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" Strangers stopping strangers ! ! / /__ Just to shake their hands " __\ \ (______) (______) Featuring: Grateful Dead, Astronomy, Environmental Conservation, National E-mail, fourm /\ --------------------------/ \ /-------------------------------- ------------------------/ o \ o /---------------------------------- \ / \/ Madison Square Garden New York City NY 09/20/90 ---- Set I ---- ---- Set II ---- Feel Like A Stranger Truckin-> Althea China Cat Sunflower-> All Over Now I Know You Rider-> Ramble On Rose Woman Are Smarter-> El Paso Drumz-> Brown-Eyed Women Dark Star-> Greatest Story Playing reprise-> U.S. Blues Dark Star-> Throwing Stones-> Touch Of Grey Encore: Lovelight -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Madison Square Garden New York City NY 09/19/90 ---- Set I ---- ---- Set II ---- Jack Straw Playin in the Band -> Bertha Ship of Fools -> Me & My Uncle-> Playin reprise -> Big River Uncle John's Band -> Must Have Been the Roses Let it Grow -> Memphis Blues Jerry, Bob, Bruce jam -> Help On The Way-> Drumz -> Slipknot-> Goin Down the Road -> Franklin's Tower Stella Blue -> Around & Around Encore: Mighty Quinn ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Madison Square Garden New York City NY 09/18/90 ---- Set I ---- ---- Set II ---- Mississippi Half Step Eyes of the World-> Minglewood Blues Estimated Prophet-> Loser Foolish Heart-> Picasso Moon Jam-> Row Jimmy Jerry,Vince,Bruce Jam-> Desolation Row Drums-> To Lay Me Down The Other One Promised Land The Wheel-> Sugar Magnolia Encore: Heaven's Door ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Madison Square Garden New York City NY 09/16/90 ---- set I ---- ---- set II ---- Hell In A Bucket Samson & Delilah Cold Rain & Snow Aiko Aiko Rooster Looks Like Rain Stagger Lee He's Gone-> Queen Jane Phil,Vince,Bruce Jam-> Tennesee Jed Drumz-> Cassidy Standing On The Moon-> Deal Jam-> I Need A Miracle-> Morning Dew encore: Baby Blue ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Madison Square Garden New York City NY 09/15/90 ---- set I ---- ---- set II ---- Touch Of Grey The Weight Walkin Blues Playin In The Band-> Candyman Crazy Fingers-> Mama Tried Uncle John's Band-> Mexicali Blues Drumz-> West LA Fadeaway Gimmie Some Lovin-> Masterpiece Watchtower-> Birdsong Stella Blue-> Box Of Rain Throwin Stones-> Not Fade Away encore: Saturday Night ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Madison Square Garden New York City NY 09/14/90 ---- set I ---- ---- set II ---- Stranger Scarlet Begonias-> Sugaree Fire On The Mountain Minglewood Truckin-> Ramble On Rose Terrapin-> Black Throated Wind Drumz-> Jack-A-Roe Other One-> Cassidy Wharf Rat-> Don't Ease me In Sugar Magnolia encore: US Blues ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spectrum Philadelphia PA 09/12/90 ---- set I ---- ---- set II ---- Mississppi Half Step Aiko Aiko Walkin Blues Playin In The Band-> They Love Each Other Crazy Fingers-> Me & My Uncle Uncle John's Band-> Big River Drumz-> High Time Morning Dew-> Masterpiece Lovelight Althea Let It Grow encore: Brokedown Palace ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spectrum Philadelphia PA 09/11/90 ---- set I ---- ---- set II ---- Jack Straw China Cat Sunflower-> Bertha I Know You Rider-> Greatest Story Looks Like Rain Candyman He's Gone-> Queen Jane Spoonful-> Brown Eyed Women Jam-> It's All Over Now Drumz-> Tennesse Jed Wheel-> Hell In A Bucket I Need A Miracle-> Black Peter-> Around & Around encore: Knocking On Heavens Door --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spectrum Philadelphia PA 09/10/90 ---- set I ---- ---- set II ---- Shakedown Street Victim Or The Crime Red Rooster Scarlet Begonias-> Peggy-O Fire On The Mountain-> Mama