Hopeless Warren -or- Spaceship Down by Harry Smothers (c) 1992 [A few millenia later, Mank

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Hopeless Warren -or- Spaceship Down by Harry Smothers (c) 1992 [A few millenia later, Mankind had almost wiped animal life off the face of the Earth. There was still no definitive sign of life in the Outer Reaches. We seemed doomed to poverty and war - and vegetables. Then the ship landed. The first true sign of life. Giant rabbits emerged from the ship; mankind's eyes lit up as a whole. After learning how to communicate with the big bunnies, they determined that the nearest ship (to the best of the rabbits' knowledge) was light-centuries away, and that it had taken themselves many generations to reach Earth. Mankind now had a purpose in life; To Hunt!] Fires grow old, and meat gets cold, And bugs, we never can kill! Time's cold wind hissing up our backs Reminds us each to make fast tracks And head straightaway for the grill! For the Rabbits have landed, Tell your children well Thyme and mint might do to cover the smell Spits do turn while the far stars burn And people and jerky strips age! Shiny ship land, they offer peace -- They have no backup! Let's start the feast! And grind a ton of Sage! We know well what cooks can tell -- If you would not roast Rabbit, make stew! And today their fragile flesh and steel Have made my children a wondrous meal -- No meat in a year or two... [Alternative: And today our wonderful coats and belts Are made now from space rabbits' pelts Our slippers and gloves are, too!] But we who are reaching out for the stars Are learning to read Rabbit script And hope for tomorrow, and raise our eyes Past that puny Moon to the opened skies In our brand-new Warrentied ship! For all who've tried out of history's tide, Salute for the Husbandry team! And the old hag smiles at her children's seed That didn't get carried away with greed And kept Coney Island green! [We'd better hope the Eagles don't land anytime soon!] {All those years of not being able to finish anything... Well, I'm not saying it's great, but it's DONE.}


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