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Newsgroups:,,soc.culture.canada From: (Gary L Dare) Subject: Canadian CD Album Versions List, Christmas '92 Message-ID: <> Keywords: CD's, canada, versions, Only-in-Canada-you-say?-Pity! Organization: The Bates Motel Date: Fri, 18 Dec 1992 17:11:00 GMT Lines: 556 >I just got back from Canada (Toronto) while I was there I noticed >something that I don't think is widely known. There are a lot of >Canadian releases that are otherwise unavailable. Thanks to Alan Ezust for sending me some updates from last weekend's posting (sorry to have been away for the past year!). I hope that this catches those of you who just finished the semester ... This edition is aimed for shoppers going to, coming from, or passing through Canada around the winter break, a guide to Christmas giving for the real music fans on your shopping list, closing out favours outstanding, etc. Please forgive the Rio Grande'-to-North Pole orientation of this article. (-; Posting to Soc.culture.canada at the request of its founder, Earl Laird Smith, but follow-ups as noted above PLEASE! WARNING: it's long ... PREAMBLE ... Here is the latest list of rock albums you would want to pick up in Canada if you are a dedicated fan of any of these artists or are just an imports fan. These albums would also be available for U.S. buyers >from export outfits like Discs & Dats, Spindle Music or Black Swan Records (Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with *any* of them) most of whom charge a hefty price compared to buying it just retail up north, so do see if any friends are travelling around first. The list price of a mainline CD in Canada hovers around C$20-25.00 ($16-19 budget line), although you can find sales in the order of C$10-18 respectively. The exchange rate is presently around US$0.80. Sales are more frequent both on and off the current charts, and sale discounts in Canada are deeper than in the U.S., which moderates the much higher (ridiculous!) list prices a bit. Sometimes, you could get find a regular CD for cheaper even with the exchange rate and sales tax rebates (prices swing wildly in sales). A fairly long list appears in alphabetical order after this ^L page break. International artists are first, followed by some Canadian domestic artist suggestions for the curious (some have had brief hits in the U.S. or abroad, or soundtrack fame a la The Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet (Kids in the Hall music), but have more substantial domestic careers and often some kind of cult following outside). Various nonclemature and buying advice at the end of this article. RSVP with updates posted to, and thanks in advance. 4AD (Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil, Dead Can Dance): Polygram Canada Alan Ezust ( writes --- POLYGRAM Canada puts out almost ALL of Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil, and Dead Can Dance CDs at domestic prices, which ends up being a little lower than the UK/France 4AD Import prices you'll see for the same discs in the USA. BLANCMANGE: "_Mange Tout_ is still available in Canada. _Believe You Me_ is most likely still available in smaller shops in Canada that have a low stock turnover." (Thanks to Mark LaForge, KATE BUSH: THE SENSUAL WORLD (EMI/Capitol Canada) From: Andreas Bjorklind "Kate Bush's latest album, "The Sensual World", is also different from both US and UK versions. The Canadian version is a picture disk, with the so called "sand-though-the-fingers" picture pressed on the CD. The UK and US versions aren't pic disks at all..." BRUCE COCKBURN: LIVE (True North (Epic/CBS)) This is from the Big World tour (bass/Chapman stick, drums, guitar, plus assorted other instruments that Bruce could get his hands on). 14 tracks (2 records on 1 CD). Very interesting new arrangements! I do miss Hugh Marsh on violin, but his brother Fergus is on the bass and Chapman stick on this one. It is now out on Gold Castle at full price in the US, but might be hard to find in some areas; you might find it on sale at a better price up north if you're lucky. (I did!) Also, the Canadian editions have lyrics in French. BRUCE COCKBURN: WAITING FOR A MIRACLE (True North (Epic/CBS)) This is the vaunted 33-track (11 bonus cuts!) collection; the record versions are identical in the US and Canada, but the US CD is a single disc. )-; Numerous remakes, two new songs, some live stuff from the "Rumours