David Bowie discography based on the one in the biograph

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------ David Bowie discography by based on the one in the biography by Dave Thompson (copied without permission). Numbers: The songs are numbered in order of release; the title is only mentioned with the first release (either single or album). Letters: after the number denote special versions: A,B,.. alternate version F french version G german version I italian version L,M,N live versions S,T instrumental and dub versions (in case of unknown one of several alternate versions, (?) added). Order: singles by band in chronological order of release, albums Bowie, first album Tin Machine (no albums by other Bowie bands exist). Missing: some singles/12"s/b-sides from Never Let Me Down, Tin Machine, names of Fame '90 remixes. Also, I don't know when nr.106 disappeared from Diamond Dogs. Extra tracks on CD rereleases after Station to Station. 2nd Tin Machine album + singles. Rereleases: of singles, mentioned if really later (others inbetween); of albums, mentioned if different track list. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- SINGLES: DAVIE JONES AND THE KING BEES Jun 64: 001. Liza Jane/002. Louie Louie Go Home Nov 78: 001/002 THE MANISH BOYS Mar 65: 003. I Pity The Fool/004. Take My Tip DAVY JONES (AND THE LOWER THIRD) Aug 65: 005. You've Got A Habit Of Leaving/006. Baby Loves That Way DAVID BOWIE (AND THE LOWER THIRD) Jan 66: 007. Can't Help Thinking About Me/008. And I Say To Myself Sep 72: 009/011 (UK) 007/012 (UK) 007/011 (Spain) DAVID BOWIE Apr 66: 009. Do Anything You Say/010. Good Morning Girl Aug 66: 011. I Dig Everything/012. I'm Not Losing Sleep Dec 66: 013. Rubber Band/014. London Boys (UK) 013/015. There Is A Happy Land (US) 014/015 (France) Apr 67: 016. The Laughing Gnome/017. The Gospel According To Tony Day Jul 67: 020/030. Did You Ever Have A Dream Jul 69: 031. Space Oddity/032. The Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud (US,UK) Nov 69: 031I Ragazzo Solo, Ragazza Sola/032 (Italy) Mar 70: 041. The Prettiest Star/042. Conversation Piece Jun 70: 040. Memory Of A Free Festival (part 1)/040 (part 2) Jan 71: 046. Holy Holy/047. Black Country Rock Apr 71: 049/049 (US, promo) Nov 71: 059. Bombers/060. Eight Line Poem (US, promo) Jan 72: 061/067 Apr 72: 071. Starman/072. Suffragette City Sep 72: 080. John, I'm Only Dancing/057A 071/072/080/057A (Portugal) Nov 72: 081. The Jean Genie/078 (UK) 081/057A (US) 081/080 (Japan) Dec 72: 031/056A/063/075 (US) 031/054 (US) 031/Fool - Elvis Presley (Thailand) 031/075 (Japan) Apr 73: 080A/057A (UK) 084/090. Round And Round (UK) 084/063 (Spain) 087/041A (US) 087/085 (Japan) Jun 73: 088/082 (Italy) 088/089 (US) 086/080A (Eastern Europe) 063/054 (UK) 063/047 (Portugal) 048/036 (Eastern Europe) 049/074 (Eastern Europe) Sep 73: 016/017 (UK) 016/024 (Germany) 016/013 (Spain) Nov 73: 098/103. Amsterdam (UK) 098/076 (Spain) 091/102 (New Zealand) Feb 74: 104. Rebel Rebel/076 (US) 104A/069 (UK) Apr 74: 113/089 (Japan) 113/069 (US) 079/065 (UK) Jun 74: 107/046A (UK) Sep 74: 116L Knock On Wood/085L (UK) 116L/061L (Spain) 111L/085L (US) Feb 75: 118. Young Americans/072L (UK) 118A/116L (US) May 75: 014/020 (UK) 014/015 (France) Aug 75: 125/121 (UK,US) 125/031 (Italy) Sep 75: 031/061/126. Velvet Goldmine (UK) 031/126 (Yugoslavia) Nov 75: 127. Golden Years/124 