also appears quarterly. No idea of subs rates on this, so write for more info (with IRC) to David Birtwell, 1 Mackinnon Ct, Keysborough, Vic 3173, Australia. There's also two Italian Gabriel mags for all you completists, both in Italian I'm afraid! The first is called Contact. Info from Monica Tessarin, Via Ragazzie del '99 N8, 3102 Mogliano V.To (TV), Italy. The second is called The Intruder and can be had from Thomasso Ridolfi, Via Bordolano 6A, 20097 S.Donato Milanese, Italy. Peter Gabriel fanzine entitled 'White Shadow' by Fred Tomsett c/o White Shadow 96a Cowlishaw Road, Hunters Bar Sheffield S11 8XH England The "Supper's Ready" Genesis Fan Club Attn: R. S. Baxter Box 562 May's Landing, NJ 08330 ($15 per year dues as of March 1993) This one was in a Goldmine article on fan clubs. Genesis Fan Club Attn: Richard Savala 37 Westbrook Drive Hampton, VA 23666 (send SASE for more information) This one was in a Goldmine article on fan clubs. The Pavillion Magazine Alan Hewitt 174 Salisbury Road Everton, Liverpool, L5 6RQ, England The COLLINS CONNECTION Lee D'Maria, c/o P.O. Box 660832 Miami Springs, Florida 33266 The Collins Connection is now DEFUNCT. It was at one time a moderately official fan club. 1986-1992, RIP. EDITORIAL NOTE: Also note that Goldmine, while having nothing in particular to do with Genesis per se, is a great source for 'last resort' buying. The dealers who advertise here charge a lot, often more than non-advertising ones. The odds of getting ripped off are high, especially with ads that looks like they were prepared by amateurs. Stick to computer-printed typeset ads for the best reliability. Caveat emptor can't be stressed enough. This information is provided for your own use, mainly to answer the frequently asked questions of "what is Goldmine" and "how do I get it". The information is up to date as of 1993, but is subject to change at any time. In terms of Genesis material, mostly every issue has some ads from dealers carrying Genesis records, bootlegs, videos, tour programs, and so forth. Record shows and local stores will probably give you better deals than Goldmine, but their selection is often severely limited. What is Goldmine? It is a bi-weekly newsprint magazine which mostly consists of advertisments for sale or auction of "collectable" records, CDs and sometimes items like books, tour programs, and posters. There is some reading material, often good career retrospectives, discographies, interviews or collections of articles on one theme, but this usually consitutes maybe 10% of the pages. It is primarily a vehicle for advertisements. The newspaper itself can be found at larger newsstands, book stores that carry a large secection of magazines, used record stores, some new record stores, or of course as a subscription. Subscriptions: Goldmine Goldmine Circulation Dept Sample Copy Department 700 E. State St. 700 E. State Street Iola WI 54990-0001 Iola, WI 54990 Write to this address and they'll send you a $35/year, 26 issues sample issue. $22/year, 13 issues ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOOKS Part C ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [These are not necessarily in print. Genesis books are few and far between, and never seem to have very large print runs. With Genesis' popularity, the lack of books is pretty amazing.] GENESIS - THE ILLUSTRATED DISCOGRAPHY By Geoff Parkyn Omnibus Press, London, 1983. ISBN 0.7119.0163.5 OP 42092 Very nice discography, used quite a bit in filling out this discography. Lots of photos: not only rare albums and singles, but also some ads from different periods in the band's history. (These photos are in incredibly grainy black and white.) This book covers up to Three Sides Live. Very small, paperback size book. The cover is based on Abacab's album cover (the current Genesis release at the time). GENESIS - TURN IT ON AGAIN By Geoff Parkyn Reprinted version of THE ILLUSTRATED DISCOGRAPHY in 1984 as 'Turn It On Again'. This is updated to include the Mama album and solo projects at the time. GENESIS - I KNOW WHAT I LIKE by Armando Gallo Written in 1977. Published in England by Sidgwick and Jackson of London in 1978. Released only in England by Sidgwick and Jackson under the title "Genesis: The Evolution of a Rock Band", had three reprints at least. Not issued in the USA at all. Summer 1979, Gallo decided to publish it himself. Updated to right before Duke was recorded and re-issued in 1980, re-written, re-designed, and new pictures by the author. Published in the USA by DIY Books in 1980. Also a Limited Edition of 1000 copies hand bound in leather, boxed, numbered, and signed by the author. There was another printing circa 1986, but it was not updated. This is the definitive Genesis book. Gallo traveled and talked with the band for years. The band has testified to the veracity of the book. Introduction by Mike Rutherford. Curiously, the 1980 printing does not have an ISBN