Tried-> Women Are Smarter-> Mexicali Blues Drumz-> Row Jimmy Other One-> Memphis Blues Wharf Rat-> Foolish Heart Sugar Magnolia Promise Land encore: US Blues ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Coliseum Richfield OH 09/08/90 ---- set I ---- ---- set II ---- Hell In A Bucket-> Eyes Of The World-> Sugaree Estimated Prophet-> New New Minglewood Blues Terrapin Station-> Friend Of The Devil Drumz-> Queen Jane Approximately Watchtower-> Loser Stella Blue-> Cassidy Throwing Stones-> Deal Not Fade Away Encore: One More Saturday Night ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Coliseum Richfield OH 09/07/90 ---- set I ---- ---- set II---- Cold Raind & Snow China Cat Sunflower -> Walkin' Blues I Know You Rider Ramble on Rose Truckin' Me and My Uncle Crazy Fingers -> Big River Playin'In The Band -> Althea Jam -> Masterpiece Drumz -> Bird Song I Need A Miracle -> Jerry Introduces Vince Black Peter -> Picasso Moon Love Light US Blues encore: Knockin' on Heaven's Door Vince Welnicks first show as Grateful Dead Keyboardist ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- World Music Theatre Timely Park IL 7/23/90 ---- Set I ---- ---- Set II ---- Cold Rain & Snow Victim Or The Crime Picasso Moon Foolish Heart Never Trust A Woman Women Are Smarter Stagger Lee Terrapin Station -> Cassidy Drumz -> Truckin' -> Watchtower -> Smokestack Lightning Standing On The Moon -> Around & Around -> Good Lovin' encore: The Weight Brent's Last show before his death ----------------------------------------------------------------------- World Music Theatre Timely Park IL 07/22/90 ---- Set I ---- ---- Set II ---- Box Of Rain Samson & Delilah Feel Like A Stranger Hey Pocky Way Loser Estimated Prophet -> Beat It Down The Line Eyes Of The World -> West L.A. Fade Away Drumz -> Masterpiece The Wheel -> Far From Me Gimme' Some Lovin -> Tennessee Jed Stella Blue -> Hell In A Bucket Throwing Stones -> Lovelight Encore: Knocking On Heaven's Door ----------------------------------------------------------------------- World Music Theatre Timely Park IL 07/21/90 ---- Set I ---- ---- Set II ---- Touch Of Grey Scarlet Begonias-> Greatest Story Ever Told Fire On The Mountain Jack-A-Roe Playin In The Band-> Walkin' Blues He's Gone-> Friend Of The Devil Drumz-> Just A Little Light I Need A Miracle-> Queen Jane Crazy Fingers-> Bird Song Dear Mr. Fantasy-> Playin One More Saturday Night Encore: Quinn The Eskimo ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Deer Creek Ampitheatre Noblesville IN 07/19/90 ---- Set I ---- ---- Set II ---- Jack Straw Victim or The Crime They Love Each Other Foolish Heart Desolation Row Playin In The Band Row Jimmy China Doll Picasso Moon Uncle John's Band Althea Drumz Promised Land Watchtower Black Peter Not Fade Away encore: US Blues ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Deer Creek Ampitheatre Noblesville IN 07/18/90 ---- Set I ---- ---- Set II ---- Help on the Way -> China Cat Sunflower-> Slipknot -> I know You Rider-> Franklins Tower Terrapin Minglewood Blues Jam-> Easy to love you Drumz-> Peggy-O Space-> Masterpiece The Other One Brown-eyed women Morning Dew Cassidy Deal Encore: The weight ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rich Stadium Buffalo NY 07/16/90 ---- Set I ---- ---- Set II ---- Hell In A Bucket Sugar Magnolia -> Half Step Scarlet Begonias -> Blow Away Women Are Smarter -> Mama Tried -> Ship Of Fools Mexicali Blues Truckin -> Loose Lucy Jam -> All Over Now Drumz -> * High Time Wheel -> Let It Grow Gimmie Some Lovin Don't Ease Me In Wharf Rat Around & Around Sunshine Daydream encore: Brokedown Palace * Shooting Star during space ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sullivan Stadium Foxboro MA 07/14/90 ---- Set I ---- ---- Set II ---- Shakedown