Review of DSOTM XX Special Edition CD [From +quot;Christopher Mark Donnell+quot; +lt;ef.gc

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Review of DSOTM XX Special Edition CD [From: "Christopher Mark Donnell" Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1993 23:02:33 -0700 (MST)] Well, after not much searching I happened upon the import DSotM.XX. Here's my description (of the packaging, mostly.) Cover - says 'Pink Floyd The Dark Side Of The Moon' Has the cover represented with an actual photograph of a prism. The photograph is about 2 inches square in the center of the cover. Under the photo it says 'Twentieth Anniversary Edition' The black portion of the cover is the pyramid picture. The packaging itself is a small box. Inside the box are 5 pictures. One of the cover photo. One of the pyramids. One of the band 20 years ago. One representing a bunch of beams of light bouncing around graphic representations of the songs. And one with a bunch of wineglasses or something. There is also a booklet: The cover of the booklet is the picture of the prism. The first spread has the titles and credits with a picture of those pyramids. The second spread has four small pictures of each member live (not dead). The next four spreads are for the first four songs with lyrics. On the left page are the lyrics and on the right page is a graphic 'logo' of the song. The pictures behind the text are pretty weird and vaguely have to do with the song (they have more to do with the icons than the songs). Next to the song titles are the only part of the set that I consider dippy: 'Phases of the speaker' it could be called. It's basically a speaker photographed in phases just like the moon. DUMB! The center spread is the band picture. Wow! The 'heartbeat' is here too at the bottom in silver printing. Now we have the rest of the lyricfull songs. After these is a spread of four pictures of them pyramids (maybe each one represents a band member!) Nexty we have a spread much like the original artwork with the endless prism cycle, but this time it's 3Dish and I don't like it. The last spread contains everything I don't like about the packaging combined. There are two big 'X's (one on each page) and the complete phases of the speaker. There are some other credits here too. The back of the booklet has a picture of many prisms with many beams of light. The CD is silver with the icon for 'Eclipse' on it. It has all the normal stuff, and a mistake. 'Breathe' gets called by its full name here only ('Breathe In The Air'), but it's spelled 'Breath In The Air'. The back of the box has two big 'X's and says 'Digitally remastered Sept 1992'. I will now (just to make my post longer explain the 'icons' (logos, etc. I keep calling them different things) and what they tell us the songs are about. 'Breathe' is about gas masks. 'Time' is about clocks. (The film tells us this too. :)) 'Breathe (Reprise)' is about leaves. 'Money' is about eyes on dollar bills. (How clever) 'Us And Them' is about military airplanes. 'Brain Damage' is about exploding planets. (Well, exploding something) 'Eclipse' is about the Sun's corona. Hmmmm... was my post long enough? I hope I answered everyone's questions about the special edition. Oh! Sound quality: I haven't listened to it. I'm sure it sounds just fine. :) (I probably won't get around to listening to it. How many times have I heard this silly album. :) ) If you have any other questions, just ask me. _ _ (w) Chris 'The Man With The Lightbulb Head' Donnell * (602)866-0527 (w) _V_ * 234 E. Waltann Ln./Phoenix, AZ/85022-3038 _V_


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