Berlin '90 Promo Releases - reviewed in Brain Damage #22 WALL PROMO'S We're going to be lo

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Berlin '90 Promo Releases - reviewed in Brain Damage #22 WALL PROMO'S We're going to be looking at a variety of CD releases, all focussing on "The Wall." Two of these are of US origin. First up is the radio show "In The Studio" aired in July 1989 (Bullett Productions, show 107, aired 16.7.89 and show 56, aired 23.7.89). Remember DSOTM was the subject of an earlier show with Dave. This one follows the same format with Roger except on two CD's at 60 minutes each. The first disc has a promo commercial for the show, and both are complete `on the air' hours with commercials. This show is the story of the Wall LP from Montreal to the comment passed on Berlin '90 (BD 21 p.10). Segments include the recording of the original LP, production with Erzin, politics of being/not being a group, concerts, Geldof, Berlin plans and original music analysis. Mine came in two In The Studio sleeves, no cue sheets, but they do exist. Since this is a radio show, most clock in at a hefty $100 - $140 US Dollars. Next up is the pre-show Berlin '90 promo CD. This was released to raise consciousness about the upcoming concert and the Memorial Fund. Inside the sleeve is a letter by Roger about the cause and the concert, dated 15 June 1990. The CD has two songs to recommend it; a newly recorded version of "Another Brick 2" by the Bleeding Hearts band in June '90. What's most interesting about this song is the use of the sound effects from "Echoes" throughout the song. Sample your own music! Also a remarkable likeness of Dave's bit, so what's the point of all this? Let us look deeper, you can't see the CD for all the bits. Besides "Hey You". "The Gunners Dream", "5.06 am", "Tide Is Turning", all original versions, it's the first appearance on CD of "When The Tigers Broke Free", from the film. For Waters fans this is an excellent cross section of his best work with Floyd and solo, but clocks in around $40 US Dollars. Catalogue number CBS CSK 2126. Next is a 4 track sampler (Mercury CDP 318) for the Live in Berlin CD. These promo CD's make it easy for radio programmers to access songs. The disc features grey brick graphics and a slim jewel box, no insert. "Another Brick 2" is the edited version others are "Young Lust", "Run Like Hell", and "Bring The Boys Back Home". This incidently is a UK release. A New addition to the range is another promo only CD. This time it's a coupling of "Another Brick 2" and "Hey You" from the live concert. Out on Mercury it comes in a clear jewel box with the CD itself having a brick wall design and lettering. The catalogue number is CDP 349 (UK release). The US release comes in its very own polystyrene `brick'. Away from CD's for a moment, and Mercury, France have released a 7" promo single of "Another Brick pt 2" b/w "Run Like Hell" both from the concert. The catalogue number is Mercury 1323. Illustration below left. Yet another addition to the range (and did all this promo material help album sales? no it did not!) is a box set containing the video and CD release. In all fairness, this was really just a commemorative set given to employees, and is limited to only 50 editions. Containing a 12 page booklet the set is numbered 15 082 73C-O and is a US release.


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