of Glory" concert video. Complete with booklet and lyrics. BRUCE COCKBURN: CIRCLES IN THE STREAM (True North (Epic/CBS)) Cockburn's first live album, recorded at Toronto's Massey Hall in the mid-70's. Great sound quality, partly due to a simple setup. Performace: superb! CONTRARY TO PREVIOUS POSTINGS, THIS ALBUM IS PRESENTLY ON CD IN JAPAN, NOT CANADA. (shame!) LEONARD COHEN: From: Mike Godfrey ( Just as a by-the-way, the following Leonard Cohen albums are available in Canada on CD, most at "budget-line" prices: Songs of Leonard Cohen Songs From a Room Songs of Love and Hate The Best of Leonard Cohen Death of a Ladies' Man Recent Songs Various Positions I'm Your Man [Help me, please, Cohen fans; just which one of these are available globally, only in North America, and only in Canada? Also, what about the "Live" album recorded in Paris with Leonard on the cover looking like an inmate on Devil's Island? A friend lives a few doors down from Cohen's Plateau Mont Royal pad up in Montreal, but it would be pushing it to ask her to ring his doorbell and check off the list! -- gld] COWBOY JUNKIES: WHITES OFF EARTH NOW! (BMG/RCA) Independant label debut, now on CD as BMG/RCA major release since Spring '91 worldwide. This one is bluesy as their major label debut "Trinity Sessions" is folk/country; same single-mike recording method. *It might be easier to find up north, though.* THE CURE: "CONCERT: THE CURE LIVE" (Elektra/Fiction) The CD can be found or ordered as a UK import (at inflated prices; see below), and was issued as a domestic record and cassette. The tape can be easily found around town, and this version has a second live side called "Curiousity" just like on their UK home label, Fiction. (Thanks to Mark LaForge for this info.) CHRIS DE BURGH (A&M): "HIGH ON EMOTION - LIVE IN DUBLIN" (no US release), "BEST MOVES", "SPARK TO A FLAME", and back-catalogue The early albums of Chris' Irish folk-minstrel oriented stuff are available, as are the EP "A Child is Born" and "Best Moves", a best-of collection. A newer, 16-track compilation called "Spark to a Flame" was released in late 1989, but I have not had a chance to check it out. Only two tracks overlap between the two collections. A live album is now out, and should be found in Canada where Chris is big. EURYTHMICS: GREATEST HITS (Polygram) The Canadian version is the UK version with 18 tracks vs. 14 tracks on the U.S. disc. However, "King and Queen of America" is missing from this European pressing. Also, the Canadian/UK/Europe version features slightly longer tracks than the US version, but many are still edited down from the original album versions. THE GUESS WHO: TRACK RECORD (RCA/BMG) This is a 120 minute, double CD compilation comprising the albums "Best of", "Best of, Vol. 2" (deleted) and numerous other singles and B-sides released by THE classic Canadian rock group of all time. Also one unreleased cut. Remastered in May of 1988, in Toronto, and not as brittle sounding as the single-disc RCA "Best of..." (at least for my tastes, anyways), which was re-mastered in 1987 in New York City. > This album may have been released outside of Canada since ... THE GUESS WHO: BEST OF ... LIVE A reunion concert from 1983 tour done by original Guess Who members Cummings, Bachman, Kale and Petersen, recorded at Toronto's CNE fair. This album was originally telemarketed via TV ads, but copies can now be found in stores (and occasionally US import bins). Not on a major label, but that same great music. >Could someone please help to confirm the existence of album on CD? THE HOUSEMARTINS: NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL QUITE GOOD (Go! Discs; AGOCD11) This one is a long CD, too. 24 tracks, 78:38. (Thanks to Dave Datta.) Now released in the U.S. as NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL GOOD MUSIC. NIK KERSHAW: HUMAN RACING, THE RIDDLE From: mark@geovision.uucp (Mark Baker) >OK, here we go. I happen to have both of these on CD at my place >right now (no, you can't have the address). I picked both of them up >used ($12CDN) at a store in Toronto several years ago. I have seen >both available as Canadian imports in Toronto (but not for several >years now) for about $35CDN each. > >The CD I haven't seen anywhere is "Radio Musicola" which, while not >as good as his two previous albums, is a lot of fun. K.D. LANG AND THE RE-CLINES: A TRULY WESTERN EXPERIENCE k.d. lang's first album was a Canadian