DREAD ZEPPELIN THE OMNI, APRIL 27, 1990 I knew from their singles that this would be a fun

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DREAD ZEPPELIN THE OMNI, APRIL 27, 1990 I knew from their singles that this would be a fun show, but I didn't know I'd be half sick with joy by the end of the evening. Dread Zeppelin have two singles out, Immigrant Song and Whole Lotta Love, and if reggae versions of Zep songs sung by an Elvis impersonator sound like fun things to you, get the singles and see the band, now! I guarantee there is nothing more fun than Dread Zeppelin either in or from all of Southern California at this time or in the decade to each side of this time. When we got there, some band named Freud Chicken was on, and although they have a cute name, they sounded like the sort of college radio angst and acoustic guitar band who think REM is an acceptable substitute for music. So me and my accomplice went backstage and fell asleep on the couches. When the dressing room opened and Tortelvis, the robust lead singer of Dread Zeppelin, marched out, we woke up in a hurry, and scampered out to join the smallish throng in worship of the boggliest band I've seen in some time. Tortelvis has sideburns that cover much of his face, and a black spangled outfit with bell bottoms and cape. Guitarists Carl Jah and Jah Paul Jo were in robe and fez and puke-green plaid double knit bell bottoms, respectfully - or disrespectfully, as the case may be. Bassist Put-Mon was in g-string and leopard skin boots. Percussionist Ed Zeppelin was in dreadlock wig and tam, dashiki, kilt and cowboy boots. Drummer Cheese was in the drumkit. Charlie Hodge had a little table at the side of the stage, and handed Tortelvis water, or took off his sunglasses and mopped his brow for him, or put a plastic lei around his neck at the end of every song. He gets a lot of credit on the record for doing this, too - in fact, two credits and a subsidy (Ken Fuller & Assoc. towels exclusively!) on the back of "Whole Lotta Love". You can also a towel "just like the ones handed to Tortelvis by Charlie Hodge" from the record company... Put-Mon did the naked fandango. Ed Zep toasted. The guitarist in green puke pants did a masterful impersonation of Alex Skolnick of Testament, though he may not have realized it. Girls in the audience got plastic leis from the hand of The Kingoid. Elvis actually really truly does live - I'm completely, irrefutably convinced. Led Zep is dead, cause we buried it. All is as it should be. -Sadie O. X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X Another file downloaded from: The NIRVANAnet(tm) Seven & the Temple of the Screaming Electron Taipan Enigma 510/935-5845 Burn This Flag Zardoz 408/363-9766 realitycheck Poindexter Fortran 510/527-1662 Lies Unlimited Mick Freen 801/278-2699 The New Dork Sublime Biffnix 415/864-DORK The Shrine Rif Raf 206/794-6674 Planet Mirth Simon Jester 510/786-6560 "Raw Data for Raw Nerves" X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X


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