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From: Newsgroups: Subject: Beatles novelty list (LONG) Message-ID: <> Date: 24 Nov 92 00:35:17 GMT Organization: Management Graphics, Inc. Lines: 859 BEATLES NOVELTY RECORDS November 22, 1992 compiled by Moko ======================= This list includes: songs about the Beatles songs that mention the Beatles songs that quote Beatles songs parody songs to the tune of Beatles songs covers of Beatles songs that are so bad as to be funny covers of Beatles songs by unexpected "artists" (e.g. William Shatner) songs that are deliberately and outrageously Beatlesque (e.g. Rutles) parodies of the Beatles' image, such as their appearance or album covers (All the above categories also apply to the ex-Fabs in their solo careers, as well as George Martin, Yoko, Julian, Sean, Zak, Pete Best, Macca's sheep- dog, etc.) This list does not include: songs performed by the Beatles or the ex-Fabs covers of Beatles songs which do not have some novelty value (These are well documented in Scott Galuska's "COVERS" list, available from saki at ------------------------------------------------------------- Corrections, additional information and opinions are welcome. e-mail Moko ------------------------------------------------------------- For further information: In, Joe Brennan says: >Some of us here know this has been done before, although neither >source I can think of us up to date. See "All Together Now", a >Beatles Discography compiled around 1975 by Castleman and Podrazik, >for a list of the main ones; this is possibly still in print, since I >keep seeing copies of it around in the stores I go to. Also see >"You Can't Do That" from Pierian Press, around 1980, which is a lengthy >discography of Beatles bootlegs and novelty items. Most of the descriptions and opinions are those of the contributors. [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] The cover of _The Abbey Road E.P._ by The Red Hot Chili Peppers is a parody of the _Abbey Road_ cover. It's a photo of the Peppers walking across the famous crosswalk, naked except for socks on their cocks (a fashion statement often on display in their stage shows). 1988 EMI-Manhattan CD # CDP-7-90869-23 "All Good People" by Yes: the background singers are chanting "All we are saying, is give peace a chance". [someone else says this song is "Your Move".] ----- "Alison" by Elvis Costello: I'm not gonna get too sentimental, Like those other sticky valentines. 'Cause I don't know if you were lovin' somebody; I only know it isn't mine. This may be a reference to: Would you believe in a love at first sight? Yes, I'm certain that it happens all the time. What do you see when you turn out the light? I can't tell you but I know it's mine. This sounds like a stretch, at first, but each couplet seems to refer to its counterpart. ----- "All I Want for Christmas is a Beatle" by Dora Bryan was released during the Fabs-in-suits era. It might have been to the tune of "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth". "All I Want Is Everything" by Jellyfish: "I think I'd like to play guitar and be a Beatle, and be so swell." "All the Young Dudes" by Mott the Hoople: "Well, my brother's back at home with his Beatles and his Stones." [winner in the song-most-often-contributed category] In 1976 a two-record set appeared with music from the soundtrack of a truly mutant documentary called "All This and World War II", which consisted entirely of Beatles songs don in (sometimes VERY odd) versions by a bevy of British singers of varying renown, along with some non-Brit pop stars of the 70's. 20th Century Records LP # 2T-522 "All You Wanna Do Is Dance" by Billy Joel: "Why don't the Beatles get back together?" "American Pie" contains many lines thought to refer to the Beatles. [I am seeking permission to quote from or point to the definitive Pie article. In the meantime, I will forward it to anyone who asks.] _Chet Atkins Picks on the Beatles_ Chet plays Beatles songs on solo guitar, with occaisional harmonica. Liner note by George Harrison. RCA Victor LSP 3531 _Bach, Bayless, Beatles_ [1985 Intersound, Inc./Pro Arte CD # CDD 413] _Bach Meets The Beatles_ [1984 " " " " " CDP 4211] [A third album is available. Title???] All by John Bayless. Various Beatles tunes are performed on piano as if composed by Bach. One of the albums (_B, B, B,_?) is a compilation of songs from the other two. Available in most record stores in the classical section. "Ball of Confusion" by The Temptations: "The Beatles' new record's a gas!" _Baroque Beatles_ Obviously, Beatles music as played in the Baroque style. I found it interesting as an undergrad to play it for unsuspecting visitors... who would invariably start humming along, amazed they knew this "classical" piece... and then watch their faces as they suddenly realized WHY they recognized it. _The Baroque Beatles Book_ [same as above album?] by the Baroque Ensemble of the Merseyside Kammermusikgesellschaft; Joshua Rifkin, conductor. It features several pre-1966 Beatles songs done up in a Baroque style, and has a recitative (that's a Baroque rap, basically) of some of John Lennon's writings. Elektra Records LP # EKL-306 (mono) EKS -7306 (stereo) _Beetle Beat_ by The Buggs (awaiting a review copy :-) "Beatlemania" by Jack Nitzsche - available on BEATLESONGS "Beatle Rap" by The Qworymen Each Beatle does a short autobiographical monologue. "Very funny!" raves Bill Gasarch. "Ditto!" rants Moko. available on BEATLESONGS "Beatles and the Stones" by The House of Love from self-titled album. 1990 Fontana LP # 842 293-1 cassette # 842 293-4 CD # 842 293-2 or (remixed) on 45 # 875 282-7 "Beatles Breakfast" is not a song, but a parody of the Fabs having breakfast and dropping song lines (e.g. "You want eggs, while I AM the egg-man.") ----- _BEATLESONGS: A Collection of Beatles Novelties Volume 1_ This album is the easiest way to get some Beatles novelty songs. It is highly recommended by contributors to this list. Tracks: The Invasion by Buchanan and Greenfield Hold My Hand The Rutles We Love You Beatles The Carefrees My Boyfriend Got a Beatle Haircut Donna Lynn Letter From Elaina Casey Kasem Beatlemania Jack Nitzsche Beatle Rap The Qworymen L.S. Bumble Bee Peter Cook & Dudley Moore Pop Hates The Beatles Allan Sherman Letter to The Beatles The Four Preps The Beetle Gary Usher 1982 Rhino LP # RHLP 803 ----- ----- _Beattle Mash_ (front cover) The Liverpool Kids (front cover) _Beatle Mash_ (LP label) by The Liverpool Moptops (liner notes) The Schoolboys (LP label) This album was designed to cash in the first wave of Beatlemania. includes: "She Loves You", "Why Don't You Set Me Free (rips off "I Want to Hold Your Hand") and "Japanese Beatles" (instrumental) Palace Records LP # M-777 (no copyright date) ----- "The Beetle" - available on BEATLESONGS "Between John & Yoko" by Easy is on _Magic Seed_ (1990) and _Mute International Sampler_ "Bring the Noise" by Public Enemy: Yoko is mentioned in name only (as a rhyme with Sonny Bono, no less!). Peter Sellers did "Can't Buy Me Love" as a duet with himself (one male, one female). Available on a 1991 EMI compilation (title???). --- The Capitol Steps, a political novelty group, have done several songs to the tune of Beatles songs: "I Got High a Couple of Times With My Friends" about Doug Ginsberg's nomination to the Supreme Court "Fools On the Hill" about Congress (They've done two like this.) "Maxwell's Silver Stammer" about military jargon "When I'm Sixty-Two" about Social Security For more information on The Capitol Steps, call 800-733-STEP. --- "Car Phone" by Roger McGuinn from has a plot about a guy who dies as a hitman explodes some dynamite in the back of his car by calling him on the car phone. In the back, after this happens, is a little sighing chorus of "he blew his mind out in a caaaa---aar". "C'era un Ragazzo che Come me Amava I Beatles e I Rolling Stones", written by Lusini & Migliacci, by Joan Baez off "The Contemporary Ballad Book". [in the running for "most obscure reference"] As part of his Weird Al Yonkovic's food medley, he has "Chicken Pot Pie" instead of "Live and Let Die" (I have heard that this is