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źWPC:Directory of » »»»żżż żWomen®Oriented Alternative Music Bands with FemaleVocalists Updated November 1993 Please send info, updates, and corrections to: Carrie Carolin PO Box 94221 Seattle, WA 98124 (206/764®3285) This list is available for $1, CASH, from the above address.The list is published and updated quarterly. »»żżThe list iscopyrighted but you may feel free to make as many copies as youneed to share with friends etc. as long as you leave the listintact and complete, and please leave my name and address on it soI can continue to receive updates. Please only send info on bands with FEMALE VOCALISTS, who singLEAD vocals, or sing dual vocals with a male, as long as the femalesings on 30% on the songs (backup vocals do NOT count). When yousend me info about your band please include members' names, abooking phone number, and a fan mail address ® a lot of letters tobands are getting lost at the band's record label. I'm gearing upto start including some B&W photos in the next update so if youhave some previously unpublished pics to send me please do. I maybe doing a cable®access girlie video show in December so if youhave a video or two, let's talk! Listing format is: Band name; home town/band fan mail address,phone; members' names; type of music; discography; recordlabel/address; booking phone number. 360's Salem, Massachusetts. Audrey Clark. Supernatural CD (Link Records, 121 West 27th St., Suite 401, New York, NY 10001). Acoustic Soda PO Box 8513, Portland, OR 97207. Regina, Renee(formerly in Caustic Soda). Self®titled CS. Adickdid Punk/melodic. All American Girl/Columbus 7" (IMPRecords, PO Box 34, Portland, OR 97207). Adulterous Woman PO Box 738, Tempe, AZ 85280®0738. Alt/rock.Camping In Anger CS ($5). A.P.P.L.E. 25 Van Dam St., Brooklyn, New York 11222. Jae, vocals. A Sensitive Fascist Is Very Rare LP (Vinyl Communications, PO Box8623, Chula Vista, CA 92012).» »»»ż żżż»»» » żżż żApollo Landing Trouble CD®5 (Polygram).» »»» żżż ż» »»» ż żżżArson Garden»»» »żżż ż April Combs. Alt. rock. Wisteria LP; Drink a Drink of You 7" EP (Vertebrae Records, 2301 Whispering Dr., Indianapolis,IN 46239). ’ Autoclave (disbanded) Washington, DC. Mary Timoney, Christina Billotte. I'll Take You Down/Go Far/It's Not Real Life 12" EP (KRecords, PO Box 7154, Olympia, WA 98507). The Avengers (disbanded) Los Angeles. Penelope Houston. Punk. Azalea Snail Folk/punk. Burnt Sienna CD (Funky Mushroom, PO Box100270, Brooklyn, NY 11210). Babe the Blue Ox PO Box 170518, Brooklyn, NY 10017®0518. HannaFox, Rose Thomson, Tim Thomas. Dual vocals. Self®titled 7"; BoxCS/CD (Homestead, PO Box 800, Rockville Centre, NY 11571). Babes In Toyland Rock/punk. Kat Bjelland, Lori Barbero (owns Spanish Fly label, at 254` Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis, Minn 55404ATTN: Tom Duclos), Maureen Herman. Peel Sessions 10" (Dutch EastIndia); Dust Code Boy/Spit to See the Shine 7" (Treehouse Records);Fontanelle CD (Reprise); To Mother EP; Spanking Machine CS/LP/CD. Backwash c/o John Doe Productions, 541 NE 42nd St., #102, BocaRaton, FLA 33431. (407/362®9079). Scyndie Dietz, Dave Burns, HalMcCabe, Dan Kwains. Backwash 3 song cassette ($3 from John DoeProds.); self®titled 7" (John Doe); V/A "We Still Can't Help It IfWe're From Florida" comp. 7" with 7 other bands (Burrito Records,3421 SE Micanopy Terrace, Stuart, FLA 34997); Backwash/Failure Face7"; (Burrito); several compilations. » »ż żBad Dream House c/o Nina Kyle; 9 ® 8th Ave., Apt. #1; Danbury, CT06810. (203/792®2948). Band of Susans c/o Trace Elements, 172 East 4th St., #11D, New York, NY 10009. (212/260®7431). Susan Stenger, Robert Poss. Rock.Dual vocals. Blessing And Curse EP (Trace Elements/Blast First);Hope Against Hope LP/CS (Blast First); Love Agenda CS/CD (Blast First/Restless); The Word and the Flesh CD (Rough Trade/Restless);Now CD®EP (Restless); Veil CD, Mood Swing 7" (Restless, 1616 VistaDel Mar, Hollywood, CA 90028®6420 (213/957®4357). Barbie Complex Ali, Christy. Rock/folk. 2 cassettes; Dead Rabbit/Now 7" (Fishfur Records, 191 Baltic St., Brooklyn, NY 11201). Beatmistress Linda LeSabre (formerly in Death Ride 69). Techno/tribal/ritualistic/performance. Primal 1 CS (Piece of MindRecords). Bedlam Rovers Caroleen Beatty. Waller CD (Spirit, PO Box 170195,San Francisco, CA 94117). Bel Canto Norway. Anneli Drecker, Nils Johansen. Alternative/melodic. Vocals in English, French, Dutch. Shimmering, Warm andBright CS/CD (Dali); Birds of Passage CD (Nettwerk). ’ Beme Seed Kathleen Lynch. Gothic. Purify CD (Caroline). Bettie Serveert Fan mail: Marnixstraat 181ths, 1015 VP Amsterdam,HOLLAND). Carol van Dijk, Berend Dubbe, Peter Visser, HermanBunskoeki. Pop. Palomine CD (Matador); Tomboy 7"/MiniCD (MatadorCanada). Cindy Lee Berryhill Los Angeles/San Diego. Folk. Who's GonnaSave? LP. V/A Radio Tokyo Tapes #3 "Damn, I Wish I Were A Man." Big Hat Chicago. Yvonne Brunner, Char®Malloy Baum, Preston Klik,Jim Stallman. Violins, trumpets, electronic music. Shimmer CD(C'est La Mort, Box 91, Baker, LA 70714); Selena At My WindowCS/CD, Inamorata CS/CD (March Records, PO Box 578396, Chicago, IL60657). Bikini Kill Punk. Kathleen Hannah, Kathi Wilcox, Tobi Vail, Billy Karren. Bikini Kill EP; Revolution Girl Style Now CS (SimpleMachines); Double Dare Ya LP; split LP with England's Huggy