+quot;Letter+quot; enclosed with Waters Berlin Promo CD London 15 June 1990 In 1945 Group

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"Letter" enclosed with Waters Berlin Promo CD London 15 June 1990 In 1945 Group Captain Leonard Cheshire VC OM DSO DFC took an injured airman into his home and looked after him until he died. That was the beginning. The Leonard Cheshire Foundation International now runs 265 Cheshire homes for the disabled in 48 countries around the world. In 1989 Leonard launched a new venture, The Memorial Fund for Disaster Relief. Over the next five years, The Memorial Fund will raise $1 billion - $10 for every life lost in the two World Wars and subsequent conflicts. The income generated by this capital will be used to save lives in future disasters. "For every life lost, a life saved!" Last September Leonard asked me to put on THE WALL as an event focus attention to The Memorial Fund. I agreed. The question was, where to do it? The question was answered in Berlin last November 9th! On the 21st of July 1990, between East and West Berlin, I will give one performance of THE WALL. It will be an unparalleled rock, music, theatre event. Performing with me will be my band, the Bleeding Heart Band, the Red Army Choir, the East Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, helicopters from the British 7 Flight Army Aircorps, the 100-man combined marching band of the Soviet forces in Germany and a select number of guest artists. If you in radio support The Memorial Fund by mentioning THE WALL concert in Berlin on the 21st of July and the subsequent live album when you play any of the cuts on this sampler, both Leonard and I would be very grateful. (Roger Waters' signature) Roger Waters PS I recorded this version of "Another Brick in the Wall - Part 2" with the Bleeding Heart Band just for this special event.


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