I know so LITTLE Latin that I can translate it. (+quot;Oh no! Not again!+quot;) LE+gt; In

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I know so LITTLE Latin that I can translate it. ("Oh no! Not again!") LE> In taberna quando sumus, LE> non curamus, quid sit humus, LE> sed ad ludum properamus, LE> cui semper insudamus. LE> Quid agatur in taberna, LE> ubi summus est pincerna, LE> hoc est opus ut quaeratur; LE> sic quid loquar, audiatur. In a tavern while adding [the bill], still sick, from a pound of chickpea dip, he said "Advertise lewdly for a proper moose, or a guy with a temper, in a moose suit." A pound of agate in the tavern, the total [of what] was pinched, the pawnbroker penguin asked; "I'm tired of booze by the pound, hear?". LE> Quidam ludunt, quidam bibunt, LE> quidam indiscrete vivunt; LE> sed in ludo qui morantur, LE> ex his quidam denudantur, LE> quidam ibi vestiuntur, LE> quidam saccis induuntur: LE> ibi nullus timet mortem, LE> sed pro Bacchus mittunt sortem. The lady was lewd, the lady wore overalls, the lady was indiscreet about her private parts; she said "in lewdness is the key to more on tour, my first husband's new wife is a stripper", the lady dressed her waterbird, the lady fired her bondservant: the waterbird didn't have any time to kill, said the millionaire as he put his gloves in order. LE> Primo pro nummata vini; LE> ex hac bibunt libertini: LE> semel bibunt pro captivis, LE> post haec bibunt ter pro vivis, LE> quater pro Christianis cunctis, LE> quinquies pro fidelibus defunctis, LE> sexies pro sororibus vanis, LE> septies pro militibus silvanis, LE> octies pro fratribus perversis, LE> novies pro monachis dispersis, LE> decies pro navigantibus, LE> undecies pro discordantibus, LE> duodecies pro paenitentibus, LE> tredecies pro iter agentibus, LE> tam pro papa quam pro rege. Primed for that numbskull Vinnie; the former cabbie got overalls free: half overalls for prisoners, letter carrier overalls ripped for Vivian, two bits for a nun's privates, kinky for the faithful but dysfunctional, sexy for vain sorority sisters, septic tanks for the silvered military, octopusses for frat party perversions, navies for "dispersed" kings, VAXen for navigators, IBMs for Erisians, two VAXen for prisons, three VAXen for its agents, Mrs. Bakker for daddy who doesn't like Reggie Jackson. LE> Bibit hera, bibit herus, LE> bibit miles, bibit clerus, LE> bibit ille, bibit illa, LE> bibit servus cum ancilla, LE> bibit velox, bibit piger, LE> bibit albus, bibit niger, LE> bibit constans, bibit vagus, LE> bibit rudis, bibit magus. Mrs. Zeus is a frog, here is a frog, miles of frogs, frog priest, frog illin', Frog Island, frogs serve us with anchovies, fast frog, frog pig, frog record, black frog, #define FROG 1, frogess privates, rude frog, magic frog. LE> Bibit pauper et aegrotus, LE> bibit exul et ignotus, LE> bibit puer, bibit canus, LE> bibit praesul et decanus, LE> bibit soror, bibit frater, LE> bibit anus, bibit mater, LE> bibit iste, bibit ille, LE> bibit centum, bibit mille. Poor farmer frog, exiled uneducated frog, pure frog, dog frog, Elvis frog without a walking stick, sore frog, fractured frog, asshole frog, mofo frog, frog that exists, frog illin', frog on vitamins, the First Dog is a frog. LE> Parum sescentae nummatae LE> durant, cum immoderate LE> bibunt omnes sine meta, LE> quamvis bibant mente laeta. LE> Sic nos rodunt omnes gentes, LE> et sic erimus egentes. LE> Qui nos rodunt, confundantur LE> "et cum iustis non scribantur". Two seasick numbskulls with big noses, ejaculating big wads into overall knees and signing some matter, don't like overalls with mint milk. The mouse on the gent's knee has a cold, ad the gent has an earache. The key to the mouse's nose, confound it is "blow the judge and I won't write down what you said".


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