Msg # [196200] Base Ramble On (General) Date Mon 02 Mar 1992 1033p Stat Public From Blade

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Msg #: [196/200] Base: Ramble On (General) Date : Mon 02 Mar 1992 10:33p Stat: Public From : Blade Runner #56 To : All Title: hMMMMMMMMM Reply: This message has 1 reply Ya.... Ok... Im not too confused... The Toasters mine damit.. Anyways... Hey... You all know the song "Get In The Ring"?? By GnR... Well. If you dont.. Then you wont enjoy this next song... If you do.. Sing along... From : Gun's N Rose's N F'n Bunnies... Title : Get on The Board Why do you lie to me when you fake me Why should I reply to you when you make me hate you too? I sense a big ass whippin comin your way now I dont even understand why you get away or how. And I dont Need your AST.. Yeah Why dont you just fuck off please. And when you talk you dont think Ill hear it But its all gonna come back to me one day. When Im really pissed you know Ill make you feel it. Cause Im sick and Tired of your little games Oh no And when your talkin about rumors of me Yeah! Ill be written a song, just you wait and see Fuck with me! You got fucked up views with the back stabbing intentions with some lies, and wrong perceptions more wrong moves, distorted views of friendship so just listen up and pay some attention Got your friends who you try to make hate each other not this time you little mother I treat friends just like a brother Dont bother me just go find another. Shame! And that goes for all you Derfs on the board that want to start shit by spreadin rumors instead of what I said That means you Mass F Yezzi Livin in Toms River The Dragons Head Inn Big Man Nightlance Asheth Sheth at the Mt. Olympus What, you pissed off cuz I run a better board than you? Fuck you! Hack my fuckin board! You be lyin to all of your friends while we be tryin to help you with all your problems that you have that you come to us with Startin fights, screwin others over You want to say stuff about me? Say it to my face motherfucker Call up the board mother fucker! And Ill kick your bitchy little ass Punk! I dont like you.. You pissed me off Leave me.. The Fuck.. Alone! Oh yeah Oh yeah! You may not like my view of a friend Yeah! To be your friend Id rather be dead. Oh yeah! And in this modem, reaching speeds of almost 13 megahertz Guns 'n' Bunnies Call up the board Yeah! This song is dedicated to all the X-friends of Mass F Yezzi who put up with all of his fuckin shit! And to those who are sill blind.. Hmph.. Well.. heh..


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