true. I have not heard it myself.) [confirmation, anyone?] _The Chipmunks Sing The Beatles_ (aka _The Chipmunks Sing The Beatles Hits_) features some of the early songs. EMI-Manhattan Records CD # CDP-7-48370-2 1982 Liberty Records LP # LN-10177 The Chipmunks' _Alvin All-star Chipmunk Band_ is vaguely like SPLHCB. "Close But No Cigar" by Thomas Dolby samples some of the incidental sounds from Sgt Pepper's. Crazy Calls - many funny asswering machine messages. One of them is in Beatles style. "A Day In the Life of Green Acres" by Barnes and Barnes and Abraxas combines the tune (sort of) of "A Day In the Life" with the lyrics of "Green Acres". "A Day In the Life - 91" by Whimsical Will is a story constructed out of the titles of 91 Beatles songs. It's spoken, not sung. Utopia has an album entitled _Deface the Music_ in which all the songs are Beatlesque. The album cover is a sort of parody of the _With the Beatles_ cover. [Does this have anything to do with an ELO album called _Face the Music_?] 1980 Rhino/Bearsville LP # RNLP 70873 "Don't Get Me Wrong" by Bonzo Dog Band from _Let's Make Up & Be Friendly_ is a shameless Beatles parody, with someone who does a more-than-credible Lennon imitation. (1972?) "Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio?" by The Ramones: "Do you remember Jerry Lee, John Lennon, T. Rex and [can't hear this] too?" Available on _Ramonesmania_ 1988 Sire Records CD # 9 25709-2 "Eddie Are You Kidding" by Flo & Eddie from _Illegal, Immoral & Fattening_ has a segment that lampoons a lot of pop stars, including a bit of "My Sweet Lord" where George's voice breaks down. Doodles Weaver did "Eleanor Rigby" as if he was drunk. Available on _Dr. Demento's Delights_ 1975 Warner Bros. Records LP # BS 2855 "Empty Garden" by Elton John is about the death of John Lennon. "Everybody's Making It Big But Me" by Doctor Hook mentions Elvis, Dylan, Mick Jagger, The Beatles and just about everyone else. "Evil Woman" by ELO: "There's a hole in my head where the rain comes in..." "Garden Party" by Rick Nelson: "Yoko brought her walrus, there was magic in the air." "Girl at the Window" by the Idle Race (Jeff Lynne): "John and Paul and Ringo and George were playing lovely tunes from the window of her room by the light of the moon..." "Give Booze a Chance" by the Bonzo Dog Band "Give Peas a Chance" (artist unknown) ----- "God II" by U2 from _Rattle and Hum_ a few sample lines: I don't believe the devil Don't believe in Goldman, His type like a curse Instant Karma's gonna get him, if I don't get him first I don't believe that rock-and-roll Can really change the world As it spins in revolutions, spirals and turns I...I believe in love... [The song is dedicated to Lennon.] ----- _Golden Throats: The Great Celebrity Sing-Off!_ has a truly awful rendition of "Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds" by William Shatner (!), originally from his _Transformed Man_ LP. Mae West does "Twist and Shout" on this album (cover of a cover). Rhino CD # R2 70187 _Golden Throats 2: More Celebrity Rock Oddities!_ has Bing Crosby's version of "Hey Jude", and "Give Peace a Chance" by Mitch Miller & The Gang. Mitch: "Hassle the man! Hassle the Congress!" "The Great Late Johnny Ace" or "The Late Great Johnny Ace" by Paul Simon or Simon and Garfukel is about John Lennon, or is about another real or fictional person but mentions John ("A stranger came up and asked me if I'd heard John Lennon had died.")...or something. He sang part of it in _The Concert in Central Park_ (1981), but it isn't on the album because the song was interrupted by a loony getting on the stage and yelling at Mr. Simon. It is on the video of the concert. It was later (1983) included on an album (title?). Is that all clear, now? :-) The only thing I will swear to is that it is not currently available on 8-track tape. _A Hard Day's Night_ "Starring The Manchesters" another "Let's rip off some unsuspecting kids before this Beatlemania thing dies" album includes: A Hard Day's Night Please Please Me I Want To Hold Your Hand She Loves You Diplomat Records LP # D2335 (no copyright date) Peter Sellers did "A Hard Day's Night" as Richard the Third and "Help!" as a vicar and choir. Available on a 1991 EMI compilation (title???). ----- In the sixties there was a band in Israel that would take Beatles song and put Hebrew lyrics onto them - usually completely changing the point, but in very Beatles style. For example: "From Me to You" If there's anything that you want Lama at lo yotzeit iti? Why won't you go out with me? If there's anything I can do Mah at ratza achrel hahu Why do you run after him? ...etc... The band was called Hagashash Ha'Chiver, I think ----- "Here We Go" by C&C Music Factory mentions the Beatles and the Jackson 5. "Hey Jude" by Bing Crosby - see Golden Throats above "I Am the Walrus" by Men Without Hats ----- "I Dig Rock-And-Roll Music" by Peter, Paul and Mary: And when the Beatles tell you Because they would love to tell you They mean exactly what they say. The second line has also been quoted as "There's something they'd love to sell you" and "They have a word - LOVE - to sell you". ??? ----- "If You Want It, I Can Get It For You Wholesale" by Lazlo and Gary satirizes "Come and Get It" by Badfinger (written, produced and arranged by Paul). "I Saw it on TV" by John Fogerty: "Cause four guys from England took us all by the hand..." Gene Moss sings "I Wanna Bite Your Hand" by Gene Moss is Dracula singing to the tune of "I Want to Hold Your Hand". RCA Records "I Remember You" by Mike Nesmith talks about John and the Beatles. Tim Curry (of Rocky Horror Picture Show fame) does a calypso "I Will". available on _Read My Lips_ 1978 LP # SP 4717 and _The Best of Tim Curry_ 1989 CD # CD5269 - both from A&M Records. "John Lennon" by The Outfield from _Diamond Days_ makes many references to Lennon songs. "John Lennon (Never Had a Day Job)" by The Strange Loves ----- "Keep It Warm" from _Moving Targets_ by Flo & Eddie: And George is suing Paul suing Ringo And immigration wants John and Yoko All they need is love To keep it warm ----- "The Late Great Johnny Ace" - see confusion at "The Great Late..." above. ----- The La's Not a parody group, and they don't mention the Fabs in any of their songs. In fact, they don't belong on this list at all, but they *are* four boys from Liverpool who play great music, and yes, they have been called Beatlesque. That's my only excuse for this item. I just think they're a great band and I think most Beatlefans will like their music. _The La's_ 1990 Go!/London/Polygram Records CD # 828 202-2 ----- "Leprosy - I'm not half the man I used to be." to the tune of "Yesterday". No doubt there is more to this, but fortunately I haven't heard it. "Let There Be More Light" from _A Saucerful Of Secrets_ by Pink Floyd: They clearly sing " Lucy In The Skyyyyy!". ----- "Life In A Northern Town" from _Dream Academy_ by Dream Academy (1983? 84? 86? 87?): He said "In winter 1963 It felt like the world would freeze With John F. Kennedy And The Beatles." (ghostly echo of crazed teenage screaming...) ----- "Liverpool Bound" by Vito and the Salutations: "She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah, she loves you, no, no, no! We're packing our bags, and leaving for England, 'cause those Beatles got it all over here. We're packing our bags, and leaving for England, We'll make it big over there..." "London Calling" by The Clash: "...phony Beatlemania has bitten the dust..." "Louisiana Hookers With Herpes" by Frank Zappa, to the tune of "Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds" (Have heard this is true; have never heard it.) "Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds" by William Shatner. see Golden Throats above. ----- The Swinging Erudides did "Paul McCartney Massacre" which had several Beatles satires: "Silly Paul McCartney" to the tune of "Silly Love Songs" "Stupid People Living in the Past" (Sgt. Pepper) "Yesterday Pts 1 and 2" "Robert Plant Serenade" (Beatles connection???) "80's New Wave Anthem" " " "Losers in the Studio and Dying" ("Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds") ----- "Michelle" by Xaviera Hollander (sp?) Monty Python did a routine which included several songs to the tune of Beatles songs. "Much Too Late to Get Fries" is a satire of Julian Lennon's "Too Late For Goodbyes". [artist?] ----- "Negligee" to the tune of "Yesterday" Negligee, I look stupid in this negligee 'Cause my butt sticks out this funny way -- Oh, why'd I buy this negligee? Suddenly, I am twice the girl I used to be; Flab is hanging out all over me -- This negligee's a travesty. Why it doesn't fit I don't know, I couldn't say; I did something wrong when I bought this negligee. Negligee, I would like to take it back today, But I threw the darn sales slip away -- I'll have to keep this negligee. Hmm mm mm mm oo oo oooooo. Written by Marty Hale-Evans and Melinda Hale. (This has not yet been submitted to Dr. Demento's show. If you like to encourage this type of activity, you could nag them at ----- "Never Been to Spain" by Three Dog Night: "Well I've never been to England / But I kinda like the Beatles" "1977" by the Clash: ...something like "No Elvis, no Beatles, no Rolling Stones - it's 1977" "No More Beatlemania!!!!!" by 1/2 Japanese "Obese Man" is to the tune of "Nowhere Man" "101 Dalmatians" (by Scarlet Party?) contains several lines borrowed from various Beatles and Lennon songs. For example: "... everyone's free, and nothing to kill or die for." "The Other Side of Summer" by Elvis Costello: "Was it a millionaire who said 'imagine no possessions'?" [Ouch!] "Poem 58" from Chicago Transit Authority's self-titled album contains exact citation from "I Am The Walrus". "Polkas on 45" by Weird Al Yankovic, contains a fragment of "Hey, Jude." "Pop Hates The Beatles" to the tune of "Pop Goes the Weasel" by Alan Sherman. It's on his Greates Hits album and _Beatlesongs_. He is a father who complains about the Beatles being too loud and having hair that is too long. (Also complains that ticket prices are 50 dollars each. Inflation makes that complaint seem trivial.) Roger Waters mentions Yoko Ono on "The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking". _Ragtime Beatles_ by John Arpin. Beatles tunes performed on piano as rags. Fanfare Records / Pro Arte CD # CDD 373 (widely available in the jazz section) "Randy Scouse Git" from _Headquarters_ by the Monkees: "The four kings of EMI are sitting stately on the floor." "Rest In Peace" by Extreme: "Someone said give peace a chance, and that was all that was said" "Ringo Deer" by Lorne Greene was a Christmas song, about the lead reindeer having a big nose 'a la Ringo Starr. [Not to be confused with "Ringo" (also by Lorne Greene, I think) which is about a gunfighter or a cowboy or something.] "Rocket" by Def Leppard mentions Sgt. Pepper and the band". "R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A." by John (Cougar?) Mellencamp (sp?) mentions the Beatles. ************************************************************************** The Rutles Hands down the most prefab group ever. More like the Beatles than the Beatles were. Both the movie and the album are the best parodies of our boys ever done. The movie is a documentary of the Rutles' career. The album contains songs from various stages in the band's development. Songs written by Neil Innes. Movie produced by George Harrison, who also has a cameo. album: _The Rutles_ 1978 Rhino CD # R2 75760 movie: "The Rutles" aka "The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash" 1978 Broadway Video / Pacific Arts Video Records, Pacific Arts Building, Carmel CA 93923 ************************************************************************** The depths of Beatles-related obscurity: _Rutles Highway Revisited_ is a Rutles tribute album. Yes, *other* groups doing songs by the Rutles. Really. No kidding. Would I lie? Shimmy Disc CD # SDE 9028/CD "Sally Sails the Sky" by Ian Whitcomb: "Then Elvis Saint Pepper, the rock 'n' roll star / stopped in our town in his fiberglass car." "The Seeker" by The Who: "I asked Bobby Dylan, I asked the Beatles, I asked Timothy Leary, but he couldn't help me either." ***** Sgt. Pepper wing ****************************************************** The soundtrack album of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" is a treasure trove of godawful performances of Beatles songs. (The movie is even worse.) 