Bear;New Radio 7" EP (Kill Rock Stars, 120 State Ave. NE #418, Olympia,WA 98501). Bimbo Shrineheads c/o Tulpa Productions, PO Box 860, Willmantic, CT 06226. (203/423®1415). Pagan punk. Ima Da Una Radia EP (VandalChildren Records, Hartford, CT 06126®0805). Bjork (from Sugarcubes) Debut CS/CD (Elektra). Black Angel's Death Song Lisa Nardoni, Jim Miller, Jack Gould, John Connors. Gothic/tribal. Dual vocals. Sinning with a Policy CD(Hell Yeah); In These Times EP (PO Box 70015, Los Angeles, CA90017). Blackgirls Folk pop. Happy LP/CS/CD; Procedure LP/CS/CD. Blake Babies (disbanded) Juliana Hatfield. Rosy Jack World LP; Sunburn CS/CD; Earwig CS/CD; Innocence and Experience CS/CD(Mammoth). Blatz Annie, Anna Lelani, Joey, Marshall. Dual vocals. Punk.Cheaper Than The Beer 7" EP; Shit Split LP/CS (Lookout! Records, POBox 11374, Berkeley, CA 94701). Blue Green Gods c/o Jettison; PO Box 2873, Durham, NC 27715. Pop.Takin' The Back Stairs EP. Blue Star Holland. Ingrid van den Boogaard, Tonny Sikkes, EdwinPaanakker. One In A Million 7" (Kelt Records, Utrecht, Holland);Sometimes/Tripper One 7" ($4 from ND, PO Box 4144, Austin, TX’ The Blue Up? Minneapolis. Rachel Olson, Carolyn Rush, ReneeBranch. Cake and Eat It CD (Catacombs, 1100 Colne St., St. Paul, MN55103). Bobsled PO Box 2582, Los Angeles, CA 90078. Jula Bell (formerlyin Bulimia Banquet). Punk. Jula Bell is currently active with RockFor Choice organization. 5 song CS EP. Bongwater (disbanded). Folk/pop/punk. Ann Magnuson, Kramer, DavidLicht. Breaking No New Ground EP; Double Bummer LP; Too Much SleepCD; The Power Of Pussy CD; The Big Sell®Out CD (Shimmy®Disc, J.A.F.Box 1187, New York, NY 10116); The Peel Session CD®5 (StrangeFruit, PO Box 800, Rockville Centre, New York 11571). Borax Dierdra Manceau, Jackie Roland. »»» »ż żżż»»żż»»» »żżż żBoss Hog Cristina (from Pussy Galore), Hollis. Cold Hands LP;Girl+ CS/CD (Amphetamine Reptile, Box O, 2645 1st Ave. S.,Minneapolis, MN 55408). Front Line Booking, Andrew Bennett(612/874®0300). Bratmobile PO Box 1473, Olympia, WA 98507. (206/786®6980). Girl Germs zine also available. Allison Wolfe (vocals; Olympia address),Erin Smith (guitar; PO Box 1754, Bethesda, MD 20827®1754), MollyNeuman (drums; PO Box 14841, Berkeley, CA 94701). Pop/punk. KissAnd Ride 7" (Homestead); Cool Schmool 12" (with Heavens To Betsy)(K Records); split 45 with Brainiac (12x12 Records); PottymouthLP/CS/CD (Kill Rock Stars); split 7" with Tiger Trap (Four LetterWords, 17 Heritage Ct., Belmont, CA 94002); split 45 with VeronicaLake (Simple Machines).. The Breeders Dayton, Ohio. Kim Deal (formerly in the Pixies),Kelley Deal, Josephine Wiggs (formerly in Perfect Disaster), TanyaDonnelly (formerly in Throwing Muses), Jim Macpherson. Pod LP(4AD); Safari EP/CD (4AD); Last Splash CS/CD (4AD/Elektra). The Brood Portland, Maine. Punk/garage. I'll Come Again/Knock OnMy Door 7"; Vendetta LP/CD (Estrus, PO Box 2125, Bellingham, WA98227); Since He's Been Gone 7"; In Spite of It All LP.. Bebe Buell Rock. Gargoyle/Bored Baby 7" (Ultra Under Records, POBox 1667, Cove Creek, AZ 85331). Bulimia Banquet Los Angeles. Jula Bell. Punk. Disbanded. Burning Bush Phoenix, AZ. Rock/pop. Self®titled 7" (Vinyl Communications). Calamity Jane Gillyann Hanner, Meg Hannes, Lisa Koenig. Say It 7" (IMP Records); My Spit 7" (Sympathy); Martha Jane Canary LP(Caroline); Love Song/Believe 7" (Tim/Kerr, P.O. Box 42423,Portland, OR 97242).’ Caterwaul Los Angeles. Betsy Martin. Gothic/trance. The Nature of Things LP; Pin And Web LP; Portent Hue LP/CD (IRS). Caveman Shoestore PO Box 19785, Portland, OR 97280®0785. Elainedi Falco, Henry Franzoni, Ted Chalenor. Master Cylinder CD(Tim/Kerr). Cell Mates Pamela and Paula Mattiolo. Rock. Between Two Fires CD (Scott Bros., 2114 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405). Charlotte's Web 816 Avon, #2, Flint, MI 48503 (313/238®3846).Charlotte Ceara, Russel Reagan, R.J. Smirnoff, Dan Titigar. "mysticprogressive punk." Metamorphosis CS. Chia Pet Christina Kelly (from Sassy), Karen, Jane. Pop/punk. HeyBaby 12" EP (Kokopop, 33 ® 34th St., 6th Floor, Brooklyn, NY11232). Chumbawamba Britain. Alice Nutter. »»żżCockpit San Francisco. Carla (vocals), Katie (bass), Karen(drums), Kelly (guitar), Claudia (keyboards), Beth (bass). Punk.Scrut CS (K Records); Sick And Tired EP (Mudflab Records, 163Central #4, San Francisco, CA 94117). Cocteau Twins UK. Elizabeth Fraser, Robin Guthrie. Alt/melodic/ethereal. Treasure LP/CS, Blue Bell Knoll LP/CS, Heaven or LasVegas LP/CS/CD (4AD). Come Boston, MA. c/o SubPop, 1932 First Ave., Suite 1103,Seattle, WA 98101. Thalia Zedek (formerly in Live Skull), ArthurJohnson, Chris Brokaw (formerly in Codeine), Sean O'Brien. FastPiss Blues 7"; Car 7"; Eleven: Eleven CD (Matador, 676 Broadway,4th Floor, New York, NY 10012). Common Language Seattle. Charlene Easter. Alt. rock. Sharks ToBlood EP (Blast First UK).» » »»ż żżżComrade Bane Oregon. Mary.» » ż żCorndolly Rock/pop. Come Out/Sex Kitten 7"; Human Cannonball 7"(Mud, 201 N. Coler, Urbana, IL 61801).» »»»ż ż» »żż »»ż ż» »żżż żCradle of Thorns Gothic. Dual vocals. » »»»ż ż» »żż ż żCranberries Dolores O'Riordan. Everybody Else...CS/CD (Island).» » ż ż The Cranes UK. Alison Shaw.» »ż ż Forever LP/MC/CD (RCA); Wings of JoyCS/CD (Dedicated/BMG).»»» »żż»» żżż ż’ Crawling With Tarts Suzanne Dycus. Pop. Lavender Bobby 7"; New Caldonia