Jan 76: 130/112 Jul 76: 072/131 131/129 (US) Jan 77: 136/139 Jun 77: 138/133 Sep 77: 144. Heroes/145. V-2 Schneider 144F Heros/145 (France) 144G Helden/145 (Germany) 144/144F/144G/145 (Australia) Jan 78: 146/150 (UK) 146/125 (US) Nov 78: 134L/141L/076L (UK) 077L/135L/134L (US) 149L/074L (Japan) Apr 79: 154. Boys Keep Swinging/155. Fantastic Voyage Jun 79: 160/162 (UK) 158/162 (Holland) Aug 79: 161/162 (US) Dec 79: 080/164. John, I'm Only Dancing (Again) (UK) 164/127 (US) 080/147 (US) Feb 80: 165. Alabama Song/031A (UK) 166. Crystal Japan/165 (Japan) Aug 80: 031/167. Ashes To Ashes (medley, US) 167/157 (UK) 167/168. It's No Game (US) 167/165 (Germany) Oct 80: 171A/173 (UK) 171A/168 (US) Jan 81: 170/175 (UK) 170/169 (France) Mar 81: 169/166 (UK) Nov 81: 132/127 (UK) Feb 82: 178. Baal's Hymn/179. Remembering Marie A/180. Ballad Of The Adventurers/181. The Drowned Girl/182. The Dirty Song Apr 82: 183. Cat People/Paul's Theme - Giorgio Moroder Jun 82: 016/017 (UK) Jul 82: 165/031A/103 (Germany) Mar 83: 186. Let's dance/183A May 83: 188/192 Sep 83: 187/187L Nov 83: 189/191 Nov 83: 194L/086M (UK) Sep 84: 202A/205 202A/205A/205B (12") Nov 84: 200/203 May 85: 197A/198A Mar 86: 209. Absolute Beginners/209S Jun 86: 212. Underground/212S/212T Oct 86: 218. When The Wind Blows Jan 87: 213/213A/189 (US) Mar 87: 219. Day In Day Out/220. Julie 219A/219S/220 Apr 87: 221/231. Girls 221/221A/231 Aug 87: 223/228 223A/228A/223S Apr 90: 125A. Fame '90/? 125A/125B/125C/125D ARNOLD CORNS Apr 71: 056. Moonage Daydream/057. Hang On To Yourself Sep 71: 057/058. Man In The Middle May 85: 207. Looking For A Friend/057/058 THE MANISH BOYS/DAVY JONES (AND THE LOWER THIRD): Mar 79: 003/004/005/006 DAVID BOWIE & QUEEN Nov 81: 177. Under Pressure/Soul Brother-Queen DAVID BOWIE & BING CROSBY Nov 82: 184. Peace on earth/185. Little drummer boy/155 DAVID BOWIE & PAT METHENY GROUP Mar 85: 206. This Is Not America/206S DAVID BOWIE & MICK JAGGER Aug 85: 208. Dancing In The Streets/208S TINA TURNER & DAVID BOWIE Dec 88: 200L TIN MACHINE 89: 237/? ------------------------------------------------------------------- ALBUMS: Jun 67: DAVID BOWIE (UK) 018. Uncle Arthur/019. Sell Me A Coat/013/020. Love You Till Tuesday/015/021. We Are Hungry Men/022. When I Live My Dream/ 023. Little Bombardier/024. Silly Boy Blue/025. Come And Buy My Toys/026. Join The Gang/027. She's Got Medals/028. Maid Of Bond Street/029. Please Mr Gravedigger DAVID BOWIE (US) 018/019/013/020/015/022/023/024/025/026/027/029. Nov 69: DAVID BOWIE 031/033. Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed/034. Don't Sit Down/035. Letter To Hermione/036. Cygnet Committee/037. Janine/ 038. An Occasional Dream/032/039. God Knows I'm Good/040 MAN OF WORDS, MAN OF MUSIC as above, but different version of 033. Mar 70: THE WORLD OF DAVID BOWIE 018/020/015/023/019/014/043. Karma Man/013/044. Let Me Sleep Beside You/025/027/045. In The Heat Of The Morning/022 Apr 71: THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD 048. Width Of A Circle/049. All The Madmen/047/050. After All/ 051. Running Gun Blues/052. Saviour Machine/053. She Shook Me Cold/054. The Man Who Sold The World/055. The Supermen Dec 71: HUNKY DORY 061. Changes/062. Oh!You Pretty Things/060/063. Life On Mars?