Street Step-back Walkin Blues Eyes Of The World -> Far From Me Estimated Prophet -> Candy Man Crazy Fingers -> Memphis Blues Uncle John's Band -> Ramblin Rose Drumz -> Saturday Night Take You Home I Need A Miracle Goin Down The Road Throwin Stones Lovelite encore: Last Time Bid You Goodnite ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ RFK Stadium Washington DC 07/12/90 ---- set I ---- ---- set II ---- Good Times Roll Step Back Stranger Box Of Rain Finiculi Finicula Victim or the Crime Bertha Foolish Heart Little Light DARK STAR -> Queen Jane Drumz -> Stagger Lee Watchtower Cassidy Fantasy -> Tenn Jed Hey Jude Music Never Stopped Touch or Grey encore: THE WEIGHT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Carter Finely Stadium Ralleigh NC 07/10/90 ---- Set I ---- ---- Set II ---- Jack Straw * Aiko Aiko * Loser Playin in the Band * -> We Can Run Uncle John's Band * -> Me & My Uncle -> Playin in the Band * -> Big River Drumz -> Friend of the Devil * Other One -> Masterpiece * Stella Blue -> Birdsong * Not Fade Away Promised Land, part 1 * (Power failure, Brokedown Palace band leaves and returns) Promised Land, part 2 * * w/ Bruce Hornsby ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 River Stadium Pittsburg PA 07/08/90 ---- set I ---- ---- set II ---- Touch Of Grey-> Samson & Delilah-> Greatest Story Eyes Of The World-> Jack-A-Roe Estimated Prophet-> Minglewood Blues Terrapin Station-> Row Jimmy Drumz-> Mama Tried-> I Need A Miracle-> Mexicali Blues Wang Dang Doodle-> Tom Thumb's Blues Black Peter-> Let It Grow Throwing Stones-> Lovelight Encore: Knocking On Heaven's Door ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cardinal Stadium Louisville KY 07/06/90 ---- Set I ---- ---- Set II ---- Hell In A Bucket-> China Cat Sunflower-> Sugaree I Know You Rider Easy To Love You Woman Are Smarter-> Peggy-O Standing On The Moon-> Desolation Row He's Gone-> West L.A. Fade Away Drumz-> Picasso Moon Truckin'-> Ramble On Rose Wharf Rat-> The Music Never Stopped Goin' Down The Road -> Around & Around Encore: It's All Over Now, Baby Blue ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sandstone Ampitheatre Bonner Springs KS 07/04/90 ----Set I---- ----Set II---- Cold Rain & Snow Victim -> Walkin Blues Foolish Heart Mississippi Half Step Little Light Queen Jane Scarlet Begonias -> Loose Lucy Fire On The Mountain It'S All Over Now Drumz -> Loser Wheel -> Promised Land Gimme Some Lovin -> Stella Blue Sugar Magnolia encore: US Blues ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Autzen Stadium Eugene OR 06/24/90 ----SET I---- ----SET II---- Help On The Way -> Foolish Heart -> Slipknot -> Women Are Smarter Franklin's Tower Standing On The Moon Masterpiece Box Of Rain Loosy Lucy Estimated Prophet -> Little Light He's Gone -> Picasso Moon Drumz -> Candyman The Other One -> Let It Grow Wharf Rat -> Sugar Magnolia ENCORE : Brokedown Palace ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Autzen Stadium Eugene OR 06/23/90 ----set I---- ----set II---- Feel Like A Stranger Eyes Of The World -> West LA Fade Away Looks Like Rain -> Me & My Uncle -> Crazy Fingers -> Cumberland Spanish Jam -> Far From Me Playin In The Band -> They Love Each Other Uncle John's Band -> Cassidy Playin In The Band -> Tennessee Jed Drumz -> Promised Land The Wheel I Need A Miracle Morning Dew encore: Saturday Night ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shoreline Amphitheater Mountain View CA 06/17/90 ----set I---- ----set II---- Shakedown street Aiko Aiko Little Red Rooster Picasso Moon Jack-A-Roe Ship of Fools Easy to Love You Playin In The Band -> Queen Jane Eyes of The World -> Bird Song -> Drumz -> Promised Land I Will Take You Home -> I Need A Miracle -> Stella Blue -> Throwin Stones -> Lovelight Encore: The Weight ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shoreline Amphitheater Mountain View CA 06/16/90 ----set I---- ----set II---- Good Times -> China Cat Sunflower -> Truckin -> I Know You Rider -> Touch Of Grey Estimated -> Mama Tried -> Terrapin -> Big River space -> Friend Of The Devil jerry and bob -> Cassidy -> mickey and the beam -> Big Boss Man -> China Doll -> Saturday Night Sugar Magnolia Encore: It's All Over Now, Baby Blue ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shoreline Amphitheater Mountain View CA 06/15/90 ----set I---- ----set II---- Help On The Way -> Scarlet Begonias -> Slipknot -> Fire on the Mt -> Franklin's Tower Blow Away -> Minglewood Women Are Smarter -> Just A Little Light He's Gone -> Stagger Lee Drumz -> Desolation Row Other One -> Ramble On Rose Wharf Rat -> Hell in a Bucket Around & Around Encore: Knockin on Heaven's Door ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cal Expo Rex Benefit Sacramento CA 06/10/90 ----set I---- ----set II---- Bertha -> Box of Rain Jack Straw Eyes of the World Dire Wolf Playin In The Band -> Wang Dang Doodle Crazy Fingers -> Row Jimmy Drumz -> Picasso Moon Gimmie Some Lovin Tennessee Jed Standing On The Moon -> Promised Land Throwing Stones -> Not Fade Away Encore: Last Time ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cal Expo Rex Benefit Sacramento CA 06/09/90 ----set I---- ----set II---- Good Times Roll -> Victim or the Crime -> Feel Like A Stranger Touch of Grey -> Peggy-O Looks Like Rain -> Me & My Uncle -> Terrapin -> Mexicali Blues Drumz -> Loser Dear Mr. Fantasy -> Masterpiece Hey Jude Loose Lucy Watchtower -> Cassidy -> Stella Blue> Don't Ease Me In Lovelight Encore: Black Muddy River ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cal Expo Rex Benifit Sacramento CA 06/08/90 ----set I---- ----set II---- Cold Rain & Snow -> Uncle John's Band -> Walkin Blues China Cat Sunfower -> Easy To Love You I Know You Rider -> Jack-A-Roe Estimated Prophet -> Queen Jane Foolish Heart -> High Time Drumz -> All Over Now The Wheel -> Birdsong I Need A Niracle -> Black Peter -> Encore: US Blues Sugar Magnolia ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Domingues Hills Soccer Field Carson CA 05/06/90 ----set I---- ----set II---- Mississippi Half Step Aiko Aiko Stranger Samson & Delilah Easy to Love You The Weight West LA Blow Away Masterpiece Terrapin Candyman Drumz Victim Other One Foolish Heart Standing on the Moon Throwing Stones Lovelight encore: Last Time -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dominques Hills Soccer Field Carson, CA 05/05/90 ----Set I---- ----set II---- Good Times Roll Truckin' -> The Race Is On Crazy Fingers -> Help On The Way -> Playin' -> Slipknot -> Uncle John's -> Franklin's DRUMS/SPACE -> Queen Jane Miracle -> Loser Dear Mr. Fantasy -> Me & My Uncle -> GDTRFB -> Mexicali Blues Around Loose Lucy Saturday Night encore: Touch Of Grey ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The Omni Atlanta GA 04/03/90 ----set I---- ----set II---- Shakedown Estimated Prophet -> Hell in a Bucket Scarlet Begonias -> Sugaree Crazy Fingers -> We Can Run Playin in the Band -> Masterpiece Drumz -> Row Jimmy I Will Take You Home -> Picasso Moon Goin Down the Road -> Tennessee Jed Throwing Stones -> Promised Land Not Fade Away encore: We Bid You Goodnight ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The Omni Atlanta GA 04/02/90 ----set I---- ----set II---- Feel Like a Stranger Foolish Heart Mississippi 1/2 Step Looks Like Rain The Weight He's Gone -> Queen Jane, Approximately The Last Time Easy to Love You Drumz -> Brown Eyed Women The Other One -> Let It Grow Death Don't Have No Mercy Around & Around -> Good Lovin encore: Black Muddy River ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Omni