number listed anywhere. GENESIS - PETER GABRIEL, PHIL COLLINS AND BEYOND by Philip Kamin and Peter Goddard. Introduction by Phil Collins (115 pages - 1984. Beaufort Books. ISBN 0-8253-0243-9) THE BOOK OF GENESIS by Hugh Fielder. (128 pages - 1984. St. Martin's Press. ISBN 0-312-08880-9) Fielder interviewed the band, and transcribed the interviews verbatim, with no editing. (Quite a feat, considering how little sense the band makes in interviews.) This is an accurate book, since it is the band in their own words. A good insight into personal feelings, and less hard facts than Gallo. Section of color photos, and a lot of black and white photos. Good source of non-Gallo photographs. GENESIS by Janis Schacht (124 pages - 1984. Proteus. ISBN 0-86276-257-x) Schacht was involved vaguely with Genesis in the early days, seeing shows and reviewing them. He borrows a lot from his predecessors in terms of the book's content. A lot of good photographs. History of the band, sections for each member talking about solo projects, as well as a terse discography (sans catalogue numbers). He does cover up to the filming of Illegal Alien, and has some editorial opinions. Many too many of his items are 'borrowed' from other published sources which appeared before his book did. There's not much bibliographical credit given. An article that appeared in Circus Magazine, 1982 contains most of what he has written about the recording of Abacab. Whether he intentionally plagarized these articles or got permission but did not include it in the credits is unclear. GENESIS - FROM ONE FAN TO ANOTHER by Armando Gallo. (144 pages - 1984. Omnibus Press. ISBN 0-7119-0515-0) Book of Gallo's photographs, less exposition than his other book. PETER GABRIEL by Armando Gallo. (96 pages - 1986. Omnibus Press. ISBN 0-7119-0783-8) PETER GABRIEL - AN AUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY by Spencer Bright. (232 pages - 1988. Sidgwick & Jackson. ISBN 0-283-99498-3) GENESIS: A BIOGRAPHY by Dave Bowler and Brian Dray Published by Sidgwick & Jackson, London (I think) ISBN: 0-283-06132-4 released in UK 11-92 Contains discography , 8-10 black & white pictures in the middle. Front cover: Glossy black with same picture of band as used on Hold On My Heart singles inset in colour Back cover: Glossy black with colour band picture from about 1974/5 inset Inside cover says that Dave Bowler and Brian Dray played in major part in researching the 'Genesis: A History' video and have been Genesis fans/collectors for many years. The text looks very good, and basically goes through in chronological order detailing the history of the band and solo members careers to the present day. A full UK discography is included in the back including all albums, singles, videos and books released by Genesis and solo members, but no catalogue numbers are included. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SHEET MUSIC Part D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No sheet music to any album earlier than Trick was released. The sheet music listed here is as complete as can be. Very little is actually in print any longer. The Anthologies and the recent Genesis albums are in print. Trick of the Tail/Wind & Wuthering ISBN: 0.86001.696.X 1980 Wise publications Songs: all the songs from the 2 albums Note: this is considered a very accurate book by musically inclined people who expressed an opinion Seconds Out ISBN: 0-8256-6026-2 (Does not cover the whole album, for "copyright reasons". This is possibly the rarest Genesis sheet music, and the most sought after due to the old songs transcribed.) Songs: Squonk The Carpet Crawl [sic] Robbery, Assault, and Battery Afterglow Firth of Fifth [sans intro] I Know What I Like The Lamb [sans a lot of the intro arpeggios] Supper's Ready [entire thing] The Musical Box [the whole thing, not just an excerpt] Cinema Show [sans solos at end] And Then There Were Three ISBN: 0-8256-6032-7 Originally published by Wise Publications, London, in 1978. Published by Music Sales Ltd (ISBN is from this edition) Songs arranged by Frank Booth Has three pics, one of each member. Duke (contains pic of Genesis) US: Warner Bros. Publications VF0796 Abacab (1982) US: Warner Bros. Publications VF0923 and Pun Music (ASCAP) UK: Hit & Run Music (Publishing) Ltd. Three Sides Live Chappell and Co. Ltd. Released in England, only Order Ref # 7659 Music to the double album, plus colour photos and article on the band. These are not full piano scores. It is just combined molody line and guitar chords. Songs: Abacab Turn It on Again Dodo Behind the Lines Duchess Me and Sarah Jane Follow You Follow Me In the Cage Misunderstanding Cinema Show Slipperman Afterglow One for the Vine Fountain of Salmacis It/Watcher of The Skies The Best of Genesis (1983) US: Warner Bros. Publications VF1053 Genesis (Mama) (1984) US: Warner Bros. Publications VF1098 and Pun Music (ASCAP) Invisible Touch (1986) (contains three