CS (ASP, PO Box 24908, Oakland, CA 94623). The Creamers Leesa Poole, Andrea, RJ, Bob. Hurry Up and waitCS/CD (Triple X Records, PO Box 862529, Los Angeles, CA 90086). Cub Canada. Lisa, Robynn, Valeria. Self®titled 7" EP (Mint Records, #699®810 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4C9, Canada.) Curlew Amy Denio, George Cartwright. A Beautiful Western SaddleCD (Cuneiform, PO Box 8427, Silver Spring, MD 20907®8427). Currer Bell 3369 N. Clark, #2A, Chicago, IL 60657. Carol"Pickles" Lawford, Ronna Bee, Rob Medcalf. Slinky/Camel's Iris 7";Entropy King/Gemini 7" (Faye Records, PO Box 7332, Columbia, MO65205. Each single is $3.50 ppd.) Curve (formerly State of Play) Britain. Toni Halliday (Formerly from The Uncles), Debbie Smith, Dean Garcia (former Eurythmicsbassist), Alex Mitchell. Blindfold EP; Frozen EP; DoppelgangerLP/CD (Anxious Records); Pubic Fruit CD (Charisma/Virgin). » »ż ż» »ż ż»»» »ż żżżDaisy Chainsaw Britain. Katie Jane Garside, Crispin Grey, Richard Adams, Vince Johnson. Lovesickpleasure EP; Eleventeen CD (A&M). Damn Near Red Richmond, VA. Damon and Naomi formerly in Galaxie 500. Dual vocals. More Sad Hits LP (produced by Kramer) (Shimmy®Disc). The Daou Dance music. Head Music CD (Columbia). Dark Carnival Detroit, MI. Rock. Niagara (vocalist). The Darling Buds Britain. Andrea Lewis. Erotica LP/CD. Darlins Judy. 4822 Ben Ave., N. Hollywood, CA 91607. Self®titled CS; Take Me Dancin' 7" (Sympathy). »»» »żżż żDanielle Dax Britain. Alt rock/noise/gothic. Inky Bloaters LP; Cathouse LP; Jesus Egg That Wept LP (AOR Records). » »»» ż żżżDC Beggars c/o Rathouse Records, 1900 E. Denny Way, Seattle, WA 98122. (206/726®1627). Carla Sindle, Julian Gibson, Adrian Garver,Steve Gero. Punk. You're So Pretty EP; Self®titled CS (Rathouse);7" single (Smilin' Ear). Death Becomes Barbie PO Box 94221, Seattle, WA 98124. CarrieCarolin, Renee Spleen (from Showerhead). Gothic/industrial/tribal. »»» »żżż żAmy Denio (from Tone Dogs.) Birthing Chair Blues CD. » »»»ż ż» »żżż ż’ ż żżżDigital Orgasm Britain. Nikki Van Lierop (Jade). Techno/rave. Dirt Fishermen Seattle. Alternative. Vena Cava CS/CD (C/ZRecords, 1407 E. Madison #41, Seattle, WA 98122). Dog Faced Hermans Amsterdam. Marion, Colin, Wilf, Andy. Human FlyLP; Every Day Timebomb LP; Hum of Life (Project A Bomb Records, POBox 4233, Industrial Station, St. Paul, MN 55104). » »ż żDreams Made Flesh Dual female/male vocals. Great Men 45 EP (Interplanet Records, 5 Dale Ct., Stoneham, MA 02180).» » »»żżż ż Drip Tank PO Box 88900®475, San Diego, CA 92166. Punk. Dualvocals. Slake CD (Cargo...?) Dutch Oven Prospective Records; PO Box 6425, Minneapolis, MN 55406. Punk. Whammy/Mary Ellen 7". Earwig: Kirsty Yates. Piano/guitar/electronic. Under My Skin I AmLaughing CD (La®Di®Da, 57 Davigdor Rd., Hove, E. Sussex BN3 1RA,UK). 8 Bark Dual female/male vocals. Victoria. Structurally Sound LP (Underdog Records, PO Box 14182, Chicago, IL 60614). The Ellen James Society Slow rock/folk. The Survivors Parade CD; Reluctantly We CS/CD (Sky Records, 6400 Atlantic Blvd., Suite 220, Norcross, GA 20071). Everything But The Girl Tracey Thorn, Ben Watt. Worldwide CD (Atlantic). Everything Eats A Squirrel PO Box 14592, Richmond, VA 23221. (804/359®2295). The Ex PO Box 635, 1000 AP Amsterdam, Holland. Katrin. Dualvocals. Aural Guerilla CD (Homestead); Tummult CD (Fist Puppet). F. Defective PO Box 9663, Fountain Valley, CA 92708. (714/550® 4703). D'Monic, Beth Death, Franky. "Dark, grungy, hardcore thrashsound with definite hints of punk." Children of the Darkness video($10); Your Sisters CS ($6). The Fastbacks Seattle. Dual vocals. Kim Warnick, Lulu Gargiulo,Kurt Bloch. Punk. Zucker LP/CS/CD (SubPop). Fetchin' Bones (disbanded). Fan mail: PO Box 10407, Charlotte, NC28212. Hope Nicholls, Dana Pentes, Aaron Pitkin, CLay Richardson,Errol Stewart. Alt. Monster CS/CD (Capitol). Fifth Column Caroline, Beverly. Punk. All Women Are Bitches 7"; Donna 7"; Just A Little Miss Andress CS/LP (K Records). ’ Ronnie Fugiyama, Chellio Panther, Salad the Geisha Girl.Rock/Punk. Edie is a Sweet Candy EP; Can't Help It CD (RockvilleRecords, 150 W. 28th, #501, New York, NY 10001); Walk Like JayneMansfield 7" (Estrus). Floorshow Julie Sena. Gothic. Self®titled CS (Dismal/AbysmalRecords, PO Box 1120, New York, NY 10023). Forward Punk. Young Blood 7" (Round Flat Records, 63 Lennox Ave., Buffalo, NY 14226). 4 Non Blondes c/o Interscope Records; 10900 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1230; Los Angeles, CA 90024. Punk. Linda Perry. Bigger, Better,Faster, More! CS/CD (Interscope/Atlantic). Fracas 1812 Jade Place, Victoria, BC CANADA V8P 3E4. TaniaWegwitz, Sylvia Kenny, Calvin Dick. Punk. Self®titled CS. Freak Baby c/o Woodchuck; 15 Library Place, #3C; Danbury, CT06810. Rock/punk. Peel/Book 7". Free Kitten Julie Cafritz (of Pussy Galore); Kim Gordon (of SonicYouth). Frostbite Katey Gartside (formerly in Daisy Chainsaw), Einar Orn(formerly in Sugarcubes). Diamanda Galas Dark, operatic melodies, eerie chanting, and screaming. You Must Be Certain of the Devil LP; Plague MassTrilogy LP/CD; Masque of the Red Death LP/CS/CD (Mute); The DivinePunishment & Saint Of The Pit CD (Restless/Mute); The Singer CS/CD(Mute/Elektra); Vena Cava CD (Mute). Geko c/o Gekosphere, PO Box 481051; Los Angeles, CA 90048. Carrie McNinch, Sarah Folkman. Gothic. Probing The Gash