1978 RSO Records LP # RS-2-4100 Abbey Road 78, "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band." Songs from the movie but worse; fortunately only half as long. Springboard SPB-4111 Bill Cosby did "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" on one of his albums. _Sgt. Pepper's_ by Big Daddy is the entire SPLHCB album in various 1950's styles. Rhino Records CD # R2 70371 "Summer Rain" by Johnny Rivers: "...And the jukebox kept on playin' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" The Mothers of Invention's _We're Only in it for the Money_ is a full album spoof of SPLHCB , complete with cutouts, and Frank Zappa with his back to the camera to indicate his recent death. Verve V6-5045X [also see _Alvin All-star Chipmunk Band_ above] *************************************************************************** "She Loves You" by Peter Sellers as Dr. Strangelove. (Is this from the previously-mentioned EMI compilation album?) "Shooting Star" by Bad Company: "Johnny was a school boy when he heard his first Beatles song. `Love Me Do' I think it was, and from then it didn't take him long." "A Simple Desultory Philippic (Or How I Was Robert McNamara'd Into Submission)" by Simon and Garfunkel: "I've been Rolling Stoned and Beatled 'til I'm blind." "Simple Song By Paul MacHearthrob" by HeeBeeGeeBees from _439 of HeeBeeGeeBeees Greatest Hits_ _Stars On_ by Stars On Long Play: Side one is disco versions of 29 Beatles songs in succession. Radio Records # RR16044 "Sweet Soul Dream" by World Party: "I got rare '61 Beatles" _Alien Sleestacks from Brazil_ by Tater Totz (members of Redd Kross and various LA punk and alternative bands) contains numerous Beatle covers. The first side has an interesting melding of "Give Peace a Chance" and "We Will Rock You" and a cover of "I've Just Seen A Face", with Danny Bonaduce (of Partridge Family fame) singing lead. The second side is a long cover of Yoko Ono's "Don't Worry Kyoko". 1988? Giant Records? "Texas Motel" by Frank Zappa to the tune of "Norwegian Wood" (have heard this is true, have never heard it) "This Song is Just Six Words Long" by Weird Al Yankovic to the tune of "Got My Mind Set On You" is on _Even Worse_. CBS / Rock 'n' Roll Records cassette # FZT 44149 "All You Want to Do is Dance" by Billy Joel from _Turnstiles_: "Why don't the Beatles get back together?". "Twist and Shout" by Mae West (see Golden Throats above) ----- UNIX Man (tune of "Nowhere Man") He's a real UNIX Man Sitting in his UNIX LAN Making all his UNIX .plans for nobody Knows the blocksize from 'du' Cares not where /dev/null goes to Isn't he a bit like you And me? UNIX Man, don't worry It's the tube that's blurry UNIX Man The new kernel boots, just like you had planned He's as wise as he can be Programs in lex, yacc and C UNIX Man, can you help me At all? UNIX Man, please listen My printout is missin' UNIX Man The wo-o-o-orld is your 'at' command Written by Brad Morrison? (no reply to confirmation requests) ----- "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel: ...Lawrence of Arabia, British Beatlemania... "We Love You Beatles" is a takeoff on "... Birdie". Available on _BEATLESONGS_ _We're Only in it for the Money_ (see at SPLHCB above) ----- "Where Have All the Good Times Gone?" by the Kinks has something like: Yesterday love was such an easy game for you to play but now let's face it things are so much easier today let it be like yesterday... This is horribly paraphrased, but it came out in 1966 or so, and makes references to other current songs (including their own). ----- "The World is Mine" by Wally Winger and the Amazing Skippy (as Gorbachev and Reagan) is a satire of "The Girl is Mine", written by Michael Jackson and recorded with Paul. ----- Write in C (tune of "Let It Be") When I find myself in tons of trouble, Friends and colleagues come to me, Speaking words of wisdom: "Write in C." As the