Subject DISCOGRAPHY Depeche Mode (times) Date Tue, 9 Mar 1993 104516 GMT (Note This discog

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Newsgroups: From: (Bernard Schmitz) Subject: DISCOGRAPHY: Depeche Mode (times) Message-ID: <> Organization: Uni of Newcastle, Australia Date: Tue, 9 Mar 1993 10:45:16 GMT Lines: 415 (Note: This discography may be distributed in any way shape or form, but please do not publish it without my permission. The most recent version can always be obtained from me. Any comments, corrections etc. are encouraged.) Depeche Mode Discography Part Three - Appendices ------------------------------------------------ Version 2.00 Last revision date: March 4, 1993 --------------------------------==-------------------------------- Appendix One - Times -------------------- This discography is intended as a compliment to the main discography (or the "first" discography), because I had a lot of requests for the times of songs to be included and because I didn't want to have to go through the nightmare of rearranging the entire 1200+ lines of the discography to include all the times. These times are either taken from the packaging or labels of various releases, or from CD players, or as a last resort by timing the song. Give or take a few seconds with each time as they can never be entirely accurate. If you think you find a mistake, please let me know, but don't send me mail telling me that I am only a few seconds out on one song. In other words I am only interested in major mistakes (more than a few seconds). When one song has been released under more than one name, the time is listed for the name under which it was first released (either in the UK or USA), and all the different names follow underneath, without any time listed. 5:05 Agent Orange 4:35 And Then... 3:07 Any Second Now 5:43 Any Second Now (altered) 2:33 Any Second Now (voices) 3:02 A Photograph Of You 3:35 A Photograph Of You (live) 4:22 A Question Of Lust 4:15 A Question Of Lust (live) 6:45 A Question Of Lust (minimal) A Question Of Lust (extended version) 5:07 A Question Of Lust (flood mix) 3:45 A Question Of Lust (Robert Margouleff remix) 4:10 A Question Of Time 6:25 A Question Of Time (extended remix) 4:13 A Question Of Time (live) 4:08 A Question Of Time (live remix) 7:00 A Question Of Time (new town mix) 3:56 A Question Of Time (remix) 4:28 Are People People? 5:19 Behind The Wheel Behind The Wheel (lp mix) 5:55 Behind The Wheel (live) 4:02 Behind The Wheel (remix) 5:55 Behind The Wheel (remixed by Shep Pettibone) Behind The Wheel (Shep Pettibone remix) Behind The Wheel (extended remix) 8:00 Behind The Wheel (remixed by The Beatmasters) Behind The Wheel (Beatmasters mix) 6:00 Behind The Wheel/Route 66 (megadub) 7:38 Behind The Wheel/Route 66 (megamix) 4:17 Behind The Wheel/Route 66 (mega-single mix) 4:19 Big Muff 4:56 Black Celebration 6:33 Black Celebration (black tulip mix) 6:48 Black Celebration (live) [b-side of 7BONG12] 4:55 Black Celebration (live) ["101" version] 2:36 Black Day 6:20 Blasphemous Rumours 5:07 Blasphemous Rumours [7" version] 5:24 Blasphemous Rumours (live) [CBONG11, L12BONG11 version] 5:09 Blasphemous Rumours (live) ["101" version] 6:48 Bloodline 4:33 Blue Dress 3:01 