In Her Head 7" EP;Chrome CS; Join My Pretty World CD (Open Records, PO Box 482,Paoli, PA 19301). Girls In The Nose PO Box 49828; Austin, TX 78765. Rock. Self® titled EP; Origin of the World CD. The Gits (disbanded due to tragic death of singer Mia Zapata) c/oRathouse Records; 1900 E. Denny Way; Seattle, WA 98122. Mia Zapata,Steve, Matt, Mike. Punk. Frenching The Bully LP (C/Z Records);Spear & Magic Helmet CD (Broken Rekids, PO Box 460402, SanFrancisco, CA 94146). Second Skin/Social Love 7". Gloo Girls Pop. Yo Blondie/Barbie USA 7" (Dionysus Records, PO Box 1975; Burbank, CA 91507); self titled 7", split EP withPoncherellos (Bible Belt Records). ’ Go Bang's Japan. Kaori Moriwaka, Mitsuko Saito, Misa Tanishima.Pop. I Could Be In Heaven 7" (K Records). Pamela Golden c/o Park Avenue Records; PO Box 19473; Seattle, WA 98109. Happens All The Time CD (Produced by Steve Fisk.) Grenadine Jenny Toomey (from Tsunami); Mark Robinson (of Unrest). Fillings 7" (Simple Machines); Goya CD (Shimmy®Disc). Growing Up Skipper 110 ® 9th Ave. #2C; New York, NY 10011. (212/727®7590; 212/529®3321). Jane and Laura. Pop punk. Use Only AsDirected EP (The Making of Americans, PO BOx 20871, Tompkins Square Station, New York, NY 10009). Guttersluts c/o Vinyl Solution; PO Box 6601; San Mateo, CA 94403. Untapped EP. Kristen Hall Albums feature Emily from Indigo Girls, Cindy from B®52's, and John from Psychedelic Furs. Fact and Fiction CD; RealLife Stuff CS/CD. Hammerbox Seattle. Alt. rock. Carrie Akre. C/Z Records (1407 E. Madison #41, Seattle, WA 98122). Self titled CS/CD; Numb CS/CD(A&M). Juliana Hatfield Three (formerly with Blake Babies), Todd Philips(formerly in Bullet La Volta), Dean Fisher.. Pop. I See You EP;Forever Baby EP; Hey Babe CS/CD; Become What You Are CS/CD (MammothRecords; Carr Mill 2nd Floor; Carrboro, NC 27510). » »ż żHeavenly Oxford, England. Amelia Fletcher (formerly in The Wedding Present).» » ż żPop.» » ż żHeavenly Vs. Satan LP; Le Jardin de HeavenlyLP/CD (K Records); P.U.N.K. Girl 10"/mini CD (K); P.U.N.K.Girl/Hearts and Crosses 7" (Sarah Records, PO Box 691, Bristol,BS99 1FG, ENGLAND).» » »»ż żżż»»żż»»żż»»» » ż żżżHeavens to Betsy PO Box 782, Olympia, WA 98507. Tracey Sawyer. My Secret 7" (K Records); These Monsters Are Real 7" EP (Kill RockStars). Helium Mary Timony (formerly in Autoclave); Shawn King Devlin, Brian Dunton. The American Jean/Termite Tree 7" (Warped Records, POBox 551, Brookline, MA 02146). Meg Hentges PO Box 4369, Austin, TX 78765. Meg Hentges, BenBlank. Tattoo Urge CD®EP (Tim/Kerr). Hercules Fetal Jack c/o Puskabb, 116 W. 19th Ave., Oshkosh, WI 54901. Punk. Live tape $2.’ »»» »ż żżżHis Name Is Alive PO Box 114, Fraser, MI 48026. Karen Oliver, Melissa Elliott. Gothic/ethereal. Livonia LP/CD; Home Is In YourHead LP/CD (4AD); Mouth By Mouth CS/CD (4AD/Warner). Hole Courtney Love, Jill Emery, Caroline Rue, Eric Erlandson. Punk. Pretty On The Inside LP (Caroline); Teenage Whore/Drown Soda7"; Retard Girl 7"; Live Through This EP (Caroline); BeautifulSon/20 Years in Dakota 7" (City Slang); Live Through This EP(Caroline). Holy Water (formerly Raszebra; formerly Ringling Sisters). PO Box93802, Los Angeles, CA 90033. Debbie Patino. Ethereal music.Superstition Highway 7", Self®titled CS (Piece of Mind Records). Honeybucket Rock. Hammerhead EP (Blatant Records, PO Box 10173, Olympia, WA 98502). Huggy Bear UK. Jo, Mikki, Chris. Punk (UK's Riot Grrrl band). Hugo Largo Folk rock. Mettle LP/CS. Humper c/o Mike Westfall and Lisa Gerhan; 221 Seward Place; Schenectady, NY 12305. (518/372®2263). Lisa Husik Pop/melodic rock. Your Bag LP; The Return of Red EmmaLP/CS (Shimmy®Disc). Hyperdrive Kittens Pop. Phone Sex Girls/Lipstick 7" (Whip N CreamMusic, PO Box 40267, Berkeley, CA 94704). In The Nursery Classical/ethereal vocals. L'Espirit CS/CD (WaxTrax). Insaints Berkeley. Marian Anderson, Daniel, Josh, Greg. Punk.Lots of sex and urination at live shows. Sins of Saints CS. Insane Jane Chris Callas. Alt. rock. Each Finger CS/CD; A Green Little Pill CS/CD (Sky Records). Inside Out PO Box 1662, Royal Oak, MI 48068. Lynda Mandolyn, Karen Neal, Kathy Carrell. Rock "butchcore". Cesspool ofFate/Mirrors 7" ($4 from Icon Records, PO Box 1746, Royal Oak, MI48068); Do It Yourself Nosejob 7" EP (Ding Dong Ditch Records, c/oAnthony Williamson, 3120 Bloomfield LN #1011, Auburn Hills, MI48326); Take You Apart.. She's Lost Her Head 12" (ProfaneExistence, PO Box 8722, Minneapolis, MN 55408). Jack Killed Jill (415/495®3460, 415/647®4055). The Playground CS. Jack O'Nuts c/o Center of Malcontinence; PO Box 1144; Athens, GA ’ Jack or Jive Japan. Chakos. Synth/pop/gothic. Mujyo CD (Dragnet,Aureliusstr, 1®3, 5100 Aachen, Germany). Wendy James (formerly in Transvision Vamp). Pop. Now Ain't TheTime For Tears CS/CD (songs co®written with Elvis Costello) (DGC). Jehovah's Waitresses Linda Roy, Janice Fields. Folk/rock. Shake Your Buddha CD (Sound of the Sea, PO Box 18078, Cleveland Heights,OH 44118.) Judy and the Loadies Judy. Gift of Knowledge CD (Lookout!). Kamala and the Karnivores (disbanded). Kamala, Ivy, Todd. GirlBand 7" (Lookout!) »»» »żżż ż» »ż żKill Sybil (formerly Sybil). "Three chicks and two dicks" TammyWatson, Leslie Hardy, Robin Peringer, CJ Phillips, DaleBalenseifen. "Power®pop®punk®rock®n®roll." Olympia 7"; Fairlane 7"EP; Self®titled LP/CD (Empty Records, PO Box 12034; Seattle, WA98102). » »»»żżż ż» »»»żżż żKittenbirds Britain. Guitar rock. Self®titled CD®5 (Paperhouse,21a Maury Rd., London N16 7BP, UK). Kitty Litter New York. Punk. Stephanie (from Shrieking Violets) and Melissa (from Sugar Shack). Kreviss Canada. 