Consolidated - Friendly Fascism Brutal Equation Yo Pistel, activate the bass. One fnal rim

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Consolidated - Friendly Fascism Brutal Equation Yo Pistel, activate the bass. One fnal rime make a beat for a society in decline. Those who want us suppressed will ay to make this my last repon, but it won't be cut shon. You need to know why this project failed why the forces oi weakness prevailed. And that we're all trapped in this vicious cycle. I get on the phone to my friend Michael, his theory's called Hiphoprisy. Oun is based on the culture industry. Keeping the public distracted. Paralyzing the artists' Potential impact. While the fascist elite accumulate all the wealth. And me and my posse sit and ponder our heslth. Which is failing. Just like our career. But at that moment our hardness has never been so severe. You can see our career going down the toilet. \o industry slime is going to spoil it. Then you won't question my convictions. You'll know music's a contradiction. Where everybody loses no win situation. Brutal equation. I used to be young like you but look where that got me. Blink once and now I got a family that I can't provide for. Get no support fascists shoot us down for sport. Living hands to mouth on welfare that's absurd, none can sustain this. Your living condition is unacceptable. You got to make a value change Fundamental. Wake up and exhibit some maturity. That still don't give you no job sccurity. You can say "What do you do?"I can tell your whole life is collapsing around. Don't tell me you're anxiety ridden. I know the symptoms; the pain is still hidden. Looking at a world of alienation with no explanation. Brual equation. People! This ain't no job, it's a missinn. And we don't give a fuck about recognition. They can't censor us with their threats and psychological war of attrition. Being a commodity is weak. But it might be our last chance to speak,. Try to get a simple point across but too often the message is lost. Meanwhile, the industry continues to grind out the cheeu whiz. if that ain't censorship, I don't know what is. What can you do when you're too old and too Caucasian? Brutal equation. This is why your family will starve. Can't pay the rent so die in your ride. Lose your credibility and clout. Too much self doubt to get out. What are you going to do to change this violent situation? I don't know. Brual equation. Anyone can turn politics into exchange. The point hnwever is to change. We don't play that female degradation. We won't buy into that exploitation. \ot to get our record played on some radio station. Word. Brual equation. Unity of Oppression The history ofoppression. You know we can't erase it in a pop song but the facts we gotta face it. Men rape women and man rapes the environment. And people with opposed religious views are violent. How can we advance with a memory so short. We live in a society that kills animals for sport. How can we dixuss gender, class, or race when we can't respect the rights of lesbians and gays. In our efforts to make a difference we specialize but the contradiction arise we fail to realize the damages done to the native American singular issues I just don't understand how you can love one and have hatred for annther you torture your sisters while saying peace to your brothers. As long as we insist on being so aggressive, we wili continue to play the role ofthe oppressor. When men and women, straight and gay, whites and non-whites begin to unite when humans can treat non-human species with fairness and dignity, then only then is there unity, of oppression. Gotta understand the concept of unity. A sacrifce for the price of unity. To all the white liberals and non-white militants that over-simplify the impact of prejudice. Blame it on the whites and you're right but it keeps us divided that agenda becomes short sighted. I hear you condemning all racist sentiments and then I hear you making anti-Semetic comments. Instead ofallowing only one type ofequality. Place the blame on each other we should be expanding our scope of understanding and hope posing some questions and make some suggestions. We don't claim to speak from a position of authority, we only want one thing and that's unity of oppression. The Sexual Politics of Meat The Sexual Politics of Meat Eating animals acts as mere and representation of patriarchal values. Meat eating is the re-inscription of male power at every meal. The patriarchal gaze sees not the fragmented Besh of dead animals but appetizing food. Vegearian activities counter patriarchal consumption and challenge the consumption of death. Feminist Vegetarian activity declares that an alternative world view exists, one which celebrates life rather than consuming death, one which does not rely on resurrected animals but empowered people. If meat is a symbol of male dominance then the presence of meat proclaims the disempowering of women. It takes the notion of objectifcation one step further not only have we objectified anim%ls but in objectifying them we take what we want from them and leave the rest out we leave