Subject Bel Canto discography Date Thu, 4 Mar 1993 123101 GMT BEL CANTO DISCOGRAPHY by Vid

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From: (Vidar Hanssen) Subject: Bel Canto discography Organization: University of Tromsoe, Norway Date: Thu, 4 Mar 1993 12:31:01 GMT Message-ID: <> Lines: 467 BEL CANTO DISCOGRAPHY by Vidar Hanssen v1.1 (04.04.93) thanx to: David Bodoh, Kjetil Torgrim Homme, Geir Jenssen, Jon-Erik Berg Johannessen, Klaus Kluge, Gilles Lesventes, Yoshi Matsumoto, Stein Roervik, Ethan Douglas Straffin please send corrections, additions & comments to: Bel Canto Mailing List: subscribe to: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BRIEF HISTORY & INFO Bel Canto is Nils Johansen and Anneli Marian Drecker. They was formed in Tromsoe, Norway in 1986 with third member Geir Jenssen. After half a year of composing and recording demos in Nils' bedroom, they went on Interrail with demo tapes in their baggage. After being turned down by 4AD and other labels, they finally got a deal with Crammed Disques, and moved to Brussels. After Birds Of Passage, Geir left to concentrate on his house project Bleep, later Biosphere. Anneli and Nils now live in Oslo, and Geir has moved back to Tromsoe. Precussionist Andreas Eriksen is recruited as a third associated member, helping out on live shows. In 1992 they where choosen as official musicians for the 1994 Olympic Winter Games in Lillehammer. They might make music and jingles for the olympics, but nothing is decided yet. They will play around the world in 93 on one-off shows as part of the 'official olympic artist' deal. Geir is currently working on music for a short film based on a short story by Knut Hamsun. He is playing one-off shows on various festivals, and will soon have a tour in Norway. He has recorded tracks enough for a new album, and is currently picking tracks and polishing them... Anneli has also had a small acting carreer in Norway. She played the lead in 'Sosken pa Guds jord' (Siblings on God's land) in 85 (?), had a small part in a film in 87 - 88, and had a leading role in Svarte Pantere (Black Panthers) in 92. The first two albums (and associated singles) was released under the name Bel Kanto in Norway of legal reasons. A norwegian choire already had the name Bel Canto. Bel Canto means 'beautiful song' in Italian... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LATEST INFO & RUMOURS - Bel Canto will start recording new material in the winter/spring 93, and the next album is planned for late autumn release. - Consolidated has remixed Shimmering Warm & Bright for a possible US release. - Biosphere will release a new album in the spring. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UNRELEASED TRACKS Unreleased 1986 demo tracks include Flowerbeds, Seascape, What Then Once Said, Au Idea, Venus, Dressed For A Journey ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DISCOGRAPHY WHITE-OUT CONDITIONS LP 1987 Crammed Discs CRAM 057 BE CD 1987 Crammed Discs CRAMCD 057 BE CD 1988 Nettwerk/Crammed Discs W2-51 US/CA LP 1988 Crammed Discs/Tokuma 28CRL-3007 JA Blank Sheets / Dreaming Girl / Without You* / Capio / Agassiz / Kloeberdanz / White-Out Conditions / Baltic Ice-Breaker / Upland / Chadeinoi** * actually called Without Me, but a typo from Crammed renamed the track! ** extra track on CD re-issues. Not on Japanese CD. WHITE-OUT CONDITIONS PROMO 7" 1987 Crammed/Sonet BEL-1 NO White-Out Conditions / Without You / Blank Sheets / Dreaming Girl BLANK SHEETS 7" 1988 Crammed Discs CRAM 15457 BE Blank Sheets / Shaideinoi WHITE-OUT CONDITIONS 7" 1988 Crammed Discs CRAM 19457 BE White-Out Conditions / Maaligaabidaa DREAMING GIRL 12" 1989 Nettwerk WI 3031 CA Dreaming Girl (noise funk