great portraits of the band) US: Warner Bros. Publications VF1326 UK: Wise Publications UK ISBN 0.7119.1043.X Order # AM 64536 The Genesis Anthology US: Warner Bros. Publications VF1113 (Contains music to Paperlate, the only song not available anywhere else. The arrangements are apparently different from the other sheet music books. By most reports the transcriptions here aren't great.) Songs: Abacab Behind the Lines Dance on a Volcano Duchess Follow You Follow Me Heathaze I Know What I Like Illegal Alien Keep It Dark The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Mad Man Moon Mama Man on the Corner Many Too Many Misunderstanding No Reply at All One for the Vine Paperlate Taking It All Too Hard That's All Turn It on Again A Trick of the Tail Your Own Special Way We Can't Dance (1992) (Very cheap packaging, no pics or anything. Just music and FRB cover.) US: Warner Bros. Publications VF1795 ISBN: not listed on book Warner Brothers Publications Songs: the whole album Genesis - We Can't Dance The Way We Walk info unavailable Band score, GENESIS March '92, Ritto Music, Japan 127 pages Notes: fairly accurate music scores for all the parts (vocal, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and others) with brief playing advice written in Japanese Songs: 1. The Knife 2. Watcher of the Skies 3. Firth of Fifth 4. Mad Man Moon 5. One for the Vine 6. Follow You Follow Me 7. Invisible Touch (with discography of albums, UK singles, and solo materials) [Note: some individual songs have been released separately, singles that had sheet music released at the time the single was released. These are extremely hard to obtain information about, since they are available in small quantities for a very short period of time.] Banks: Only one known Banks transcription... Quicksilver (motion picture soundtrack) Songs: includes Shortcut to Somewhere and the suite Banks wrote for the film Collins: [I think there's a No Jacket book, who knows?] Anthology ISBN (UK) 0-7119-0775-7 Wise Publications 1985 Warner Brothers Songs: includes all songs from first three albums, as well as Against All Odds and Easy Lover Note: at least in the editor's edition, One More Night is in the key of Ab, not Bb as the music indicates. Serious Hits Live ISBN not listed on the book Songs: Something...Heaven Against All Odds Who Said I Would One More Night Don't Lose My Number Do You Remember Another..Paradise Separate Lives In The Air Tonight You Can't Hurry Love Two Hearts Sussudio Groovy..Love Easy Lover Take Me Home Rutherford: The Living Years ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||| V I D E O S ||| ||| Section XIII ||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| A. Genesis Promotional videos ------------------ The kind you use to promote a song on MTV, etc. I Know What I Like [Gallo book says promo for Top Of The Pops, never shown...they were not happy with the film.] Robbery, Assault, and Battery Band dresses up and enacts story line Ripples Band on stage; not much happens A Trick of the Tail Band in room mixed with tiny band running around on piano Many Too Many I Band on stage, virtually identical to "Abacab" video Many Too Many II [Alternative promo - UK version? Genesis: A History has it...] Misunderstanding [Hillarious trek through the streets of somewhere, piano in back of truck, Phil with beard.] Duchess Abacab Band on stage; Phil drums and sings No Reply at All Band in room; Phil drums and sings; Genesis dresses up as horn players Keep It Dark Various shots of band walking around London Man on the Corner Live performance (an actual live performance, not clips shown as studio version plays) Mama That's All Band dressed up as homeless people Home by the Sea Video is live performance, audio is studio; includes "Second Home by the Sea" Illegal Alien Band wears wigs and look like illegal aliens; Mike flips up cigarettes and tries to catch them in his mouth Turn It On Again I Phil in a Hawaiian type shirt singing and drumming, but not at the same time (they were two different shots); it starts off with a close-up of Mike's guitar strumming, then of his foot doing the bass pedal Turn It On Again II live performance from Three Sides Live mixed with tour footage Invisible Touch three band members in a warehouse clowing around on stage Tonight Tonight Tonight sort of dark and gloomy video; Phil had throat problems during the filming and cancelled a tour date, it's all lip-synch; lots of back lighting Land of Confusion played more times than all the other Genesis videos put together; has the puppets; nominated for a Grammy -- the only video in which Genesis didn't appear.. In Too Deep Band on cabaret-style stage, Phil walks around singing; not much happens Throwing It All Away hodge-podge of all sort of clips from the Inv. Touch Tour; lots with Tony eating for some reason Anything She Does The last video from Inv. Touch, very rarely played on MTV other than a little when