8 female guitarists. Sara Lapsley (604/251¨9418). Worst band I've ever heard play live, but may have improvedsince. Unveiled/You Think 7" from Scratch, 317 Cambie St.,Vancouver, BC, V6B 2N4, CANADA. L7 Donita Sparks, Suzi Gardner, Jennifer Finch, Dee Plakas. Punk/rock. L7 CD (Epitaph); Smell The Magic EP (SubPop); Bricks AreHeavy LP/CS/CD (Slash); Pretend We're Dead CD. Jennifer Finch andDonita Sparks formed Rock For Choice organization in 1992. Amy Lamotta Rock. Playing Dead/Look At Me 7" (Ultra Under, PO Box 1867, Cave Creek, AZ 85331). Less Miserables PO Box 423592; San Francisco, CA 94102. Punk. Tape $2. Liberteen Hostesses Punk. Girl/Meat 7" (Droopy's Death; 1216 Myrtle Ave. Apt. #101; Takoma Park, MD 20912). Barbara Lien Let The Reverb Answer CS (Imp). Lithium®Xmas Dual vocals. Psychedelic. Self®titled 7" (Direct HitRecords).’ Lois Washington, D.C. Lois Maffeo (formerly in band Courtney Love, formerly in Lumihoops); Molly Neuman (from Bratmobile);Stuart Moxham (of the Young Marble Giants). Butterfly KissLP/CS/CD; Press Play and Record/Long Time Gone 7"; Strumpet CS/CD(K Records). Lovechild New York. Rebecca Odes, Alan Licht. Dual vocals. Noisypop. Witchcraft CS/CD (Homestead). Love Spirals Downward Gothic/ambient. Idylls CS/CD (Projekt). Lulabox Mary Cassidy. Lunachicks Theo, Gina, Sindi, Squid, Kate. Punk. Babysitters On Acid LP/CD; Apathetic mini®CD; C.I.L.L./Plugg 7" (Vital MusicRecords, PO Box 20247, New York, NY 10028); Binge and Purge CS/CD(Safe House Records, PO Box 349; W. Lebanon, NH 03764). Lydia Lunch Punk; spoken word. Queen of Siam CS/CD; Shotgun Wedding CS/CD (Triple X Records). M®99 Heidi Hellbender, Regina Larocca, Rob Lyndoll, James Mahone.Medicine CD (Tim/Kerr). Madder Rose c/o Spontaneous Generation; 335 Grove St., Box 269; Jersey City, NJ 07302. Mary Larson, Billy Cote. Pop. Headshot/BabyGets High 7". Bring It Down CS/CD (Seed Records, 19 West 21stStreet, Suite 501, New York, NY 10010); Self®titled 7" (Homestead);Swim EP (Seed). Magic Bone c/o Worry Bird Disk; PO Box 95485; Atlanta, GA 30347. Self®titled EP. »»» »żżż żMagnapop Athens, Georgia. Linda Hopper, Ruthie Morris, DavidMcNair. Pop/punk. Self®titled CD (produced by Michael Stipe) (PlayIt Again Sam/Caroline). Manhole Houston, TX. Allison Gibson. Rock. Self®titled 7"; FinalBlow 7" (Direct Hit Records, 3609 Parry Ave., Dallas, TX 75226). Mary's Danish Los Angeles. Julie and Gretchen. Alternative rock. Maul Girls New Jersey. Maxi Badd Seattle. Sarah McLachlan Folk/pop. Steaming mini®CD; Drawn to the Rhythm CD EP; Into the Fire CD EP; Vox CD; Live CD; Path of Thorns CD EP;Solace CD (Arista); Touch CS/CD. ’»»» »żżż ż Medicine Los Angeles. Beth Thompson, Brad Laner (formerly in Savage Republic); Jim Putman, Eddie Ruscha Jr., Jim Goodall. Funkmetal/industrial/noise. Shot Forth Self Living CD (Def AmericanRecords). The Mekons Britain. Punk. Dual vocals. Sally Timms. Honky TonkinLP; The Edge of the World LP; So Good It Hurts CD; Original Sin CD;Rock and Roll LP. The Curse of the Mekons LP (Blast First!). Melting Hopefuls Renee LoBue, Sue Kresge, Max Siebel, RayKetchem. Alt. rock. Prune Juice CS; Suck My Heart/Trying To Catcha UFO 7"; Magnet for Stains EP; Heal Back Harder CS; Pulling AnAllnighter On Myself/Don't Touch Me 7" (Population Records, 38VanRennslear St., Belleville, NJ 07109) (201/751®4170). Miniskirt Mob Pop/New wave. Be My Baby/I Wanna Go To Bed With You 7" (Ultra Under Records). Miranda Sex Garden Britain. 17th century love poems; beautiful vocals, lots of violins. Kelly McCusker, Donna McKevitt, KatharineBlake, Trevor Sharpe, Ben Golomstock. Iris EP; Madra CD(Mute/Elektra). Suspira CS/CD (Mute). The Monarchs Pop/rock. In Mono EP (Bulb, PO Box 8221, Ann Arbor,MI 48107®8221). The Moon Seven Times Champaign, Illinois. Lynn Canfield, GaelaGehring, Don Gerard, Henry Frayne, Brendan Gamble. Alt/ethereal.Self®titled CD (Third Mind, 225 Lafayette St. #407, New York City10012). Morbid Opera Rock. CS avail. from TPOS Productions, 12 Mill Plain Rd., Danbury, CT 06811. Patricia Morrison (formerly in Sisters of Mercy). Solo EP (UK). Mudwimmin c/o IMP Records; PO Box 34, Portland, OR 97207. Mia d'Bruzzi, Rachel Thoele, Lisa Fay, Bambi Nonymous. Punk. Skiz CD(Big Dog Records, 109 Minna St. #591, San Francisco, CA 94105.) The Muffs (with former Pandoras members). Los Angeles. Kim Shattuck, Melanie Vammen, Ronnie Barnett, Criss Crass. Pop/rock.Guilty EP (Au®Go®Go, GPO Box 542D, Melbourne 3001 Victoria,AUSTRALIA); New Love 7" (Sympathy); I Need You 7" (SubPop). I Don'tLike You 7", Big Mouth/Do The Robot 7" (Sympathy); Self®titled’ My Bloody Valentine Britain. Dual vocals. Bilinda Butcher, KevinShields. Industrial/gothic. Loveless CD (Sire). Naked Aggression San Francisco. Kirsten, Kamala (of Cringer), Greg, Phil. Political punk. They Can't Get Me Down EP; Keep YourEyes Open EP; Bitter Youth LP/CS/CD (Broken Rekids, PO Box 460402,San Francisco, CA 94146). Natasha's Ghost Self®titled CS/CD. Nocturnal Playground Gothic. Souls In Syrup CD (Terra Incognita Records, PO Box 17291, Tampa, FLA 33682). Not My Son Seattle. Punk. NSC c/o RU Dead Music, PO Box 