their death out and we take their bodies we leave images of their death out but take the meaning of meat and apply it to women. The sexual politics of meat. We need not choose between one liberation cause and the other women's rights and animal rights sufTer a common oppression: a patriarchal world. Male dominance attacks feminism, they say we are bra burners, they say we are house wreckers, they say we are man-haters. Human dominance attacks animal rights they say we are terrorists, they say we are people haters. The sexual politics of meat. Typical Male Typical male thinks with his dick. The continuing saga of male controi and domination of psycho-sexual and economic manipulation in our society. The historical male condition is one of deceptive coercion and violence and the woman's fate is too often one ofresignation and silence. The typical male thinks with his dick. That's how he rationalizes shallow sexual conquest as a means of self expression and fulflment in a world of alienation and emptiness under modern capitalism. However, the typical male considers a similarly promiscuous woman a whore, a slut, or a skeez. The typical male likes a submissive woman, one wh 's into shallow sexual experience but who's not demanding. A woman who demands respect or demands commitment in a relationship is often facing rejection by the typical male. Hiswrically, some of the characteristics of the typical male are as follows: There is the stereotypical brutal, assaulting, barbaric male. The one who's obsessed with violence. The one we see in Hollywood movies and are most accustomed to. We also have what is known as the sensitive rapist. The one who wants to feel like there's a mutual understanding before he entraps the woman in a cycle of co-dependent sexual service. Then there's the pseudo feminist, who may be committed to a woman. He may even be involved in the women's movement, but still oppresses by including his own self serving patriarchal agenda in thc situation. tle may be from any racial or class background. From any religious or sexual orientation. All ofthese characteristics may and often do overlap thereby adding a deceptively complex dimension w the typical male analysis. The typical male listens to a woman from the position ofdominance or privilege. What that mcans to the woman is that the typical malc does not listen. The typical male conditions women to blame themaelves for a failing relationship or for male infidelity. The typical male enslaves women in the working pl%ce aa well. Forcing women to tolerate sexual harassment in exchange for unequal compensation and status. The typical male is a reactionary, conservative, a Klansman standing in Operation Rescue picket lines. The typical male is also a liberal. He supports pro-choice. Why not? He impregnates women and can't deal with the consequences of parenthood. In a society where the incidence of rape and sexual assault are staggering, the typical male will still say, "lf she don't want to get pregnant she shouldn't spread her legs." In the US alonc, where four women a day are killed by men, and every eighteen seconds a woman is battered, the typical male still fnd misogynistic music and comedy appropri%te. In a potentially sexual situation the typical male cannot act responsibly. The typical male thinks "no means yes." Dominion Meat is good and if you don't like America go live in Russia. Good comment, you'll make the next record for sure. OK why is meat good? Meat is good because, well. Apparently y'all are saying, you seem to be making this radical statement. Radicalism is in, let's get against this, everybody together, dumb American mentality, OK that's what 1 just got out of this, well now the new trend is let's be a vegetarian let's be a little hippychick, Peace love all this shit. Well that's just another way of following a trend. The Lord God said thou shalt have dominion over the animals of the eaah he didn't say say thou shalt have dominion over a big wad of tofu. He also said the men shall have dominion over the women. so do you believe that, do you huy that line too? (You goddamn right) Thank you Zero, you're on the next record already. What do you think about that? I'm serious. It depends on how you interpret it. Ah it sure does. You interpret dominion as domination? Dominion gives you a right to do what you want. \o dominion actually means stewardship which actually means companionship and working tugether, dominion does not mean domination. I just want to say - why do you think - being a vegetarian is a trend and meat eating is not a bigger trend to follow. I just want to say one thing anyone who quotes the bible - that's bullshit I'm sorry, because the bible is a book that has fucked up the world more than any other single book. A book that was written by a bunch of male chauvinists. Fine, fine, you have your opinion and I have mine, you're going to hell and I'm not. Have a nice life. I'm gonna go to hell with the lid off that's defnitely true, eh. You've been brain washed into following a male dominated violent trend and that's eating and killing animals. I don't understand