/ 064. Kooks/065. Quicksand/066. Fill Your Heart/067. Andy Warhol/ 068. Song For Bob Dylan/069. Queen Bitch/070. The Bewlay Brothers Jun 72: GLASTONBURY FAIRE (compilation) 055A. THE RISE AND FALL OF ZIGGY STARDUST AND THE SPIDERS FROM MARS 073. Five Years/074. Soul Love/056A/071/075. It Ain't Easy/ 076. Lady Stardust/077. Star/057A/078. Ziggy Stardust/072/ 079. Rock'n'Roll Suicide Sep 72: SPACE ODDITY 031/033/035/036/037/038/032/039/040. Apr 73: ALADDIN SANE 082. Watch That Man/083. Aladdin Sane/084. Drive In Saturday/ 085. Panic in Detroit/086. Cracked Actor/087. Time/041/ 088. Let's Spend The Night Together/081/089. Lady Grinning Soul May 73: IN THE BEGINNING VOLUME TWO (Germany) 018/013/020/021/023/024/025/026/028/029 IMAGES 1966-1967 (USA) 018/020/015/023/019/014/043/013/044/025/027/045/022/016/017/030/ 021/026/029 Oct 73: PINUPS 091. Rosalyn/092. Here Comes The Night/093. Wish You Would/ 094. See Emily Play/095. Everything's Alright/096. I Can't Explain/ 097. Friday On My Mind/098. Sorrow/099. Don't Bring Me Down/ 100. Shapes Of Things/101. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere?/102. Where Have All The Good Times Gone Mar 74: BEST OF DAVID BOWIE (Japan) 071/056A/073/057/072/079/081/087/088/041/082/083/031/054/032/036/ 061/063/066/067/047/048 Apr 74: DIAMOND DOGS 105. Future Legend/106. Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered/ 107. Diamond Dogs/108. Sweet Thing/109. Candidate/110. Sweet Thing (Reprise)/104A/111. Rock'n'Roll With Me/112. We Are The Dead/113. 1984/114. Big Brother/115. Chant Of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family Oct 74: DAVID LIVE 113L/104L/056L/108L/061L/072L/083L/117L All The Young Dudes/086L/ 111L/082L/116L/107L/114L/048L/081L/079L Mar 75: YOUNG AMERICANS 118/119. Win/120. Fascination/121. Right/122. Somebody Up There Likes Me/123. Across The Universe/124. Can You Hear Me/125. Fame Jan 76: STATION TO STATION 128. Station To Station/127/129. Word On A Wing/130. TVC15/ 131. Stay/132. Wild Is The Wind Jul 76: CHANGESONEBOWIE 031/080/061/078/072/081/107/104/118/125/127 Jan 77: LOW 133. Speed Of Life/134. Breaking Glass/135. What In The World/ 136. Sound And Vision/137. Always Crashing In The Same Car/ 138. Be My Wife/139. A New Career In A New Town/140. Warszawa/ 141. Art Decade/142. Weeping Wall/143. Subterraneans May 77: STARTING POINT (Germany) 016/020/029/021/014/025/043/022/026/024 Oct 77: HEROES 146. Beauty And The Beast/147. Joe The Lion/144/148. Sons Of The Silent Age/149. Blackout/145/150. Sense Of Doubt/151. Moss Garden/ 152. Neukoln/153. Secret Life Of Arabia Mar 78: BOWIE NOW (US) 145/137/148/134/152/133/147/135/149/142/153 Sep 78: STAGE 057L/078L/073L/074L/077L/128L/125L/130L/140L/133L/141L/150L/ 134L/144L/135L/149L/146L May 79: LODGER 155/156. African Night Flight/157. Move On/158. Yassassin/159. Red Sails/160. DJ/161. Look Back In Anger/154/162. Repetition/163. Red Money Jun 79: PROFILE (Germany) 044/043/029/045/024/016/014/015/023/022 Jul 79: ROCK CONCERT - LIVE AT THE TOWER PHILADELPHIA 1974 (Holland) 104L/061L/083L/117L/086L/111L/082L/107L/079L Sep 79: CHAMELEON (Australia) 071/083/098/107/113/134/144/145/146/154/160/161 Nov 79: 1980 ALL CLEAR (US) 054/031/078/085/137/113/127/120/144/154 Sep 80: SCARY MONSTERS (AND SUPER CREEPS) 168/169. Up The Hill Backwards/170. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)/167/171. Fashion/172. Teenage Wildlife/173. Scream Like A Baby/174. Kingdom Come/175. Because You're Young/176. It's No Game (2) Dec 80: THE BEST OF DAVID BOWIE 031/063/071/079/080/081/134L/098/107/118/125/127/130/136/144/154 THE BEST OF DAVID BOWIE (France) 031/063/071/079/080/081/084/134L/098/107/125/127/130/136/144/146/154 Apr 81: CHRISTIANE F. WIR KINDER VOM BAHNHOF ZOO 145/130/144G/154/150/128/161/140 May 81: ANOTHER FACE 013/014/017/015/028/022/016/045/030/029/026/020/001/002 Nov 81: CHANGESTWOBOWIE 083/062/060/071/113/167/136/171/132/164/160 Jun 82: LONDON BOYS (Spain), featured 007/008/009/010/011/012 Dec 82: BOWIE RARE 031I/090/103/046/085L/118A/126/144G/164/165/166 Apr 83: LET'S DANCE 187. Modern Love/188. China Girl/186A/189. Without You/190. Ricochet/ 191. Criminal World/183A/192. Shake It Aug 83: LIFETIMES (promo) 032/047/062/074/041/094/113/123/131/117/134/144/160/170/090 A SECOND FACE 044/019/027/021/045/043/023/020/025/024/018/022 PRIME CUTS (doubleplay cassette) 018/020/015/023/019/014/043/013/044/025/027/045/022/016/017/030/ 021/026/029/001/002 GOLDEN YEARS 171/159/161/096/167/127/147/170/132 Oct 83: ZIGGY STARDUST - THE MOTION PICTURE 057M/078M/082M/032L,117M,062L (medley)/056M/031L/193L My Death/ 086M/087L/048M/061M/088L/072M/194L White Light, White Heat/079M May 84: LOVE YOU TILL TUESDAY 020A/019A/195. When I'm Five/013/044/196. Ching-A-Ling Song/ 031/022A/016/001 Sep 84: TONIGHT 197. Loving The Alien/198. Don't Look Down/199. God Only Knows/ 200. Tonight/201. Neighbourhood Threat/202. Blue Jean/203. Tumble And Twirl/204. I Keep Forgettin'/205. Dancing With The Big Boys May 85: FAME AND FASHION 127/130/144/160/171/167/031/061/071/113/118/125 Oct 85: DAVID BOWIE COLLECTION 016/013/020/019/045/043/029/014/027/024/026/030/017/007/008/009/ 010/011/012 Mar 86: ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS SOUNDTRACK, featured: 209/210. That's Motivation/211. Volare (only on 2LP) Jun 86: LABYRINTH SOUNDTRACK, featured: 212A/213. Magic Dance/214. Sarah/215. Chilly Down/216. As The World Falls Down/217. Within You/212B Apr 87: NEVER LET ME DOWN 219B/221. Time Will Crawl/222. Beat Of Your Heart/223. Never Let Me Down/224. Zeroes/225. The Glass Spider/226. Shinin' Star/227. New York's In Love/228. '87 And Cry/229. Too Dizzy/230. Bang Bang Mar 90: CHANGESBOWIE 031/080/061/078/072/081/107/104/118/125A/127/144/167/171/186/ 188/187/202 90: SPACE ODDITY 031/033/035/036/037/038/032/039/040/042/040(part1)/040(part2)/034 90: THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD 048/049/047/050/051/052/053/054/055/246. Lightning Frightening/ 046/056/057 90: HUNKY DORY 061/062/060/063/064/065/066/067/068/069/070/059/055A(?)/065A/070A 90: THE RISE AND FALL OF ZIGGY STARDUST AND THE SPIDERS FROM MARS 073/074/056A/071/075/076/077/057A/078/072/079/080B(?)/126/ 247. Sweet Head/078A/076A 90: PINUPS 091/092/093/094/095/096/097/098/099/100/101/102/248. Growin' Up/103 90: DIAMOND DOGS 105/106/107/108/109/110/104A/111/112/113/114/115/249. Dodo/109A May 91: YOUNG AMERICANS 118/119/120/121/122/123/124/125/126/250. Who Can I Be Now/ 251. It's Gonna Be Me/164 STATION TO STATION 128/127/129/130/131/132/129L/131L TIN MACHINE: May 89: TIN MACHINE 232. Heaven's In There/233. Tin Machine/234. Prisoner Of Love/ 235. Crack City/236. I Can't Read/237. Under The God/238. Amazing/ 239. Working Class Hero/240. Bus Stop/241. Pretty Things/242. Video Crimes/243. Run/244. Sacrifice Yourself/245. Baby Can Dance


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