Short Survey on Pink Floyd and Listeners' Drug Use Date Fri, 23 Oct 92 114750 -0400 Subjec

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Short Survey on Pink Floyd and Listeners' Drug Use Date: Fri, 23 Oct 92 11:47:50 -0400 From: (David Schuetz) Subject: Altered States of Pink Floyd Conciousness A while back (long while--February 1992), I posted a message asking people about what experiences (if any) they had with drugs, as pertained to listening to Pink Floyd music. I promised then that I'd post the results to the survey in a couple weeks. In about three weeks, I'd had all the replies I expected (19, to be exact). However, I also got (and quickly started) a new job, which took me away from the workstations I'd been using for so long (where all my files were). It's taken me the past eight months to get my computer at home upgraded to something I feel comfortable working with (I hate PCs), get moved into an apartment, and lots and lots of other stuff. However, I am back, and I'm working hard on updating the FAQ (finally). Yes, the "whisper" question is in there--it was way back in March, it just hasn't been released...(sorry...) Overall, I was slightly surprised. Less than half of the people who responded reported using drugs to heighten Floyd listening, and not all of them would want to do it again in the future. Of course, 19 responses is not exactly a hugely accurate sample space... I'm certain that there are far more people out there who do use/have used them and didn't respond.... Anyway, here's the original message, followed by a summary of the responses: > Date: Mon, 10 Feb 92 08:03:18 GMT-0500 > From: (David Schuetz) > To: > Subject: Altered States of Pink Floyd Conciousness [...some text deleted...] > What I want to find out is just how many people use some > kind of substance to heighten their enjoyment of Floyd > music. I'm not interested in what you do for other > bands, just Floyd. In order for this survey to be > at least vaguely meaningful, I need as *many* of you to > respond, both the "users" and the "non-users." > > The questions: > > 1) Have you ever used a controlled substance to heighten > the experience of listening to any Pink Floyd music? > answer 2-5 if you answered "yes" to #1: > 2) Have you done this repeatedly, or only a couple of > isolated times? > 3) What substances have you used? How often? > 4) Do you find that the use of such substances increases > your understanding of the music/lyrics? > 5) If given a choice (i.e., such substances were legal > and socially acceptable), how would you listen to > Floyd, with or without aid of drugs? And the tallies: 1) 7/19 YES, 12/19 NO. Some "YES!!!" and a couple "NO!." One vote for "Nope. Not even alcohol. I take my music straight." 2) two "isolated experiences," rest seemed to consider themselves at least fairly frequent. Interesting responses: "Many times, for years, absolutely years" "Repeatedly (at least 200-300 I guess)" "A few times over 10 years ago in college." 3) Marijuana: 6 Hashish: 2 Butane: 1 LSD: 2 Mushrooms: 3 Interesting responses: "I have tried coke -- didn't like it!" "My favorite is listening to Floyd after smoking a few mind boggling bowls of bong hits " "marijuana, for a while it was several times a week." 4) (easiset just to post the responses:) "no." "No" "Understand in the rational sense? Not often. Understand in the emotional sense? Sometimes." "yes, both substances enhance imagination" "Definitely, I hated Floyd before the revelation. Except the time I was shroomin' and my friends _made_ me listen to The Wall, it was way too intense and I couldn't leave the room. At least I can say I know the true meaning of it now." "I find no greater understanding of lyrical meaning usually, but the music simply sounds amazing. As examples, the first time I heard On the Run and Welcome to the Machine I was high. I was flattened by them both. These and many other experiences I find unforgetable (not to mention Interstellar Overdrive). There is no simple way to describe the way it makes music sound, you simply have to have done it and know what I'm talking about." "I have always found that listening to Floyd stoned was a much more intense experience. My experiences are extremely varied -- sometimes I'd just float off with the guitar and not really pay attention to the lyrics, sometimes I'd be so intent on the lyrics that I couldn't pay attention to anything else. I think it enhances the experience because it allows a much tighter focus than being straight. Being able to focus tightly on the amazing music just makes it that much more amazing." 5) With: 5 Without: 2 One caveat: "I stopped because I decided that the drugs had become too important to me. I may try again sometime."


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