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Newsgroups: From: Greg Clow Subject: Coil Discography v1 (long-ish :-) ) Organization: The Zoo of Ids Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1993 00:44:36 GMT Message-ID: <> Lines: 381 Here's my first revision of a Coil discography. Any help in revising this will be greatly appriciated... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COIL DISCOGRAPHY v1 April 5, 1993 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A discography of releases from Coil. All of their "own" releases are listed first, followed by compilation appearances. I'm the first to admit that this document is not yet complete, but I feel that it's a pretty good "first draft". Most of the information contained here has been culled from my personal collection, with a few bits and pieces coming from posts to and nm-list in the last 6 months or so. I still need, however, a fair bit of information, especially regarding original LP and cassette releases. ANY additions, corrections, or comments would be GREATLY appriciated. Just email any info you might have to the address at the end of this document. Thanks! COUNTRY LEGEND: UK - United Kingdom GE - Germany US - United States =============================================================================== COIL ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HOW TO DESTROY ANGELS EP 1984 Laylah Anti-Records LAY 5 UK How to Destroy Angels Notes: Single-sided EP. SCATOLOGY LP 1984 Force & Form/K.422) FFK 1 UK CD 1988 Force & Form FFKCD1 UK Ubu Noir / Panic / At the Heart of it All / Tenderness of Wolves / The Spoiler + / Clap / Restless Day * / Aqua Regis * / Solar Lodge / The S.W.B.P. / Godhead = Deathead / Cathedral in Flames / Tainted Love * + CD contains "unreleased alternative version" * appears only on CD release Notes: The track listing above is the actual playing order of the CD; the tracks "Restless Day" and "Aqua Regis" are listed in the wrong order on the cover. PANIC/TAINTED LOVE 12" 1984 Force & Form/K.422 ??? UK 12" 198? Wax Trax! Records WAX 013 US CD5" 1990 Wax Trax! Records WAXCD 013 US Panic / Aqua Regis / Tainted Love HORSE ROTORVATOR LP 1986 Force & Form/K.422 ROTA 1 UK LP 198? Relativity Records ??? US CD 198? Force & Form/K.422 ROTA CD1 UK The Anal Staircase / Slur / Babylero / Ostia (The Death of Pasolini) / Herald / Penetralia / Ravenous * / Circles of Mania / Blood From the Air / Who By Fire / The Golden Section / The First Five Minutes After Death * appears only on CD release Notes: The track listing above is the actual playing order of the CD; the track "Ravenous" is listed on the cover as appearing on the end of the disc (after "The First Five Minutes After Death"). THE ANAL STAIRCASE 12" 1986 Force & Form/K422 ROTA 121 UK The Anal Staircase (A Dionysian Remix) / Blood From the Air / Ravenous PENETRALIA II 7" 1987 Shock 45 SX002 UK Penetralia II / ??? GOLD IS THE METAL (WITH THE BROADEST SHOULDERS) LP 1988 Threshold House LOCI 1 UK CD 1988 Threshold House/Normal Records NORMAL 77 CD GE Last Rites of Spring / Paradisiac / Thump / For Us They Will / The Broken Wheel / Boy in a Suitcase / Golden Hole / Cardinal Points / Red Slur / ...Of Free Enterprise / Aqua Regalia / Metal in the Head / Either His or Yours / Chickenskin / Soundtrap / Hellraiser * / The Wheal * / The First Five Minutes After Violent Death / * appears only on CD release Notes: From the liner notes: "This release is not the follow-up to HORSE ROTORVATOR... but a completely seperate package - a stopgap and a breathing space - the space between two twins. Presented here are thoroughbreds that escaped the Horse Rotorvator - discarded shards, distortions, disappointments, scrambled and disassembled stages. Remnants of what once was. This record is a chance for us to release some otherwise placeless pieces of music." The initial limited edition release of the LP also included a 7" single with the following tracks: The Wheal / Keelhauler WRONG EYE 7" 198? Shock Records ??? ?? Wrong Eye / Scope UNNATURAL HISTORY (COMPILATION TRACKS COMPILED) CD 1990 Threshold House LOCI CD2 UK Various Hands / The Swelling of Leeches / The Pope Held Upside Down / His Body was a Playground For the Nazi Elite / Homage to Sewage / Here to Here (Double Headed Secret) / S is for Sleep / Dream Photography / Comfortable / Never / Penetralia