11015, Salt Lake City, Utah. Dualvocals. Melodic punk. The Nymphs (disbanded) Los Angeles. Inger Lorre. A Practical Guide to Astral Projection 12" (David Geffen Co.) Odor of Pears Diana Blackwell. Pop. My Soiled Edible Panties CS (406 Melbourne, Columbia, MO 65201). Opal (disbanded) Folk/pop. Happy Nightmare Baby LP/CS/CD (SST). Opium Den Boston. Annette Kramer. Alt. Diary of a Drunken SunCS/CD (Hereafter/Dutch East India). »»» »ż żżżOvarian Trolly Serenity/Rogue 7" (Imp Records). Pain Teens Bliss Blood, Scott Ayers, Kirk Carr, Frank Garymartin.Primal/industrial. Self®titled LP (Anomie Records); Case HistoriesLP/CS, Stimulation Festival CD (Trance Syndicate, PO Box 49771,Austin, TX 78765); Born In Blood CS (Trance); Death Row Eyes/Smell7" (SubPop); Sacrificial Shark EP (C/Z); Destroy Me, Lover LP/CS/CD(Trance); No Resistance film soundtrack. The Pandoras (disbanded due to death of vocalist Paula Pierce. See listing for The Muffs). Los Angeles. Alt. rock. Rock Hard LP;Stop Pretending LP; It's About Time LP (Restless); Nymphomania liveLP (may be a bootleg). Paper Squares Lavendar, Claudia Lehan, Gary Dodd, Seth. Pop/rock. The Large Hotel of Loneliness 7" EP (Fiasco, PO Box 293, Brookline,MA 02146). Paper Tulips Dual vocals. Punk. Orbital CD; Baker's Dozen LP(Flipside, PO Box 60790, Pasadena, CA 91116). Paxston Quiggly PO Box 210, 2625 Alcatraz Ave., Berkeley, CA ’ Perfume Tree Vancouver. Jane, Jim. Ethereal. Dust CD (Zulu). Pet Ufo Souci Broskowitz. Punk. Washington Ave./Page 354 7" (Burnt Sienna Records, 207 Powhatan Ave., Columbus, OH 43204). Phranc Lesbian folk. I Enjoy Being A Girl LP; Positively Phranc CD (Island) and many others. Picasso Trigger c/o Jettison Records; PO Box 2873, Durham, NC 27715. Plutonium 7"; Valentine/Calling God 7". »»» »żżż ż The Picketts Seattle. Christy McWilson, Leroy Sheep.» » ż żRock/folk/ country. Paper Doll CD (PopLlama, Box 95364, Seattle, WA 98145). » »»» żżż żPinky PO Box 3541, Baltimore, MD 21214. Dual vocals. Self®titled 7" EP (Harriet Records, PO Box 649, Cambridge, MA 02238).» »»» żżż ż» »ż żPiss Factory Pop. Autostrada/Bad Day 7" (Big Dog). The Pixies Alt. rock. Kim Deal. Come On Pilgrim LP/CD (4AD); Surfer Rosa (4AD). PJ Harvey Alternative pop. Polly Harvey and her brother, SteveVaughan, Rob Ellis. Dress CD EP; Sheela®Na®Gig 12/CD EP (Too Pure);Dry CD (Island or Too Pure); Rid of Me CS/CD (produced by SteveAlbini) (Island). Info from Lori Somes (212/995®7828). Poole Beth Sorentino. Pop. Tangle Up/In My Ear 7" (spinART, PO Box 1272, Lancaster, PA 17603); song on SpinArt's Pop Licks 45ssingles boxed set. Potential Frenzy PO Box 736, Orlando, FLA 32802 (407/658®4231, 407/823®8760). Norah Salmon (formerly in Gravel), Dave Ewing, PeterOldrid. Dual vocals. Pop/punk. Please Go Away 7" (gold vinyl!);self®titled CS. Presents of Mind New York. Angel Costa, Liz Lamar, Julia Murphy,Viv Stoll. Alt./rock. Dog/Falling 7", 3 song CS EP (Moodswing, 40Harrison St., #14D, New York, NY 10013). Pseudonymphs c/o Pigseye Records, PO Box 6425, Minneapolis, MN 55406. Anuthaday/Blood 7"; I Punched A Cop 7". Psychowelders » »»»żżż żKansas City. Rhondda Francis, Eric George, Scott Seitz, Ken Norvell. Alt. rock. Salamanders CS; The Orphic Egg andthe Rose CS; The Key and the Glove CS (Imaginary Records, PO Box10481, Kansas City, MO 64111); Inertia CD (City Spark Records). Raooul Phyllis, Molly, Maddie, Loren, Melissa. 7" (Lookout!). The Red Aunts 2116 ® 4th St., Long Beach, CA 90814. (310/433® 2370). Terri, Kerry, Debi, Lesley. Punk. Self®titled EP (Hell Yeah,’ The Ringling Sisters Debbie Patino. 60 Watt Reality CD (A&M). Royal Trux Jennifer Herrema, Neil Haggerty. Self®titled LP; TwinInfinitives CS/LP; Cats And Dogs CS/CD (Drag City Records, PO Box476867, Chicago, IL 60647). »»» » żżż żRuby Falls New York City. Cynthia, Jen, Letha, Andrew. Self® titled CS» »»»żżż ż. Angels Two/Special 7" red vinyl (Spartadisc, 117 NorthFifth Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211®3240). Sacred Miracle Cave Betsy. 7" (Sympathy). Sad Pygmy Dual vocals. Punk. Hundred Pound Window CS (Lazy SquidRecords, PO Box 52621, Houston, TX 77052®2621).» »»» ż żżż Saint Etienne Sarah Cracknell, Peter Wiggs, Bob Stanley.Pop/synths. Foxbase Alpha LP/CS/CD; So Tough CS/CD (Warner). Sasquatch PO Box 1751, Torrington, CT 06790. (John, 203/489® 2657; Bregans 203/489®2657; Sas, Luwop, Roach). Dual vocals. 5 songdemo (avail. from band); Sasquatch/Hellspawn 7" (Reduced toSlavery, PO Box 122, Thomaston, CT 06787). »»» »żżż żScrawl Bloodsucker LP/CS/CD (Feels Good All Over, PO Box 148428,Chicago, IL 60614); Misery/Just Plain Bad 7" (Sol, PO Box 966, NewYork, NY 10009); Small Mouth LP; Plus, Also, Too LP; He's Drunk LP. Screaming Venus New York. All®female. Lulu. C/o Burning Eyeball Productions, 176 E. 3rd St., #2A, New York, NY 10009. Rock. Sekiri Japan. Fan mail: Public Bath, PO Box 2134, Madison, WI53701. Miyu, Kumiko, Moai, Aya. Punk. Story of Sekiri CD, Sekiri IICS/CD, Sekiri Valley CS/CD (Alchemy); Take Me To Sekiri CS (PublicBath). Kristina Serra Los Angeles. Dark melodies. Sugar Trippin' EP; Me& Baby D CS (Rude Gurtie Records, PO Box 46112, Los Angeles, CA90046). 