domestic release, and it has recently been reissued on CD. It's country punk, wilder and crazier than the pure-country stuff she does now. She still wore the straw hat, grannie dress, wire-rim geek glasses and work boots back then. Her major label debut, "Angel with a Lariat" did not rock like this one despite presence of Dave Edmunds as producer, as she decided to go to country rather than to country punk/rock. GORDON LIGHTFOOT: boxed set (Capitol Canada) Taken from Gord's time with United Artists, the first 5 complete albums remastered on 3 CD's: "Lightfoot" "The Way I Feel" "Did She Mention My Name" "Back Here on Earth" "Sunday Concert (live)" GORDON LIGHTFOOT: "60 MINUTES WITH ..." (Capitol Canada) This compilation is superseded by the new boxed set just mentioned, and is itself rumoured to be in worldwide distribution through EMI. Part of a compilation series featuring current or previous Canadian artists, sometimes just milking their backcatalogue but this one is a gem ... the original United Artists masters whose Canadian rights are held by Capitol Canada. Lightfoot had to redo these numbers for the first "Gord's Gold" issued by Warner (a warning about "Gord's Gold 2": most of the tracks were from 1988 tour rehearsal sessions and Gord's voice is much thinner and more nasal than the original studio cuts; they were probably too cheap to remaster the original takes for CD). MARILLION: "REAL TO REEL" (Capitol Canada) One half recorded at Le Spectrum club in Montreal and the other at The Lyceum, London (UK). Six (6) songs in all, but full album length. (Another live, the "Brief Encounter" live EP is a US-only release.) MEN WITHOUT HATS: FOLK OF THE 80's (debut EP) This one is their independant label debut. One member split to form his own group soon after, Rational Youth, a much tougher-sounding synthesizer group with guitar. Pretty sure about the vinyl, not so about CD. MEN WITHOUT HATS: RHYTHM OF YOUTH and FOLK OF THE 80'S PART 3 The first one was their major label debut. Dave Datta said that these CDs were never released in the US (he has a German pressing of "Folk 3" on Statik). (Thus, "Folk of the 80s, Part III", was their third album and hence the title.) These may be impossible to find, but a clue did arrive from Per Goetterup ( in Denmark: >Strange... I've got both "Rhythm of Youth" (1982) and "Folk of The >80's" (1984) on CD at home, and they're not european releases -- >Both were 'Made in Canada' and released by Static Records, Canada. >The catalogue numbers are CDST 10 and CDST 18. >This does not guarantee their availability at retail stores, but >maybe used stores might reveal a treasure! MEN WITHOUT HATS: SIDEWAYS From: (Lazlo Nibble) Newsgroups: "You're lucky enough to be close to Canada to hear it, but you'll have to cross the border to *buy* it. My understanding of the situation is that Mercury/Polygram aren't going to release the album in the US. :-(" NEW ORDER: various CD singles From: Dwight A Lee / / T904107@niucs.BITNET >There are a number of New Order cd singles whose Canadian versions >have more tracks than their American counterparts - or even UK >counterparts. Unfortunately I don't have more information about >this, as it's all I can remember from looking at a friend's record >collection, which is fraught with zillions of New Order compact >discs. More information is probably available via the JD/NO mailing >list, info in pub/ceremony on ( THE POGUES: POGUETRY IN MOTION (EP) (MCA - Canada) THE POGUES: RUM, SODOMY AND THE LASH -- deleted! -- The Canadian version of "Rum..." didn't have the bonus track from the UK disc, "A Pistol for Paddy Garcia", which wasn't part of the original recording sessions (it was produced by Philip Chevron, not Elvis Costello). The British release is now being imported and put up at inflated prices (see below). TOM COCHRANE & RED RIDER: THE SYMPHONY SESSIONS (Capitol-EMI) Recorded with the Edmonton Symphony in Edmonton, Alberta. Lots of old Red Ryder hits and newer stuff by TC&RR; CD contains two bonus tracks, including the single "Big League" from their first BMG album. (Did they get dropped by BMG? EMI was their *old* label ...) Also has a cover of Leonard Cohen's "Bird on a Wire" (this is the same Tom Cochrane who has the hit song "Life is a Highway" on MTV's heavy rotation from his (year-old in Canada) solo album. (Folks up north now have a disc that they can trade to Cohen fans abroad for imports. (-;) RUSH: EXIT, STAGE LEFT (Anthem, ADD) The Canadian album is marked "ADD", as opposed to the "AAD" Mercury version. A missing cut, "Passage to Bangkok" has not been restored. JANE SIBERRY: debut album This started to appear on CD the summer of 1990, on a very small independant (not Duke Street, her home label). May be hard to find as its printing runs are small, so check the stores or call exporters. JANE SIBERRY: THE WALKING (Duke Street) The domestic pressing on Duke Street is 5:01 longer than the edited US release. The American release is a revision authorised by Jane, while the Canadian version is the original release. SISTERS OF MERCY: Alan Ezust ( writes --- Some Girls Wander By Mistake, a compilation of songs from 1980-1983, can SOMETIMES be found as a *very* expensive import from the UK when you are hunting around for it in the US... I never saw it there for under US$25. It is distributed in Canada by Warner Music Canada for around C$18.00-$20.00. THE SMITHS: A HATFUL OF HOLLOW (Rough Trade/Sire Canada) The Smiths released an alternate to their debut album, The Smiths, as fans, critics and the band themselves felt the new studio versions of some hit singles weren't up to the originals. Thus, the single mixes and some Peel Sessions stuff replaced the redone numbers. Funny that this one wasn't released in the US. (I'm told that the CD is an "import" == "price gouge", but records and cassettes are domestic.) AL STEWART: TIME PASSAGES (ARISTA CANADA?) The Canadian issue has lyrics in the booklet. This is important! [Thanks to Kim Dyer (] STYLE COUNCIL: AT HOME AND ABROAD Live album from 1987, it was widely available in Montreal at the time that I lived there. Liz Bonesteel ( reported that the CD of this album is nowhere to be found in the USA, although I have an American Geffen pressing of the vinyl. TIN MACHINE: TIN MACHINE II The crotches of the Greek kuros statues on the cover are not defaced as on the U.S. release (also on the band's drum kit -- ABC In Concert '91). U2: BOY (ISLAND/A&M Canada) Some copies of U2's "Boy" CD in Canada use the same cover as the UK release. (Thanks to (Adrian Fernandes)) You'll have to look around, though. ULTRAVOX: MONUMENT (Chrysalis UK) Live soundtrack from a 1983 video. Only 5 cuts over 30 minutes, but excellent playing and sound quality. ROGER WATERS: THE PROS & CONS OF HITCH-HIKING (Columbia) The Canadian CD has the original cover, no censorship. (i.e., the nude female form without the black rectangle to look like a miniskirt covering her posterior). And now, some bad news ... From: mark.laforge@rose.uucp (mark laforge) >The Canadian version won't be available much longer due to the >Canada/U.S. Free Trade agreement. Most of the Sony/CBS CD releases >are now coming from the United States and therefore the uncensored >cover will vanish. Other alternative Canadian covers that have >already vanished are Pink Floyd's _Wish You Were Here_ (different >colour background) [Yes, it's white just like the LP -- gld] and _Animals_ (different lettering). XTC: SKYLARKING (Virgin Canada), and the rest of the XTC catalogue. The Canadian version features all songs from the original album as released, PLUS the "Dear God" single (The UK and US CDs have one song, "Mermaid Smiles", bumped for the sake of "Dear God"). It disappeared for a short while, but is now back. Mark LaForge (mark.laforge@canremote.uucp) reports that Virgin Canada discontinued this pressing of "Skylarking" for 6 months, but have re-released it as budget (C$18-20) rather than mainline (C$21-23). The ENTIRE XTC back-catalogue is available in Canada, with the early albums now appearing on Virgin Canada budget lines rather than Virgin. Geffen will be releasing these in the US soon, so I'll probably drop XTC from this list next time. Due to Geffen delays, it's still here. For "English Settlement", the US pressing on Geffen and a new Virgin re-release both contain the entire album. Other Compilations of note (Canadian domestic artists): =========================== Capitol Canada's "60 MINUTES WITH..." compilation series (April Wine (2), Gordon Lightfoot's UA sessions, Tom Cochrane & Red Rider, Luba, etc.) MARTHA & THE MUFFINS (M+M): Far Away In Time (Virgin) (the first three albums on one disc; all of the debut, "Metro Music"). "Danseparc" by the band's second incarnation (w/bassist Jocelyne Lanois, sister of megastar producer Daniel) is now out on CD. MAX WEBSTER: Best Of... (Anthem); also, all