why our aggression is bad but the aggression of a man like Saddam Hussien is conscionable. I also don't understand why you can come up here and say that we are wrong in defending your right to come up here and say what you want, that's fne I got no problem with that I get paid to do it everyday. I'm going to the Gulf, a lot ofmy friends are already there...I'm going to the Gulfso you guys can do this, I'm going to the Gulfyou guys can get the oil to travel, I'm going to the Gulf so you guys can afford to play your shows. So, I think you guys are hypocrites and I'd like you to defend yourselves. Did we not learn something in Vietnam, did we not learn that it was not a complete waste of human lives, and time and resources? I don't think we should be there. What we need to do - wait...I'm answering his question - WE NEED TO FIND ALTERNATlVES TO WAR! Send somebody over... Meat Kills The driving force behind the destruction of the tropical rain forests is the American meat habit. The rain forests are cleared then planted with grass for grazing livestock to create hamburger for fast food restaurants. More than half of all the water used in the United States is used for raising animals for food. 25 gallons of water is needed to produce a pound ofwheat. 2500 gallons ofwater is needed to produce a pound ofmeat. Dependence on foreign oil is one ofthe principle reasons for CS intervention in the Persian Gulf. The length of time the world's oil reserves would last if all humnn beings ate a meat based diet would be approximately 13 years. The length oftime the world's oil reserves would last if all human beings ate a plant based diet would be approximately 260 years. Feedlots and slaughterhouses are both major polluters of rivers and streams. Filling them with poisonous residues and animal wastes. 250,000 pounds of animal excrement is produced every second in the CS and there are no sewage systems to treat the wastes. In l989, over 40% of the world's grain harvest was fed to animals going to slaughter. If the same grain was fed directly to human beings, there would be more than enough grain to feed the entire world. Over ZD million people will die as a result of malnutrition this ytar. In thc third worid private and government money has gone to developing cash crops for export while food production for the poor majority is neglected. 80% of the corn grown in the CS is fed ro animals raised for food rather than going to hungry people. On a purely vegetarian diet the world can support a population many times its present size. On a meat based diet the current world population could not be sustained. Cattle ranching has always competed with wildlife. Coyotes and wolves would not be shot and poisoned by ranchers if people did not eat steak and lambchops. Destroying the rainforests to raise cattle is causing millions of birds, monkeys, snakes and other species to lose their homes and lives. In the US this year alone thirty seven and one half million cattle, eighty fve and one half million pigs, five and one half million sheep, two hundred forty two million turkeys, four billion, une hundred fony seven million chickens will be murdered for thc taste of their Resh. Pain, frustration, stress, fear, abuse, neglect, and deprivation are realities of the raising of animals in today's factory farms. Animals are artiFcially inseminated, fed growth hormones, overcrowded, chained and caged. Raising livestock for profit is a competitive business. Being humane means costs will go up. These animals are kicked, prodded, electroshocked, dragged, and finally transported to their deaths. A vegetarian diet promotes superior health, endurance, and longevity. Animal products have 3 nutritional disadvantages. They contain too much protein, too much fat, and no fber. Do not believe the protein myth. It was based on a study done by the meat and dairy industries to rats, animals who need 1000 times more protein in their diet than humans. Stoned We live in America in the 90's. We get no fulfliment except from commodities. Why is it we derive no satisfaction from things based on human interaction? When there's no reality, there's nothing to escape from. If it makes you stupid you've got to have some. Doesn't matter if you stick it in your hole or smoke it in a bowl. America you know you're so stoned. Stoned on television, music, and print. Stoned on alcohol, religion, and drugs. Terms like freedom and democracy. Stoned on violence and a war economy. Stoned on a nation's addiction to meat. Stoned on a nation's addiction to oil. America is based out of its mind. Friendly Fascism Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the end of the twentieth century and the arrival of friendly fascism. Regrettably, millions will die as before. But just think of the tremendous selection and savings you'll gain. Of course the loss of freedom and democracy are tragedies, I know, but consider the enterainment value contained within and to remind you, it is you, the people, who have mandated this course of our fate so please come with me...l.ook at the new face of power in America. This is your future you