mix) / Dreaming Girl (album mix) / Dreaming Girl (martial mix) BIRDS OF PASSAGE LP 1990 Crammed Discs CRAM 065 BE CD 1990 Crammed Discs CRAMCD 065 BE CD** 1990 Crammed Discs/CBS 466556-2 FR CD 1990 IRS/Nettwerk IRSD-8663 US Look 3 / Dewy Fields / Continuum / The Suffering / The Glassmaker / Picnic On The Moon* / Intravenous / Oyster / Birds Of Passage / A Shoulder To The Wheel / Time Without End * CD only ** also as limited edition CD-box incl 3" CD-single: Oskorei / Maaligaabidaa BIRDS OF PASSAGE LP/CD 1990 Nettwerk X2-13031 CA Intravenous / Birds of Passage / The Glassmaker / A Shoulder To The Wheel / Time Without End / Oyster / Continuum / Dewy Fields / The Suffering / Picnic On The Moon / Look 3* * CD only OSKOREI PROMO CD-single 1990 Crammed/CBS 655761-2 FR Oskorei / Maaligaabidaa BIRDS OF PASSAGE 7" 1990 Crammed Discs ???? BE Birds Of Passage / Manupura 12" 1990 Nettwerk ???? CA Birds Of Passage (extended version) / The Glassmaker / Birds of Passage (LP-version) SHOULDER TO THE WHEEL 7" 1991 Crammed Discs ???? BE Shoulder To The Wheel (remix) / Shoulder To The Wheel (lp version) - the single was mastered a bit too fast! promo CD-single 1991 IRS/Nettwerk IRSD-026 US Shoulder To The Wheel (remix radio edit) / Oyster (lp version) / Shoulder To The Wheel (remix) / Shoulder To The Wheel (lp version) SHIMMERING, WARM & BRIGHT 7" 1992 Crammed Discs CRAM 30455 BE Shimering, Warm & Bright / Keena Maareme 12" 1992 Crammed Discs/WEA 9031-76507-1 NO Shimering, Warm & Bright (alien nation remix) / Shimering, Warm & Bright (tribal remix) CD-single 1992 Crammed Discs CRAM 30455 CDS BE CD-single 1992 Crammed Discs/WEA 9031-76507-2 NO Shimering, Warm & Bright (album version) / Shimering, Warm & Bright (alien nation remix) / Shimering, Warm & Bright (tribal remix) / Keena Mareme - the cover & label lists the album version as track 3, but this is the actual track order. The radio-promo's has a sticker with the correct track listing. SHIMMERING, WARM & BRIGHT CD 1992 Crammed Discs CRAM 077 CD BE CD 1992 Crammed Discs/WEA 9031-76489-2 NO CD 1992 Dali/Crammed Discs 61412-2 US Unicorn / Summer / Die Geschichte Einer Mutter / Waking Will / Shimering, Warm & Bright / Sleep In Deep / Buthania / Le Temps Degage / Spiderdust / Mornixuur SUMMER PROMO CD-single 1992 Crammed/WEA PRO-CD-0492 NO Summer UNICORN CD-single 1992 Crammed Discs CRAM 30455 CDS BE CD-single 1992 Crammed Discs/EFA CD 07604 03 GE Unicorn (Steve Forward remix) / Ride The Unicorn / Unicorn (a capella) / Unicorn (alien nation remix) / Keena Mareeme promo CD-single 1992 Crammed/Sony SAMP CD 1595 FR Keena Maareme / Beyond The Within / The Suffering (remix) CD-single 1992 Crammed/Columbia COL 657744 2 FR Unicorn* / Waking Wild / The suffering (remix)** * Steve Forward Remix ** actually a 1992 re-recorded version remix-CD-single 1992 Crammed/Columbia COL 657744 5 FR Unicorn (alien nation remix) / Ride The Unicorn / Unicorn (a cappella) promo CD-single 1992 Dali/Crammed PRCD-8663 US Unicorn (edit) / Unicorn (Steve Forward remix) / Ride The Unicorn / Unicorn (a capella) / Unicorn (alien nation remix) / Unicorn (album version) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TRACKS ON COMPILATIONS: IT'S A CRAMMED, CRAMMED WORLD VOL 2 LP (1987 Crammed Discs CRAM 053) Agassiz NETTWERK SOUND SAMPLER VOL III (1990? Nettwerk W2-30048) Shoulder to The Wheel (remix) THE GREETINGS COMPACT VOL 2 CD (1990? Materiali Sonori MASO CD 90014) IT Maaligaabida GIFTIGE LOGNER Soundtrack CD/LP (1991?) NO A Shoulder To The Wheel SVARTE PANTERE Soundtrack CD (1992 Urban 517 278-2) NO Oskorei - Sleep In Deep is also featured in the film ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOLO: E-MAN (Geir) E-MAN MC 1984 Likvider LIK V4025 NO