Boys Say Go! 2:32 Boys Say Go! (live) 6:07 Breathing In Fumes 4:15 But Not Tonight 3:54 But Not Tonight [US 7" version] 5:14 But Not Tonight (extended) [UK version] 6:17 But Not Tonight (extended) [US version] 3:49 Christmas Island 5:35 Christmas Island (extended) 5:32 Clean 5:31 Compulsion 1:43 Crucified 7:04 Curse 4:19 Dangerous 5:35 Dangerous (hazchemix) 2:58 Dangerous (hazchemix edit) 5:22 Dangerous (sensual) 3:54 Death's Door 6:35 Death's Door (jazz mix) 3:45 Dreaming Of Me 4:01 Dreaming Of Me [CDSTUMM5 version] 2:34 Dressed In Black 2:30 Dressed In Black [1986 Record Mirror ep version] 6:08 Edge To Life 8:58 Electro Blues For Bukka White 4:30 Enjoy The Silence 7:40 Enjoy The Silence (bass line) 5:54 Enjoy The Silence (ecstatic dub) 3:49 Enjoy The Silence (extract from the quad: final mix) 7:20 Enjoy The Silence (hands and feet mix) 2:39 Enjoy The Silence (harmonium) 5:35 Enjoy The Silence (ricki-tik-tik mix) 4:15 Enjoy The Silence (single mix) 15:30 Enjoy The Silence (the quad: final mix) 4:21 Everything Counts 3:58 Everything Counts [7" version] 6:04 Everything Counts (absolut mix) Everything Counts (Alan Moulder remix) 7:21 Everything Counts (in larger amounts) Everything Counts (1983 12" mix) 5:45 Everything Counts (live) [b-side of 7BONG7E] 5:47 Everything Counts (live) [a-side of BONG16] 6:29 Everything Counts (live) ["101" version] 4:50 Everything Counts (live radio edit) 5:32 Everything Counts (remix by Bomb The Bass) Everything Counts (Tim Simenon/Mark Saunders remix) Everything Counts (bomb-beyond-the-yalu-mix) 0:55 Everything Counts (reprise) 3:14 Excerpt From My Secret Garden 5:59 Faith Healer Faith Healer (lp version) 5:33 Faith Healer (barracuda mix) 4:43 Faith Healer (conspiracy (double bullet) theory) 7:09 Faith Healer (conspiracy theory) 4:50 Faith Healer (deformity) 4:09 Faith Healer (disbeliever mix) 3:48 Faith Healer (healed mix) 4:51 Faith Healer (radio edit) 7:27 Faith Healer (trance mix) 3:09 Flexible 4:38 Flexible (deportation mix) 4:38 Flexible (pre-deportation mix) 6:14 Flexible (remixed extended version) 5:05 Fly On The Windscreen 5:20 Fly On The Windscreen - Final 5:06 Fly On The Windscreen (death mix) 7:50 Fly On The Windscreen (extended) 4:23 Fly On The Windscreen (quiet mix) 4:14 Fools 7:38 Fools (bigger) 5:21 Fpmip 7:28 Freeze 4:22 Further Excerpts From My Secret Garden 3:12 Get The Balance Right! 7:56 Get The Balance Right! (combination mix) 7:44 Grain 3:32 Gone 4:30 Halo 4:58 Happiest Girl (jack mix) 6:08 Happiest Girl (kiss-a-mix) 6:28 Happiest Girl (the pulsating orbital mix) 8:02 Happiest Girl (the pulsating orbital vocal mix) 4:16 Here Is The House 3:50 Ice Machine 4:05 Ice Machine [CDSTUMM5 version] 3:45 Ice Machine (live) 4:37 I Feel You I Feel You (seven inch mix) 7:53 I Feel You (babylon mix) 6:41 I Feel You (helmet at the helm mix) 8:36 I Feel You (life's too short mix) 4:59 I Feel You (renegade soundwave afghan surgery mix) 7:29 I Feel You (swamp mix) 6:50 I Feel You (throb mix) 4:40 If You Want 5:06 If You Want (live) 4:22 In A Manner Of Speaking 1:07 Interlude Nr. 3 4:00 In Your Memory In Your Memory (slik mix edit) 8:10 In Your Memory (slik mix) 2:14 I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead 4:45 It Doesn't