it first came out; the band is performing the song in the dressing room, Phil uses a hanging lamp for the cymbals; as the band goes on stage groupies try to sneak into dressing room No Son of Mine Shows boy returning to abusive home; Genesis playing instruments; at end it reveals scene takes place in snow orb I Can't Dance satire of jeans commercials; note "Hit and Run" brand label on Phil's jeans; satire of Michael Jackson' Dangerous rampage at end by Phil (often edited out when shown on TV) Hold on my Heart Band in a club after closing; people cleaning the club; not much happens Jesus He Knows Me funny and satirical look; like Illegal Alien they dress up, except as TV preachers Tell Me Why Similar to Another Day In Paradise, b&w Gabriel Modern Love (Peter w/shag haircut, wearing fencing mask, riding escalator, knocking multiple cardboat cutouts of a blonde upside the head [sic on the whole description, the editor has never seen this and probably won't believe it til he has!]) Games without Frontiers (Peter with searchlight, kids around dinner table dressed as adults, Peter on all fours marching with a group of dolls) I Don't Remember (live version for Plays Live, nightmare sequence with Kabuki (??) players) Shock the Monkey Red Rain (Peter in red rain) Sledgehammer (animation/clay/etc) Big Time (more animation/clay/etc) Don't Give Up I (collage of depression-era scenes, head shot of Kate for her portion of verses) Don't Give Up II (Peter & Kate hugging) Mercy Street (boring and gloomy like the song, scenes of a stormy seaside) Biko (promo for the movie Cry Freedom, movie clips interspersed with live footage of Gabriel performing the song) In Your Eyes live (promo for Amnesty, Peter and thousands of musicians on stage) Digging in the Dirt (still more animation/clay/etc, slimy animals) Collins In The Air Tonight Missed Again (Phil standing around singing) Don't Care Anymore (Phil and band on mock stage, guy plays the bass pedals with his hands) Can't Hurry Love (3 Phils) Through These Walls (Phil and his perverted self) I Cannot Believe It's True (I Missed Again-ish) Against All Odds (Movie clips, RGB triangle, mask) Easy Lover (video of Phil and Phillip Bailey filming a video for the song) Sussudio (Phil and band in bar) One More Night (Phil in bar with sax player) Don't Loose My Number (Phil and co. evaluate video ideas, mostly ones done by other artists already) Take Me Home (Phil in shots from different locales on tour) Seperate Lives (Phil & the woman singing, scenes from the movie) Groovy Kind of Love (Phil smokes and watches clips from 'Buster') Two Hearts (Phil plays all instruments in 50s band) Another..Paradise (Phil and homeless) Rain Down (Phil as 'Bill Collins' makes it big, Eric Clapton) Do You Remember (Some solo piano in the intro and outro, Phil has a flashback to him as a young boy moving out of the neighborhood and leaving his first love) Heaven (Phil and band rehearse, features cute little dog) Hang in Long Enuff (Phil and band play on Titanic, sinking it) Mike & The Mechanics Halfway There (solo Mike, no details) Silent Running (some band, some from movie) All I Need Is A Miracle (band plays, manager tries to get money) Taken In (Same manager as Miracle, this time they rent a house to rehearse it is occupied. They perform song in living room.) Living Years (Mike & son walking around) Word of Mouth (really U2-ish) whatever single after WoM, not much happens Tony Banks [Note: it is hard to say certainly what videos Tony has done, since they are never played. Mostly you see obligatory clips on band history shows.] This is Love rain, strange imagery Throwback (is shown in the History video, qv -- I don't think it was ever shown on MTV or VH1) I Wanna Change The Score (Banks plays piano, Kershaw stands out in front singing. Again, never played on MTV, but has been seen on closed-circuit store video channels and on various documentary shows.) Television Appearances ---------------------- Genesis: Atlantic 40th Anniversary HBO(?) unedited: ?? ??, 1988 ABC edited: ?? ??, 1988 Medley of solo and Genesis songs (the only time ever Genesis has performed solo members' material) within Turn it On Again. Grammy Music Awards 1990(? -- 1991?) Phil and David Crosby performed Another Day in paradise, Phil on piano. Billboard Music Awards 1991 Genesis performed No Son of Mine Billboard Music Awards 1992 Phil Collins hosted it, Genesis opened the show with I Can't Dance. (They won an award for most money raked in at one venue at one show) Television Specials ------------------- Genesis: Wembley March 12, 1992 Pay per view broadcast of the Invisible Touch Tour video (qv), exactly as is except it omitted Volcano and Los Endos. This may be a repeat broadcast? No Access March 22, 1992 Disney Channel special -- the first time ever that cameras capture Genesis writing an album. They show a little jamming, a little mixing, and Phil recording Never a Time. Bits about