Pink Floyd Songs recorded by Other Bands [last updated 6 Mar 93] Band Song Title Album Tit

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Pink Floyd Songs recorded by Other Bands [last updated 6 Mar 93] Band Song Title Album Title 360s Long Gone Supernatural a; Grumm Another Brick in the "The Underground EP(12") Wall Acid Casualties Point Me at the Sky Panic Stations Alex Bollard [see below] Pink Rock Austin Lounge Lizards Brain Damage Lizard Vision Baron Knights Never Mind the Presents [includes ABITW] Bim Scala Bim Brain Damage Bob-a-rella Money Camper Van Beethoven Insterstellar Overdrive The third album Captain Sensible It Would Be So Nice The Power of Love Classical Mushrooms Bike David Bowie See Emily Play Pin Ups Domino ABitW 3 [really AbitW2] Pink Project Elkie Brooks Money Pearls II Eugene Chadbourne Careful With That Axe, Camper von Chadbourne Eugene Family Fodder No Man's Land Fish Fearless Songs From the Mirror Gary Lucas Astronomy Domine Gods and Monsters Graded Grains Lucifer Sam Haze Brain Damage Warts and All Haze One of these days Warts and All Henry Kaiser Money Igloos Octopus Igloos Wolf Jesus and Mary Chain Upside Down Jesus and Mary Chain Vegetable Man Knox Alligator Man Knox Gigolo Aunt London Philharmonic [lots of songs] Objects of Fantasy Orchestra London PX Arnold Layne London PX Indian Summer Love and Rockets Lucifer Sam 12" of "Kundalini Express" Marc and the Mambas Terrapin Martin Bisi Money Monks of Doom Let's Split The Insect God Necros The Nile Song All Tangled Up 7" Neil the Hippy The Gnome Neil's Heavey Concept Album Permissive Society See Emily Play I Am the Walrus single Pharmakos Interstellar Overdrive Primus Have A Cigar Miscellaneous Debris Red Red Groovy Ibiza Bar on CD "25" REM Dark Globe on UK "Orange Crush" 3" CD Rosebud [many-see below] Discoballs Shamans Golden Hair Strange Daydreams Shamans Long Gone Strange Daydreams Soft Boys Astronomy Domine Two Halves for the Price of One Soft Boys Vegetable Man Underwater Moonlight The Concerned See Emily Play The Concerned Christians Christians Three O'Clock Lucifer Sam Baroque Hoedown [European EP] True West Lucifer Sam [their first EP] Tom Tom In Trance One of These Days One of These Days CD-5 featuring MC Pub [Various] [many--see below] Beyond the Wildwood Voivod Astronomy Domine Nothingface Voivod The Nile Song Outer Limits Wrathchild America Time [following thanks to Chris "The Soul Doctor":] Title: Discoballs - A Tribute to Pink Floyd Artist: Rosebud Released: 1978 Serial No: K50446 My LP has on it the following info: Atlantic recording distributed by WEA, A Warner Communications Company Made in U.K. Track Listing ( ** Spelling Mistakes are as on the album cover): Side 1: Have a Cigar (waters) 4:19 Free Four (Waters) 3:30 Summer '68 (Wright) 3:54 Interstellar Overdrive (Barret**, Waters, Wright, Mason) 4:43 Side 2: Money (Waters) 4:45 One of These Days (Water**, Wright, Mason, Gilmour) Arnold Layne (Barrett) 3:18 Main Theme "More" (Waters, Wright, Mason, Gilmour) 4:04 The entire album consists of disco versions of the above songs ! [following from Eclipse, somewhere, sometime] Title : Beyond The Wildwood: A Tribute To Syd Barrett Label: Communion/imaginary Records (COMM 14CD) Address: The Communion Label P.O. box 95265 Atlanta GA 30347 Songlist: 1. NO GOOD TRYING The Mock Turtles 2. OCTOPUS Plasticland 3. ARNOLD LAYNE SS-20 4. MATILDA MOTHER Paul Roland 5. LONG COLD LOOK Fit And Limo 6. LONG GONE The Shamen 7. IF THE SUN DON"T SHINE (ADAPTATION OF JUGBAND BLUES) Opal 8. BABY LEMONADE The Ashes In The Morning 9. WOLFPACK The Lobster Quadrille 10. GOLDEN HAIR The Paint Set 11. NO MAN'S LAND Tropicana Fishtank 12. APPLES AND ORANGES The T.V. Personalities 13. TWO OF A KIND The Soup Dragons 14. SCREAM THY LAST SCREAM The Green Telescope 15. SEE EMILY PLAY The Chemistry Set 16. RATS What Noise 17. GIGOLO AUNT Death Of Samantha [From "Gerhard den Hollander" at Nov 23, 92 08:05:55 pm Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1992 00:54:54 +0200 (EET)] ALEX BOLLARD ASSEMBLY PINK ROCK - SUPER SOUND OF THE SEVENTIES (CD, Star Inc. 86057) Tracks: One Of These Days (part 1) Time Arnold Layne Money See Emily Play Us And Them Let There Be More Light Wish You Were Here Atom Heart Mother Shine On You Crazy Diamond Summer '68 Sheep A Pillow Of Winds Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2) Obscured By Clouds Run Like Hell Burning Bridges One Of These Days (Part 2) Breathe Digital recording, 69 minutes 15 seconds


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