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Article 10422 of >From: jones@bnrmtv.UUCP (Mason Jones) Subject: Foetus Chronology -- LONG! Keywords: long foetus info Date: 15 Sep 88 23:10:16 GMT Organization: Bell Northern Research, Mtn. View, CA Someone asked me a little while ago to enter a Foetus chronology, a list of his projects. The following is everything I was able to get from my research of my record collection; if there's more, please post! -- Mason --------------------------------------------------------------------- Foetus / Jim Thirwell / Clint Ruin / et al Boys Next Door I don't know if this was an EP or an LP. It was Foetus in collaboration with Nick Cave (Birthday Party) and someone else, perhaps Rowland Howard. I have a couple of songs on a tape, so I don't know any more. Date? Around 1980 or earlier, I think. An Afflicted Man's Musica Box, compilation, United Dairies Records, around 1981? Included two songs by You've Got Foetus in Your Bed. I can check my copy for details... You've Got Foetus On Your Breath, "Deaf" LP Self-Immolation, 1981. You've Got Foetus On Your Breath, "Wash it All Off/Halo Flaming Lead/Today I Started Slogging Again" 12" WOMB FGH 8.12, 198? Foetus Uber Frisco, "Finely Honed Machine/Sick Minutes" 12" WOMB UNC 7.12, 198? The Foetus of Excellence, box with t-shirt FOE 1, 198? Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel, "Hole" LP PVC/Self-Immolation 9903, WOMB FDL 3, 1984. Perhaps available on CD; haven't found it tho. Foetus Art Terrorism, "Calamity Crush/Catastrophe Crunch" 12", Some Bizarre/Self-Immolation WOMB FAT 11.12, 1984 Nurse With Wound, "Brained by Falling Masonry" 12", Layla Records LAY 7, 1984. J.G. Thirwell guests on the title song. Coil, "Scatology" LP, K.422 label, 1984. J.G. Thirwell wrote some songs and produced the album. Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel, "Nail" LP WOMB FIP 4, 1985. Available on CD. Published by Homestead Records. Wiseblood, "Motorslug/Death Rape 2000" 12" Wax Trax WAX 012, 1985. By Clint Ruin and Rolli Mossiman (of Swans). If You Can't Please Yourself You Can't Please Your Soul, compilation album from Some Bizarre. Includes "The Only Good Christian is a Dead Christian" by S.F.O.T.W. Coil, "Horse Rotorvator" LP, Force & Form/K.422 ROTA 1, 1986. Available on CD. Produced by J.G. Thirwell. Wiseblood, "Stumbo/Someone Drowned in My Pool" 12", Relativity/Some Bizarre 88561-8137-1, 1986. Clint Ruin and Rolli Mossiman. Lydia Lunch, "Hysterie" 2LP, Widowspeak/CD Presents WSP 13, CD 033, 1986. Remixed and produced by Clint Ruin. The Flesh Volcano, "Slut" 12", Some Bizarre SLUT 1, 1987. Remixes of Foetus songs with Marc Almond (of Soft Cell) doing vocals. The Foetus All-Nude Review, "Bedrock/Diabolus in Musica/Shut/Rattlesnake Insurance/Bedrock Strip" 12", WOMB FAN 13, 1987. Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel, "Ramrod/Boxhead/Smut" 12", Some Bizarre/ Self-Immolation/Relativity 88561-8187-1, 1987. Wiseblood, "Dirtdish" LP, Some Bizarre/Relativity 88561-8136-1, 1987. Supposedly available on CD soon. Let me know. Honeymoon in Red, LP, Widowspeak WSP 12, 1987. Lydia Lunch and friends, including J.G. Thirwell. Lydia Lunch and the Honeymoon in Red Orchestra, "The Crumb/Done Dun/ Dead River" 12", Widowspeak WSP 13, 1987. Mixing and noises by J.G. Thirwell. Foetus Interruptus, "Thaw" LP, Self-Immolation/Some Bizarre WOMB FIP 5, 1988. Available on CD and cassette as well. Richard Kern, "Right Side of My Brain" video and "Fingered" video, as well as possible others. J.G. Thirwell did the soundtracks and made a cameo appearance in "Right...". Lydia Lunch stars in both. Date for "Right..." around 1984, "Fingered" is 1987. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ That does it. If anyone sees a mention of Foetus appearing anywhere within a long drive from the Bay Area, please mail me immediately! -- Mason Jones, Bell Northern Research {amdahl,hplabs}!bnrmtv!jones


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