of their back-catalogue and solo stuff by leader Kim Mitchell (a new studio album since the live "I am a Wild Party" has just been released on Alert, his home label). PAYOLA$ (ROCK & HYDE) (A&M or BMG?): Paul Hyde is singer and lyricist, Bob Rock the guitarist, music writer and producer (and yes, it's the same guy doing Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, The Cult etc. but The Payola$ don't sound remotely close to that stuff). Co-producers have been Mick Ronson (Spiders from Mars, Ian Hunter Band) and David Foster (Olivia Newton-John in the 70s, any and all famous Canadians in the 80s). The duo was based in Vancouver, British Columbia. "No Stranger to Danger" ('Eyes of a Stranger') and "Hammer on a Drum" ('Where is this Love?', 'Never Said I Loved You') are vinyl only; "Between A Rock and a Hyde Place: Best of the Payola$" is the only compilation and CD issue besides their swan song, Rock & Hyde's "Under a Volcano." )-; GOWAN (A&M): Larry Gowan's albums "Strange Animal", "Great Dirty World", and "Lost Brotherhood" all feature members of Peter Gabriel's band (Tony Leven, David Rhodes, Jerry Marotta) as well as guest spots >From Jon Anderson of Yes and Alex Lifeson of Rush. The Gabriel band last toured with him about 5 years ago, but Gowan road band is good. "Great Dirty World" had a brief U.S. release but has been deleted. Loreena McKinnit: Alan Ezust ( writes --- "VISIT" is available in the USA now, (actually, it's available EVERYWHERE now) at a domestic price. The cover design is different, but the disc is the same. Her OLDER stuff, however, namely "To Drive The Cold Winter Away", "Elemental" and "Parallel Dreams" are still only available in Canada. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet (Cargo Records) (all instrumental): _Savvy Show Stoppers_ w/"Having an Average Weekend", Kids in the Hall theme _Dim the Lights, Chill the Ham_ _Music for Pets_ (EP) ... plus many, many vinyl/cassette singles [Thanks to (Jodi Shapiro), (D.R. Paradis), (Kevin Santosuosso) and don@tse.uucp (Don Marks)] STRANGE ADVANCE: Interesting non-fluffy electronic pop; hit single was "Worlds Away". VALDY: Classics Collection (A&M) -- 18 songs plus a new cut, "Hot Rocks" DAVE WILCOX: Natural Edge, plus other titles. Great guitarist! WALTER ROSSI: The Very Best of ... another great guitarist! NONCLEMATURE: If some titles are not in regular stock, then I'm sure the CD can be found or ordered, probably even at domestic price. Canadian importing laws allow companies to import product internally and sell it as on the shelves as regular product. (The company retains domestic rights and normal royalties go to the artist, while the consumer saves money that would have gone to importing middlemen. Mind you, regular CD prices are around C$20-25!!) Smaller market, different dynamics. On the other hand, US laws now prohibit "parallel importation" due to the American holder of an artist on contract, even if the work is not on domestic American release. This was documented recently in an article on INFOCD, by a CD importer named Key Sounds (they deal with artists who have no US distribution whatsoever; their location out in Half Moon Bay, CA is in a gorgeous area!). Some CD titles are sold at higher "import" prices mainly due to the allure of an import, possible difficulties in obtaining stock, or the need to special order a title after the initial flood of sales (this is legit in my books). Otherwise, too many English Canadians are under the impression that our laws are the same as in the US on this issue (e.g., from reading Rolling Stone or various American audio magazines), and retailers are getting away. Be sure to enquire as to getting refunds of the federal value-added tax (VAT), called the GST. File for the Federal GST refund first and ask for your receipts to be returned. Then, send the receipts to the province for that refund. Ontario has a form widely available from hotels and tourist/travel offices, and Quebec is supposed to now, too. There may be a minimum of C$100 before you're eligible, so you might have to give these refunds to your friend as a tip. (-; "Only in Canada, you say? Pity!" - Red Rose Tea commercial. -- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Je me souviens ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gary L. Dare > Support NAFTA > gld@cunixc.BITNET Eat Mexican (El Teddy's ad)


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