A list of early recorded performances of Pink Floyd songs (by Scott Frank) Subject Idem Br

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A list of early recorded performances of Pink Floyd songs (by Scott Frank) From: ntaal@dutiba.twi.tudelft.nl Subject: Idem: Brief History To: echoes@tcs.com (The Pink Floyd mailing list) Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1993 13:09:45 +0100 (MET) This file is also (c) by Scott Frank A Chronological History of Early Pink Floyd Recordings King Bee - 4/15/65 Lucy Leave (only one original acetate known) Interstellar Overdrive - 10/31/66 Let's Roll Another One (Thompson Private Recording Company) Studio Outtakes with dialog - early 1967 (Interstellar Overdrive) Interstellar Overdrive - 1/20/67 (UFO Club, London (video)) Interstellar Overdrive - 2/27/67 (French EP version) Candy And A Currant Bun - 3/11/67 (B-side of Arnold Layne) Interstellar Overdrive - 4/11/67 Nick's Boogie (Tonight Let's All Make Love In London) What A Shame, Mary Jane - 4/15/67 (Beatles outtake with Syd) [ ed. note -- this is *extremely* debatable. Quite possibly doesn't include Syd at all.] Astronomy Domine - 5/14/67 ("Look Of The Week" BBC-1) Astronomy Domine - 6/16/67 (Tiles Club, London) Astronomy Domine - 7/9/67 (The Roundhouse, London (video)) Reaction In G - 7/23/67 (Cosmopolitan Ballroom, Scotland) Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun The Scarecrow - 7/28/67 The Gnome (Saturday Club Show - BBC) Matilda Mother Reaction In G - 9/11/67 Arnold Layne (The Starclub, Copenhagen, Denmark) One In A Million Matilda Mother Scream Thy Last Scream Astronomy Domine Flaming - 9/30/67 Apples And Oranges ("Top Gear" recording session) The Scarecrow The Gnome Matilda Mother Scream Thy Last Scream - 10/9/67 Vegetable Man (Recorded at EMI, London) Reaction In G - 11/12/67 Pow R. Toc H. ("Hippy-Happy Fair", Oude-Ahoy, Rotterdam) Scream Thy Last Scream Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun Interstellar Overdrive Apples And Oranges - 11/18/67 (single released) Vegetable Man - 12/19/67 Pow R. Toc H. ("Top Gear" recording session) Scream Thy Last Scream Jugband Blues Pow R. Toc H. - (mono "Piper" mix) Interstellar Overdrive Flaming - US 7" mix Rare Post-Pink Floyd Syd Barrett Recordings EMI Outtakes: Clowns And Jugglers (1-3) Dark Globe Untitled Instrumental #1 Untitled Instrumental #2 Singing A Song In The Morning Milky Way #1 Milky Way #2 Swan Lee (instrumental) Long Gone Gigolo Aunt - 5/18/70 Two Of A Kind ("Top Gear" BBC Broadcast) Effervescing Elephant Baby Lemonade Terrapin - 6/6/70 Gigolo Aunt Olympia, London (with David Gilmour) Effervescing Elephant Octopus Gigolo Aunt - 10/70 Effervescing Elephant ("John Peel Show") Baby Lemonade - 2/71 Terrapin ("Sounds Of The 70's: John Peel Show", London) Baby Lemonade Dominoes Love Song


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