the members, and they answer questions. The Story So Far May 21, 1992 ABC television special covering history of Genesis from "let there be light" to 1986. This is most likely a repeat. Original when? Opening Night June 13, 1992 ABC television special giving a look at the preparations for the We Can't Dance tour: song selection, jumbo-trons, etc up until the opening night. (very little complete-song performance footage) Knebworth 1992 ?? ??, 1992 UK pay-per-view only, no USA broadcast. Bootleg CD of this show appeared 5 minutes before it ended. Last stadium date of the We Can't Dance tour. Entire show. Phil: Television Special ?? ??, 1990 People advise Phil on what to do a TV show on, he wants to do live performances. Very little music, very insipid, disappointing. Pay-Per-View Oct 2, 1990 Live, entire concert, last date oSerious Tour Later released in Serious Hits Live (qv) boxed set. Commercial/Bootleg videos ------------------------- NOTE: there is a video of a Belgian TV appearance which many sources claim is from 1971, but (intentionally or not) they lie. There is no way it could have been from 1971. The first non-England tour dates Genesis ever played were in Belgium 1972. The video is from 1972. (For more information, see Gallo's book.) Genesis Live At Oxford College 1974 Genesis in Italy performing "Stagnation" 1972 Genesis on the midnight special 1973 Genesis - In Concert 1976 Genesis - In Concert 1977 Genesis - In Concert 1978 Documentary (the Polygram one) A History of Genesis Volume I (video collection) A History of Genesis Volume II (video collection) The Mama Tour (1986) The Invisible Touch Tour (1989) [Both the Mama and Invisible Touch Tour have been released on Laser Disc in Japan, no details available] Three Sides Live (1982, re-released since then) Visible Touch -- tape of Invisible Touch videos (1987) Genesis Videos, vol. 1 and 2 -- lots of promotional videos in one collection (1988) VOLUME I: Mama No Reply At All Land of Confusion That's All Tonight^3 Duchess Anything she Does Robbery Assault & Battery In Too Deep Abacab Follow You, Follow Me VOLUME II: Illegal Alien Throwing it All Away Misunderstanding Ripples Keep It Dark A Trick of the Tail Home by the Sea/Second Home by the Sea Man on the corner Turn it on again Many To Many Invisible Touch ABC In Concert Special (aired 5/92) Genesis - Giants Stadium. 6/2/92 - screen/stage EX/EX- 6/3/92 - stage only (closer) GENESIS, "A HISTORY OF GENESIS" 1991 Polygram Records PolyGram Music Video 082 769-3 90mins VHS NTSC GENESIS THREE SIDES LIVE 1991 BMG Video 80002-3 A Wienerworld Presentation 84 mins VHS NTSC Behind the Lines/Duchess/Misunderstading/DoDo/Abacab/No Reply at All/Who Dunnit/In the Cage-slipperman-cinema-show/Afterglow/Me and Sarah Jane/Man on the Corner/Turn it on Again Along with selected clips from an interview GENESIS INVISIBLE TOUCH TOUR 1988 Virgen Music Video 3-50139 VHS NTSC Mama/Abacab/Domino/That's All/Brazilian/Land of Confusion/Tonight/Throwing it All Away/Home by the Sea/Invisible Touch/Drum Duet/Turn it On Again (Medley) Do the Neurotic (over closing credits, not live) Notes: Earl's court, indoors, editing performed off-line from master tapes from all the cameras, so the cuts and shots really match the music, introduction of the band walking in front of the white background from the ICD video, over one of the ICD remixes, finishes with an instrumental version of Way of The World, video-tape, not film, Drum Duet is present, not listed. B. Phil Collins Perkins Palace (83 tour) No Jacket Required - The Video EP No Ticket Required (NJR Tour Live - Complete Concert) Only You Know And I Know/Against All Odds Who Said I Would?/Sussudio/Behind The Lines Westside [sic]/One More Night/In The Air Tonight Like China/You Can't Hurry Love/It Doesn't Matter To Me Hand In Hand/Take Me Home/It's Alright/Droned Serious Tour Live Phil Collins (8") Video Collection Laserdiscs: No Ticket Required - AtlanticVision 50313-6 1985 89:16 Only You Know and I Know / Against All Odds / Who Said I Would? / Sussudio / Behind the Lines / Westside / One More Night / In the Air Tonight / Like China / You Can't Hurry Love / It Doesn't Matter to Me / Hand in Hand / It's Alright / Droned The Singles Collection - Pioneer Artists PA90-005 1990 79 min Don't Lose My Number / I Missed Again / A Groovy Kind of Love / Who Said I Would (live) / You Can't Hurry Love / Thru These Walls / Sussudio / One More Night / Two Hearts / In the Air Tonight / Easy Lover / Against All Odds (live) / Another Day in Paradise / I Wish It Would Rain Down / Take Me Home ...But Seriously, The Videos - Atlantic Vision 50322-6 1990 77 min Hang In Long Enough / Another Day In Paradise / Do You Remember? / Colours / Something Happened on the Way to Heaven / All Of My Life / I Wish It Would Rain Down / Heat on the Street / That's Just the Way It Is / Saturday Night and Sunday Morning / Father to Son / Find a Way to My Heart / Around the World in 80 Presets (audio only) C. Peter Gabriel Point of View (POV) D. Mike And The Mechanics A Closer Look E. Steve Hackett Steve Hackett Live (Laser Disc) Total 63 min. Vplr-70200(vap video) 92/8/5 Released. 