deadline fast approaches, And bugs are all that I can see, Somewhere, someone whispers: "Write in C." Write in C, write in C, Wtite in C, oh, write in C. LOGO's dead and buried, Write in C. I used to write a lot of FORTRAN, For science it worked flawlessly. Try using it for graphics! Write in C. If you've just spent nearly 30 hours Debugging some assembly, Soon you will be glad to Write in C. Write in C, write in C, Write in C, yeah, write in C. Only wimps use basic. Write in C. Write in C, write in C, Write in C, oh, write in C. Pascal won't quite cut it. Write in C. Write in C, write in C, Write in C, yeah, write in C. Don't even mention COBOL. Write in C. [author???] ----- Mark Russell did a song about the Congressional pay raise to the tune of "Yesterday". I have this nagging feeling he also used the tune of "Eleanor Rigby" sometime. Harry Nilsson's version of "You Can't Do That" includes background bits (and some not-so-background) of various other Beatles songs, and ends with "Lovely Beatles Forever" sung to the tune of Strawberry Fields Forever? It's on a mid- to-late 60s album called Pandemonium Shadow Show (also on another compilation LP [_Aerial Pandemonium_?] which combined _Pandemonium Shadow Show_ and _Aerial Ballet_) and it is apparently the album which triggered the Lennon/Nilsson mutual admiration society. "Young Americans" by David Bowie: Background singers: "I read the news today, Oh boy" "You're in a Bad Way" by The Happenings "...water's coming down like pins and needles stereo is blasting through your pad - probably the Beatles..." In "Your Move" by Yes, at the end when they're singing didit didit didit didit didit etc - Chris Squire and Steve Howe sing "All we are saying. . . is give peace a chance!" [Someone else says this song is "All Good People".] [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]][]]][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] Thanks to all who contributed. They provided at least 95% of the information. Bill Gasarch Steve Adelson Timo Ahonen Dennis Alstrand Chuck Anderson Axl Pushpak Bapat Charles Board Jim Bohy Laurie Beth Brunner Chris Brunsdon Ed Bucholtz Ross Clement Maurizio Codogno David Cooke Joe D. Gina Mai Denn (The Mad Maidenn) Deryl Sean Donahue Kim Dyer e sharon fenick Eric Fischer David Gans Bill I-have-it-on-tape Gasarch William Graham Rob Granville David T. Greenfield Christer Gullstrand Jenny Gutbezahl Melinda Hale Marty Hale-Evans Rob Hartman Brian Harvey Jim Higdon Dave Hinz Hymie Infinite K Timothy Jehl Beata Jones Randolph M. Jones Nelson Jordan Mitchell Kotler Kristjan Gaukur Kristjansson Matt Landrum Charles Lavazzii Dave LeCompte Scot Leibacher William Lewis Lisa the wonder frod David Lloyd Benjamin D. Lukoff The Maven Joe McCombs K. J. McRae Doug Mitchell ** Jonathan Morris ** Brad Morrison Gabe Nahigian David Edward Nangle New Wave Dave Nowhere Man Douglas Pacchiana Albert L. Papp III Nat Pearson Special thanks to Paul Penczek Viswanath Poosala (Vishy) Sue Price Anssi Puisto ravi Guy Ridley Pierre Rioux Michael S. Ritchie Eric Robinette Jason M. Roth Nancy Rudins saki Jeff Sensabaugh Richard Shapiro Greg Skinner Pat Slane Scott Slavin Russell Street Tony Sturgeon Andrew Walker Craig Walsh RU1 Welaratna Randall Whitaker James Willer Doctor Zero Did I mention Bill Gasarch? (If your name is on this list and you don't remember contributing, it's because I lifted info from your news articles.) ****************************************************************************** Send additions, corrections, flames and information on where to buy a life to: Moko ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- "THE LIVERPOOL MOPTOPS - these four young men, who with a group of excellent musicians, have adopted the style of BEATLING, the hottest craze in show business on either side of the Atlantic." from the liner notes to _Beattle Mash_ "At last! A game that and can play together." --Weird Al Yankovic & Ringo Starr ----------------------------------------------------------------------------


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