Date Tue, 30 Aug 88 171713 PDT Subject Pink Floyd Dark Sides I got the files at last. I'm

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Date: Tue, 30 Aug 88 17:17:13 PDT From: (Jan Bielawski) Subject: Pink Floyd Dark Sides I got the files at last. I'm not sure whether they're worth the wait, but... Here they are: (my posting - the first one - is edited somewhat to include the Mobile Fidelity CD) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Just yesterday I sat down and compared the four CDs and found the results surprising. Here are the discs I used (all data from the CD labels): 1. Harvest/UK; CDP 7 46001 2 (clear label) Made in U.K. BIEM/MCPS (P) 1973 Original Sound Recordings made by EMI Records Ltd. (C) 1973 EMI Records Ltd. [Along the inner ring as read from the data side:] CDP 746001-2 @ 8 +9+ [hand-scratched '9'] [Total time as shown by the player: 42:57] ================================================================== 2. Harvest/Japan; CDP 7 46001 2 (black label) Made in Japan BIEM/JASRAC [The same copyright information] [The inner ring read from the label side:] CDP 7 46001 2 CP35-3017 33B10 TO [Time: 42:58] ================================================================== 3. Capitol; CDP 7 46001 2 (clear label) DIDX 226 Made in U.S.A. Manufactured by Capitol Records, Inc. (P) 1973 The Gramaphone Company Limited (C) 1973 Capitol Records, Inc. [The inner ring from the label side:] DIDX-226 111A16 [Time: 42:54] ================================================================== 4. Mobile Fidelity; UDCD 517 Made in Japan Produced and distributed by MFSL Inc. under license from Harvest Records Inc. (C) (P) 1973 The Gramophone Co. Ltd., a division of EMI Records, U.K. Ltd. [Inner ring, data side:] MANUFACTURED BY UTC SMF 8006-1A 1A1 [Time: 42:58] ================================================================== [What now follows is the description of the first three discs. The Mobile Fidelity CD comes later] All these were clearly mastered separately. Capitol is the worst by far with the wall of hiss which is just amazing considering nearly universal praise this CD gets in the audio press. The Japanese disc is the quietest but definitely less "alive" or "immediate" than the UK CD. Before I elaborate on that let me just mention the time differences: they arise from begin/end cutoffs. I counted the number of opening heartbeats until after the first spoken words (needless to say it's rather difficult with the Capitol and its Niagara Falls in the foreground), and the number from the ending words " a matter of fact..." till the end. The results were: Initial Closing Once again, beats # beats # time total -------------------------------------------------------- UK 33 24 42:57 Japan 33 27 42:58 US 31 27 42:54 Now about the sound. My stereo isn't exactly a National Bureau of Standards (may Copycode blessings be with them) reference system and I'd love to hear other netters' opinions. THE ENVELOPE PLEASE... After much deliberation I decided to rate Harvest/UK as the best of the lot. Although the Japanese CD has less noise, the "life" seems to have been filtered out of it. Just listen to the first two minutes: true, the Japanese heartbeats emerge from comfortable silence and you think it's quite beautiful until you give the Harvest/UK a spin: you get those treMENdous crashing beats shaking the room. No amount of fiddling with volume and tone controls would give me the same sensation with the Japanese pressing. (By the way, the Harvest/Japan disc is recorded at a lower level than the other two and this gives the illusion of being less noisy than it actually is.) The same goes for high frequencies: the opening of "Money" or "Time" is incredibly real and detailed on the British version, not quite so with the Japanese. I haven't mentioned the Capitol CD yet but there is nothing to say really, it loses BIG on ALL counts, the noise is simply pathetic and the sound is like from nth generation of master tape, for n >> 1. But wait, there is more! (as Drew Kaplan says) At the final fadeout on both the UK and the US version one can hear an orchestra (?) very faintly in the right channel. It is quite clearly missing from the Japanese CD! I think I can hear something that sounds like a conversation instead but it's for moments only. ====================================== Now the Mobile Fidelity: it is as quiet as Harvest/Japan and as immediate as Harvest/UK. In other words, it's the best. Low frequencies are awesome. The mysterious orchestra is still there. I wonder where it came from. The updated silly table looks like this: Initial Closing Once again, beats # beats # time total -------------------------------------------------------- UK 33 24 42:57 Japan 33 27 42:58 US 31 27 42:54 MFSL 33 27 42:58


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