The Difference / De Du Da Di / The Upland Part 1* / The Upland Part 2 / Great Nations / Jeg Er Moderne / Nibsy The Newsboy / Heaven And Hell** / The Mission * early version of second part of Upland ** early version of Without Me ---- + (POSITIVE) (Nils) CHANGE THIS CIRCUS 12" 1989 SSR ???? BE Change This Circus [3 mixes] ---- BLEEP: (Geir) (as I SAID BLEEP:) SURE BE GLAD WHEN YOU'RE DEAD 12" 1989 SSR 12SSR91 BE Sure Be Glad When You're Dead* / Cycle 92 * vocals by Anneli IN YOUR SYSTEM 12" 1989 SSR 12SSR94 BE In Your System / In Your System (joker mix) A BYTE OF AMC 12" 1990 SSR 12SSR 102 BE A Byte Of AMC (hacker's version) / A Byte Of AMC (chopper mix) NORTH POLE BY SUBMARINE LP 1990 SSR SSR 100 BE CD 1990 SSR SSR 100 CD BE A Byte Of AMC / The Operator / Mr Barth In The Sahara / A Fading Dream* / The Conway Saddle / The Snake / Cycle 92 / In Your System / Sure Be Glad When Your Dead** / A Byte Of AMC (wrong floppy mix) - first pressing of the LP/CD had wrong track sequence on cover. * Contains vocal samples from the Bel Canto demo Flowerbeds ** vocal by Anneli NORSK EPLESLANG compilation MC 1990 Lillebror Label NO includes BLEEP: Lukenia* * early version of Cygnus-A on Biosphere's Michrogravity THE LAUNCHPAD 12" 1991 SSR 12SSR106 BE The Launch Pad (asteroid flyby mix) / The Launch Pad (original comet rendez vouz mix) / The Launch Pad (boomerang mix) / Mr. Barth In The Sahara (transmutation mix) ---- BIOSPHERE (Geir) THE FAIRY TALE PROMO 12" 1991 Origo Sound NO The Fairy Tale (original version) / The Fairy Tale (the faint source version) NOVA NORVEGIA - (GET) INTO THE ARCTIC GROOVE dbl-12"/CD 1991 Second Hand Records CSHR 114 NO includes: BIOSPHERE: Hypnophone TIME PROBE: Bite The Force* * collaboration including Geir Jenssen MICHROGRAVITY CD 1991 Origo Sound OCD 9105 NO LP/CD 1992 R&S/Apollo BE Michrogravity / Baby Satellite / Tranquilizer / The Fairy Tale / Cloudwalker II / Chromosphere / Cygnus-A / Baby Interphase / Biosphere UR-RAUTEN CD 1992 dBUT Recordings dBUT 009 NO includes: BIOSPHERE: Botanical Dimensions BABY SATELLITE 12" 1993 Apollo/R&S Apollo 7 BE Baby Interphase (remix) / Baby Interphase (remix II) / Baby Interphase (original) -- COSMIC EXPLORER (Geir) THE HUBBLE EP 12" 1993 European Techno Community ETC 153 BE Galaxy M87 (plasma jet mix) / Galaxy M87 (nucleus mix) / Galaxy M87 (wilde field mix) / Galaxy M87 (blac hole mix) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTRIBUTIONS: Y.B.U. FEAURING ANNELI MARIAN DRECKER: Keep It Up 12"/remix 12"/CD-single (1990 SSR 5 SSR 109) vocals by Anneli MANUFACTURE: Running Mad (on 'Voice Of World Control' LP/CD, Nettwerk 1990) vocals by Anneli TSUNEMATSU MATSUI: Song Of Joy CD/LP 1989 Crammed Discs CRAN 066 CD BE CD 1989 Toshiba-EMI ???? JA In the Maze*# / Any of the Man* / All Lined Up* / The Door / Yorokobi No Uta** / On the Hop* / Silvery White Goddess* / Mother Crossing Point* / Halbzeit * lyrics and vocals by Anneli ** co-vocals by Anneli # also on single (CRAM 22457) SISTER RAIN: Shine 12" (1991 Voice Of Wonder VOW025) NO backing vocals by Anneli MERCURY MOTORS: Balloons (on 'Abs. Garbage' CD, Sonet 1992) NO co-written & co-lead-vocals by Anneli FAR OUT FISHING: Wipperly Wopperly Eyes 7" (1992 Plate Records) NO Backing vocals by Anneli HECTOR ZAZOU: I'll Strangle You CD-single (1992 Crammed 08-012269-17) BE also on 'Sahara Blue' CD (1992 Crammed BE, Sony JA) vocals by Anneli and Gerard Depardieau -- __ __ \ \/ / /////////////////////////////////////////////////////// \ / // Vidar Hanssen University Of Tromsoe, Norway /////// \/ // Email: Phone: +47 83 44032 /////// control, I'm here ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////


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