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Newsgroups: alt.gothic From: (Roger Charles Frace) Subject: new updated expanded Christian Death discography Message-ID: Keywords: christian death, discography Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1993 01:19:48 GMT Lines: 283 here we are, a new updated christian death discography for everyone. sources are mine and friends personal collections, the c.d.s. "official" discography, and other literature from the c.d.s. Discography of Christian Death compiled by Roger Frace ( 1981 deathwish 1984 (fr/I.A.S.: ) ?1986 (it/contempo: conte 137) deathwish, romeo's distress, dogs, desperate hell, spiritual cramp, cavity * outtakes and demos from theatre of pain sessions * * official release from 1984 * 1982 only theatre of pain 1982/83 (usa/frontier: flp/fcd 1007) 1983 (uk/future: ) 1983 (fr/I.A.S.: ) 1983 (jp/vap: ) cavity-first communion, figurative theatre, burnt offerings, mysterium iniquitatis, dream for mother, stairs-uncertain journey, spiritual cramp, romeo's distress, resurrection-sixth communion, prayer ** this is the CD order. the record and 4t order may be different. i know the 4t also contains "dogs" and "cavity" from deathwish ** ** at this point, Christian Death (Rozz, Rik, James, George) splits. Rozz then teams up with Pompeii 99 (Valor, Gitane, David), but keep the name Christian Death ** 1984 catastrophe ballet 1984 (fr/I.A.S.: ) 1986 (it/contempo: conte 105) 1990 (usa/lsr: ) awake at the wall, sleepwalk, the drowning, the blue hour, as evening falls, androgynous noise hand permeates, electra descending, cervix couch, this glass house, the fleeing somnambulist ** the italian rerelease of this (contempo) contains 3 extra tracks: after the rain, between youth (available as b-sides for "believers of the unpure"), and the somnolent pursuit ** 1985 ashes 1985 (fr/I.A.S.: ) 1985 (us/nostradamus: ) 1988 (ger/normal: normal 15) 1990 (usa/lsr: ) ashes, ashes part II, when i was bed, lament, face, the luxury of tears, of the wound ** at this point, Rozz leaves the band ** 1985 the wind kissed pictures EP 1985 (it/supporti: ) lacrima christi, believers of the unpure, overture, the wind kissed pictures, the lake of fire ** rereleased as "past & present" and "past present & forever", the latter including extra tracks, "blast of the bough", "amaterasu", "the absolute", & italian and english versions of "lacrima christi" ** past and present ???? (ger/supporti: sf003) past, present, and forever 1991 (it/contempo: conte 141) 1985 lacrima christi (7" single) 1985 (it/supporti: ) english and italian versions 1986 the decomposition of violets (live) 1986 (usa/roir: a-138) - cass only 1991 (it/contempo: conte 138) awake at the wall, sleepwalk, the drowning, theatre of pain, cavity, the blue hour, electra descending, as evening falls, face, cervix couch, this glass house, romeo's distress ** recorded live in hollywood when Rozz was still with them ** 1986 believers of the unpure (12" single) 1986 (uk/jungle: ) believers of the unpure (same as WKP), after the rain, between youth 1986 anthology of live bootlegs (live) 1986 (uk/jungle: ) (usa/nostradamus: nos1006) awake at the wall, sleepwalk, theatre of pain, cavity, the blue hour, when i was bed, birth, coming forth by day, this glass house, the drowning, cervix couch, figurative theatre, untitled-followed by crowd chaos (working on beyond) ** recorded in random places by random bootleggers between 1981 and 1985 ** 1986 atrocities 1986/87 (ger/normal: normal 18) 1990 (usa/lsr: ) will-o-the-wisp, tales of innocence, strapping me down, the danzig waltz, chimere de-si de-la, silent thunder, strange fortune, ventriloquist, gloomy sunday, the death of josef * german edition (lp) includes also a really cool poster of the band * 1987 jesus christ proudly presents... (6x7") 1987 (ger/normal: normal 48) interview, sleepwalk, as evening falls, glass house, face, moonlight sonata, gloomy sunday, when i was bed, the wind kissed pictures, between youth, believers of the unpure, will-o-the-wisp, strapping me down, tales of innocence, ventriloquist, foggy day * live in various locations during the atrocities tour* 1987 sick of love (7" & 12" single) 1987 (ger/normal: normal 42 ) 1987 (uk/jungle: ) b/w the loving face 1987 the scriptures 1987 (ger/normal: normal 65) 1987 (uk/jungle: freud 18) 1987/88 (jp/king: ) 1990 (usa/lsr: ) prelude, song of songs (sick of love), vanity, four horsemen, 1983, omega dawn, a ringing in their ears, golden age, alpha sunset, split blood, raw war, reflections ** the UK release also includes the songs: "wreathu" and "jezebel's tribulation", in which the 7" was included in the german release of the record * 1987 jezebel's tribulation (7" single) 1987 (ger/normal: normal 66) b/w wreathru 1988 church of no return (7" & 12" single) 1988 (ger/normal: ) 1988 (uk/jungle: ) church of no return, church of no return-endured 1988 what's the verdict EP 1988 (ger/normal: normal 91) 1988 (uk/jungle: ) blasphemy in the uk, this is not blasphemy, this is heresy ** german issue includes "ketzerei" instead of "this is heresy" ** 1988 sex & drugs & jesus christ 1988/89 (uk/jungle: freud 25) 1988/89 (ger/normal: ) 1989 (usa/lsr: ) this is heresy, jesus where's the sugar, wretched mankind, the third antichrist, erection, ten thousand hundred times, incendiary lover, window pain ** the German version replaces the song "wretched mankind" with "tragedy". Both songs appear on the UK CD. Also note the UK release has the banned cover (jesus shooting up). The US and German versions use the alternate cover (3 faced jesus with X-death tattoo on forehead) in different colors (US=blue, GER=purple)** 1989 zerosex (single) 1989 (uk/jungle: jungle 501) zerosex, the nascent virion 1989 the heretics alive (live at the marquee) 1989 (uk/jungle: freud 29) 1989 (usa/lsr: ) this is heresy, wretched mankind, sick of love, the nascent virion, golden age, erection, chimere de-si de-la, four horsemen, church of no return ** also available on video with an interview of Valor by Mick Mercer and clips from other Christian Death Videos ** 1989 we fall like love/i hate you (12" single) 1989 (uk/jungle: ) 1989 all the love/all the hate part 1 1989 (uk/jungle: ) 1989 (ger/normal: normal 115) live love together, we fall like love, love don't bring me down, suivre la trace de quelqu'un, love is like a (b)itchin' in my heart, i'm using you (for love), deviate love, angel, woman to mother earth 1989 all the love/all the hate part 2 1989 (uk/jungle: ) 1989 (ger/normal: normal 116) born in a womb died in a tomb, baptized in fire, i hate you, children of the valley, kneel down, climate of violence: the relinquishment/the satanic verses/a malice of predjudice, the final solution, nazi killer, man to father fire * uk version has swastika cover, german replaces with a picture of hitler's face * 1990 insanus, ultio, proditio, misericordia 1990 (it/contempo: conte 150) sevan-us rex, malus amor, tragicus conatus, infans vexatio, somnium, venenum, mors-voluntaria, vita-voluntaria * christian death reunion. Rozz sings infans vexatio and Gitane is on venenum * 1992 jesus points the bone at you? (singles & b-sides collection) 1992 (uk/jungle: freud39) 1992 (ger/normal: ) believers of the unpure, after the rain, sick of love, the loving face, church of no return, church of no return (endured), what's the verdict, this is heresy, zero sex, the nascent virion (1991), we fall like love, i hate you * features new line up: Valor, Maitri, Ranni, Adam E. & Andar on the nascent virion. The concert introduced a new song called "Troubles of Desire", which should appear on the next album, about and possible entitled "desire and temptation"* 1992 the iron mask 1992 (usa/cleopatra: cleo57512) spiritual cramp, sleepwalk, skeleton kiss, figurative theatre, desperate hell, death wish, luxury of tears, cervix couch, skeleton kiss (death mix), down in the park (live) * features Rozz with new line up: Evangel, Listo, David * 1992 skeleton kiss 1992 (usa/cleopatra: cleo58412) spiritual cramp (sacrifice), skeleton kiss (fright), skeleton kiss (alternate death), ressurection - sixth communion (live) There are also videos for Believers of the Unpure, Zerosex, Church of No Return, We Fall Like Love, and I Hate You. Rozz Williams has also released material with the band "The Shadow Project" (sounds a bit like Christian Death) and "Premature Ejaculation" (industrial noise) Pompeii 99 did release an LP and an EP. LP "Look At Yourself" EP "Ignorance is the Control" I highly suggest picking up Christian Death on vinyl, because they put a lot of info (flyers, discography, order forms) in them. The Shadow Project 1991 The Shadow Project 1991 (usa/triple X: ) under your wing, the other flesh, death plays his role, penny in a bucket, epitaph (time will), red handed, here and there, working on beyond, holy hell, lying deep, into the light, holy holy 1992 cassette single (info not available at this point) as well as as new album (i believe). more to come soon. Premature Ejaculation ???? Assertive Discipline (usa/ ) views in the bottling room, doll's theatre, claws of the cat, the worst hell, lame from his mother's womb, blind, valley of humiliations Other 1992 Rozz Williams spoken word album every king a bastard's son (usa/cleopatra: cleo58532) whorse, mind fuck, the beast, currents, to he who shall come after, the evil ones, no soldier, walls/voices please e-mail me if you have any additions information to add, esp. on the new shadow project releases and other premature ejaculation stuff, as well as the missing catalog numbers. thanks.


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