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_______________________________________________________________________________ _ _ _ _ ((___)) ((___)) [ x x ] cDc communications [ x x ] \ / presents... \ / (` ') (` ') (U) (U) DEATH ANGEL Frolic through the park Compliments of Swamp Rat >>> A CULT Publication......1988 <<< -cDc- CULT OF THE DEAD COW -cDc- _______________________________________________________________________________ Death Angel is: Gus Pepa - Guitar Address: Mark Osegueda - Vocals Death Angel Rob Cavestany - Lead Guitar PO Box 170545 Dennis Pepa - Bass San Francisco, CA 94117 Andy Galeon - Drums All lyrics (c)1988 I.P.F.S. Rejected Youth/La Rana Music [BMI] _______________________________________________________________________________ --3rd Floor (M. Osegueda) Trapped by iron bars Solitary ripping at me inside A victim of this crazy ward Must get out of here No one gets out of here Force fed medication The more I take the sooner I'm free Contributing to my mind's abduction Can't they see it's tearing me Can't they see it's killing me (chorus) Welcome to the 3rd floor It's a one way trip Then they lock the door More than just a crazy nightmare Doors opened up and swallowed me Banished from existence Why'd they ever throw away the key Will I ever be set free (chorus) --Road Mutants (R. Cavestany) They didn't used to be this way In the beginning Not to put up a front It's just the way they are Enter the human race But no one's winning You do what you can This is what they believe (chorus) Road mutants crushing all They rise while others fall Laughing in your faces They smell like death So hold your breath Their skin starts to peel Sucking moisture off the surface Causing wounds that won't heal In the night there is no light The time is right to have fun Perspiration is no question When you're caught by the sun You feel their presence miles away You feel them coming Not too quick to arrive That's their style But when they finally hit the stage There's nothing left to say The real world goes away Escape for awhile (chorus) They smell like death So hold your breath It's time to get down You can spot them from a distance 'Cause they're not from your town The road mutants love to Have a good time When we're gone You can't erase the scar on your mind (chorus) --Why you do this (M. Osegueda) I will never understand the way you are Your mind's an evil tool, striving for more Can't you see I can penetrate your lies I created you but yet you still defy It doesn't matter how hard I try A lesson in respect is what you need You thrive off the weak-minded ones These poor helpless souls that you deceive Still come back to the security Under my sleeve (chorus) Don't beat around the bush I know it's a task I only have on question Which I must ask Why you do this When I was sad and down You suddenly came around Like a guiding light No need for me to fight I told you everything Brought me up again Oh how that all changed Only you to blame Manipulative days are through So bye bye to you You've oppressed me since birth Wanting your own little world Brainwashing them to believe You're the ruler evil supreme Mother earth is not your toy Your evil world I will destroy You were deprived of your youth You were deprived of joy Lonely, depressed little boy (chorus) --Bored (R. Cavestany) Guilty of no crime Not enough, yet too much time I'm burning in this hell Plans to buy and dreams to sell Sitting by myself Living life and loving life But something bothers me What to do - I can't believe I'm bored Life it's not so fair Nothing here and nothing there I'm waiting constantly It's not the way life's meant to be Boredom starts to set I try so hard but it's all I get Keep waiting all the time I think I've reached The end of the line I'm bored --Confused (R. Cavestany) Sometimes in the back of my mind I feel like something struck me blind Blind to the path Leading out of the forest Losing my grip I slip into the darkness Searching for a trace of serenity I find myself dwelling In my own self-pity Either going up or coming down Can I be the king Or must I be the clown (chorus) Let me tell you something about myself I got problems only I can tell Please listen to me I don't want to be Confused anymore I'll start today just feeling fine In reality my sanity is on the line Why can't life flow nice and easy It's hard when happiness Is there to tease me Try to find fun for a brief escape Someone save me before it's too late Tell me not to listen To the voices in my head Balancing factors I could use instead (chorus) Who controls the matter Of circumstance Make my move and leave the Rest up to chance Take my hand I'll lead you to a faraway Place my friend and there Forever we can stay --Guilty of Innocence (R. Cavestany) No choice I had to do it Or else it was my ass on the floor I had to even up the score So I shot down the bloody whore Now I have to face my destiny No hope for me in this biased society (chorus) Sinner - I'm innocent Repent - So sorry Die - No, please Guilty of innocence My only crime was being at the scene All fingers point at me Things aren't as they seem (chorus) Here I sit and wonder why You constantly must classify The way I think The way I look But I don't really give a damn 'Cause you don't mean a thing to me And this is what I fail to see Now I have to go to jail 'Cause I can't afford the bail Judge and jury, sure they were fair Laughing as they cut my hair (chorus) --Open Up (R. Cavestany) I just can't believe what I'm seeing It makes me sick inside Condemned by the world around me I'm not gonna run and hide I'm gonna come alive Ain't gonna take no jive Open up your sewn-shut eyes Your disapproving eyes When I'm walking down the street People turn and stare at me As if I couldn't feel their eyes They're living in a world of fear and lies Best loosen up and take it in stride The world don't need egotistical pride (chorus) Open up your eyes And see the light Just do it Must you choose to shut your mind I look deep but nothing do I find You're so tough, hey, put it on a shelf You've got to come out of yourself Knock knock knock, but no one's home Excuse me please, but I'm sick of society It's not me that you have to condone 'Cause you are you and I am me And if we don't agree Just let it be (chorus)x2 --Shores of Sin (R. Cavestany) The crack of dawn fill the empty sky We turn our heads towards the east Between the hills Walk the paths of love Towards the caverns of the beast A distant cry breaks the solitude Of weary men who journey on To see the sight horrifies us all The magic wind blows and it's gone (chorus) Searching for answers Another clue on the list Searching for answers To questions that cease to exist Decipher the runes of earth We travel forth to the lake of death The guardian says that we must pay The price is high for he demands a life So it's he we must pay Beyond the gates Forests of the darkness Without the key you'll not get in We weave the spell Of time and dimension Which plants us on The shores of sin (chorus)x2 --Mind Rape (A. Galeon) Leader of a hippie cult The devilish chief Directs his wicked family To kill psychotically Dying in agony As he observes patiently A guiltless bloody murder In vain enigmatically (chorus) They truly believe That he is Jesus Christ As their bodies are raped Of their minds Your minds are filled with his lies And soon reality's deprived From your life No sense makes sense In this world He has your brainwashed mind Under control In the caverns You are led Where memory and thoughts Are dead Your savior is all you need And off his love you feed Dejected utterly X'd from society Killed for a so-called god Pledge allegiance to your family (chorus)x2 =============================================================================== (c)1988 cDc communications by Swamp Rat 7/11/88-64 All Rights Worth Not Very Much At All, And Regrettably So X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X Another file downloaded from: The NIRVANAnet(tm) Seven & the Temple of the Screaming Electron Taipan Enigma 510/935-5845 Burn This Flag Zardoz 408/363-9766 realitycheck Poindexter Fortran 510/527-1662 Lies Unlimited Mick Freen 801/278-2699 The New Dork Sublime Biffnix 415/864-DORK The Shrine Rif Raf 206/794-6674 Planet Mirth Simon Jester 510/786-6560 "Raw Data for Raw Nerves" X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X


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