II / Sicktone / How to Destroy Angels Notes: As the subtitle of this release suggests, this is a collection of tracks that appeared on various compilations and limited edition releases between 1983 and 1990. THE UNRELEASED THEMES FOR HELLRAISER 10" 1990 Solar Lodge COIL 001 UK Hellraiser / Box Theme / Main Title / Airline 1 / Liqueur / Purfume / Video Recorder / Airline 2 / Natural Gas / Cosmetic 1 / Cosmetic 2 / Analgesic / Road Surface / Accident Insurance Notes: This release was also available as a limited edition on pink vinyl. HELLRAISER THEMES CD 1990 Solar Lodge/Torso TORSO CD 161 GE Hellraiser / The Hellbound Heart / Box Theme / No New World / Attack of the Sennapods / Main Title WINDOWPANE 12" 1990 Threshold House LOCI 3 UK 12" 1990 Wax Trax! Records WAX 9142 US CD5" 1990 Threshold House/Torso TORSO CD 174 GE CD5" 1990 Wax Trax! Records WAXCD 9142 US Windowpane (Minimal) * / Windowpane / Windowpane (Astral Paddington Mix) * appears on CD releases only Notes: The original 12" release (LOCI 3) is a limited edition picture disc. LOVE'S SECRET DOMAIN CD 1991 Wax Trax! Records WAXCD 7143 US Disco Hospital / Teenage Lightning 1 / Things Happen / The Snow / Dark River / Where Even the Darkness is Something to See / Teenage Lightning 2 / Windowpane / Further Back and Faster / Titan Arch / Chaostrophy / Lorca Not Orca / Love's Secret Domain THE SNOW EP 1991 Wax Trax! Records WAX 9144 US CD 1991 Wax Trax! Records WAXCD 9144 US Driftmix / Answers Come in Dreams I / Out in the Cold / As Pure As? / Answers Come in Dreams II / The Snow STOLEN AND CONTAMINATED SONGS CD 1992 Threshold House/World Serpent LOCI 4 UK As It Really Is / Chaos / Who'll Tell / Exploding Frogs / In The Lost Kingdom / Love's Secret Domain (demo) / Nasa - Arab (live) / Who'll Fall / Original Scot Song / Wrim-Wram-Wrom / Oboe Cop / Her Friends the Wolves / Dark Nova Notes: This release is to LOVE'S SECRET DOMAIN as GOLD IN THE METAL is to HORSE ROTORVATOR - a collection of outtakes, oddities, etc. HOW TO DESTROY ANGELS (REMIXES AND RE-RECORDINGS) CD 1992 Threshold House/World Serpent LOCI 5 UK The Sleeper / Remotely / The Sleeper II / Tectonic Plates / Dismal Orb / How to Destroy Angels II / Absolute Elsewhere =============================================================================== COMPILATION APPEARANCES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ELEPHANT TABLE ALBUM dbl-LP 1983 X Tract Records XX 001 UK CD 1989 Jungle Records/X Tract Records XX 1 FR NIGHTMARE CULTURE EP 1984? Laylah Anti-Records LAY 14 UK Various Hands / The Swelling of Leeches / The Pope Held Upside Down Notes: These tracks appeared under the group name Sickness Of Snakes. OHERENSHAUSEN LP 1984? DOM Records DOM V77-03 GE His Body Was a Playground for the Nazi Elite Notes: This track was also recorded during the Sickness Of Snakes session. Released in a limited edition of 1000 (500 black vinyl, 500 white). LIFE AT THE TOP LP 1984 Third Mind Records TMLP 07 UK Homage To Sewage THE BEAST 666 CS 1984? Nekrophile NRC 03 UK Here to Here (A Double Headed Secret) DEVESTATE TO LIBERATE LP 1985 Yangki Records YANGKI 1 UK Restless Day Notes: Benefit LP to raise funds for the Animal Liberation Front. IF YOU CAN'T PLEASE YOURSELF, YOU CAN'T PLEASE YOUR SOUL LP 1985 Some Bizzare ??? UK LP 1985 Some Bizzare/Capitol ST-12439 CA CD 1990? Some Bizarre ??? UK The Wheel PEYERE CS 1986 ??? ??? ?? Dream Photography RAW LIKE SEWAGE CS 198? Premonition ??? ?? Comfortable LESS THAN ANGELS CS 198? ??? ??? ?? Never Notes: This track appeared as a part of the soundtrack to Derek Jarman's film "The Angelic Conversation". Release limited to 100 copies. THE FIGHT IS ON LP 198? Laylah Anti-Records LAY ?? UK Sicktone MYTHS 4 CD 198? ??? SUBCD007-7 ?? Another Brown World THE PORTABLE ALTAMONT CD 198? Shock Records SX012CD UK Wrong Eye / Scope / Meaning What Exactly? TOTAL VOLUME 1 CD 1990? Total TOTAL 1 CD UK The Anal Staircase (Relentless mix) A PATHOLOGICAL COMPILATION CD 1991 Pathological ??? UK "Contains a Disclaimer" +! (WAX TRAX SAMPLER #2) CS 1991 Wax Trax! Records ??? US Love's Secret Domain (demo version) Notes: Promotional release only. =============================================================================== This discography compiled by Greg Clow (, PLEASE e-mail any comments/corrections/etc.


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