Matter 2:52 It Doesn't Matter Two 2:46 It Doesn't Matter Two (instrumental) 3:49 It's Called A Heart 5:33 It's Called A Heart (emotion dub) 6:48 It's Called A Heart (emotion remix) 7:20 It's Called A Heart (extended) 4:41 It's Called A Heart (slow mix) 3:45 I Want You Now 3:37 Just Can't Get Enough 5:31 Just Can't Get Enough (live) [b-side of L12BONG4] 4:03 Just Can't Get Enough (live) ["101" version] 6:41 Just Can't Get Enough (schizomix) 4:20 Kaleid 4:36 Kaleid (remix) 5:22 Kaleid (when worlds mix) 4:48 Leave In Silence 3:59 Leave In Silence [7" version] 6:29 Leave In Silence (longer) 3:41 Leave In Silence (quieter) 5:04 Lie To Me 4:19 Little 15 4:28 Love In Itself 3:58 Love In Itself 2 7:15 Love In Itself 3 4:35 Love In Itself 4 4:13 Master And Servant 3:51 Master And Servant [7" version] 4:33 Master And Servant (an On-USound sci-fi dancehall classic remix) 5:35 Master And Servant (live) [b-side of L12BONG8] 4:30 Master And Servant (live) ["101" version] 9:21 Master And Servant (slavery whip mix) 8:02 Master And Servant (US black and blue mix) 3:54 Master And Servant (voxless) 4:05 Memphisto 3:15 Monument 4:29 More Than A Party 5:06 More Than A Party (live) 2:48 Motherless Child 4:47 My Secret Garden 7:30 My Secret Garden (live) 4:49 Never Let Me Down Again 4:17 Never Let Me Down Again [7" version] 4:58 Never Let Me Down Again (aggro mix) 6:41 Never Let Me Down Again (live) 9:30 Never Let Me Down Again (split mix) Never Let Me Down Again (remix) 4:20 Never Let Me Down Again (tsangarides mix) 3:07 Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth 2:50 Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth [1987 fan club flexi version] 3:46 New Dress 3:43 New Life 4:12 New Life (live) 4:00 New Life (remix) 4:11 Nodisco 4:18 Nothing 6:46 Nothing (dub) 4:42 Nothing (live) 3:57 Nothing (remix/edit) Nothing (US 7" mix) 7:06 Nothing (zip-hop mix) Nothing (remix by Justin Strauss) 4:17 Nothing To Fear 4:15 Nothing To Fear (live) 3:22 Now This Is Fun 4:40 Now This Is Fun (extended) 4:05 Oberkorn (it's a small town) 7:37 Oberkorn (it's a small town) (development mix) 3:31 One Caress 3:52 People Are People 3:50 People Are People [7" version] 7:13 People Are People (different mix) 4:07 People Are People (live) [b-side to 12BONG11] 4:59 People Are People (live) ["101" version] 7:30 People Are People (On-USound mix) 4:56 Personal Jesus 3:43 Personal Jesus [7" version] 3:26 Personal Jesus (acoustic) 5:43 Personal Jesus (holier than thou approach) 4:16 Personal Jesus (kazan cathedral mix) 7:19 Personal Jesus (pump mix) 5:30 Personal Jesus (telephone stomp mix) 3:12 Photographic ["Some Bizarre Album" version] 4:52 Photographic 3:58 Photographic (live) 5:26 Pimpf 4:32 Pimpf [b-side to BONG13] 0:59 Pimpf (live) 6:10 Pipeline 2:50 Pleasure Little Treasure 5:38 Pleasure Little Treasure (glitter mix) 4:50 Pleasure Little Treasure (join mix) 4:38 Pleasure Little Treasure (live) 4:55 Policy Of Truth 5:09 Policy Of Truth [7" version] 7:13 Policy Of Truth (beat box) 8:00 Policy Of Truth (capitol mix) 6:02 Policy Of Truth (pavlov's dub) ?:?? Policy Of Truth (radio edit) 5:56 Policy Of Truth (trancentral mix) 3:55 Puppets 14:25 Recoil 1 18:37 Recoil 2 4:10 Route 66 10:41 Route 66 (casualty