Another One From The Venerable Raoul Ignatius Benefiche Totally Marred by Raoul I. Benefic

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Another One From The Venerable Raoul Ignatius Benefiche: Totally Marred by Raoul I. Benefiche (c) 1992 Tune: Calm Down, It's Only Ones and Zeros ... and a few other Kathy Mar tunes The parodists are everywhere, and Kathy can't escape We number in the thousands and we buy up all her tapes. Our tact is nonexistent, and our meter is much worse In our rush to make a sow's ear out of Kathy's poor filk purse Tense up, I think it's Bob Kanefsky. Tense up, that isn't Kathy's song. Tense up, it's only Raoul Benefiche. Please realize that something here is very, very wrong. I dreamed I went to Heaven Con and dined with Kathy Mar. Kanef was busy feeding her the strings of her guitar. Dessert was liquid parody; she couldn't keep it down. She was drinking up the river, and was just about to drown. (Cho.) I was listening to Velveteen, when everything turned blue. Frank Booth was seated next to me, and eating rabbit stew. The words began to scramble, and my brain went into gear. Soon the song was a commercial for Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. (Cho.) Now, Kathy wrote Shai Hulud, and she wrote it very well; Kanef turned it to Just Say No and blew it all to hell. It might work with Cthulhu, and to write that one I crave, But it might make Kathy was to put some flowers on my grave... Shut up! I think it's Kathy singing. Be quiet! She's written a new song. Tape it, and write down all the lyrics! If someone writes a parody, could that be really wrong? We'll put our songs to this tune 'til another comes along The words we write will fit the tunes of most of Kathy's songs Uh-oh! This song is intended as a tribute to Kathy uipon the occasion of her being Guest of Honor at the 1992 OVFF. The second verse is inspired, in part, by a parody written by Sourdough Jackson. Frank Booth is a character in Blue Velvet(een?), directed by David Lynch. ... As usual, I'm being cheesy and not giving away the chores, but the first one's probably a D, depending on the singer's vocal range. If you don't have a range, it starts with D.


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