1. Camino Royale 2. Please Don't Touch 3. Everyday 4. In That Quiet Earth 5. Depth Charge 6. Wonder Patch 7. In The Heart Of The City 8. Black Light 9. Horizons 10. Jacuzzi 11. Theatre Of Sleep 12. Jazz Jam 13. Spectral Mornings 14. Clocks Steve Hachett(vocals,guitar) Ian Ellis(bass,vocals) Julian Colbeck(keyboards,vocals) John Hackett(guitar,flute) Fudge Smith(drums) Videotaped At Central Studios Nottingham. F. Peter Gabriel 'Cv' [sic, I guess that's the name] Germany (at least, maybe the world) 1987 Real World production 1- Big Time 2- Don't Give Up 2 3- Shock The Monkey 4- Mercy Street 5- Sledgehammer 6- I Don't Remember 7- Red Rain 8- Don't Give Up 1 G. Video Catalog from Progressive Rarities - bootleg videos Grading scheme is Q:1 (best) to Q:5 (worst) AUD = Audience recording OGWT = Old Grey Whistle Test (Brit TV) BBC = British Broadcasting Corp TOTP = Top of the Pots (British TV) G2: Genesis Venue: Belgian TV '71 [They lie -- this is '72] Midnight Special '73 Oxford '73 Recording: 100 min Q:1.5 Notes: Excellent costumes and pre-costume era Gabriel! Fountain of Salmacis / Twilight Alehouse / Musical Box / Return of the Giant Hogweed / Watcher of the Skies / Musical Box / Dancing with the Moonlit Knight / I Know What I Like / Musical Box / Supper's Ready G4: Peter Gabriel Houston '86 AUD 120 min Q:3.5 Notes: Bouncy camera. San Jacinto / Red Rain / Shock the Monkey / Family Snapshot / Family and the Fishing Net / Self Control / Mercy Street / Intros / This is the Picture / Big Time / Don't Give Up / Solsbury Hill / Lay Your Hands on Me / Sledgehammer / Here Comes The Flood / In Your Eyes / Biko G5: Peter Gabriel Promos Japan Aid '87 Amnesty NJ '86 120 min Q:1.5 Big Time / Don't Give Up / Shock the Monkey / Mercy Street / Sledgehammer / I Don't Remember / Red Rain / Don't Give Up / Red Rain / San Jacinto / Sledgehammer / Biko / Intro / In Your Eyes / Red Rain / Shock the Monkey / Family Snapshot / Sledgehammer / San Jacinto / Biko G6: Peter Gabriel Detroit 11/17/86 AUD 120 min Q:2 Same songs as G4 with I Have The Touch replacing Solsbury Hill G7: Peter Gabriel Rockpalast '78 German TV '80 Profile '82 120 min Q:2 On The Air / Moribund / Perspective / Here Comes the Flood / White Shadow / Waiting for the Big One / Humdrum / I Don't Remember / Solsbury Hill / Modern Love / The Lamb / German Interview / Family Snapshot (German) Documentary on making of Security includes working versions of the songs and interviews with Gabriel, Fast, Levin, Marotta, Lord G8: Genesis In Concert '76 Tokyo '78 Liverpool '80 110 min Q:2 I Know What I Like / Fly On A Windshield / Carpet Crawlers / Cinema Show / Entangled / Supper's Ready / Los Endos / Eleventh Earl Of Mar / Dance On A Volcano / Drum Duet / Los Endos / I Know What I Like Liverpool documentary includes band interviews as well as live performances G9: Steve Hackett Holland '88 AUD 90 min Q:2 Notes: All acoustic solo set! Horizons / Bay Of Kings / A Bed, A Chair and A Guitar / Timelapse at Milton Keynes / Portrait of a Brazilian Lady / Still Life / Harmonics / Notre Dame De Fleur / Momentum / Genesis Medley / Silver / Troubled Spirit / The Vigil / Peace / Guitar as Cello / Horizons / Medley G10: Genesis Montreal '74 Lamb Tour California '74 85 min Q:2 Notes: 3 great shows from costume era Genesis! Watcher of the Skies/ Dancing with the Moonlit Knight / The Cinema Show / I Know What I Like / Firth of Fifth / Musical Box / Battle of Epping Forest / Supper's Ready / (Lamb Tour Clips - some are silent, some have dubbed sound - these clips are truly amazing and rare - Gabriel in Slipperman costume - Includes Lamia section) / Dancing with the Moonlit Knight / The Cinema Show / I Know What I Like / Firth of Fifth / Musical Box / Supper's Ready G11: Peter Gabriel Kansas City '82 AUD 120 min Q:4 Notes: Stationary camera, dark fuzzy picture. Last 3 songs from Germany? Rhythm of the Heat / I Have The Touch / Not One of Us / Family and the Fishing Net / Shock the Monkey / Milgram's 37 / Family Snapshot / Intruder / I Go Swimming / Lay Your Hands On Me / Solsbury Hill / I Don't Remember / San Jacinto / On The Air / Rhythm of the Heat / Family and the Fishing Net / Shock the Monkey G12: Steve Hackett Rochester, NY 10/30/81 90 min Q:1.5 Notes: Great close-ups! Ian Moseley on drums pre-Marillion! Air Conditioned Nightmare / Jacuzzi / Funny Feeling / Ace of Wands / Picture Postcard / Everyday / Red Flower... / A Tower Struck Down and more! Plus about 30 more that I'll get to typing sometime... ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||| Paul Carrack ||| ||| Appendix I ||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| In addition to being Mike and the Mechanics' singer, he was in the bands Ace and Squeeze. Solo albums: 1982 Suburban Voodoo (some pretty decent songs, lots of keyboards with a 70's feel to it.) 1987 One Good Reason (includes "One Good Reason", "Don't Shed A Tear", "Give Me A Chance", etc) 1989 Groove Approved (includes "I Live By The Groove","Tip Of My Tongue", "Only My Heart Can Tell") Greatest hits: The Carrack Collection (US) (includes"Tempted", "How Long","Silent Running","Do Me Lover",etc) Carrackter Reference (UK) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||| Unreleased Genesis Material ||| ||| Appendix II ||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| [Genesis has released mostly all of their outtakes and b-sides, and what hasn't been officially released has oftentimes been illegally released or played on radio programs and then bootlegged. Still, in spite of this, some tracks have never been on any record or anything. Some released tracks have been included to establish context. Rumor says Tony has all the old tapes, demos (for example Gallo claims to have heard them!)... The editor has chosen to include a few items which have appeared on radio programs and have been bootlegged in order to fill in a few gaps, mainly because these items were not intended for release and the fact that they've been recorded and not been lost forever is a miracle.] The first demo tape for King, Easter 1967 Chiswick, London, consisted of: She's Beautiful self-described best of the songs on this tape, first Tony/Peter collaboration, later given different lyrics and used as The Serpent on FGTR Try A Little Sadness That's Me (Ant/Mike) Listen On Five Don't Wash Your Back Patricia Instrumental, given lyrics as In Hiding on FGTR The second demo tape for King in summer 1967 had: When the Sour Turns to Sweet The Image Blown Out She's Beautiful (new version) Try A Little Sadness (new version) A third demo tape of 8 or more songs was made in 1968, none ever recorded, with more complexity -- playing, mood changes...(I personally suspect Let Us Make Love and the Shepherd were part of this, because they seem to fit here well.) Including tracks called: Barnaby's Adventure Fourteen Years Too Long A fourth demo tape in 1968 (no info on how many songs) Everywhere Is Here (first and second singles released) After FGTR King really lost interest in Genesis at this point. Tony at a university wrote part of Supper (Eternal Sanct.) and 2 other songs without words that eventually showed up on Trick. The Movement 45 minutes, bits used for Get Em Out By Friday, Stagnation Demos for Trespass Dusk -- then called Family White Mountain Going Out To Get You Pacidy Music for a BBC documentary soundtrack Part of Looking for Someone acoustic Musical Box Anyway (Eventually used in the Lamb) Peace Live in 1973 was originally planned as a double album, with a full version of Supper's Ready on the second LP. The double album was scrapped in favor of a really cheap single LP for department stores in order to broaden Genesis' potential listeners. There were some test pressings of the double album, though, which are true collector's items. (Armando Gallo really glosses over this album, and barely mentions it!) (See also the main discography entry on Live) The Shout (Banks, Rutherford)-- Tony and Mike collaborated for the soundtrack of this film in 1979, but it was never released. Rumor says that Tony's 'From the Undertow' on A Curious Feeling has the main theme from this soundtrack. (No one who has seen the movie has ever commented on the veracity of this, if in fact anyone has ever seen the movie.) Silver Song -- an Anthony Phillips track on which Phil and Mike appeared. Phil sang. The plan was for a release in 7", which finally was cancelled and never released, but was once played on some kind of radio program, and bootlegged. More recently Ant wanted to put this song onto one of his albums that was going to be re-released on CD. Phil didn't give his permission to use the vocals, so Ant re-recorded it and sang it himself. (Note that some people maintain that Silver Song was Phil's first solo release -- this is not true, it was an Anthony Phillips song.) Phil Demos: Both Please Don't Ask and Tomorrow Never Knows have had their demo versions played on radio shows, and then bootlegged. These demos were not released. Rat Race (Phil Collins) -- this is a song used on one episode of Miami Vice, the song is the music from (the non-album) The Man With the Horn, and different lyrics. It was never released on a Miami Vice soundtrack or in any other form. The Border (Tony Banks) -- in a Keyboard magazine interview, Tony said that The Border originally was much longer (12 minutes) and had a serene middle section which was mostly instrumental. He claims the middle could stand on its own, but has never said if he used it in another song or not. The full-length version was never released. There is a wild rumor -- and that's all -- of a Brand X studio album from after Do They Hurt which was never released. Also, three songs were written but not recorded for We Can't Dance. Demos must exist somewhere in Genesis' studio. ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||| Name's the Same ||| ||| (Bands and Cover Bands) ||| ||| (and covers by other artists) ||| ||| Appendix III ||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Some bands have been so inspired by Genesis they've named themselves after Genesis songs. This leads to no end of confusion and puzzlement. Not to mention the original USA Genesis which came before our Genesis, who also released an album. (Most of these are INCREDIBLY hard to find in the first place.) Some information about these bands is presented for completeness, to clue in the Genesis fan about their existance and what their music was like. The testimonials are from a Progressive Rock Survey and have been edited to be as subjective as possible. Genesis ------- The "other" Genesis in the USA that caused a name conflict with our Genesis when From Genesis To Revelation was going to be released in the USA also released an album. (Watch out for this in the Genesis bins at record stores/shows, especially being passed off as a real Genesis album.) 'Genesis - In the Beginning' Mercury Stereo SR 61175, 1968 there is a song called 'Mary, Mary', which is different from the one on the Happy The Man bootleg (qv). [The editor, never having heard either, can't confirm nor deny that.] Happy the Man ------------- HTM produced some stirring, complex, melodic, and MUSICAL works, although they are rather rare, they are certainly very accessible. The band claims to be influenced by Genesis, Yes, and Gentle Giant although they really do not sound anything like any of those bands. The compositions tend to be rather complex and challenging, but they cleverly avoid falling into that dissonant trap that so many bands fall in to when they try to write something complex (e.g., the mid-sect- ion of Yes's 'Ritual'). HTM maintains a melodic approach to everything they write. [The editor has heard only one HTM song and can't comment on the band. But everything the editor has heard about HTM has been good.] Throughout their existance as a functioning band (from 1974-1978) they recorded three marvelous lp's. The following musicians appear on each one of these: 1. Frank Wyatt - piano, el. piano, organ, flute, sax 2. Stanley Whitaker - guitars 3. Rick Kennell - bass 4. Kit Watkins - synths, piano, el. piano, organ, flute Each album had a different drummer. The discography below shows the albums and who played drums on them: 1. Happy The Man (1977) - drums: Mike Beck produced by Ken Scott, of David Bowie and Supertramp fame. This album defines the band's sound very well, one that endured throughout their career. 2. Crafty Hands (1978) - drums: Ron Riddle 3. Happy The Man 3rd: Better Late.... - drums: Coco Roussel a. Retrospective (a CD compilation of most of first and second lp, with some stuff from 3rd) b. Beginnings (features material recorded live in 2-track studio in 1974-75. Features a singer called Cliff Fortney who left the band before being signed to Arista) For Absent Friends ------------------ ??? Foxtrot ------- This band hails from Norway, and has only one release entitled " A Shadow of the Past". Despite their name, they remind one much more of later Camel (ala Stationary Traveler) than old Genesis. Their music is very melodic and pleasing to the ear, with excellent vocals and instrumentation. Trespass -------- ??? Over The Garden Wall -------------------- ...is *the* Genesis cover band. They play Genesis material from all phases of the band's career, with perhaps a little more emphasis on the older material. They stay for the most part in the northeast USA and Canada, and are based in Montreal. They are outstanding musicians and do a great job with the material. The singer sounds like both Collins and Gabriel without really sounding like either. Genesis officially knows what they do and approves of it. They do not have any albums or recording available, since Genesis doesn't really want them selling albums of them doing Genesis material. (This isn't to say, however, that they haven't been bootlegged.) Original material is in the works... ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||| Music Publishers ||| ||| Appendix IV ||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| (this appendix is under construction) UK GENESIS When released: Present day: 1968/9 Jonjo Music (Jonathan King) Same (?) 1970-2 Stratsong/Carlin Music (?) Same 1973-5 Genesis Music Ltd (?) Genesis Music/Hit & Run Music (Publ) 1976/7 Fuse Music Ltd AB Ltd/PC Ltd/MR Ltd/SH Ltd/Hit & Run 1978-9 Hit & Run Music (Publishing) Ltd AB Ltd/PC Ltd/MR Ltd/Hit & Run Music 1980-2 Crosssound Ltd/Spreadsound Ltd/Effectsound Ltd/H & R (same as above?) 1983-93 Anthony Banks Ltd/Phil Collins Ltd/Mike Rutherford Ltd/Hit & Run Music


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