7 Year Bitch Seattle. Punk. Selene Vigil, Elizabeth Davis, Valerie Agnew, Rosin Dunne. Lorna 7" (Rathouse/C/Z); 10" picturedisc (C/Z); Sick 'Em CD (C/Z); Show Down 10" (C/Z). She Never Blinks PO Box 802, Village Station, New York, NY 10014.Lydia Kavanagh. Medieval/melodic. Shiver Los Angeles. Shonen Knife Japan. Fan mail: Knife Collectors, PO Box 1942,Hoboken, NJ 07030). Naoko Yamono, Michie Nakatani, Atsuko Yamano.Let's Knife CD (Virgin); We Are Very Happy You Came EP (Creation’ The Shrieking Violets c/o Stephanie Saddler, 28®10 Astoria Blvd., Astoria, NY 11102. (718/932®2902). Stephanie (vocals), Theadora(vocals and guitar), Tina (drums). Do You Remember Me? EP ($3 fromBroken Rekids, PO Box 460402, San Francisco, CA 94146). The Shroud (formerly the Shroudettes). PO Box 25112, Fresno, CA 93729. Gothic. Eva von Hellsing, Raven, Jason, Geoff. DrowningDreams CS; Victimized CS (Shroudettes). Siddal Elaine Winters. Frozen Garden 7" EP ($4 from Bedazzled, POBox 39195, Washington, DC 20016); Ghost 7" (Bedazzled). Sidi Bou Said UK. 7" (Ultimate Records, 271 Royal College St.,London NW1 9LU. Silverfish Lesley Rankine, Chris Mowforth, Stuart Watson, AndrewDuprey. Pop/industrial/bizarre. Organ Fan CD (Columbia).» »»» ż żżż Sky Cries Mary Seattle. Anisa Romero, Roderick, DJ Fallout,Bennett James, Joseph Howard, Gordon Raphael, Loren Routh. A ReturnTo The Inner Experience CS/CD (World Domination/Capitol). Until theGrinders Cease video album (limited edition). Slant 6 Washington, DC. Myra Power, Marge Marshall, ChristinaBillotte. Pop/rock/punk. Self®titled 7" EP; What Kind of MonsterAre You 7" (Dischord). Slowdive Rachel Goswell, Neil Halstead, Nick Chaplin, SimonScott, Christian Savill. Alt/ethereal. Just For A Day LP/CS;Souvlaki CS/CD. Smear c/o Melanie Kaye, 18 Fernbank Ave., Toronto, Ont M6H 1LO,CANADA (416/588®6784). Melanie, Aimee, Paula, Zoe. Self®titled CS$4 from above. Jean Smith (of Mecca Normal). Ashes/Charcoal Ladder 7" (Kill Rock Stars). Smut Smut Records, PO Box 8722, Minneapolis, MN 55408. Dawn, Estelle, Little Germaine, Big Germaine. Wall of Hate/Burden 7".Goodness No Grief EP (Spanish Fly, 2541 Nicollet Ave. So.,Minneapolis, MN 55404). Snatch Punk. Sister Julia/666 LP (Worry Bird Disks; PO Box 95485, Atlanta, GA 30347). Sonic Youth Seattle. Kim Gordon. Dual vocals. Punk/alt. 100% CD¨5, Dirty CD and many others. Sour Puss Seattle. Punk. Self®titled 7" (Empty). The Spinanes Rebecca Gates, Scott Plout. Suffice/Halloween Candy’ Spitboy PO Box 40185, Berkeley, CA 94704®4185. Punk. True Self Revealed LP (Ebullition, PO Box 680, Goleta, CA 93116); The Threat7" (Lookout!). The Spit Muffins Rock. Kit Pickles EP (Diamante Negro Records, POBox 641312, San Jose, CA 95164®1312). Squatweiler PO Box 21134, Winston®Salem NC 27120®1134. Haydee,Stacey, Lauren, Trip (formerly in Soda Can). Rock. Full Bladder CD(North Carolina Records). Star Pimp San Francisco. Elma Marcelle, Jamie Spindle, EricGrotke, Tom Flynn. Treasure Trail EP/CD; self®titled CD (BonerRecords, PO Box 2081, Berkeley, CA 94702). Strange Bedfellows 10409 Larkspur, Grosse Isle, MI 48138. Missy Gibson. Rock. Self®titled CS, $6. Strange Boutique c/o Bedazzled Records, PO Box 39195, Washington, DC 20016. "gloomy alt. rock." Monica Richards. Easter Island LP CD;The Loved One CD ($12); In A Heaven/Heroes 7"; A Happy Death 7"($5.50); Charm CD (Bedazzled, ATTN Steve Willette, PO Box 39195,Washington, DC 20016). Stereolab Britain. Laetitia Saider. Pop. Peng! LP/CD (Too Pure);Space Age Bachelor Pad EP. Lisa Suckdog Lisa Carver, PO Box 424762, San Francisco, CA 94142¨4762. Zine "Rollerderby." Performance art/techno punk. Kiss YourLips/The Night I Killed Mr. Kiss Express 7" (Smilin' Ear, PO Box47655, San Antonio, TX 78265). Suddenly, Tammy! Pennsylvania. Beth Sorrentino, Jay Sorrentino,Ken Heitmuller. Folk/rock, piano, drums, bass. Self®titled CD(SpinART, PO Box 1798, New York, NY 10156); song on SpinArt's PopLicks 45's singles boxed set. Summer's Eve c/o Denise, 248 Dow St., Carle Place, NY 11514.(718/486®8116: Laura or Tamika). Punk. Time For Change EP. The Sundays Harriet Wheeler, David Gavurin. Blind CD (Geffen). Sunscreem Lucia Holm. Techno/rave/pop. O3 CS/CD (Columbia). Sunshine Blind 13 Sunnycrest Ave., Clifton, NJ 07013. (201/779®8232). Gothic rock. Self®titled CS $6. Super Heroines Los Angeles. Eva O (from Christian Death), JillEmery (from Hole), Cathy Flanga. Gothic. Love & Pain CD (Cleopatra,8726 S. Sepulveda, Suite D®82, Los Angeles, Ca 90045). Supersnazz Tokyo. Wanna Be Your Love 7" EP (Lucky?); Superstupid’ Suture Sharon Cheslow, Kathleen Hanna (of Bikini Kill). 3 song 7" (Decomposition, 144 Linda St., San Francisco, CA 94105). System Decay Punk. Fear 7" (Round Flat Records, 63 Lennox Ave., Buffalo, NY 14226). Terror Cake Punk. Self®titled 7" (R.R.3 Box 391, Nassau, New York12123). Th' Faith Healers Roxanne Stephen. Alt. rock. Pop Song 12" EP; A Picture of Health 12" EP; In Love 12" EP; Mr. Litanski 12"/CD; Lido LP/CS/CD; Don't Jones Me CD®5 (Too Pure, Unit 23, OmnibusWorkspace, 39®41 North Road, London N7 7DP, ENGLAND; Elektra inAmerica). »»» »żżż żThis Mortal Coil Britain. Gothic melodies. Dierdre Rutkowski, Caroline Crawley (of Shelleyan Orphan), Ivo Watts®Russell, MartinMcCarrick. Song to the Siren 7"; It'll End In Tears LP; FiligreeAnd Shadow LP/CD; Blood CD (featuring Kim Deal and Tanya Donnelly);Box set CD; all available from 4AD Records.» »»»ż ż» »ż żżż Thornucopia c/o Lather Records, PO Box 4877, Davis, CA 95617. (916/758®1881). Johanna Galos, Jed Brewer, Brian Grattidge, JohnLicatesi, Justin Zimmerman. Alternative pop. Wake Up/Lullaby 7";Out CS; "Four Lips From One Mouth" (with The Mighty Strangers,Buick, and Zombie Motorcade); Dry July LP/CD all available fromLather. V/A "Devil In The Woods LP" (D.I.W., PO Box 5055, Chico, CA95927). Three Women In Black Micheline. Rock. Grace of God/Submission 7" (Dionysus). Tiger Trap 3035 Marshall Way, Sacramento, CA 95817 (916/451® 7958). Pop. Supercrush EP; Self®titled LP/CS/CD; Sour Grass EP (KRecords). Those Who Survived the Plague Austria. Dual vocals. GenealogicalResearch By 7" (Sacro Egoismo Records, c/o Tiberiju, Schelleingasse39/24, A®1040 Wien, Austria). 