Atlanta GA 04/01/90 ----set I---- ----set II---- Touch Of Grey China Cat Sunflower -> New Minglewood Blues I Know You Rider Little Light Ship Of Fools Candyman Women Are Smarter Me & My Uncle -> Drumz -> Big River Dear Mr. Fantasy -> Althea Hey Jude Finale -> Victim Or The Crime -> Truckin' -> To Lay Me Down Stella Blue -> The Music Never Stopped Sugar Magnolia Encore: Baby Blue ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Nassau Coliseum Uniondale NY 03/30/90 ----set I---- ----set II---- Help on the Way -> Aiko Aiko Slipknot -> Playin in the Band -> Franklin's Tower China Doll -> Red Rooster Uncle John's Band -> Dire Wolf Terrapin -> All Over Now Drumz -> Tom Thumb's Blues I Need a Miracle -> Piccaso Moon Gimme Some Lovin -> Don't Ease Me In Standing on the Moon -> Not Fade Away encore: Attics of My Life ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Nassau Coliseum Uniondale NY 3/29/90 ----SET I---- ----SET II---- Jack Straw * Eyes Of The World Bertha * Estimated Prophet We Can Run, can't hide * Dark Star --> Ramble On Rose Drumz --> My Masterpiece * Dark Star --> * Birdsong * The Wheel Promised Land * Throwing Stones * LoveLight encore: Knockin On Heavens Door * w/ Banford Marsalis ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Nassau Coliseum Uniondale NY 3-28-90 ----Set I---- ----Set II---- Cold Rain Foolish Heart Minglewood L.L. Rain Easy To Love You Cumberland High Time The Weight! Queen Jane Hey Pocky Way Loose Lucy Drumz Cassidy Other One Deal Wharf Rat Good Lovin' encore: Revolution ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Knickerbocker Arena Albany NY 03/26/90 ---- set I ---- ---- set II ---- Hell In A Bucket Built To Last Dupree's Victum Or The Crime-> Little Light China cat Sunflower-> Black Throated Wind I Know You Rider Big RxR Blues Woman Are Smarter Picasso Moon Drumz-> Row Jimmy I Need A Miracle-> Blow Away Dear Mr Fantasy-> Hey Jude tease-> Gimme Some Lovin-> Morning Dew encore: Brokedown Palace ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Knickerbocker Arena Albany NY 03/25/90 ---- set I ---- ---- set II ---- Greatest Story Eyes Of The World-> Touch Of Grey Samson & Delilah Wang Dang Doodle Crazy Fingers-> Never Trust a Woman Truckin-> Jack-A-Row Spoonful-> Masterpiece Drumz-> Birdsong I Will Take You Home Let It Grow Goin Down The Road-> Black Peter-> Around & Around encore: Mighty Quinn ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Knickerbocker Arena Albany NY 03/24/90 ---- set I ---- ---- set II ---- Good Times Roll Playin In The Band-> Help On The Way-> Uncle John's Band-> Slipknot-> Terrapin Station-> Franklin's Tower Jam-> Walkin Blues Drumz-> Loser The Wheel-> Destolation Row Watchtower-> Tennessee Jed Stella Blue-> One More Sat. Night Not Fade Away encore: Bid You Goodnite --------------------------------------------------------------------- Copps Coliseum Hamilton Ontario 3/22/90 ---- set I ---- ---- set II ---- Feel Like a Stranger Scarlet Begonias -> West LA Fadeaway Fire on the Mountain Easy to Love You Samson & Delilah BIODTL Believe It or Not Must've Been the Roses Truckin -> The Last Time Drumz -> Picasso Moon The Other One -> Don't Ease Me In Hey Jude -> (Complete song) Dear Mr Fantasy -> Hey Jude -> Sugar Magnolia encore: Baby Blue ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Copps Coliseum Hamilton Ontario 3/21/90 ---- set I ---- ---- set II ---- Mississippi 1/2 Step Hey Pocky Way Minglewood Crazy Fingers -> Far From Me Cumberland Blues Queen Jane Approximately Estimated Prophet -> Loose Lucy He's Gone -> Victim or the Crime Drumz -> Standing on the Moon Miracle -> Promised Land Wharf Rat -> Throwing Stones -> Lovelight ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Civic Center Hartford CT 03/19/90 ---- set I ---- ---- set II ---- Hell In A Bucket Box of Rain Bertha Foolish Heart -> We Can Run Playing In The Band -> Jakc-A-Roe Eyes Of The World -> Picasso Moon Drumz -> Brown Eyed Women China Doll -> It's All Over Now -> Gimme Some Lovin'-> Deal Goin Down The Road -> Around and Around encore: Brokedown Palace ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Civic Center Hartford CT 03/18/90 ---- set I ---- ---- set II ---- Shakedown Street Aiko-Aiko Little Red Rooster Looks Like Rain Stagger Lee He's Gone -> Me & My Uncle -> Truckin' -> Mexicali Blues Spoonful -> Friend Of The Devil Drumz -> Space -> Just A Little Light The Wheel -> When I Paint My Masterpiece All Along The Watchtower -> Ramble On Rose Morning Dew The Music Never Stopped encore: U.S. Blues ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Capital Centre Landover MD 03/16/90 ----set I---- ----set II---- Good Times Roll Scarlet Begonias --> Touch Of Grey Estimated Prophet --> Minglewood Blues Ship Of Fools --> Peggy O Woman Are Smarter Queen Jane Jam--> Loser Drumz--> Black Throated Wind !!!!! Other One--> Birdsong Stella Blue Blow Away Sugar Magnolia encore: Last Time ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Capital Centre Landover MD 03/15/90 ----set I---- ----set II---- Jack Straw China Cat Sunflower -> Sugaree I Know You Rider-> Easy to love you Samson & Delilah Walkin Blues Terrapin Station-> Althea Jam-> Tom Thumb Blues Drumz-> Tennessee Jed I Will Take You Home-> Cassidy Wharf Rat-> Don't Ease Me In Throwin Stones-> Not Fade Away encore: Revolution! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Capitol Centre Landover MD 03/14/90 ----set I---- ----set II---- Cold Rain & Snow Crazy Fingers -> Feel Like A Stranger Playin' In The Band -> Never trust A Woman Uncle John's Band -> Mama Tried-> Darkness Jam -> (?!?) Big River Drumz -> Loose Lucy !!!!!!! Space -> Stuck Inside Of Mobile Dear Mr. Fantasy -> Row Jimmy I Need A Miracle -> Let It Grow Black Peter -> Lovelight encore: Knockin On Heavns Door ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Oakland Coliseum Oakland CA 2-27-90 ----set I---- ----set II---- Let the Good Times Roll Iko Iko Stranger Women 'r' Smarter Sugaree Standing on the Moon Victim or the Crime Truckin Missi 1/2 Step Spoonful Masterpiece Drums>Space Birdsong The Other One Morning Dew Throwing Stones Not Fade Away encore: We Bid You Goodnight ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Oakland Coliseum Oakland CA 2/26/90 ----set I---- ----set II---- Hell in a Bucket Scarlet Begonias Peggy O Fire on the Mountain Walkin' Blues Playin Ramble on Rose Terrapin Station Tom Thumb's Blues Drums/Space Music Never Stopped I Need a Miracle Don't ease Stella Blue Lovelight Encore: Baby Blue ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Oakland Coliseum Oakland Ca 02/25/90 ----Set I---- ----Set II---- Touch of Grey China Cat Sunflower Greatest Story I Know You Rider Promised Land Just A Little Light Jack-A-Roe Estimated Prophet Lil' Red Rooster Eyes of the World Stagger Lee Drums/Space Queen Jane The Wheel The Last Time Gimme Some Lovin' Cassidy Wharf Rat Deal Sugar Mag encore : Knockin on Heaven's Door ------------------------------------------------------------------------ X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X Another file downloaded from: The NIRVANAnet(tm) Seven & the Temple of the Screaming Electron Taipan Enigma 510/935-5845 Burn This Flag Zardoz 408/363-9766 realitycheck Poindexter Fortran 510/527-1662 Lies Unlimited Mick Freen 801/278-2699 The New Dork Sublime Biffnix 415/864-DORK The Shrine Rif Raf 206/794-6674 Planet Mirth Simon Jester 510/786-6560 "Raw Data for Raw Nerves" X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X


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