can never leave. Who said tyranny can't be fun? Ftiendly fascism having so much fun, what else do you need? You'll learn to like what you must do. Ifyou resist you are suppressed. You are told who to fght and when by Bush the Nazi Fascist Friend. Alienating technology wipes out our sense ofcommunity. Millions will die just like before. We disconnect and start the war. We make life a commodity. We turn animals into machines. Kinder and gentler slaughter house. Big business and big government distract us with entertainment. They manufacture our consent while we destroy the environment. College Radio College Radio, you make me feel so different now and even though during the day you're a stock broker but at night we read french symbolist poetry. Oh girl together we can change the worid or at least the music industry. Alternative, progressive. the cutting edge. And girl with you I feel so safe and liberal and you could never be a fascist I know College Radio you wouldn't lie to me and turn out to be a top forty station that's been bought by the major labels...? Yeah. Ycah. Yeah. College Radio. We Gotta Have Peace America #1 is a lie still, How many innocent people are killed? Do our soldiers believe in the fascism? No, they couldn't get a job, so they had to go get ground up in Bush's war machine. What the fuck do the polls on TV mean? We won't give our consent to blow up foreign soil, no blood for oil. Chorus: War, what is it good for? Nothing, Absolutely nothing. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. You've gotta have something. You gotta have peace. January 15, I99I, the deadline Curious George gave Saddam Hussein to evacuate his troops from Kuwait...Ah. yes Curious Ceorge Bush, the same Curious George that vetoed the civil rights bili, ironic enough the birth date of Dr. Martin Luther King, the drum major for peace. War is not the answer. I don't understand it, it makes my blood boil on foreign soil, trading blood for oil. How many heroes will there be from this war, what ehe heil are we really fghting for? Why in the hell should I serve my time for SAM when SAM don't givc a damnl Here's an opportunity for peace and unit.y. Cease fre in the middle East, it's time to increase peace. The ISth ofa new decade, midnight even though I prayed. There's a war goin' on across the sea. it's not a war for Democracy. Crusading Rap Cuys Oh no here they come again whining and complaining about the sate of the world. They're criticizing everything where else could they go and get away with saying these things? They're always on their soapbox telling us things we already know. Life is hard enough and we don't want this serious shit. We just want to party. We just want to have a good time. Nauseating middle class white guys in a political band. Annoying commie sympathizing feminist vegearians. They're hypocrites and liberals and worst of all they're on a major label. All of you crusading rap guys you're such a downer. They say they don't like censorship but they won't let us slam dance at their shows. White American Male `91 (The truth hurts) Part 2 I'm a white guy. Music Has No Meaning Today in the West, of the many criais we face, critical is the nature of the Culture Industry's monopolistic conaol over our expressive domain. The interests that control the state have effectively neutralized any mode of public expression that in the past we have found empowering Along this course the nature of music itself has become twisted, alured, distorted to suit the needs ofcapital. If we want music to conain any positive revelance to us again, we must ake it back. Until then it ain't jack, hit it, that music has no meaning. No value. No power. Minus one. Zero. Our tastes have become so standardized and regulated that we no longer make any choices for ourselves, the Culture Industry does all this for us. We've become a nation of blindly accepting consumers, latching on to meaningless terms like "alternative," "progressive," "industrial" "techno," "rap," "house." We're promised liberation but all we get is empty distraction. In our society music is just a measure of forced consumption. Cntil we change the social conditions under which music is made that music has no meaning No value. No power. Minus one. Zero. What can we do about it? In the 90's as Big Business and Big Government realiu that they needn't demonstrate any longer the intimidation and violent suppression of past authoritarian states, they prove conclusively that friendly fascism clearly exists in this society and the rulers of Corporate America have manufactured within its own pcople an addiction to pop culture so strong it renders us incapable of any action as individual or collective citizens and the real tragedy is that we have no problem with this. Every fascist era has its giant spectacles to keep the people pacifed. With us it's just the MTV Video Music Awarda and the Grammy's. As long as we're willing to go on just passively marching and singing then we know that music has no meaning. Scanned At The Cell ------------------- GOD 143:817/0


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