3 Merry Widows Pop/folk. Which Dreamed It? CS/CD (TVT Records). Throwing Muses Alternative rock. Kristen Hersh, Tanya Donnelly (guitar, left to form The Breeders and Belly), Leslie Langston(bassist, left to join Wolfgang Press and Belly), Fred Abong (bass,left to join Belly), David Narciso (drums), Bernard George (newbassist). Self®titled LP; Real Ramona LP/CS/CD; Firepile, Vol 1 and2, EP's; The Fat Skiier LP; House Tornado LP/CD; Hunkpapa LP;Counting Backwards EP; The Curse limited edition live album; Red Heaven CD; Kristin Hersh solo album, limited edition (All albumsavailable from 4AD/Britain or Sire Records/USA). ’ Tilt 4080 Halleck, Oakland, CA 94608. Cynder (formerly in Prick.) Tilt EP; Play Cell LP/CS/CD (Lookout Records, PO Box 11374,Berkeley, CA 94701). Tiny Lights Hoboken, NJ. Donna Croughn. Ethereal rock. Hot Chocolate Massage CD; Prayer for Halcyon Fear CD; Stop The Sun, IWant To Go Home CS/CD. Trashwomen San Francisco. Surf Rock. Lust 7" EP; Aphrodisia 7"(Hillsdale). Tribe PO Box 3581, New York, NY 10019. Janet LaValley, Terri Barous. Alt. rock. Abort CD (Slash Records, PO Box 48888, LosAngeles, CA 90048®0888). Tribe 8 Lesbian punk. Pig Bitch EP (Harp Records, PO Box 460465, San Francisco, CA 94146). Tsunami c/o their label Simple Machines Records, PO Box 10290,Arlington, VA 22210®1290) Jenny Toomey, Kristin Thompson, JohnPamer, Andrew Webster. Pop. Geniuses of Crack/Answerman 7"(Homestead); 24 Hour Service 12" (Simple Machines); Deep EndLP/CS/CD; In A Name EP (Simple Machines). »»» »żżż żTwenty Second Sect Australia. Liz Dealy. Guitar rock. Get ThatCharge EP; UXB 7" (Sympathy). »»żż» »ż ż Two Much Girl Los Angeles. Melanie Manos, Laura Howe. Velocity Girl PO Box 8012, Silver Spring, MD 20910. SarahShannon, Kelly Riles, Jim Spellman, Archie Moore, Brian Nelson.Pop. My Forgotten Favorite 7" (Slumberland); Copacetic CD (SubPop). Venus Envy Bluesy rock. Big Dog Shoes/Slumberjack 7" (Red Planet Records, 2531 Sawtelle Blvd., Suite 49, Los Angeles, CA 90064). Vex PO Box 263, Colorado Springs, CO 80901®0263. Punk. EP $3. Susan Voelz Former violinist for Poi Dog Pondering; played with Michelle Shocked and Robyn Hitchcock. 13 Ribs CD (Pravda, 3823North Southport, Chicago, IL 60613). Vomit Launch (disbanded) c/o Lawrence Crane, 3531 SE Salmon,Portland, OR 97214 (503/238®0684). Patricia De Rowland, LindseyThrasher, Lawrence Crane, Steve Bragg. Punk. Knock Yourself 7"; NotEven Pretty LP, Exiled Sandwich LP (Rat Box Records); Relapsation7" (Teen Beat); Mr. Spench LP/CS/CD (Mad Rover/Rough Trade); Of 7"(Teen Beat); Bolt Cutters + Beer 7" (Mad Rover/Rough Trade); DogEared CS/CD (Mad Rover/Teen Beat); Not Even Pretty CD (Teen Beat). Voodoo Queens UK. Anjali, Anjula, Rajni, Sunny. Supermodel’ Waldo the Dog Faced Boy Los Angeles. Mary Ellen Mason, TomGrimley, Devin Sarno, Elijah Koenig. Alt. rock. Tingle CD (WaldoInternational Network, Box 26811, Los Angeles, CA 90026). The Walkabouts c/o Popllama, PO Box 95364, Seattle, WA 98145. Folk/rock. Dead Man Rise CD; Jack Candy CD®5, Your Hope Shines CD®5; Rag and Bone EP; Scavenger CS/CD (SubPop). The Walk®Ins 1136 E. 7th St., Houston, TX 77009. Pop. I Write YouLetters flexi. White Flag Kim (from the Muffs). Don't Give It Away/Out In The Streets 7"; White Rabbit 12" (Sympathy). The Wives New York. (212/228®7688). Susan Horwitz, Mary Dunham,Tracy Almazan. Punk. Grinding/Back 7" (Vital Music). Womb to Tomb PO Box 1042, Jamaica Plains, MA 02130. Hilken Mancini. Alt. rock. Self®titled CS ($5). Wormhole Pittsburgh. Punk. Mothershine/Wormhole 12" (Ripe Records, 1739 E. Carson St., Suite 250, Pittsburgh, PA 15203). Xymox (formerly Clan of Xymox). Holland. Anka Wolbert. Gothic/ pop. Medusa LP; Twist of Shadows LP; Phoenix LP/CD. Yeastie Girlz (disbanded). Berkeley. Jane, Cammie, Kate, Joyce.A capella rap/punk. Ovary Action 7" (Lookout!). Zuby Nehty (formerly Dybbuk). Czechoslovakia. Pavla Slaba. All¨female. Rock/ ethereal. Zuzu's Petals Minneapolis. Laurie Lindeen, Coleen Elwood, LindaPitmon. Pop. When No One's Looking CD (Twin/Tone, 2541 NicolletAve., S., Minneapolis, MN 55404); How Long LP/CD (Kokopop/TwinTone). »»» »żżż żOther Important Addresses ŌRock For Choice Feminist Majority Foundation and Fund, 8105 WestThird St., #1, Los Angeles, CA 90048. (213/651®0495). ZINE: Alarm Clock $2 from Allen D. Salyer, PO Box 1551, Royal Oak, MI 48068®1551. This is a great 30+ page zine covering "female®oriented alternative rock", and occasional book reviews. Lots ofcool art and photos of bands. Lots of music and zine reviews. Zine: Action Girl Reviews of zines by girls/females. Send a stampto Sarah at 543 Van Duzer St., Staten Island, NY 10304. Currentissue is #5.


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