mix) 4:10 Route 66 (Nile Rodgers mix) 6:20 Route 66 (remixed by The Beatmasters) Route 66 (Beatmasters mix) 4:15 Route 66/Behind The Wheel (mega-single mix) 4:48 Sacred 5:14 Sacred (live) 4:42 Satellite 4:17 Satellite (live) 6:07 Sea Of Sin (sensoria) 4:44 Sea Of Sin (tonal mix) 4:34 See You 3:53 See You [7" version] 4:48 See You (extended) 4:06 See You (live) 4:13 (Set Me Free) Remotivate Me 8:30 (Set Me Free) Remotivate Me (release mix) 7:59 (Set Me Free) Remotivate Me (12" mix edited by Joseph Wattt) 4:47 Shake The Disease 7:10 Shake The Disease (edit the shake) 5:11 Shake The Disease (live) 8:44 Shake The Disease (remix extended version) 3:52 Shame 4:13 Shame (live) 3:10 Shouldn't Have Done That 3:45 Shout 4:33 Shout (live) 7:35 Shout (riomix) 3:20 Sibeling 5:04 Smile In The Crowd 4:26 Somebody 4:26 Somebody (live) [ b-side of 12BONG7] 4:34 Somebody (live) ["101" version] 4:19 Somebody (remix) 3:45 Something To Do 3:43 Something To Do (live) [b-side of 12BONG12] 3:54 Something To Do (live) ["101" version] 7:35 Something To Do (metalmix) 1:54 Sometimes 5:30 Sonata No. 14 in C#M "Moonlight Sonata" 4:18 Stjarna 14:33 Stone 3:12 Stories Of Old 4:57 Strangelove 3:46 Strangelove [7" version] Strangelove (lp mix) 3:44 Strangelove [US 7" version] ?:?? Strangelove (7" blind edit) 6:33 Strangelove (blind mix) 6:32 Strangelove (highjack mix) Strangelove (remix by Bomb The Bass) Strangelove (Tim Simenon/Mark Saunders mix) 4:50 Strangelove (live) 6:30 Strangelove (maxi-mix) 1:39 Strangelove (midi-mix) 7:20 Strangelove (pain mix) 3:46 Strangelove (remix/edit) 8:00 Strangelove (the fresh ground mix) 4:17 Stripped 3:47 Stripped [7" version] 6:41 Stripped (highland mix) 6:14 Stripped (live) [b-side of 12BONG12] 6:45 Stripped (live) ["101" version] 4:44 Sweetest Perfection 8:01 The Defector 5:02 The Great Outdoors 4:48 The Landscape Is Changing 3:05 The Meaning Of Love 4:54 The Meaning Of Love (fairly odd mix) 3:14 The Meaning Of Love (live) 15:03 The Sermon 5:03 The Sun And The Rainfall 4:03 The Things You Said 4:21 The Things You Said (live) 2:51 To Have And To Hold 2:36 To Have And To Hold (spanish taster) 4:26 Told You So 4:40 Told You So (live) 4:20 Tora! Tora! Tora! 4:09 Tora! Tora! Tora! (live) 4:12 Two Minute Warning 4:36 Two Minute Warning (live) 6:07 Waiting For The Night 2:39 What's Your Name? 4:22 Work Hard 6:56 Work Hard (east end remix) 2:49 World Full Of Nothing 4:27 World In My Eyes 3:59 World In My Eyes (7" version) ?:?? World In My Eyes (radio edit) 7:29 World In My Eyes (oil tank mix) 6:58 World In My Eyes (dub in my eyes) 6:32 World In My Eyes (mode to joy) 4:59 World In My Eyes (mayhem mode) --------------------------------==-------------------------------- I can be reached at either of the two email addresses below. Anyone with any corrections please email me. Please send any correspondence about this discography to: and I will try to reply as promptly as possible. If you would like the most recent version, it is available via anonymous ftp at (in the directory /pub/music/discog/d). If you cannot get it via ftp send me mail and I'll send you a copy (this may take a few days). Robert Schmitz (Newcastle, Australia)


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