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All-Music Guide (C) 1994 by Matrix Software, Big Rapids, MI 49307 Please submit corrections or additional albums for this artist (also bios, sidemen, tracks, ratings, and reviews) at Internet Address: AMG@ALLMUSIC.FERRIS.EDU All-Music Guidelines in file: ALLMUSICHELP -------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist : The Boomtown Rats Genre : Rock Style : New wave, Rock, Pop, 70's Pop, 80's Pop, Punk Instr. : Group Rating : importance (2) popularity (2) All-Music Guide Biography An Irish punk quintet (1975-1986) led by singer/songwriter Bob Geldof (b Oct 5, 1954). Their early work had the energy and attitude of punk, but on later records (including several UK hits), an increased musical sophistication put them closer to the pop-rock mainstream. Geldof left for a solo career in 1986, ending the band. ~ William Ruhlmann ---------- Related Artists ----------- Geldof, Bob Dr. Feelgood Jam ---------- Roots & Influences ---------- Rolling Stones, The Sex Pistols, The Bowie, David Roxy Music Springsteen, Bruce Dylan, Bob Mott the Hoople Pink Floyd Reggae music ---------- Bibliography ---------- Stone, Peter |Boomtown Rats: Having Their P|Star/W.H. Allen AMG Artist ID # : P000003745 Chronological Album List |Date| Label | Number |R S T|Rating --------------------------------+----+----------+--------+-----+------ Greatest Hits |1987|Columbia |40615 | |+BestA In the Long Grass |1985|Mercury |38 | S | BestA V Deep |1982|Mercury |6359082 | S | OK Mondo Bongo |1981|Columbia |37062 | S | OK Fine Art of Surfacing, The |1979|Columbia |36248 |R S | BestA Tonic for the Troops |1978|Columbia |35750 | S | Good Boomtown Rats, The |1977|Mercury |1188 |R S | Good All-Music Guide Album Details (Alphabetical Order) ----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------ Album : Boomtown Rats, The Artist : The Boomtown Rats Rating : Good Genre : Rock Date : 1977 (release) AMG ID : R000002318 --------- Album Releases --------- 1977 LP Mercury 1188 1977 Mercury 1188 ------- AMG Album Reviews ------- The Rats posed as a punk group on their debut, but they were always a little too tight to make the tag stick. Still, "Looking Out for No. 1" and "Mary of the 4th Form," both of which made the UK charts, had the right energy and the right attitude. ~ William Ruhlmann ------- Album Personnel/Sidemen ------- Pete Briquette - Bass, Vocal Gerry Cott - Guitar Simon Crowe - Drums, Vocal Albie Donnelly - Sax Robert John Lange - Producer Gerry Roberts - Guitar, Vocal ----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------ Album : Fine Art of Surfacing, The Artist : The Boomtown Rats Rating : Best-of-Artist Charts : Billboard #103, entered Dec 1 , 1979, on charts 016 weeks Genre : Rock Time : 40:13 min Date : 1979 (release) AMG ID : R000002320 (album inprint) --------- Album Releases --------- CD Columbia CK-36248 CS Columbia PCT-36248 1979 LP CBS 36248 CD CBS 36248 Columbia 36248 ------- AMG Album Reviews ------- Lead singer Bob Geldof hit his peak as a Ray Davies-influenced writer of story-songs on this album, which retained the group's early force while displaying an increased sophisti


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